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Characters  •   The Pedagogue  •  The Martyr  •  The Rogue  •  The Creepshow  •
Location  •  The Facility - Dining Room
Date  •  2019-03-12
Summary  •  Folks gather for a meal, and Creepy makes someone a gift.

The Martyr Has settled in for what appears to be a full roast beast dinner with potatoes, gravy and three kinds of veg with a root beer float. He is eating with obvious enjoyment, butwith an efficiency that suggests he hasn't unlearned the speed and urgency that trying to catch a meal at Beaver Lake involved.

The differences between the Martyr and Finn are subtle. He is the same age, with very similar hair, though slightly longer, and in a slightly different cut, and is still long limbed and gangling. Though he remains very thin, he is wiry with it instead of borderline emaciated. He's wearing tight jeans that have black faded a tad gray. He has made an attempt to spike his hair with citrusey pomade, but the hair cut is not quite right, so the effect is just a little off. He is wearing a black tee shirt displaying a Black Flag logo, and the purple high tops he seems fond of. The outfit looks like it might have been borrowed from College Age Finn's closet. He appears to be wearing eyeliner.

"I want a bacon cheeseburger," the Pedagogue announces to the Rogue as he strolls into the dining area. "With extra bacon. And extra cheese. And fries with gravy. And a chocolate milkshake." The difference between Peda and Ethan is mostly physical. He's 15 years older, hair short and neatly trimmed, wearing jeans, boots, a button down, and a sports jacket with patches on the elbows. Very professor-ly. To be fair, he's aged very well, and still has that twinkle in his eyes that Drake did at the Lodge. His current food desires are pure 1989 Ethan, in a place he doesn't need to worry about a heart attack from his arteries clogging up.

The Rogue says smoothly enough to the announcement, "You want fries or you want me to get fries so you can steal half?" Even grown up the Bedlam Boys have not grown up. Not really. "I'm on to you." Not that there's not amusement in that squint given to Ethan, nor a lack of willingness. Cargoo shorts to teh knee, his flat soled Vans, t-shirt with no logo, and a blue and white Hawaiian srhit thrown over it mark Trouble, the Sequel. Seeing Finn-ish there that smug look slides into an easy grin that's been absent for a little while suggesting maybe he actually caught up with willing sleep. "Ah! There you are hiding. What is that, bruh?" Squinting and leaning over he murmurs "I was thinking grilled cheese but ag, man, you facy fuckers are going to make me feel like I'm missin out ain't ya?"

The Martyr looks up at the voices and waves. His epression is friendly and open, een though his eyes are studying their demeanor, trying to guage how the other two are doing, given the various termoils of the last few days. He snorts, "Stolen fries always taste better." He gives the Rogue a wide grin, "Been spening some quality time with Briar while this lasts. Seize the day and all that. Might s well eat what you most desire since we already paid, as it were."

Pedagogue gives the Martyr a little wave and strolls over to inspect his dinner. "That gravy, get me that brown gravy on my fries!" he notes to Rogue. "And you need to get it because you owe me one meal for that broken hand," he quips with a wry smile. Someone may have taken him to a virtual skateboard park in an anywhere room and gotten him to break his damn right hand again. Mind you, reset fixed it, but he's milking it for all it's worth.

The Rogue arches both eyebrows to the Martyr and almost says something and pauses. THe insistance on gravy gets Such a Look(tm) rom teh Rogue half in disbelief at the moxie on this guya dn half in disbelief that it's entirely working. There he stands, jaw agape. What's he going to say to that? "It's not broken now and I didn't tell you to try to Ollie and land butterside down!" Well, alright so he ffinds the words. You know what he also finds? the dispenser and gravy fries. "Eish, ja man, ya know, it's a good thing I love you or I'd eat em in front of ya an would no share." Entirely true. Waiting for the thing to mysteriously just open without so much fanfare as a ding! he asks punching things in, "Couble bacon double cheeseburder, ja?" The Professor nee Mechanic gets a wink and he presses the buttons to make this hapen anyways. "Hey, bru, can I make this do anything for you while I'm up? How's Briar been?"

