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Grand Theft Catamaran
Characters  •   Lucas Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Landon Marchant  •
Location  •  Middle of the Lake
Factions  •   Thistle Family  •  Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-09
Summary  •  Morning after the blood wine on the beach three of the 4 of the nosy Knightlife knews...news team. Also... where ARE we? Asking for a friend.

Blood poisoning from wine. Well that'll be a kicker when they figure that one out. Lucas winces as his arm is numb. His bare foot is touching...somethingg? Is that AstroTurf?! Looking over there's a small cloud of curls in his face and- is that Silver asleep on his arm? And where... were they?

A grunt pulls in in throat as he cracks an eye and looks to see there's the interior of a small yacht? He murmurs out loud, "When'd we get a boat?" And where'd his pants gooo-ooh shit! Blinking at the tangle of sheets while the war drums thunder in his head he murmurs, "Silver?"

What a night. What weird dreams. What a rush. Even if it is all a jangle and blue, it has lit something inside Silver that wasn't there before. Of course all she feels inside is a sudden lack of the wonder of the night before. Empty and way too bright out for her taste. With a groan she drops an arm over her eyes. Only in doing so does she realize just how naked she is.

Nothing like realizing you're nude, with hazy memories, to wake you right up. The arm comes down again and she cringes against the light. Squinting open her eyes to look around as she resists panic as surroundings sink in. As Lucas' voice sinks in. A second. Two. Then she says in a soft voice, "Yeah..." She has chosen to squint up at the wood paneled sealing of the boat they've wound up on. "So..." She starts to say and then kind of just trails off. "Do you remember much?"

Lucas looks. Yup. Oooh well... shit. God he feels like death and spite's angry hangover. His eyes can't open wider but both eyebrows go up. But there's the ague sound of panic on the rise in the punctuation of her question. His arm curls around her head in a hug. The question though, despite being way too early... ever, brings a faint grin to his face, "You know nay way I answer that I'm gonna sound like an asshole, right?" His eyes squint to her and he sighs, "I'll be honest? Parts." The smile holds, "I do nooooot remember a boat."

Silver lets out a held breath rather explosively and says, "Oh thank the stars neither do I!" Sounding relieved as her shoulders sag a bit under his arm. "I...don't remember -getting- a boat. I do remember something about standing at the front and screaming for you to go faster," Then she cuts off as she realizes how that sounds and turns a lovely shade of red. "I mean... the boat...through the water..." A pause. "I think the band has struck up residence in my skull." Right, talk about something else! That's the ticket. Very slowly she begins to sit up and peer around.

Lucas watches her and just snickers in spite of the wince it causes and pulls her into a tired hug and then lets his arms fall to the side, "Hell I was gonna say. Noooo I don't think ya were." The tired grin remains squinting at her. "I do remember you saying a few other things." Looking around without picking his head up he compliments, "Your family's got a nice boat I'll give you that." His foot nudges hers, "Hey... you okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah sure," Silver says and turns to give Lucas a lopsided kind of smile. "Just...just..." She waves a hand as she tries to find a good word. "Discombobulated," Is the one she settles on. Carefully she tries to look around more and adds, "Weeeeeee don't have a boat?" A pause and she squints down at him. "Doesn't your uncle?" Her eyes widen a bit despite the pain and she brings her fingers up to her lips. "Did we steal a boat?" She gasps out suddenly.

Lucas doesn't want to move and frankly? It was damn nice for feeling like death. "Yeah but this ain't it. Wait- " He tries to sit up, hands propping himself up behind him looking around and immediately regretting it. "Uhhhh we might want to figure out where we are and where my brother is." He's trying not to laugh, the back of his hand covering his mouth looking around, "Silver, the next time we do absinthe shots we might want to handcuff ourselves to a table first."

Silver is doing the futile and silly thing of holding the sheet against her. Slow and painful is the opening of her eyes. "You know what? Boat is less of an issue as coffee right now," She finally decides. The start of shaking her head turns into a groan as she falls back and buries her head. "Oh my lord, my head..." Sure she has drunk before, but this may be her first actual hangover. "Also, you can pick locks so handcuffs are useless."

