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Gonna Have to Break Up With Amanda
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Jade's Room
Date  •  2019-08-20
Summary  •  Spear wakes up from the party in Jade's room, but it's not what it looks like. They get a chance to talk, which is nice.

Things at the party go fuzzy after awhile. Jade sprang for the good drugs. So at some point, everything fades into a haze, and several hours later, Spear is waking up in pajamas that aren't his, in the middle of a king-sized bed with black satin sheets. The pajamas are red silk, very luxurious. Spear appears to be in some kind of bedroom suite, with a doorway leading to a private bathroom, and another doorway leading into a sitting room.

On the couch in the sitting room, Jade is sprawled in blue pajamas with a Siamese cuddled on his chest. His limbs are splayed, his hair is in disarray, and he seems to be out cold.

Oh my God, Spear has had fantasies like this, though admittedly some of them involved Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the...movie). The black sheets get his focus immediately, and he stares at them, fascinated. Satin lines coffins. Often black. Wow. He is in a coffin. He also mostly slept through is comedown, which is a blessing. Gradually Spear pushes himself upright, and he yawns a bit. Then he looks down at himself and plucks at the pyjamas. Huh.

After a wobbly moment, he moves towards the sitting room and peers at Jade. Then he clicks his fingers and tries to look around for some water. Or a blanket for him. Or...wait, does he still have his black swimming trunks on? Spear investigates, saying to Meezer "Where's your costume again? Did you get it off? You're so smart."

At the bedside table there is a glass of water awaiting Spear, and another on the coffee table beside Jade's couch, with little paper covers to keep bugs from getting in (or cat fur). It's evident a cat resides here. There is a cat tree and litter box hidden away under a wooden table. There are a few toys strewn about. There's also a television in here, a phone, and a mini fridge, among other things.

The trunks are off, so there's a scandal.

Meezer blinks up at Spear and meows, quietly for him. It's still loud enough for Jade to grumble and idly stroke his fur in his sleep. The cat has him trained. No telling what became of the costume, but one of the 'toys' on the floor is the top off a peacock feather.

Jade stirs, and he squints at Spear, then grins. "Hey."

Spear has a sudden look on his face that every person under twenty - or over, really - would recognise. The 'shit, shit, gotta be cool' look. It flashes for a moment of complete panic, then goes, and Spear reaches out for the water. He picks it up with a shakey hand and drinks, and then he puts down the empty glass and moves over to offer Jade his own glass at the couch. Because he is a Thistle, when he does so, the paper cap flicks off and then pops onto Meezer's face.

"Hey," says Spear, and pauses, and then says "...lockeroom aside, you've now seen more of me than anyone else has. Save my mum. Well, and my sis..." No, this is going wrong! "Augh!"

Meezer starts as a paper cap flicks him between the eyes, and his ears go back. He swats at the paper cap, powpowpow. Take that! Retribution is swift. Jade gives him a nudge and he hops onto the floor, skulking over to his cat tree. He climbs up onto one of the platforms and begins to groom with great dignity.

Jade sits up and takes the offered water. "Thanks," he says sleepily. He drinks in long, thirsty swallows, then sets the glass down. He smiles at Spear and says, "I wasn't looking, not too much. Your trunks were wet, so..." He nudges Spear amiably. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone I saw the goods."

"Sorry, Meez," says Spear to the cat, and then he reaches over to drop the feather on the top "Man, that cat _loves_ you. Most of what I do with living animals is rehabilitation so they often _hate_ me - at first! I got a donkey on a farm now who gives me kisses though. I mean, I didn't do much aside from brushing, I'm not a vet."

He then grins, awkward as fuck, and he says "...but did you look at them?" Hard to tell from his expression how he feels about it, and he says "Because I don't mind."

Meezer bats at the feather, then sniffs it. Then he nibbles it. Jade watches the cat and says, "Yeah, he's the best cat. We're buddies. Isn't that right, Meezee?" Meezer rolls onto his side on the platform and meows, just from being addressed. There's no doubt whose human is Meezer's.

Jade, when questioned about the goods, glances aside and says, "I mean I didn't stare. I saw them, because they were right there, but I didn't gawk. I didn't want to invade your privacy any more than I had to to get you to bed. I wasn't going to just leave you by the pool. So, uh, the goods have been glimpsed. That's the word I'd use: glimpsed."

