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Do You Believe In Us
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Theodore Marchant  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •  Lester Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-01
Summary  •  After their meeting with Mr. Chen, Landon informs the others of what they've learned (without saying the words vampires or monsters) and Theodore makes up a plan to keep the twins out of trouble.

Not wanting to keep Morrison waiting and having a lot on his mind after their meeting with Mr. Chen at London Arms, Landon hides those bothered, thoughtful dark eyes behind those dark sunglasses on drive from the Bridge to the Marchant estate, where Morrison tends to drop the twins off every evening. If he reveals anything to his brothers at this time, it's to say: "Come Full Moon Monday, we need to do everything in our power to keep ourselves from taking a third drink from that bottle." It's cryptic, I mean.. he's talking about drugged wine, right? There's this look that he gives to Lucas, turning to face his brother now, hoping to share this twinness mental telepathy of sorts when his hand reaches over to be placed upon Lucas, before a lone finger draws out the letter 'V' on the other Lester-Marchant's hand. 'V' for Vampire. The idea of monsters had never been brought up to Morrison or Theodore, so this will be...interesting. Oh look, they see George meandering on the side of the road, so pick her up as well.

Now they pull into the grand and lavish Marchant estate when late afternoon leads into early evening.

Theodore has been working from home more often than showing up at the bank. Ostensibly it's to keep his nerves calm over the disappearance of Brenda, in actuality he took up the offer so he didn't have to deal with people popping in to offer him condolences or having to put up with those pitying looks. Downright irritating those are. So he's since set up a portion of the vast and somewhat unused dining room to do his work in. Files are spread out on the table in front of him and he is signing through a number of documents after giving them a slow careful read. That was his job afterall. Even working from home though, he's dressed as he normall would for the office, sans jacket.

George was coming from a Thing, on her way to Nowhere, so when the car of brother-type boys rolled up, she didn't really think twice about accepting the offer for a ride. "What the fuck, you two are getting mixed up with /gangs/ now? And nobody thought to invite me to the party?" It's hard to tell which of those she's more upset about, but that greeting might also come with a quick cuff to the head if the twins don't move quickly enough. Not hard, just... a loving smack, you know? She follows their lead into the mansion, taking it all in with a quick sweep of her eyes, debating whether brotherly love here is strong enough to resist the impulse to maybe pocket a few smaller items. Would they really miss them?

Lucas has been so damn tired and normally on any other day he can be moved tokeep going but it wasn't today and just neededa nap and stayed in the car with Morrison. He had some things to ask him about anywas. His eys locked on landon he's easily smacked. Normally quick on he court he's molassas right now. He wobbles and just gives Landon a haunted look. There's a wince and "Fuuuuuuck not..." His eyes quint tight. His tone sharp with fear, not anger digs back at George, "Nnot now, Georgia. There's... look we'll fill you in. Short story someone's trying to blackmail us, and its...bad." A hand reaches out and grabs the back of Landon's neck pulling him in a moment. There's a pause and he promises, "We'll get... we'll get coffee and sort this out. "THEO?" He looks around and isnt yelling per se, but there is that immediacy to the tone "Shit, we don't have a lot of time."

Both Landon and Lucas has heard it all before (from Morrison, no less among other Lesters), so if Landon looks like he doesn't want to hear it from George, he probably doesn't want to hear it! There's a grumpy expression on his face and his shoulders are slumped for the rest of the drive over.

Once they reach their destination and the gang pile out of the car, this is when Landon takes the time to speak quietly to his brother, though he's trying to look like he's not whispering, "Don't know how we want to spin this one, bro." His gaze then lifts to observe his other sibling types, right before Lucas calls for their actual blooded relative, cousin Theodore. Leaning in close again, he adds, "But you know that if we don't show up to the 'party', they," The... biker gang, "will come looking for all of us." Posture straightens again, he informs the others, "Mona and Jaden were there at the Arms. They have their own opinions of what we should be doing."

