Log:Hold On To Yourself

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Hold On To Yourself
Characters  •   Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Silver's Room
Date  •  2019-10-03
Summary  •  Hector and Cash check on Silver when she doesn't emerge after Spear's capture.

(Music: Wake Me When September Ends )

Silver hasn't really been seen since the disasterous occurance at the Hedge Maze on Grad Night. Most people had last seen her bolting off into the crowds and disappearing. And boy is she good at not being found when she doesn't want to be. Even Star wasn't able to find her and when people got home? Her door was closed and locked from the inside. Had she emerged since? Hard to say. No one had seen or heard her, but evidence in terms of food made and filched from the kitchen suggested so. The late night flush of the toilet. Anyone calling for her would have been told, "She hasn't come out of her room and is in A Mood, and not taking calls. Except from Virginia Commonwealth." Whatever that means.

Dare knocks gently on her window in the afternoon and waves a couple Endangered Species bars back and forth as a lure. He's been sleepingat the Marchant's, but he's worried about his sister. She isn't answering calls, so here he is with good chcolate.

ROLL: Confidante rolls brains+2 for: -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- d)

Hector knocks gently on her window in the afternoon and waves a couple Endangered Species bars back and forth as a lure. He's been sleepingat the Marchant's, but he's worried about his sister. She isn't answering calls, so here he is with good chcolate.

Cash wandered off from Hector, saying something about just knocking. But Cash has a whole different approach. Less gentle. More brute force and more Cash-like, if anyone has ever received one of his impossible locker notes. Getting in the house wasn't an issue. They know Cash here. Now, he's crouching at Silver's door. He has two packages of sour patch kids and one lockpicking kit. It takes him no time to bust Silver's lock and open her door. He puts up his hands and says, "We're worried, Silver. And I am a multiple too, remember? So...I understand more. And I understand locking a door and saying fuck it. I brought tribute." And he waves the sour candy.

Dark purple curtains have been pulled over her bay window., but one of them is in fact partly open. Letting in the afternoon breeze. There is a few seconds pause after the knock. Then a disgruntled, "What?!" From the other side. Did the fabric just shift slightly?

Well Cash catches her staring through a tiny hole -in- the curtain itself out the window. Her hair is a mess, she is in rumbpled PJs, and she whirls on the intruder, face set in a scowl. There is bareful a glance at the candy before she all but snaps, "Worried about what, exactly? I'll do something else stupid. Don't worry, I'm not leaving this room so I won't be causing any more damage." And she goes to throw herself on the bed, pulling a pillow over her head. "So you can stop worrying," Comes a muffled addition.

Hector calls, "Let us in, Sil!" Because of course he doesn't know, "Jesus, it's my fault more than yours, and we're going to get him back or die trying."

First, Cash goes to the open window and calls out. "Come on up! She's not coming down." How'd Cash get in there there? The Cash way. He turns and sits on the bed. "Can I touch you for the purposes of comfort? What damage have you caused?" A pause. "I don't think you'd harm yourself. I don't think you should hurt alone, that's all. No one should. It's awful. It's worse than suicide. Suicide is, at least, an ending. This...this is one of those endless things you can put yourself through"

Silver makes grumbling growls from under her pillow, but also doesn't immediately respond to Cash's questions. Instead she rolls onto her side so her back is facing him. "I don't want to be touched. I don't want to talk. I've gone over it all and I failed to put the factors together right. I lost my queen and now check mate is looming with only bad moves remaining," She would use a chess reference.

"We need more information if we're going to plan. We need research. I refuse to believe we are out of moves." Hector climbs down and makes his way up the more conventional way.

"I don't know how to play chess." Cash begins. "Like...at all. But, I won't touch you and I will talk instead." He pauses a moment and then, lays down beside Silver. He isn't touching her. Not even close. He's in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. Converse were ditched at the door to reveal mismatched socks. "No one has failed anything. No one has died." His voice is soft, calm and easy. "We are on the backfoot, yes, but we have the smartest, brightest minds who can work on solutions. I am not one of these people, Silver. But you are. Felicity is. Hector is people smart and I'm just a guy with his heart on his sleeve who misses his sister and is terrified for her." A pause. "If something happened to Spear, you'd know it in your bones. That's how I feel about Ashley."

"That isn't me. It really isn't. I should have insisted Spear stay back. Hell, everyone who hadn't drunk but was attached to someone who had. They're our vulnerabilities. But no...I just charged in and-and," Silver stops talking and takes a deep breath. "I'm not smart. At least no the right kind for this. I can't let anyone else get taken...you don't remember it like I do Cash. Her being torn apart...I remember it vividly. Not only that, but I felt the echo of the emotions she felt when it happened. And now they have Spear. And your sister. They're just..." And she shivers and grows quiet again, unable to finish that sentence.