Lucas just lays there. Too tired to move. Too tired to want to want to move. A finger lifts off his chest in protest, "Look, fundamental life skills are useful. I grew up on a sliding scale and it got us where we are today." Pausing he can't help but to find a weary humor in that, "I meant... Landon and I not... us being hungover in the buff." There's a yawn to beat the band like some great maw gaping to consume the world or an entire large meatlover's pizza. Why did he feel so damn hungry and empty right now? "Last night... I felt like I could take on the whole world... Kinda half convinced it was true." Eyes search the ceiling of the boat. The odds were fantastic no one would miss it this early in the damn morning. "It felt... amazing. The crash though? Not excited about this part."

Silver chuckles very softly at him. His humor finding some purchase as intended. "Yeah. It did. I am both glad and horrified at the results," A beat. "That isn't to say I'm not happy about what ever happened and stuff. I mean, I'm happy. Well, okay not happy. I can't remember anything solidly and that's a problem," She is starting to babble, flushing and looking embarassed as she tries to uninsert foot from mouth. "Sorry...I'm bad at this." She says with a sigh. At least the sheet is somewhat hiding the redness of her cheeks. "I'm glad it was you if it was anyone." That was marginally better and still she cringes and groans.

Lucas rolls his head and watches her find all the words that go on and on like water over river rocks. There's something fascinating about that skill where she either says everything or nothing. The tired grin holds fast with a murmur of promise, "I got no intent to make it weird. Promise." The back of his finger taps her nose with that easy manner of his, "I'm glad it was me too. Seriously, nothing to be embarrassed about. I'd be a shit friend if I couldn't be here for ya, figure out new things with you...steal a boat apparently. Though if you catch me yelling off the top of the boat pull my ass in because I'm kinda a shit swimmer." And that said he forces himself to a sit.

"That's why I like you. You're weird, but in the good kinda way," Silver says and she does smile. Peeking out from the sheets at the brilliant sun on deck. "To be fair...I think it was my idea to go for a boat ride. And I remember pouting about not having a boat..." She is straining to recall as she slowly sits up again. "Why is it so bloody bright?" Hand acting as shade she pushes to get to her feet, looking for two things. Coffee and clothes. And she takes the sheet with her till the later is found. Wrapped around her like some greco-roman thing. "I really hope we at least stole a boat with coffee.."

Lucas is too exhausted to preen but he can manage smug even if he's dying and thus he does. "Well... thanks. And I remember sassing something about it being an awesome idea." He lets her take the sheet. He gave up modesty for lent. "My guess the sun is being a total dick because we live in a state where cloud cover is outlawed and our eyes are still REALLY fucking dilated from having every sense in our head blown open like that one time I let my cousin convince me of trying something. Wouldn't be surprised if the fermented the wine with something like Absinthe does. "Look, pretty lady you want coffee? We'll unsteal the boat and I will... take you out for coffee. And then? Well if we learned nothing the world's ours if we as for it." He pauses and suggests, "I might say nap then take over the world though."

Silver pauses as she pokes at the micro-kitchenetter and then peers around the counter at him. "But...there's a problem with that," She points out, eyes turning to scan the inside of the boat and then the outside. "I don't remember -where- we stole it from. And there's more than one marina...also, where's my clothes?" She looks around the little cabin, spotting not a wink of anything. That's always a good sign right?

ROLL: Lucas rolls brains+1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 8 5 3 8 -- d8)

Lucas has other things to worry about other than his lack of attire. If it's uncomfortable for her she can look away or up or whatever. The question she poses gives the Marchant, her cohort in cahoots, reason to pause. rubbing his face his swings to sit upright; the motion and the rocking of the boat on the water not helping in the least bit with the epic level hangover that is the crash. Having felt like a god for a moment and then being so keenly aware of all he is not right now Well it leaves the important question: how to get that back. Right now the more immediate question is: where are clothes and how do we get the boat back and to where?