The twins lead the others up into the mansion, seemingly wanting to share the info with Theodore if he's around. He's a part of this as well with his missing fiancee type person. And with the Marchant triplets being involved, well, he'd want to know that too.

There's no immediate response to the shout, but then again, Theo isn't the type to come running when called. He'll answer in his own time, when he damn well feels like it. "Dining room." Comes the response after a few moments. That's Theo, if they want him, they can come to him. He flips another piece of paper aside and gets back to reading the contract sprawled out in front of him, after a slight shake of the head he underlines a line and keeps going.

It's the fear in Lucas's tone more than anything that stays George's hand (and mouth) for the moment. She narrows her eyes, looking from twin to twin with a keen eye, before shaking head and huffing out a breath. "You two look like shit." It could be a simple George insult, but there's real concern there too. She's not the cuddliest of sibling-type people, but... she does have those few people she cares about, blood or water. She's just no good at being idle or having to wait. Jamming her hands into the pockets of her well-loved leather jacket, she scuffs along behind, still listening, still looking around. Theodore's drawn out response gets an eyeroll and a twitch of her shoulders. She's eager and impatient to find out what's going on, but bites her tongue, figuring it'll be quicker to just let the twins take the lead on this one.

Lucas gives George a long lok that is grateful, really, for not pressing that issue. Taking a breath he looks to either of them and says to Landon, "I'll... I'll think of something, Lan. I'll.-" take a deep reabth and pretend it's jsut another deadline. Spina nd working under pressure is supposed to be where he excels right? Looking to George he looks to her and says "I promise to explain everything. THis affects Lennon too." Great more half-siblings with terrbile life choices. Sure why not! A long stride, not entirely unlike Theodore's carries Lucas briskly toward the dining room. God knows he wants to be the guy bad enough. There are worse and odder personal idols. This one happens to be a financial shark and that's pretty great isn't it?

Morrison follows the twins inside, hands in the pockets of his jeans, glancing around the house. He hasn't been there many times -- once or twice, but the Lester by and large stays away from the Marchant family residence, for any number of possible reasons. He doesn't seem uncomfortable at all, though, just idly taking things in as they head in the direction of the voice in the dining room. Thus far, he's said nothing, remaining silent as he follows the teens in to see Theodore. And once there, he leans up against the door frame to the dining room, just regarding Theo from there.

Landon shares a look with Lucas on hearing Theodore's voice coming from the dining room. He was the only one here who was in attendance of the meeting and what they'd learned was pretty mind blowing. So no one can fault Landon for feeling a little nervous now that he has the floor. "Theodore." Dark eyes don't meet with Theodore's gaze for long. In fact, immediately shifting to peer off to the side. It's a good thing that he's still got those dark shades on.

"Just got back from an informative meeting with the historian, Mr. Chen, at London Arms." He looks over to the others, "Almost half the student body for the senior class was there." He then murmurs, "Word sure spread quickly. Anyway!" He straightens his posture, running a hand through his dark locks, "The gang who gave us the bottle to drink from seemingly... recruit," There's a pondering squint of his eyes, considering on whether he'd chosen the right word or not, "On the full moon. And part of that recruitment process is.. now this gonna sound weird, but, uh... if for some reason someone drinks from the bottle three times on three different full moons, well, then they are part of the gang." Yeah, that's bizarre, but he does add, "Next full moon is coming up on Monday." Just a couple of days away. "And if we don't go to them, no matter how oddly compelled we are, for whatever reasons, then they might come to us." He then quickly states, "Several families are affected by this and uh.. everyone wants to take matters into their own hands and protect their own, you know. So there was a plan for everyone who drank from the bottle to gather together on that night, so that those deemed as their protectors? Anyway, people who will try to keep them from being lured out to drink the bl-- from the bottle. And to keep the gang from reaching them. Us."