"Heh, Siamese," says Spear, and then he grins suddenly at Jade. His teeth are very white against his dark red lips "I'll remember that." And he finally nudges Jade, and he says to him "Do you really just have silk and satin _everything_?" A bit of a shake of the head, and he leans over his chair and says "Zane was upset at me about Amanda."

Jade shakes his head and says, "I have cotton and flannel, but I like the silk. It's nice and soft, especially for waking up with a hangover." He pats the couch in case Spear wants to sit. "Zane was upset? Hmm. I mean that's kind of sweet. Can you keep a secret, though?" He glances at Spear. "Promise not to tell?"

Spear moves over to sit, and he rubs his temples - they are a bit sore. He is dehydrated, but the water will help. And then he says "Yep. I keep secrets all the time. I can tell you one - but it's not really that secret, I mean. But it's mine, and no one else's." He adds "Then you know I can't tell yours, because you know mine."

Jade smiles crookedly and admits, "I'd like to know a secret about you." He leans back on the couch and says, "Amanda isn't real. I made her up so no one would ask me out." He combs his fingers through his hair, sweeping it back from his brow. "I'm gay, and I'm still wrapping my head around it. I don't want to be, but I am. I just needed some breathing room to figure out what to do about it, so having a girlfriend somewhere else gave me some social space." He glances at Spear. "Not very many people know that."

There is a long pause. Spear struggles. He really wants to say 'Everyone knows that'. But then he remembers what Jonny said to him - 'Nobody's impressed, Spear!' - accurate, but unhelpful. Spear purses his lips, and then he says "That's okay. It's weird being a bit different, isn't it? And people bug you about it. I mean, not badly, but after Cash dumped me, everyone expected me to just jump on, like. One of the gay guys at school? Or made fun of them about it. But I didn't want...people like to make up stories to themselves about who you are, which is annoying when you're still working out the truth, right?" Sadly, the one thing Spear does _not_ look is surprised "Also, yeah, the Prom King and Queen thing is _impossible_ if you're gay."

Jade is keenly aware of Spear's lack of surprise, but he's going to allow this, because politely no outright words have been spoken to that effect. He can pretend, and that's the important thing. "Everyone gets all up in your business," Jade says, "and sometimes you just want to be left alone about it. But, I mean, I've thought about breaking up with Amanda, getting a fresh start. We're graduating soon, and then none of this will matter. I was just waiting for someone to come along who I actually like, you know?" He sighs quietly. "Yeah, Prom King is out if this gets out."

"If you were straight, I'd suggest Silver. She's hella lonely. She has a crush, and it's not reciprocated, and well, that sucks," says Spear, and he then gives an awkward grin "Yeah, I know. Man. Cash once...suggested we get back together, sort of, but he's with Hector, how much of a mess would that be? Besides. This isn't about me. What kind of guy gives you the Feels, Jade? Like. I am not fishing here. I actually want to know about _you_."

"Silver is awesome," Jade says, "and if I could, I would totally go out with her. I love women. I do. I just don't get that feeling for them, you know?" He sighs, shoulders curling in a little. So disappointed with himself. "I've tried. But. I dunno. I thought I liked strong guys who took charge, but the more I think about that, the more I realize those guys are jerks. I want someone nice, who's going to treat me well. Someone who's interesting, and I don't even care if they're cool or not." He bites his lip, then adds, "Though I do think you're pretty cool."

"Maybe it's also cool thinking about someone like that because they could actually you know, make you feel like - super wanted and protected?" guesses Spear of Jade. There is a faint clue there, but only a faint one, something in his voice. A regret. Maybe he did not give enough of that to Cash "Well, yeah, jocks tend to be. It's all performance! And when there's someone like that, you gotta wonder 'Oh my God, do I have to be the audience all the time?'" He waves his hands, and then he grins at Jade "I think you're cool. I know you're takin' Ashley to the dance because she _really_ wants to be Prom Queen, and - er, never mind the other bit, that's a secret too." Spear wraps his arm around Jade's shoulders and leans in and says "I fucking loved your costume. It was so out there. It was wild. It was very you. I think. Maybe you should just be you all the time. I think maybe it shouldn't matter if you're too much for other people, Jade. You're a Marchant. You're just your own variation. I like you. A lot. I think you're sexy. But, er, I haven't told. You that because, erm. I was feeling sorry for myself for the last few months."

