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Fun In the Sun
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Martyr  •  The Optimist  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Anywhere Room
Date  •  2019-05-16
Summary  •  The Addict, The Martyr, the Optimist, and the Thrill-Seeker take some time off to play in the ocean and enjoy the sun.

It's time to hang out at the beach. Which beach? A private beach on an uncharted tropical island that just happens to have sangria, nibblies, and joints laid out around a beach blanket big enough for three. Warm waves lap at the white sands, and seagulls turn and wheel in the air. Off the beach is a jungle that just happens to not possess anything venomous or overly carnivorous. Maybe there are even friendly monkeys.

Briar is in a speedo, their hair pulled back in a bun, and they've got sunglasses on. "This is perfect," they say. "It's absolutely perfect. Do you guys want to go swimming first or chill out?"

The Thrill-Seeker mades sure there was aa surf and boogie boards and aa ski jet too. Cause of course she would. Dressed in a bikini she smokes a joint as she reclines and eyes the waves. "Chill, then I'm gonna hit the waves!" She says with enthusiasm and a big grin. The joint is passed off as she reaches for her Mai Tai.

Unlike Finn who favoured loose ridiculously patterned board shorts, Dare is in a tight red barely there pouch and a strap style suit, with heart shaped red sunglasses. "Should we put on sun screen first or does it matter with the reset?" The angle of his head suggests he's looking them over. "I'm easy and it is... Amazing just to feel sun on my skin when it is not apt to flake off. I am alive in the Sun!" He takes a slow twirl, chiseled face tilted up, grinning like lunatic. "I feel so free!"

"It won't matter with the reset," Briar says. "But there's some in my bag if you want to. They grin at Dare, and they pour him a sangria from the pitcher. "I think I'll relax for awhile, then go swimming. I think there's a reef not too far off." Of course there's a reef, because they wanted there to be one. And it's super cool, too. "Becareful when you use the jet ski," they tell Cheer. "Don't destroy the reef."

"Sunscreen?" Cheers says with an amused smirk as she glances at Dare. "I'm certainly not going to bother." Taking a long sip of the Mai Tai as she lays back on the blanket. Letting the sun warm her skin. "Mmmmm...I won't. I'll take it out over there," And she points off between two rocks on the other side of the pretty. "Though I may not take it out. Snorkeling might be funner!" Another drag on the joint is taken. "I admit I missed the sun...I spent so much time asleep during the day." She turns her smile on Briar and then Dare. Letting her eyes rove freely over them both appreciatively.

MartyrMcFly shrugs, "I don't know, rubbing it on each other could be fun.... I don't think i've had this before, what is it?" He takes a sip anyway, trustingly. "I've never done either, but the snorkeling sounds more fun." He settles in a spot in the sun, just reveling in being out in it, angling his body so he can watch them and the waves. "It not bad consolation after all.

Okay, so the Optimist shows up, still in his usual clothes. No actual bathing suit here - that t-shirt is _very_ wine mom. He has a coconut with the top cut off and a small parasol stuck in it, which is probably also full of rum and pineapple juice. He is barefoot, and he says "Sunburns often feel kinda nice for the first bit." He might have overheard some bits "I don't know if I can swim," he says.

"I just don't want the sand clinging to my skin," Briar says. "But I think this is a non-greasy formula." They sit on the blanket and lean back, sipping their own sangria. "Hey, Arcade," they say. "Aren't you going to go in the water with us? Or are you going to skinnydip?"

The Thrill-Seeker's smile becomes a grin as Dare mentions rubbing the lotion on. "Well, when you put it like -that-..." She says with a giggle, turning to poke at Briar's bag for the stuff. As Arcade walks up and pipes up she glances up. "Oh...well you can just put on a mask and wade in till your waist. And if you can't swim...I'll have to teach you!" Then she triumphantly pulls the sunscreen out.

Dare holds a hand above his sunglasses to shade his little more, "We'll pull you out if you need help. You are safe with us." He has another sip of his drink, and ancors it in the sand. "Are you oiling me or am I oling you first, cheer?"

