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Forth Time Out
Characters  •   The Bravo  •  The Penitent  •  The Capitalist  •
Location  •  The Facility - Hall of Rooms
Date  •  2019-03-01
Summary  •  Penitent ventures out of her room for her forth trip into the Facility, meeting up with Capitalist and Bravo.

Sometimes, you never can tell just how busy any given place in the Facility might be. One moment the hallway or parlour is crowded with people, and in other moments it's very quiet. The Penitent has a minor preference for the latter, and has kind of just waited in her room for a little since awakening and remembering her latest new life. Eventually, and not really that long after her awakening back here, the door to her room opens and Penny steps out. Just like always. Slacks and a blue singlet top. No shoes. Naturally her gaze sets at that door across from her, and she peers at it for a few seconds, as though debating, before turning towards the parlour.

There are more doors in that hallway than just that one particular door, and some are even right next to it. It's that one that opens to let Bravo step out into the hallway. She looks much like before, gone is the 80s hair and makeup, the attitude of Roxie. She's back to clinging to the identity that she'd decided on for herself prior to this newest bump in the room. Today finds her in all white, a skirt and a top, with sandals on her feet that would be suited to a spring or summer day somewhere nice, not the cold emptiness of the Facility. The door is closed behind her with a little force, announcing that Penny isn't the only one in the hallway any more.

Turning, when that sound comes, Penitent's gaze moves towards Bravo when that noise accompanying the woman's presence is heard. Her head tilts, and that simple little smile of Penitent's finds its way to her face. "Hello," she offers, her tone all pleasant and light. Naturally, seeing the woman has her dwelling on the memories, and linking people together from that summer at the lodge. "... Roxie, I remember. Well, there you go." She glances left and right, up the hall and down it again. "So, what did you think of it all?"

The Capitalist arrives from The Facility - Parlor.

"It was idiotic." Bravo replies, a faint smile crossing over her face at Penitent, leaning her shoulder against the frame of her door, "But different, I guess. I learned a lot....but." She hesitates there, her eyes shifting towards the door next to her own, then back towards Penny, "I don't think I've handled it in quite the same way as others are...I don't feel it was me." There is almost the slightest of apologetic shrugs for that, "Are you okay?"

"Oh, that's okay. I never felt like it was me after the first time, either. Though, you still lived it. It was 'real', you know?" Penny does lift her hands to make some air-quote gestures around the word real, and then shrugs her shoulders. She too, leans nearby, against the wall between doors. "But I guess you got a whole lot of those new experiences you were looking for." A frown there, "And a whole lot of it was college drama?" The smile that comes is a pleasant, lightly amused thing and she gives a faint noise of humour, before nodding. "I'm fine, honestly. I'd say Emily was a ... disappointing person to be. Definitely a downgrade after Anette and Kylie, but I guess there's something to be learned there after all."

"Less college drama more..." Bravo pauses, tilting her head very faintly as she searches for that word, looking for just the right one to describe it. But then she shakes her head, "It was different?" It is almost a lame end to what might have been an otherwise profound statement. Empty. Despite all those new memories crowding in her head there isn't one thing that leaps out at her as a way to put words to it.

"I'm sorry that Emily was a disappointment. I don't really think I had much feeling about her one way or another...she was nice? I think. Nice enough." She shakes her head, frowning just a bit before a smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "I guess. That....it is what it is."

"It certainly didn't have the emotional kick to it that Prosperity did," Penny nods at that comment on it being different. "I guess I had the drama. And I'm not sure that Emily was all that nice. Gosh, she was a gossipy little something, that's for sure. Your whole thing with Raul was the talk of Zeta Eta Pi for a while, thanks to her. But yeah, same. I didn't really have any thoughts on Roxie either, otherwise. Or ... Joshua, or any of your little group of visitors." A pause, and then she shrugs. "That happens, sometimes."

There's a brief grin there. "Getting electrocuted though, that's a new one. I'm almost sad that I lived through it, myself. Honestly I do feel like it's harder if you end up surviving whatever these things are. At least dying ends it all. When you move from being one person, alive and surviving whatever horrors had been thrown at you and trying to live life into ... coming back here. It's a little harder, yeah."