Jade curls up to Spear and rests his head on his shoulder. "I like you, too," he murmurs. "I think you're very sweet, and sweetness is nice. I was upset about how Cash treated you, because I thought oh man, Spear doesn't deserve that. Spear deserves little gifts, and cuddles, and to be cared for, and the more I thought about it, the more I started thinking I wanted to be that guy doing all that. I thought I was hung up on Hector, but I don't think I want what those guys have. It's too raw, and it's all sharp edges. I want Oreos and cats and stories about yetis." He smiles a little. "I know Ashley's not really into me, and that's okay. I like her, and I'm going to be the best date I can be. But I'll dance with you, if you want."

Spear grins, and he says "Well, you know, things don't have to be all one way or the other. It can shift, and change. People can be more than one thing." He adds dryly "Hector is a huge mess. It's not even all his fault. Some of it's just because he's a Thistle. Cash doesn't know what he's getting into. Silver and me are the most chill of us, but everyone else is like, a rollin'...disaster area. It's no one's fault." He finally says "I like you and I wanna make out crazily." It comes out blunt "I'm into you and how you look and smell. Shit, that was creepy again - I'd like to dance with you, because there's some stuff going to go down at the prom." After a moment he says "Er, but before that, I should probably tell you something."

Jade grins and ducks his head. "We can have crazy makeouts, if you want," he says. "I'd like that, I mean. I'd like to hang out and just, you know, do stuff like that. I want to hold your hand and financially ruin anyone who treats you badly. If I ever hurt you, I want you to kick my ass. But I'm not like that. I don't want to be." He tentatively takes Spear's hand in his. "Tell me," he says.

Spear squeezes, and he says "Right. I'm bi. I know. Especially in some of the magazines I've left you," he grins back "That it doesn't always work out? I'm not a giant, er, horndog. I mean, I have my moments. Thea last -" THEA IS JADE'S SISTER. Even Spear swallows it back, and he says "But. A lot of stuff that straights say about us isn't true. Anyway. I don't hide stuff. People say I pick up dead animals and do stuff to them. I do. I do, erm, taxidermy. My whole family does. We're like the Addams Family, you know? I know you got gothy leanings though, Jade. I rescue what I can, like, as long as a critter's alive, I fight for it."

He finally slows down, and more reluctantly says "...I talk to dead people. They talk to me. And Silver. And. Star. And James. And Hector. We put up little altars to help people move on. My family's been in the funeral business for generations, because that's what we do. We help people move on. I don't expect you to erm, believe in it, or anything. But we can often feel where something's died. And want to help."

Jade arches a brow as Spear mentions his sister. But, well. Thea is gorgeous. Jade's not blind. If he had a nickel for every one of his guy friends who drooled... "The taxidermy and death doesn't bother me," he says. "I spent my childhood thinking a lot about death, because no one was sure if I was going to kick it or what. The idea of it doesn't upset me." He's quiet a moment. Then he says, "I believe you. I mean it's kind of crazy, but if anyone could speak to dead people, it would be the Thistles." He toys with the crucifix at his throat. "I believe in God," he says, "and I guess if I believe in this invisible sky man who doesn't really do anything you can put your finger on, ghosts aren't that much of a stretch."

Spear _visibly_ relaxes. His breath even comes out in a soft whoosh "Oh thank G- erm, yes." He pauses, and then he says "Yeah. I remember, a bit. You never quite had the whole feel of someone dying, but you weren't well, were you?" He then clasps his hands, and he looks at them "I'm not going to drag you out to any supernatural thing. I don't even know what all to believe - maybe all Thistles have a weird mental thing? And to be honest, man, I called the police over that dead body that Silver said happened." He looks at Jade "But thanks. I don't tell people much. Last person I told was Hector. Because he was going nutty over it, you know? Wasn't raised with us, so never had dad give him the Talk." Then he says "So...you saw me naked." A bit of a pause, and Spear says with a grin "Sooooo. Like, do you owe me a kiss?" He adds "I love these pyjamas, they're very slippery."

