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Heavenly Creatures
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Spear Thistle  •  Desdemona Marchant  •
Location  •  The Marchant Residence
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-14
Summary  •  After meeting up at the park, Zane and Mona head back to the pool to discuss costumes and chaos. Spear joins in, looking for Jade, and joins in the chatter about upcoming parties and events while dropping off a present for the male member of the trio of terror. (Immediately after Earthly Creatures.)

"I never know what to think, really, when it comes to the costume stuff, though-" There is a pause, and Mona's lips purse thoughtfully. Nope, never mind the teens driving through town, one shirtless, the other shirt only half buttoned. It actually isn't what it looks like! "I do... kinda have a plan for something?" She tries to sound casual. Emphasis on the 'tries'. There's a distinct case of serious face going on.

As she starts up the car again, once he's settled in the shotgun seat, she glances over to him, then back to the road again. No, that's not going to be distracting at all. The hint of red filling in the shadows of her collarbones might not show so much if her shirt was fully buttoned, but luck is not on her side today. "I mean, I figure... maybe they wouldn't be too mad if I did just the once?" There's a hint of a wince there underscoring the words. "I mean, do you think? Because I don't want to step on anybody, but." But Silver had a point: there are times that costumes matter. Or at least clothes do.

As she pulls up to the house, she cruises into her spot, and jerks the gearshift into park. "Weird day is fucking weird. Maybe I should just table any big decisions until it's a... not weird day?"

Genuinely not what it looks like! Zane does not appear to have considered in the least yet what it might look like, anyway. They're going to swim! What's the point of putting his shirt back on when he's just gonna take it off anyway? Plus. It's kind of... soda-y. He does perhaps notice that little hint of red; certainly he glances a time or two.

"Well, what's your idea? Though, I mean... it's not like they're not gonna look good too, right? You could just tell them you have a really cool idea for a costume you wanna do this time, I mean, they're not gonna go nah you gotta go back and sleep in front of the fire, Cinderella, or something." Are they? Nah. Surely not. "And how's the day so weird?"

"Oh, it's more... I dunno." The answer to everything: I dunno. The more flustered she gets, the more she talks, and the more I dunno spills out of her mouth. "It wasn't about the party, though, since that's... well, you know. Not everybody is going to come to the party." So something bigger than the party, not that she's saying what yet.

"I just kinda want to... " It's frustration, flustered, and probably a lot of other words beginning in 'f' all vying for prominence in her tone. "...really pull a wow for something memorable, in my particular wheelhouse, and I know what I want to do, but the actual doing it part is-"

I dunno.

"Weird?" Pause. "Maybe weird?" And it shouldn't be weird, which is why it's weird.

"Nnnngh, why does life have to be so confusing?" She sucks in a quick breath, and looks at him directly, which makes how much she wasn't doing so before just now all the more obvious. "Pool? Now, I think. Yeah." The flush begins to spread before she yanks the handle of her door and zippity-zooms right out of it.

Maybe it's also weird that instead of wandering into the house to change as planned, Mona seems to be pointed directly at the pool area as she gets out of the car. No pause, no hesitation, she's just pulling off bits of this and unbuttoning that and hobbling along on one foot while yanking one boot zipper and then the other. Cold water, right now. This lot all swimming in their underwear is, at least here, not remotely news. Still, Mona's usually sporting a tee over it or similar, as the modest mouse of the trinity of terror, but as there isn't one convenient, there's just a merry trail of designer clothes strewn behind her, dangling from deck chair and potted palm alike. Frilly black French lace 'bikini' it is, new trend nobody better ever admit they saw.

Apparently, her 'fuck it' from earlier still stands, albeit in modified form.

Zane tilts his head at the fluster, or rather, at the way it makes the reply so vague -- how it wanders around the points and needs to be assembled into something more concrete. So he's trying. There's a couple tiny nods to go with the look of general concentration, as he sorts out a bit here and a bit there. Okay, bigger than the party. Okay, she wants to... do a really really good costume? But it's weird. Mona doing costumes isn't weird at all, though. So that's... weird. But before he can really say anything much about it, she's zooming right out and directly to the pool, which is also weird. Well, at least kinda.

Still, that's a weird he can roll with, and he follows along, boots and shirt forgotten in the car as he goes. He's got a lot less left to remove, but it does require some of that hopping on one foot and then the other to actually shed, so he catches up just about as she and her ersatz bikini look about to leap in, and hesitates, watching her, and absently holding the jeans in both hands rather than dropping them. Okay, no, the underwear thing isn't new, but the lack of overshirt thing is, and-- uh-- that's--

He considers that view as a whole for a second ro two before venturing, "That-- those kinda-- look like the kinda lace you tell me not to spill water on." In costumes. And it's a little hard to look away from.

