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Date  •  2019-09-21
Summary  •  Senior Skip Day is declared, in the form of a trip to Phoenix for food and fabric.

San Fran was cancelled and it was Cash who did it. There was a whole hell of a lot happening that week but...he still had regular appointments in Phoenix that had been taking him out of class for a day. So, he proudly announced that he was declaring /this/ day as Senior Skip Day and anyone who could fit in his car or had their own wheels could day trip it with him. Hell, he opened up the radio waves the night before and between Ace Of Base songs (Oh, Ashley.), he announced it. He had to leave early but meeting up later at a park near his appointment was planned. Shop, eat, hang out in the city and be irresponsible. That is the real plan.

Is there any doubt Hector would be there all curls and smiles with a soft case of cassettes for the drive and a bag of snacks? Well there he is. Round purple lenses shades perched on his nose, mesh shirt, black cargo shorts and some old black sneakers on his feet.

Felicity gives Cash a kiss to send him off to his appointment and one for Hector as well, though she'd gone off with Mona and Zane and Jade on some secret errand to which Hector, at least, was not invited. But they're heading back to the meet-up spot with bags which says shopping of some kind was involved. Felicity is not quite bouncing, but her grin could probably light up a room.

Skip day? Yes, please! Jade is there, man. In jeans, a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt, and a flannel shirt of deep purple and black on over it. Goth-runge. He's in tow with Mona, carrying a few bags for her. He's got shades on to fend off the Arizona sun. There's a bounce in his step. Following his sister around and carrying bags still beats the hell out of being in school.

Shop, eat, and be irresponsible. Mona is very good at at least one of these three things, and that's why her black convertible screeches to a stop at the edge of the meetup spot. Someone said shopping, and the need for a ride for more people to come along has made it through the rumor mill to land her way. As a result, all the clutter is cleared from her back seat -- costumes for the show, bags of bondage gear for the vampire sleepovers -- in order to make room for two. Shotgun, as ever, is already called, but anyone else who has the need for a ride is given the welcome to pile in. Expect some surprisingly high quality singing along with the radio; the convertible top is already down to dull roar over it in the early summer heat.

She is already dressed to the nines, but at least this version ranks a seven on comfortable, at least an eight on goth, and a solid twelve on style. It even involves a skirt. What in the actual hells?! "Oh, honey," she insists to Felicity, "this is going to be spectacular. You have to let me get pictures. Their minds are going to be-" She sets a hand at either side of her head, spreading her fingers suddenly with a 'paff' noise. "-utterly blown."

What's wrong with Ace of Base? They'll be remembered long after Kurt Cobain is forgotten. Trust Ashley on this - she knows fashion. She would have arrived with her early traveling brother since that gives her some extra time to shop. Though it also meant she had to put up with Hector and Cash getting all canoodly...and Felicity too! Who knew being a 'fourth wheel' now means watching from the outside? Dressed immaculately in the 'school uniform' look, she is returning to the meeting spot carrying a number of bags from the very best shops that Phoenix has to offer. "Cash. Come help me with my bags."

Cash had to look reasonably neat for his appointment. This is how you get a grudge kid to look closer to a Gap kid. This is how you get him in khakis and a pale blue oxford shirt. He even wore his Varsity jacket. Took it out the plastic and everything. By the time his appointment is over and he's checking in at the park, he's peeling it off along with with his shirt. He's wearing a Nirvana t-shirt underneath. Which makes Ashley's words /wound/. "The only thing Ace of Base has over Cobain is being actually alive. His influence will quadruple his time with us. Gimme the fucking bags." He snatches them from her and gives her a little smile. No hard feelings, clearly. He catches up with Hector. "You make the weirdest things look hot. Talent, man. Gonna need that presence on stage, man." His mood is /good/.

Zane is very good at most of the things on Mona's list! And the singing along with the radio, too. He has not got the goth memo, and instead has jeans and new(!) boots, his batman t-shirt, a blue plaid flannel tied around his waist, shades, and a charcoal grey newsboy cap that's showed up during Round One of Shopping, somehow. Also a grin, looking more than happy to be part of the Carrying Bags of Fabric and Stuff patrol. This is a good day, so far! Most days are pretty decent, granted. "It's gonna look amazing," he agrees, both loyally and almost certainly accurately. Spotting the other group, he lifts an arm to wave and calls over, "Hey! Are we all here?"