The Martyr says, "A fine choice! Much better than ketchup." He offers his hand for shaking, Finn-ish style, "I'm Dare now. Do I still call you Ethan?" He gives The Rogue, a sheepish look, "Not a lawyerly attitude I know, but the truth is the truth." He eyes Ethan, "You broke the same hand? If I get dessert now it'll melt. Briar is amazing, and I swear more beautiful every day. I keep waiting for them to figure out what I dork I am and ove on to some one cooler, but it seems they inexplicably find me to their taste." Look at the guy from the '80's rocking twenty first century pronouns like a champ."

"Yes!" Pedagogue calls to Rogue to confirm his order. "And a chocolate shake!" He grins and plunks down in a seat at Martyr's table. "Hey Dare! were, uh, Finn right?" He takes the offered hand and shakes. "I've been Ethan twice so I'm going with that for now. I think I'm the first 'recurrence' of a character, or whatever we call them. I don't know if that means I //am// that person really? But it's become comfortable for me." He looks curious. "Who is Briar?"

The Rogue orders one. One chocolate shake. That dimpled smirk returns casually, "You can have half." Smart ass. He does a pretty great job of preventing handing to make two trips so long as he moves carefully. He doesn't answer for the Martyr, nor for Ethan. THe pair od double bacon double cheeseburgers aare set down. The Rogue hands one to Ethan murmuring, "Here. This one's mine." And that siad takes the others leaving the shake and fries in teh middle of the foodie battlefield.

The Martyr nods, his tone self mocking, "Finn O'Neil, attorney at law and hand out guy. Ethan. Easy to remember at least. You were amazing out there, by the way. Briar used to be Danny and Martin. My Lover." His hand snakes out and snatches a fry as he winks at them.

"Not sure I was amazing. Unless I was amazing at getting my ass handed to me. But thanks. Oh, Danny! Ok, got it. This place never gets less confusing when it comes to identities. And I've been here as long as anyone," Ethan murmurs. He takes his cheeseburger and kisses the Rogue's cheek for his fine meal service. "Thanks."

The Rogue adds off handedly not looking up. Can't. Burger. "I dunno. I thought your ass was pretty amazing." He pauses in his chewing, and smiles ever so pleased as can be at teh smooch and gratitude. Back to chewing, thought he assessment of things never getting less confusing wins a sterling nod. He moves a fry to Ethan's plate. Yes, affection wins gold stars in the form of food. "I'm making peace with my past, but I've answered to Caleb or Lyle as people like. Only one person calls me by my other," fry. hang on. Chewing. Super important. "name. Honestly I don't mind so long as I know when I'm being spoken to, at, or about."

Creepshow drifts through, dressed in a black sports halter and matching baggy gym shorts, her hair tied in a row of six knots across the top of her head. Septum ring, some hoop earings of differing sizes - it's far more urban chic than anything Max or Esme ever wore.

The Martyr says, "Brave and willing counts for a lot in my book, and damned if you didn't go all out at the end even one handed and... well." He is, of course thinking of the twin loss Danny nd Ethan suffured and he and Caleb and their long wait. Something of that is in his face. But then he's laughing at the Rogue's comment about ethan's anatomy. "Ah! A man who understands the really impportant things." Another small peice of an already mostly solved puzzle falls into place. He slices himself some more beef, his urge towards theft satisfied. "I'll still answer to Finn. I'm not ashamed of who I was. I just feel like Dare is better, an acknowledgement of who I am now." He watches wendy walk out of the corners of his eyes, too much a gentleman to do it openly."

Ethan almost chokes on his cheeseburger at Rogue's commentary on his ass. He shoulder bumps him as he swallows down the morsel. "Ok, jumping the lake in the Camaro was kind of an epic move. I'll grant that. Stupid as all hell, but epic." He waves to Creepy. "Wendy! Looking fantastic!" He's in a good mood today, clearly.

