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Fly With Me
Characters  •   The Martyr  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Facility - Anywhere Room- San Francisco Beaches
Date  •  2019-03-13
Summary  •  Dare finds Cheer hang-gliding. Feelings come out.

The warm summer sun shines down on the beaches of San Francisco. The year is the late 80s, maybe the early 90s, by the look of the cars and people. But this place is set above the beaches. A parking lot that feeds into the sandy cliffs that run along the shore. The beaches have plenty of people. There are kites in the sky.

Up here, though, the wind is strong despite the sun. Perfect for what Thrill-Seeker wants. The bright yellow and blue glider cuts through the sky. There are no other gliders about and people are mostly heading for the stairs leading down to the beach. The glider arcs and flies smoothly on the coastal winds and Cheer might be heard above the wind hooting gleefully as she dives towards the viewing area.

The Martyr steps through the door and looks around, excited to be somewhere he had been fantaxizing about going. His clothes sort of fade away until he is wearing stars and moon themed trucks. His chest hair is extremely sparce and he is pasty white, but Dare has wirey musclular. No one would accuse him of having even one ab, let alone abs., but tthere is more too him now. His hair is still spiked, only not his haircut suits it, and he is wearing eye liner. The familiar voice catches his attention and he lifts his hand to shade his eyes as he watches the gliders.

The Thrill-Seeker pulls up the glider about twenty feet from the obervation point. The edge of one wing brushes the top of a branch. But she sees Dare when she does so and grins, waving with one hand. She herself is dressed in a bright pink flight suit and goggles. Banking the glider she makes to turn around and come in for a landing at the field beside the parking lot just for this.

As she comes in and down towards the ground she pulls her legs from the harness. And in a blink she goes from cruising in to running along the ground to a stop. This gives him time to come up to her as she begins to undo buckles and straps. "DARE!" She shouts and waves at him, her grin sunny and bright.

The Martyr waves happily at her and comes running, barefoot and delighted, "That looks amazing! I've always wanted to try it. Is it as fun as it looks?"

The Thrill-Seeker lets out a laugh at his enthusiasm and nods her head. "Oh it is. You want to try it? I can grab the buddy harness and we can both go for a glide!" The idea brings out the vibrant excitement in her. Blue eyes bright and she pounces on her tip-toes much like Kimmy used too. "It takes upper body strength. Especially when the wind is high if you have to fight it."

The Martyr says, “Oh please yes? I'm not sure how strong I am now, but I'm less...." He waves his reasonably muscled arms, "Embarrassing. And I've always wanted to fly.”

"YES!" And Cheer fist pumps and runs over to a stack of supplies. Pulling open a large tupperware bin she pulls out a harness and a second sack. "Well come here! You can take a turn steering once we're in the air and I show you the ropes." She says as she begins adjusting ties.

The Martyr fist bumps back grinning. He scurries over and stands legs and arms spread in hopes that will help. "I've been wanting to do this since I heard what these rooms could really do."

The splayed arms and legs do help as she gets him in. Explaining the reason for this belt or that strap as she adjusts it to his frame. "It was the first thing I thought of when Champ told me about them to be honest. That and skating," She says before holding out a helmet. She isn't wearing one. "Up to you. But I do recommend goggles."

The Martyr blushes a little as he's adjusted but does his best to stay still unless told to move, "Fizz and I were talking about going but we got busy with other things. I keep worrying we'll run out of time. There are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to talk to." He gives her a big grin, "Just the goggles!"

The Thrill-Seeker gives him an approving and toothy smile. "That's my boy!" She says and tosses him a pair. "Yeah. Fizz/Champ and I were supposed to do this too. But if I kept waiting I never would get to it. And thanks to the 'horror show' I remember this place real well. Kimberly grew up here. Rich early techies or maybe real estate?" She frowns faintly as she tries to paw through muddy memories. "We should try surfing some time too! Now that there are people and fish it is...it's better. There's more excitement. More..." Her eyes cant mischeviously to the side and her smile returns. "Danger!" And then she is picking up the glider and walking towards the launch area. A large square of cement with a clear drop right off the side of the 150' cliff. "Okay. You are going to get in above me here. So come stand behind me," She directs as she lifts the glider to allow him in behind. Then settles it back down around them. The fabric rests on their heads, but it isn't that heavy. "Hold up the bar for me while I get you strapped in?" She asks as she turns around to face him in the tightish quarters. Yet she's being quite professional about it all. She didn't even comment on that blush though she had smirked faintly.

The Martyr beams at her. "I've never surfed. Or skated. is it something you think I can learn? Oh cheeer, I want to try _everything_!" He bounces along after her, storklike. He stands behind her, blushing again, and looks away as he holds up the glider. It's a bit like being a teenager again and he's still trying to adjust.

The Thrill-Seeker just beams at him as she goes about attaching his harness to the glider. And yeah it does mean leaning in closer too. While she is attaching the shoulder part she says softly into his ear, "You can learn anything you want too. And I guess here we really can at least try anything. Even if we die...we don't. Can you imagine -all- the things we can do?" Her eyes gleam as she glances back at him between moving to his other side. "I'll show you. We'll do it all. Swimming with sharks, wrestling alligators, running with scissors," Now she is just being silly. But then the smell might hit him. The faint wiff of weed.

