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How We Roll
Characters  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor; Anywhere Room - Rollerskating Rink
Date  •  2018-12-26
Summary  •  The Thrill-Seeker introduces the Bon-Vivant to the wonders of roller-skating. It does not devolve into a discussion of the nature of reality! ...well, hardly at all.

The TV is rather loud and Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself is playing. And gliding through dancing is the blond who has been calling herself Cheer. Today she is wearing a pair of skater shorts and a sports top in bright yellow. And as she glides backwards far too smoothly for just feet the skates are revealed. Good old chunky skates made of white leather and metal wheels. Far more graceful on these than the Skateboard the other day she moves. And dances. Her eyes almost closed as she moves and spins with the very loud music.

No skateboard sounds this time, but there IS humming along with the music coming from the direction of the hall before the Bon-Vivant becomes visible. The humming actually pauses before then, though, and it's softer when it starts again after a breath, just before he actually comes into view. He's possibly been spending too much time in here lately, since today he's wearing an Adam Antish military jacket, and beneath it a red cashmere sweatervest over a white shirt with frills puffing out of the vest's v-collar. Black trousers, piratey boots, and a somewhat puzzled expression, the last of which turns to something more like delight when he spots the Thrill-Seeker and, specifically, her feet. "Oh, shit, those are awesome!" he exclaims, watching her do a spin, "I wonder if I have some of those somewhere?" A glance over his shoulder; he looks like he very possibly might abandon whatever had him coming here in the first place and go start checking his room instead.

The Thrill-Seeker comes to a stop as Bon-Vivant speaks. "CHAMP!" She says cheerfully and picks up the remote to turn down the sound a bit. "HI! Aren't they awesome? When you said you found things in your drawers I went looking and you would NOT believe the things I found. Skates, a board like yours, stilts, a pogo stick...there were some weird things I had to look on the shelves to find a name for. But I put these on and just...knew how to move. It's almost like flying," She pushes off to come up and do a circle around him. "Hey, we could probably go use one of those rooms. They used to have these things called Skating Rinks. And they were huge and you had tons of rooms to do whatever moves and funky fun dancing and music. Plus skates." She continues to move after circling him, going backwards to a table with a pile of books. Picking one up she tosses it at him, 'Roller Skating for Derbies'. Then she is whipping around the couch, still dancing to the music as they talk. "By the way...what -are- you wearing? That's a new combo!"

"My room's got so many drawers and cupboards, I haven't gotten through them all yet," BV says, looking pleased by the greeting; it's distracted him from immediately heading back, certainly. He turns to watch her as she orbits him, and catches the book well enough when it's thrown, turning it to look the cover and back over with interest.

"If those other things aren't my room I might come try to borrow yours to try them out," he says, and looks up from the book to her, "but that's a good idea -- it could definitely make that stuff. We could tell it to play the music from the TV," which, to be fair, is the only music he's ever encountered yet, so he'd probably suggest that even if it weren't arguably the appropriate soundtrack, "and it'd be faster than me seeing if I have a pair of skates hidden somewhere." It's weird, as 'blank slates', what they find themselves knowing and not, but at least they all seem to pick things up quickly. Maybe that's part of it.

Her last question has him glancing down at himself, and breaking into a grin again. His turn to do a spin, if a slower one. Not that much slower, granted; he's moving in time with the music, whether he intended to or not. "Like it? A guy in one of the videos had a jacket like this the other day, and there were some other interesting clothes in it... I found this in my closet and figured I'd see how this went. I think I like it. I feel like leaping out of trees and swinging on chandeliers and shit." He hasn't gone as far as the face makeup, either by choice or maybe his room just doesn't have that handy.

The Thrill-Seeker gives one more spin and then stops, planting her hands on the table with a grin. "Then let's go make it! I read enough and there was a Video earlier with a skating rink. So I have an idea. Also...I don't think our feet are the same size," She lifts up one skate and there is that whole size difference to consider.

"They might pinch!" And then she is moving again, only to skate backwards towards the Anything doors. The handle is grabbed to stop her backward motion. "But yeah, I like it. It's so fresh and fun and colorful. Oh! skating rink with chandeliers maybe?" And she pushes the door open. Disco lights and music pours out of the room and she turns to grin at him, dimples showing. "Ooooooh yeah!" And she is off.

