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Fell On Black Days
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Thea Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •  Freeland Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-19
Summary  •  The Marchants who were lured by the call for blood and Esme Reed wake up at the Marchant family mansion where they discuss their dreams, their assumptions and how to deal with all of it. Jade shows up too with some sound advice.

What. The hell. Happened!? The following dawn brings nothing but lethargy, nightmares, and an aching to their limbs, even L+L who run competativly, from pushing sneakers into sand and concrete trying to get away. THe lot rouse hungry, shaken, and uncertain. Silver dashed off for truth and answers. Lucas by contrast, ushered caution, laying low, and spent who knows how long trying to justify to himself and them what happened. The explaination, even from him, is flimsy at best.

The blinds are drawn against the day star where a blanket was put over the curtain rod to black it out best they can. The long beams of light come in from the sides. Lucas sits with his back to his headboard just staring at the mirror across the room as too many thoughts race through his head wanting answers and some assurance that it's not their fault when they don't even know what 'it' is.

If this were a month ago, both Lucas and Landon may have been up by now, ready for their morning run. Nevermind that it was the weekend. But since that first taste, their daily lives have been rocked and the mornings became more and more unbearable.

This morning was the worst. Due to... childhood traumas from his past, Landon was used to nightmares, but the dreams that came with the taste prove to be something other. Something different. Especially the one they had last night. Laying back against his bed, half dressed, he's thankful for those drawn blinds, facing the morning in darkness. L&L share a room and that's exactly where they went to hole up in once they got home before plummeting in the night terrors of sleep and dreaming. He's not even sure when they'd fallen asleep or when they got home, but when he wakes up Esme is curled up besides him with one arm draped over her shoulder. "What the hell happened last night?" He says, still squinting despite the sunlight being warded off. This wasn't normal. He remembered the thirst, being out... somewhere. And then-- No, that was all a dream, right? But he could still hear her flesh being torn, the hungry mouths sucking on...

Here they were now in darkness, slowly drawing himself into an upright seated position. Was Silver here? He thought she was. "So..." He'll start.

Esme Reed has pretty understanding parents and she's eighteen years old. They know she went out with Landon after work and probably suspects that hormones thing happened on date night and she stayed out because of it. Honestly, they encourage 'exploration' here and there, which gives her the biggest rolleyes, generally, because no one really wants their parental unit ENCOURAGING it, that's squicky. Anyway, that's why Esme isn't in a hurry to get up and out when they rouse early in the morning, among other reasons, and that's why she's literally latched onto Landon all through the night and finds herself that way with curl of body on waking, barefoot with dress askew.

She makes a noise like Lucas is a goddamn saint when he goes fighting the sun through the window, then rubs at one of her cheeks before shifting some to look between the boys with a hesitant, drowsy disorientation. Then abruptly, just because, she reaches down to see if she has panties on and finds those intact with comment, "Oh good. I have panties on still. Think I'd want to remember that." A joke. It comes out lame instead of flirty, though, her voice kind of small, "Um. Are you guys... remembering some really... screwy things right now?"

Enter the Sith Lord. Okay, no, it's just Thea with a dark, heavy comforter draped around herself all but entirely, her face barely visible in the shadows beneath the 'hood' it creates over her head. Still, her appearance -- both the fact that she's here and the way she currently looks -- may be something of a shock to the twins. It's not often that she invades their personal space by entering their shared suite.

Too, the opening of the door to admit her unleashes a burst of light from the far brighter hallway outside, at least briefly. She'll count herself lucky if no one throws anything at her, even though she moves quickly to shut the door again behind herself.

And all this, just in time to hear Esme's voice, and a comment made about panties being present. Freezing, Thea pulls her hand back inside her comforter and just stands there, peering out at them from the darkness she's enshrouded herself with. "...There is not enough espresso in the world, right now."

St. Lucas comments in a disconnected murmur, "Yeah, it's not like last time." Wait where there was an issue with them last time? Those grey eyes are fixed on teh wall across as if he's trying to divine some truth out of it, ot there's just some fixed point mid-distance making him blind with too many images. He says absently, "It's kidna creepy when you can't remember it anywas Esme." Says the authoritarian here. The stare breaks from teh wall to Thea and his eyebrows go up. A hand reaches out to his cousin in invite from where he sits. "Screwy's not teh word I used for it." Taking a breath his eyes close. "Things are officially bad, guys. If this continues on it's super really going to fuck up graduation."

