Log:Do We Come Together?

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Do We Come Together?
Characters  •   The Competitor  •  The Defender  •
Location  •  The Facility - Dining Room
Date  •  2018-10-07
Summary  •  The Competitor and the Defender have a brief discussion about whether everyone should try to find common ground and cooperate to find answers.

The dining room seems to be fairly deserted at first glance, a good place to go for peace and quiet away from the noise of the television or the sounds of the many doors opening and closing as people travel throughout the facility. One of the tables does seem to be occupied, however. There are papers and books laid out on top of it instead of food and they seem to have been recently shifted around. The Competitor steps through the doorway leading to the dispensary with a mildly irritated look on her face. She's dressed a bit more formally now, a long-sleeved blouse with a pencil skirt that makes her look a bit more like the corporate scientist she claims to be. Jenette stalks over to the table and sits down with a small sigh.

The Defender has chosen to spend most of his time inside his own room, still having trouble processing the situation they are currently in. It's when his thoughts strays to what is improbable and impossible that really troubles and frustrates him. However, he does leave his room from time to time, especially if it is to either get something to drink that isn't water or he actually feels hungry. Walking past the Parlor without stopping, ignoring the television that is playing yet another Western, he steps into the Dining Room.

Not surprised that the room isn't filled since it usually isn't, the Defender slows his steps when he sees who is actually here. He is in his usual outfit, the buttoned up shirt and black slacks, keeping the same theme when it comes to how he is dressing in the Facility. Spotting the Competitor sitting at the dining tale turned into what looks more like a library table, he arches a brow while walking past. After grabbing himself a bottle of water and a plate that holds two sandwiches, the Defender heads to where she is seated instead of finding his own table. "Looking quite busy there, D..." A pause as he almost calls her Dr. Sterling before recalling she preferred her first name, "Jenette."

The Competitor doesn't seem to take much notice of Wolfram the first time he passes through, probably assuming that he's yet another person doing just that and then going on their way. She looks a little frustrated as her eyes dart between one of the open books and a piece of paper when the Defender steps up to the table. "Hm?," She startles just slightly, clearly still on guard in this new and strange environment. Her expression softens somewhat as she realizes it's someone familiar. "Oh, Wolfram. I've been trying to keep myself busy, yes. I've had a chance to clear my head a bit more and decided to have a closer look at some of the rooms." She idly taps that piece of paper and gestures to one of the seats at the table. "Please, feel free to sit."

The invitation is accepted as the Defender was about to ask if the Competitor wanted to to be left alone so she can focus on what she is doing. Putting the plate and bottle of water down on some open space on the table, he grabs a seat while looking at one of the papers, upside down as if trying to see if he can understand what she is doing at a quick glance, "The rooms out here or the ones we've been assigned to?" Is his first response as he unwraps one of the sandwiches, roast beef from the looks of it. "From what I've been told, the others have been doing experiments as well during the last stay here. Including starting a small fire to trigger potential sprinkler systems."

"Is that so? I've kept my own experiments fairly low-key so far." The Competitor moves her hand and leans back into her chair, giving Wolfram a better look at the paper. It has a bunch of shorthand scribblings that seem to refer a room's general architecture and different sorts of tests being done. "I started with rooms out here. The dispensary seemed like a good place to start since it seems more advanced than others. I tried to look for any signs of hidden entrances or built-in mechanisms that might hint at how it functions. Like if it connects to some kind of storage container on the outside that's being refilled." She brushes her fingers through her hair with an exasperated sigh. "It didn't go particularly well. I'm still not sure how it actually works."

Taking a bite of the sandwich, the Defender follows it with a drink from his bottle of water before answering, "After you do your studies, you should compare notes with the others since they can probably share what they've done with you. Might save you some time and knock out some unknowns that you might not have checked on yet." As for connecting to some other area of the facility, he nods understandingly as he takes another bite. "I think that's why Thorne and the others set the fire, to see if a water suppression system kicks in and to trace the pipes."

The Competitor can't hide a small, hesitant frown as Wolfram makes that suggestion. "Are you sure they'll want to work with a Wey-Yu scientist?," She asks with a forced chuckle. "I get the feeling some people haven't quite forgotten what has transpired. It's all still pretty fresh." It's hard to say if Jenette is holding a grudge or is just wary of the people she butted heads with in her past identity. It was definitely teamwork of the teeth-clenched variety. "Seeing how the environment reacts to unexpected actions seems like a solid idea, however," She admits a bit reluctantly.

"You're right that we won't be forgetting what happened on the Noc, but for those of us that have experienced this before, we also clearly remember what happened back on that supposedly deserted island." The Defender says as he pauses in his eating, "There may still be some that hold grudges, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that we are all here against our will. And we're all trying to find answers, and if possible, a way out." He nods his head at what the Competitor says as he finishes the first sandwich and taking another long drink of water, "It always seems to work better when everyone shares ideas. Plus, you and Doctor January were brilliant scientists, it would be foolish not to take advantage of that."

Jenette remains quiet but clearly attentive as Wolfram argues for working toward their shared goal. Her eyes lower to the table as she considers his words with a thoughtful frown. "I suppose looking at the bigger picture is more important than past issues." And yet there's a look in her eyes that says it's not so simple. "I'm not sorry, you know. About the things I did on the Noc. Not really. Sterling-- I wasn't a good person by any means but I had a job to do and followed through on it to the end. There were mistakes and setbacks but I don't regret going after what I wanted. It was everything to me."

The Competitor raises her eyes to look at Wolfram, almost as if she was confessing to him. "You were better than that, you helped me when a lot of others would have left me behind. I think I'd wanted to warn you away before I did something terrible."

As he unwraps the second sandwich, the Defender listens without interrupting, only nodding his head slightly as if he is in agreement. Only when the Competitor finishes speaking does he answer, "I don't know what happened when you guys went after the queen but I don't think anyone is asking you to apologize. We all... had our own lives to live, our own drives." Though as he says that, he isn't fully sure if they are indeed their own drives or if it is under someone else's control, "We all had different origins and experiences, and we have no knowledge of what we experiences prior until we return here." As for him helping her and her warning him, the Defender shakes his head, "Even if you warned me, I don't think I could've went away. I guess that was my drive, no matter what I knew."

"It's more about the expectations than outright asking, really. I'm... grateful that you understand where I'm coming from though." Jenette says sincerely. "I'm just not looking to be anyone else's outlet for blame. Or like I have to make up for it or something. We got enough of that on the station." That said, she does offer an understanding nod to his own drives likely keeping him on the station. "I suppose we both had our duties, then." The Competitor stands up from the table and offers him a small smile. "Thanks for hearing me out. I'm not really sure why I felt the need to tell you all that but... well, thank you. I'll think about what you said about working with the others to pool our ideas. Perhaps you're right that we'll only make real progress if we work together."

The Defender returns the Competitor's smile with his own as he says, "Glad I can help, seems like there is not much for me to be able to do while we're... stuck here. In terms of finding answers or a way out, best I can help with is to try to make sure we're all focusing on the same goal. And if anyone here is lashing out or trying to inflict guilt on others, it is probably because they themselves are frustrated at how helpless it may feel being trapped here. Some can't cope as well as others, it will take time." A slight pause as he takes a sip of his water, "But if I can help with anything, just let me know. I know a few of the others are more than willing to work together to find answers."