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Found Out About You
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Amy Lester  •  Zane Bloomquist  •
Location  •  London Arms
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Lester Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-04
Summary  •  After the meeting with Mr. Chen, several students linger around to catch up with Felicity Bloomquist.

Lucas puts his tea cup down jsut taking a long time to process this, head down, hands hiding his eyes thumbs to temples. Finally he stirs up the energy in his lethargy to move. He gets up and nods to Landon in that silent /I'm okay/ or even /make the call/ fashion. Looking to Felicity the grin sharpens, "Thought you bailed out of town on us in total?" Looking to Mona, "Weeee will be right behind you, pretty lady. If we grab lunch on the way in want me to grab somethin for you, Mona?"

Felicity blinks. "Okay, I did not bail on you all. My parents got jobs someplace else and demanded that I follow. Now, they have decided it would be better off to have me back here." There's a shrug and the kind of look that says she's eliding an awful lot about that decision to send her back. "Aparently just in time for death and mayhem. Maybe luck said you all needed me. Maybe I'm paying for previous lucky breaks. Maybe the 'blood called me here'. Whatever. Time will tell. Should at least be interesting."

"I was wondering when we got another redhead in school, then it was all: Oh, that's just Felicity." Landon starts, a hand lifted to adjust the rim of his sunglasses, "Then it dawned on me. Felicity is back? And here you are." To Mona's suggestion, he makes a quick response after his brother's, "Morrison will insist on taking us. It's better this way." Then back to Felicity, "So you magically came back? At this moment too?" He can't help but take a glance over his shoulder to peer out at Mr. Chen, "I wonder if there really is something about that, being drawn to this place due to blood."

"You're an angel, Lu. Wasn't... " Mona absently rubs at her cheek as she sets her teacup down, still partly full. "...the best night, and wasn't hungry until you just now mentioned it. I'm going to kidnap Zane over to our place for a couple days -- so, uh. Yeah. Food good?" She's been awake since last night, and it shows. She still manages a wave for Felicity, and a friendly smile, by exhausted Marchant in too much leather standards, anyway. "Arthur wasn't doing so great last night, and if they put out another call, I don't... know if it would be safe." Almost instinctively, she reaches down for Zane's bruised, bitten hand, a frown working its way across her features. "See you back at the house? Might be awake for dinner, if nothing else. Might... not."

"Still glad you're back," Zane says to Felicity, giving her a smaller smile than before, and glances down to his wounded hand when it's taken. That's still kind of sore, actually. "Food good," he agrees, which is basically always his feeling on the topic. "But yeah, I'll see you guys later? I really gotta... take a nap, I think."

Lucas murmurs fixing his coat, "What I do know is destiny is not as favorable as choice aaand," He looks to Felicity squinting from behind the sunglasses, "Good to see you back." He looks to Mona and that is definiately a wink. He doesn't even raise an eyebrow to that but oh does he chew on that compliment. "Mona you give me the best presents." He's talking about teh compliment right? He pauses. Yup that's thw whole thought, "I'll get a bag of em." Running a tongue at his eyetooth though he ponders looking back to teh cup now empty on the table. "The tea wasn't bad." THat? That is curious. Huh.

Felicity flashes Zane a super-bright smile. "Yeah. I think... it's where I need to be right now. It's good to see everyone." Then she laughs. "Food, the one universal good in teen lives." There's a beat and then she sighs. "I don't want to go home, yet. And I have no idea what's up around here anymore. Other than Cash has a serious boyfriend. Well, and the vampires."

Amy has been so quiet ever since that revelation about being a werewolf. Or rather, being distantly related to werewolves. She likely has more questions, but she didn't feel the urge to ask them in front of everyone. Even after Mr Chen left she's been kind of sitting there thoughtfully, just staring and only vaguely listening to the conversations going on around. Until right now, when she suddenly stands up and makes her way over the way to get a cup of tea. "It's not like everything ever fucking changed, Felicity," she quips with a bit of a shrug. "Except for the vampires, I guess."

"You know we got school this week?" Landon asks in a wry tone to Mona, "It's only Tuesday." He's probably joking in regards to her saying that she's stealing Zane away for a few days. Nevermind that the twins skipped school today! When they discuss food, Landon can't help put give a sour look. Food used to taste great! But now it needs to be rare, seriously. When Amy speaks up, dark eyes flicker to his cousin, "So you got into a one v one wit a vampire? Go you, Amy."

