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French Toast
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Marchant House
Date  •  2019-10-15
Summary  •  A couple Marchants and their guests gather for breakfast.

There's a casual dining room for breakfast, and today it's French toast with real maple syrup and a drizzle of hazelnut-infused cream. There's coffee and orange juice, milk for those who want it. A side of eggs or breakfast meats is available.

Jade is in silk pajamas and a robe, all black. His hair is disheveled but still looks good, because of course it does. He pokes at his French toast with a fork. "Spear's still in bed," he says. "I just let him sleep. I'll bring him up something later."

Hector is in a purple fluffyrobe with purple polka dotted black boxrs underneath. He is disheveled and groping zombie like towards the coffee, eyes barely open. Coffee poured and a lump of sugarstired in he gives Jadea sleepy smile, "You take good care ofhim." Sipping his coffee, he contemplatesthe food.

"Same with Zane," says Mona as she strolls in, still dripping from an early dip in the pool. Early, or late? She doesn't look like she's slept yet. Still up is easier to manage than waking up, when it comes to mornings and Mona. She wears a soft terrycloth robe over her suit, and blessedly smells very little like chlorine. She makes a bee line for the coffee, waiting a moment for Hector, though the weak smile of greeting is quickly chased with a, "Hey, Hector. I meant to catch you earlier, but I'm sorry for dragging you into that idiotic drama the other night." She sounds sincere enough, though she's typically that quiet. There's no sulking, but the lack of bite in her tone is more telling. "It was crap of me, and you didn't deserve that shit."

Felicity has on an oversized t-shirt with sleepy sheep on it and loose shorts. Her hair is held back by a scrunchy and she's got fluffy slippers on. She's looking more awake than Hector, but like the brain is still coming on line, but she collects her food - french toast and sausage and some eggs. "He should absolutely get as much asleep as he needs, yeah." Then she heads over to kind of lean against Hector and gives Mona a warm smile.

Jade smiles sleepily at the others coming in. "Morning, sunshines," he says. "I try to take care of him," he tells Hector. "It's easy, though. I mean, I want to do it. He's never any trouble." He smiles a little, then nibbles on a bite of French toast. "How's everyone doing this morning?"

Hector gives Mona a gentle smile, "It's already forgotten. Don't fret about it. We were all under alot of pressure at the time." Reembering Arthur he asks, "How is Zane holding up? Is there anythingwe can do?" He watches Felicity approch as if she were a Goddess. Collecting his own French toast and eggs, he kisses Felicity's cheek as she leans. "I'm good, thanks, Jade."

"Thank you," Mona replies to Hector with a look of relief washing over her features. It doesn't exactly erase all of her tension, though she starts pouring off coffee as she mentions, "It's hard to tell, sometimes? I passed along what I could. I think he's probably still mulling it all over. He was resting for a while, so I left him with our sitter-" She means the giant fluffy cat, which would have been observed to follow Zane around like a purring shadow. "-to hop down to the pool now that the sun's up. He'll probably be down soon; if not, I'll bring something up." Once coffee is in hand and she's chugged down half the mug in a single series of sleep-deprived gulps, she raises it up to greet,

With his loved ones safe and sound, Cash slept well for the first time since graduation. Hector and Felicity probably thought they could slip away under his heavy slumber but he quietly sidles into the kitchen. He's not a coffee drinker. Tea, though, is his aim. He's wearing the bare minimum for sleepwear. Boxer briefs. Short. Blue, like his eyes. As if anyone could catch a glimpse. The kid puts Marky Mark to shame in his barely anything apparel. He gets overheated and agitated, you see. But as usual, he's oblivious to this potential faux pas and is getting french toast and steeping tea, while trying to be unobtrusive.

Mona says, “Morning, Felicity. Jade."”

Felicity beams at Hector for the kiss and settles in to eat, though she nods to Mona. "If there's any way you think we could help, let me know. I've tried checking in, but didn't really get a response." Her gaze flicks over to Cash and she seems to consider saying something and then just shakes her head and goes back to eating.

"So I was thinking we could get out of town for awhile," Jade says. "At least til the full moon. Just a road trip, I guess. Vegas is a couple hours away. We can't gamble, but we could party in a suite. It beats kicking around town waiting for something terrible to happen."

Hector smiles benignly at Mona, showing no signs of lingering upset. He is lifting his mug to his lips again when cash apears and all thought is driven from his brain as he watches his barely covered husband move around. Jade comment partiallysnaps him out of it, "I don't know, Red. Thinkthe Mob would object to a desperado like you blowing into Vegas?"

If strolling around in one's underwear was inappropriate in the Marchant house, swimming would have been a lot different over the years. Mona doesn't even seem to blink. "I was thinking about that. I actually picked up tickets to Paris for Zane and I, as a present for graduation. To see Don Giovanni at the Paris Opera. First show since they became the National Opera." A sigh falls from her lips. "Was going to be a surprise, anyway. With what happened, I just... never mentioned it. Was planning to stay at Mom's old apartment." She sinks into a lean against the table, though she doesn't take a seat. "Out of town doesn't sound like a bad idea. We have a place big enough for everyone? I know there's the place in Vegas, but it might be small for everybody. Aspen, maybe? The lodge?"