Landon Marchant was no blushing virgin, but waking up next to Esme Reed was a first for him. If fragments of memories twisted and fueled by by nightmares didn't constantly flash within his mind every so often, he would have thought that they may have had a good enough time last night. When Esme speaks, that's when his attention is actually drawn to her, his eyes looking her over in the darkened room, but making no further comment on either of their states of undress. He's only in his boxers, for example. He's woken up in less in places other than his own room.

"So does anyone actually know what happened? I mean, I remember being out there in the desert," His eyes flicker over keenly at the door once it's opened, taking note of who it is that enters. "And then what happened? I mean, these hallucinations could all be part of our imaginations right? Did we even witness the same thing after the last drink?"

"I..." Esme starts and stops. Then she tilts her head a bit against Landon and the pillow while at level down beside him, looking at Thea in the blanket wad of protection she's brought to needed company. This is the part where she's supposed to say something reassuring and soothing, right? Except keeping her calm about what she's about to say is a bit of a battle. That said, even though she has absolutely nothing good to say, after drawing in a breath of air and composing herself, her voice keeps that zen kind of lull during accounting that's generally contagious and largely used in peer counseling or in moments of high tempers. Not usually... to settle herself.

"There was a woman. There were monsters. They... tore her apart. They ate her." Esme pauses here and drops her voice, "Then nightmares, but were those the nightmares or--? no. No, I--" Then the confession she hopes she's saying to likeminded company, "... I wanted to eat her too, I think. I think I forgot how to be human for a moment." After swallowing down, she looks around for a bottle of water, then just gives up because effort, falling back limp against Landon with a close of her eyes, hoping to GOD that doesn't sound horribly crazy and it's what has the others rattled too.

Shuffle-shuffle. Unwilling to emerge from her dark, warm, safe coccoon, Thea takes numerous little steps to cross the distance between herself and Lucas, ultimately flumphing down next to him in a decidedly (and uncharacteristically) unladylike, awkward fashion. Does she care, just now? Nope. She's settling in as Esme relates her memories from the night before, scattered though they may be, and even in the shadows beneath her 'hood,' one can see that the girl's features go a bit more pale. "So that wasn't just some horrible dream I had. Gotta admit," she mumbles, leaning in against Lucas and frowning, "I was kind of hoping I'd come in here and you guys wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about."

Lucas can be a calculating sunnoava bitch and has even yelled at a kid for getting out of line so bad he changed his cirriculum. He can also be a pretty good guy to have in one's corner when things need to be yelled at or the world need, pointedly, to fuck right on off. An arm goes around Thea's blanket cocoon. His tribe, yo. "If you can find coffee that doesn't taste like a migraine in a cup? Two." His jaw sets as they talk; he's still in his clothes from yesterday. His sneakers were kicked off and that's pretty much it. "There's nothing to say the nightmareas aren't real either. Do we get scare dbecause of what happened OR... because if we admit to ourselves there's a part of us that wanted to join them and that? Kida somehow makes it worse?" His eyes wince shut trying to find the balance. "I dunno. We...have to tell Theo."

As shaken as Landon is himself, he offers a reassuring squeeze when Esme settles in against him, but hearing her talk about her dreams like that, having dreamt something similar to his own nightmares does bring him much concern. "We were under the influence of something, what we remember seeing could've been anything." But it seems that they all had the same hallucination now that people, well, Esme, is voicing out what she believes she remembers.

He falls silent for the most part, playing back each piece of horror that he can recall, all shattered into fragments within his mind. He remembers seeing Brenda there. Brenda went missing, he recalled hearing about, a few days back.

When Theodore is brought up, Landon asks, "If that was Brenda," He shoots a gaze over at Thea now, remembering the look in her eyes when they first saw Theodore's assistant, "Shouldn't we let the police k--" He then cuts himself off. Shifting on his bed, his body feels heavy as he slowly rises to stand, "I'll get the coffee."

