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Evil Bridge
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - London Bridge
Date  •  2019-08-15
Summary  •  Ashley and Amy meet up on London Bridge in 'secret'. Ashley found some things out about her family, and the London Bridge. (Yes it gets a bit romantic too!)

A midweek evening and Ashley is on the bridge waiting for someone. Since she is dressed in a trenchcoat, wears sunglasses in the dark, and lurks in the shadow of a bridge support, she is probably waiting for Amy. She glances up and down the bridge before checking her watch, though she looks more excited than impatient.

Amy is soon to arrive. The bridge is on her normal running path anyway. She's often here. Soon it'll be flooded with tourists -- well, more tourists, especially during the day -- to ponder the London Bridge, moved brick by brick, and take photos and sometimes, jump off it into the waters not that far below. The other teen is heard soon enough, roller blades on the pavement, slowing down on her skates as she news Ashley. "God, girlfriend, you look like you're about to do a drug deal or something. If I was a cop I'd be watchin'. Or if I was me, I'd be watching." She grins, and gives a wink.

Ashley grins as she hears those skates approach - a familiar sound that usually portends the arrival of her love. And probably some snark. She is not disappointed in either. "Drug deal? Don't you think it looks awesome?" she pouts, giving a little half-spin. "This is a pretty pricey coat too. I doubt even drug dealers could afford it. Okay...they could but they wouldn't have the fashion sense to buy it." A wiggle of her eyebrows at the wink. "You can do more than watch if you like." Ashley gets up close, draping her arms over Amy's shoulders. "Hmm...maybe there //is// a drug I could deal?" She leans in to whisper seductively in Amy's ear. "Me."

Amy laughs a little at that twirl in the coat, rolling her eyes, but the gaze is more or less affectionate. "Being a criminal doesn't make someone blind to fashion, though they probably don't want a pricey fancy coat that attracts notice. I dunno, really." She's no drug dealer! She slips an arm around Ash's waist in turn, balancing on her skates for a moment and snickers at the offer. "Gimme a sec," she suggests, shifting away to lean against the railing and get out of those skates. The sneakers are in her bag, over her shoulder and she's got them on in short order. "So, what's with the clandestine meeting on the bridge at night anyway," she muses with a grin.

Rejected to change footwear? The horror! A smile and a shrug at the question. "Don't you think it's romantic? Two lovers meeting on a moonlit evening on a centuries old bridge. I think it's romantic. But I also wanted to show you something." She's going to have to step into the light for this so she gestures for Amy to follow her under a streetlamp. Now Ashley looks more like a prostitute than a drug dealer - it's an improvement. Reaching into her coat, she pulls out a piece of paper. "Mister Chen and the London Arms discovered the Freeland crest. And a whole lot of other stuff." Her tone a little dismissive at that last part. "Come have a look."

The image on the paper is of - A tall, narrow tower on a green field and dark blue sky littered with stars. A spiral staircase winds its way around the tower, and in the uppermost window is a shining light, a beacon. 'SWYNWR' is written across the top, and the words 'strength of will' is below it.

Look, she can't just sit here wheeling around when Ashley is on regular feet now, can she. But she wanders on over into the light, bag and skates left perched against the railing as she sidles up close to Ashley, considering her in the light. "Mmm, you could be wearing almost anything under that." She comments idly, but she peers at that piece of paper only mildly curious. Family history isn't really her thing. "Did you check out any of the other families?" She wonders kind of casually, but looks down at it. "It's ... a lighthouse?" She ventures with a nod of her head. "Were you family lighthouse keepers or something?"

"It's not a lighthouse, it's like a castle" Ashley pouts, indicating the tower sitting in a field. "See, no sea to be seen. See this word..." She indicates 'Swynwr'. "That is Welsh for 'magician'...or 'conjurer'. Isn't that cool? I'm from a long line of magicians." She allows herself a giggle at such silliness. "Who kept changing their name a lot to avoid being burned at the stake." A sly look at Amy. "Maybe I cast a spell on you?" Then a nod. "I could be wearing anything under this" she agrees before shrugging. "Or nothing." Ashley lets that sink in for a few moments before adding, "I only did Freeland. I could ask Mr Chen about the Lesters if you like."