"I don't know," admits the Optimist "I know I grew up in a hot area which had water, but I'm not sure many people actually know how to swim where I'm from. At least not...always that well? Actually, I'm pretty sure I grew up on an archipelago, but I guess maybe I wasn't in the...upper part of society. It doesn't matter." He then says to Dare "Speaking of that, let's be honest, if I drown, I'll be back in what...twelve hours? So it's no big. I guess under these circumstances, there's no excuse not to try, right?"

The Addict looks out over the waves and says, "I think it doesn't get much over waist deep for quite a ways out. I didn't want my first tropical island to be fraught with peril. I think the monkeys in the jungle are even friendly. Just don't get them drunk or high. That's mean."

The Thrill-Seeker turns to beam at Optimist, "That's the spirit!" She says happily as she walks on her knees the few feet over to Dare. "Ladies first of course," She rumbles with amusement as she gives the lotion a shake. "Did you add dolphins?" Comes the hopefuly question as she squirts some lotion out into her palm before crooking her finger at Dare.

Dare gives Arcade a warm smile, "There you go!" He shakes his head, "This is our second. Chance took us to the Murder Skeleton Island once. It's where he showed us those weird Star Trek phones with the libraries in them." He sits behind Cheer, legsaround hers and starts massaging sunscreen into her shoulders, with well practiced fingers. They are calloused where Kemen's were soft, but they are just as skilled.

"It's not mean to _them_ if they're not real, but I think it would be bad for _us_ to get too used to being mean," says Arcade thoughtfully as he sits down on the sand not far from Briar "That could really mess us up, so in general, I think we should all be kind. Well, given that, I'm going to probably go for a swim once I've finished my Pina Colada. Wow, that sky is amazing." He glances sideways at the Martyr "Yeah, I don't think I feel like a murder island. I think I just want to, you know, enjoy the serenity here while it lasts."

The Addict shoots Dare and Cheer a glance, then their gaze shifts to Optimist. "I agree," they say. "It's important we don't take life for granted, even if it's just pretend life." They then say, "Oh, and there are dolphins. I think they're friendly, too. I didn't want anything to sting, bite, eat or try to mate furiously with us. I just wanted to relax in the sun."

The Thrill-Seeker pulls the braid she's weaved her hair into forward as Dare begins to rub the stuff in. Humming happily while his fingers dig in. "Do you want to rub the lotion in for Dare, while he does me?" She asks Briar, holding out the bottle to them. "I love dolphins! Or...Kimmy did, but then I read up on them when we got back here and really like them...though they -can- be frisky..." She eyes the waters thoughtfully as she dredges up this useless knowledge.

MartyrMcFly nods, "That's what I want to do too, to suck the marrow out of life here. To drink every drop of it. Feel that! Sunlight on skin!" He grins at Briar, ever hopeful. Then hefreezes at the mention of dolphin friskiness, his mind taking him places he's not comfortable with now he's not a god.

"Do _what_ furiously?" says Arcade dubiously, but then he yawns and he shrugs off his pink t-shirt and his slacks, and sits there in his boxer shorts "Hey, you know? Wherever we go or whatever...it must be detailed enough to stop us all getting Vitamin D deficiency. Weird, huh?" Dare freezes, and the Optimist stares at the ocean, and there is silence, before he says "Look, I know what you're all thinking, but it wasn't my fault, I was a giant snake." He flushes. "I didn't know it was wrong."

The Addict says firmly, "The dolphins here are strictly only into other dolphins. I read up on those little perves, and there'll be none of that on my beach." They take another drink of sangria. They then tell Arcade, "Look, we all did stuff we're not proud of over there. But we can't apply human standards to the behavior of gods and mythological creatures. What happened in the 1930s stays in the 1930s."

The Thrill-Seeker turns to look at Arcade a little puzzled. "No one is upset at you for anything, honey. We all adore you and what you did there isn't who you are here. We've done this twice now...we get it," She says as her expression clears and understanding comes over. Then she just giggles at Briar's comment. Pervy dolphins indeed.

