Log:I Know Who I Wanna Take Me Home

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I Know Who I Wanna Take Me Home
Characters  •   Mark  •  Anchor Man  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Garage - Sick Room
Date  •  2019-12-22
Summary  •  Mark visits Anchor in the Sick Bay.

Anchor is hooked up to bag instead of a person just now, and has been mostly asleep since Mark brought him in. They have him propped up like a lung patient, but his colour is better than it was. His leg still looks nasty, but the mottling is smaller.

Mark steps inside and glances around the room. His gaze actually stops first on Kitten, looking them over and noting their condition before continuing on to come to rest on Anchor Man. He stands there for a bit, just watching the other man breathe. Someone watching him closely might notice a tiny bit of tension leave his shoulders, but he doesn't say anything for now.

Xavier has wedged themselves in next to Kitten and has fallen asleep holding them. Kitten seems much better.

The Anchor Man wakes slowly under the monitor's regard. First his breathing changes and then his eyes slowly open. When he focuses on Mark, he gives him a slow smile, "Hey you." The tone is fond.

Mark clears his throat and steps forward. "Just thought I'd come make sure that you and Kitten were being properly taken care of. I mean, a man goes through the effort of carrying someone, he likes to know it was worth while." There's a pause. "How's your head?"

Anchor says, “Still a little achy, but clearer." he looks a bit rueful, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of the other Monitors. I really don;t want to get you in trouble."”

Mark shrugs and comes all the way up to his side, reaching out a hand to gently rest on his shoulder. "Nah, don't worry about it. There's been some joking, but nothing I can't handle. Not in trouble." He grins, then. "It was kind of cute. Not ideal, maybe, but cute."

Anchor smiles up at him, "It was nice. Having you there after I got hurt. Keeping me company. Carrying me back to the bus. You were really good to me."

Mark shrugs and looks a little embarrassed or just uneasy. "Yeah, well. Needed to keep you awake and talking. And you aren't supposed to walk on snake bites. I was the most logical choice for carrying people." He sighs and sits. "They got any updates on the bites and how your leg will recover?"

Anchor says, “The treatment out at the ruin mostly stopped it spreading. It hurts like a demon still, but they think I'm out of danger. The just need to hang onto us until they know the treatments took. I need to be not dizzy enough to climb befoore I can go back to my hole and the leg needs to be able to carry me for me to go eat with everybody else. Plan is to see how I do tomorrow on this blood and once the treatment's had more time to take." He gives the Monitor a crooked smile, "I guess you aren't quite rid of me yet."”

Mark flashes Anchor a grin. "Oh, well. Yeah. I guess I'll just have to make do." Then, more seriously, he nods. "Good to know. I'll try to stop back in if I can, though I may be busy tomorrow. The boss is practically salivating about all the stuff and I may have to pry her away from the calculations to go sleep."

Anchor beams up at him, "I know you'll be busy with all that. The bus was packed almost solid. We did good right? I mean it was worth all that fuss? I wanted... For Rebar, you know?"

Mark nods. "Yeah. We did good. It was an amazing find and it's really important that we got it all. We don't know if the site will be covered back up or if others will raid it. So we wanted to get as much as we could in one run."

New Activity ---------

Anchor reaches for Mark's hand with the one that isn't hooked up to tubing. "It was worth waiting to come back then, even though it hurt. For the good of sanctuary." They look so terribly hopeful.

Mark gives his hand over and nods. "Yeah. It was worth it for the good of Sanctuary. The stuff we found'll help a lot. Or so the really excited Savvy tell me." He rolls his eyes a little and smiles. "I swear some of them are going to drive the people unloading things to their wits' end."

Anchor laughs, then winces, "I can picture them all following you and the others around babbling excitedly and begging you for things like Littles after sweeties. So you find anything really freaky poking around that place?"

