Log:Hatching a Plan

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Hatching a Plan
Characters  •   Kitten  •  Evelyn  •
Location  •  Bazaar
Date  •  2019-11-14
Summary  •  Kitten and Evelyn strike a deal in the bazaar.

Kitten walks along a row of stalls in the bazaar, idly swinging a pipe wrench in one hand. It has the name 'Kitten' scratched into the rusted handle. They pause beside a stall offering handworked jewelry, and they study the pieces with idle curiosity.

Evelyn is on the other side of that stall, looking at Kitten and smiling faintly. "Like what you see?" She asks, she's working on some other bauble while Kitten looks, clearly bored.

Kitten points to a bangle laid out on the table. "This one's nice," they say. "Did you make it? Did you make all these?" They look far from bored. Sharp-eyed, interested, and wide awake. "I'm looking for something shiny, but I don't have a lot to trade. I can make it up, though. I fix things. If you have something broken."

"Thanks." Evelyn answers and she nods. "Yeah, I made all of these. Apparently people like them." She sounds like doesn't get it, nor really care. She ponders the offer, mentally going over things, "Think you can teach me how to use a gun?"

"If you want," Kitten says. "I've shot at people before. I'm better at making them, but I know how to point and click." They tilt their head, bird-like, and say, "You seem disinterested. Is it a mediocre day?" They look around the bazaar, as if it might offer some insight, but it's just another day in the bazaar.

Evelyn leans back in her chair and shrugs. "It's just another day in the bazaar. It's boring." She finishes up the necklace and begins to work on something new. "You get to go out and do stuff."

Kitten's eyes widen. "There's so much Lux," they say. "It's shiny and chrome here. They don't have bangles in the Wasteland or pretty clothes in the Garage." They laugh. "Come to the Garage sometime and you'll like it better here. They say it's noisy and the fumes in the air are deadly, but it's just home, you know? I come up here because the air smells nice, and because I'm slowly collecting shinies."

"Shiny, chrome; and boring. I'm not saying it isn't pretty." Evelyn stays leaned back, "But it never changes, it's just the same things, day in day out. I want more than just... this."

Kitten's brow furrows. "What else is there but this?" they ask. "We live, we die, some of us live again. I wake, I work on cars and weapons, I walk around, I go to sleep." They shrug a shoulder, tapping their pipe wrench against their thigh. "Is there more? Drak says there's a Utopia out there where no one gets sick, but I've never seen it."

"I don't know. Maybe nothing, but I wish there was." Evelyn answers again, fingers deftly working on the piece she's working on. "It's not like I'll ever get to see if there's anything else, even if there us."

"You don't want to go to the Wasteland," Kitten says. "It's hot and bright, and people out there want to kill you. But I think some Fortunate go out there with escorts. If you can find a Monitor to go with you, one of us could drive. There isn't a lot out there, though. Sand and sun. When it gets exciting, things catch fire and blood gets spilled." Not that they seem put off by this. Their eyes shine as they speak of bloodshed.

"Yeah, that sounds exciting." Evelyn answers Kitten, smiling. "It doesn't need to be something big, just let me go out for once. A change of scenery, it'll be fine."

"Maybe the red-haired Monitor will go with us," Kitten says. "My friend Rebar can drive, and I'll work the flamethrower. We could go out looking for dirty treats. Cook 'em as soon as we find them." They grin. "Ever eat a lizard? They're good cripsy-fried."

"If you can manage that, you can have that bauble." Evelyn answers, picking it up and putting it aside. "I'll hold onto it for now. So you can work things out. Sound good?" A pause and a shake of head, "I haven't."

Kitten nods quickly, their pigtails bouncing around. "Okay, I'll ask her next time I see her." They pause, then say, "I'm Kitten. I'm a War Kid." As if the pale skin, pipe wrench, and grease-strained vinyl dress isn't a hint. "Anyway, lizard is chewy, but anything tastes good if you set it on fire first. I don't know what they feed Fortunate, though. Probably better stuff than they feed us."

"Evelyn." The fortunate jeweler answers, leaning back again. "I'm usually here if I'm not hanging out with the other Fortunates." She shrugs, "And if you want more pretty things, bring me some shinies next time."

"Not a lot of shinies make it into the Garage," Kitten says. "But we make stuff. I make car engines go real fast. Sometimes I make guns and flamethrowers, sometimes I make engines that spit flames. Maybe I can make something like a lamp, it has fire in it. We'll see, right?"

"Maybe you can. Dunno if they'd give you shinies for it." Evelyn shrugs, "But I'll see you when you've worked it all out, okay? I think there's some others waiting for a chance to look at these things."