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Falling Falling
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  A
Date  •  2019-10-02
Summary  •  Felicity and Hector talk things over when hector is calmer.

Felicity is in the guest room and has apparently retreated to her favorite form of self-soothing. Which means that her math text book is out because she still has several assignments due for that, even if everyone else is done. She's flopped out across the bed with complicated vector math. On the other hand, she may run out soon.

Hector has meean somewhere else in this maze of a house with his flute. His own sort of self soothing. He stands in the door, watching her do math, getting his face under control before approaching. He sets the flute down quietly and comes to sit next to her rubbing the palm of his hand up and down her back.

Felicity startles and then adds one more notation to finish something out before smiling tiredly up at Hector. "Hey. How are you holding up? Anything I can do to help?" She shifts around so her head's on his knee.

Hector strokes her hair, "You don't have to intterupt Math for me." He smiles sadly, then closes his eyes as he said,"When I first came here, it was spear who was really welcoming. Like Raymond and Vanessa wwere really nice about everything and he tries, you know? But I don't really know thenm and they don't really know me." His tone turns wry, Star can be... very Star, and Silver was... angry for a long time. It turns out it wasn't at me, but I didn't know that until after the vamp thing had been going on a while. Spear was the one who was really welcoming, who seemed to like having a surprise second older brother to hang out with. We wrote a song together about Cash, only we didn't know it was about Cash yet...." He takes a breath, "I miss him already, you know?"

Felicity rubs her cheek on his knee and smiles up at him. "You're worth interrupting math, Hector." She sighs a little. "Yeah. I can see that. He's... so sweet and earnest and himself. *I* miss him, too, and I'm not his brother. Not as much as you do, I'm sure, but still." She sighs a little. "Want cuddles?"

Hector smiles down at her, opening his eyes, "That is a compliment indeed. I would love cuddles." He lies back on the bed for cuddle facilitation, rms welcoming. "I'm sorry about Art." he takes a breath, "Did anyone tell you about Full Moon before last?"

Felicity scootches the textbook and notebook and such out of the way and sets about cuddling Hector, snuggling into his arms and taking a moment to just breathe quietly. "Not... as such. No. Though... I think I heard something about him biting Zane. When we were being told about the families. At the tea shop. But... I could be confusing people." She shrugs a little and continues the cuddling.

Hector is a cuddler just generally. He presses his face into her hair, enjoying her scent and her warmth against him. "You're remembering correctly." He says carefully, "The things I am about to say are best not mentioned in front of Zane, because he's... very in denial and it just upsets him, but I think as his cousin, you should know them in case... things go badly."

Felicity tenses just a little, but nods. "Okay. What happened? More information is always good. It refines the calculations."

Hector nods, "In your place, I'd want to know." He takes a breath, "The call came before we had anyone restrained. I was supposed to be their earlier to help cash, but Ms. hellenbrand needed me. Whn I got there Cash and a couple others had already lost it and Silver and I had to subdue and, uh, burrito him. So I missed some of it in the scuffle."

He strokes her arm, her back with his palm, slow and rhythmic. "Art almost got out. He was very determined. he nearly got amy and Ashley killed and zane had a hell of a time keeping him down once they got him there. Understand, it's an addiction. They really will say anything when it's bad. Cash kept trying to reason us into letting him go, but Art... He kept talking about how much he wanted to be a vampire, about being an immortal rockstar. We Thistles are Goth too, but he was... really embracing the Lestat deLioncourt thing, you know? People pointed out he'd be a slave to fran, that what he wanted would matter very little once he was turned, but he was... scary, Red. The others were tricked into it and the addiction makes it hard for them to resist. Zane might be right that him being unconscious meant he was taken against his will, but it seems just as likely to me that he arranged to meet them voluntarily. I don't know which it is, red, but just... When we see him again, it's best to be careful. we don't know which side he's on anymore. It doesn't mean we shouldn't rescue him. We need to rescue all of them. Just... be careful, because addicts can be tricky and if he wants this for real and is chosing it with eyes open... You should be careful."