The Bon-Vivant grins again. "Yeah, I was thinking more the other stuff -- they don't all have shoes, right?" It's definitely true that the foot size difference could be an issue; no question her skates would be uncomfortable for him at best. He flips quickly through the book before tossing it lightly at the table again. Doesn't get it on the stack of books, but it does at least land close enough. And then he's following her onward to the door, and to the rink she creates behind it.

"Nice!" he exclaims, heading in as well, and he closes the door behind them, taking a moment to look around and take the whole place in. Important, turns out, since that lets him find the spot that appears to be the skate rental booth. It's empty, of course -- no people, no animals, the one known definite rule for what you can make here -- but he puts his hands on the counter and hops himself up and over, back to the shelves of size-marked skates. "A'ight, let's see..." He grabs a pair and squints at it assessingly, comparing it to his shoes. Still too small; he tries another. "So did you settle on Hestia or Cheer or both or something else?" he calls over, "And how're you doing with," a small pause, as he debates how to phrase what he's intending to ask, and ends up punting with, "things?"

Colored lights flash across an empty skating floor. Wood and chrome meet neon and disco. It's all super bright and upbeat. A concession stand sits against one wall, an arcade in the back, the DJs stand sits empty but music plays anyway. And there are Chandaliers hanging over the dance floor too. It's a little odd, but at the same time fits with the mish and mosh.

"I think Cheer. It's definitely more how I feel. Hestia is nice, but...I don't feel a connection to it ya know? Maybe if I knew knew about it, like they do," Thrill-Seeker says as she leans against the wall separating rink from seats. Her eyes watching as BV tries to find one that fits. "OH! Have you tried lollipops yet?" And she is moving over to the concession stand and around the counter to snag up a candy vine rope thing and a handful of blow pops. As she skates back she pulls off the wrapping on a pop and sticks it in her mouth. "Here, choose a flavor," And she holds out the rest of the colorful assortment.

The last question mars the otherwise cheerful smile. Her pert little nose wrinkles and she says, "I am trying really hard to -not- think of it...just explore, discover, learn about whatever takes my fancy. It...makes it easier. If I think about it..." A shadow crosses over her teeth and the clack of her swirling the lolly around is heard.

The Bon-Vivant leans across the counter and plucks one of the lollipops at random, ending up with sour apple. He barely glances at it before unwrapping it, a light, "Thanks," before he pops it into his mouth. It seems to meet with his approval, even if the 'sour' aspect startles him on first taste. It does make him grin again, stick between his teeth, though it fades a bit at the dimming of her expression

"Yeah," he says, "I figure it's probably the better way. First advice I got, after I left my room, was Chance saying don't think about it too hard. Doesn't seem like real popular advice around here, but I figure he's not wrong. Anyway, the folks who've been around a while are going to keep bringing it all up regardless, so I might as well leave it be until they do, right? This is pretty good." The sucker, not the plan

He leans down, suddenly, and makes a sound of approval as a skate set beside his boot appears the same size. More or less. It and its mate get clonked onto the counter, and he hops back up on top, but not over. Instead he sits atop if and starts taking off his boots to properly try on the skates. "Cheer's good; I'll call you that, then. And I hadn't tried the lollipops yet. I should see what else they've got over there..." A glance to the concession, though it'll have to wait until the skates are on. "What've you been exploring and discovering and learning so far?"

The Thrill-Seeker rolls the pop around and turns to pour herself a soda from the fountain. Coke products it would seem. "Want one?" She asks even as the liquid sloshes into her cup. "Mmmm, well, today has mostly been skating and exploring my room more. I learned how many drinks of straight vodka it takes to make me pass out last night..." The blond purses her lips and considers as she pulls the drink away and fits a lid and stray to it. A sip that doesn't seem hesitant might indicate she's tried this drink before.

"I also learned that it drives me nuts when they all talk about the past. I feel dumb and like I'm missing something. But at least you get it and Chance seems to be of the same mindset, so that's good." As he gets his skates tied she adds, "Make sure it's real tight around the ankles. You don't wanna wobble too much."