Jaw setting he pushes himself up to a stand, hand stalling overhead, and paces slowly calming himself and bringing himself back to that center of self to control the room like Robert and Theodore taught them too. Seems one doesn't need pants to do that, just a plan. What would Theodore do? Oh yeah, NOT drink the stupid wine and probably not steal a boat. Well...fine. he can miss out. "Okay, nothing is broken, and technically we didn't...steal it. We took it out. The boat is fine and so long as it's returned to a port they can suss out where it is returned to...also where's Lennon and Landon?" He looks up and around. "LAN? ...Landon???" Immediately he regrets making loud noises but he also doesn't hear any artful bitching as a response.

Silver does actually watch Lucas for a minute as he gets to his feet. It's outright staring and then she colors and turns back to the micro-kitchen as he paces. Pulling open a tiny fridge she makes a small happy sound. "Oh! Well, there's soda," And she pulls out two cans of A&W Root Beer. Holding one out to Lucas she pops the tab on the other. Then cringes and makes an unhappy noise as he calls out. "You know...I don't think they're on the boat? I...mmm...I do not approve of this fuzzy memory nonsese, let me tell you!"

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 6 1 2 3 -- d6)

Lucas watches her shuffle about and takes a deep breath watching her can calculating the situation. But then she hands him a soda and his thoughts about how much of a sunnovabitch does he need to be to engineer a way out of their situation goes overboard for a bit. "Thanks." Tired as he it it wins her a smile. "or he's tired, crabby, and mad as hell. " There's a sigh and he pops the tab with that FZZZZZZ sound and immediately he can already tell it's too damn sweet. Like when you want a burger or a bag of chips and someone hands you a cookie. Bah. He's going to drink it anyways, but still. She's not wrong about the lack of memory. Absently he murmrs, "Well, I can't say I disagree, though," He drinks his soda and looks to her with an apologetic squint, "I do feel like those awful people on the beach cheated you though so need there be a reprise of any part of that?" OH the sincerity here...that is 1000% entirely self serving punctuated by the tired, but too amused dimpled grin, "Because you are my dear, dear friend? I would be happy to do that for you."

Silver may be drinking her soda when he says that. And she certainly does cough and turn a lovely ruddy hue as her green eyes go a little wide. Then they drop to the soda as she fiddles with the tab. Spinning it around as she bites her lower lip. "Mmmmm, you don't fool me Lucas," She finally says as her eyes flick back up to his. She takes a small and slow step towards him, leaning in so their faces are close. "You've fallen madly in love with me, haven't you!?" It's hard to tell in this moment if she is serious or teasing the poor naked man.

Landon's not usually a heavy sleeper, unless his dreams are full of darkness and terror which they sometimes tend to be. Luckily for him, rather than the fear of nightmares, his dreams are more thrilling than frightening. But was it all really just a dream?

He starts to stir, where he'd drifted to sleep in a corner of the room, completely lack of clothing as were the others. Probably means wherever Lennon is, she's in the same state of undress. It was hot and he's about ready to fall back to sleep, but there were voices speaking and Lucas' call out for him is what really shakes him from his slumber-- if just a little.

Still groggy,his long bangs falling over one eye, obscuring part of his face, he squints as he shifts to sit upright. "Where are we? Are we on... a boat?" The small cabin could be confused for a room, but once his eyes adjust to the light, though kept narrow, the place was looking more and more like a boat. Looking down at himself, seeing only bared skin, he asks, "Where are our clothes?"

Lucas wades over with a wolfish grin, leans, and kisses her cheek with that overconfident wink. His head is splitting but that's no reason for poor showmanship. "Silver, who wouldn't? Sides it's the very" Then he makes the mistake if trying to open the door to the deck "Oh FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK it's bright!" Who broke 7 am to make it feel armed and hostile? Not him! That was not his fault. Fist thudthudthud to the door frame. "Lan, you out there?" And then it's the voice behind him he knows better than his own. There's a grunt of recognition, "There you are. Better question, where's our sunglasses?" He hand extends the soda to Landon. Looking to Silver both eyebrows go up, "Fair offer." He considers and tries to think back: think think think. "Might be on deck."

Silver giggles at the kiss and takes a sip of her soda. And then she jumps at the sound of Landon. "Meep!" Is a close approximation of the sound she makes. But she doesn't spill her soda. Instead she moves to peer down at Landon and wiggles her fingers, looking a little more awkward. "Hi," She says weakly. "I haven't the foggiest clue where they are, but I was wonder-OW! OH! OH! That was rude Lucas! Oh warn a girl," And she turns away, bringing her arm up to cover her eyes with a pained groan. "I've a bad feeling about the clothes thing...at least...maybe for me..."