"Yeah, I was sick a lot," Jade says. "I got better, though." He fought tooth and nail, and never let it be said that Jade isn't tenacious. Meezer hops down from his tree and comes over to jump onto the couch and curl on Jade's lap, with his little furry chin on Spear's leg. Jade pets the cat fondly. "I don't know about supernatural stuff," he says. "I just kind of try to live in the world we have." He grins, then. "Yes, I saw you naked." He glances at Spear. "Is that what that means? Come here." Then he leans in to plant a kiss on Spear's lips.

"Yep," says Spear. Making out? _That_ is something he actually has detailed experience with - specifically in graveyards, with Cash. He slides his arms around Jade's shoulders and chest, and he leans in with warm lips. He finishes by resting his forehead against Jade's, and then he pauses for a moment "What's that warm thi -" Meezer. Meezer's chin. Spear chokes back a laugh, and he then lifts his hands and runs his nails lightly through Jade's hair, around back behind his ears, and down across his cheekbones, before finishing with a nip to his lower lip. He says "Yep. That is definitely a fair trade."

"I think we have a chaperone," Jade says with a little laugh. He steals another quick kiss, cupping his hand at the base of Spear's neck. "Besides, if Meezer likes you, I know you're okay." Meezer gets comfy and purrs quietly. "So, are we going out? Or are we just waiting to see where this leads? Part of me wants you all to myself, without anyone else weighing in. You know they will. But I also kind of want to be seen with you, so I dunno."

"Hmm, well." Spear thinks about this, then he says "Wanna go out with me? We don't have to make it clear for anyone, until after Prom. We can let people think whatever. They will anyway. But I think you'd make. A super cute boyfriend." He adds "I haven't been chasing anyone else for a bit. Just you." Oh God. His idea of pursuit needs work.

"You were chasing me?" Jade says. Alas, Spear needs to work on his game. "I think you'd be a super cute boyfriend, too. I have fun when I'm with you, and I'm not worried about how you're going to mess with me." Because apparently that's a concern. He takes a deep breath, then says, "Okay, let's go out. We'll keep it quiet until after prom, and I'll phase out Amanda so no one thinks I'm a dirty cheater. I just need a little time to come out to my parents. They deserve to know." Like they don't already.

"Yes!" says Spear, and he actually claps his hands together, and then he leaves an arm hooked over Jade's shoulders "Sometime, come out to the shelter with me, it'd be fun - we take a dog each and go for a walk, right? You get to make someone's day just by walking and seeing cool stuff. And then...oh, yeah, I should make you something for the prom." Never mind that Jade can clearly just buy whatever he wants "We can totally do that. And, er." His parents. Spear knows they know. "Sounds good!" he says. And then he reaches out to try to pull Jade into his lap. Poor Meezer.

Meezer complains loudly as he's toppled from the lap. Jade winces as the cat employs claws to his thighs to climb back on once he's on Spear's lap. "Ack, ow, Meezer," he grunts. The cat curls up again rather pointedly. Ahem. It is lap time. Jade puts an arm around Spear's shoulders. "We can totally go on dates," he says. "We can go to movies, and we can just drive. We could totally go to the shelter. I like dogs."

"I only have a pushbike," admits Spear. The Thistle family is not poor, but they are not 'every kid has a car', either. Spear spends his money on his hobbies, not his vehicle "Aww, Meezer." He then leans in, encouraging Jade to put his head on his shoulder, and he says "So. Tell me. Everythin' about you. All the stuff. I know you want to dance and do choreography. Tell me about dumb exes - or great exes. Or which articles you liked in those magazines - you could get a subscription and keep it in my room if you want. Oh, we should totally go exploring sometime. And swimming." He reaches out to pat Meezer "There you go, buddy. Knew I had to get in with you first."

Meezer purrs as he's patted. This is better, human. Jade rests his head against Spear's shoulder and gives him a squeeze. "I don't have any exes," he admits. "I only ever kissed one other guy, and he turned out to be a jerk. He threatened to out me if I didn't go all the way with him. That's how I met Hector, you know? It was in San Francisco, and he was there. He beat the guy up. I kind of owe him big time. It's annoying that he doesn't want anything, because it's a huge debt. I wish he'd just let me give him money or something." He sighs quietly, alas. "I like the articles on culture," he says. "And art. I know I drink too much, but I also know it mellows me out. I feel a lot like I don't measure up, but I dunno. As long as you like me, I'm okay."

