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Going Clubbing?
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Optimist  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  The Facility
Date  •  2019-05-26
Summary  •  Briar, Arcade, Cheer, and Dare get ready to go clubbing.

An apple green velvet suit (Gucci, 2019), with a paler green cashmere jumper underneath, and his hair piled up onto the top of his head...this is the Optimist, who is currently sitting at the piano and tinkering with it lightly. He can play, a little - apparently at some point he has had lessons. Or has just been reading a book on it and is slowly picking out 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' bit by bit. Frequent mistakes are made, but he just goes back and tries again.

The Martyr wanders out in the black and green long tunic and trousers. He comes over to watch, eating an apple. "how are you doing, Arcade? That outfit is amazing."

The Addict follows Dare out, dressed in velvet leggings and a long tunic top. They slip an arm around Dare and say, "You look really good, Arcade. I'm jealous." They smile, though, not seeming to be suffering in their jealousy. "We should totally compare closets at some point."

"You still wear the kind of thing Kemen did," notes Arcade, regarding the long tunic, and then he laughs "My closets are _full_ of things like this, totally weird, right?" And then he pauses, and he says to Briar "Huh, sure, if you want - we should do that. Actually, come here, let's stand back to back - Dare, are we about the same build? I think I'm a little broader, but not much - Ouro was really muscled."

The Martyr drapes an arm over Brar's shoulder and kisses them on the temple. "I do. This stile is very comfortable. I got used to it. I dress up more formally sometimes. I think the new outfits suit you. I wonder what time they are from?" He steps away at the snake's request to Briar, so as to give them room.

The Addict comes to stand back to back with Arcade. They're a bit slender, whereas Arcade is broader. "I would totally wear that wine shirt," they admit. "But your arms look so good in it." They sidelong glance at Dare and grin. "I have a lot more comfortable stuff in my closet now, which is just as well."

The Optimist lifts his hand up above their heads "About the same height," he says "But my things would be a bit loose. Jackets would be fine, though, or waistcoats. Probably need to get anything waist down out of your own closet, or you'd need a belt. Speaking of belts, I have like...a hundred of them. And shoes. So many shoes. The more I get into this, the more there _is_." He shakes his head a bit, and then he gives a lopsided smile "Yeah. I drink a lot these days. But...in my defense, I couldn't as Ouroboras. He was into some sort of purity thing.:

The Martyr says, “It is still a little strange us all being of a height, but I am getting used to it more and more. I admit, I love your dancing dress, but I've been in a cuddling sort of mood lately and this wardrobe suits both that and you.... Arcade, do you have one of those fold out shoe trolly things rich people like? I rememer you on opium, lolling about the fire, but mostly, yes.""”

"Dia was such a lush. She was drunk most of the time, just so you know," Briar says. To Arcade, they say, "We should coordinate and go dancing. We'd look amazing." They slip an arm around Dare's waist and give him a cuddle. "I like dancing. Especially when I'm getting cabin fever in here."

"You were a different height before?" asks Arcade "I think I'm mostly just...similar? I don't have the body of someone who works out _every day_ for hours and hours. But I'm not sure I want to. I think this body's okay." He takes a kerchief out and folds it neatly to tuck into his pocket "I do have one of those shoe trolleys!" he says, excitedly "And my shoes aren't boring, they're _patterned_ and crazy - snake, crocodile, or emu leather. Or made of weird fabrics. Big heels, or even bare on the bottom completely, like some weird spat." He nods to Briar "I like dancing," he says "I mean, I think movement's good."

The Martyr smiles crookedly, "I really couldn't tell. Dia just always seemed like Dia to me." He cuddles Dare back, "You should see how I dressed before the Dust. I like dancing too." He nods, "Four or five inches, I'd guess, about what I lost to Set, but in a different direction. I notice it most with Fizz because we've essentially reverced relative heights.... Your shoes sound really fun!"