"Sure, thanks," the Bon-Vivant says to the offer, and her remark about the vodka gets a laugh. "I got unreasonably drunk when I found the dispensers first. I had them make every drink I could think of, including cocktails, and even if some of them I only tried instead of drinking all of... apparently I can think of a lot of drinks." Why? Who knows! He's not inclined to dwell on the question right now. "The next day I drank all the whiskey in my room. But I guess that's not enough to make me pass out, at least not if I take a while about it. I was mostly exploring my room that day."

You know what's probably not a good idea? Hopping down off a counter in roller skates when you've never worn them before. It's only reflexes and maybe the skateboard practice that saves him; as his feel start to go out from under him, he grabs the edge of the counter and shifts his weight. Doesn't stop him from yelping, but it does leave him half-dangling instead of actually falling on the ground. A tiny snort of a laugh, half-stifled, and then he more carefully adjusts things until his feet are properly beneath him, and he can much more carefully straighten up. "...I think they're tight enough, at least. And, yeah, I know what you mean. Or they get upset about it, and I don't really know what to do about that. But, on the other hand, I do like finding out about them. I just kind of wish more of them would focus a little more on who they are here, now, when they're talking about it. 'cause this's where we are."

The Thrill-Seeker turns from filling BV a drink, sloshing some soda onto the floor, with wide eyes as he yelps. "You okay?" She asks automatically, but then is smiling as he catches himself. "Hehehe, good reflexes. I hear you about them talking about things now. Or focusing on them anyway," She finishes filling the drink and pops the lid on it and tucks a crazy straw in place.

The candy licorcie rope around her neck like some sort of glam statement, a lollypop in her mouth, and holding the two drinks she skates out from behind the counter. A total natural it seems. "Take it slow, it's why there is a railing on the inside of the rink. Read that in one of the skating books today. Did you know there are all kids on skating? Skateboarding, ice scating, skiing, inline skating, derbies..." She shak her pig-tailed blond head and sets their drinks on a table. "Here, give me your hand and I'll help you balance while we go around the rink once or twice," And she holds out her hand to him, only about three feet away, grinning with all her dimpled cheer for which she has chosen a name.

One might hope BV's got a decent knack for it hiding in there too, because if he falls down while holding on to her, there's a good chance she's coming along, like it or not. Once he's pretty sure he's got essentially where his balance ought to be nailed down, though, he takes the offered hand nonetheless. She's probably safe while he's standing still, now. That, at least, is close enough to the skateboard to transfer without too much trouble: make sure your weight is evenly distributed above the various wheels.

"Slow's less fun," he says, grinning back, though he does grant the wisdom of it, judging by the experimental care with which he starts trying to move. Helps that he's had her to watch as an example, so far; he imitates what she's been doing, and has the presence of mind not to immediately aim for the spins, at least. It's a wobbly and inelegant first couple feet, but he does stay on his. "A'ight -- ready when you are," he declares. "Have you tried any of the others yet? I haven't been anywhere with ice yet, but I'm sure this place can make some."

The Thrill-Seeker has a strong grip and seems fairly sure as she helps him move from there to the rink itself. "Well, true, but there also isn't any fun in breaking anything. One of the books I was reading was warning about trying anything too fast cause you can break your ankle, leg, arm, all kinds of things if you fall wrong," She explains while waving one hand airily. "But I quickly realized I didn't need too. If you want to go fast, you can hang on to my shoulders and try to just mimic how I move my legs?"

The song transitions to a new one as they step out onto the rink. You've Got The Touch begins to rock through the speakers as the disco ball turns. All kinds of sparkling lights of multiple hues hitting the polished and smooth floors. "Well, skate boarding yeah. But derby you need other people to skate against. And I wanted to make sure I actually knew how to skate before trying ice or anything. We can try it together and laugh as we both fall down, how about that?"

"Well, skateboarding obviously," BV agrees, grinning again. He was there! "If what they say is true, anything we break'll be fixed in the morning. I mean, I'm pretty sure it'll still hurt like hell, so that's probably not the best time we could come up with, but still. At least it won't last, right?"