Leaning in close to Ash. "Looks like a lighthouse to me," she reaffirms, shrugging her shoulders. "Look at the light shining! It's a fucking beacon or somethin'." She smirks a little. "Oh man, don't give me that 'I cast a spell' crap, you'll start to sound like Colorado Thistle who thinks he's a witch." She laughs though, snaking an arm around Ash and grinning. "Yeah, the whole 'nothing' thing is what I was hinting at, girlfriend, that's the point. But okay, maybe your family were magicians or something, or at least thought they were, and so did other people. I guess it's kind of neat." She shrugs about her own family. "I doubt there's much about the Lesters, our reputation probably speaks for itself hey. You said you found other things?"

Ashley rolls her eyes at the persistance of the lighthouse idea. "That light is like...umm...the magic of the Freelands or something." That sounds good to her. "It's all about knowledge and will over the universe." At least that is what she took from Mr. Chen's words. A playful nudge of Amy. "I'm no witch. Way more than that. As for what I'm wearing under this coat, me to know, you to find out...if you're a good girl." 'Kind of neat'? Ashley seems quite pleased with that. She knows how hard it is to get much more out of her girlfriend. "I am sure that Mr. Chen could find stuff out about the Lesters. I dunno, maybe you were all valiant warriors or something once? Other things?" She has to think for a moment as the topic moves away from her. "Oh! Yes! Mr. Chen, and remember this is probably just a spiel he gives tourists, said that a stone of this very bridge was from Stonehenge. Not only that but it contained a great evil that was bound inside it by five people. Don't ask me who these five are. That's a pretty cool story too. But it has to be just a story, right?"

Nudging back, Amy grins a moment. "Magic of the Freelands! Free Lands. The Free Lands where you don't get burned at the stake for being a 'witch' or some fucking thing? Haha!" Amy laughs at that, because it seems to her to be rather amusing. "Psh, I'm never a good girl, you know that, and I could just find out for myself." She grabs ahold of Ashley then, moving her towards the railing to kind of pin her there against the edge of the bridge. "After all, are you gonna jump in the river to stop me?" Her eyes are very amused. She doesn't seem terribly concerned about the history of the Lester family right at this time! "Oh! The Evil is inside the bridge?" She actually looks away to stare down at the bricks, as though something will happen. "Which stone is it meant to be! Of course it's just a story. At most it probably fell from somewhere or somethin' and some worker got brained by it and died back in the old days and they were like 'oh no the rock is evil!' rather than, you know, like shit happens man."

Ashley squeals with delight as she is pinned against the bridge before looking over her shoulder at the water below. A shake of her head. "Nah, I won't jump in the water. I just did my hair. Hey, do you realise that everyone seems to know we're seeing each other? Spear does at least. So much for keeping secrets." a laugh at the question about which stone. "How would I know? Maybe when they moved it from England, they put it back in the wrong place. Or lost it. Dropped it. It's just a story." They both seem to agree on that. "Hey, what do you want to do over Spring Break?"

Amy knew of course Ash was very unlikely to jump in the water, and now she's got her pinned a little possessively right there against the railing. "Maybe they accidently dropped it on another guy's head and he died too and then they prayed at it a lot and forgot about it." She suggests with a laugh, shrugging a little. "Spear figured it out when you decided to 'theoretically' apologize to me right there in front of him. He's a fucking weirdo sometimes, but he's not stupid, you know? He sees a lot of things. Star knows, too, but not a whole lot of other people." Another shrug, and she leans close to kiss Ash for a moment, a quick, almost teasing thing. "I dunno. The Marchants are doing their masquerade party thing. I figured I could dress up so no one knew who I was and torment you all night," she practically whispers. "Other than that, I haven't thought much about it."

"Oh...that." Ashley frowns at what gave them away rather than the apology itself. "But you didn't react at all. He //must// be smart. Why does Star..." Her words interrupted by a kiss that has her legs shaking...even brief and teasing. "Oh, yes, the Masquerade party" she nods, blushing a little. "Torment? Sounds fun. But how will you know it was me? You will be training over the Break, right? And we have to fill in those scholarship forms. Weren't you related to the Marchants once?"

