Log:I Left My Heart in San Fracisco

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I Left My Heart in San Fracisco
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  Anywhere Room
Date  •  2019-03-14
Summary  •  Dare and Cheer are on a date, complete with romantic dinner locale.

The Thrill-Seeker brings them in after their faces are wind-burnt and the air has gotten a bit crisper. Though Dare can't hear it, Cheer's belly is rumbling. "When we land keep your legs in the sack. I'll land us okay?" She calls back to him. This is landing she comes in more steeply and does a lot more hopping then running. She also very quickly sets it down once the wind is done helping hold them aloft. Turning about as much as she can she beams at him and begins to undo her harness. "That...was wonderful!" She says with all the bubbly cheer she has taken her name from.

MartyrMcFly's arms are trenbling, so he hands over control with only one sad look below. He is good at letting go of control and does his best to not involve himself in the landing. A broken leg would be a serious buzz kill at this point. "Cheer? This was amazing!" He fumbles with his harness, his open belly rumbling. "This whole day...."

The Thrill-Seeker has gotten herself unbuckled and turns towards Dare to help him out. "It's been wonderful. But I'm hungry and I know a place. It isn't even too far from here. It's seafood mostly," She says as she works. "And since this place is so...malleable we can be there with the opening and closing of a door." Which just seems to tickle her to no end.

MartyrMcFly's grin widens, "I love seafood, and expense doesn't matter here." he lowers his lashes, "Does this count as a date, Cheer?"

The Thrill-Seeker bites her lips as if it might stop the smile playing on her lips as she pulls the goggles off. "Well...if you want it too," She says coyly as her fingers go to briefly twine with his. "I mean...I'd like to call it that if your cool with it?" She adds with a nervous laugh and pinking of her cheek that has nothing to do with the wind.

Dare lifts Cheer's hand so he might brush his lps across her knuckles. He keeps hold of it after. "I think I would very much like to go on a date with you." His dark eyes are serious, "I very much want to do all of these things for the first time with a woman with you. If you don't mind doing them with me." He blushes and looks down, "I have a chance to make my own choices this time instead of having it all be... half remembered back story. That's incredibly rare here. I want to enjoy it while it lasts since I don't knnow when I'll wake up someone else while a whole new past."

The Thrill-Seeker squeezes Dare's hand in turn and leans in to press a quick kiss to his lips as he blushes. "You know...you'd be my real first time too. I've only really done anything like this," And her other hand strokes his cheek. "As Kimmy. And while that has opened my eyes to what I -do- like...as you say. Our own choices. Living while we can," She says as she leans in close to rest her brow against his.

Dare curls his hand behind her neck, large and warm and soft, "There is no one I wold rather try this with tthan you. I can't promise tomorrow or anything else, but I can swear to you that it's Cheer and not Kimmy I'm very much hoping to... try things with."

The Thrill-Seeker bites her lower lip again in that brief way she does. "Sounds like a plan to me," She says and then she leans in to kiss him again. This time slowly and letting it linger. Her own hand not twined in his absently strokes across his shoulder and down his side. After a moment her hand slides around to the back and pulls him a little more firmly towards her. Then her stomach grumbles and she starts to giggle.

Dare kisses her back as if it's a promise. Then he's giggling too as his own stomach joins the chorus. He kisses her again quick, fingers enjoying a last carress, "Step out and step in dressed for a date, shall we?"

"That sounds wonderful," Cheer says with one last kiss. Then she turns to run towards the exit. Not letting go of his hand as she does. If that means dragging him along behind her she will. But she likely doesn't have to drag him. The flightsuit fades outside the room and she is wearing mermaid scale leggings in irridescent blue-green and a scoop-neck, sleeveless shirt of a similar blue color.

Dare chases after her, long legged and a little goofy, with no intention of letting go of her hand. Outside, he is breifly punked out complete with spikey hair and Blag Flag tee, but when they step back in, he's perfectly pomaded and wearing a dark purple ruffled poet shirt and deeply pleated black trousers with his purple high tops. He flashes her a grin and offers her his elbow.

