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Eating Smoke
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Cemetery
Date  •  2019-09-19
Summary  •  Spear, Felicity, and Hector meet in a graveyard.

Spear is sitting in the afternoon on one of the graves near the funeral home. He is leaning back, eyes closed, smoking a joint. When You Are Friends With Jade. He has an open bottle of pop next to him, and a small blanket that he has been working on - evidently he has been hand-sewing leaves together in a very delicate stitched crown of living tissue and robust stems. Right now, though, he is relaxing. Thoroughly. The crumb-remains of a few cookies are next to him.

The sound of a flute playing "Stairway to Heaven" winds closer to the stoned Thistle as te flautist weaves between the graves.

Where does one go when looking for Thistles? The graveyard of course. Felicity seems to be following the sound of the flute as she walks, a silver dollar flashing as she absentmindedly plays with it, rolling it across and under her fingers, around and around.

Spear squints one eye open. He is a bit too high to function right now, certainly too high to sew, but he has not tidied it up, either. Instead he is just lolling there, his eyes finally opening as he says "...dude. Am I dead?"

Hector lowers his instrument and laughs, warm and bright as he steps into view, "Have you been into the hash again? You look like one of Salvador Dali's melted cocks."

Felicity blinks. "I hope not. Because if you are, and I can see you, that says that Ellen actually killed me instead of giving me permission to go on a trip so long as I call in every night." She drifts closer studying the leaf blanket curiously.

"I look what a melted _what_?" says Spear, pushing himself up, and then he blinks dozily at Hector. And then he says "Jade is really good for primo drugs. And I've been stressed. And anyway. It's fun. Want a toke, Felicity?" He quirks his lips, and then he looks down at the leaves that he has been sewing together "I had an idea, but it's kind of gotten murky."

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Hector is all delight, "She's letting you go? Heaven!" He leans down to kiss her cheek. "Silver is the clever one, Star is the dangerous one, and Spear is the creative one." He studies his brother, "Or a sleepy cat on a warm afternoon. Are you Purrrrcistance of a Vision, by any chance, Brother mine?" He looks longingly at the joint, "I need to stay clean in case Aunt Nancy piss tests me, but don't let that stop you, Eff." He studies Spear's work, "Look cool, but fragile."

Felicity shakes her head. "Thank you for the offer, but no. I have solemnly promised no drugs to half the adults in my family. Because somehow, they all go straight there despite my lack of drygs 'til now. Adults are weird." Then she beams and kisses Hector on the lips, though just a quick brush. "She said I could go." And she actually bounces a little.

"I'm the dumb one," say Spear, who looks so chilled out, he might well just repeat things that others say "I can't focus right and I don't really care about anything except people being nice to one another." He lifts the joint up, and he laughs, and then he says "Okay, I'm just gonna. Finish this. Yeah, maybe if I do leaf-shaped pieces of leather, I can make Jade look like a fairy. Or a BloomQuist. Because they're fairies and...holy crud, Felicity, I've never asked your last name and I'm too out of it to remember it." He watches Hector and Felicity, and a weird expression crosses his face "...are...you guys...Cash..."

Hector's fingers lightly brush her neck durinng the quick kiss, "Adults are weird. still we perservere. I think it's all the peer pressure on them to worry about drugs instead of real threats like vampires." he winks. He's in a ridiculously good mmood today, "Everyone thought I'd hooked Cash on cocaine or heroin instead of seeing the real threat under their nose, as if I would ever take something I couldn' quit without effort." He rolls his eyes, "Dude! stupid people do not come up with ideas like leaf mesh.... Jade would look amazing in that I bet. Bloomquist." He curls an arm around her waist, "Cash and I are taking her to prom."

Felicity starts to answer and then Hector does for her and she just laughs and grins, leaning in to his side and snuggling a bit. "Though I'm beginning to be disturbed at how many people jump straight to 'Felicity will totally steal her childhood best friend's husband'." Pause. "Also, how did you miss people teasing us all about it last night? I swear you were in the room for some of it and like we went off to hide out for the rest of the night together. We were not being subtle. Subtle lasted like an hour, maybe two."

"As they say," says Spear "You shouldn't take anything with a bigger ego than you - in drugs, I mean." He tries to push himself up, and then he says "Yeah, I'm trying to make him something nice? He has..." A moment of hesitation "He has a lot of money. It's hard to work out what I can bring to, erm. The relationship." He adds "So myabe I'll make a mesh entirely out of leaves?" He fidgets, and then he says "Oh, wow. Er. I'm honestly not. Really good at working some of that out, Felicity? I mean. Er. Also. I sometimes. Still feel jealous?"