More kisses. Small things. Cars go by on the bridge, but they could be anyone really. Young people, living life. "I'm sure I can figure out who you are," she teases with a wink, "But that's my little secret now, isn't it? You'll now who I am I'm sure, sooner or later." She lets that just hang there ominously before giving a little laugh. "Yeah I'll be training a little, though you know how this place gets with tourists in that time. It's not as good for running except really early, so I guess most of my days will be free. I'll be at the gym a bit more often though." She gives a vague nod in regards to the scholarship forms and certainly isn't against them, but doesn't seem too worried. "Me? Fuck no. Landon and Lucas are, and because Uncle Karl is a fucking dick they're Marchant's now but they're still my cousins. That's the only way I'm related to some Marchants."

Each little kiss returned with increased desire...and hope for more. "I'm really looking forward to this party now" Ashley blushes. They'll be in masks and no one will know who they are. They could do anything...and everything. "Don't remind me of all the tourists" she sighs. "Mom and Dad usually want me to get a job for the week. You know, working at an ice cream shop or something. Not sure I'll do it this year. I have important things to do, Like...umm..." She glances around before her eyes fall on the bridge. "Oh! Find out which stone is cursed. The gym? Maybe I can drop by and watch you work out. Get all...sweaty...and stuff." It is unclear who she is referring to with that last bit. "It's a warm evening all of a sudden, don't you think? But, yeah, that whole sordid business with the twins. That's what money gets you."

"Good." Amy says with a devious little smile, easing up a little on her pin of Ashley, rubbing at the other girl's shoulders. "If you do get a job, make sure it's one with a really nice to look at uniform," she suggests mildly, grinning for a moment more before nodding slowly. "I dunno how you figure out which stone is supposedly fucking cursed. And also, maybe look up the Lester family too or something," she shrugs like it's no big deal, but that's Amy's way kind of. Maybe she is a touch curious. There's a snicker. "Mostly you'll get to watch my cousin 'educate' me in how to box. I managed to actually get a punch through his guard the other day!" She could almost beam at this. There's a shrug about the L twins. "I dunno about money involved in any of that."

"There's always money involved. Either to cause it, or to stop it." Ashley shrugs, "That's why I will be richer than God one day." An arching of an eyebrow before she shakes her head about the uniform. "I'm not becoming a stripper." She seems quite firm on that. "Girl guide?" Ashley pokes out her tongue at Amy before considering the stone dilemma. "That's the genius of the plan. It will take me so long to figure it out, that no way could I also find time to have a job for the break." An enthusiastic nod for looking up the Lesters too. Certainly more obviously enthusiastic than Amy. "Cool, you punched Morrison. Well done, my warrior Lester. I'm pretty sure that what Mr. Chen found out about the Freelands makes me, like, related to the queen. So I'm going to need a champion."

"I don't want you to be a stripper," Amy says with a laugh, and another quick kiss. "But. I think there's plenty of interesting things you could dress up in." She muses after a moment. "I don't know that God is all that wealthy though. Weird thing to say. "Okay, genius, you explain to your mom that you have to look for one stone in the whole bridge instead of getting a job. 'People have more respect for you when you're in the workforce, Ashley,'" Amy does a very bad impression of Ash's mother. It sounds nothing like her. "I dunno that Merlin was related to royalty, he just advised them," she teases. "But in any case, I'm more like your secret thug than your champion at the moment."

"You think my mom would even notice?" Ashley replies with a frown, shoulders slumping for a moment before quickly dragging herself back to her Happy Place - the one with the Amy kisses. "And that totally did not sound like my mother. That sounded more like one of the Golden Girls. "Merlin? Oh...the whole magic thing. Yeah, I guess you're right, but I maybe we conjured up our own kingdoms?" Is it so bad to want to be Queen for a day? Or a prom night. "Awww...don't say that. You're not a thug. You're much too sweet for that. We'll meet in the middle. Secret champion...but maybe not secret for long." A coy smile before she asks, "Wanna go somewhere cars aren't driving past every few minutes, oh my wonderful champion. See what's under the coat?"

Oh. Nice work Amy. That is not the reaction she expected, and she squeezes Ash a little bit with reassurance and apology. "Maybe you conjured up all the kingdoms just to advise them." She allows with a laugh. "Oh, I am a thug. I'm kinda cool with it, it's fine." Her brows lift up at that though though, head inclining a little with curiosity that's met by a coy smile. Amy's interest is definitely piqued. "Yeah, if you like. I could sneak you into my room if you don't mind climbing through the window." She grins and shifts aside, collecting her bag and her skates. "C'mon."