He focuses for a moment on his feet and balance, absently humming along with the music half-under his breath. The basic movement, at least, he seems to get the hang of reasonably quickly, and the practice staying upright on the board does turn out to translate all right. Not so much that he lets go and tries to hare off on his own, mind. "I'm up for trying ice, too. Might be some other people we can get to join in, too," he says, looking up to her face again, "Caleb might be up for it... I don't know for sure if Eilis would, but she was up for the ocean, so who knows? And Arthur was up for skydiving with us, so he might be on board. How do we do derbies anyway, just a race?" All the more reason to get good at going fast first, right?

The Thrill-Seeker begins to pick up the speed around the rink as Bon-Vivant seems to gain confidance. A little more swerving movement. "Yeah, it would probably suck. But it would be better with company at any rate!" She says with a laugh, glancing back and up at him with that dimpled smile.

"So what have you liked the best so far? I have to say Skateboarding and this are so far pretty top of the list for me," She adds, answering her own question as they head into a curve. "I think you've got it enough you can take my hand now instead," She says once they come out of the curve. "If you think you can keep up anyway."

"Derby is a race. Two teams of five. One person is the jammer and they score points for their team by lapping the other team," Cheer adds after a moment of thought, dragging through all the books she has read today.

"'course I can," the Bon-Vivant says, with absolutely no evidence yet available as to the truth of it. Maybe he's taking it as a challenge -- sounds cheerful enough, though, and he's sorted things out enough to push off harder with one foot and angle himself to her side, a bit quicker than he was. His hand reaches for hers, even if he may not yet be entirely sure how this is going to work. They'll figure it out, surely.

"Two teams of five might be pushing it," he decides, "but the ice skating part, at least, that we can do. So far..." He considers for a few moments, then grins again. "The skydiving thing was pretty awesome. And the beach was good, too. Most things so far are more fun when I'm not doing them alone, I guess, though even after Eilis left -- we just played in the surf and talked, but afterward I went out and floated, had a drink, figured out how to ride some of the waves in, and that was pretty good too. Oh, and chocolate cake, that was great. Sushi, too. And the music -- I wish I could bring that into my room." He glances upward, as though toward the source of the music here, even if it's more chandeliers than speakers above them.

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out to grab his hand as he reaches for hers. A good solid lock on it as they begin to skate side by side. Her challenge accepted seems to please her more than anything else has. So as the song finishes out they make another lap that way while he lists the things he has enjoyed so far.

"You've had more time than me to do things it seems. The beach sounds amazing. And the skydiving, we have to go do that. But I know what you mean. Doing things along is no fun. If you ever need a partner in crime, come knock on my door okay? I'll probably be up for it!" And the music changes again...

A rolling drum beat starts thing off with some whooping behind it... 'If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says fifteen miles to the-' Sings a male voice. 'LoooOOOOOOOVE SHACK!' A female voice cuts in.

"Same here," the Bon-Vivant says, "You know which one it is, right?" A grin; he's sure he's told her, whether she recalls or not. If not, memory might be jogged by, "When I came out today I was thinking I might get the dispenser to make me a bunch of champagne and see if I could really get it to do that. Still on the agenda for later."

He doesn't quite have her fluidity in the skating yet, but he's doing pretty decently at keeping up, and he's got the hang of those corners, now. He looks like he's having fun, too, which only increases as the song continues. "I think I might've had a few more days than you, yeah," he says, "They seem surprised there's any of us who weren't with them in the last Encounter-thing at all, so I don't see why we might not show up at different times." And that's as far as he's inclined to get into the metaphysics of things right now, either for the topic itself, or because he's seen this video a few times so far, and gives in to the urge to join in with, "I got me a Chrysler, it seats about twenty, so hurry up, and bring your jukebox money!" He may or may not have a handle on what a jukebox is, but who cares?

"The one with the champagne and partiers, right?" Thrill-Seeker asks before she suddenly is letting go of his hand to spin away with a mischevious grin. Sort of a sink or swim situation, but in this case it's a skate or skid. Because she is -dancing- to this song. If he can keep up with her, though, she is more than happy to dance and weave across the rink.

"After this," Cheer says with her grin firmly in place as she twirls. "We'll go get all the champagne and drink ourselves silly while listening to the box until we fall asleep. Sound good?"