The Rogue wobbles and jsut griiiiiins slowly feom ear to ear, dimpled and unapologetic for it. He bit into taht double bacon, souble cheeseburger with extra smug on it and enjoyed the hell out of the reaciton tha got out of the prof. Looking to Wendy he nods, "What's goin on friend-girl?" he says by way of greeting sn nudges a chair out withthe toe of his sneaker for her. That wry grin slides back to Etahn with an easy shrug agreeing with Finn, "It was. You want me to go into the litany of bad assery I can. I don't think you want me to do it here." A simple nod covers the gaps there, but the earnest esteem all teh same is there. Someone's in a damn fine mood. "It's extensive." Looking back to Finn he says soberly, "What happened in that bunker was nothing short of fekkin impresive, bru."

"Hello, boys," says Creepy, waggling fingers at them in passing on her way to the dispensary. She approaches a touch screen and begins navigating the menus with an air of concentration.

The Martyr says, "Eh. You were young, desperate, and in love doing the ridiculously brave grand guesture in hopes of saving everyone. I stayed behind alone with Mahoney to try to bun the freezer bodies with a molatov and I hadn't half your excuse." he grins, "Oh I never object to ass, bad or otherwise." he is finding the mood of his dining companions reassuring. He nods agreement, his mouth full od potato. "Jerking any chickens tonight? That punch was amazing, by the way, even if it was rather a trial finding my way to the right door after.""

"The impressive thing in the bunker was Rado, man. I've never seen anyone move that fast in my entire fucking life..." he admits then scoffs. "..lives. He was like the Flash, rolling that napalm out. He chomps some fries and takes a sip of the milkshake.

The Rogue arches an eyebrow to Finn and looks bewildered. "That ain't why." The look of bewilderment is short lived as Wendy greets them back which merits the gesture of a smooch from across the room and a side nod to the open seat. "Grab a snack, have a sit down and grow some moss with us." In short: stay a while. With some faint concern since the issue is entirely over he admits, "After all that I honestly had concerns your hand was going to be junked for life."

"Hmm?" Martyr's question gets a distracted reply from Creepshow. "Oh, no. I'm trying to see if I can work out a thing I want to do if I play with the menus enough. I want to put together a gift for someone. I've been given a few gifts lately made in here, so I'm trying to make one of my own."

  • Tap-tap-tap*

The Martyr nods, "And I'mm never forget him Matadoring Nails. I told him how brave he was, but I don't thing he believes me." Caleb's response earns a searching look. He nods to Wendy, "Makes sense."

"Whatcha trying to get it to make?" Ethan calls towards Creepy. He is a professor after all. Was. Will be? God that's confusing sometimes. Maybe he can help. "And yeah, Rado is a lot braver than he thinks. You should have seen him kick the shit out of my dad back in Oregon."

The Rogue adds to Ethan's statement on Colorado, "or put us in our place. OR head into that damn maintenance shed when I had to go deal with the damn genny." So much respect for him on that. Looking to Finn though he just warms a faint smile and eats his burger. Blue-grey eyes turn curious to Wendy. A nod of approval follows. "Ya know, I've had people bring me food. The right food can do fekkin wonders."

"I'll show you if I can get it to work," says Creepshow. She continues poking at the screen, scrolling through options. "...Not sure you'll like it, but I'll show you. It's... technically food."

The Martyr says, "I believe you. I've seen him in action. One of the first things I saw him do was come back to help me save Laine I saw him with Nails and Mahoney. And it... means more, I thik when he does it than it does when it's someone like me.... wait, technically food?""

"As long as it's not pudding!" Ethan calls back to Wendy. He is so DONE with pudding, for all eternity. He chows down on his burger with a happy sound. Sometimes, it's the worst things that make for the best meals. Ok, usually it's that way. Fat and sugar have flavor! "I try to remind him he's saved a lot of asses." He feeds Rogue a fry off the plate of them.