Sploosh; down she goes. Being soaked to the bone in pool water in expensive imported frilly undies is just a Marchant thing. It's part of what makes them who they are. And in her apparent element, Mona seems to feel much better about life -- even if he has a really good point, which sinks in just at the same moment she does. Too late!

Never mind the impact of cold water on various parts of her person that aren't as obvious in the normally-present tee. As she rises out to stand, flipping back her hair away from her face, she seems almost clear-headed. "Well, if it... " She glances down over herself, momentarily sheepish. "...disintegrates, we'll know why I always say that?" At least that's a good reason for her to turn that particular shade of red, even if she's laughing at the same time as she swivels to look up at him.

The shock seems to have cleared her head just enough for her to sputter, "So I was thinking of maybe trying to pull off something really fucking fabulous, but-" she begins, and in that moment, time simply stops.

Two internal Monas start having an argument, it would seem: the one for whom this is nothing more than the usual bestie shenanigans, and the one that not only realized he looks damned fine in his underwear but that she's also in hers, without giant 90s oversized tee camouflage. If people think the triplets bicker, it has nothing on these two, and they're living in the same head.

"-I need your help?" Both brows shoot up in unison, and she manages a smile. Spit it out! Just do it! Noo, she can't. Why can't she? Why is this weird all of a sudden and why is that even weirder?

"So, uh."

The pause is long. She is clearly storing up all of her breath for what's about to come out of her mouth next, which all seems to jumble out as a very long word with only the briefest of pauses between.

"I was thinking of doing something really fantastically fabulous for prom but considering the design absolutely anybody else on earth would be nothing but an accessory to my dress and that's for total shit and would suck entirely and I'd genuinely hate that and you're fabulous as fuck, way more fabulous than a dress could ever be, so do you maybe want to go together?"

Yep, curvy drowned rat in her frilly underwear, asking that question with a painfully straight face. Only then does she blink, and remember to breathe.

So Jade Marchant told Spear to come on by, and Spear LIVES IN HOPE of the future - an intently optimistic person, he has a big wrapped package in his hands as he is guided on through by...well. These are Marchants, so if not a sibling or relative, possibly a house aide or even cleaner. He is looking definitely hopeful - Jade said come on by, so maybe Spear will have a chance to flex his really incoherent flirting abilities. The kind that has gotten him turned down by everyone save two (2) people - and one of them only said yes as a joke. He steps out into the pool area, and his mouth opens, and does not close.

If it disintegrates? Zane glances down over her as well, and then quite quickly back up to her face, because oh. But he is, if nothing else, a good actor, and if he's not entirely sure why this all feels a little weird right now, that doesn't mean he can't pretend it doesn't. Even if he seems to have still forgotten about putting down the jeans for the moment, so they're still idly held in front of him.

"So if it doesn't does that mean I wasted all that effort? I might have to start actually testing this stuff next time," he 'warns', attempting to continue not looking, and periodically failing. Briefly. It helps when she starts talking about what she'd been thinking of, and then there's that pause, and his weight shifts slightly from one foot to the other. Casual-like. And then she gets to needing his help, and he brightens in a way that owes nothing to acting. Of course he'll help! With... whatever. That is a long pause.

And then, the question. It is not entirely something he expected, and acting or not, the situation is a touch distracting, so there's a pause before he replies, which is probably regrettable from her point of view. But then he grins, and gives a small shrug. "I dunno, your dresses might give me a run for my money. But as long as you promise to balance our fabulosity, 'course. I'm in." He hadn't had any firm other plans, anyway. If he'd had any tentative ones, they're not actually coming to mind right now.

It is when he notices Spear's arrival, though, whenever exactly it might have actually happened. "...oh hey. We're swimming." No, really, Zane? "Wanna join?"

It isn't entirely abnormal for people to be clustered around the pool in their underwear. Odds are high they've been doing exactly this from the moment it was warm enough to go in the water all the way back to kindergarten. It's just weird that the other two parts of the triplet aren't leading the charge, at the moment. The stray personal assistant who ushers Spear toward the pool area does little more than shake her head, eyes rolling heavenward, for instance, before muttering an amused, "Hopeless," under her breath in the direction of the bathers, as she vanishes back inside.

