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Foolish Games
Characters  •   Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Cemetery
Date  •  2019-08-23
Summary  •  Hector gets Silver to spill some of her angst while they watch the Lyrid meteor shower.

It is just at sunset and one of the flat bier-style graves has a blanket laid across it. A small pillow even rests there. A silver CD player is currently playing Animotion's 'Obsession'. ~I feed you I drink you. My day and my night, I need you, I need you. By sun or candlelight, you protect, you want to leave. Stay. Oh, there's no alternative.~

Silver herself is laying on her back staring at the slowly darkening sky. There is the scent of weed drifting among the tombstones and it comes from the half-smoked joint between her lips. On the ground within arms reach is her camera bag. "Your face appears again, I see the beauty there. But I see danger, stranger beware," She plucks the joints from her lips and sings along half-heartedly as smoke billows from her lips.

Hector turns up, Cash being otherwise engaged. It's a good song, but concerns him given recent events. he follows the music and wee, like Theseus following ariadne's thread through the tombstone maze. He syudies her, trying to guage her conditionbefore calling, "Hey sil."

Silver is in a somber mood it would seem. The song dying on her lips when she hears Hector's greeting. Turning to look at him in only vague surprise. "Oh, hey Hector," She says, waving with the hand holding the joint. It's clear from -how- she is holding it that it's a new experience. Slowly she smiles, but it is a distant and faint thing, and then she crooks a finger at him. "Talking to your mom?" She guesses as the song sings on. The joint is inexpertly proferred towards him. "Want some?"

Hector smiles crookedly, "Trying to, yes." He drifts towards her and collects the joint, taking a long, expert drag before handing it back. When he can speak again he says, "Mind if I join you?"

Silver shakes her head and scoots over on the blanket to leave room for him. "Go for it. I'm not sure what kind of company I am," She admits as she takes it back. Watching the cherry red ember thoughtfully. "We should be able to see the Lyrid meteor shower tonight." The sky is quickly darkening and stars are coming out.

The song ends and goes into the soft and haunting voice of Sarah McLachlan's Fear. ~Morning smiles...like the face of a newborn child. Innocent unknowing...winter's end. Promises of a long lost friend speaks to me of comfort...but I fear, I have nothing to give. I have so much to lose here in this lonely place...~ Silver lets out a slow sigh and takes another drag as the song starts.

Hector settles next to her, "It's okay. I can try to be company for you instead." He studies her profile, "You want to talk about it? I mean, all of it and not just the obvious things."

Silver's lips twitch and she closes her eyes for a minute to consider that. Usually she talked to Spear. Sometimes they didn't even need to talk. But his approach to things wasn't always helpful; enthusiastic for sure, but she hadn't even been able to tell Spear about the night of the first drink. Silver gave a little sigh, blowing out smoke, and slowly licked her lips. "I can try I guess..." She says softly.

Another toke and she passes it over to him as she focused on the blossoming star-scape above. "I...don't know where to start. Or which is more bothering...I'm not good with heart stuff," She says with a slight shift of her shoulder meant to be a shrug. "But there's someone I think I've loved for years...and he is clueless. Pretty sure he wants someone else like I want him. And...I want him to be happy, but it really, really, really sucks. And...kinda hurts..." And she lets out an explosive little breath and frowns up at the sky. A soft sniff and she clears her throat. "So there is that..." But apparently there is more.

Hector is patient. He takes a smaller drag and passes it back, "I saw how you looked at Zane that day in the park. He's beautiful. I thought you were looking at Mona at first, but you keep saying he." He puts an arm around her shoulders in response to the sniff. "It really sucks being the Little Mermaid sometimes."

There is a second or two of quiet and then she nods once, taking a drag on the joint. Then coughing for a few more seconds. "The mermaid tosses herself overboard and turns to seafoam at the end," Silver points out in a rough voice as she taps ash off the end and passes it back. The music shifts from Sarah to Fiona Apple's 'Criminal'.