"Ri--ight!" the Bon-Vivant says, startled by the sudden release; it throws him off for just a moment before the grin widens, and he skates after her, putting on a little more speed and starting to experiment with getting dancier as well. "Deal. I can show you some of the tastier things I got the dispensers to do, too, if you like," he adds, removing the lollipop from his mouth long enough to gesture with it in vague illustration.

It's a good thing he can dance /not/ on wheels, because otherwise this would be going... well, it probably wouldn't be going; he'd probably be on the floor. As it is, it's a little awkward while he works out how to do things, how to continue moving WHILE doing things, and how to avoid ending up on his ass from attempting to continue moving while doing things. The latter does require him grabbing at a railing at least a few times, and more than one inelegant moment of flailing, but he's improving. And has the hang of 'quick' enough to keep more or less catching up with her after the less successful experiments. Whether it helps that he continues singing along with the song depends largely on what one considers 'help'.

The Thrill-Seeker turns around to begin skating backward. Weaving back and forth she spreads her arms, continuing the challenge without saying anything. A sort of "Come and Get Me!" gesture but all in good fun. And in teaching him in her way how to skate. "Yeah, especially that Sushi stuff. That sounds interesting. I started getting cookbooks off the shelf today too. I'm going to make cookies!"

With that sudden declaration she does a spin and gives a little booty shimmy. "LOOOOOOOOOOVE SHACK! Love shack babyyyyyyy," She sings along before returning to skate beside Bon-Vivant. When he flails she is close enough to grab for his arm to help with stability. "See? I knew you'd get this just like me. Hah! Backwards is a bit more tricky. Got to sway your hips in a different rythme as you push out and back," And again she turns and moves away, though going slower and making more exaggerated sways of said hips. Out on the dance floor her bright yellow attire is lit up by the disco ball and other lights. Especially the reflective stripes on the sides of her skater shorts.

The Bon-Vivant watches. Who wouldn't? Though he does, at least, have the completely reasonable excuse of trying to learn. "I like the stripes on your shorts!" he says, "They really catch the light in here," before he attempts to follow her lead. The practice on doing those spins comes in handy, at least, and he manages to be facing the right direction, though he comes to an almost-halt once he has. A glance at his feet. Right, out and back...

She probably gets some distance on him while he's making that work; it's definitely slow at first, and a bit silly-looking given he's trying to imitate the way she moves her hips, and isn't built quite the same way. This may or may not be a downside depending what one's looking for. Still, she must be a good example, because while it's still a bit wobbly, he does start getting some reasonable speed going, and even manages to negotiate the curves as he reaches them. That, at least, is still basically the same kind of shift of weight. It makes him look even happier with things.

"How're you going to make cookies? Not from the dispenser?" he asks. Can't need a book for that, surely. He must be getting fairly confident in his newfound skating abilities, because he's got it going well-in time with the 'bang bang bang on the door, baby' portion, even if he sings (well, 'sings') the male part through there, and manages a sharp spin that apparently-intentionally stops him short, facing her, on the, "Your WHAT?" and starts forward again without apparently trouble after the reply, whether it's from her or the speakers.

"TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN ROOF! Rusted!" Comes Thrill-Seeker's clear voice along with Cindy Wilson's. And as she says rusted does another little spin, which allows Bon-Vivant to catch up. "Love Shack, baby, love shack," She continues to sing as the song dies down. And as it does she comes to a stop by the exit towards the tables. A giggle on her lips.

"Nice spin. You know, I hadn't noticed how they're reflecting till you said something! I've an entire dress in my closet made of this stuff. I bet it would be amazing out here," She says as she steps out to fetch her drink and take a thirsty slurp of it. Her sucker is laid on the table without hesitation. Sanitation? Germs? What is that. "Should I go put the shimmery dress on? I feel I would match your dashing attire more. Especially if we're gonna drink champagne."

The Bon-Vivant looks lowkey proud of himself for the move, and less-lowkey pleased with the fact that she does the reply. He joins her in singing along with the rest, and catches up, following with her as she exits the rink proper. The music continues, of course, synths starting up before they're informed that sometimes Marc Almond sometimes feels he's got to run away; he's got to get away...