Hector looks at her with a real warmth, "Well, to be fair, I think if you'd found him wandering the streets of San Francisco instead of me, odds are you'd have a tattoo on your fingure instead." It doesn't seem to distress him even a little. He nods agreement with his brother, "That's wise. About the drugs." He studies Spear, "Love. You bring him love. Also amazing hats and an endlessly entertaininng mind." He is thinking of Cash with imilar doubts about what he brings to Hector. "I keep telling you your amazing, spear. I don't just say that because we're brothers." He nods, "I am sorry about that, Spear. You know that, right?"

Felicity actually winces at Spear's comment about jealousy. "Right. Sorry. I... kind of forgot about that. But you have Jade." Pause. "Maybe if the leaves are leather or fabric. I mean, it sounds like it would be fabulous. Though I'm not sure objects are really want he needs, yeah." And then she blinks at Hector and blushes. "I... maybe? I don't know."

The Thistle triplet turns the joint around to examine the ember end, and he says "Yeah, except none of those things have made someone stay before, and he totally outclasses me. But so far it's been good?" He sounds hesitant. It was good up until it was not with Cash, too. He rolls his eyes at 'amazing', and then he says "You guys want snacks, I have snacks. I have those garlic toast things?" He pushes the packet across, and he says "I know about the. I know you're sorry. And Cash is sorry. And I'm sorry." He clears his throat "Wow. Man. I could not compete with both of you, that's for sure." He adds "Though I think Jade's gay. Er, I don't quite get that, but I know that he is."

Hector lowers his lashes at that blush, smiling a soft, wse smile. "You are really important to him, even if he hasn't worked out exactly how and how much yet." he nods agreemet, "Imagine if you did leather or silk in different shades of grean or in autiumal shades. You are giving him you imagination, your skill, the time and effort you spent thinking about what he might like or look good in." He snorts, "Thistles are as good as Marchants, and he's more than his father's money just like you're more than the family reputation. You're magic, Spear, in the blood and bones. You express that in your art every bit as much as in your chats wih the dead. Has it occured to ou you might be mgic to him? Something better or more interesting than a pol shirt or a golf course?" he nags one and munches it. 'Definately gay, yes."

Felicity blinks at Hector for a moment, then ducks her head and laughs softly before turning back towards Spear, though she stays snuggled up against Hector's side. "From what I've seen, you give him sunshine, of a sort. You're brightness. We all need our lights to guide us home through the dark, and I'm pretty sure you're his." She does reach for one of the garlic toast things.

Spear colours up, staring at Hector for a moment, and then he says "Hang on, I'll write that stuff down." He pops the joint back in his mouth for another puff and lies on his belly, reaching out for a small sketchbook. And with stoned grace he grabs a pen and writes 'GREEN' in all capitals. A solemn nod. Tomorrow, who knows what he will think about what has happened "We are good. I just - er. Well. I don't want to push him, you know. The way I pushed Cash." He frowns, and then he says to Felicity "Thanks for saying that." And he reaches around to try to find his pop and he offers it to her as well "Come and join the picnic. I don't think I can focus anyway."

Hector says, “She's not wrong..." He eyes 'GREEN.' "Spear? Why don't I write some more notes for you about the idea, Okay?"”

Felicity laughs and lets Hector go, then beams at Spear. "Thanks, but I think I'm okay. It's very nice of you to offer, though." She sighs and glances reluctantly off in the vague direction of her house. "I should probably go pack. What kind of clothes should I bring, anyway?"

Spear hands the notebook across with a casual wave, and then he says "Aww, no, don't go. I kinda. I - oh, it is going to be late, I suppose. But the graveyard is safe at night - the ghosts would let us know if vampires were going to show." He smiles at them both in a bright, toothy smile. His eyes are vague though. He is amazingly stoned and can hardly work out what he is doing.

Hector ducks tokiss her again, fingers briefl tangling in her hair, "Something like a jacket in case the winds are cold coming off the Ocean, a wet suit in case we get the boards out, something casual you can move in, something nice to dance in maybe. you do any ballroom or just regular dancing?" He carefully writes out a description of the layered leather or silk leaf shirt with a scetch with different patterns and a key suggesting different shades of green. "Here you go man. How's this?" He studies his brother, "It's not safe remember? this is where they hunted, Jade, Cash, and me. You want me to walk you back to the house? Make you hot pockets or something?" He is seriously considering a fireman's carry.

