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Go Tell Aunt Nancy
Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  The Creepshow  •
Location  •  Aunt Nancy's
Date  •  2019-08-18
Summary  •  The afternoon before the Bloodletting, hector and silver try to alert Aunt Nancy to the danger.

Hector sicks within arm's reach of Silver the whole way there in case she really does change her mind. He is determined. He is worried. He is frightened for a host of reasns, but his chin is tilked up and he is at his most stubborn. He had nearly talked himself out of following Morrison's advice, but hearing Silver's story clinched it. This is too big to handle alone. And so he's here with his half sister ready to try to talk a second adult into taking the threat seriously een though he only has an inkling of the threat as yet.

Silver is looking distintly unhappy to be here, but she doesn't back out. She is quiet on the ride over to see aunt Nancy. Nibbling on the ends of her hair even as she stared out the window. It wasn't a long drive thankfully. And now they were here waiting and she was instead fiddling with the folder that held what little evidence there was. A burned and weird photo. "She won't believe us," She says softly.

Hector says quietly, "Best to leave the photo out. Best to stick to the drug threat and any bits of description you have. It's an unofficial chat. We just give her the heads up. Someone slipping drugs to teenagers without them knowing is the sort of thing adults do take seriously. Just leave the weird bits out, okay?" He loots at her, "you can do this. you're the strong, brave, practical one." Then he puts on his best polite youg man expression and straightens up his shoulders.

Police Chief Nancy Thistle, or Aunt Nancy as they know her, does work long hours, but she also takes her weekends off as much as she can. They arrive at her home to find her outside doing a bit of gardening. It's how she unwinds. Seeing her niece and nephew approaching, she straightens up with a hand pressed to the small of her back and waves a pair of garden shears held in the other.

"Well hi there," she greets. "Come on inside. I'll wash up." She turns, heading up the walk to the front door.

Silver fiddles with the folder and frowns. "But what if it's important?" She worries as they round the corner upon the garden. Then she shushes and puts on a smile. "Hello Aunty N," She calls cheerfully, waving one hand as she goes to tuck the folder into her bag. "The roses are blooming beautifully. You'll have too many buds in no times. And rose hips for tea and jam after," The enthusiasm in her voice is a little forced. "Grams loves it when I bring her rose hip tea." The amount of tea times she has spent in the Cemetery through her life is countless. At this point, though, once a week.

Hector waves at Aunt Nancy, then looks back at his sister to see how she's holding up, which seems to be well. "I've never had rose jam. It sounds delicious." He lets Silver take the lead just now, marshaling his arguments.

Nancy goes inside, door left open for them to join her. Inside is a nice but modest home, a few pictures of her son, Noah, at various stages of life decorating the walls. Water running in the kitchen makes it clear she's washing up as she said, followed by the fridge opening for a moment and then closing. She eventually emerges with a tray containing a pitcher of iced lemonade and three glasses, which she sets on the coffee table. She pours herself a glass, letting them pour their own if they like, and takes a seat in her recliner.

"So," she says as she takes a sip. "What did you do?"

Silver moves inside, carefully wiping her feet on the mat, before making her way into the living room. Sitting on the couch with a sigh and giving Hector a look. It's the one that says, 'This is your fault.' But when Nancy returns so does her smile. At least for a few seconds. Then it twitches and she gives a nervous laugh, "Wh-hat?" She glances at Hector, brow drawing down briefly, and then back. "I didn't do anything!"

Hector wipes he's feet automatically too. peers with some curiosity at the pictures. He's still getting used to the whole extended family thing. He takes a seat, and is reaching for the pitcher when her question freezes him. he takes his courage in his hand and finishes the motion, pouring lemonade for his Sister and himself. He touches Silver's wrist briefly in a calming gesture. He says carefully, "Aunt Nancy, some of us are concerned about something that happened at a party in late February." He looks the adult square in the eye, "I give you my word of honor that I wasn't at this party and I only heard what happened a few days ago. Some of us talked it over and it seemed like something you should know about. The problem is, that the people who were there are uncomfortable saying anything because they don't want to get in trouble." He looks a tad sheepish, "Which is why people thought I should come. Since I wasn't there I can't get in trouble."

Nancy listens as she sips her lemonade, shrewd gaze narrowing as Hector speaks. When he finishes, she nods once. "So Silver was there," she states. It's not a question. "Go on."

Silver smiles and gives a huff of a laugh, "Actually, no. I wasn't at the party. I just got nosy about it afterwards..." She says and drops her eyes. That -is- the truth. Partially. "It was something in a drink that was passed around. Those who ingested it reported feelings of euphoria, heightened awareness, risk-taking behavior," She is slipping into a comfort zone. Reporting on the scientific nature of the thing, something her work in the morgue only helped with.

"After effects of the drug were reported as being extremely hazy or missing memory. No one could remember the faces from the party or the person who handed out the drink. Just that it was a woman." She pauses and reaches for the lemonade, taking a little sip, then continues, "They also included lethargy, fatigue, and photo-sensitivity."