Now that he's got the hang of it better -- and the carpet doesn't actually hurt with the control -- BV continues moving in time with the music as they head to that table, and he claims the drink she'd made for him. His own sucker stays in his hand while he makes room for the straw, and it's an enthusiastic drink. Maybe he wasn't watching when she chose the drinks, or hadn't tried it before, because it makes him laugh again. "Fizz," he says in explanation, wrinkling his nose in a way that doesn't seem disapproving at all, even before he takes another drink to follow. He pauses, looking thoughtful. "...hm. Fizz. I like how that sounds, actually..."

The next sip's slower, and he still seems to be thinking something over even as he nods to her. "If you want to! A whole dress made of that would probably look awesome in here. But that already looks great, so, up to you." For his part, he sets the drink down then, and starts to shed the jacket, explaining, "It's starting to get kind of warm in here, anyway. I'll put it back on when we leave."

The Thrill-Seeker gives a laugh of her own as his face lights up at the fizzyness. "It's good, right? Coke A Cola! And it is good with rum and vodka and whiskey, so far as I've tried," She is not ashamed to admit. After all, she doesn't really have any concept of shame as of yet.

"It does get your heated up dancing and skating. I think I'll just keep this on and wear the dress next skate time," Thrills says after a moment of thought. Then she remembers the length of red licorice around her neck and she quickly is pulling the wrapping off and breaking off a piece to hand off. "This stuff is really good. I have discovered that I have a thing for sweets. And red sweet stuff is especially delicious it seems. I'm not sure why yet..." ANd she takes her own bite of the rope, making happy sound before another drink of the coke. "MMMmmm! The two together even better!" She manages to say while trying to chew and swallow at once. Talent that. No choking either.

Refreshments had she sets her drink down. The song playing isn't one she is as familiar with, it seems, but she can sway to a beat. And she does. But as it continues she begins to sway even more back and forth. "Okay, to the floor! This has too much of a good beat," And she is spinning away to head back out onto the rink.

'One I ran to you. Now I run from you...' And she is skating and gaining speed away in the rink. With every 'bum bum' she does a spin or turns to let her momentum carry her backwards while she shimmies.

"Like Champagne," the Bon-Vivant says, "Well -- the fizz, I mean. Also Pop Rocks, have you tried those? Weird but fun. I didn't try this yet, though." The coat's fairly gently laid on the table -- the shirt's all piratey about the arms as well as the neck, it turns out -- and he accepts the offered licorice, trying it on its own, and then trying it with a sip of Coke as well. "Yeah, not bad!" he agrees, and takes one more good drink before agreeably heading back out onto the rink with her. The rest of his lollipop gets left with the stick stuck in the lid of the drink, to wait.

He may not have caught this song before either, since he isn't singing, but he does start humming along before too terribly long. "You're right, it does," he agrees, when he catches up with her again, and while he still hasn't quite caught up to her head start in learning to skate, he's got far enough to be able to dance with her as they go. Around the 'don't touch me, please,' he manages to spin close enough to grab the ends of that licorice rope, and leans in to bite a chunk off the unwrapped end, grinning at her again as he straightens back up. And still manages not to fall over! Sooner or later there's no way he's not going to end up on the floor.

It just so happens that it isn't Bon-Vivant's fault that he goes down. Well, not exactly anyway. As he comes in and snags the licorice rope for a bite it makes her laugh as she is starting to spin. And she even manages to complete the first rotation. But the licrice flies funny and smacks her in the chin and it is just that much disorientation that makes her flail.

Like any human instinct says to grab the nearest thing and hold on when balance goes. And the nearest thing happens to be her skating partner. So much for not touching as the song is going on about. There is a surprised shout from her as her skates finally go out from under her and she pulls down BV. It's a pile of flailing arms, legs, and licorice whip with a rather stunned, but lopsidedly grinning, Thrill-Seeker under Bon-Vivant. And she starts to laugh.