Esme would like to deny it all, in truth, to just accept the fact maybe they shouldn't go kicking around accepting strange drinks from strangers, bad trips are certainly a thing, her dad has stories, man. She even starts to try to work it out to hear aloud, but her voice, despite trusting in general humanity and sane things to be, well, not fucking awful, it's very dragging and unconvinced, "Maybe it was... a deliberate bad trip with some psychedelic substance and... a prank and they were just..."

She stops that. They wouldn't trip the same, for one, trips are very personal, she knows that from her dad too, and something about it all is just too terrifying and vivid despite it being in pieces and that is so evident on her face. In fact, when Landon starts to get up while she's gauging between Lucas and Thea, she //almost// grabs a reflex cling on him simply because of how horrible it is to sync up those moments and brutalizing level of thirst, "... I don't understand. I'd go to my parents, they //listen// but they... my mother is already worried I'm acting strange and the last thing I need is to tell her I saw someone get eaten so I can get taken on a healing retreat with crystals and yurts and whatever else."

Then her lips press, arms drawing back to push herself up to sitting in the bed when Landon is up, fingers tugging on rumpled blue dress-skirt hem, "Do you really think it's the missing lady that works for..." She pauses, "I mean, who's an adult to tell that won't think we're damned crazy?"

"Forget who we'd tell," Thea whimpers, scrunching her nose in helpless frustration. "I think the bigger question is what we'd tell them. Because I, for one, still feel pretty friggin' fuzzy on what exactly happened. And I know I'm not alone in that." Her security blanket is tugged closer around herself as she glances briefly toward Lucas. "I don't even want to think about whether or not any of us would actually eat Brenda. Nope." Denial. It's not just a river, or whatever. Except that her head is ducking down just slightly, making her features that much more difficult to discern under her blankie hood. Hiding some guilt, perhaps?

Lucas could be losing his shit right now, but he can feel the level of freak out in the room. The question comes and the lyesmith goes still. "We tell Theo. He's family. Family before cops. It might be a Lester thing, but it's an important thing they got right.

He is finally moved from his lethargy and gives Thea a faint hug, and his leg finally moves hanging off the side of his bed. "We tell Theo because it should come from us. The problem is if we say we are there now they will ask quesitons but I think we've reasonably proved beyond a doubt this? This is above our ability to handle alone. And... we have to come to terms with we are nooooot fucking okay. So, I mean we can tell Theo or your dad, Thea. I don't think any of us want to be disappointing him but I don't want to miss graduation ebcause we're sick either."

After their initial taste of blood and the second dose that followed, Landon's senses should be slightly heightened, though the early hour keeps his mind slightly dulled, that he doesn't notice Esme's longing look as he makes his exit. They were Marchants. There should be little bells to ring for servants to bring up coffee. Breakfast. Anything.

Still only in his boxers, Landon makes his way down that grand stairway on bared feet. That's when he's assaulted by just how much sunlight shines in through those large windows windows overlooking the large lawn. The sound of hurried footsteps can be heard before he violently draws all of the curtains closed to cut off every bit of sunlight that he can kill. The heat, the blinding light and those images from last night plagues his mind and in his panic, most of the main section at the bottom of the stairs, leading towards the living room is cloaked in near darkness.

"Do you think... maybe..." Esme tilts her head a little bit suddenly and trails off as she hears the motion of natural footsteps turn more erratic with curtain yanking out of the room's view where Landon just went to. Then after a tiny knit of her brows and a stare at the doorway, she carries on, knocking a hand through her mussed hair to untangle some of it with anxious and twitchy fingers, "I mean other than the obvious problem of maybe seeing a woman actually murdered... I--"

She makes a frustrated noise in her throat and wets her lips while hitting and unworking a particularly stubborn tangle, "Maybe Mister Silvio knows some urban local legends we don't, or maybe others do, because that..." Suddenly she looks envious of Thea's blanket cover and proximity to Lucas while Landon is up and out of the room, other hand tugging sheets up over her leg to mumble the rest of what she's thinking, "Isn't just that she's maybe real and dead, they... ate her. They were... monsters. If this wasn't a dream, it means... maybe monsters are real." A pause, "No making fun of me for saying that."