"You make a kickass pixie, Felicity. Good to see you back, no matter the when or why," Mona offers in farewell, though that tired factor is clearly starting to kick her ass. "Don't you dare be a stranger." She still has to drive back to what she will doubtless forever after consider Chez Renfield somewhere in the snarkier depths of her subconscious. There is only a brief pause before she tilts her head, glancing to her cousins again. "Maybe this weekend we have a smaller 'party' if we can get the all clear from Father. House movie night, just. To discuss our options. Besides, the more we can keep an eye on each other at night from here out, the better, I think. Safety in numbers is real."

"Also, if there are any of the straightjackets that survived the night, toss them in my room? Gonna distress them for the show. Plausible cover story for the win." And with that, her fingertips flicker in another tiny wave, and she begins to make her way out: blowing a kiss to her cousins, spinning her keys on a fingertip, and whistling 'Spanish Ladies' like a proper pirate queen. Yep, Mona's fresh out of fucks to give about what people think today.

"Hey, some of us were at school today!" she calls off over her shoulder on the way out, but the laugh in her voice -- no matter how tired -- is teasing.

Lucas actually legitimately called in sick and had their homework sent back. And knowing Lucas' savvy and unexciting ass the little shit will stay up and finish it if it kills him. Little try hard. Seriously. "Yeah, hold onto him for a few days, Mona so I can collect the ransom from the milk carton. it'll buy us lunch." He loves his family, but it won't stop that dry wit from coming around ofr finding a way to cash in on it. "Weirdly, as much as I hate it? I'll be outside." Because if the world gets totally fucked he might miss the sun even if it's super pissed at him right now.

Felicity shrugs at Amy. She starts to say something and then apparently thinks better of it. Mona gets another of her quick-silver smiles and a laugh. "It is totally my destiny to be a pixie." And then she watches Lucas go, and the smile fades into a slight frown.

"Technically a two v one," Amy admits, sipping at her hot tea for a moment and making a face. "Though I think Ash Freeland is more of a hinderance than an ally in a fight, gotta say," The Lester smirks a little, leaning against the bench, folding one arm across her chest while holding the cup in the other one. "But Fran is strong and she's fast. She caught my punch in her fist without even thinking about it and tossed me into the wall like it was nothing. And she did the same to Ashley at the same time. Threw both of us aside. She personally wasn't concerned about me, but I dunno what they would've done to Silvio if I hadn't done something, so." Another shrug.

Mona heads towards Lake Havasu - English Village <O>.

"As long as he doesn't think he'll need to pay for extra security again that night, I'm sure it'll be fine." Landon says in regards to the movie night suggestion. Here his brows lift while this resigned, yet thoughtful expression forms on his features, "As long as he's not angry about the boys who cried wolf anyway." For all he knows, they were still under house arrest, and have been even before Monday night, but that was on Theodore and Morrison.

With Lucas making his way out the door, there's this strong urge for Landon to follow. After last night, he was worried about his brother. "Imagine if you didn't return, you wouldn't know all about the crazy shit going on in the city of your birth. Or your bloodline, less someone decided to tell you anyway." His eyes are still on the entry way where Lucas had escaped to, "Staying here until graduation then?" Finally, his gaze shifts back to her. "Well, welcome back. Looks like we'll need all the help we can get. Or endanger you for no good reason."

To Amy, however, he can't help but bite at his lower lip with a nod, "I can see them tossing Ashley around like a ragdoll, but you?" His brow furrows, "So, thinking of how to spin this to Morrison, you know, what happened to you guys. I'm sure he'll be pretty pissed to hear that you got into a scrap with them though."

Felicity nods. "Yeah. I'm here through the summer at least. I... there's a bit of a question about where or if I'm going to college, though I'm sure I will eventually." And doesn't that little pause and evasion speak volumes for someone who ought to be able to get in to any college of her choosing if she was anything like she used to be. "But yeah. I'm back. Until most of us scatter to the winds, at least." Beat. "At least the stone thing explains why vampires would be here. Because they were telling me that New York had fewer vampires and that just didn't make any sense from either a sustainable population OR a hiding stand point."

"Well this idea of graduating and leaving doesn't really apply to me, I'm not likely to go to college myself. Ashley is trying to get me to fill out some sporting scholarship," Amy says dryly with the thought that it's all kind of pointless, inclining her head towards Felicity a smidge. She glances at Landon proper, shrugging. "I'm not the best fighter in world though. Morrison gets the better of me most of the time when we're training. I don't really know how to spin it to him. Could just not. He doesn't need to know about every fight I get into. I mean, I got lucky that the others backed off, but I was pissed off." A beat. "Full moon I guess. I never really thought about the moon before, you know. Maybe I should just lean into being scary more than the actual hitting." She shakes her head, takes another sip of her tea and stares at it with a frown, before tipping the rest of it down the sink.