All the old Finn closet survival skills have not abandoned him. Dare does manage to at least doing his gazing in a subtle way even if he can't corol the deepening blush. his voice is not entirely steady as he says, "I have been doing a great deal of imagining, Cheer."

The Thrill-Seeker finishes with the straps and turns back to face him with a smile. "Oh yeah? What have you been thinking about?" She asks as she reaches behind him to tug on the sack to check it's connections.

The Martyr gently touches a strand of her hair, "You." He meets her eyes boldly for a moment before his shyness over takes him again, and he looks down. "There is just something about you."

The Thrill-Seeker looks from the straps to him quickly. There is mild surprise in her eyes but mostly she just smiles. It's a little lopsided and a touch goofy. She lifts a gloved hand to stroke his cheek fondly. "Well...I'm not going to complain," She admits after a heartbeat. "Maybe it's because I remind you to have fun and live?" She hasn't stepped back to start strapping herself in yet and she's watching him. But that's her. Bold as can be.

The Martyr lowers his lashes, "Something like that, and maybe because you are... open in a way very few people are." Drops his hand and looks sheepish. "Why is everyone more attractive in the Fac?"

The Thrill-Seeker lets out a soft bark of laughter at that and grins. She reaches up to cup his face and try to bring his gaze up to meet hers. "People should get to be who and what they are. Love, live, laugh. Who am I to judge what brings that to them?" She says in a soft but somehow passionate voice. "Can I kiss you?"

The Martyr leans into the hand and lets her tilt his head. "I feel the same." He starts to smile, "I've been hoping you would, but I wasn't sure...." Lightly soft fingertips find her cheek, "You are beauitiful the way sun through amber is beautiful. Warm and illuminated."

The Thrill-Seeker tilts her cheek just slightly into his own hand. And for a moment her smile is brilliant. Then she leans in and presses what is a sweet and lingering kiss to his lips. The hands slide from his cheeks to his shoulders as she leans in a little closer. There is a point where she seems ready to pull back, but lets Dare decide if he wants to pursue something more intense.

The Martyr kisses her back, eyes wide open, unhesitating despite the slightly lost look in his eyes. he gives himself to the moment, withoutpressing for more, though those long fingers trail slowly along her cheekbone to find her hair. It's not the way he kissed Kim at all. This is sweeter and somehow more serious. He does not quite pull back, eyes full of questions

The Thrill-Seeker doesn't retreat either and leans to rest her forehead lightly against his. Another little kiss pressed to his lips. Where Kim was fervent and fiery this is gentler. Like she is taking the time to savor and remember. Serious? Perhaps. "Your lips are still super soft," She says with a little laugh in her voice and smile playing across her lips.

The Martyr closes his eyes and stays there several long moments. He smiles slowly, "So are yours." He smells of the fougere cologne he was wearing the night he first saw a ghost in Lakeview before the killing started, tinged with his citrusey pomade, and underneath the scent that his all his own, not quite Finn, but close still. His fingers play with her hair, "this is a little like jumping off a cliff too. In a good way."

"My stomach is all a'tingle as if I did. Very good I'd say," Thrill-Seeker says and her own cheeks redden slightly around her dimples. The scent of her is masked slightly by the smell of the sea and weed, but she smells like vanilla and cookies beneath it all. Especially her hair, pulled up into loose pigtails that fall to her shoulders. It keeps it out of her face for the most part in the air. The hand on his shoulder squeezes affectionately and she asks, "So...I guess the question now is...do you want to actually jump off the cliff or...do something else." The hand not on his shoulder moves to twine her fingers playfully with his own.

The Martyr kisses her softly, "Might we jump off the cliff first and then maybe do something else." He gives her a crooked smile, "You know I really have no idea what I'm doing." Another soft kiss, "Also, you smell amazing."

The Thrill-Seeker sucks in a happy little breath at that kiss given. Something about him initiating it, however soft, makes her cheeks darken more. "I like your plan," She says before biting her lower lip in that brief way she does. It makes her look shy rather than coy right now. "I don't think either of us do. I want to do things different from Kimmy," She says before returning his kiss. "Do I? Hmmm, what do I smell like? You smell like oranges and that cologne from before and...ahhh...well you." And she gives a giggle. "Okay! Strapping myself in. Then I'll walk you through putting your legs in the sack. We'll try it a few times on the ground, yeah?" And she starts strapping in the secondary harness and sack. Once that is done she goes back and checks it again. She may like danger, but dying or breaking themselves horribly would be a total buzzkill.

The Martyr laughs softly, "Heaven or California, I can't tell which. You. And cookies." He watches her caarefully, fingers moving as he mimes imitating her.