The Thrill-Seeker gives him a long look up and down when they step back in. She doesn't really go for much of a change. Though the tennis shoes change to black boots. When he offers his arm she takes it and begins walking him down a street. To the right of them is the ocean and wharfs of the Bay. All around people are moving and the signs for Fisherman's Wharf looms nearby. As they move around tourists and other couples she leads him to a wooden building right on the wharf. Up a set of stairs to Aliotos. "This place has famous clam chowder. Your mouth will thank you!" She promises as she squeezes his arm.

Dare grins, "I may be in love with your leggings." He peers around, enjoying the view, the people, and trying to get used to the strangeness of being out on a date with someone he can be openly out on a date with in public without having to deal with all the staring and risk assessment. He grins at her, "I trust you." Up the stairs he goes.

The Thrill-Seeker grins at the compliment and says, "I found them in my closet. I've got a lot of skater clothes and dresses and stuff." There is some pleasure in her voice. As if this places choice of wardrobe makes up for some of the shit. "Do you like chowder? I love it! And the calamari is...I remember it being good anyway. Heh...some memories are handy. I'll give them that," She says as they head in. It's pretty fancy, but their attire isn't really out of place. It's the late 80s in San Francisco after all.

"I've never had calamari. Just order your favorite things and I'll try them all. Tonight is all about trying new things." Dare blushes again. "Do they do desserts?"

They are seated out on the patio with a view of the bay. A few boats move about bedecked in golden light. A candle dances at the table and there is a brick fireplace a table away. The wind isn't too bad due to how it is recessed and heated. "They -do-! They even have a sampler," And her eyebrows waggle suggestively. "We better be careful or we won't be able to move after. And as you said, a night for new things." When the waiter comes she already seems to know what to get. Though she does glance at the menu. "We'll get the Seafood tower for two, and two cups of the chowder," She tells him. "And I'll have a Cable Car and a coke."

Dare surveys it all, "Oh! This is perfect! You really... This is just right, Cheer." Shy again, in front of the waiter, "A glass of white wine, please." He ducks his head, "I'll be careful then, Cheer." He hands back the menu and reaches for her hand, careful not to accidentally set his cuffs on fire. "I wonder if this is how straight kids feel about Prom?"

The Thrill-Seeker takes his hand and gives it a squeeze. Then she scoots her chair over so it is next to his and they can be closer. "Hmmm..." She purses her lips and gets that thoughtful and reflective look. "If you mean so happy you can't stop smiling, then I hope so," She says even as her lips pull back again and her dimples show. "So after this you get to decide what we do next. Any ideas?"

Dare lifts her hand and turns it so he can kiss it in a way that has nothing at all of innocense in it, watching her face, "I can think of of few things, but I'm leaning towards a whole lot of blankets and pillows on top of one of those big cliffs overlooking the Columbia gorge, watching the boat lights reflect on the water and a big sky full of stars overhead."

The Thrill-Seeker tilts her head to the side as she watches him press a kiss to her hand. The smile parting slightly and her eyes narrowing with pleasure. "You paint quite the picture," She says softly and moves to brush her thumb across his lower lip. "I wonder if wishing on shooting stars here works?"

Dare closes his eyes as she touches him like that, then parts his lips, toungue darting out, "I think it does here.

"I really like this side of you, Dare," Thrill-Seeker says in that same soft voice. That is before she just leans over to kiss him. The fact that there are people around doesn't seem to bother her. When the waiter delivers their drinks, though, she leans back and bites her lower lip. "Sorry, I just...really like kissing you."

It akes him a couple beats to remember this is safe and then he is kissing her back, all passion and delight with nohing at all held back. His eyes go wide when she pulls away and then he's blushing, "Sorry. Thank you for the drinks." He takes a deep breath, "I like kissing you too. I liked kissing Kim when I was Finn, but I like this so much more."

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head in agreement. The woman hasn't been able to quite stop smiling since they landed either. "This is so much better," She says as she squeezes his hand. She picks up her drink and presents it to him. "To trying new things and forging our own way?"

Dare squeezes her hand back, and takes a sip, watching her, "Choice and exploration... I really like this you, you know?"