Oh, the agony. All of the agony in the world. Is 'is this weird' becoming contagious in itself... weird? Yes. Very. And the trade of awkward pauses has her shifting back and forth from one foot to the other with a frenetic energy visible in the rippling water around her and the barely restrained urge to bounce. The perils of 'I dunno'! Her eyes even widen for a moment with the barest hints of panic creeping in before the answer follows.

Then, so does she, launching herself hug-first at Zane with the sort of riotous splash and shout of triumphant glee that would do their kindergarten selves proud. Some things never change. "This is going to be awesome!"

It's then she spots the new arrival, and the enormous smile brightens a notch further. "Hi, Spear!" says Mona as she spots him, and my my my, aren't those cheeks of hers a brilliant shade of magenta all of a sudden. "Come on in!"

"Errrrrm," says Spear "I was looking for. Jaden? I don't think the thing that I brought him is...waterproof." He adds "I don't mind swimming but I don't have any swimming gear." Neither do they, and he is staring at them, his eyes slightly wide "Gosh. Erm." And then his own face is heating, though with his dark skin it is hidden more or less. The opposite of the average Bloomquist, however, instead of being charming when confused, Spear is Thistle through and through - he just looks ten kinds of awkward, and possibly slightly weird. Not creepy, though. Even with the curse, it is strangers who find him really offputting "I was. Interrupting? A thing. Of course! A Theatre thing."

Getting hug-launched from within the pool makes Zane suddenly aware he's still holding his jeans, although not quite quickly enough, The combination of that and spotting Spear has him off-balance, and though he's generally pretty agile, right now it's only enough to adjust it from a fall to a dive, and the jeans end up coming with him. On the bright side, it means there is not a huge splash and whatever the not-waterproof gift might be, it remains dry. But it looks close for a moment there.

He comes up with a gasp for air, not really having had time to prepare, both hands running through his wet hair and slicking it back. "Cold!" he exclaims, as though there'd been no warning or expectation that this would be the case, and as though it weren't definitely warmer than the lake he'd been about to go jump into before. He completes the hug, possibly partly for the sake of warmth, and agrees, "It's gonna be totally awesome," though he then drops down to shoulder-deep in the water again. "I dunno where Jade is, but when he shows up, he can swim too. And you can just do your underwear or whatever, it's fine."

The jeans float precariously along the water nearby.

"There are some spare suits in the pool house if you want," Mona offers in explanation; there's likely tees in there, too, not that she thought to bother with one. Oddly, in spite of the underwear and the blushing... there's nothing seemingly off about the duo. They're usually up to something, after all. "We just, well. Nobody cares, you know?" Well, nobody cared up until half an hour ago, but the voice saying that thankfully remains in the back of her head, and doesn't have control of the actual mouth at the moment.

"Not sure where Jade ended up," she says with a tiny shrug. "Might be celebrating the part in the show? We just dropped Silver off, she said she needed to help the folks with some prep. She talked us out of jumping into the actual lake." Because it's cold. The pool is heated this time of year. Never mind the 'being ridiculous' part of things; they don't seem to.

"Of course it's cold, it's not even spring break yet," Mona notes with a tiny grin, leaning in to squeeze. "We were just gonna chill out in the hot tub after this and talk about stuff for the show and maybe costumes for the party coming up. If you wanna keep that dry, there's... " Stretching up, she points over Zane's shoulder and toward a small bar with stools perched beside the pool. "Up there, or behind the bar? Usually safe. If we get water spots on anything, Mom has a fit." Only then does she notice the jeans floating past, and she gives them a momentary look. "We should probably toss those in the dryer after we get out of the water."

"Erm." There are a lot of unpleasant rumours about Spear. Like he eats roadkill. But he is at least pretty open about protecting that gift - he half turns to let any water that is coming closer hit him instead of it. Not that it seems to be too bad. After a moment he says dryly "I think when you look like you two, it might be less scary taking any clothes off." He turns and finds somewhere safe to leave the box, and then he moves back and he eyes Zane with some suspiciousness. Seriously, man. Spear thinks you two were about to make out.

He then nods and he says "I might try those." He is definitely going to come back with one on, which is going to look awful on his visible-ribs skinny figure. And then he sasy "Oh, yeah, the show. Man. I just can't really, you know...that kind of thing is a bit beyond me." He nods, brightening at hot tub, though. Hot tubs are for rich people, and Spear sure wants to try one out. Then he goes to put the package behind the bar "Why does your mom not like water?" Spear ducks into the pool house to change clothes.