Dare manages to shake it off enough for his hands to start moving as he works down Cheer's back. His voice is a little rough, "That wasn't what I was thinking Arcade, and of course you weren't responsible. You were a _Giant Snake_. You did a host of things that snakes do. There is no blame at all on you for behaving as came naturally to you." He visibly pales as Briar speaks, "No. I am the only one of us here who is a pervert." He drops his hands and rises, walking slowly towards the water.

"Ugh," says Arcade "My brain is full of things I did that I'm just...look, I don't think I regret it so much as I can't block it out. It's like, I finally understand what all the fuss is about, and I'm a giant snake, that's just. Messed _up_. I don't know if there's much point in even thinking about it, but I don't yet know how to tell my brain not to - maybe exercise is a good idea." It does seem to help people relax, after all. He rubs his chin, then he eyes Dare, and says "Well, I dunno, if we're all going by that rule, I don't think you can, you know, be excluded from it, right? I mean...hey, Dare. Don't worry. I mean, none of us were -oh, holy shit. Who was _Zeus_?!"

The Addict calls after Dare, "Please come back." Their tone is gentle and calm. "I don't want to do this, the part where we agonize over what we can't change and race each other to the bottom of our shame. We have to work out what happened in our own way, but right now, we're enjoying the sun and each other." They take another drink of their sangria. The question of who Zeus was raises their eyebrows. "I don't know. I don't recognize him. Wow, that's going to get awkward when he shows up."

The Thrill-Seeker is left looking puzzled again as Dare gets up and says what he says. Then she looks at Briar in puzzlement and back. "Dare, honey?" She calls after him, trying to figure this one out. "You're not at all." And then she is on her feet and trotting after Dare to catch at his hand. Zeus? Not enough to distract her from cheering Dare.

Dare pauses, hugging himself, thinking it over. He takes several slow deep breathes, and returns with her, but he can't look at any of them, "It's not the incest that gets me. It was not a lived thing, just an... attitude of thought." He eyes them, heart shaped shades entirely at odds with his mood, "Did... Did Zeus do anything?"

"Who's your daddy," says Arcade to Dare with a faint grin, and then he says "It's not exactly my story to tell, but he's got some weird feelings about it that are gonna take some processing. I mean. Maybe a lot. Let him have space with them a bit? I feel weird too. I did a _lot_ of things as a snake...no, not that I know of. But if he was someone from here, I bet they feel the worst. It'd be so awkward." A shake of his head, and he eyes the bright blue water thoughtfully, still drinking his pina colada "I know we're not gonna find out why the experience was _cancelled_ but I can't help but wonder if it's because those experiences can alter what we can do out here and something got wiggy because we had power."

"I don't think he did anything while we were out there living our lives," Briar says. "It's just that it's Zeus. Just like I have the memories of being a maenad, he's going to remember turning into geese and whatnot. But, I keep saying this, we can't judge gods and creatures by human standards. If I let myself go there, I've got so much blood on my hands they'll never come clean. I'd lose my mind. I might anyway, but today I'm going to enjoy the beach."

The Thrill-Seeker moves to pull Dare gently into a hug. Pressing a kiss to his forehead as she does. "That was in there," She tells him softly as she glances at Briar hopefully. "I almost eradicated humanity. Talk about a conversation point," She interjects, shooting Arcade a smirk. She can't help it. "Among other things..." Like flashing Ra to stop the God of Gods throwing a tantrum. "But like Briar said...they are not we. So let's be us. C'mon, I'll show you how to put the snorkel on."

Dare lets Cheer hug him, but he is still withing the circle of her arms. When he decdes to sit, he doesn't take up the sunscreen or his old place. He sits next to Briar, without touching them. His voice is barely loud enough to carry, "i keep saying it's the relationships we choose that matter." And then he buries his face in his hands, "I am sorry. I am spoiling things. Go ahead, please snorkel. i'll catch up."