Felicity blinks slowly up at Hector. "Oh. Fuck. Yeah. I needed to know that. Okay. Fuck." She takes a deep breath and lets it slowly out again. "I will keep that in mind in my calculations, yes."

Hector kisses the top of her head, "I figured it was important. Sorry it took me so long to put together the connectins. I'm still getting used to the everybody related to everybody thing." He takes a breath, "Are you okay, Red? You've been taking good care of us, but one of your family is missing too."

Felicity winces a little and then smiles ruefully. "No. But you and Cash have it worse. And triage order says we deal with my feelings last." She actually rolls so she's on top of him, and looks up. "Also, and please don't tell anyone I said this, I'm kind of more upset about Ashley and Spear. Though Arthur being that badly affected may explain part of it. I've barely seen him since I got back. No big welcome, no hanging out. I've spent more time with Ashley and Spear than with him. I mean. He's my cousin. We more or less grew up together, but... He didn't exactly go out of his way to check in with me."

Hector plays with her hair, "I won't tell anyone, or judge you poorly for it. James is in as much danger as Silver and I... forget half the time. We say hi civiliy and all, but the only real conversation I've had with my older brother was that time he accused Cash of being like Pol Pot in the middle of history class and I called him on it." He nods, "The blood effects them in weird ways. I don't really know Arthur much at all. I can see how Zane feels about him, which suggets he's changed. It can take then different ways. He might be... one of the ones who goes reclusive and detatched. I can't judge, being an outsider."

Felicity nods and sighs. "Let's neither of us become an insider on this one, okay?" She glances over towards the door. "Should I worry that I think Cash went off in search of Jade a while ago and isn't back, yet. Or should I just figure that Jade is well aware that there would be the bad kind of spanking if he lets Cash do something stupid drugs-wise?"

Hector nods emphatically to not becoming insiders. "Just be careful with Zane. He loves Art the way we love Spear, I think." He thiks it over, "Jade knows we likely really will kill him if he lets Cash inject anything. He was upset like the rest of us the time cash tried Meth. I think Jade wouldn't let him do anything too strong or potentially permanent. Weed is likely. Maybe Ecstasy. Not heroin or meth and probably not cocaine or Ketamine." he colours, "I may have taken Cash out to the desert to smoke recently. I was hoping he'd be less antsy if he got some of the cabin fever out of his system... Oh! He really likes the take cash to Six Flags high in the off season with ear plugs plan."

Felicity nods to the comment about Zane. "Well, twins. Which may be the other part. I always ended up feeling a little bit on the outside, there." His summary of what Jade will likely allow gets another nod and a little loss of tension. "Okay. I just haven't had enough time to know the odds, there. So I appreciate your assessment." There's a little smile at the confession about the trip. "Yeah, he probably needed that. It just is something unlikely to occur to me. But I really am willing to drive or hang out." And then there's a laugh and an actual bright smile. "Okay. Roller coaster fun is a date, then."

Hector runs a thumb along her cheekbone absenmindedly, "I feel the same with the triplets sometimes. Pertcularly in the really bad patch between Valentine's Day and April.... I know Jade will inject himelf with anything, but he won;t let Cash. I think Jade has an ethical backbone underneath the... everything. I think that's part of what attracted me to him. That mix of no limits and hrd limits. Mine are drawn in different places, but it's like there's... something underlying that is similar that I can't quite pu my finger on. Jesus I'm glad he and sp... Fuck! Spear." because he'd forgotten for a moment, but then it hit him again. He closes his eyes until he's able to smile back, "He had a hard time with the crowds when he was little and hasn't been in ages." He returns her smile, "It'll be almost like taking someone for the first time and he's really cute and cuddly when he's stoned."

Felicity closes her eyes as the thumb runs along her cheekbone, basking in the caress. Then she winces again as Hector's reminded that Spear is among those taken and opens her eyes, watching him and finally moving slightly up his body so she can kiss him softly. "Yeah. The crowds would worry me and I bet he'd hate Disneyland, but Magic Mountain could be a lot of fun." Then she grins a slightly wicked grin. "Noted - a stoned Cash is a cuddly Cash. This is also useful information to have."