Dragging himself out of the little nook that he supposedly found to fall asleep in, he brings himself to stand. Not being the overly modest sort, he's used to showering with his teammates after the game and sharing the same locker room, so he doesn't immediately reach for something to throw on, even if he'll start to regret that once he trails behind the others, catching sight of the blazing sun outside.

When he's passed the soda, Landon is thirsty, but not for this. Taking a sniff at it, he should know what it smells like, and it's not at all appetizing. He'll take a sip for now before immediately handing it over to Silver if she wanted it back. The expression on his face, though somewhat subtle, hints at just what he thinks of the rootbeer. "So does anyone know whose boat this is?" A look is given towards one of the windows, "Or where we are exactly?" How far could they have sailed?

Lucas is paying for it okay! the light burns like the truth. Silver's words though bring pause and tighten the muscles in succession up his back, across his shoulders, and down his arms until his hands become fists. Sometimes, just sometimes, their Lester upbringing comes to the forefront and there is that look that suggests that thread of conversion hits a line with him, and on the other side of that line is war. God blessed he still feels latently jacked up from last night but there's still that part of him unabashed at fighting the whole god damned world. Patiently he looks to their friend in the sheet and promises, "Anyone says word one to you? They're fucking done." Looking to Landon he says, quietly in their own shorthand. "Lake. Probably swam. Likely deck. We'll bring the boat into the first marina and abandon it there. If they're not I got a plan."

Silver shakes her head as she turns back around. "Nope. I thought maybe it was your uncles, but apparently not," She says as she finishes off her own rootbeer. Making a face the entire time. "Ugh, they fizzed. They're not flat. So why do they taste flat?" She checks their dates and shrugs, setting cans on the counter for now.

Her head comes up sharply and her brows too at the tone and look on Lucas' face. The corner of her lips twitch and she glances at Landon and then back. "You're too kind," She lamely opts for. "There's no use, we're going to have to brave the horrible light to look for our clothes. Though pretty sure I tossed mine at some point. I seem to recall me screaming that I didn't need clothes anymore?" She looks at the two of them hopefully, as if they might recall this or not.

//Lake?// Great. "If it's likely that we swam out here, I'm betting on our clothes being on the shore." Landon says with a roll of his eyes, a hand now lifted in a weak attempt to block out the very sun as he continues to trail the others out into the light.

He lingers within the cabin for a moment longer, waiting for Lucas to turn his way before shooting him this //look//: 'Did we, you know?' Look, they were all naked and probably had a wild time, seeing as he can barely remember any of it. Did it matter that Lennon could be somewhere around here too?

"I don't recall hearing you utter those exact words, Sil, but by the looks of things, we all thought it was the best idea ever." He flashes her a bit of a grin when he says that.

Lucas might not be the world's foremost fighter but there's everything capable in him and willing to make someone so miserable that they have to change schools. He murmurs to Landon, "I do." There's the tired flicker of a smile. Still Landon has a point. Looking to them he says, "Look we get to the marina. If our clothes aren't on the boat I'll take like one of the sheets and wrap it like a toga and tell them I'm rushing Signa Xhi. Trust me, they'll buy it, and I'll use their phone and get us a hook up." He pauses and says, "I got a guy for this." Because of course he does and that means one of two people.

"Here I was hoping one of us would remember a vital piece," Silver says with a chuckle. Eyes barely open against the blaring sun outside. At least it is pleasant on deck. Given it IS February albeit late. Despite the narrowed eyes she lifts a hand to shield her eyes and peers around. "Well, we're not too far from shore at least," She says and points, almost dropping the sheet because she was keeping her eyes shielded. But she scrabbled and catches it before sighing and then chuckling. "This is the most ridiculous story I've ever gotten and I can't remember half of it." Shaking her head she turns to scan the deck now for clothing. As her eyes painfully adjust she opens them a little more. "I think the sun's brighter." A pause and she quirks a brow at Lucas. "Someone who will bring us clothes with no questions asked or blather after?" She sounds suspicious.