"Has anyone thought about.. I dunno, maybe seeing a doctor?" Thea asks, glancing between the others with an arched brow. "I mean, for all we know this is just like.. mono on 'roids, or something." Would explain the fatigue, at the very least. Though maybe not much of the other 'symptoms' they've all been experiencing. "I'm thinking I might make an appointment. Quiet, so Mom and Daddy," yes, she calls him 'Daddy,' shaddup, "Don't freak out. 'Cause I have the musical to think of, too, not just graduation. I can't be sick." Her eyes widen, dramatically. How fitting.

Quieting for a few moments as she simply leans into the comfort offered by Lucas's hug, she studies Esme as teeth worry over the soft curve of her lower lip. "That.. yeah. I'd rather do that, than say anything to Theo or our parents. Talk to Mister Silvio first, see if there's some kind of crazy folklore urban legend thingie that could've.. um.. made us all hallucinate the same awful stuff." Wishful thinking.

Lucas takes a deep breath and is content to console his cousin and pauses, "Well we can talk to him but this also affects the bank if it is." Still business thinking. Catching himself he pauses with a hitch of hesitation and the judgement he fears most were he ever to admit it, he doubles back, "Yeah we can...we can talk to Mister Silvio. Maybe Mister THistle too? He did the thing on villains in history. He might have some knowledge of... stuff." His eyes look to Esme and with reluctance murmurs, "When it gets dark maybe we can hit up teh ER? I dunno who is gonna be up so-" late. It's a sense? A feeling. Some awareness of sounds moving not quiet right but he is up on his feet. He's always been quick on his feet and that's why he's good on the court; not Justin good but good enough there. His hand grabs the comforter off Landon's bed as he passes causing a draft for their improv housemate. "Sorry Es." And with that he's in the hall greeted by "Fffffffuck!" It's a lot brighter out here and he wraps the comforter like a cloak as he goes to find his brother. Now that creep of immediacy crawl into his voice. "Lan??! Landon?" Not panicked but on a mission to bring some reprieve, or shade.

While most of the windows at the downstairs landing and entryway have their curtains drawn, the windows far out of reach, like the large ones above the door, continue to let the sunlight filter into the large space. The Marchant home has incredibly large rooms with beautiful views, so despite his best efforts, Landon couldn't cover each and every window in the place.

If Lucas proceeds further, he'll find that the kitchen windows have all been drawn, leaving that room, at least in darkness. Landon is seated on the floor below the coffee machine, feeling the coolness of the tiles against his bared skin as he stares blankly ahead of him. It took a lot of effort to pull those shades closed while feeling like the sun was seering against his skin. Perhaps that was his imagination, but the light definitely burned at his eyes. "I'm down here!" He finally calls, slowly dragging himself up to stand when he realizes that Lucas was nearby. Lucas didn't need to see him to understand what he was feeling. Perhaps, that's why he's down here right now. "I wasn't thinking when I came down here. But the coffee's ready." He pulls open one of the cabinets to take out four mugs.

Esme opens her mouth when she notices Lucas' wariness despite the soundness of trying to gain local legend, just because it might expose them to teachers as... well, whatever they were almost part of last night, or not part of, or... doesn't matter. Point is, Lucas is fleeing the room and yelling to check on Landon and recoiling at sun and after Esme immediately pushes up into a stand and peeks into the hallway and to the staircase, she decides, nope, she's standing right there to holler instead while waiting on the coffee, "Wait. I have an idea that maybe will make us sound less suspicious or weird, and maybe more effective..."

While leaning on the doorframe and putting a bare foot up against opposite side to look at her toenail polish with a hard frown, she hollers down, "The library. Duh. We're newspaper students, we want to know about generational urban legends and local legends, and while we're there, we can... hell, see how many people go missing or get murdered by looking at old microfiche or something. Then when we go to //someone// about the wrong of it all, maybe we'll have something to make us sound less crazy."

Relapse arrives from Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue.