The Rogue legit flinches at the mention of pudding and murmurs, "Still can't believe you three knuckleheads thought that was my undersolved business. Seriously, how much alcohol was involved there?" All of it. he knows this answer. He noms the fry, and gives Ethan's shoulder a smooch. He's not entirely made of grit, panic, plotting, and paranoia, people. "Technically food sooooo like a Twinkie?"

"Twinkies probably taste better," says Creepshow. A few more taps and the hatch slides open. She takes a red box wrapped in a black ribbon and bow out, pops the top to peek in, then closes it again with a little grin. "Perfect."

The Martyr's gze flicks between the three of them, "Must be another in joke." He snorts, "Twinkies aren't food. Nothing a hundred years can't change is food." He eyes the box, curious.

"All the alcohol. All of it," Ethan replies to Lyle. "I forget who thought it up first but it was not our brightest moment," he admits with a shake of his head. He looks over as Wendy seems to have achieved her goal. "Just the guys thought since we were seeing Lyle around as a ghost, that he had unresolved business. Someone decided it must be eating the rest of the pudding."

The Rogue finishes his burger licking the ketchup off the fingers that were holding it and with the other, pats Ethan on the back. "Yeah I remember the conversation with Mallory." And that's all he says on that. He hand slides around his back with a brief half hug before he steals the shake for a bit. Does he want to know what's in the box? Uhhhh Hi, this is Rogue. Since when was he not a nosy bitch? That eyebrow goes up a bit commenting only, "I see we're satisfied?" Fin however? Ah, this gets the sage information from him as he hunches forward with some conspiracy to it, "You've not lived until you've had a hot dog with a Twinkie for a bun.

Creepshow carries the box back out to the dining room with a pleased little smile. She sets it gently down on the table, glance flickering from face to face as she chews lightly at her lower lip. She gingerly lifts the top off the box to refeal what's inside.

Chocolate, in the general shape and size of a human heart.

"I couldn't get an actual human heart, so it's a chocolate covered pig's heart. Close enough."

Ethan finishes his food as well, and pats his belly. "Just what I wanted. Now, I'm gonna go get some work done. I finished copying all the data on my chalkboard to a notebook, now I want to start a chart of those I remember as being here the longest, and keep track of..." He blinks at the unusual gift. "Wow that is...something, that is," he comment. Ok, chocolates are gonna be out of his diet for a bit too. He smooches Rogue's cheek again, still a bit wide-eyed, and then heads for his room.

The Martyr's go wide, "Oh wow!" Then he looks down, "I can't judge you harshly. I thought Kimmy might be wanting a bump, a shot, and maybe a threesome, but in my defense? A. Kimmy. B. Her ghost really seemed to be into it. Danny wouldn't give me any coke though. He said something about not wasting good drugs on dead people, and the fuck was I going to be doing with one woman let alone two, one of whom was insubstantial? I definately want to know what was in the box." He makes a gagging sound at the hot dog twinkie, "No thank you.... I have to ask hw stoned were you when you invented that?" His eye brows go up, fascinated, "Wendy, I love you!"

The Rogue catches Ethan's hand not put off by teh gift but not adding that to the appetizing menue either. The hand gets a squeeze and as he leans away he gives the hand a small tug to keep him a moment longer telling teh Pedagogue, "I'll come grab you gor dinner." WHich might be poor word choice given the gift in the box. He watches him go still getting used to teh idea that he's not at risk to just disappear into teh aether middle of teh day. Right? Sure.

Looking back to teh box the Rogue folds his arms on teh table to get a good look curious, "It's definiately custom. I doubt there's parasidtes in teh facility so trychnosis is likely not a concern." Huh. "Can prolly eat it though I'm not sure it's going to taste too kiff. Who's the lucky recipient?" There's a slight dimple of a grin as he eats his stolen back fries.

The top goes back on the box. "Somebody," Creepy answers with an enigmatic grin. "You guys enjoy your meal. I'm off!" And out she goes, headed for the hall of doors.

The Martyr waves, "I hope they appreciate it as it deserves!" He watches the two of them go, then turns to Caleb, "I'm glad I got to meet him here. Your Ethan."