Cash perks up. "Canada." He was loading a plate and his face with eggs but all of that comes to a stop. Chew. Swallow. "It's a drive but hear me out. First, we can drink. Also, if we stay to the border? Sasquatch hunting. /I/ promised Spear a trip up to the Northwest for 'quatch time. And I want to be a man of my word." Beat. "Also, Felicity is too, too good at gambling. We learned the hard way. Keep her from the tables."

Felicity laughs and stretches up a little to kiss Hector's cheek. "I have not run afoul of the mob. And out of town sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe by the time I get back someone in records will have actually processed my requests, though... it's a little less pressing, but I'd still like to know." Cash gets an actual pout. "I will not make that mistake again. It will be factored into my calculations. And it was totally a freak occurance. Well, at least extremely unlikely. And it still more than covered dinner with just the quarters. But I'll go wherever everyone else wants."

"We can't gamble in Vegas anyway," Jade says, "you gotta be twenty-one." He takes a drink of coffee. He glances to Mona when she mentions Aspen. "It's the off season," he says. "Might be fun. Would we be taking Dad's jet or driving? I don't want to be too far away in case we have to hurry back for whatever reason. We could rent a cabin at one of those Pacific Northwest lodges. We could swim in a lake, maybe do a little Bigfoot searching."

Hector says, “There are good dance clubs up in Vancouver." He chuckles at Felicity, "Good to know." He starts in on his eggs, "We're all twenty one though. i mean, my ID insists I am.”

"Driving," is Mona's immediate reply. "We might need the cars, and it's not like we'd be able to rent any once on the ground." She does pause to send a grin Cash's way as she considers something he's said -- though it's a moment more before she, perhaps unexpectedly, says, "Bigfoot hunting sounds pretty fun. Though knowing our luck? Probably as real as vampires, and we'd catch one, and Dad said we're totally not allowed any more pets."

"Oh fuck. It's probably real and angry with our luck." Cash deflates a little and goes back to munching. "My ID also said I was twenty-one until it was...confiscated." He eyes Felicity briefly, long enough to wink. "You gotta be legit twenty-one to rent a car. So, we go by road or by plane and then public transport...or maybe you rich kids can get a limo or something." He pauses a bit and stammers out. "I mean that in a good natured way. I do. I just want to keep a promise to Spear and get wasted a few nights in a row."

Felicity clears her throat. "Yeah, the not being allowed to gamble was sort of the objection of the place Cash and I went. They kind of threw us out." Pause. "Look, it was really long odds that I'd get the jackpot and that was practically the only thing on the slot machine which would pay out an amount they'd really scrutinize and... nevermind." She goes back to eating her food. Only a little sulky about it.

"I would say to pick a place where we know Bigfoot probably isn't, just to be safe, like, say... " Mona wheels a hand in the air as she considers this. "Bahamas?" Her brows leap with brief amusement, though the humor doesn't really last. "I should check on Z. I'll let on that everybody's down here if he's up and about. Or at least make sure the cat isn't smothering him."

Jade says, "It's going to be, like, sixteen hours to drive to the Northwest," Jade says. "Even if we stop for the night, that's still going to be two eight hour days. If that's what you want to do, we can do that. It'll be a little more than a day trip, though. I was just thinking about renting a suite in Vegas and sneaking in some Cristal, but to be honest, I'd be happy just to get away for awhile."

Hector says, “I but sasquach is prne to spraying... are those things endangered?" he eyes his husband, "You promised Spear to get wasted?" He gives Felicity a gentle squeeze, "It wasn't your fault you were so lucky... Oh." Bloomquist luck. Right. "I've never been to the Carribean, but it's a little expensive... Getting wasted in a suite with a hot tub away from Vampires soundspretty good, actually... Or wait, maybe an amusement park?"”

"Amusement park! I'll bring ear plugs and sunglasses! I like the coasters but not so much all the people, noise, and lights...and sudden children movement." Cash shudders. "Disney? I've never been...if you are going to do it...and then, we can fuck off somewhere and drink underage. No Bigfoot but I have miles to go before I sleep. I'll keep my promise." He pauses and his pale, freckled flesh turns pink. "I shoulda put on a robe." Now he's very self-conscious, eying napkins as if they would cover him.

Felicity's eyes light up and she sits up. "Wait! Weren't a couple of the Vegas casinos opening up coasters? We can do both! I swear I heard something about that."

"There's so much cool stuff to do int he casinos," Jade says. "Spear and I went there for a weekend when we first got together. We went on a walking ghost tour, then we had a dinner at a five-start restaurant, and later we ordered room service. If there had been time, I would've taken him to Circus Circus. They've got a fairway that's kind of fun in a dorky way."

Hector stands and shrugs out of his robe, to drape over his husbands shoulders. Which leaves him in the boxers and only the boxers, but at least they aren't form fitting. "So Lets do that. High at circus-circus is very hunter Thompson. It's practically a tradition."