Felicity melts into the kiss before remembering there's an audience and pulling back. She nods to Hector's packing list. "Okay. I... think I can manage all that. Though I'm not sure what box my wet suit is in and it's only central body, I was more sailing than surfing. Still, everything else. I... umm.. nothing super complicated on the dancing. I can waltz, but no real extensive training or anything." Then her gaze flickers to Spear and she smiles brightly at him. "It is kind of time to get inside, but it's not that. I need to be home for tonight and I need to pack and then we're going to go to San Francisco for a few days and visit one of Hector's old friends and go to our favorite Chinese places and this weird old asian music store I kind of love and maybe the Exploratorium. Because I don't think Cash has been and everyone should go at least once."

"I'm harmless, everyone knows it," says Spear to Hector's "Nothing's going to happen to me. I mean, I kinda doubt the vampires know I'm alive." He stares as Hector writes "How are you even doing it?" he wonders, and then finally he finishes off the joint and he says "This is amazing. Okay, I'll. Get up. I don't really want some food. I just might need a bit of..." Felicity and Hector are kissing, and Spear stares at his book, in mild frustration. Then he takes a breath and he says "Oh! Okay, yes. You guys should totally go and have fun." Now he purses his lips "Maybe I should go lie down."

Hector touches her chin lightly as she pulls away, expression soft. "I'm sure we can borrow gear from someone if you can't find it. I was hoping to teach cash waltz and spng before prom. Might be fun to practice it all together.' Another quick grin, "I've just had a few lessons really, but even the basics can be fun.... See you tomorrow, Red."

he looks at his brother with real alarm, "If you are harmless they could kill you to punish Sil." He sighs, "We are not running off to have sex. She's going home to pack and I need to be back at the safehouse before dark. Spear, you should totally pounce Jade. It's making you frustrated." He takes a calming breath, trying to tamp down his concern for his brother so it's less visible, "Hey, man, you want a piggy back ride?" Get him safe in the house, get him safe in the house.

Felicity laughs and beams at Hector. "I like Red." Deep breath. "Okay. Going home now. For packing. And convincing parent substitute that I have learned all my lessons. Sleep well." And then she's doing that thing where she holds Hector's hand while walking backwards until she can't manage it anymore and breaks off to tromp back out of the graveyard.

"I really doubt they even know I exist, Hector," says Spear "I'm perfectly safe. Bad stuff just doesn't seem to happen around me -" He does wave to Felicity - he is _trying_ not to be a bad person! But he wants, and it hurts. Now he says to Hector "I can't, okay? I did that to Cash. And. You know what happened. I just can't." He pauses "Can't I just sleep here tonight?"

Hector beams back at her, "Red it is." He gazes at her like she's a beautiful nymph dispearng into the mist and he's a woodsman who can't quite believe his luck, until his hand falls away." Then he's studying his brother, "Jade is not Cash. They are very different. Have you tried talking to Jade? Asking if he wants to go further?" he takes a breath, "You can't, Spear. I care about you and also Jade would kill me if I let you get eaten. It's walk or be carried." He approaches mock threateningly.

Spear eyes Hector, and he tries to get up. He manages to get to his feet, but various items scatter out of his pockets. Then he just holds his arms up, waiting, and he says "Ummn, I can't really talk about what Jade and I might have talked about, or at least, it's just. Yeah, no, he's private. Are you dating two people now?"

Hector picks him up in a bridal carry and starts carrying him towards the Funeral home. "Yes. The three of us are dating each other. Or alternately, cash and I are married and courting her together. We're still working on the details, but we are happy."

Spear weighs hardly anything given that he is more or less anorexic - just without knowing it. At this point, people did not tend to diagnose boys with it. Still, he does not flail "...dude. Dude," he says reproachfully "You've just...why do you get everything?"

Hector is strong and sturdy. His brother's weight has been worrying him enough that he actually mentioned the need to feed him up to Jade. he gazes sadly at Spear, "Because I ask for what I want and because when I see a chance to make someone I care about happy, I take it. My wonderful, sweet, gloriously creative brother, if I could give you my... confidence I would. If I could help you see yourself the way Jade sees you or even as I see you, I would. I love you very much, you know, and for yourself, but just because I share a father.... I am feeding you when you get inside. Pick sandwich or hot pocckets. You are going to eat something besides smoke."