Hector sets his stuff down and goes to help the ladies with the bags, all smiles and a gentle kiss for Felicity. "Where to next? We want to eat, see the sights? More shopping?" He's literally never been her before, but happy to be someewhere hopefully Painkiller free. He shakes his head no, grinning. "Nah, it's Ministry who're going to be immortal."

Felicity rolls her eyes at all the arguing about musical groups, but gives Hector a kiss, and is still beaming. "I'm up for anything. It's been forever since I've been here, but yeah. Food first, then we can decide what else we want to do." She's apparently dressed for flirting today. A not TOO short flippy skirt in a dark green and a top in a lighter green which is possibly a little lower cut than she should wear, and sandals with a little bit of a wedge heel. She even did her make-up. "If people make me choose I'm breaking out Zagat's and some dice."

Mona pops the trunk to allow all the bags to pile in and nest, much as they may. "Never going to turn down more shopping. We have room left." Barely! But there is room. Once the trunk is open, she relieves her brother and Zane of a bag or two to neatly and carefully nest in the back, while the rest seems in the clear to pile and shove in wherever it'll fit. Once that's managed, she snakes an arm around Zane's waist, and looks up, tilting the hat just a fraction. "Definitely the right one." She's not even looking at the hat, no matter how subtle she probably thinks she's being, but she is grinning. "Mayyyyyyyybe let's avoid talking about anything immortal for the rest of the night. Can we? Maybe?" she asks, glancing in the direction of the musical discussion with a half-hearted wince. The mood's too good for it to stick, and she considers, "It's been forever since I had a really good shake," aloud at the mention of food.

Jade piles bags into the trunk. "You can always use my trunk too," he says. He doesn't often buy clothes. Not when he lives with Mona. He moves away from her and Zane, meandering toward Hector. "It might be nice to hang out somewhere we can eat," he says. "Strategize how we're going to shop the rest of hte day. I want to get some chocolates for Mom." Aww, he's a mama's boy.

"Oh, yes, a shake! Good idea, Mona. I'm up for that" Ashley offers while making sure that Cash packs all the bags correctly and safely. A knowing smile for Felicity before she hugs her, perhaps out of the blue. "I should have done that earlier" she winks before looking over the redhead. "You look good. Have you got a prom dress yet?" The a comment to the group as a whole. "Amy in a suit or a dress? Discuss." An amused quirk of an eyebrow at Jade at the offer of his trunk. "Phrasing, Jade."

Cash laughs at Hector. "Who? My point made." He hipchecks his husband, playfully and sidles up next to Felicity. "Did you know green is my favorite color?" Of course Cash isn't one for eye contact but that's no excuse for him to be so tightly focused on Felicity's cleavage. He does cover it with a kiss on the cheek for her. To Ashley, he says, "Suit. If she wants to wear a suit, she should. She'll make it work. She's the right shape." He bounds out to whistle, loudly.

"Lake Havasu, Class of 1994!" He calls out, hollering for attention. He winds up standing on a bench, because balance. "I'm hearing talk of food and shakes and I think I know a place." As recent rehearsals have shown, Cash isn't bother by attention, at least positive attention. "Should be able to push some tables together, yeah? Alright! Come up for directions and we'll head out." He pauses a moment before jumping down. "Thanks guys for coming. Like, really. I'm glad we can all have some free time together. One rule today. No biker talk allowed!"

Zane grins at Mona, sliding an arm lazily around her shoulders in return, and it may or may not have been subtle enough for *him*, since he replies, "Think so?" and attempts to glance upward at the hat, which doesn't work particularly well, but he seems satisfied enough with the attempt. And what's wrong with Jade's phrasing? Hmm. On the other hand, "Shakes! Definitely." Also unlikely to be a shock, though he does offer to Mona, "I could shake you if you want?" which is a proper pun even. Bad, but still.