It's a good thing Theodore has practiced his poker face. The only thing that gets any realy reaction is Morrison's presence, which causes one of Theo's brows to tick upwards quizzically. But his face remains cooly impassive for the entire story, pen hovering above the piece of paper he was reading. Slowly, deliberately, he caps the pen and sets it down on the table, then folds his hands together in front of his face, elbows on the edge of his work space. He looks between the twins, then over to George and Morrison, and back to the twins. The whole time completely silent. "So. A lunatic cult. Lovely." His voice is flat and bland. "I have never known the two of you to act like idiots, until now." What's worse is the reprimand comes with absolutely no heat, no chill. HE says it like he's informing them that the sun did indeed rise that morning. Then, in a move he normally doesn't do, he asks for advice, and probably not from the person expected. His eyes lock on Morrison. "Thoughts?"

George seems at least somewhat satisfied when Lucas promises to explain everything, but there's still that agitation bubbling beneath the surface. "Lennon? Fuck me, she's in this too?" she mutters, glancing sidelong at Morrison. She opens her mouth to ask another question, or make some comment, but then takes a breath and closes it again. Better to just hear them out, George, she reminds herself. She listens to Landon try to explain, a deadpan expression on her face throughout. She knew about the gang part, and the weirdo wine, but the rest is sounding a bit... crazy? "Uh huhhhh," she replies slowly, rolling it over in her mind, trying to think where even to begin. "Okay, what the /shit/? Does this make sense to you...?" she asks of Morrison. Is she the only one confused? "The fuck kinda gang is this? Three drinks? Full moon?" She's crankier than she'd normally be too -- perhaps to do with that impending full moon, not that she realizes the connection. "Yeah, I thought you two were supposed to be, like, the good ones. All your extracurriculars and college plans and shit." She finds herself sort of agreeing with Theo? Heaving another deep breath, she closes her eyes and tries to stay focussed on the important part. "So we're having a slumber party?" Yeah, she's including herself in this as well.

Lucas rubs his hand with his face murmuring into it. Looking back to George and thus translating into 'sane people speak' even though the situation is anything but he says "The gang is the drug crazed fucking cult. We didn't know and now we're addisted to this shit because we made a mistake and thought it bullshit. Now it's attacking our endocrine system or something and fucking with our horomones Wrecking our sleep, our energy levels, and giving us a damn sun sensitivity and slowly making us nauseous to food. It's like some sort of rage inducing fucked up PMS that no one wants which kidna explains the moon thing." He pauses and sadly? That kinda fits.

"So the bottom line is the human tolarance for this substance is low. So, wether it's BS or not the truth is it is addictive. We ahve life to get onto and don't want to be addicted and the people who are behind this are kinda armed and violent as fuck..." He pauses and looks to Landon and back to George, "And they're coming for our asses seems Monday. Now, I really do care about some of the people involved and I know Landon does too, and from the estimate of some of the family they don't want to bring collateral property or personnel damage on teh house." He looks to Theo. He knows who else is involved. "I don't either but I also don't know that I trust the decisionmaking skills of over half the affected and putting all teh eggs in one basket in an unfortifiable spot is stupid. That said hiding us elsewhere until it blows over? Is going to jeopardize anyone trying to keep us there."

There's a pause and a deep sigh, "AND the liklyhood of us being out of our damn skull at the time and trying TO go is probably high which is why...we are telling you now. How do we fuck this up less?"

"This gang's killed at least one person in front of them already, from all we can tell," Morrison says to Theodore once the story is finished, his own expression somewhat grim, and not changing throughout the tale. "They chased down Hector and Cash when Cash didn't drink, intending to kill them. We have to assume at this point, that if they don't get these kids further hooked on that shit, that they're going to try and kill them, too." He folds his arms in front of him, shoulder resting on the doorframe. He glances at George when she mentions Lennon and he nods once. His little sister is in it, too. When she asks if it makes sense to him, he shrugs his shoulders, "Sounds like a fucked up cult. A dangerous one. And they're going after people who are talking to the cops, too." He looks back to Theodore and says, "They have to be kept in and not allowed to leave, and we have to keep the gang out. But it has to be somewhere this gang isn't going to think to look for them." He then turns to listen to Lucas and says, "And we're apparently going to have to sit on them, in the most literal babysitting job ever," he says dryly.