"I like you. You're fun. And when you see someone's feeling low, you don't make them feel like shit - actually, you _notice_ someone's feeling low. Lots don't," says Spear, and he adds "And you're creative. You have goals! I find goals so hard." He has one hand on Meezer, and the other take's Jade's hand "Cash and I didn't...well, it's privatish, but he didn't feel ready. So I didn't push. So most I've done is making out, but that's pretty great." He twines his fingers, and strokes a thumb slowly across Jade's palm, examining the lines there "So, yeah, man. I'm into this. Let's be weird and do fun stuff."

"Part of me wants to just take things slow and do the whole boyfriend thing," Jade says. Then, with a little laugh, he adds, "Another part of me is so ready I could scream. I mean how can I be eighteen and still a virgin? But, um, I kind of don't know what I'm doing, so maybe we can just figure it out as we go." He takes a deep breath. "I can get condoms. If that, um, if we need those. I don't even know if I want to be a top or a bottom, or if there's something in between. I just really like you."

"Why don't we boyfriend it up for a bit, and see where it goes?" suggests Spear, cheerily "I don't know what the hell I'm doing either. Hector wanted to tell me, and he left some like, protection around, but I was: No, dude, you are my brother, just no. I mean, I probably should have listened, but I figured: There's guides in some of the magazines. There's like, just cuddling. There's crazy levels of stuff involving leather and swings. So if there's all this _different_ kind of stuff, why not just chill out and do whatever's okay and fun at the time, and not worry? I'm not in a giant hurry aside from when I am, but I think people need to be in the 'hurry point' at the same time, you know?" He nudges Jade "There's sexy talking. There's doin' nothing but hanging out and watching a movie and making dumb comments." Then he says "Man, Star is _horrified_ I'm still a virgin. I think she might feel like it makes her feel judged?"

Jade nods quickly and says, "That sounds good. We don't need to rush anything. I mean, yeah, I've seen pictures. I know what goes where. I don't know about all the harnesses, but we don't really need them, do we? People have been doing this for thousands of years." There's mystification in his tone. "But we could, if we wanted to, use anything we wanted." And for him, cost is no issue. Hmm. Then he's nudged and he's snapped out of his reverie. "Man, women are in such a hurry," he says. "And everyone thinks guys are the ones who can't wait." He shakes his head. "Anyway, yeah, I want to do fun stuff, and be sexy, and be friends. I want to eat Oreos and watch dumb movies with you. I like this. I like cuddling."

"Awesome," says Spear, who adds "I've seen a lot of weird stuff. I mean, okay, after the first time I helped Dad go do a pickup, but the family _hadn't been over to hide all the stuff_, I mean, let's just say. I've seen things, man." His eyes go wide, as he stares into the middle distance "Nah, we don't need anything, if and when we decide to do something. Man, humans. We are some _weird shit_..." And then he pats Meezer and he lifts his hands to wrap them around Jade, squeezing the young man back against him "So! Boyfriends, heh. But not too out until after the Dance, because Ashley. But _at_ the Dance, after the crowning, I wanna do some public dancing. I promise to look less awful at it than I do right now." He nips Jade's ear.

Jade grins at the nip and says, "I don't care if you look totally dorky dancing, I'll dance with you. But you don't dance badly. We can practice in private too. I mean it's an excuse to dance, right?" He pets Meezer, who snoozes contently now that laps have been sorted out. "So I was thinking today we could eventually shower, get dressed, and eat leftover canapes while we watch something in the media room, unless you need to go. But the media room has a huge TV screen."

"I was thinking that sounds amazing," says Spear, who was thinking nothing at all "Silver's gonna guess," he adds to Jade "It's hard to hide stuff from her. We're...poor Star, you know? Silver and I came _out_ pretty much holding hands. Anyway. Let's just. Shower. Better do it separate or I'm probably gonna just mess around and the whole room will get wet. I don't have to go anywhere. My mom told me to have fun." He beams, eyes crinkling. His parents _are_ nice.