"And yeah, what does Amy *want* to wear? But suit could be really cool, like. Marlene Deitrichy kinda thing?" Cash's particular method of getting everyone's attention gets an enthusiastic whoop, because that's what you do when someone yells your class out.

Hector is trying so Hard not to look, but he's really too young to quie conceal his reaction to felicity's outfit. Dangerous curves indeed. He shrugs, "I'm easy!" He doesnt notice anything odd about Zane's choice of hat, but then he never things Spear is ddly dressed either. "Sure Mona. Shake it up!" He shakes like John Bulushi used to for what he hopes is comedic effect.

He nods agreement with Jade, grinning at the phrasing, but leans over to murmur something more serious to him. He doesn't hesitate, "A suit for Amy; a dress for you." He rolls his eyes at Cash, "Drill and blender percussion will always be a classic. Lead on Cash! Class of 1994!"

"I know, right? It's like Lake Havasu hates a good decadent malted. What's with that?" Mona concurs, nodding decisively to Ashley. Zane's offer to shake her gets a single brow arching, and she leans up to stage-whisper: "You say that like I'm not going to take you up on it." And then there's a soft chuckle, and the grin only grows.

The question about the suit or the dress clearly has her design brain gears turning. "...bet you we could come up with a way of making it both that would be spectacular. Depends on what she's into? Maybe... " Teeth catch at her lower lip as she considers the potential, eyes flicking skyward as though some higher power might have advice on the matter. "Maybe something... " One hand wheels in the air as she fishes for words. "...tux jacket, fitted vest in silk to match your dress. Stunning shirt -- or maybe just the vest if you're feeling racy? -- and there's a lot of options there. Then finely fitted pants with a long, wrap overskirt. Something that'd be almost a pencil shape, but with an angled slit at one side so the pants show underneath." She rattles it all out simply, then says, "Or something like that." The tic of her fingertips suggests she's lamenting having left her sketchbook in the car already. "You're both going to look fantastic, period."

Jade smiles crookedly at Ashley and winks. He nods to Hector and tells him, "Sure." He then says, "Amy will look good in whatever she wears. She would rock a suit." He shoves his hands in his pockets and makes ready to follow the herd. "I'd rock a dress, if I wanted to." He's still amused that Sky couldn't tell if he was a boy or girl.

Felicity blinks at the hug from Ashley and looks momentarily confused, but hugs her back. "Hmm? You should? For what? And... sort of. Shh. It's a surprise." Small pause to consider. "Suit. I think we're all agreed. MArlene Deitrich-like if possible." And then Cash is there and stealing her attention. She beams up at him and the kiss, then does a wide-eyed innocent look. "Oh? Is green your favorite color? Huh? I would never have guessed." Hector gets another kiss as well. "Diner time for shakes. Excellent!"

"Amy would prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt" Ashley points out with a little giggle before she shrugs. "And if that is what she wants to wear, maybe we should just let the Prom handle it rather than trying to change a wonderful person to match their narrow minds." She points to Mona. "Though I really love that idea. I'll see if she's interested." A roll of her eyes at Felicity. "You know why, Gorgeous." A wink before she lets her greet the two gentlemen...again. "Let's get going before I start feeling like a tenth wheel. Jade, would you care to accompany me to eat?"

Jade falls into step beside Ashley. "Of course. All these displays of affection are making me heave a little anyway." Such a supportive friend, Jade is. "Happiness is gross unless it's mine. So what are you thinking of wearing to prom? I always thought red was your color, but you'll be a stunner in anything."

There is nothing odd about Zane's choice of hat! At least once you accept that it exists, anyway. It is cute. He looks cute in it. All is well. At least as long as he doesn't forget about the convertible-at-freeway-speeds issue later. "You'd look awesome," he agrees with Jade, nodding firmly, "You've got really great legs. You're not going to though, are you?" It would look good! He's not going to do anything to make the guy heave any less, though.