Hector sips his lemonade, calm, "And it sounds like it might be addictive. Like maybe crack level. People still craving it two weeks after." He studies his Aunt's face, genuinely worried, "If a lady is running around dosing people with something they might crave.... It seems dangerous to us, you know. It could bea first taste is free situation and it's way more than we can handle ourselves. I'm worried she could trick more people, vulnerable people. Get them hooked or just... doing stuff they wouldn't normally do."

Nancy ahs softly when Silver sort of corrects her. She continues to listen, focused and clinical. Cop gears are turning behind those eyes.

"No one remembers who this woman was? They can't describe her? Anything? I get your concern and I share it, but without anything concrete I can't do anything except pass a reminder around your school not to drink things strangers give you, which I honestly didn't think needed to be said."

Silver turns to look at Hector as he starts in. Sipping on her lemonade and becoming more composed. Nodding her head in agreement with his assessment. When she looks back at her aunt she gives a lopsided smile. "Well...I...there is? But...it's weird..." She looks at Hector uncertainly, her hand falling to brush the bag beside her. "It can't hurt..." And she opens her bag and pulls out her waterproof folio with pictures. And from it a burned 5x8 and passes it across. She is already starting to cringe at whatever critique her aunt will have. "The photo didn't turn out so swell and...the photo chemicals caught fire when I was developing it. This is what I saved..."

Hector says firmly, "It needs to be said. I'm trying to warn people, but I'm new here and I don't know all that many people really. I think... it's sort of a roofie situation memory wise. Like they only remember fragments and what they do remember isn't particularly helpful." He winces because he _knows_ what Silver's going to do, "It's probably a trick of the light...." He makes eyes contact, sincere, "It's not a prank or anything. An... older acquaintance is going to see if they can get some people to talk to you, but I can't guarantee they'll be willing to risk getting in trouble. I just... I'm really worried about what I'm seeing and I thought you should have a head's up, especially if it's some new designer drug or something."

Nancy sits forward and takes the photograph, giving it a thoughtful look. A frown curls her lips. "If you took this," she says as she studies it, "then you may not have gone to the party, but you went to the after party. You aren't in trouble, Silver. The Queen is hard to say no to. I've met her once or twice in my duties. Interesting chemical burns, gives her an almost skeletal appearance." She squints at something, looking a bit closer. Her expression turns a bit more discerning. "Hnh. Very interesting."

She hands it back. "No need to worry, Hector. It sounds like Francine Sunderland had a bit of 'fun' at your friends' expense. She's done things like this before. I'll go out to Topock and have a chat with her, remind her of her legal obligations and debts. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

That was not at -all- what Silver was expecting from her aunt. And she stares at her for a long moment and then blinks rapidly in succession. "Uh...um..." Apparently she expected the photo to cause more issues, not make it easier. She turns to look at Hector and then back at her aunt. Relief floods her face and she says, "It was just a sip. I -knew- better. I dunno..." She takes the photo and puts it away. Pausing to stare at the weird skull-like reflection on it. "I think I just thought it was just a sip and I'm made of strong stuff." She's blushing faintly as she tucks it away and lets out a breath. "Thanks Aunty N."

Hector looks really shocked at Aunt Nancy's response. "The... people she drugged, will the be all right?" He looks at his sister with real concern, "You've been going through some stuff."

Nancy notices that surprise and shock, eyebrows lifting. "It's clearly Fran," she says. "Strange chemical burns or not, there aren't many people that look and dress like Fran. She sort of sticks out. People like that are easy to remember. I've had to deal with the Painkillers a few times over the years, more frequently after Fran showed up. Bubba mostly kept them out of town, but Fran's easily bored and needs an audience, so she drags some of the kids into town with her and pulls stunts like this. And this isn't the Bay - we don't get designer anything out here. It was probably some good, hard something-or-other laced into the drink. Biker stuff. Maybe even chemical. If you've lived this long after, it isn't going to kill you. Still, might not hurt to go see Noah, have him do a blood panel. If some of the effects are lingering, that goes for the others, too."

Silver rolls her eyes at Hector's comment and scoffs, "You lost your mom. My thing is nothing to that," She says and reaches to to pat his hand with a sad smile. Then she looks back at her aunt and nods, taking in what she says with the interest of someone who has enjoyed her cop stories. And probably asked one too many horribly technical questions a time or two. "Okay. I'll go see Noah," She agrees with a nod. "I need to do my anemia checkup anyway."

Hector nods, "I'll spread the word about blood panels. I'm pretty sure where to nudge to get some of them in." He presses his lips together angry at this Fran. "The effects are definitely lingering." He touches Silver's wrist again, absolutely resolute, "And you had our world upended. Pain is pain. Anger is anger. Your feelings count."

If there's nothing further about Fran and the incident, Nancy visits pleasantly with them until they decide to go.