Hey, they've never previously made out! Not as far as anyone knows, at least. Zane looks down at himself at Spear's comment, despite said self being almost entirely immersed at the time, as if he's never really thought about that before. With the amount he auditions for things and all, he surely can't actually be unaware he's generally considered easy on the eyes. On the other hand, he's been jumping into pools and otherwise running around half-naked since he was a tiny scrawny thing, so...

"Hot tub sounds pretty good," he admits, failing not to notice the effect of stretches to point barward and promptly sliding to go corral the errant jeans when they're pointed out. That's safe. "How's the show beyond you?" he asks Spear, as he drags the denim to the side of the pool and hefts it out onto the deck with a wet thwap. "...and what'd you bring Jade?"

"You know you and your sisters have a standing invite," Mona offers, though the need to repeat the offer isn't uncommon. The trio are strangely friendly for Marchants, and only having people over for parties makes for an awful lot of lonely house no matter how frequent the parties are. Her head tilts a little at the suggestion that they both look good in their underwear; it may be true, but it isn't something she's really put in mind before roughly half an hour earlier. That it's just said outright does have the color creeping up along her throat again. Wait. Wait just a minute! ...did he include her in that? There's a subtle blink; only in the past year or so has she escaped the fate of 'perpetual late-blooming beanpole', and until now, she's managed to hide the change well enough.

She glances down along the front of her, and clears her throat a little. "Well, uhm. I didn't pick them up on vacation or anything but they're, uh." Squeak. "Kinda newish." Now she's really hoping that lace doesn't disintegrate. "Mom got this really fancy set of glasses for out here -- I mean, they're plastic so they don't break and kill us or anything, but I swear to god they're like, the most expensive plastic cups I have ever heard of, and she has a fit if we're all splashing around and they get water spots. Which is not exactly the smartest choice to have by the pool, but... " Sigh. Parents. Even weirder than things that shouldn't suddenly be weird being weird are weird.

"Hot tub?" If there are unpleasant rumors going around, they don't seem to be enough to discourage Mona from extending the invitation. The same wagging tongues generally describe her as a horrible bitch, too, but up close, she seems friendly enough, and only a little bit scary. As Spear ducks into the pool house, she lowers her voice to a whisper, insisting, "I'll show you the sketches while those are in the dryer. I think you'll like it? Or. I hope you do?" Her brows rise in unison, and hints of the nervous flutter come back. Oh, it was all about ruffles. Or was it?

"Does," she agrees with a quick nod, and she's scrambling out of the pool, hauling herself up and onto her knees by the pool's rim, before unfolding up to her feet and padding over to the hot tub, feet smacking wetly against the slate around the pool area. "Do we want bubbles or no bubbles?"

"...pot brownies," mutters Spear, a bit embarassed by that "Made with dark chocolate and cherries. And a hat. It's not a real felt hat, I just, erm, don't quite have the equipment, but he does seem like a man who needs a nice hat." 'Man'. Spear adds "I mean, I know he has Mona too! But...you know, never mind!" He coughs and then he says "Yeah, you're both basically hotties, as Hector would say." And then he gives a bit of an idiot grin. He does a good line in those - Star looks grim, Silver looks sweet, and often Spear just looks like a dork. A nice dork! But a dork. "Hat," he adds.

Then Spear says "Yeah, uh, I'm basically - I mean, they aren't too bad, er, though really, I suppose while it's not fancy, cotton lace, if you're gonna be sweating while dancing? It's better, like, when I design -" Erf. He stops, suddenly, and he says "Parents are pretty weird." After a moment or two he comes back out in whatever passes for boxers and a t-shirt, all of which hang on his way too skinny frame "Okay! Hot tub! Oh my God, why are you asking, bubbles, please. _Please_ bubbles. I mean, do they float? I love floating bubb-" She means in the hot tub "...bles?"

"Hats are awesome," Zane says with conviction, and indeed, if he's not the guy in school most likely to wear one that isn't of the baseball variety, he can't be far off. Even if there isn't one today. After all, currently there isn't a shirt, either, and he's usually got one of those. At school, at least. "Also dark chocolate and cherry brownies sound really good." Idiot-flavoured or not, he returns the grin, looking reasonably pleased with the compliment even if there is also a faint hint of extra pink in his cheeks at the comment. "...well, thanks. I ran into Hector earlier, he plays a mean Stairway on that flute."