The Rogue calls after her with a wry grin, "Give our best and a good luck to them then." There's that wry grin. Looking back to DFinn he simles seeming to have either clarity achieved or something. Could be the virtue of being in 'public' for all that this is public, but the frantic energy is off of him for now. Looking over his shoulder to the hall and back to Finn he nods, "Me too. He um... he made a lot of changes he says because of me but he did them for himself. He's hapier and...eish, man, I'm proud of em. Also, thank you. For... the other day, bru. Got sober for a while and put some thought into our talk."

The Martyr nods, "There is something truly beautiful about someone growing into their best self." He reaches to lightly touch his wrist with his finger tips, "I am honored you trusted me in the matter. I know that's not an easy thing to do. I hope things are better now?" he withdraws his hand, eyes searching The Rogue's face.

The Rogue flips his hand briefly to give Martyr's arm a faint swueeze of reassurance that all is well and digs back into his fries. Still damn guarded, but makes an exceotion, sometimes apparently many for ery few. "Well if better is improvement and not fixed? Ja ja, man. We're better." The T's distinctly pronouncedwith those English and Dutch influences to his dialect. He considers this with a faint smile, "You were right. We were both I think stuck in the same spot. Fear does ugly things to the mind. I think it will always be a work in progress, but it is work I am happy to make progress on."

The Martyr nods and spears a potato, "These things can take a little time. I suspect this was a situation where a little distance helps. It just looked an aweful lot like miscommunication made worse by... a bunch of things going on in each of your heads that the other wasn't in a position to see."

The Rogue nods with a absolute agreement looking at his fry with gravy that drips off of it in a ker plop! "Yeah. The flashbacks and constant paranoia are a hoot too. Still, these things to make em work? These things got to come from a place of love. I've literally burnt things to the ground and killed more than two dozen men in a pass to make that ahppen. This? This can't be violent, and... eh I don't want it to be."

The Martyr takes that in with a calm empathetic expresion, "If you want to talk about those things too, we can do that. I'm very hard to scare away even when things get really rough." He gives him a small, but genuine smile, "Love is the very best place to start. It sounds like you've come a really long way in a very short time. That takes courage."

The Rogue arches an eyebrow and looks back down in his fries shrugging a shoulder. "I dunno about all that, bru." And likely is skeptic enough to not believe him and hopeful enough to try anways. "I think it was put beeeest when I was called a a, how'd he put it?" Blue-grey eyes dance in fond amusement recalling with a faint, wry grin that is utterly unapologetic, "a tenatious little shit." He lets that sink in and gives a small od of enouragement. The offer though gets no verbal agreement but he does, perhaps symbolicly, move one of his fries to Martyr's plate. Either that is a welcome to the offer...or the Rogue is jsut fucking with him at this point.

The Martyr says, "Hey, tenacious isn't a bad thing to be, bru. It's just sometimes you need to take leap of faith and trust." He eats the fry. Symbolic or not, it's still delicious. "Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for how kind and helpful you were to me when I was still adjusting to this place. It meant a lot.""

The smile hangs around the Rogue with another shrug but a nod won to the gratitude. There are a lot of things he will take immense hubris for, though it seems helping someone in an earnest state of disadvantage isn't it. "We don't... get stronger keeping people down, we do it by increasing ranks by lifting others up." There is a pause there and anothr shake of his head as he casually stuffs another fry in his face. "I forget what book I read that in. I think... honestly there's something in what Champ said that might be the problem with his place and it's the lack of choice and maybe," He holds up a finger thoughtfully...and to grab another fry. Goddamn. "Maybe it's a lack of ability to forgive myself but there is an entirelack of control overall. Maybein reaching out we try to save someone else from teh things we can't protect ourself from. Maybe it's a vain attempt to save ourselves by proxy." Yeah that thought got deep fast. That's gotta stop. He sips the last of the chocolate shake through the straw. "You and Champ both do something not many others do, myself included often I'll admit. It's learn through helping other people. Like walking into the middle of a conversation and picking it up through contextual clues. I think that is worth a help out.""

