Log:Face Meet Propeller

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Face Meet Propeller
Characters  •   Sky Bloomquist  •  Kate Barlow  •
Location  •  Mohave County Medical Examiner Office
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-06
Summary  •  Detective Sky gets to look at a body in the morgue.

Tuesday night in Lake Havasu. Normally a pretty quiet night for most of the year, it only really gets busy around vacation time. Since it's not //quite// vacation time, when a body shows up, it is something to liven up the boredom.

Kate Barlow, Medical Examiner, is currently looking over a body that has been dragged out of Lake Havasu itself. Waterlogged. Naked. Face rendered into bloody chunks that she is currently reassembling into something human...ish. Dressed in her whites, surgical gloves on, red hair tied back in a ponytail, she is the image of concentration as she works.

Liven up the boredom indeed.

Sky makes his way into the mortuary, dressed in a nice suit, a dark coat, and a fedora on his head. He snuffs out his cigarette before he enters proper and he takes off his hat to honor the dead. "Miss Barlow." he looks at the body. "I see your taking great care to preserve the body."

Kate glances up from the body for a moment to see who it is and offers a nod in greeting before getting back to work. "Detective. Everyone likes a face to look at. Especially the relatives. Come on over, I've done the examination. What we have here..." She stands and stretches, gloved fingers red with blood. "Is what looks to be a facial close encounter with a boat propeller. The victim is a man in his thirties, reasonably fit, no distinguishing marks save a tattoo on his ankle. Do men get tattoos on their ankles often, Detective?"

Sky looks at Kate and he nods at her. "As would I, should the deceased look like he went five innings with a baseball bat." He says grimly as he stares at the corpse. Boat propeller huh? He does look upon it. Tattoo on the ankle? Curious. "Not unless its a sign of some kind of group, gang, or cult. But otherwise, no man gets a tattoo on their ankle." he approaches the ankle in question, and he investigates what the tattoo - looks - like. It can help him associate the symbol with something...or the words.

The tattoo is an image of an iron barred door - like a castle portcullis or an old-fashioned prison cell. Kate lets Sky check out the tattoo, arms crossed. "I said it //looked// like a boat propeller. Actually, I'll rephrase. A boat propeller was introduced to his face...after he was dead. This is no accident. No very unlucky skinny dipper out for a midnight paddle."

Interesting. He looks at the tattoo before he pulls out a notepad and he makes a note on it. "That much is clear. No other wounds on the body, markless, not even a bloody poke or cut. Only on his head. More than likely, he was either shot in the head or struck with blunt force trauma, the damage of his head looking like a chopped Watermelon possibly the work of someone trying to cover it up."

"Either that, or he was killed, and a poor fisherman happened to hit this poor soul while on his way."

"I'd go with the former." Kate gestures Sky towards the head before peeling back some hanging flesh to reveal the tissue beneath. "A bullet would still be obvious. But //this// is evidence of blunt force trauma. See the subdermal bruising? The capillary damage? That's from a blow, not a chunk of metal shearing through flesh and bone." Putting the skin back she now wanders over to a side table, expecting him to follow. On a tray looks to be the reassembled brain of the victim. "I couldn't find all of it but there is, again, definite blunt impact damage."

To be fair, Sky didn't have much of a chance to go through the displaced grey matter. But he does seem to sigh a little bit. "Any metal residue? Rust, metal shavings?" let him figure out if it was caused by a human fist, or something like a crowbar or pipe...or a wooden object.

"There's some metal residue but whether it came from the murder weapon or the propeller blades will require some further tests. To be honest, probably won't be able to tell the difference" Kate laments. "No traces of wood. That I can say for sure."

"Nothing more deceptive than the obvious." Sky admits with a look of annoyance on his face. "Dammit." he shakes his head. He puts his notepad away, and he checks the body again before looking at Kate. "...do you ever take days off?" he asks her curiously, but his eyes ultimately rest on the body. "Poor bastard." he's clearly running the variables in his head. Angle of the blow, the amount of time he was in the water before he got chopped up, what he was doing before he was killed, the murder weapon...

"Why would I have time off?" Kate snorts. "You're talking like I have something better to do. I'll get a full report to you tomorrow if that's okay. Maybe come out to the crime scene? Though, of course, where the body was found is not the crime scene. They weren't killed in the middle of the lake. No water in the lungs either. You'd think they'd know that obvious one. Good look, Detective. If you need anything else, let me know."

Sky looks at Kate as he puts his Fedora back on his head, straightening out his hat before he looks at Kate proper. "That’s because a dead-beat cop has no idea the difference between an accident and a murder." he smirks at her. "I look forward to seeing the report and investigating the crime scene with you." he then starts to make his exit. He was going to have to question the wife or family too...which was always a fun hobby. Said nobody ever.