Hector kisses her gently, palm on her cheek. "We'll bring his shades against the lights when it gets dark. It'll be fun." He meets her eyes, "Just so you know, I mostly ever smoked weed, and iused to like to trip now and then, but I've never taken anything I couldn't easily walk away from and I never plan to."

Felicity studies him a moment and then nods and gives him a quicker kiss. "Okay. I don't like my brain feeling fuzzy. I hate even taking cold medicine, but I try not to begrudge anyone else their enjoyment as long as it's done with care." There's a small pause as she studies Hector again. "I... wasn't expecting this when I came home. I'm not sure I was expecting this ever. I..." She just shakes her head and starts to move back down.

Hector runs a finger tip feather light around the outside of her ear, "Would you rather we never did anything around you, including drinking? Except for the other night I've been staying clear myself. I don't... want it the way I used to, I think. Like, it's nice, but all of this is more impirtant. Pot or alchhohol could be a once and a while thing and younever need to see it if you don't want to." He says softly, "You can stay up here, if you like. I won't... do anything we shouldn't without Cash."

Felicity shakes her head. "That was almost exactly the opposite of my point. I am happy to be your designated driver or trip sitter or whatever you all need, just... don't expect me to drink much or do anything. Also, if I'm actually sick or in pain, you may need to sit on me to take my medicine even if it will leave me feeling off." And then she laughs and kisses him again. "We'd have to remove clothes. Which we aren't going to do. We're allowed snuggles without him. My neck is just getting tired."

New Activity ---------

Hector kisses her back smiling, "Ah!" He starts rubbing her neck, "If your comfortable that would be a help. When all this is over, I'd like to go camping, the three of us and Cash and I could drop acid and... shake all this off. Be kids again almost. I just never want you to feel uncomfortable and if you ever don't, tell be and we'll stop, okay?"

Felicity snorts. "Yes, because what I clearly am is reticent to tell either of you what I think. I believe I can manage to tell you if I'm feeling uncomfortable." She whimpers a little at the neck rub and closes her eyes again.

Hector makes note of what caused the whimpering and does more of that. he laughs sotly, "I have no delusions of you being shy. I just... wanted to clarify that telling me won't upset me. I am a believer innegotiating for maximum happiness for all concerned.... When you say you didn't imagine... Red, you know you are incredible by every single measure and I'm am pretty sure you wuld have been loved wherever you ended up. Cash and I are so very lucky you... agreed to this."

Felicity gives a soft little moan as he hits a particularly tense spot and then smiles. "Maybe. I was more saying I really didn't expect to... I... look, there's a reason that my previous boyfriend was a friend who was a boy and who needed the cover. And that I kept telling people at school that we were still together long after we weren't really. And we may have tried kissing, but... it just didn't... We weren't..." She sighs. "I don't even know how to explain what I mean about this."

Hector keeps rubbing, his other hand starting to work on her shoulder, "I'm interested in listening if you want to try to work out the words. We have time."

Felicity's eyes flutter closed and there's another whimper as her head drops forward a little. "Nnnnn..." Deep breath. "I'm just confused. I don't feel like this about people." Pause. "Usually. Maybe it's just that you guys don't want me for my breasts."

Hector kisses the top of her head, "Your breasts are lovely, but we definately want you for you. The presence or absense of breasts is immeterial." He thinks about it for a while, massaging her shoulders, digging thumbs into knos now and then. After a bit he ays, "I don't know what it's called or if it's a word for it, but I know... some people only desre where they love. Like, sex doesn't do anything for them without a deeper connection, you know? It goes againstall the... stuff in movies with people just having sex wherever, but I know it's possible to feel that way. Does this fit, maybe? That sex is more of an outgrowth of other things than an end in itself?"