"Las Vegas sounds cool." Cash seems unsure, staring deeply into his french toast. Hector's robe breaks whatever loop his brain was caught in and he smiles. "Thanks. I love you." He nods then. "Yeah. Vegas. Just...gotta watch me and the lights. All those...lights. I'm sure I'll be fine. Cool sunglasses are in order. Plus, I want to busk under those lights. Something romantic about it." He looks to Felicity and he smiles anew, as if he's seeing her for the first time. "Just...just don't get us kicked out of anywhere. Bloomquists luck and Freeland want are a potent mix."

"No gambling," Jade says. "Though those fairway games involve chance. You can win some cute stuff, though. I'm going to win Spear a stuffed animal. The biggest one I can find." He smiles at the thought. "We can get a suite, Cash, and if you need to duck out from the lights, there'll be a quiet room just for you. It'll be no problem. And yeah, sunglasses are in order. We can play stupid fairway games, busk, do whatever. I'm going to bring swim trunks since most of the hotels have pools."

Felicity rolls her eyes. "I will refrain from gambling. Unless we have a poker game up in the suite." Still she beams at Cash and goas back to leaning against Hector. "The advantage to Vegas is we can go back to the room if you get overwhelmed without really leaving, leaving. But yes, I can win cute things at the fairway."

Hector kisses Cash's cheek. He seems to have no shame and a physique that would please a Minoan bull dancer. He settles down again to eat his french toast. "Like they said, dark shades and if it gets to much we can always go chill out in the room. We can busk and ride rides and win stuffed animals and just... have fun." He studies Jade, "Maybe pot brownies for the road? Better on the throatthan smoke and a hedgeagainst panic."

"I have to drive." Cash pouts. "I stay sober on the road, especially if we take June." Of course his car is named for Mrs. Carter Cash. "But you guys are welcome to partake. I'll just wait until arrival. And Jaden, don't skimp out on us. Only the fucking best for your friends, yeah?" He's better, relaxed and eating again. "I'm tired of worrying. I've...oh, I--Sorry, guys. In advance." He approaches Hector. "I didn't get a gift because of all the...stuff but I didn't forget the day. I marked it on my heart so, I'm late but...happy anniversary. We met on June 26th." And Cash kisses Hector with a passion and ferocity unseen by most eyes. Cash doesn't PDA much. But, it's an occasion. Hands. Tongue. The works. He ends it with a peck and a flushed smile.

"Maybe we should rent a tour bus," Jade says. "I mean how many of us are there going to be, anyway? Can any of us drive something that big? Anyway, it's not a long drive, so we won't have to stay sober for long." He wrinkles his nose as Cash and Hector smooch. He glances down at his breakfast and prods at it with his fork. He doesn't say anything snarky. He's going to let them have this. So he shovels the last of his French toast into his mouth, then takes a drink of coffee.

Felicity gets out of Cash's way so he can kiss Hector. Well, not too far out of the way. She's seemingly quite plesed with her front row seat to that kiss. After a moment she seems to remember there's someone else in the room and shoots a slightly guilty look Jade's way. "It sounds like a plan to me."

Hector had just lifted his hand to start rubbing Cash's bck when he basically melts into that kiss. "OhBaby, you are the gift. You always were. Still." He reaches into the pocket of the robe cash is now wearing and pulls out a guitar pick on a black leather thong. "It's the one you were using that day. I sort of.. stole it and kept it all that time we were apart. Only now we're never gong to be apart again, so I had them drill a hole for the string." He looks down, "If it's too weird..."

Cash recognizes the guitar pick after a moment. He laughs. "I had lost like..three on the way and I remember being glad I was staying put so I could get new ones. That was the last of the pack." He blinks a few times. "You kept it all this..." He sniffles. "I never left you. I knew it too." He lets out a sobbing sort of noise that he muffles behind his hand. "No. Not too weird. Beautiful. Best gift." His voice is muffled by his hand. He looks at the others. "Fuck. See...I said sorry for a reason." He reaches for Felicity. "I think that...our day will be May 26th. Our lives have been entwined for all of our lives. I mean, it's close to the coming out of whatever this is. And...it gives your own month." He looks over at Jade. "Come here while I'm feeling loving. Chaste hug. Friends. Lovers. Vacationers soon. Yeah?"

Jade looks like he's suffering. The man was in the closet all his life, until very recently, so publicly displaying anything has been difficult for him. But he's giving them this. He's not going to ruin their moment just to make himself more comfortable. He finishes his coffee, and when Cash tells him to come over, he smiles, gets up, and saunters over to the trio, arrogant as an alley cat, and he holds out his arms. "Soon, yeah. We'll have a good time."

Felicity is easily pulled back in, though she frowns a little. "The 26th? Not the 22nd or 23rd?" Still she cuddles in against Hector and Cash and then adds Jade to the hug as well. She does add an extra kiss to Cash's cheek, though. "And you certainly don't have to apologize to me. Jade, maybe, but not me. Not for that." Poor Jade. Too much soppiness. At breakfast, even.

Hector strokes Cash's hair, "I love you so much. I always will." Then he's hugging all three of them feircely.