Mark snorts. "Define 'really freaky'. Lots of stuff we couldn't necessarily identify. Well and the snakes, but you saw those. Oh, we found something that looked like someone had made a torso out of plastic, but you could take the front off and take different parts out like a human body puzzle."

Anchor nods wisely, careful of his head, "Yeah, those snakes were pretty freaky. You getting new boots from the skins?" He is blatantly imagining how good Mark would look in stripey scaly boots. A war Kid can dream. His eyes go wide trying to imagine it, "Wow, the ancients had weird games! you think the puzzle was for littles or adults?"

Mark shrugs. "No idea. The boss thinks the whole place was for teaching from what she could tell. So maybe it was a training thing or something. Dunno. Just... was kind of weird having like a torso you could take apart." Then he laughs. "Not sure what I'll get as my portion. Maybe some of the snake skins. Dunno. You want anything particular for your cut? I can pass it along to the boss."

Anchor chuckles softly, careful not to move too much, "Definitely freaky." He thinks about it a bit, playing with Mark's fingers, "Maybe if you see something cool to decorate my steering wheel? Something weird and ancient and cool. I don;t really need much else." Snake skin being a thing someone with more life in them needs. "Or something cool for my dash. Something like that."

Mark nods, thumb rubbing lightly on Anchor's hand. "Yeah, okay. I'll look. Otherwise, it'll probably just be stuff you can sell for lux. But if I spot something I think you'd like, I'll claim it for you."

Anchor says, “Thanks, Mark. If...you don't see much that would suit, you can have most of my share for snake leather. Seeing you wearing it would be better tan lux, really.”

Mark snorts and squeezes his hand. "I'll keep that in mind, but I shouldn't be taking your cut."

Anchor squeezes back, "Trust me, i'd be enjoying you in snake leather more than you will enjoy you in snake leather, I bet."

Mark laughs and shakes his head a bit. "Alright. We'll see how much snake leather there is to go around and how many other people want it. But I'll still see if I can find something for your dash or your wheel first."

Anchor smiles contentedly up at Mark, "Sounds fair. Thank you for telling me about when you were little. Everything from the explosion to us getting to the ruin was sort of... disjointed, but you were a steady thing when nothing made all that much sense. I like the idea of it. All that time and continuity carried inside you into the future."

Mark puts his other hand around their joined hands, looking a little embarrassed again. "Yeah, well. Wish I could have told you more. People just didn't... talk much about stuff. But... I'm glad I was giving you something steady."

Anchor says, “You really were. You're very solid, you know? Everything was moving and out of focus and queasy making, but your hand, your mask tattoo, your voice, they were Sanctuary solid."”

Mark actually blushes a bit and looks away, though his hands squeeze a little more. "Yeah, well. good. Glad it helped."

Anchor says, “You've been good to me. I mean that. Way more than I had any right to hope. Remember that too, when I'm gone. That you made me really happy."”

Mark glances back at Anchor Man out of the side of his eyes, then nods. "Yeah. Yeah, I'll remember that, and you." He sighs and tilts his head back to look at the ceiling. "I didn't mean to get attached."

Anchor is quietly amused, "I didn't expect you to. I thought it'd just be a drink and quick pounding if I was lucky. You didn't seem the type. Hell I didn't think I had much of a chance of even that."

Mark snorts. "Well... it was a really nice pounding." He shrugs again. "Turns out I like you. And that harness is hot."

Anchor says, “I feel the same about you and your tats." A quick smile, "I wasn't sure you liked me like that. I was worried it was just me."”

Mark shifts a little. "Nah. Wasn't just you. Anyway. I should get back to work. You heal up. I may have plans once you're all better."

Anchor squeezes Mark's hard a last time, "I'd like that, Mark. I really would."

Mark squeezes back and stands up, letting go. "I'll check in when I can." And then he's striding off, back to his more usual easy swagger.

Anchor turns his head to watch him go, smiling softly to himself and picturing mark in stripey grey and black snakeskin.