For a few moments as the other two talk he looks vaguely lost, with the mention of sweating while dancing and... all that... but the whisper while Spear's off distracts him from worrying about that, and he gives Mona an enthusiastic nod. "'kay, but I'm sure I will. Your stuff always rocks." The scrambling is another brief distraction, but the enthusiasm remains for the vote of, "Bubbles! Definitely bubbles." Has he ever voted 'no bubbles'?

"If you got Jade a hat he's gonna love you forever and ever," Mona insists with a slow and certain nod. "Never can have too many hats, if you're Jade. I swear, he-" Then, the verdict. They're hot. Well. She giggles in spite of herself, shaking her head just a fraction, dark wet hair smacking her back. "I try to be invisible most of the time, so I guess I'm kinda failing at it." Pause. "Well. Stylishly invisible. And bubbles it is." Leaning down to adjust the dial, she notches the heat up by a few degrees, then twists the knob for the jets all the way to maximum: 30 solid minutes of bubbles, coming right up. "Truth is, your sister is the prettiest girl in school, and we all know it. I am super psyched I get to come up with a few more costumes for her for the show before high school's over. But, I mean. I guess you're kinda obligated to never notice that, since she's your sister and everything." Her shoulders rise and fall in a tiny shrug, and she plants her backside on the edge of the hot tub before swinging her legs over the rim. Does she watch Zane head toward the hot tub? Maybe. In her subtle way. Which would be more subtle if she wasn't changing colors again. Pink must be in this season.

Spear rolls his eyes faintly at the idea of Hector playing the flute "Ugh," he mutters to himself. And then he looks rueful. He always says 'Ugh' about Hector without even thinking about it, and even he knows that he is pushing it a bit. He nods "Mona is definitely the best when it comes to making things," he says. He scratches his chin, his hugely fluffy hair a dandelion around him, and htne he moves across to slip into the hot tub "Yep. I am not. Going to think about Star or Silver that way," he admits "It's far too complex. Also, I'm like. I'm going to listen to Jade. Relationships are just trouble, so I am staying out of everything."

And then he says "Oh! Huh, he likes hats?" That piece of information is visibly filed away "Good," he says "I hope he likes the brownies too...but. I should leave them for him. Can you tell him that they're for him? But not, like, in a...creepy way. I am definitely not being creepy about this. Er. Am I?"

Zane seems to take a moment to get around to the thing where, if one wishes to enter the hot tub, one will need to exit the pool, but he does then set hands on the edge of the pool and push himself up and onto the deck, then hop to his feet and move fairly quickly the rest of the way. He doesn't sit on the edge, but rather vaults it (not the brightest move, with all that wet involved, but he gets away with it this time) and slides right on down into the bubbles, until he's settled there in them up to his chin, looking up to Mona.

"It's weird to think about siblings being hot. Like, I mean, okay, I know Arthur's good-lookin' and all, but it's just weird to think about." He glances to Spear in that as well: making sense, right? "I don't think relationships are just trouble. I just think... you gotta find the right person. You know? And that part's maybe trouble." Ask any second musical about that. "I don't think it's creepy giving someone brownies. As long as they're not like... I dunno, if you baked your hair in them or something I guess that'd be creepy? But cherries, not so much."

"Seriously, you're right about that, I mean-" Mona begins, quietly sighing as she sinks into the water until she's ribs-deep, bubbles surging up around her. "I dated one guy 'cause the folks were just insistent after that, uh, summer camp incident with Alyssa? And it was just a hot mess." Her nose wrinkles delicately. "And it's not like Alyssa and I were dating, even, either, I mean, we made out that one time, and-" Another sigh, and she sinks deeper into the water, as though maybe just drowning herself would be easier than living that down in the minds of her parents.

"I dunno. Sometimes I feel like the romantic bus left town and I missed it, like those kids that show up late on the day of a field trip. Guys are either scared of me, or they're standing behind furniture around my mom and inviting her to the pool parties -- ugh -- or I just don't exist. Or they're kids of Dad's work people and, well, they don't exist so far as I'm concerned. If one more preppy jerk tries to impress me with his golf scores or sailing trophy, I'm gonna gag. Could they be more boring without serious effort?"