The Bon-Vivant, when startled, yelps. The first time could have been a fluke, but twice suggests otherwise. The start of that flailing makes him laugh, maybe expecting it to go the way most of his flailing has thus far -- except if so, he's forgotten that most of his worst ones ended with grabbing the railing, and that he's much closer than any railings right now. Not that he's against being grabbed for balance, particularly when she's helped with his, but his eyes go wide as he feels the way everything shifts when she does. A reach that started out as an attempt to steady her turns into flailing of his own as he feels the balance go off, feels the wheels of his skates choosing their own movements, and--

That yelp disappears into a breathless oof as they hit the floor, or rather, as she hits the floor and he hits both the floor and her. The blink suggests he's a bit stunned himself before her laughter sets off his, and he sets his hands on the floor, pushing up so as to crush her less, though not quite brave enough to attempt standing immediately. Not until the laughter gets past being breathless, at least. "You could've just said you didn't want to share," he teases, before a more sincere, "Sorry. You okay?"

The Thrill-Seeker lets the laughter sweep over her and off into simple giggles before she dares answer. But she doesn't seem to be in any pain. Cheeks rosey with mirth and maybe some tears from laughter, but otherwise all whole. "I'm -so- sorry. My job was to keep you from falling, hehehe," The giggles take her again. It is a second or two before she gets control once more.

"I should be asking if you're okay," Thrill-Seeker says with a lopsided smile. Lifting herself up on her elbows she gives her head the slightest shake. Okay so maybe she hit it and the lights are extra sparkly. "You know...every time I've fallen down it's been fun in some way. Sure I think I banged my elbow and it's doing this weird kind of hurty tingling, and my head," She squints and reaches up with one hand to rub at the back of her noggin. "But worth it."

"I just got my knee," BV says, "I think I'm coming out ahead there." May explain why he moves slightly gingerly as he settles back onto his knees, even if the weight's really farther back toward his shins. Once his hands are freed, one of them reaches over to rub the back of her head for her, giving her a still more apologetic than usual smile. "Yeah, though, all the times I've fallen down have been worthwhile so far. Question is... how do we get back up?" He hasn't done it with wheels actually /attached/ to his feet yet. A glance toward the nearest railing makes it clear that 'crawl to a wall' isn't a very appealing option. Hmm. A small shrug, and he sits farther back toward his feet, straightening his back, and offers her his hands. Maybe he can help pull her up from here?

The Thrill-Seeker finds herself grinning and maybe the redness in her cheeks is a touch more of a blush at the apology being shown. Ducking her head she wrinkles her nose in that way which is cute. "I'm fine, I fell once or twice out in the parlor," She admits with a coy sideways glances. So that means she has a solution for standing right? Wrong. There was light carpeting and not this polished and smooth wood stuff.

Those blue eyes scan the floor with a puzzle frown. "Uhhhh, well, it was undignified when I did it before. But use your rubber things," And she points to the stoppers at the front of the toe. And so she goes to show him, rolling over onto hands and kees. Then she rises up on one knee, points her toe so the rubber sticks. When he offers his hands she takes it. Together it is a little wiggly and wobbly, but they manage to stand up. And once up so are the dimples back with a grin. "Champagne time?"

The Bon-Vivant follows her instructions, even if he very nearly falls over again attempting to use the toe stop for standing up. Right, not like that, then. A couple of the wobbles are decidedly worrying, but they do both manage to end up upright again. He grins back, and takes a look around the place before saying, "Yeah, okay. I wouldn't mind still having skates, but it's not like we can't come back, right?" A nod, and he agrees, "Champagne time," before releasing one of her hands and turning to head back toward that table again. Or, once he thinks about it, the skate rental booth -- his boots are still waiting there, after all.

The Thrill-Seeker has a bit better control and by grabbing and supporting the other they make do. And to the safer carpeted area. There she begins to pull off her own skates while he fetches his own boots. "You probably have skates in your room. Or will after we wake up again. I found all the fun stuff after looking for a book on fun physical things to do. There is a pause there. Her face does something funny. "Found some really, really, interesting books thinking about that."

"Like what?" the Bon-Vivant asks, possibly not having learnt his lesson, since he sets a hand to either side of him and pushes himself up onto the counter again. On the other hand, he'll presumably be wearing the boots when he hops back down this time. Switching back is faster, since he doesn't have to find a pair that fit; he does make a mental note of what number's on the back of the skates he used, though. Just in case he doesn't find a pair somewhere in his room. "...I don't know if the rooms change like that or you just didn't happen to find that stuff first, but I kind of hope they do. I'm sure there's more potentially fun stuff in existence than could fit in my room at one time."