Landon has more weird information and he's observing the collective group of family members from behind his shades, biting down at his bottom lip in thought before he hesitantly brings up, "Mr. Chen gave us some advice on how to deal with the gang. It seems... that he'd been keeping tabs on this cult... for years. And from Silver read," And here he comes out to say it, "Around the time this city was formed, even before that, there were cases of ex... exsanguination." Did he pronounce that correctly? "Victims were found drained of blood due to this cult before. And perhaps throughout the years, but you would've thought it would be reported in the papers more!" Heading over to the dining room table, he reluctantly pulls out a chair to drop himself into. "Mr. Chen said that this cult have this thing where they can't enter locations without being invited inside. So while I'd brought up possibly using the factory as a hideout, I think it needs to be an actual residence. Or so everyone else was theorizing. The good thing is," And this is another weird tidbit, "The cult can't hypnotize you or brainwash you to let them in. So that should give us some peace of mind."

He then looks over to Theodore, "Since Thea," One of Theodore's own younger siblings, "Is affected by this too, Mona and Jade got themselves involved. All I know is they don't believe that this place," The Marchant Estate, "Is the safest place for all of us to be due to having servants roaming around and," He just shrugs, "Esme offered up the Reed house for everyone to bunker down in. Said she could send her parents off to keep them away and possibly safe?"

"Well, if they are this married to the full moon plan." Theo shakes his head as if that is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. "We're not keeping them here." He looks at the twins, and Theo does something Theo never does. He smiles. It is not a warm smile, it's the malicious smile he gets right before he's about to screw someone over. "What the others don't have.. is a bank vault." He leans back in his chair, looking perfectly pleased with himself. "Morrison and I can stay at the bank, keep an eye on things from the outside, and the two of you will be locked up like a couple of sacks of money. The others will have to fend for themselves, nor do I trust them to behave in the vault."

The mention of the triplets just has Theo looking sour. There's familial obligation there, and as much as the three annoy him, it wouldn't do to have them running around besmirching the family name. "The triplets as well if they want." If they want, the twins don't seem to get a choice in the matter.

Drug crazed cult. George finds that a bit suspect as well, but just nods, tuning out half the scientific-speak explanation, but getting enough to sort of run with the gist of it. "So you're gonna be moody fuckers, got it." Easy enough to accept in a Lester, really. Moody fucks who are addicted to some mystery wine. "Okay, let's say I buy all that," she allows, not sure whether she does believe it's the full truth, but wanting to move past it anyway. Morrison seems to believe at least most of it, and she trusts him as much as she trusts anyone. "Shit, is there anyone who //didn't// go to this cult party, other than me?" Not the point, George.

Moving on to the actual plan, she listens to the various ideas -- hiding together or apart, the Reed House, and then... the bank vault. Her eyebrows lift. She notices just one flaw in that plan -- she's not included. "Uh, I'm gonna babysit too," she points out, matter-of-fact. Never mind that she is probably the last person to trust in a bank vault.

Lucas answers George first, "Squid, Jaden...Amy I think, uh, Justin, Spear, Star, and Hector 'n' Mona. Aside from that? Don't know. Don't care." There's a pause and he backpeddles a tiny bit on that one. "And Lana because she's a smart person who was working at the time." Props to her on that one.

And then there it is, the nod to Morrison as he gets it in one and looks to Theodore on this. His confidence hits a wall at the solution and the normally more verbose of the twins falls dead silent at the plan. Whetherhe's consciously aware ot not he's leaning against Landon, shoulder to shoulder. Every Lester would know how very much Lucas doesn't do enclosed spaces. Not after that incident when he was a small kid and was found stuck in one of those old timey fridges. Oh hell no.