"Just make sure you both have flawless crown hair," Mona insists with certainty. This is important! She also doesn't offer, at the moment, to add stake pockets to anyone's tux, but that offer would be on record already, no doubt. "And, you know, if they can't handle denim at the prom... " Her eyes just skim toward Zane, and that conspiratorial look creeps in around the corners of her eyes. "I think we'll at least all have a killer party in the parking lot?" The arm stays right where it is as she starts to fall into step with the group, sibling heaves aside. She does stick out her tongue, though, because part of being classy is knowing when it's prime time to not be classy at all. Senior skip day is assuredly that time.

Cash hops off the bench with the ease and comfort afforded to the young. And those who have been roofing since they could climb the ladder. He calls over the drivers and gives directions. So many blocks up and this way and that. With a few street names. He's been coming to Phoenix since after school started and he seems pretty comfortable with this area. "I'm telling you in case we get separated, yeah? I don't want to lose anyone in traffic. Turn on your headlights too. Use signals way ahead of time." It's nitpicky but the concern is well meaning. Because when he's done, he just walks off, calling his buddies to ride. His Buick seats six total, belted.

Some time later...

It's a diner/ice cream shop. The outside says 1950s but then inside is done up with bright, modern, early 1990s sensibilities. Cash was correct about the small tables being easily pushed together and it's not terribly crowded for an early lunch in the middle of the week. Most sit at the counter or leave with a greasy bag in hand. The menu is timeless diner fare, down to a large variety of malted milkshakes flavors with the label NEW on the corner.

The group has been seated, food has been ordered and has been coming in waves. And Cash has been quite gregarious. Laughing, talking, flirting with the waitress for extra cherries on his chocolate shake. It's odd but not so much that one would think he's high, save maybe on life.

Hector smiles, "I do like a maled shake." He grins at Jade, "You would be stunning in a dress, man." He nods firmly, Marlene Deitrich style would look amazing on her." he considers Ashley, "Could it be made of a fabric that looks good, but will move and stretch if she... wants to do something really active? Sort of looks fancy but feels comfortable?" He lingers in place after Felicity kisses him, the newness of it all still a bit overwhelming. He grins in Jade's direction, "I definately wish you all happiness, and Zane's not wrong about your legs." He eyes Mona, trying to figure out if she jus broke her own no biker talk rule.

He orders like he forgot to eat to today. Perhaps he has, or the menu is that exciting or possibly he is anticipating fry theft. He is watching Cash's delight, his expression a little hard to read.

Felicity spends way too much time choosing a shake, finally settling on something which claims it's a lemon merengue pie shake. For food, she's apparently chosen a 'southwest burger' with roasted chiles. She's settled in with Hector and Cash, beaming, though she's gone quiet again. She nudges Hector's shoulder and raises one eyebrow at him.

A vanilla malted. Is such a thing for real? Yes. And better than it sounds. Especially when piled high in whipped cream and cherries. "Active is a consideration for everything on the mannequins this year," Mona notes as she plucks a cherry from the top to pop in her mouth. She tilts her head, glancing amongst those at the table, and notes, "We just need to make sure to rest up for dress rehearsal tomorrow. I still can't believe they're making me go on stage. Stupid credits system. At least it's just background in the finale."

Ashley will have a caramel shake. And she wants it thick. And then thicker again. More than happy to guide the maker into how much ice cream should be added. Her drink eventually resembling more a container of ice cream than a drink. She will sit with Jade since they are both flying solo today. "Amy is definitely active" she sighs contentedly. Her mouth opens but quickly closes again - she was about to ask about the Painkillers. "Definitely red" she nods about her own dress. "I was thinking a slip dress since they're the fashion this summer. Spear suggested some trim that could unite what Amy and I wear but that was when we weren't out in the open. Now that everyone knows, we can match much more obviously." A smile for Jade. "You should definitely wear a dress. It's time we stirred things up at Prom."

Jade gets a chocolate malt and a burger. "I would totally do it," he says. He looks to Mona. "What do you think? Will Dad ever speak to me again if I wear a dress to prom? I'm thinking irises. Maybe something strapless that billows at my hips? It'd be a shame to let a stellar ass go to shame." No false modesty from the Marchant. "I'd want one of those little hats, too, maybe with a veil. I may not be the queen, but I am a queen."