The Thrill-Seeker is wearing a pair of pink and yellow socks under her skates. The pink being little hearts all over the yellow. It matches the rest of her sunny colored skating outfit. Tying the laces together she lets the skates drape over a shoulder and takes a last sip of the soda. It will vanish, but another drink awaits in the dispensary. "Ahhh...heh. Well, one will definitely need to be done in one of these rooms. Kind of like the skydiving, except it's called hangliding. And you strap into this glider and jump off a cliff and fly...at least that's what the book said," It's clear she is avoiding talking about whatever she made the face on. For she hesitates and thinks further before offering the hanggliding as one. "And as for stuff in our rooms...I bet when everything resets it sort of uses our current likes and wants. So, like, I started reading about all these different things and my room had all sorts of equipment and toys the next day. Some I know what to do with...some I'll...figure out eventually." There is a laugh and she heads for the door with red cheeks. Apparently he'll have to discover what has her so nervous himself. Or dig harder.

The Bon-Vivant arches a brow at the hesitation before the reply -- yeah, he noticed that -- but what she comes up with /does/ sound pretty cool. "We should try that too," he says, "...that one kinda goes with your door, doesn't it? Jumping off cliffs." He fastens a boot, and opts to leave the skates just on the counter -- they'll disappear when the room resets itself, right? And hey, if not, they'll be ready for him when they come back. Win/win.

The lingering redness along with that pause has him curious, but for now, at least, he seems to let it go. "What I wonder is, how does it know? I mean, you might be right -- I didn't notice that coat," which he retrieves and pulls on, "until after I saw the video, though it might just be that I didn't /notice/ it until then." If you see the different. "But how did it know what I'd think was pretty cool when I woke up the first time? There's stuff in there we've never even thought of before..."

He stretches, and eyes his drink and lollipop a moment, then shrugs. They'll stop existing when he walks out whether he tries to take them or not, and, indeed, he can always replace them out there. So he strolls out after her instead, walking with the beat of the latest song. "Maybe you should show me what books you were looking at." Which may or may not be a sideways way of assuaging his curiosity. Could just be upping his odds of getting a pogo stick.

"Sure I can..." Thrill-Seeker bobs her head with a smile and there is only a slight hitch in her voice, "Do that. They're all still on the table." Likely including the one she isn't talking about. "I am definitely trying hang gliding. But the book was talking about straps and securing and all sorts of safety stuff so you don't fall out and plummet to your death." There is that wrinkled nose again.

As they head out and through the parlor she continues talking about hanggliding. About how you can do tandem ones where two people are both strapped in, and single ones. "I figure I better jump off a cliff at some point. Cliff jumping was another thing in one of the books..." And she pauses to push the piles around. Scuba Diving For Dummies, Deep Sea Fishing and You, and under them something that says Kama...and it a red book. But the others are covering it. "Here it is," And she holds up the book on gliding and jumping with her smile back in place.

The Bon-Vivant listens, nodding and looking genuinely quite interested in all this hang-gliding talk. As one might expect, given he's already registered a desire to try it.

"...I wonder if your door will change if you actually do what's on it?" he muses in the pause while she pushes books around, "Or if mine would? Though... Eilis's has a woman holding a human heart that's full of blooms and wrapped in vines, I think, and that seems like it'd be harder to arrange than ours. Maybe you could get the dispensers to make a heart...? Oh. Though, if things in these rooms counted, you could just tell the room to make that whole thing and then go in and hold it, I guess."

The books get interest as well, scanning the titles and cover images as she she moves them around. Nothing in particular seems to leap out at him, really, aside from the general intrigue of what they immediately suggest; he takes the book she holds up, though his eyes pause on the bright covers of Scuba Diving and Deep Sea Fishing. "Those look like they'd be more fun if the room made animals," he notes. "I've been having a couple thoughts about that, though..." And, if his other thoughts include taking a closer look at the rest of her pile of books, it doesn't show. Then again, if every book is on the shelf somewhere, might one be able to just look for 'the book she was thinking of', later? Maybe he'll find out. For now, there's the question of champagne.