Morrison nods to Theodore when he mentions the bank vault and says, "That's not a bad idea. They'll have to get through us to get to the vault, and there's only one way in and one way out. Not to mention, it's not likely either of them could claw their way out, so we wouldn't have to watch them, either." Does he care that Lucas doesn't do enclosed spaces at this point in time? Nope. Hyperventilating vs dead? He's going to go with hyperventilation. He then looks over toward George and nods "You can sit in there with them and make sure that they don't freak out." That's fine. He'll just put her in the vault, too. One less person he has to worry about. "Maybe Amy, too. The two of you can make sure the two of them stay in."

Theodore's mention of the bank vault makes Landon blink to go along with his slow nod. That sounded... but perhaps out of everyone in this room it dawns on him before any other what the close confines of that bank vault would mean to Lucas. In fact, he feels the gravity of the plan weigh heavily on his twin when Lucas's shoulder leans against his. While Landon doesn't have that particular phobia, the fact that it's filling Lucas with anxiety seems to carry over to him as well. Turning lightly in his brother's direction, he murmurs, "It'll be okay." He says this though he's not certain.

There's further concern when he reminds, "Is a bank some place that you can actually bar someone from? From what we're told if you can keep them out due to not extending an invitation for them to come in, you should be safe. A bank is a public place... or that's what some of the discussion was about earlier." He then adds in, "Esme is going to be with the others. I mean, she and Lana offered up their home for everyone for that evening." A pause, "I don't know how I feel about them being there. Outside the safety of this vault."

Theo's look is flat. Cult he can understand, not being able to come in when not invited? No, that's getting no creedance. "I would rather place my faith in a few inches of steel between me and anything trying to get me over something as nebulous as an invitation. And the air vent isn't big enough for a cat to squeeze through." He spreads his hands a bit apart. "Too bad father isn't paranoid and had a panic room installed in the house." He does take not of Lucas' ractions and his expression softens ever so slightly. "Consider it penance, and remember it next time you do something foolish." Well.. very slightly.

"Here's a lesson, and it's a hard one. You will never get anywhere worrying about everyone else. Bringing everyone to the vault will make the bank a target, and even worse they might get help from the inside. Leaving most of their targets elsewhere and secluding a few away means the few are a less enticing option than the many." He folds his arms together on top of the table, fixing the twins with a steady gaze. "You came for my advice. I'm giving it. Take it or leave it."

George is only slightly mollified by Lucas's answer. Sounds like a lot more people went than didn't go, from where she's sitting. Granted, it means she's not a target to maybe die horribly, but still! When did she become the lame one? Her grouchiness is again tempered by surprise when Morrison agrees so easily to let her come. Inside the vault. She pauses for a moment, wondering if she shouldn't argue, but then nods in the end. "Deal. I mean, I'll try. But they'll probably still freak out." She's not the optimist, after all.

"The death cult worries about trespassing?" George wonders skeptically, looking between the twins, still having a feeling something is being left out, but also not ready to get into that just yet. Theodore's rather Machiavellian response earns another eyebrow lift. "Damn, man, that's cold." Not exactly an insult, not praise either. She looks to Landon and Lucas now. That's not her issue to worry about though, at least for now.

Lucas hasn't lost the rest of his color in his face and there's time to at least mentally prepare for that for what little comfort it is. His shoulder stays against Landon's finding solace in him just saying It'll be fine. It might not be. It would be a lot of not knowing too. Sometimes he doesn't get to know and that's something else his entitled young mind gets to cope with. Oh boy.