"Was it?" Bravo wonders, looking curious for a moment, but strangely detached from the idea at the same time. "I remember hating him. But not hating him." There is the smallest of furrows that appears between her brows, "It's a strange thing, though. You would think that it would be one or the other, but I remember feeling very, very strongly about him. In a completely mixed up kind of way." She shakes her head, dismissing the confusion about the feelings she remembers quickly, "I haven't seen him yet, though."

Ever since he'd awoken in the Facility, the Capitalist had kept track of what was going on at the lodge through the television. Observing the funeral held for Christian Price and then the finale where both Laine and Justin and the rest fought for their lives to save the world, or so the narrative led everyone to believe, but all of this kept Price's memories and his emotions so strong within the man. That funeral? That was for him. And though he knew who Laine was in this place, just watching Laine there, and not Eilis, kept him at the edge of his seat as he quietly prayed for her survival, alongside Price's best friend. He got his wish.

With that in mind, he only knew it was a matter of time before Laine and the rest would reawaken back in this place. What he would do or say at that moment, is something he had been preparing for, but all the plans in the world tend to fall apart in practice.

After having showered and changed into his business casual get-up, which was mainly a business suit ensemble minus the suit, he hears voices in the hall just as he's finished doing up his tie. He also gives himself one last look in the mirror, ensuring that his he looks as presentable as he wants to look. In a way, he is all about perfection. Maybe the lucky ones from the lodge had already started trickling out from the comforts of their rooms.

The door with the finely dressed man counting coins swings open, a look given to the pair within the hall. Spotting the Penitent, the first name that flashes into his mind is Emily, or that friend of Laine, as Christian's memories are still that fresh, but he knows her by another name or two and at this moment, he's uncertain as to which to address her by. "Madison." He goes with that, this look of brotherly concern on his features. He steps forward, a look given over to the Bravo as well, but he continues on, moving close to the Penitent if she wants a hug or anything. Not that many of the Capitalist's personas were real huggers, but if she needs any sort of comfort, he'll be there for that. It looks like, she's fine though. "I don't know how to even feel about any of this, especially with the knowledge that some of us may not be returning, but... I'm glad that you're safe, at the very least." He then considers the rest of the doors, stating to both, "Now we see who returns and who doesn't. We're bound to run into new faces and familiar ones alike." Maybe one day, Justin or Leo or whoever he is, will find his way here.

"Well, you were the new people. Emily loved to gossip and this sudden story about your group and Jon's best friend also being your ex and fucking Jon's wife, yeah, sure. You were our neighbours for the time being, as it were, and new, so it was something to talk about." Penitent grins a little at that idea, shaking her head. "Until all the ghosts came anyway. Actually it was probably Max's pranks that got us talking about something else first, but you know." She shrugs her shoulders there. "Anyway, how do you think you feel about him now, then? It's a curious thing actually, how that all plays out."

Then she's shifting again as Capitalist's door opens, and tilts her head as he steps through that portal, offering her simple, guileless smile. "Hello," she says, brows lifting up a moment at the name he chooses to adress her with. There's no particular need for comfort evident about her, and no hugging seems to be required. "As safe as ever," she agrees, shrugging her shoulders. "After another run of dealing with someone elses past. Have you noticed that trend?"

"Hey, C." Bravo greets the man when he appears from the door next to her own room, but she doesn't budge from her spot. Still remaining there. The news that it was all interesting gossip about Roxie and Raul and...all the rest is absorbed. Taken in with a curious expression, but she doesn't seem to have any kind of ready comment about it. Instead she lets her attention shift further down the hallway, towards the rest of the doors, and away from the pair of them.

Whatever reunion they need to have, or don't have for whatever reason, she gives them as much privacy for it as she can. Without actually giving them any privacy at all.