The sun is evil. Thankfully, Thea is a kind and generous soul, even if she's turning into a blood-sucking creature of the night, and that soul is growing more and more damned by the drink. Ahem. Anyway, she rises off of Lucas's bed and drags his blanket free, offering it out to Esme. "Trust me. You're gonna want this," she mumbles, before shambling toward the door in her own comforter cocoon. Even with the thing wrapped around her, stepping out into the hall brings about a wince and a much more muted oath than the one Lucas had hissed. Still, downstairs is where her cousins have gone, and also where the coffee is, so that's where she goes. "Library could work. Research for the paper, or whatnot. I mean, I'm not on the paper, but I could like.. be the helpful cousin who has a thing for monsters and folk legends, right?"

Lucas covers up and finds his brother...on the floor. He shifts his tone for the one perosn on this planet he cares about more than himself and pulls the blanket from around himself and pulls it over his twin. His eyes squint against he dim light. "Heh, yeah ya weren't. I got ya. Here. I'm okay. Take the blanket." He still had clothes on fron the previous night. He sighs watching the coffee fill the carafe. "Landon.... we fucked up." There's a pause, "I fucked up." He looks down to Landon withthe rare admission og guilt, "We need to tell Morrison. He might know someone that can...undo...or fix or....who knows." And then there's Esme's idea. His head picks up above the counter, listens, and then looks back to his brother. There's no words that his tired, wry grin can't translate, <I like that one>.

WHat Jaden might see is Lucas, still looking as devil-may-care as he usually does but washed out of even the colour from his lips. His eyes have some darker circles where tehy were none and his hair a bit out of place. His clothes are still those of the night before. Is he speanking *in*? Looking up he says "Yeha library's a solid plan. We can... we cna work with that."

Landon had ventured out in what should have been a short jaunt downstairs to fetch some coffee, dressed only in his boxers; something which he has learned to regret. He was still a little shaken and shell-shocked by the fury of the sunlight, which is why in a frenzy, he had drawn all of the curtains that he could downstairs, leaving the kitchen, at the very least, draped in darkness. Sensing Lucas nearby helps to calm him and the aroma of coffee-- well, while it should be an inviting scent, there's something in the pit of his stomach that had this urge to purge everything within in.

As the others join them, they'll find that Landon is quiet, now covered up in the blanket which Lucas shares, just staring down as each and every mug is filled. He then finally speaks out, "Morrison warned us not to do anything stupid." Again. After the first time. "Do you really think he'll want to hear about this now?" Though, Landon knows his older brother enough and as angry as Morrison Lester would be, his anger would be more focused on-- And then Landon can see that bestial face on the one named Fran.

Turning in the direction of the other voices, catching some of the ideas tossed out and perhaps the look given him by Lucas, he nods, "That's a good idea." Just the thought of heading out to the library in this sun, during the day, however, has him dreading stepping outside.

"Thanks." Esme tells Thea with a semblance of actual smile as the blanket is pitched to her from the bed. After taking in a huge breath, she swaddles it around herself like a hot little sleep-rumpled tamale, complete with hooding head cover, then toddles down the staircase into the kitchen to stare at the coffee. After inhaling the strong and what should be pleasant scent, she presses her lips flat with remembering how the cafe smelled the day after the first drink and how she almost retched on principle. Luckily she doesn't do that, not even a baby dry heave.

Also //Landon// was pouring the coffee over there so she's damn well drinking it. After picking up a cup, she sips and wanders toward the sink just in case she needs to spit spray it out, but she handles the bitter that's usually pleasant and now not so much like a polite champ. After sighing down at the liquid for //not// being miracle fluid of caffeine goodness anymore, like it's the coffee's fault, she clears her throat and says, "So, yes? You all likes? Good, at least we like something today. As soon as we can motivate ourselves to go outside, I guess we should do that library thing, then. Good news is... it's Spring Break and we'll probably be some of the only nerds in town in there given timing."

Then she pauses, head tilting, "I bet Spring Break is easy pickings for murderers if..." Oh, shh. Her covered head shakes a little and slips the blanket, "I just mean, that's why I think it's worth looking at the microfiche for weird or notable instances of dead or missing."

Almost as if she could read Landon's mind, Thea scrunches her nose. "The library's open past dark, right?" she asks, hopeful. Truth told, she doesn't tend to spend much time there, so she genuinely doesn't know. Her grades are decent, certainly good enough to get her into college, but it's her artistic talent that's most likely to land her acceptance letters -- or even scholarships. "If not, maybe.. maybe we could talk Mona or Jade into going and grabbing a bunch of books for us, check them out and bring them back here for us to go through."

