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Human Behaviour
Characters  •   Sky Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Sky's Room
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-20
Summary  •  Uncertain how to deal with the events and revelations of the party, Zane turns to his big brother for advice.

Generally, Zane is not lacking in things to do. If he's not hanging out with friends or getting tutored (also by a friend) or at some kind of rehearsal or lesson or... something, he's in his room practicing or listening to his tapes or both or... something. But here it is Saturday, late afternoon edging into evening, and here he is, flopped on his back on the bed, sideways -- feet on the floor, arms lightly across his chest, studying the ceiling thoughtfully. Sky's bed, not his own. He may or may not have stolen any more cigarettes, but he's definitely smoking one, ashing it absently into an ashtray he snagged from somewhere around here.

Sky had just got home, though he was wearing a white t-shirt with black jeans, some nice boots, smoke hanging out of his mouth as he takes off his fedorah, putting it on a hook before he makes his way up to his room. Pushing open the door, he notices Zane sitting in his bed. "Hey Punk." Says Sky a little surprised. "That better not be one of mine." Though even if it is, he doesn't look mad about it.

Zane sits up, the cigarette still between his lips. He's in ripped jeans and a batman t-shirt, with a flannel tied around his waist, and still wearing his Docs. But they're not on the bed, so that's okay! "Sherlock!" he says, as if he somehow hadn't expected Sky to show up, despite the fact that, "I was waiting for you. And it's mine, promise." A small pause, and he gestures to the drawer of occasional theft, "I replaced the other ones. Um. Are you busy?"

Sky looks at Zane for a minute, never minding being called Sherlock by the little bro. But its the thought that he was being waited for and if he was busy? Well, Sky's brotherly instinct kicks in. "Why? You need somethin'?" He moves over to the bed, sitting at the edge as he exhales some smoke. Honestly, if there is a strong smoke-scent in the house, its most definitely coming from him.

"Yeah. Um." Zane runs a hand through his hair, shifting a little on his part of the bed-edge to face his big brother. "So, last night was the triplets' masquerade party, right?" Marchant, not Thistle, of course. "And some of it went kind of weird? ...and I might kinda need some advice." He pauses, and assures, "Not, like, detective advice or anything. At least I don't think so. No one died or stole their jewels or anything as far's I know. It's just like." Another pause, considering. "Girls, kinda."

Sky raises a brow at Zane. "Marchant triplets? Heard of 'em, like to throw parties and have a good time, or so I hear. I usually don't mess with 'em though, simply cuz they don't mess with me." Then suddenly, he starts rambling, and starts talking about girls as a finality. "Oh."

Is he going to have to have the talk with Zane?

"Well..." he clears his throat, then he asks. "....a girl didn't ask you for sex, did she?"

Zane opens his mouth, closes it again, hesitates. "Um. Not... recently." He takes a drag, and sighs, tilting his head to look at Sky again. "Okay, there's two things, but the one that's bugging me more is, last night Spear told me Silver," his sister and Zane's friend and tutor, "has a really bad crush on me and is jealous of Mona," Marchant triplet and Zane's best friend since they were tiny, "'cause she thinks I like her that way but also he kinda-- I think he was saying he thinks Mona does too? And that I should be really clear with them about what I want and stuff, but I dunno and I didn't expect that and I dunno really what to do about it." He looks more confused about this than he probably ought to, but that's not an extremely unusual thing. "They're my friends and I don't want to, y'know, make people unhappy? But he sounded like I was supposed to be doing something, like... fast."

Sky lets out an exhale of relief. He is NOT the guy to talk to about the possibility of sleeping with someone. Plus its just not smart, condom or no condom. Anyway-

Sky seems to be listening as he exhales some smoke. "Uh huh." and Sky seems to be variating between that and 'mhm' as Zane speaks. "Isn't Mona friendzoned?" Is his first question, or does this kid even know, but then he gives a shake of his hand. "Look, high school is when you start making social decisions for yourself. Not big decisions, becuase high school doesn't matter that much socially in the long run. But...listen, don't follow peer pressure. Follow your heart, and everything will be fine. Not saying you got feelings for two ladies at the same time or anything, but...follow your heart, temper that following with your mind."