"Cookies?!" Cheer asks in surprise. "Well...that kind of makes sense. I did bake earlier..." And there is another giggle. "Okay. Crouch down with me. You're hooked in and even with the glider on the ground you should be able to lean forward and put your legs into the sack. Hold onto my shoulders or either of the two red straps on either side of you for balance," She does her best to talk him through the process. But it even took her a few tries to get it down so she is patient.

The Martyr hangs on to her and does his best with those flamingo legs of his. It's no that he's especially clumsy, but his memories of how he moves are all still tangled with Finn's athletic awkwardness and he tends to get in his own way. At least he's cheerful about it and he's not stupid. He does eventually work it out.

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head and is encouraging with a giggle here or there until he gets it it. "Great! Okay. So we are going to jump off the cliff at the same time. When we do I'll be steering. You just focus on getting your hands into the sack. Hang onto the straps. If you want to go one way or another just give a little tug that way and we'll turn. Till you get the hang of it that is. Then I'll pass the steering bar to you if you want," She glances over her shoulder and pulls her goggles down. "You ready to fly, babe?"

The Martyr grins at her, "I like the idea of you steering, Cheer. I am beyond ready to fly!" he pulls his goggle down andgrips the straps.

The Thrill-Seeker walks to the edge. The very edge. "On the count of three jump, okay?" The wind is gusting and already pulling at the wings of the glider. Trying to push them off the cliff. "One, two, THREE!" And she leaps forward, trusting in Dare to follow suit. With only a little clumsiness she slides her own legs into her holster. The glider only dives for about five feet before the wind flings them suddenly upwards. Wind roars through Thrill-Seeker's ears and she crows with delight.

The Martyr's lips move, counting with her silently. When she yells three, he leaps with no hesitation and absolute trust. It is hard to tell at first if he's screaming in terror of delight, but the "WhooHoo!" at the end makes it clear. Then he is laughing, nay, he is cackling.

The Thrill-Seeker banks them out over the water. In the distance the Golden Gate bridge towers red above the enterance to the Bay. Close but far north along the beach sites the Sutro Bathes and what remains of Funland, a tourist attraction mostly. Far below people enjoy the summer beach with kites and bright blankets. The water is remarkably clear from up here. One can see where it becomes deeper quickly. Out over the ocean she takes them, though she keeps to a high point the farther out she goes. The wind is strong though, keeping them aloft. It also means talking requires screaming. "LOOK DOWN!" She shouts over her shoulder and points off to the side. A sudden spout of water in the waves below indicates a humpback whale surfacing. Then beside it breeches another one.

The view of the bridge earns a loud gasp and a yip of feirce delight. He is grinning like a mad man behind her. He cranes his head and peers straight down as the cross the beach and then they are out over the water and he's straining towards the horizon. When she gets his attention he looks that way and thrills loudly, an undignified sound, but one he discoved could carry over the bass at punk shows when he as younger. Who knows if that works here.

Another shadow can be seen a ways off. A fin cutting the water at the 15 foot creature slowly glides through the waters off San Francisco bay. Now she banks to bring them back towards the cliffs. Riding on the winds that are sweeping in from the pacific. It gives the glider speed and suddenly she takes a dive. A good 60 degree angle down towards the sea, pulling up when they are some fifty feet from the water. The wind buffets and fills the wings and she starts regaining height again. Though it is slow. For a second they almost seem to stall and the wind dies. "Aw, come on!" She can be heard to say.

The Martyr squeals like he's made of pure joy and has no selfconsciousness at all as she dives them. Still a dork. The near stall has him blinking and looking

The Thrill-Seeker wobbles her head back and forth. "It's not uncommon. Lean to the right with me!" She says and tilts the glider. As they begin to drop down in that direction a sudden gust picks back up. "Just have to find the wind again!" And up they go. For awhile she flies and then suddenly the bar is passed back. "Push forward to go up, pull back to dive!"

The Martyr leans with her, pliant and willing to follow her lead. "Whooooo!" Up they go again. He is about as startled when she passes him the bar as he was when he rather suddenly discovered he was leading the altar raid that ended up killing Misty, but he was a trial lawyer who screamed insults at a murder ghost despite being a whispy thing that could blow away in a high wind. He takes it and tries to angle them steadily up in a slow curve away from the bridge. He yells, "Do idea what I'm doing!" But he does his beast. He always did and he really does want to soar.

The Thrill-Seeker gives out a whoop of joy as he takes over. "Turn the way you want to turn. Follow the wind! Listen to it sing in your ears and keep it singing," She shouts back at him, more able to turn while he pilots. "I'll tell you if we get too far!"

The Martyr gives a barbaric yawp and dives towards the see. This is possibly proof he hasn't the sense to be frightened.

The Thrill-Seeker lets the dive go grinning like a fool. Eyes wide and frenzied behind her goggles. They dive closer and closer and suddenly she shouts, "PULL UP!" Even as she is laughing. -She- knows how close she is cutting things when she tells him to pull up, even if he doesn't. They really shouldn't get closer than 30 feet to the surface of the sea...

The Martyr pulls up when she says, laughing like a complete maniac. He starts the climb again. There is a good chance he may just keep doing this until she tells him to stop or steers them toward the landing zone.