"It kinda is," Zane agrees, which is probably not something someone should be saying about his girlfriend's triplet brother's ass, but look, facts are facts, and that's just a fact. At least it's not said pruriently. He also orders like he forgot to eat yet, but that's not notably unusual; there's a chocolate malt with plenty of whipped cream and cherries and some chocolate shavings on it, a ridiculously massive burger and fries and onion rings and some fruit salad and a slice of lemon meringue pie, all of which have images of them in the menu and look really good, okay? And a soda. There's a grilled cheese sandwich that gets eyed a bit but put off for if he's still hungry afterward. Planning. "I can't believe it's dress tomorrow all ready. This show is shaping up so good."

"Red is a good call. Especially if the tux outfit is black. It's one of those classics that always looks fresh," Mona agrees with a thoughtful nod. "Plus, if anybody hassles anybody about who they're coming with, and-" Jade's question gives her a moment of pause, and it is a notable pause. It isn't even the question itself that's really stalling her out here, and another brief flick of her gaze to Zane suggests there is a top secret plan and she might be on the edge of offering some sort of teaser. "-what we're wearing, and I will lead the bitch brigade charge." If there's any role she was born for, it probably was that: arrogant fearless prom activist. The Marchants clearly overspecialize sometimes.

"If you want. I mean. We have a quick-change plan." She chews on another cherry, her expression deathly serious. "Don't think I won't. And if they throw us out in spite of whatever bitchcraft we can muster?" Her brows loft in unison.

"We run over to Uncle Vincent's and hole up in the VIP lounge until the chaperones clear out."

"I am, for the record, completely in favor of doing whatever the fuck we want at Prom." Cash says, mostly towards Ashley and Jade. "Jade, you have the most amazing set of features I've seen on one person. I mean, we are the hottest class that high school will /ever/ see but really? If anyone wears a dress, male or female, it should be you." Cash beams behind his compliment and promptly freezes his brain. Again. He keeps doing it but he seems to have a way to banish it quickly. He looks at Felicity and Hector with a sidelong sort of glance. His jaw shifts and sets before he says to Mona, "Oh! I think that's why I just auditioned, Mona. I wanted to control being on stage. I figured I'd make chorus. Nope." He eats his own fries. "I should have only brought my 'C' game. But you'll be fine! It's not that scary up there." Cash claims to not get stage fright. Him, of all people. "I'm supposed to be on vocal rest but, eh, pass. I'm already sleeping in a swamp of a room and blah, blah, blah...I'm looking forward to my first dress. It'll be so much fun."

Hector seems to relax after some perusal of his husband's face, and settles in for a classic chocolate malted, thick, but not Ashley thick, with sprinkles. He has copied Felicity's burger order because he's never met a pepper he didn't like. He catches Felicty's raised brow, and gives her a smile, mouthing 'All Fine.' He nods to Mona, "Wise, and skirts that flare when a dancer spins are classically beautiful." He nods, "I am very much looking forward to the dancing. So an early night and good rest. You'll be fine, Mona." He grins at Ashley, "This information about Amy does not surprise me even a little." There is nothing left of sadness in his Lester related musings. "I'm with Ashley Jade. Be fabulous! Rock those irises!" And that ass. He's taken but not dead. He nods, "You guys are amazing. It's going to be so good all put together." He nods to Mona, "If anyone gives any of us grief, they have back up. No one gets left behind, and worse comes to worse, we make our own party." He reaches over to squeeze Cash's shoulder, "You'll be amazing, Cashew. No one sngs like you."

Felicity snickers. "I am debating whether I should show up to dress rehearsal and offer myself has sacrifice to the techies. Or just be the audience." Then she sighs happily and grins. "Prom will be epic. I can barely wait. And I'm sure whatever Jade decides to go in, he will be fabulous. I'm not sure he could be anything else if he tried."