Zane may or may not have heard that term before, but it's close enough to self-explanatory to get, along with the, "I dunno," a thoughtful glance off toward nowhere and, "...something's kinda seemed a little different lately? But, I dunno." He shrugs, and takes another drag. "But, okay, first of all, how do I know what my heart wants to do, and how do I not make anyone sad? 'cause, the last time I upset a girl, she got really upset and, like, last night she was going to throw a drink at me and now the Marchants are gonna make her life hell and kick her out of all social stuff, and I mean... I'm glad they don't want people being mean to me, but I don't want that stuff happening to her either and I dunno what to do about that. And she thinks it's my fault and said she hoped I was happy and... no?"

Sky seems to take a finger to scratch his brow. "You can't make everyone happy, Zane. The world is too chaotic for that. Only thing you can do is your best and hope for the best." Sky exhales some smoke. "Even where women is concerned. The good news is that you ain't ugly, so you have the choice in who you want to date. I know you got a big heart, but sometimes man? Sometimes you gotta make a tough call. Sometimes it hurts like hell. Sometimes there isn't something you can do to make everybody happy."

Zane sighs, flopping down onto his back on the bed again, because if anyone can be dramatic it's a high school theatre kid. "Why does it have to be all complicated? Why can't it just be like a play, where you just find the person you're, like, meant to be with, and the other person's secretly kind of a bad person so it's okay they're unhappy? Or else they find someone else and everyone's happy?" He makes a face, and allows, "Though I guess those are the old ones. A lot of the ones that win awards and stuff now, people die and stuff..."

He takes another drag, reaches out to ash what little remains, and discovers that he can't actually reach it from there, so has to sit up again to tap it there. Kind of spoils the effect, alas, so he just stays sitting then. "...okay. I still dunno how I know what my heart wants to do, though. 'cause it's kinda not done the best job so far, or Heather wouldn't hate me. How do you handle this stuff?"

"If this heather chick hates you, then she's just not taking it well." Sky shrugs then. "Either that, or you really did something to piss her off and never said sorry." Sky says with amusement as he exhales some more smoke. "Well, thats because the new ones show you reality. Life doesn't always go the way we want, and some stories don't have happy endings...first hand experience, pal." detective. He's seen some grizly murders. "Well....I take them in stride. You know parts of my job include telling their loved ones how they died, right? Trust me, I experience some shit."

But then he sighs. "But in terms of lovers and girlfriends and stuff like that? Can't date 'em all. So, pick one. Go on a few dates if you have to. I'll make the decision myself, becuase I sure as hell wouldn't let anyone make that decision for me. So, some brotherly advice? Tell the kid who said Mona had a crush on you to shove off and ask yourself, then make a decision."

"I really pissed her off and she's really not taking it well," Zane confirms, glancing down at his hand. The cigarette there is now barely worthy of the name, and he takes a final drag before stubbing the butt out in the ashtray and leaving it there. "I tried to say sorry except I'm not entirely 'cause--" he breaks off, and shakes his head. "It's complicated. But I was trying to do the right thing, is all."

His hand rakes through his hair, and then he nods, looking determined. "I'm not gonna tell Spear to shove off 'cause I kinda think that'd hurt his feelings? And anyway I think he's at least probably right about Silver, now that he said and I'm looking at stuff more. So it's probably better I know." Even if part of him definitely wishes he still didn't. "But, okay. So. I should talk to Mona and I should figure out what my heart thinks about people somehow and maybe go on dates and decide things." He turns that over in his mind, and gives another of those nods. "Okay. And I'm sorry you have to tell people that stuff, 'cause I'm pretty sure that sucks for all of you." He leans over to give his brother a quick, one-armed hug, and then gets to his feet. "Thanks, Sky. I'll stop bugging you until dinner, then. And I'll try not to steal too many of your cigarettes." Finally there's a flash of the grin, there, before he turns and heads toward the door.

Sky gives Zane a hug in return. "Later." And Sky seems to sigh lightly as Zane walks out and promises to leave him be until dinner. He grins a bit. "He'll figure it out." he murmers to himself before turning his body so he could rest on his own bed.

Nap time.