New Activity ---------

"Those are pretty good shoes," Briar says. To Dare, they say, "I kind of miss your old form, but this one has grown on me. I don't have to remind himself it's you anymore." To Arcade, they say, "We should all totally go dancing sometime. Make a night of it."

"Any time can be night now, I guess," says Arcade, and he says "I'm pretty sure height and penis length don't conflate, but I don't really know." His lips quirk in a faint smie, and then he says "How tall was Fizz, before? Well, you could all come and look through my wardrobes if you wanted? I don't mind lending things out, since I haven't even remotely worked out how much stuff I have yet."

The Martyr smiles at Briar, "I only start a little at the mirror when I shave. I am getting used to it. I'd very much like to go dancing with you both. Fizz hasn't changed. I'm the one who shrunk... Sure."

"What kind of dancing do you like?" Briar asks Arcade. "I've been going to dance halls for ballroom." Poor Briar hasn't existed any later than the late 80s. "I like the elegance. We could switch off with different styles, though."

"Oh, that's easy - I really like dubstep -" says Arcade, with no idea what he is inflicting on them "Popping and locking, and other things that make illusions, right? There are these guys who are freaking masters, they look like they're in reverse, I love it. It comes from funk, you know, but it's way more restrained, you need a lot of muscle control." He spreads his fingers as if to demonstrate, and then he says "I don't think I know how to do ballroom, hmmm!"

The Martyr says, “I like ballroom... What's dubstep? Popping and Locking? Is that like break dance? Or maybe moon walk or the Robot? Funk, I know. Are Earth, Wind, and Fire still together?”

The Addict regards Arcade with no recognition of this 'dubstep' he speaks of. "I remember funk," they say, "but I don't recall hearing anything about dubstep when I was Danny." They nod to Dare's mention of Earth, Wind, and Fire. "Ballroom's pretty easy to learn."

"Er, I don't know who Earth, Wind and Fire are," admits Arcade "The Robot and the Moon Walk are like, old dances. Dubstep is...man, without being able to play it out here...I really couldn't on piano. It requires electronic equipment, because there, um. It's like...sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with prominent wobbly bass? It can be pretty harsh or, I guess, smooth - it changes between the two elements a lot. You can get wound up for the drop in it, but the drop's not quite as epic as it would be like, with very full blooded electronica?"

The Martyr gives Briar a look at Arcade's description of Dubstep. "I'm not really picturing it, Arcade. I'm sorry."

The Addict shakes their head and says, "Me either." Then they say, "Tell you what, why don't you tell us how to dress, and we'll go dancing and do the dubstep. Then next time we'll go ballroom dancing. We can teach you the dances, and you'll pick them up in no time."

"Sure! You might have to, uh..." Arcade is clearly trying to work out how to say: This is not an easy dance to do "...you know what, we can just dress and go - I'll show you the right clothes, you can both get them from my closet." He grins, and he then says "So! I reckon we could - oh my God, we could visit the Hacienda!"

The Martyr nods agreement with Briar, "Hacienda?" He shrugs and smiles, "I think it would be interesting to be dressed by you."

"I don't know what that is," Briar says. "I mean, I know what it means, but I don't know the place you're thinking of, but yeah, you can come to my closet and show me what to wear, then we can just watch til we pick it up." They really have no idea what they're getting into.

"The Haçienda was an old nightclub in the 1990s, and like, it was where rave culture was born, I mean, way before my time - but it was supposed to be _insane_," says the Optimist "Apparently all of these crazy things went down. Drugs, alcohol, mad, mad music. You could dance and just never stop. I mean, that was before what I'm talking about but wow, I bet it would be fun." He is actually gathering the other two, to head back towards the personal rooms - easily noticed by anyone coming in "Mmm, okay. So...you know how with the Robot there's a lot of stiff, jerky movements? Popping and locking is more like tight control and sudden fluidity, then tight again."

"What would be fun?" Asks Cheer as she pops out of an Anything Room in a scuba suit. She might be limping and holding her side, but she's smiling. Wet would drip from her if it didn't vanish the moment she stepped through the door.