"Then I think about all the heartache and stuff in my life. And I try to think, 'I don't need that. I don't want to be sad like that.' But seems it gets you anyway," Silver says as she shifts slightly under his arm. Mostly to reach her water bottle and take a gulp. "And then there's the stuff that happened the night I had my first drink...a-and it's frustrating. I can't remember except flashes and dreams." And she wraps her arms around herself. "A-and Lucas and I..." She goes quiet and stares at the sky. "I can't even remember my first time. And I kind of wanted it to be something special and amazing," Well duh, everyone does you dumb kid.

Dare rubs her back while she coughs. Not thumping, just trying to sooth. "we all very much would prefer you didn't turn to foam, Sil. We much prefer you alive and tending snakes and spiders and maye fiding a nice merperson you can love you back." He keep rubbinng her back, "Sometimes we just have to grieve what can't be fixed. It sucks nd it hurts, but it's surviveable if you want it to be." He winces when the implications hit him and he wraps both arms aroud he and hugs her, "I'm so sorry! Oh, Sil!" He thinks a moment and says, "My first time wasn't magic either. It was... frustrating and it really hurt, even though that wasn't the intention. Sometimes we don't get what we want or deserve in that way. I... I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes, but I can tell you that it gets better. That you can still have your magic even if your first time isn't like it is in novels. You can still have special and amazing. you justhave to keep trying."

There is something about how he is talking to her that just seems to deflate her a little more. Silver swallows harder and shakes her head. "Yeah...next time," She gives a sarcastic little laugh and sniffs again. "I mean, Lucas jokingly offered. But there's nothing there. We're good friends, but he also has a crush." She looks down at her hands and fiddles with her water bottle. The music continues on, switching from Criminal to Foolish Games by Jewel. "We also took a boat for a joyride and lost most of our clothes to the lake..."

Dare smiles sadly, "Oh, Sil..." He takes a breath, "My first time was with my best friend sean. we knew each other since Middle School, you know? And we thought, hey, we're both bi and we really like each other, so... Yeah. but it was a terrible idea. Not the worst I had in the last couple years, but there really wasn't anything there, you know. But we're still friends. You and Lucas can maybe still be friends too even if it's awkward for a while. It was definately awkward for us for a while, but we got through it. And matybe we can find you the kind of guy you deserve. You know, one who really gets you and sees how bright and talanted and kind and all around amazing you are."

Silver smiles a little but it fades almost as fast as it came. "Yeah...wait, Sean? Same Sean I know? No...you said middle school," She shakes her head and goes back to star gazing. A streak causes her eyes to widen a little bit. "I can't remember enough for it to be really awkward. Lucas is also a good guy. He doesn't make things awkward," She says softly before offering him the last of the joint. "I really don't know if I want to find anyone," She says just as Owner of a Lonely Heart starts playing. "These guys got it," And she points tothe cd player with a smirk.

Dare laughs, "Jesus no! Though he is seriously cute. I mean my Sean back home in Cali. Do you like him? Your Sean I mean? Ohman, I should make ypu up a grumpy at love mixtape. you ever hear Pansy Division's "LuvLuvLuv?"

Silver blinks in surprise when Hector asks about Sean. It is a new thought perhaps from the way she purses her lips. "Uh...huh...I mean, he is cute. I never thought about him that way...he's Spear's best friend..." She trails off and shrugs her shoulders. "Oh, I'm good at grumpy love music. I'm in choir. But can't say that one rings a bell." She lets out a sigh and drains the rest of her water bottle. "Thanks for talking with me...I usually talk to Spear. But his enthusiasm is...uhm..."

Hector says firmly, "Spear doesn't want you to be alone. He's worried that with people pairing up you feel... left behind. I can't see him minding you being with a friend of his as long as you're happy. I don't know if sean ikes girls, but it might be worth finding out if you're into him." He gives her a crooked smile, "Yeah, I know, but I'm your brother too and you really can talk to me about stuff."

Silver nods her head and says, "I know he doesn't. And in a way I do feel alone, but at the same time...I dunno. I don't ever want to experience the type of shit Dad pulled...I'm not so naive that I don't realize he was cheating on Cassie with Mom. And then your mom..." She lets out a sigh and shakes her head. "I don't want that. I also don't get any kind of feelings for people easy. I...can't explain it really."

Hector rubs her arm, "There is alwas risk in loving someone, but I think it's worth it. Maybe you don't love or trust easily, but you can love and you will ove again if you let yourselfbreath."

~Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you. ~ Sings Sting from the player. Silver chuckles softly and shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe. But I've got plenty of things to keep me busy otherwise. I always have. School, Choir, the paper, the play, and of course all the prep for colleges along with helping around the business." She is quiet for a second and then, "You two all settled at the Marchant's?"

Hector shakes his head, "Jade is staking me to stay in Cash's music teacher's spare room. That way I'm in view of his house and he can come stay with me at night, but he'll have less drama with his folks. It's less disruptive to everyone, and she's kind of his second mother." He takes a breath, "Sil? You shouldn't be alone at night. I worry."

Silver turns a faint smile on Hector and nods. "Well, good. As long as you're settled somewhere safe," She says before leaning back to once more look up at the sky. The Lydel showers having begun in earnest she is quiet for almost a minute. Maybe she didn't hear that last bit? "I'm not alone. I'm in a house full of people," She says with a shake of her head and chuckle. "What do you think is going to happen to me that couldn't happen to two people anyway?"

Dare smiles softly, "I'm safe, and I really will come back when I know cash is safe. Until then... If it helps, Sean can borrow my room. If you wanted him to stay over more, see how it goes." He takes a breath, "She could call you again, Sil. To come and drink. Third time is too late, she said. If you're with one of us, maybe we could stop you going."

Silver is very still and very quiet and she stares at the sky. She doesn't even comment on the Sean thing again, just watching meteors streak across the indigo sky. "Would that be so bad..." She says quietly. Then snaps to hold her hands off to ward off any upset from Hector. "Wait. Just...hear me. Ha-having someone on the inside. I could keep them away, help take them down from within."

Dare listens, but he says softly, "Sil, do you really think you wouldn't use again if it was right there in front of you?"

Silver slowly licks her lips and then shakes her head. "No. Of course not...that's not the point. They can't be allowed to keep killing people. And maybe only one of their own can help destroy them." She looks down at her hands and shakes her head. "Never mind. You're right. Stupid idea..."

Dare says gently, "They can't be allowed to keep killing peopl, but you.... Look, I think if you go, you'll drink, and something irrevocable will happen to you, nd you are to important to us to lose that way. What if you drink and you can' resist... eating someone like Brenda."

"Yeah...like I said, bad idea," Silver says hoarsely. She goes to take another drink from her empty water bottle, but does find it so. With a growl she throws it in frustration at another stone. The plastic careens off harmlessly into the dark.

Hector says quietly, "It's brave, but it could also be the withdraw talking. I just... I don't want to lose you so soon after finding you, okay?" He winces, "Is there anyway I can make this easier for you? Does the weed help at all?"

Silver glances down at the almost done joint. "Yeah...kind of. Makes me floaty. And helps with the nightmares I think," She lifts it and takes a last drag before passing it over. "I only just asked Jade...I never really thought of myself as wanting something so strongly. And I'd rather want the weed if I can." SHe looks up at him with a wan smile and leans in to shoulder bump him gently.

Dare nods and takes a last drag before pinching it out. "There's a baggie taped to the underside of my underwear drawer. The papers are in there. Take as much as you need." He flashes a smile at her and bumps her back, "Weed's defintely the lesser of evils, Sil."

Silver smiles a little larger and chuckles. "Okay. I probably won't use much. Jade gave me a bunch. That was actually...more than I've done before and it's hitting. Oooh.." And she leans back to rest her head on the pillow and stare at the sky. "So what schools have you applied too? You and Cash are obviously going to try for the same place, right?" Then her finger goes to point out one streak lasting a bit longer as it trails in the sky. "Oh! Magnesium in that one."

Hector smiles down at her, "He's applying to boston because everyone wants to, but we're bothing hoping we'll get in at USC. Basically, we want to be in California and he needs to be somewhere wirh a good music program. So I'm basically applying to the state system and anywhere else likely to take me and I'll pick what ends up closest to him. Where are you applying?" He follows her finger, "Oooo! Nice!"

Silver's hand falls to rest on her chest. A small smile finally sticking in place as they talk about things other than love and blood addiction. "Well, the two three places to pursue a forensic science education are Virginia U, PennState, and Texas A & M. I'm not sure I have a preference, though the idea of snow in the winter is...weird." It hasn't ever really gotten to shutting down streets here. "Most of the good ones are on the east coast."