Jade smiles warmly at Cash. "Thank you," he says. He sounds genuinely touched, even. He nods to Mona. "I definitely want a dress. They're not going to throw me out. I'm a Marchant." The deliver comes off arrogant, but let's be honest, he's not wrong. How much money does Daddy give to the booster club every year? "I might carry pepper spray in my corsage," he says. "In case anyone gives me grief. I always wanted to be venomous. This is the closest I'll get, I imagine." He inclines his head to Felicity. "That means a lot to me."

"You're performing, Mona? That's awesome. And you should too, Felicity." Ashley gives the redhead a curious look. "Sacrifice to the techies? Hmm...they do seem a primitive sort. I shouldn't be surprised." She sucks on her straw but if she could get to the shake goodness with one go, then it wouldn't be a thickshake. Don't mind the noises she makes. "Of course you can be //a// queen" Ashley offers magnanomously to Jade; there can be only one //the// queen! "Are you still going for Prom King?"

"Oh, I've managed to dodge the on stage requirement and hoped it would keep, but, no. I was happy working behind the scenes on-" Mona begins, but there's more to that thought, and it gives her pause.

"I mean... is the prom thing any different than stage fright?" Mona's brows rise, and she sinks back into her chair. "All the world's a stage, right? This is one show in ours, after a fashion."

"Think about it. Prom is that... last gasp of this phase of our lives. It's the season finale of high school. We've spent a long time working on our characters non-stop for the last four years, so to speak. There's no chickening out now. The show's going on, and I say we bring down the house."

"Faking it at this point is like pretending we're somebody else, and that's good for the stage, but shit for real life." Her expression is calm, serious, but there's a glimmer of defiance in her eyes that suits her. "So fuck that."

Cash just grins at Jade. "You're welcome? I mean--" He shrugs and quiets, listening to Mona. His eyes go wide and he nods. "Yes. Exactly. Faking it is exhausting and stupid. What are we trying to conform to? Parents? Society? Fuck all of that." He exhales and he sounds tired but he shakes it off. "It's funny. I'm here at the end of the story trying to rewrite four years of asshole behavior. I'm not an asshole. I...I just needed--that saying, uh..." He thinks. "Good in, good out. I just needed some goodness."

He looks to Felicity. "Hey, if you can run audio or video, I'd be so, so comforted. I usually run sound and I would have done video but I got a part and I don't trust whoever is doing it." Beat. "I mean, I don't know who it is but if it's not me...I mean, I have it all labeled like I like it now." He frowns in thought but it passes and he laughs. "I'm more worried about that than my performance, honestly. But that-that's just control." He sniffs and looks towards Hector. "You are bias. I don't have a great presence or charisma like Zane or Jade or even Sean, shit. Just chops." He steals a fry from Hector. "Tax."

Hector kisses the tip of Felicity's ear, then sucks his shake up through a straw like it's true Olympus style nector and ambrosia. He gives a bark of a laugh at Jade, "If you let my brother design your corsage, you'll be poisonous too." He tries not to think to hard about what Ashley is doing. She's his sister in a sense. "And we merely players. Indeed." He eyes Mona, "Are you saying you're faking it?" With mock disappointment and recrimination, "Zane!" More seriously, "I refuse to fake it. Life's too short and I want to feel every drop sweet or bitter." He slides a deli pickle between his lips suggestively, then bites with sudden fierceness. He sees the hand, snaking towards his fries, catches it in his own, and lightly kisses it, before turning the plate for easier stealing, "What's mine is yours." He has a fry, then squirts more ketchup on his burger.

Felicity laughs. "I just meant showing up and going 'Hey, do you guys need any help with anything?' because my experience of dress rehearsals is that there is always a need for an extra pair of hands, which shouldn't be needed later, but somehow is needed that night, even if it's only to take notes for the director or write down missed lines, but sometimes I just get to be the extremely small audience." She glances up to Cash on one side of her and Hector on the other with a small blush for the kiss on the ear. "I've never been very good at hiding who I am, anyway."