The Optimist says "He's feeling weird because we had sex." He adds "Which is going around, a tonne of weird, but we'll all be okay, I think Briar is right, okay, but I admit sex with me is pretty weird because - reptile. Also maybe he's feeling weird because I had a different orientation there than here, which like, I know you guys sympathise with?"

The Addict's hand settles lightly to rub Dare's back. They lean over and press a gentle kiss to his temple. "We can sit with you," they say. "And you won't go through this alone." They rest their head against Dare's shoulder. "We were different people there, love. If it was consensual, then there is no crime."

The Thrill-Seeker doesn't move to the water when Dare moves back to sit. Worry erases the faint smile as she moves to sit on the other side of him. Reaching out to gently rub his back and seeming at a loss for words. Though Arcade does get her eyeing him with a raised brow. "Is that it, honey?" She asks softly as she turns to look back at Dare. A nod is given to Briar. "I'm not going anywhere till you're smiling again."

Dare nods, "It's just... It seemed very concensual at the time, but in retrospect.... I am so sorry Arcade." He shivers again, despite the heat, but something softens in him when Briar rests their head there. He presses his nose to their hair, then after a moment curls an arm around each waist, "I can't help feeling I took advantage. I meant well, but I should have know better. I was one of the mmost human of us."

"Yeah, I think so?" says Arcade, holding up his hands "But yes, like I've said, I'm pretty sure it was _literally impossible_ to make Ouroboras do something he didn't want to do. I mean, thematically impossible, as a sort of artifact of storytelling. He just was sort of. Ultimately confident. Maybe Sekmet or Sebastianus coulda smacked him down in a fight, but he was tough as." He adds, cautiously "And he was intelligent - sapient. It wasn't like, uhhh. Doing something to an animal, you know, scales - or an alien. The idea's weird. Super weird. But there's a lot of things that are super weird that aren't _bad_." He adds "Like eating chilli."

"You know we can't know what our lives here are like over there," Briar says. They stroke Dare's hair and curl close to his side. "You can't be blamed for knowledge you didn't have. And listen to Arcade, you couldn't have forced Oh to do something he didn't want to do." Their brow knits and they look up a Arcade. "You're right, eating chilli is pretty weird."

The Thrill-Seeker continues to rub Dare's back as she leans against him. "You wanna be technical about things, I think I was really a Lioness that could take human form...And...yeah. I don't want to know who would have won that fight. Probably no one, they'd have broke the place." Is she helping? She's trying to help. Then Arcade makes one of those comments and she turns to look at him again. Wide eyed and vaguely amused. "W-what is weird about chili??"

Dare kisses the top of Briar's head, tension draining from his body. He snorts, "Chili isn't weird, it's Delicious. I wonder if theyever perfected vegetarian chili. In the future I mean. Man, not eating meat was hard in our time. When I was Finn I hada boyfriend who'd buy this weird flaky powder at the coop and he'd mix in water and fry it and insist it was a burger. he'd put tahini on the bun instead of catch up. It was weird, but not half bad. The chilli was nasty though. Cuunks of tofu. Mostly really bland and then you'd bite a peeper and then too hot. it was like nothing was properly blended...." He kisses Cheer's ear, then sighs, "I'm all right. I really am. it just hits me sometimes. a flash of an image and... but I'm all right. I think... being Osiris fixed more things inside me than it hurt."

The Optimist says, “Totally," says Arcade to Briar "I mean, think about it - it's technically poisonous, and causes pain, and we still eat it. What's even a human." He grew up in the era of Tumblr, clearly "Oh yeah, we'd have trashed the joint. Some of the monsters had powers over beauty and things - Ouroboras was incrediably strong, fast, and agile. That's a really dangerous combination for someone who can weigh over a tonne when they want to." He eyes The Thrill Seeker curiously. Apparently Arcade still makes weird comments sometimes, just like Oh did "Yeah, I can't imagine anything other than a human eating that," he says to Dare, dubiously.”