The response given him by Lucas has Landon nodding slowly, his eyes flickering over to Silver in her sheet now, before he makes it the rest of the way up and out from the cabin. With one hand hovering over his eyes to provide enough shade to give his surrounding a look, Landon breaks off from where he was trailing Lucas to explore the deck some. "Wonder where Lennon went off to?" He asks aloud, before leaning over the side of the boat to check the waters below. "I guess this means you're missing a camera as well? Damn it." This is said to Silver, realizing how expensive the camera might have been. "We could all swim over?" He starts to say, lookin from Lucas for, then on to Silver once more, wondering if she's much of a swimmer. "Or I could keep Silver company just in case we get any visitors before your return."

Lucas pauses and wrinkles his nose, "If we lost the camera that also means footage from last night." He pauses and looks to Silver, "Yeah, I got a guy for that." There's a wry contentment, tired or no, that leaves him very proud of that fact. Squinting until his eyes are slit he looks through the cabinets and finds one pair of cheapo sunglasses that are black and neon pink and left over from 1988. "You afraid of getting caught, Lan?" Lucas really does enjoy pushing his luck, but that's why Landon is the planner and Lucas is execution. More seriously he asks, "Need him to bring anything else?" We can look after.

Silver shoots Landon a sharp and horrified look. "I would -never- toss my camera! My bag should be around here..." And she suddenly is pushing through the pain of her hangover to search the deck. It is only a few seconds before her triumphant, "AHA!" Followed by a groan of pain as her voice is too loud for her own ears. "Oh, my jackets in my bag at least..." She hoists the bag over one shoulder triumphantly, stroking it absently. That camera really is her baby. Next to the snakes and spiders.

"Afraid of getting caught?" Landon asks, this smile now tugging at his lips, which is soon followed by a scowl because it's So. Damned. Sunny. "Not in particular. I mean, I'm sure everyone's know our antics by now." He flashes a wink over at Lucas, before observing as Silver searches the decks for her things. Then she finds it! "Is it in working order?" Landon has to ask now, seeing as they swam the whole way out here. He can only hope so. Making his way over so that he can help her check it out, his eyes go to Lucas, "Try not to stop by for coffee before you get back." His voice lowers, into a mutter, "Even though I don't blame if you do." He feels like he could sleep for another 8 hou-- years, right now. Though, just the thought of drinking coffee or anything, has his brow furrowing in disgust.

ROLL: Lucas rolls brains+1 for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 3 4 3 4 6 -- d8)

Lucas hunts around for the keys of the boat which are still in the ignition. He murmurs, "Disco." He heads down below and takes the fitted sheet and wraps it around himself in a quick fix passable toga. He sits back in the captain's chair and takes a deep breath. God this sucks. His knuckles blanche on the wheel as he leans on it closing his eyes. He listens, senses sharpening- ah, too sharp! Still, the camera was found. Good. That meant the odds of their shit being strewn around the deck is fairly high. Sitting back up he looks around and checks the compass on the dash, where they are on the lake, and picks a direction closest to the coast where they should have originated from. They were on foot in the beginning so it gets the odds of finding their things on the shore much higher.

Silver looks up at Landon and says, "Naw. It's dry. What do you remember? I remember saying we should go for a boat ride. Lucas agreeing...us heading to a marina...then me playing Rose as Lucas is gunning this thing up on the prow," She jerks her thumb at it. "I think that's when the clothes came off..." And probably taken by the wind into the water. Except for, apparently, her bra which has caught on an antenna at the bow of the boat. "Mmmm...evidence says anyway." Then she points to what could be a pile of clothes. The glare off the decks and her narrowed eyes make it hard to make out the pile. Of course it could be Lennon too and she goes to investigate.

"I only remember slices of that. And some singings, but I don't know where that was coming from." Landon just assumed it was from either of the others. He may be a little disoriented and grouchy now, but he was in much higher spirits the evening before. Once the engines of the boat starts, he reaches a hand out to brace himself before the movement steadies, then he'll start wandering around the deck in search for their things. What he does find is various articles of clothing strewn about in the narrow walkway leading to the prow. He just has to ask, "Lucas wasn't playing Jack for you?" Head jerked back to grin at his brother, "Well all know he'd make a good urchin." Lucas even looked the part too...