Hector arrives in the doorway and says grimly, "If something happened to spear, we'd see him Sil. He'd come to you right away, so we know he's alive. That means we fight hard and smart. We can't sit still and let them have you and the others. We can't let them keep Spear and Ashley. I'm going to try talking to Bubba, and Felicity's started scanning microfiche to see if Chen is Swindon and if he's not, osee if we can figure out who is. We kill Swindon, everyone goes free. I we can't figure it out or work out a strategy to trap them, then we need to raid in force and hope we get them out. It's a risk fighting, but people die either way, and I know I'd rather die fighting than roll over and let her enslave people I care about. Silver, I know you're upset. I'm furious and grieving and I want to burn them all, but we need all the cleverest people thinking this through and planning. You and Felicity are the brightest people I know. Please come help us figure this out." He tone gentles and he settles at the foot of her bed, "I wanted to go too, Silver. I wanted to wait for more help, but I was going in too. Spear's an adult, and he took the risks eyes open. you can't blame yourself for his decition."

Silver can be heard to sniffle beneath her pillow, but she doesn't emerge yet. Curled into a ball around one of her larger franketstuffies. This one was once a tiger and a unicorn. "Spear couldn't have know fully. Or he would have stayed back. I've usually been the one to bring caution to his enthusiasm. And I...I didn't this time. And he may not be dead now, but he could be worse than..." At least that is how she sees it.

Hector says, "We were angry. I know I still am. Help us kill fran, Silver. If we kill her, there's a good chance the others will cave." He shakes his head, "She can't start to turn him until full moon. If we strike before then, we can get him back safe."

"Yeah. Cutting the head of the snake is literally the solution. We just have to get close, Silver." Cash says, still laying beside her, speaking softly. "You can help up mobilize. The three of us know what they are capable of better than most."

"I don't...think I can. I'm just terrified now," Silver says quietly before letting out another sigh. "I don't...I can't trust any of my ideas. None of them have paid off or worked. Even Aunt Nancy was a flop. I'm sorry." And she genuinely sounds like it, her voice catching obviously. "Look...thanks for checking on me. But I can't help. Not knowing anything we do, if it reaches her, could end in his death." There is a second or two and then a very quiet, "Please go now..."

Hector says gently, "Aunt Nancy was my idea too, remember? And Fran put the whammy on her which we didn't even know was a possability yet. we know a lot more now. If you can' trust yourself, why not use a buddy system. Felicity's got an idea for a vampire net. Talk to her. You check her ideas over and she checks yours. We have a lot more motivated allies now. Jade's all in. we're all in: cash, Felicity, and I. I'm willing to bet the Lester's are all out for blood now and odds are they'll bring Marchants with their resources. Two Lester's were enough to scare her. Wha if all of them and all of us get together and fight both smart and hard at once? This isn't over, Silver, and you are the most sensible and the cleverest of us Thistles I believe in you, even if you don't."

"We'll leave. But..." Cash says, not sitting up just yet. "I'll be back. Breaking in, if I must. I'll keep you updated and supplied with snacks and sweets. If you want to talk or just...have someone here with you in the quiet and dark, I can do that too. I love and care about all of us and we are in this together. We are linked. I'm not the most useful person in the world but I can be present, okay? And you can kick me out immediately if you want too. You decide." He gets up and starts for the door.

Silver's hand balls into a little fist and then relaxes. She is quiet for a spell and then Cash is talking. And still she is quiet until they are near the door, "If Chen was the elder vampire, he would have taken care of Fran already," She says to them as they begin to leave. "But like I said, my guesses haven't added up so take it with a grain of salt. Close the door on your way out."

Hector gently squeezes her foot, "I'm still your brother and I love you very much. You know that, right?" He goes to follow Cash, but keeps looking behind him, concerned. "We need to eliminate the possability. We need to keep searching for a face that looked the same at the turn of the century as it does now. There has to me someone like that, changing the name now and then, maybe using illusion to play parent and child. We could sure use a second set of eyeballs and I bet you are the best a microfiche."

Silver is very quiet in her reply to Hector. He may even miss it, "Love you too," She says from beneath the pillow. But otherwise she doesn't say anything else. Instead of hand reaches out and pulls a horribly pink and sunflower yellow afghan over her. That's about as clear as shutting a door.