The Martyr eyes Arcade, "You know that we're from the '80's right?" But he asks gamely enough, "I'm guessing a rave is a kind of party then?" He waves at Cheer. "We are going dubstepping! It's a future thing! He's going to dress us... Are you all right, Cheer?"

The Addict's brow knits as they spy Cheer limping. "I'll go find a first aid kit," they say, and they head toward their room. "Don't wait for me, guys. I know I've got one, but I'm not sure where I put it."

"We're going to go to the club!" says Optimist, who pauses "But like, a modified version. I mean, one where less people are going to be racist. Though the punks were pretty good about that. They hated skinheads." He eyes Cheer, and he says "Oops. I guess Briar's off to get a fist aid kit - we're going to either do dubstep or do the Haçienda. Or something. Come to my room, I've got lots of clothes -" He points towards the door with the surfer sign on it.

The Thrill-Seeker turns to watch Briar dart away and then looks back to the others with her lopsided smile. "I'm fine. Just some over enthusiastic orcas..." She moves over to the couch and almost sits down, but stops herself with a wince. "Dubstepping? Is that an Irish thing? OH! Clubs I can do, especially because I can take some fucking Vicodin in there." She laughs as she says it.

The Martyr grins, "He says there are lots of drugs there, so it should be easy for you to find some. Do you think they will have MDMA? It's really new. I don't know if it stayed ppular, but it looked fun when I saw people try it at the lodge."

"If we go to the Haçienda, there's a vast amount of drugs - yes, they will have MDMA. This is when it took off. There was a lot of other stuff too, but MDMA is what I'd recommend," says Arcade "It doesn't leave people mean or depressed, and they can still dance while they're on it." And he wrinkles his nose "Well, the Haçienda is a little before dubstep, but let's go anyway - you'll need to change clothes, seriously. Well, actually, probably not - this place is nuts. Come on!" He heads to his own room, throwing the door open.

"Oh...Molly? That was Kimmy's favorite," Cheers says as she follows Arcade. As she goes she begins to unzip the scuba suit. Not taking it off all the way, but those things are warm. "I definitely don't want to try dancing in this," She says with a chuckle. When they do get into Arcade's room she looks around before ducking into the bathroom to pull off the suit.

The Martyr says, “It was new and popular the fall before I died, but I was a lawyer, so...." He follows along willingly. "I was punk for a while. I still have some of the gear in my closet resized.”

The room inside is dark, with golden walls and red trim around it all. There is a bed against one wall, and a big set of mirrors against another. The ceiling is covered in dark fabrics with golden lights hanging from them. The atmosphere smells of spices and unguents, oils and herbs. There are books - everywhere. Shelves and shelves of them. Arcade gestures towards the mirrored surfaces "There's a bunch of walk-in closets behind every mirror," he explains "One is just full of shirts. Like, hundreds of shirts. Fun, huh? Lots of colours. I don't know if my things would fit you, Cheers, but they'll sort of fit him. Basically you should dress, ummmn. Well, bright and startling was a thing - big stripes, big spots. Big hair, too. All kinds of stuff."

"I remember," Cheer says as she pauses to consider the room. "I like your ceiling! Ooohhh that is so soft and pretty and relaxing. Makes me happy." Her eyes go to the bookcases galore and the mirrors. "Give me a few minutes, but I've things that will work," She says, a mischievous gleam crossing her face. Then she is back out the door to her own room.

The Martyr looks around, "This is really cool, Arcade! I wonder why all the- Oh! I get it." Because he's trying t figure out who he is. Of course. "It suits you." he smiles crookedly, "I don't think I can manage big hair, I am sorry. Still I will wear whatever you like. I trust you." honestly, he's happy the former snake is more engaged.