He guesses to Landon quietly, "But it's not a public place. Would that count?" And then there's the Esme situation in this. His hand comes up to Landon's shoulder, "We can think about her after and hope... no one in that group gets the want so bad they just invite them on in. The problem with a large group is-" and there's Theo with it. Reluctantly he nods slowly with the smart bet and to George's comment admitting, "Look, we brought it on ourselves and no one else has to help us clean up this shit storm so..." He swallows and boggles upward and then to George reasoning, "Look, it's a cult, and they're on some fucking angel dust that makes them think they are god okay? I wouldn't be surprised if they can't go into churches on the basis of some differential in theology. They're clearly playing by their own rules." He draws a deep breath and closes his eyes, "It's in me to say we should bag Thea and take ehr with. And I hope Silver, Esme, and Lana are alright but... I trust steel more than glass."

"I'm with Theodore on this one," Morrison says. "These people want to kill anyone who doesn't join their cult. They're not going to stand on ceremony if they want to kill you. And as for not coming in, what says they don't just set the house on fire and smoke you all out? No, the vault is the safer option. It's unlikely they're going to burn down the bank." He then glances over at George and says, "Then just try to make sure they don't hurt themselves." He doesn't seem to react at all to the chill of Theo's response, nor does he seem swayed by any of the other kids being outside of the vault.

Of course, Chen gave the kids more information than Landon is revealing, but that's the crazy kind of information! Which is why if he seems nervous now, that's basically what's on his mind. He's distracted, but he and the others addicted to this 'drug' have been for over a month now. The next of what he says is spoken more to Morrison than it is to Theodore, "They might try to use you or any of our family friends against us. Or so that's what I think. To lure us out by threatening your lives. Which is why I think everyone needs to find a safe place to bunker down and lock themselves into. Family included."

But then Theodore tells them that friends and even possible prom dates and girlfriends are not allowed into the safety of the vault. At first Landon's expression is blank, but there is an intensity within his dark eyes as he thinks further on this. His true loyalty has always been to Lucas first and then it splinters off to certain family members, but usually it doesn't extend so far as who he's dating. There are reasons for that. This is finally followed by a nod, no questions asked. "I'll let her know what the plan is so that she doesn't worry. And, I guess we tell the triplets, so they know what their options are." Then he just has to mention some of the ridiculousness that was brought up earlier, "Mona and Jade are going to purchase bondage gear." Yes, he tries to say this with a straight face, "Handcuffs things like that. To make sure that those of us who drank the damn thing, don't wander off." If Theo needs to know where his siblings are!

"Keep the circle small, the fewer who know exactly where you are the better." Theo slowly shakes his head. "I'll be staying on the outside, someone needs to open the vault up to let you out. Morrison and I can hole ourselves up in the room with the security monitors to keep an eye on things, the door locks." He shrugs. "I'll make sure Alex comes for a little extra muscle." He taps a finger on the table, looking between the twins and probably expecting more of an argument of who can and can't come to the vault party.

Theo's brow twitches at the mention of his siblings buying bondage gear. He decides to just gloss over that information and not think of it. Instead he turns to Morrison with a level expression. "Morrison, do you know anyone who can keep an eye on the Motel 6 in Topock during those nights, and will let us know if the biker gang staying there makes any moves?"

"Yeah, assuming that these death cult people do care about private property laws... Isn't the bank off-limits after hours?" George proposes with a shrug. "I'm not Mr. Law or anything-" Quick glance to Theodore. "-but I'm //pretty// sure no one's supposed to go in when it's closed. We //are// doing this after hours, right? So it's private property?" Theoretically. Because she's still not quite wrapping her brain around the idea of a cult that murders but doesn't trespass, drugs and weird beliefs or not. "Or I could move in. To the vault. For a few days," she innocently and selflessly offers.

She considers Morrison's instruction and nods. "Yeah, that I can maybe do." She eyes the twins and then shrugs. Could she stop them from hurting themselves if they wanted to? Eih, she can try. At least she can remind them that they're being idiots. She actually chuckles a bit at the mention of the fetish gear, but catches herself quickly. "Man, this family is kinkier than I thought." Almost grudging respect with that. Almost. "Just be careful," she adds to Morrison. "I mean, if you two kick it, who's gonna let us out?"