With Silver pointing out a pile of clothes somewhere, he takes up the very few scattered around-- his shirt, Lucas' pants, everything jumbled up basically. "If Lennon is somewhere under there, she's going to be either really pissed that she was buried under all of our clothes or really pissed that we're waking her."

Lucas leans back in the seat and does his best to not look smug. Smug fail! He doesn't try to race anything taking the boat out. Looking down he counts the scratches on him trying to figure out where they were. Still he can't not look pleased at that. "Don't even pretend you don't enjoy the benefits of living life on a sliding scale. I'll assume you called me resourceful and incredibly too talented for my own good." The mischief can't not crawl up in his eyes, "Except I'd try to draw those French girls like Silver instead." Gratuitous compliment? Yes. "Okay, marina ahead. Let's park this... somewhere and get back to civilization."

Silver investigates the odd pile and discovers some clothes. A pair of jeans, a pair of heart boxes, a tie, and two shirts. The tie is tossed towards Landon with a grin. "Found something of yours at least," She says cheerfully. It's the least moist of the pile. "Most of this is wet though," Which means at least some of them went swimming clothed. Carefully she pulls the bra off the antenna. "You know, I'm glad I didn't lose this. It's my favorite."

A shirt and a tie. Landon could put those on and call it a day! He returns Silver's grin with a grin of his own. Off to the side of the boat, there is definitely a few articles of clothing that's floating about if they hadn't sunk due to being weighed down by water yet. When Silver draws attention to her bra, obviously Landon's going to take a peek, "I can't say that I have a favorite pair of underwear, but that is a nice a bra." A look is then given the article of clothing and the towel wrapped around the girl.

In the middle of partially dressing, maybe the shirt is long enough to hide the fact that he's not wearing pants, he tells the others, "Lennon probably ditched us. Figures. And we might want to collect the rest of our things before the fish do." For now, he's content to just dock, get fully dressed and get the hell out of the sun!

ROLL: Lucas rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 1 4 5 4 5 -- d6)

Lucas admits, "Yeah I can't contribute to that without getting punched." The boat gets docked into the slip carefully and without damaging the boat. He might be reckless, but he relies a lot on skill. Hey, it like works okay! He grabs a pair of boxers from the pile and finds something that passes for a shirt murmuring with a wrinkle of expression, "Ugh, gross. It's damp and fucking cold." Looking around he says, "Make sure you got everything." Turns out the plan wasn't a bad plan after all. Even high on life eternal they were only going so far on foot so figuring out which marina was most likely paid off. Maybe not for the boat owner, but definitely for them trying to get back to their starting point. "I dunno about the two of you but I want dry clothes, to sleep for a hundred years, and a burger." That done he resigns, "Let's just call Tai to bring the jeep, load the bikes and get the hell back."

Silver wrings out one shirt before tossing it to Landon, then the other and aims it at Lucas' head. Playful like. Her own bra is pastel pink with a small white heart pattern. It is a pretty nice one. "Well, you guys don't have to worry about boobs looking right and not being poked or pinched by straps or what not," She says as she moves into the shade of the wheelhouse. There is a moment of hesitation and then she is slipping it on, letting the sheet drop around her hips. She even manages to hook all but one hooks on her own. But she seems content to leave it for now. "You promised me coffee," She points out to Lucas as she pulls her jacket out of the bag and over her bra. Buttoning it up not quite all the way. Jean jacket and bra is a good look for her.

"Then call him!" And while they await their rescue she slips a $20 bill to pay for the soda and sheet she is taking downstairs on the counter. She's at least trying.

Lucas stands there damp, half awake, and triumphant victorious over their grand theft flotilla. "Silver, I'd be remiss were I ever to let you down. Coffee and a burger. Then? Nap for like...forever." He pauses, "Or until late afternoon because we have to get that article done for Monday." He and Landon really do share a brainwave with getting all their work done. They have. With decided he heads over to screw with the payphone, trio in tact, to get then a ride.