Felicity snorts and kisses Hector's chest. "It's more complicated. Maybe? I'm not used to wanting sex with someone else. I barely wanted to date someone and that was always a little nebulous, like I felt like I ought to want to date someone, but I hadn't met anyone I actually wanted to date. But maybe it is just that I needed to care. And I needed... the right people to care. I mean, masturbation was always fine. And could be enjoyable. So it wasn't like... I don't know. Other people would always just seem so... obsessed with it and I always wondered a bit what I was missing."

Hector is listening, dark eyes watching in that particular way he has that says, 'I'm open.' "How do you feel about it now. I know we sort of... We moved very fast. Not a lot of processing time."

Felicity laughs and shakes her head a little, ending on a mischevious smile. "We have. Yes. My point was more that I find myself actually wanting to have sex with you and Cash and I'm still adjusting to that." Pause, tiny frown. "It still hasn't turned my brain off in the way it seems to with some people. The alt.sex. hierarchy hasn't been a whole lot of help, but I may be looking in the wrong groups."

Hector thinks that over, hands still moving, "I can see how that would be a major adjustment of thought." He smiles crookedly, "I think yourr brain is working just fine. If we ever get in the way of that? Tell us.... I admit, I suspect it turns my brain off ometimes. The alt.sex. hierarchy?"

Felicity kisses Hector again. "Okay. I need to be on my back for a while." She rolls off him and grabs a couple of pillows to prop her head up, but then snuggles in against his side once more. "I'll do my best to communicate what's happening with my brain. And... are you not on usenet? Wait... do you have a computer? It's a computer thing. There are all these groups where people talk about stuff. So there's like sci.math for discussing mathematical stuff and alt.callahans which was people trying to recreate the callahan's crosstime saloon on line, kind of, but there are a whole bunch which start with alt.sex. and then have different things like bondage or polyamory or whatever. But there are a whole lot of them and it can be hard to sort through what term you really want and everyone disagrees about definitions all the time."

Hector curls up against her so he can look at her as they talk. "I use the word processer at school for papers and stuff.... Oh! can you show me the callahan's thing?" He tinks over the rest, "I bet a lot of it is guys wanting sex. I mean, I know how guys are. It's a shame there's no easy way to seperate the porn ones from the not porn ones. I think I'd maybe like to see some of the polyampry ones too."

Felicity grins. "Sure! I mean, it's mostly the puns and the random chatter and memorials and things, but I like Callahan's. And hey, maybe someone there really is an intelligent dog. And there are moderators so most of the real porn is on the groups designated for that, but it can be hard for them to keep up sometimes. And there's a lot of theory, but that just means more arguments sometimes. I'll show you. It's kind of fun and kind of overwhelming all at the same time. But it can be a lot to sort through." She captures one of his hands to hold and sort of play with his fingers while they chat.

Hector runs a thumb lightly over her lips, "I'd like that. Geeking out with you in a computer lab. You'll have to teach me the right manners." He doesn't seem to mind being played with. "I really am willing to talk through this stuff with you, you know. I'm still getting to know you."

Felicity's eyelashes flutter and she nips lightly at the thumb, then beams. "Good. It's a date. I'll do my best, though I'm still sort of figuring them out myself. There's usually a post that gets put up pretty often that tells you what's expected in each group." Breath in and out. "I know you are. It's part of what's making me fall in love with you. I like talking things out. I may over-analyze things a little."

Hector grins at the nip, lashes lowering. "It's definately a date." He touches his forhead to hers, "I'm falling in love with you too, Red. You're just so incredibly easy to love." His thumb glides over her cheekbone again, "I like talking things out too. If you spiral out into over analysing I'll be there to pull you back in. I... tend to... you've seen it. When I hurt someone. And Cash has his thing where things get to much for him. The nice thing is, there is always someone there to... help fight those tendancies when they go to far."

Felicity brings the hand not playing with his fingers up to brush through Hector's hair and sighs happily. "You're easy to love, too. And thank you. I can get kind of lost in the details sometimes. We do seem to balance each other very well most of the time."

Hector laughs, "Ask Amy. I have a vdery punchable face. You're just biaed." He grins at her, "The three of us fit together perfectly. I don't know why or how, but we do.