She retrieves some coffee, sniffing at it and looking.. ill at ease. Normally, she drinks it black. Today, though, she toddles over to the fridge to hunt up some of that froo-froo flavored creamer that her mother favors, hazelnut or the like. And yet, even that has her frowning pensively down into the cup, before shooting Landon a questioning look. "Jesus, did you use sewer water to brew this? Why's it smell so.. off?"

Some people have their own herald. At the top of the stairs, a long, low, throaty meow carries throughout the house, or at least this wing of it. The meow is repeated, coming from closer now, and then again. Footsteps can be heard following the mouthy feline. "What do you want?" comes Jade's voice. "What is it, boy? Did Timmy fall in the well?"

At the doorway, Meezer appears, and Jade comes up behind him. Jade is in a Breeders t-shirt and jeans. The cat settles down in the doorway and proceeds to wash a paw. For whatever reason, he wanted his human to be with the other humans. "Hey," Jade says. Then, looking around, he says, "What the hell's eating you guys? You look worse than I do on a Sunday morning." Or as he calls it, the hangover times.

Lucas is focused on Landon. He helps him fix the blanket and gives his shoulder a squeeze and says "Thanks for making coffee." which directly translates to //You're going to be okay becaus ewe're going to make it be.// Looking to Essme asking if the library is open after dark. He looks to Esme, then Mona, and back withthe vaguest hint of a grin, "I can make it be open after dark." He is kinda the school fixer. He's not saying //how// but his word is pretty solid in making things happen. Landon would know the truth griwing us a Lester with him. That door doesn't stand a chance. Looking to THea he sighs, "You know how when you have a sinus infection it ruins the taste of everything not-pancakes?" A splayed hand palm up gestures to his cousin in a //there you go.//

When Jaden asks them what happened to them because they look like hell he can't help but to tiredly, but convincingly say, "There's a reason, turns out, we shouldn't be drinking under 21. We are not yet //good// at it, cuz." And then it hits him, "Jaden... question for you. Since you know so many theatrical souls," Yes there's others who qualify here but that's the joy of giving someone the gift of plausible deniability for their birthday. "What are the side effects of E and LSD that you know of? I know you watched like...Rent and Tommy like a billion times. Dish."

Lucas has always been a comforting factor in Landon's life, the both of them having gone through almost everything together-- being disowned by who the man they believed was their father, to intricate things as relationships. Or the breaking up of your twins' relationships. So while Lucas is also the firebrand out of the two of them, Landon can't help but find strength in his presence alone.

He does't even pretend to nurse the freshly poured coffee in his mug as he leans up against the counter, eyes turning towards the drawn curtains. He can imagine just how bright it is on the other side of that. With his coffee cup mostly forgotten, he murmurs to Thea, "I don't know why I expected anything different. Ever since--" His eyes flicker to Jaden, "Back in February, I can't say I'd gotten much enjoyment out of eating or drinking. Anything." He then nods to Lucas, "It's like having this cold, but instead of just a stuffed nose, it's like your tastebuds are burned right off your tongue.." And yet, he has this sickening craving, something that he's reminded of when his mind goes back to remembering? what was in the trunk.

Glancing over at Esme, his eyes divert because he feels like shit, so he can only imagine that he looks the way he feels too. His skin pale, eyes haunted. "We can get into the library easy, but with exams coming up and the end of school drawing near." There's a furrow of his brow, "We're going to have to do that and juggle with dragging ourselves off to school each other. If we really care about college." And he looks like a guy who probably cares about college, "But that's not going to happen until we figure out how to.. undo what happened. Purge ourselves of the. Of the drug." He'll still assume that's what it is.

Well. Esme's a vain little teenage shit too and now she's worried with Landon's fleeting glance her way while he's talking to her that she's the one looking a certain brand of ugh. She still has leftover makeup on, and she hasn't seen a mirror, who KNOWS the state of raccoon eyes going on right now. After a tiny grin for Thea's explanation, she takes to wander with her back mostly to the others, hand pushing back the blanket to start finger comb arranging some of her hair.