"Nature burger," Briar says. "Danny ate a lot of nature burger." They continue to stroke Dare's hair, and they offer him a soft, sweet smile. "The secret is to fry the tofu in the spices first. It's an extra step, but it's really the only way to make it work. You can't cut the tofu too thick, either. It needs to really soak up all the spice." They grin at Arcade. "You should try it."

"What is weird that after all that I'm now craving a burger," Cheers says with a snort of amusement. Dare gets a squeeze in turn and she shoots Arcade another glance. "Yeah, we both were. Cat and snake, speed and strength is their things." She gives Dare's shoulders a squeeze. "Well, I won't blame you for anything from there. If that helps," She tells him before eyeing the water again.

Dare laughs, "I think I am getting used to being humn again after all." He grins, "Nature Burger! Right! And they'd crumble into the oil and the bits would burn." He asks Briar, "Will you cook chili some with me? Together, I mean? We never did get to make dinner together." He returns Cheer's squeeze, "Nor me any of you. The things that turned me on when I was a God... Are there even words for those kinks?"

"We can cook together," Briar says. "We'll make good vegetarian chili. It's all about how you treat the tofu. There's no excuse for flavorless tofu." They sigh softly and add, "I'm glad I know that because I think I'm going to be a vegetarian for awhile." As for the kinks, Briar glances at Cheer and shrugs as they admit, "I don't know what you were into. I was being oddly monogamous."

The Thrill-Seeker reaches up and rubs the back of her head and looks slightly awkward. "Yeah...I..." She shakes her head and now it is her turn to rub at her face. "I'm trying to just not think about it...cause then I start to miss some of it." And her nose wrinkles as she hops to her feet. "I'm going in!" And she takes off running towards the waves. Cause that's how she do. Run away from the thing!

Dare nuzzles Briar's hair, "I was willing to give up pork for Danny, how much more am I willing to eat vegetarin as long as you need, Love? It is hard toimagine you monogamous, but you certainly wwere and it was beautiful in it's way." He looks alarmed and moves as if to rub cheer's back, but then she's gone. He calls, "That's the worst part really!" Because he loved it of course. every dirty, dirty minute of it. he asks Briar, "you want to swim or stay?"

The Addict watches Cheer quizzically. Clearly, Briar missed out on some interesting shit while they were being a good wife. "You don't have to eat vegetarian for me," they say, and they nuzzle Dare before kissing him. "I'm just done with meat for awhile, that's all. I'm sure I'll come back around." Glancing to the water, they say, "I want to be with you. If you want to go to the water, I'll go to the water."

The Thrill-Seeker doesn't stop running fro the water, but does turn around to trot backwards. She has a smile on her face at least. "I -know-! So I'm going to go play with dolphins, something completel foreign to what we -were- doing!" She calls back before splashing into the water. "Ooooooo, it's so warm!"

Dare kisses Briar like a man lost, "You're worth it. You've always been worth it, Love." He takes their hand and lifts it to press his lips into their wrist, thouse ancient eyes deep with experience and a geologic sense of time fixed on theirs. "when you want meat again, we'll eat meat." Then he's watching the former Goddess splash into the water, "I think, I would like to be in the now for a while. To do something silly. I want to be in salt water and out in the sun, whole and alive."

The Addict returns the kiss with a swift burst of passion. They've been holding back mostly, but not just then. "I'll try not to keep you from a nice steak too long," they say, then steal another kiss. Draining the last of their sangria, they get to their feet and holds out their hands to help Dare up. "Let's go swim with Cheer and not think too much."

The Thrill-Seeker is wading deeper into the warm, blue waters. When she does glance back over her shoulder it is with a happy little grin. Then something in the water catches her eye and she reaches down. Coming up with a conch shell and big ol' grin on her face. "Aw, if only we could take these things!" She says before holding it up to her ear. That's when the small wave hits her mid-thigh. Catching her off guard. Though she doesn't go over she does stumble with a laugh.

Dare has no hesitation is his kisses. He is happy and pen in that way he's been since becoming the Foremost of westerners. "I love you." he takes the hnds and then he's up and running towards the water, his skin already tanning at the shoulders. "Oh wow! I wish we could, Cheer!"