All this talk of graduation and college has Landon saying, his hands slipped within pants pockets, "Right, college. We don't need this in our lives right now." He's about to say more, having all sorts of concerns and complaints about their situation, but then he remembers the why they are in this situation and the part he played in it. This is when he removes his sunglasses temporarily, folding them closed, but rather than tucking it away, he keeps them within his grasp. "I have a few ideas in mind." He says of the vamps, "Try to find their..." His brow furrows, "Revenants, the ones assisting them in the daytime." Very much what the Marchant family used to be to the elder vampire. "Not that they are living large, so I don't expect them to have that many hanger-ons. They might even be other bikers-- who aren't vampires. But it's something to look into." Here, he sighs, "Even though with exams and yearbook and everything, we're," He's talking about himself and Lucas, "Will be hard-pressed to be of much help in that. Though Theodore's got a guy. We might ask him."

Then to something Amy says, Landon looks on her without the shades veiling his eyes. "I've noticed. I lived with all of you for a good 12 years of my life before being 'adopted' by the Marchants. Family dinner during a full moon could be.. pretty chaotic." He says this with some fondness.

Felicity nods a bit. "Might also look at any motel employees, or even just other people staying there long-term. Most people desperate enough to live at a motel can probably be bought cheeply. Desperation does funny things to people and it sounds like there's more to it than just money as well." She seems to have a thought. "How long has this person been around? Would she know what I look like? Maybe we could use that."

"Right now? I can't say I can think of a fucking time to have vampires show up in our lives that's actually good." Amy says with a smirk, shaking her head as she turns back to look at the pair. "Well they're probably hanging out at the motel, those 'revenants'. I dunno what you're gonna learn about 'em. But hey. I'm sure I can take them on if I gotta." She shrugs a little about school and everything. She's someone who'll ditch class pretty often afterall. Though she has slowed down on that lately. Actually wanting to complete highschool is kind of important.

There's a brief grin and she shrugs. "I never noticed it." She says again, glancing up. "Listen, I gotta move. That's a good idea though Felicity, it's been a while huh. Maybe you've been forgotten." A beat. "I mean that in a good way. Forgotten by the vampires. Anyway!" She hurries along. "Laters." And with that, Amy Lester is heading outside to switch back into her skates and zoom off.

"Unless they can smell it in your blood." Landon says, having absolutely no real concrete information on vampires aside from what they'd just learned today. "Look," And he's not sure if anyone's told Felicity yet about who drank the blood, "Several of the other kids were at the beach for whatever reason and were strangely drawn to this campfire where they were given something out of a bottle to drink. Why did no one else get lured in, I'm not sure." He then adds, "The day after, when we learned about these strangers giving the student body some sort of drugged wine, we, as part of the newspaper team, decided to investigate and that's how we got roped in. But... you might be right. And the only reason that they can find us now is because some of us ingested the elder's blood." There's this wary glance thrown over to Mr. Chen in the distance, watching the man do his work. "Either way, Mona's throwing a brainstorming movie party if you wanna come with. You've been to the Marchant estate right? We got a theater room with reclining seats."

Felicity scrunches her nose. "It's been a while, but I think a couple of times. For like birthday parties and things. And movie night sounds perfect. Also, well, I guess something being passed around makes some sense. Though I've been sitting through 'don't drink anything someone you don't know hands you unless it's sealed' lectures for what feels like years, but maybe that's being a girl." Or at least being a girl in a city where everyone doesn't know everyone else and the girl in question has those breasts.

Taking a deep inhale, Landon says, "It's not that easy. Even before the first drink, there was just this urge to taste what was in the bottle. I don't know if everyone felt it, but if they did, I can see why it was difficult to turn down. That urge just keeps getting worse and worse now of course." Canting his head to the side, a thought comes to mind about her sudden return to Lake Havasu, but for now, he refrains from asking. "Anyway, it's great having you back. Vampires and all." He at least flashes her a little smile, "And today you've learned that you're descended from the Fairy folk. Now I'm not well-versed in that kind of thing, so all I'm seeing is Tinkerbelle right now." And he finds that amusing. "Anyway, Morrison's probably here by now waiting for me." A pause, "Due to our being hunted by a biker gang, he's been our bodyguard. Best big brother ever, huh?" This might sound like a joke but he genuinely means it. "So we'll see you around, I figure."

Felicity snorts. "I think it's less tinkerbelle and more 'Come hang out at this party... oh did we not mention it will seem like one night, but you'll show up seven years later?' or 'it was a really nice horse wandering around until it flew up into the air and then tried to drown me.' But feel free to clap to if you believe. Maybe it will keep us alive. And... okay, that sounds creepy. Very creepy. Still, I've been warned. Maybe that will help. See you around. I should probably be getting home anyway."