"How about a carrot," says Spear "And some hummus - seriously, I dunno if we should eat meat any more, you know? Especially now we know how it would feel _being_ meat, right? How creepy is - whoa -" he is being carried over Hector's shoulder, and he says "I am confident! I just get distracted, you know, and I - whoa - where are we going -" His head is bouncing "Yeah, I feel super weird about my dad being a player, you know, you don't wanna think about your parents that way -"

Hector says, “Okay. Veggies, hummus pita bread.... I'm taking you home, Little brother and feeding you." He considers that last bit, trying to follow the mental leap, "Are you worried that if you start having sex with Jade it makes you lke dad, or are you calling me a philanderer for having negotiated closed non-monogamy with two particular people?"”

"Oh my God, I don't want to know the details," says Spear, flustered. He is eighteen, after all, and his world is not yet very big "No, I just don't want to think about - we share a dad, but we're _almost the same age_, dude, it freaks me out, I'm not that little. We're very close in age. I'm not calling anyone an anyone. I just - you know, there's more to life than. Stuff. You guys are all going _so fast_. What if...it's just teenage hormones?"

Hector says, “What if vampires kill us all tomorrow night? Or we get hit by a car? I want us all to have as much happiness as we possibly can have, because life is incredibly fucking short. Carpe diem, Little Brother. Love as hard and as much as you can in case someone gets an aneurysm.”

"Dude, can you put me down?" says Spear, not in the least aware if Hector has - or has not. He is really quite out of it "I don't wanna die. But I don't know what I want to do," he admits "I can't like. Find a path. And Jade just - he doesn't have to settle. He could have super models. He could have someone who knows how to do stuff, instead of someone who gets lost on the way to Maths Three." He has been left with self doubt. He frowns, but after a moment, he says "Maybe we should all run away!"

Hector opens the door and once inside shifts Spear into a bridal carry so he can look at his face while he carries him to the kitchen. "Jade isn't settling, he's picked you on purpose. he wants to take you to New York and you havent even fucked him yet. Make your faery shirt and give it to him as a gift and then take him. He looks like he'd like a little romance in the lead up, but also maybe fuzzy handcuffs and a proper rogering. Or improper rogering. You aren't a consolation prize, Little Brother. He wants someone who babbles all manner of odd things and gives him taxidermy bird hats."

"Bat - I'm going to make it a bat, remember everyone vetoed that at the gather," says Spear, who can only remember that Amy said 'No birds!' and has forgotten that she also said 'NO DEAD THINGS, CHRIST, SPEAR' - or words to that effect. Spear says "Ugghhh." He is staring at his toes more than anything else "Yeah, I'll do the shirt thing," he decides, and he says "Dude, no, just no." And he looks deeply embarassed "Nooooo," he says "But I can do the talking about odd things."

Hector says, “I like bats even better," because he doesn't care what Amy thinks, Bats are Cool." He sets him carefully in a kitchen chair waiting to see if he falls off, ready to catch him if he does, "And the kissing." he sighs, "I worry about you, okay? You're down on yourself alot and you mostly eat smoke these days.”

Spear sits down on the chair, and then he says "Yes, I do like the kissing." He puts his hands on the table "I've never eaten very much, dude, and Star and Silver are the same. We're just like this." One foot in one world, and one in another "You're like, the biggest, toughest Thistle for a reason." He then frowns at the table "I don't know how to fix the problem. Yet. I'm happy when I'm with Jade. When we were in Las Vegas, I thought - I could live here. I could just. Live here and be a tour guide. But it isn't really the kind of thing I imagine mum and dad would like."

Hector says gently, "Because I live on mor than smoke. I don't want any of you to blow away." He starts making up a plate for Spear, keeping one eye on his brother. "I think they'll love you whatever you end up doing Spear. You're a real easy person to love and they're good people who really care about you, dad and Vanessa."

"We're all a bit like this, you know, and we're all fine," says Spear, who adds "I will eat, trust me. I've got no intention of starving myself. Maybe they'll be okay with it, yeah. I don't really think I want to stay here. I'd love for my sisters to visit, but I think it's kinda time to leave the nest. At least for myself now. I wanna go clubbing, and stuff like that. School was never the right choice for me." He yawns "After food I'm gonna have a nap."

Hector flashes him a huge warm smile and sets food in front of him, "I think so too. I think being away from here will help clarify things for you, and you can always come back later if you change your mind." He gently squeezes a boney shoulder, "I hope I can visit too. I wouldn't want to lose touch with my favorite brother." He sits until he's sure his brorther's eaten a reasonable about and then he's off to beat the sunset.