"Yeah, you can, that's what gel is for," says Arcade, but he just grins and shrugs, and then he watches Cheer leave, curiously "Wonder what she's up to," he says, as he adds to the Martyr "I don't think of myself as soft and pretty and relaxing - but I am usually happy?" A bit of a shrug, and he gives a lopsided smile again, and then opens a mirrored door, to reveal a walk-in wardrobe of all kinds of clothing. _All kinds_. He peers around, then selects an oversized yellow t-shirt with 'LOVE WILL TEAR US APART' written on it, and very wide pants patterned over with 'TECHNO BLVD' on them in plastic. "You'll need protective shoes, but they need to have a really smooth surface on the base, because the dancing needs it..."

The Martyr says, “She used to wear a lot of bright clothes." He is rather wide eyed at the selection, "Clothes got more extreme after I died, didn't they?' He start to strip off with none of Kemen's reluctance. He is wide shouldered, well muscled and liked black and purple striped boxers, apparently, which he leaves on. he reaches for the clothes, utterly trusting that thee bizarre togs will be in fashion in the Future.”

"Well, that depends on what you call extreme," decides the Optimist, and he offers the pants across "They're supposed to be loose fit, because it exaggerates how you look when you dance. Now get the shirt on." He adds "Also, hair - lemme spray it green or something!" And he turns around to allow the man some privacy. Er, while he is entirely surrounded by mirrors.

The Thrill-Seeker returns about ten minutes later. What she has on is a black lame crop-top with a starburst in gold wrapping around one shoulder. The outfit shows off her athletic belly which to be fair she's always been athletic. For bottoms she is wearing a pair of dark red holo shorts with gold stars all over them. A pair of bright red fishnets are under the shorts and she wears big shit-stomper boots. Over it all a black leather jacket. Her hair, well, that takes time usually to do anything fancy. So she has just pulling it back into a loose ponytail. Red catseye makeup with gold liner and dark carmine lipstick all pull it together. "How do I look?" She asks as she turns around. As she lifts her hands the gold bangles gleam on her wrists and chime together in their multiplicity.

The Martyr's hair is very, very black, so it will likely need a lot of something very bright to show. He seems to have no body modesty at all, unlike Finn or Kemen, but he dresses gamely enough, grinning, not checking to see if Arcade is looking or not. "Trousers a little like this but with less fabric were just coming in when I died, I think. I was closeted, so I didn't go out to the Arena much once I'd decided on Law School.

When Cheer returns, he looks her over slow and approvingly, attempting to steal a kiss, "you look wonderful, Lovely."

The Optimist says to the Thrill-Seeker "The boots are absolutely on point - definitely perfect makeup, that's just awesome. I really love all the - the fact that you've put it together perfectly." Apparently he really does dig clothes. He gives her two thumbs up "Completely wild." And then he grabs a can of bright purple hairspray and shakes it up - the paint would work on steel, it will work on the Martyr's hair. PSHHHHH. It smells of artificial blueberries. He gives the man a brightly coloured cowlick, and then he says "I think I'm just gonna wear some club gear myself..." And he starts to page through the clothes, eventually yanking out a pink bandanna and a hypercolour shirt with white trousers. _Hypercolour_.

The Thrill-Seeker leans into that kiss so no stealing is needed. A smile flashing across her face when Dare pulls back and turning her smile on Arcade. "I probably won't be dancing until the MDMA or whatever we pick up kicks in. I'll be honest...an orca bit me. It was a baby...but they still have sharp teeth when playing and being gentle," And by the time she finishes talking she is grinning all big, excited by her earlier encounter.

A cough and she waves her hand in front of her face, wrinkling her nose. "Oh that smells horrible," Cheer says. "But...it looks neat!" She admits as she eyes the purple. "Do you have any leather collars? I feel like I need a choker or something....oh...that's...wow that is bright."

The Martyr closes his eyes quick as he's sprayed, "Would you like us to step into the hll while you change?" He rolls his eyes at cheer, "They call those things 'Killer' for a reason, Lovely. They're as bad as people."