"If you're still trying to convince me that I should feel safe in this place because it's safer than what we'd just been through," The Capitalist starts off, brows creased a little when he looks to Penitent, but his features soften and warm up a touch. He's not going to do this song and dance again and this inquiry was simply a rhetorical one, "Now that we've lived through the 80's, I'm both afraid and curious to know what's on the television at this moment."

He caught some of their chatter on exit from his room, though as he mills around here, his gaze falls on the Caregiver's door with some concern, before returning to look upon the others once again. "I wonder what happened with Raul. Can't say I caught that portion of the television programming, but it does have me curious."

Those words still get a reaction from Penitent all the same. "I have never tried to convince you of that." She returns with a bit of an edge to her voice, shaking her head. "I've got my thoughts on it, sure, but when have I ever tried to push them onto you? Of the two of us, that seems more like your style of operating. And you're the one who decided to use the word 'safe'." Frowning a little, she shifts then, standing up straight to begin to move towards the hallway. There's a glance to Bravo, her smile there again for just a moment, perhaps a touch apologetic.

There is a glance back over her shoulder however, brows lifting up. "We were on the TV? That's ... kind of awesome, actually. So much for my music video theory. I need something to eat."

Any smiles in her direction are not noticed since she is very, very pointedly not looking at the pair of them. Not until there is mention of the television, and her attention turns back towards them, then towards the parlor beyond, "I wonder..." She starts to straighten up from where she's been leaning, finally moving away from the spot to approach the pair of them. "I don't know what happened to him, I lost track of him. But considering his track record I imagine he survived, like a cockroach."

When she reaches the pair of them she comes to a stop, looking between them then she reaches out, one hand for each of them, aiming at their arms, "C. Madison." Evidently today both of them are going with Madison. "I want to ask you both a favor."

"You might think of it in that way," The Capitalist says, turning his head in Penitent's direction, "But your words and opinions will always hold some sway." Usually for that part of him that still clings to Conrad Wellson. While, he, himself, isn't particularly hungry since there was no real need to eat in this place, he's considering whether he wants to actually venture out there, knowing that there's always someone in the parlor, for the most part. The television is there, though. If they turned it on, what would they see?

Not that he commits to any of this verbally, continuing to linger even as the Bravo looks as if she'd be heading in that direction herself, but at that pause and the words spoken, there's a tilt of his head and a light curious furrowing of his brow, "My usual answer is: It depends on what you're asking." But this is a way of his telling her to go ahead and inquire on this favor.

Penitent likely isn't particularly hungry either, but she takes comfort in eating, especially when it can be whatever she wants whenever she wants and there's no long term effects from eating unhealthy in a place like this. So there's every chance she just had a need to get away. Even still, with Bravo's words, she does linger around a touch longer, frowning a little once again at being called Madison, closing her eyes and just giving something of a nod to the both of them, along with a gesture for Bravo to go ahead with whatever she wants to ask.

There is a very amused look for Capitalist, then Bravo just shakes her head, "I promise it'll only hurt a little." She holds her arms at towards the pair of them, "I just want hugs, and then I'm going to go find myself a quiet stage somewhere and spend a little time to myself."

Of course. She wants hugs. The Capitalist isn't opposed to this and reaches out an arm to grant her this wish. "There's a lot of worse things that you could have asked for." He says in that somewhat wry tone that he often uses. Dark eyes even look to the Penitent when the request is made, expecting this to be some weird group hug therapy thing. "As for me, I'll probably pick up a cup of coffee and see what's on the tele. With everyone waking up from the Lodge about now, I expect a lot of questions needing to be answered."

Hugs are something Penny can do! She will oblige with a quick, swift hug, even if it means some kind of group hug action going on. She'll linger there for a moment, part of the group, but quiet and with something of a pensive expression about her. "Well, we should maybe just let people figure it out on their own, like we had to," she suggests mildly. "But I want something to eat and then ... I don't know."

It might be therapy. But it is also an excuse for Bravo to have a group snuggle, because that is what she does, unabashedly takes full advantage of both of them being willing to humor her by hugs that are mildly more snuggly than is strictly for therapy. But it's quick, and then she's willing to release them both with a smile that is smug and pleased, "Thanks."