Hector grins at her, "Oh man, you would make a kick ass coroner!" He hesitates, weighing if he should ask her this, "Um... If I ask you something weird you'll tell me the truth won't you? I know Spear and cash aren't putting me on, but Spear also wants to photograph sasquatch and believes in aliens, you know? At the same time i talk tomy dead mother and she talks back and we've got a vampire infestation, so... like i need a reality check on something and you're the sensible one of us."

Silver chuckles and glances at Hector when he calls her sensible. "My recent actions would say otherwise, but I'll help if I can. I want to work with the police, on the scene, with the bodies. I don't want to just be taking people apart," She says after a moment. "Sorry...sensible reality check. Right. Soooo...you talk to your mom. I can't say to sasquatch or aliens, but ghosts? Yeah...they're real. And I know vampires are too," She says. A beat and then she lifts her head, looking around worriedly for Star. Then lets out a breath and rests her head on the pillow again. "Is it helping? Talking to her I mean."

Hector shakes his head, "You were going through some stuff. We all make stupid decitions under pressure sometimes." Dumping boyfriends, taking meth, drinking vampire blood... The usual teen stuff. He nods, "Ithink you'd be good at that, the forensi stuff. You're the right kind of calm." he gazes off towards the trees, "Some, I think. She's not always there and it's not rthe same, you know?" He pauses and gathers his thoughts, "Spear and Cash think... Freelanders are sort of... Supernaturally stubborn? Like if they set thee mind on something, it tends to happen. Is that... Sasquatch hunting, ot dead mom turning up to check on you stuff?"

Silver opens her mouth and then closes it and looks thoughtful. "Huh...I dunno. Can you be supernaturally stubborn?" It makes her giggle a bit, shaking her head. "I guess...uhhh...dead mom stuff. Though I wouldn't discount Sasquatch. Probably why the idea of the Vs isn't something too hard for me to grock. I talk to my Grams about once a week. I come out here once a week and play for the ghosts. All of them." She goes quiet as the sky lights up spectacularly again.

Hector nods, watching the sky with her. After a long silence he says, "They... said maybe Cash was alone in a strange city, wanting a Thistle. A Thistle turned up and took him home and fed him. Like maybe it's all a Dead Mom thing, me and Cash."

Silver snorts in amusement and tilts her head to peer at Hector with a smirk, "They? What sort of weird spooky talk we doing now?" She teases. "So...what...your mom's ghost pushed you two together?"

Hector laughs and shakes his head no, "They think maybe it was Freeland supernatural stubborn. Like he was hungery and lonely and wanted a Thistle, so the... whatever nudged me that way. Like maybe that's why we can't stay away from each other. Like the magic found not only the nearest Thistle, bu the one that fit just right." He shrugs, "I don't know if I believe it and I don't think it changes things if it does. He makes me happy whether or not I'm magicked to feel that way, you know? Jesus I'm dying for a clove, but I'm trying to quit. Maybe." He takes a breath, "It's probably all nonsense anyway. I mean they also said Thistles are weird, but we're all perfectly normal except cooler."

"OOoooh. Huh. Interesting hypothesis," Silver says even as she is smiling in amusement at the idea. "I just hope he doesn't hurt you. Cause then I'll have to scream at both of you and I really dislike that." She flashes a smile at him and then look back up. "I mean...other people seem super weird to me and they call us strange. So, who is anyone to say who is weird. Yeah?" She pauses and wrinkles her nose. "Those things are baaaaad for you. We could go get another joint if you'd rather?" And she starts to sit up again, stretching as she does.

Hector smiles at her, "He won't." He sighs, "I know, but the rule is either one clove or one joint a day and I had my joint here with you. I could keep you company if you want another one though."

Silver hums thoughtfully and shakes her head. "Nah. But hot cocoa and watching X-files sounds good. It's on in," She lifts her arm and illuminated her watch. "45 minutes. Just enough time to pop the corn and make with the cocoa." And she swings off the tomb, snagging the pillow, cd-player and her bag from the ground. "Grab the blanket?" And then she is heading inside.