The Martyr blinks, "That's how I feel too. We're stronger if we all help each other." He falls silent, thinking over the rest of it. "I think we have to forgive outselves for the things we do out there and the things we do to each other out there sometimes. We do make choices, but it's a little like if someone slips acid into someone's drink at a party. We are working in a sort of impaired state that isn't of our chosing. The good things we do inspite of it. The bravery and the learning and the bonds we create are too our credit, but there are darker things we do, often as a result of the lingering effects of the... situation and personas we inhabit that are enough not all us that taking all the blame for them and hating each other because of them makes no sense at all. I forgave Addison. I wish I could apologise to him and give him the Chance to forgive me whether he took it or not. I have to forgive myself and let it go. He was right about a lot of things. I realise that now. I have apologised to Champ and I know he... has a lot of feelings about what happened out there on his side. Certainly, once I understood him better back there, I'd already forgiven his side and felt terrible about mine, but it doesn't make sense at being angry at myself for what I didn't know." He gives him a quick smile, "We all have a lot to learn. Certainly I've learned so much since I've been here.

The Rogue nods slowly but oh! Ohthat look grows into amusement and the Rogue just cracks up. Leaning back comibing his fingers through his hair, "Maaaaaan he couldn't stand you, bru! I would be a liar if I didn't say I enjoyed every minute of that too haaa man. I never seen anyone so genuinly bothered by charity as inefficient to 'unuseful persons'." He just shakes his ehad and adds with amusement. "Couldn't stand Ethan either so... you are I think in excellent company. We got on but ya know, I think we game each other the benefit of the doubt. He helped me a ton and ...he didn't have to help me with my eye but he did, and he was good at it." A shrug follows with a distant sigh. "Brought me pudding in here when I was mourning Addie. I wasn't indifferent when I saw his door go blank but it's one more thing I can't control. Still..." HThat gets a doubletake, "The fuck happened to Champ?" He holds up a hand and shakes his head "I'll ask em, or at least if that's to be discussed I'm not going to dissect my friend's live in a dining hall." Looking aorund he curiously asks the Martyr, "You ever been to a space station before? I was considering going. It's... isolating and lonely as shit but honestly? Living out there is so fucking beautiful?" He shakes his head with a smile, "Really makes me not notice."

The Martyr laughs along with him, "I think it drove Addison crazy that my whole going around talking to people thing meant I had things in the handouts he hadn't heard about yet, and he also pretty clearly lost his shit over danny and I having what we had when he wanted him all to himself." He sighs, "Oh man, he called Bastian and I a homophobic slur in the middle of a major information sharing meeting and I'm thinking, 'Dude, you just fucked the shit out f my boyfriend a couple of hours ago. Internalized homophobia much?' It's a lot funnier now it's not life or death. Poor man had some serious issues. I just wish I hadn't let him get to me in the end. He really was so good to Danny after I died. That meant a lot to me, that Danny had Addison and Scott looking after him. And the way he died... He was a hero in the end."

He eyes him, "It might be a sore subject with Champ. Go gently. Neither of us behaved well and I had a lot less escuse." His eyes go a little wide, "will you take me? I would like to see it, but it would have felt weird third wheeling Bastian and Max."

The Rogue nodded like yeah that's a thing. He admits, "I can't fault Addison that one. I mean I sabotaged Ethan for two years til he sat still long enough to fogus." After a pause he wrinkles his nose admitting almost comically, "Didn't take." He listend and his brow furrows takeng it at face value and looking... very confused. "Sounds complicated. I'll let him tell his story." From teh face of teh man that looks pretty lost in how any of those elements combine. Lenaing back he side nods. "Yeah lemme leave a note on my boo." A pause brings confession, "I don't like it when things move. Try to leave them teh same courtesy. Besides, what if they want to join?" Everything finished he busses his tray so that it's out of the way. "We can play hide and go float. You'll love it."

The Martyr nods, "I wish things stayed put here. Come gget me when you're ready."