"My mother... might be able to brew something, I don't know. She likes obscure teas and foreign remedies and..." Yes, hippie parents might have some value at some point, but she lets Jaden answer as to the LSD side effects, clarifying as she secretly swipes a hand under both eyes to finish arranging herself just in case while she's turned away, "But definitely library."

Thea doesn't look thrilled about it, but she does sip at her coffee; even when a person is sick, there's still that self-preservational instinct that tells them that they need to eat, regardless of how hungry they are or aren't. Granted, coffee isn't food, but the caffeine in it feels every bit as necessary for her survival right now, at least to her.

Opening an arm to Jade would require letting go of the hold she's got on the edge of her blanket cocoon with her other hand, and nope. She wants to stay in that cocoon a little longer. Like a caterpillar that knows she isn't quite ready to wriggle free and spread those beautiful butterfly wings just yet. Still, she craves her sibling's nearness in a similar fashion to the comfort the bond Landon and Lucas share, so she shuffles closer to the youngest of the Marchant triplets, at the least.

Jaden takes up a lean and folds his arms over his chest. "Too much LSD can make you have a psychotic break," he says, "and you might have flashbacks. E's really good while you're on it, except it makes you grind your teeth sometimes, but it feels really good. Then comes what we call 'suicide Tuesday.' Your mood drops, hard. Nothing feels good, nothing tastes good, nothing's right with the world. You should be drinking a lot of water, and maybe some Gatorade."

Meezer wanders, sniffing each person in turn, head-bonking a leg here, arching his back against someone there. He knows how to work the room. Jade comes over to Thea and says "Come here, doll." He'll hold his arms out so she doesn't have to. "Have you ever tried crack cut with alcohol? That'll fuck you up, too. I don't recommend it."

Lucas isn't leaving the orbit of his brother even if they're not joined at the hip. The comfort given of having one's own guard dog, and the return of knowing someone's right there having his back; always, even when the people tehy trusted sold them out. Holding up a hand he clarifies to Jaden, "Were not looking to get fucked up. Something we had had something in it and we're trying to determine what and un-fuck up the situation though." The coffee goes down and he opens the fridge trying to sneak his hand in all cleverlike like hwne he breaks into people's lockers. When he opens the door his finger slides off the lever. That end of the kitchen is awash in light, and there's Lucas, eyes dilated, hit withthe glare of that damn tiny lightbulb in that pristine now glowing white interior. There's no scream, no hiss, but he does cover his eyes with his hand and bare his teeth at ti. It'd be nice to blame that on teh blood drink but this is pretty much his reaction to being snuck up on by bright lights for the last ten years. There is a faint, short whimper though and a groping grab for something that feels like it should be gatorade. "Fffffuck you Sunday."

It's a good thing that the Marchant heads of house are out of town, what with the party coming up and now this... soon enough, a good portion of the mansion will be shrouded in darkness if Landon is able to get his hands on all of those curtains. He really wishes that he had on clothes now. Or at least a pair of sunglasses, despite the sun being shut out. It was the start of a new day, "I expect that we're not just going to remain hovelled here all day and we're planning on doing, who the hell knows what, right?" He's not even sure he has the energy for that, really.

Feeling Meezer's furry head pushing up against his bared shin, Landon crouches down to give the cat a bit of a scritching, his gaze lifting to peer out at Esme, "Your parents don't care that you've been out all night? And more importantly, no work today?" He knows that she moved most, if not all of her shifts to nighttime hours. Hearing Lucas' griping to the fridge, has him turning in that direction now, giving the cat a few more pets before he drags himself up to stand. "Ask your mother," He's talking to Esme as he goes to help out Lucas in his endeavor. "I don't know what kind of excuse to give without it sounding suspect." There's a lift of his brow here, "But if she knows of a way to purge out our systems, that would be most helpful." Standing there and holding the door open for his twin, he then says, "Research in the library, see if Mrs. Reed knows of good... detox cures. Talk to Mister Bloomquist," Silvio. Shooting a glance at Thea, he asks, once more, flickering his gaze carefully at Jade for a brief moment, "You sure you don't want to talk to Theodore?"