Lucas lifts his hand to Landon's shoulder and takes a deep breath. There's a lot of people he doesn't want to see hurt, but Landonand their future have to come first. "He's quiet and falls still when George asks that question and just looks at her with a haunted expression, and falls on autopilot, "Then they better hope that door holds." With the implication of he or they will go batshit on said persons. The truth is he hits like a flyweight and damaging thier ego is not going to be helpful in this. "The daytime crew to the bank. or Uncle Robert." His eyes squeeze shut and he hates being this damn cold but this is what 'being an adult' is according to the adults in teh room. Worrying about one's own shit first. Trapped... in that little room... sealed shut to be forgotten about...and trying not to imagine SIlver ripped into confetti-like pieces becasuse certain people did some dumb shit, or the other twins he and his brother are so damn fond of. At least right now he could take a nap right? His eyes open too fast and the colour drains from his face swaying on his feet.

Morrison shakes his head when Theodore asks if he knows someone who can watch the motel. He doesn't have a lot of friends, but then he considers and says, "I can ask Sebastian." His uncle. "He's going to want a piece of this, and can provide more muscle as well if things get out of hand. I can also have him come and let everyone out of the vault if things go sideways here." This seems to address George's concern about that. He then nods to Lucas and says, "Or their uncle. Someone will open it up during the day if things go sour overnight."

When told that as few people as possible should be informed of there whereabouts for the night, Landon nods once more. Full Moon Monday was coming up really soon and some of the things that exchanged during that meeting with Chen has him more than just a little paranoid. Especially when George brings up this idea that those willing to risk their lives to protect them outside of the vault may not survive the evening. However, as someone who grew up with the Lester clan for a good portion of his life, he knows how... volatile some of them can get during that time of month as well. It's unclear on whether he's comforted by this thought or not.

"We have a little time to prepare. Try to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Try to make alternate plans if they do go wrong." However, he has to wonder just what Robert Marchant will think after such a blood bath. Though this reminds him, "Chen also said that each of our families, of the kids who showed up, has a part to play," He is trying to remember the exact words, "Or had played over the years in regards to... this cult. He told us that he'll tell us more once the full moon has passed and he knows that we haven't taken the third drink." That's when he looks to the adults in the room, "Have either of you heard about that?"

"Oh my God, I was kinda joking? Like... maybe don't die," George clarifies to Morrison. It's not /just/ her being trapped in a vault that makes her concerned, after all. "But yeah..." At least they do have a contingency plan if something does go wrong. She huddles her shoulders up by her ears, hands jammed deep into the pockets of her jacket. "I need a piss and a smoke," she announces suddenly. "/Don't/ make any crazy plans without me."

"If we're nitpicking, the vault is not in the public part of the bank, it's in the employees area only. And not even all employees are allowed back there." Theo shrugs. But motions to Lucas as he adds. "And if we.. kick it.. as you say, the morning crew will still be by to open the bank for the day. Even more so if they find a couple of mangled corpses, they'll want to check if anything was stolen. It'll be an awkward position for you being found in there though.." There's another shrug, even when speaking of his own death he's rather bland.

Theo nods slowly. "We need someone to keep an eye on things there. That's where these Painkillers are holed up last I heard. I passed on the information to the police, but obviously they're not able to actually do anyting about it. Useless as always." He peers at Landon at the question about the families and shakes his head. "I'm not going to say we haven't had Marchants stupid enough to get involved with a cult, and if it's a local thing, well, we've been around for a while. That's neither here nor there."

Lucas is either trying to not throw up or not pass out. One word comes from him, "Cameras." Oh yeah, the bank has those. He pauses and says "I know a guy that might be able to hang out and let..." he pulls up a chair and very casually just sits. "He's a good look out." Looking to George and Landon he says "If we pay Tai, he... he might." Taking a deep breath he manages to focus and agree, "Uncle Sebastian is a good choice."