Then she blinks at Cash and his idea about her running Video. "I... could... but I'm pretty sure it should be the person who's been rehearsing doing it. I mean, if I have a cue book, it's not hard, but it's not really my thing. So I suggest we leave it unless there's a serious lack, okay?" She considers a moment and then steals a fry as well. What? She got onion rings with her burger.

Jade polishes off his shake and starts in on his fries. "There's an idea, weaponized clothing. Its time has come." He listens for the most part, not having too much to say about faking it or not faking it. He's been faking it all his life. For once, he's finally being himself. That cat isn't going back in the bag. "I can't wait for opening night," he says. "I love the stage. I know my lines. I'm ready." He flashes them all a smile.

The fashionista is halfway through a sip of the malt when Hector's question hits, and she nearly does a spit-take. It takes a moment to clear her throat, and Mona's sudden fit of rapid blinking comes with a sudden pink in her cheeks. "Uhm... " She raises a single fingertip and once she manages to recover her voice, she insists, "I will admit we did fake everyone out in that 'seven minutes in heaven' game at the start of junior year, but we did fool everyone." Her smile twists a bit wryly as she tilts down her chin. "That only happened once." Any other noises anyone may or may not have heard are purely unrelated. "Though it's sort of a shame you missed it, the looks were utterly priceless. Especially with the bow at the end. So many people must have thought they'd finally won a bet."

Then there's just this... pause. Her eyes flick toward Zane. "That was the closet with all the fur coats in it, wasn't it?" Then she's biting her lip to avoid smiling, and the flush starts to crawl down her neck. Mental footnote recorded. "The house really does have killer soundproofing. Really convenient since so many people live there." Uh huh.

"Sometimes, the only way to win is by playing 'their' game. And once you're at the top, then you change the game" Ashley muses. She's certainly not a stickler to society expectations - she dates a Lester for a start - but she's one to change the enemy from the inside rather than metaphorically burn bras and draft cards. "I missed 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'? Damn." Back to her thickshake as she listens to the artistes.

"Well, spin the bottle is pretty dangerous, considering how many siblings and cousins are at any given party. I think it might have been a dare-" Mona pauses, trying to recall those specifics, but her mind is very obviously wandering far afield of there. "-since truth or dare was always safe... enough." Ish.

"I think I need my sketchbook." She gets up somewhat abruptly. "I'll be back in a few minutes." Pause. "I think it's under all the stuff we bought, though."

Still subtle as a brick thrown through a window once in a while.

"...do you need help?" Zane asks, because hey those bags are. Pretty heavy. And he's managed to eat most of his food by now, and is already blushing a bit from Hector's teasing. Someday maybe he'll learn how to turn acting ability to real life without prompting. This is not that day.

Hector grins at Felicity, "Why should when you are clearly perfect?" He steals an onion ring. Fair barter. He smiles a Jade, "I'm ready too." Then he's hiding his smile in his buger at Mona's reaction, which is everything he could have hoped for. He gives her wave as she excuses herself, andZane a wink, "Don' do anythiing I wouldn't do."

"I swear to God, I am going to throw up on all of you," Jade tells Felicity, Hector, and Cash. He holds up a hand, "And before you ask why your happiness makes me sick, it's because I am the soul of all bitterness, the villain of every story, including my own." He finishes off his burger. "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go buy some sexy underwear to blow my boyfriend's mind."

Felicity snorts at Hector calling her perfect and turns to comment to Cash, "Apparently I have him fooled." Then she blinks at Jade. "Yes, do. Possibly also his... umm.." and she turns bright pink.

"Please do." Cash says, with real earnestness. "Blow me right out of his mind, kay? Thanks." He shakes his head a bit. "I thought I was the villain of spring term. Not you, Jade. No, no." He shakes his head again, not looking up from his plate.

Hector studies Jade, "That's fair." Then he's grinning, "You go get him!" A worry for his brother haunts his eyes for all he is exited for Jade's plans. He looks at Felicity eyes wide, at Cash, and then he's laughing.

Jade winks, giving Felicity a delighted grin as she turns pink. "Later days," he says, and he wanders off to express his tender feelings via thoughtful purchases.

Felicity turns her attention to her shake. Must... drink the rest of her shake. That's it.