"I mean.. we could? But wouldn't he just run straight to Daddy, or worse, report the incident to the police?" Thea theorizes, worry flickering across her features as she leans into the open arms Jade offers, seeming to need it even more now than just a few moments before. "I still want to see a doctor, too. Just to make sure this isn't some crazy case of mono we've managed to spread around, and we just.. all.." She's floundering. It's pitifully obvious. "Had um. Such high fevers that we hallucinated.. things." Right. Because shared hallucinations are totally a thing that can happen, with your average, ordinary fever. Ahem. She glances toward Jade, then ducks her head low enough again that the blanket draped up over her head conceals her features some. Since when does she hide from her sibling?

"Not really, and I work later tonight for a few hours, nothing major. Might just... tell her I don't want to. She'll mostly be sore I didn't just tell her with a call that I was going to stay out with you. Then she'll ask me embarrassing details that don't even exist. Having the mom that wants to talk about everything is... well. It's not boring, at least." Esme answers Landon and twists her lips a bit off to one side while pensively looking at the wall, then her coffee cup, instead of the pairs of siblings... because as a twin, she feels the absence of her own in a time of trauma, severely so. But with her back turned, it's hard to tell.

Once she's put her half-drank cup of coffee aside, she starts with the blanket wadding through the kitchen toward the stairs, informing the boys with walking backpedal, and finally a small smile of greeting and farewell for Jade now that she's not distracted by... something. Or everything. Really, she looks almost scattered in a quiet kind of way, and disheveled and just kind of not Esme at the moment, comparative to how she's generally put together so calculating pretty and easygoing, "Can I borrow the phone in you guys' room to call her and let her know where I ended up? Then ah. I'll try to get the motivation not to just crash on the sheets. Shower might move me. Can I borrow that too?" She is so stalling going out into the morning and would love to just curl back up and try to find somewhere to stick everything wrong inside.

Jade hugs Thea closely, and he frowns in concern as she hides her face. Since when does this happen? He doesn't push, though. He just holds her. The brat shows he has a soft side when it comes to his sisters. "Let me take care of you today," he murmurs to her. "Just drink some water and gatorade, take some Tylenol, and sleep it off. I'll bring you whatever you want." Sure, he's got a hangover too, but it's a hangover with a little 'h' and he's used to them.

Meezer mrps as he's scritched, and he purrs. Then he ambles back over to Jade, and he sits at his human's feet. Jade glances around at the others. "Water and gatorade is my suggestion. Worst case scenario, you'll be hydrated and your electrolytes will be up while you're feeling like crap."

Once gatorade is retrieved, Landon helps Lucas carry several bottles to tide them over with upstairs. He'll drape part of his blanket over his twin; the kitchen might be dark, but the staircase, despite his best efforts, still remained bright from the harder to reach windows. As a Lester raised, Landon does know that getting the police involved is just asking for trouble. "You're probably right, but.." And there's always a but. Looking between his cousins now, if Thea wishes to reveal that part of what they think they remember, she can do so.

Instead, both he and his brother look to be escorting Esme up the stairs. "Thanks for the advice, Jade." He calls out. "Gatorade and lots of water it is." Then to Esme, he gives her a firm nod, "Sure. You can use the one in our room. The shower too." He then continues on, "We'll drive you home or wherever you need to go after this." He regrets it when he does so, but he gives a last loon downstairs to catch Thea's gaze before she disappears completely from his view, "And regroup some time later tonight." He has a mind of showering and changing too.. if not just going back to bed until the evening, but despite the lethargy, he's used to being a productive sort. He'll even smile a tiny bit at Esme as they clear the rest of the stairs, both Lucas and Landon huddled beneath Landon's comforter, "Whatever we do... we gotta do it fast. Just in case." He doesn't want to say it, but in case the urge returns.

"Just in case," Thea echoes, nodding and all but burrowing against Jade as a wholly unsettling sense of resignation mingled together with trepidation sweeps through her. "I think we could both use a pampering day," she murmurs to her brother, as Landon and Esme fade from view. "Bath, then pajamas, then a nap, to start with." There will probably be chocolates and the like later, not that they sound particularly appetizing beyond the comforting indulgence they represent. And, of course, water and Gatorade. As a dancer, she's no stranger to either.