Felicity snorts. "Amy just likes punching things. To Amy the entire world has a punchable face. Except Ash.. fuck."

Hector his smile dies and he agrees, "Fuck." He closes his eyes, "At least now all the Lesters have skin in the game now. Morrison will likely stop holding back and he may bring the other Lesters and some of the adult Marchants with him. All I've been able to do up to now is get them to take the threat to the twins seriously. That's a defensive posture, though. We need offense now and we need it to move fast and hard. We might have it. The adults might go to war with us for Amy's loss and the stolen ones. I'm glad Morrison aw it. I warned him, amy warned him they were fast and strong, but I couldn't tell him everything. Now he knows most f it and the twins can tell him the rest.

Felicitys hand tightens in his hair and she sighs, but nods. "We can hope, at least. If we can get some of the adults to help that may be enough. We have to hope. I'm still not sure what we tell Cash's parents, though. I considered we could like leave them a note saying we'd all gone on a road trip, now that we were out and like take some of Ashley's clothes just so they wouldn't worry, but... if we don't get her back that could go really badly."

Hector nods, "If we lie and we don't get them back fast... I don't want people thinking we did something to sppear or art. Up to this point, I've been telling adults truth I thought they might believe and leaving out the bits they didn't.

Felicity nods. "Yeah. I figured that out eventually. If we knew, absolutely knew, we were getting them back quickly, it would be easier, but as it stands..." Her voice trails off.

Hector says quietly, "We aren't trading people. They cheat, and anyway, I think something really bad will happen if she gets one of each. Free Swindon or something, maybe. become a new Vampire Goddess, I don't know. As tempting as giving people I barely know to get Ash and my brother back might seem on it's face, no fucking way am I giving her what she wants. I'd rather fight for them, even with the risks."

Felicity blinks. "Oh, no. I didn't mean trading people. Absolutely not. That's. Evil. No. And I agree that giving her what she wants is a horrible idea. That wasn't what I meant at all."

Hector says, “I want this done and over and everyone safe. I just worry this is bigger than us... what did you mean?”

Felicity sighs. "I just meant that if we had a real plan with a good chance of success instead of too many questions and not enough answers. I keep trying to figure out what to do and all I have are variables and sometimes, I'm not even sure I have the right variables."

Hector he takes a breath, "I'm going to try to talk to Bubba."

Felicity freezes. "Let me do the Chen research first? Please. If only because I worry about Fran or someone else grabbing you if they realize you've talked to him."

Hector says quietly, "They have Spear. He's alve or we'd know but... I don't know how long I can wait."

Felicity nods. "I know. I... just don't think Cash could take losing you, too. And if I lose both of you, I'm not sure what I'll do."

Hector nods, expression serious, "I'll try to be careful, but I'm... not so good at that when I'm upset. Red? If... if anything does happen to me? Marry him? I mean, if you want to?"

Felicity studies him, her own expression serious. "If there's enough left of him for me to marry, I will, if he'll have me. But... i'm not sure I'm enough for him without you. And I don't know that he'd stay for just me. Please come back to us."

Hector strokes her cheek, feather light, "I will do everything in my power to come back to you both. I love this. I love life. I want to ride rollercoasters with you both and make music and go surfing and see what sort of children we might raise someday. I will do my damnedstto always come home to you both. Still, Red, I think you'd always have been enough for him. It's just he didn't know it."

Felicity smiles a little. "Maybe. I hope we never have to find out." Deep breath and then a soft kiss for him. "How can I love you this much this quickly? It's... not the same as Cash. Cash apparently had a piece of my heart I hadn't realized was missing until I came back and he was just there."

Hector tangles his fingers in her hair as he kisses her, "I hve no idea, Love, but I feel the same."

Felicity laughs a bit. "It really does rather feel like falling, I always wondered why they used that expression."

Hector sings softly in his light tenor, "You give me that look that's like laughing/With liquid in your mouth/Like you're choosing between choking/And spitting it all out./Like you're trying to fight gravity/On a planet that insists/That love is like falling/And falling is like this...."

Felicity beams even more and then kisses him rather more firmly.