"I love you, too," Briar says with a warm smile, and they run to the water with him. "Don't do that if we go to Australia," they say with a laugh to Cheer. "They've got ones that've got a spike that'll poison you." Thankfully Briar made kind of the opposite of Australia, fauna-wise. They splash playfully at both Cheer and Dare, then wade deeper into the water.

The Thrill-Seeker pops back up and shoots the two of them a smile before she trudges over to where the surf boards are. "Oh really? That's good to know!" She shudders at the idea of getting a spike in the ear and sets the shell back in the water. Hefting the surf board she straps the anklet on. "Danny surfed a bit, right?" She asks Briar as she struggles to remember.

Dare's eyes go wide, "We could go to Austrlia! I want to go... everywhere!" He hums the theme from the Paul Hogan sketch show. "Carnivale in Rio!" he practically purrs, "Greece. Florence." He gives Cheer a melting look, "A Goddess amoung the waves."

"Yeah, he did some," Briar says. "Maybe I'll join you in a little bit." For now, they're content to wade and feel the sand between their toes. "I won't be going into the ocean in Australia. It's too dangerous. Rock fish, blue-ringed octopus, those spike snails, box jellyfish..." They shake their head. "The animals can have it."

The Thrill-Seeker blushes, though it may not be obvious, at Dare's words. "Flatterer," She says even though she is grinning like a fool. "Norway! Iceland! The Northern Lights!" She chimes in giddily as she gets deeper into the water. About waist-deep she lets the board go a straddles it. Not quite swimming out just yet. "Awww, but it won't matter if we die. And Australian's do it all the time and they don't die...much?" She's not sure on this obviously, but it doesn't seem to bother her either. With a shrug she leans over and begins to kick out towards the actual waves. Kimmy went surfing a lot. No surprise there. And even though that has faded a lot, muscle memory seems to stay with her. Off she goes!

Dare flashes a manic grin, "You'll have to teach me to surf first, but imagine the waves! And they have jungles and things too... I supoose Hawaii could be just as good, hiking up nature trails, beaches, surf....Oh! Skiing, toddies in a hot spring...."

The Addict calls after Cheer, "Dying is painful. I like not feeling pain." Glancing sidelong at Dare, they say, "I could imagine myself in a lodge, in front of a roaring fire, sipping cocoa or skinnydipping in a hot spring. There were these hot springs not too far out of Eugene, did you ever visit them? They were awesome."

Dare nods, "The ones up near the Columbia, or other ones. It was so beautiful in the snow, the cliffs and the water and the steeam rising up amoung the pines. Dawn light paintng skin like marble. the endless ache of wanting and the warmth soaking down into ones bones...."

"I was thinking Belknap," Briar says. "Man, Danny knew how to have fun. I think I got all my 'fun' from him. Martin was never a fan of fun, and Diamanto was just a wild animal in a human suit, but Danny? He just enjoyed being alive." They go deeper into the water, then point out a pod of passing dolphins. "Look!"

Dare says, "I like being alive very much." He is just now enjoying the swells, relaxing and letting the water carry him as he paddles lazily after Briar. Seeing the dolphins though, his eyes go wide and he moves faster, catching up with the former Maenad, "Wow! I've only ever seen video of them!"

The dolphins leap and play in the water, not close enough to touch, but close enough to see clearly. "They're so cute," they say, and they slip an arm around Dare. "Okay, now I see what the big deal about dolphins is." They steal a quick kiss, then murmur, "I love you. Whatever happened, it doesn't matter to me."

Dare curls his arm around them and returns the kiss with salty lips, "I feel the same about you, you know. I'm not sure there is anything you could do that would make me love you less."

"I won't put it to the test," Briar says, "but I'm glad to hear it." They watch Cheer riding the waves. "Let's go to Paris, soon. I love seeing everyone, but I want you to myself for a day. I don't feel like we've really had a chance to be, you know..." They smile a little.

Dare attempts a dip kiss, "Together. just us. Finding our rhythm again."