"I am already the triplet with three cats so I may as well just, like, sew my knees shut and become a mermaid for real." Pause. "Still considering 'mermaid' for the party, though." It's then she glances over toward Zane, lips pursing thoughtfully, baffled by the hurry, no doubt, as she grins at his assessment of all things relationship. "Pretty much that, yeah. I mean, finding the right person is hard. Granted, I spend all my time looking at fabric swatches, so the perfect guy could probably be right under my nose and I'd be like, '...but how do you look in leather?'" Zane gets another wicked grin. "Totally involves leather. Well. Some leather." The design, no doubt.

"So. Probably not the best judge of creepy, me? I never had a problem with you, dude. You wear your heart on your sleeve some but that's sweet, honestly. More people should be honest about how they feel about things. Think of how much gets totally fucked up in life because somebody doesn't, you know?"

Spear sinks in until only his head is above the bubbles and his eyes half-close. He looks extremely pleased as his hair gradually, slowly deflates and spreads across the surface of the water. As Zane speaks, Spear says "I think I am definitely friend material, rather than relationship material." He gives a wry grin, though, and then he says "Oh, hmm. I'm lucky. The Thistle parents are mostly worried about our marks, and Silver and Star usually get really good ones. Erm. I...uh. I'm okay. Ish." As Mona speaks, though, his eyes widen slightly "You know people who go sailing and play golf?" His family is not poor - death is a business that lasts forever - but they are not 'golfing on weekends' rich.

And then he says "I like cats, oh man, you guys should see this!" And he shows them his arm, which has four long healing awful scratches. Two of them have even been stitched up "Feral cat!" he proclaims proudly, and he sighs and says "...I'm takin' Amy to the dance, so there's that?" And he nods firmly "Leather, yeah, like. A leather trenchcoat. Very Crow. I like it. Oh, really? Thanks. Er, I think mostly I just suck at lying to be completely honest."

"Or they're Morgan," Zane adds to Mona's list of types of guys, giving her a quick, wicked grin of his own. "Anyway, if he's the perfect guy he definitely looks hot in leather," he says, eyes closing entirely for a moment. Rumours notwithstanding, all the people at school he's gone to dances with or dated (briefly) have been girls, but that is not a theoretical sort of tone.

He is perhaps thinking about this for a moment or two before his eyes open again, in time to see Spear's war wounds. "Dude," he says, sounding equal parts impressed and dubious -- though not, presumably, about the source. "Arthur gets better grades than I do," he sympathises, though that isn't exceedingly difficult. "But my folks aren't that worried about our grades as long as we're not, like, failing." Which he's not. Albeit a fair bit thanks to Silver. "So you're taking Amy to prom? Huh. Well, congrats!"

"Trust me when I say the kind of people who play golf for fun at our age seriously missed a memo," Mona says with a slow and determined nod. "Like, why be in such a hurry to be that sort of old, you know? And, yeah, well, Morgan does the water polo thing, and-" She seems to agree with Zane's assessment here, nodding decisively. "Morgan is like the exception to prove the rule, that's a thing, right?" At the raise of the arm and the display of scars, she winces visibly, and asks, "Did it flip out on you? Were you able to get it inside?" She seems to have a soft spot for soft furballs.

"I haven't really... done something up for any of the dances, not really. I mean. I always do something fancy for Jade or Thea if they want to dress to the nines, and it's not like I'm a slouch or anything, but... " There's the tiny little sigh. "Always made sure I didn't go overboard. And like, this is the last chance to make an impression, kinda?" Her shoulders rise and fall. "OK, so there are two options, and one of them involves leather. The other one, well, it might be a bit much." Even for intentional 'a bit much'-ing, which it sounds like she's planning on.

"That is pretty awesome, Spear. Even if it's a little hard picturing Amy in a dress, but I guess there's no rule against you both going in tuxes, maybe? That'd be pretty hot, come to think of it."

"Yeah, I fixed it's paw up, and it's healing fine now," says the young man to Mona "Though when it sees me it glares a lot. No more hissing though - tuna always fixes that, with cats." And then he says "...I'm makin' something for the dance, but not for me. I need to find something really cool to wear. Something that will impress and show that I'm not just a weird little guy." He is a weird little guy. As they both congratulate him, in their own ways, he laughs, and he says "Yeah. I'm getting like, several month's reprieve of her beating me up for this, so it's win-win."

As Zane speaks, Spear nods to him "Focus isn't my, um, strong suit. I feel everything, I guess. I'd talk to someone about it, but the best person for listening is _Cash_ so that is. Out." And He says to Mona "I'd love to see sketches of the stuff you're going to do. That would be awesome." And for the rest of his time, before he dashes to find Jade, he is awfully content to talk about clothing.