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Decadent Delights
Characters  •   The Martyr  •  The Bon-Vivant  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Thrill-Seeker's Suite
Date  •  2019-05-24
Summary  •  Thrill-Seeker (Cheer) invites Martyr (Dare) and Bon-Vivant (Fizz) over for dinner and dessert. They talk of love, life, and tasty goodness.

The Thrill-Seeker had asked Dare and Fizz to come by at some point. That she wanted to talk to them and that there would be cookies. Well there are cookies, but she has also gone and made a whole dinner. The entire suite smells of curry and garlic with a faint undercurrent of cookies. On the stove is a deep saute pan which she is slowly stirring. "Girls just want to have fun," She sings cheerfully to herself as she cooks. There are three plates set out on the small breakfast bar along with silverware and glasses. A veggie platter with dip is also out.

Dare is dressed in the green and black outfit with the tie and waistcoat, his grooming at it's sharpest. He knocks lightly, "It's Dare! I was not sure what to bring, so I brought wine.

The Bon-Vivant was told there'd be cookies! So he has... dressed for cookies. Which in this case turns out to be a crisp white buttoned shirt, untucked, and black leather trousers. All right, it might not be *standard* cookie-dress. He's also got milk, and gives the wine a glance, then the milk. "I probably should've gone with whiskey or something, huh." A shrug, and he adds a bit louder, to be heard through the door, "It's Fizz, too!"

"It's open!" Cheer calls even as she turns off the heat and turns to come to the door and pull it open. A happy grin on her face as she looks between the two. "You two are always thinking ahead," She says as her eyes drop from bottle to jug. Then she leans in to give them each a quick kiss at the corner of their lips. As she turns to walk away you can see she's wearing a red skirt and sleeveless black top under her frilly apron. "Almost ready. I made a yellow coconut curry thing with vegetables, and grilled chicken you can add in if you want," She says as she goes back to the stove and begins to look for a serving dish for the curry.

Dare looks Fizz over slowly and with more than a little lasciviousness. he always was an ass man and those trousers are hard to ignore. "I bet she has whiskey already. She's Cheer." he turns into the kiss, a form of permission. "No chicken for me. Thank you for remembering, and thank you for being careful with Briar. Don't think i don't notice. It's helping. Last night was really good, by the way. It felt like home."

"I like the vest," Fizz says to Dare in the brief pause, with a rather appreciative over all look as well. And they are very good trousers, it's true! Who- or whatever tailors the fit for that closet has skills. "...and good point," he allows, before they step in. He gives Cheer a bright grin, and leans slightly into the kiss, then returns another. "That sounds awesome, and... kinda not like cookies," he says, "but still awesome. And I still eat chicken, so yes please, thanks. You look cute." Might not generally be the go-to word for her new look, exactly, but apparently that's his thought today.

The Thrill-Seeker glances at Dare with a bright smile. "I still get these overwhelming impulses at times, but at least it doesn't come with being oblivious anymore," She says as she begins dishishg the vegetable curry into a serving dish. "And I -do- have whiskey. I have a whole minibar thing and fridge that always has mixers in it," She says with a point at that part of the wall. "I'm pretty sure my room is based on a Vegas style penthouse suite. If I remember Kimmy's trip there one time." Cause of course she had. "There -are- cookies. Special cookies. For dessert." The vegetable curry is set on the bar for everyone to serve from, as is a container of saffron jasmine rice. Another small dish, covered, has the chicken that was lightly cooked in more curry sauce. "Let's see...I do believe they keep putting the bottle opener oveeeeer here!" And she finds it on the bar in one of a few cubbies.

Dare grins, "I very much like your trousers. That's a good look on you." To cheer he smiles, "You are a Goddess always, whatever you happen to be wearing." his eyebrows go up, "Special cookies? I am aquiver!" he goes to make up a plate for himself. he shows no sign of distress at the chicken, even though he doesn't take anyway. Apparently it really is just pork he has trouble being around.

The Bon-Vivant gives Dare a grin back. "Thanks. I try," he replies, striking a pose about halfway between silly and intentionally flattering. Arcade's not wrong. "Ooh, aquiver," Fizz says teasingly, looking at Dare as if he's keeping an eye out for any trembling. "Are we talking special like Scott and Danny's kind of special? 'cause I thought this place was still nicotine and booze only. Outside the Anything Rooms, anyway." He definitely tested their ability to get people high last time around. For Science. "I mean, I'm down with any kind of special, but." But it's intriguing. The milk gets set down appropriately, and he claims a plate to serve himself as well. Including the chicken. It's only pork that bugs him now too. Which is a shame, given how much he liked bacon before. "This smells amazing."

The Thrill-Seeker is drawn to looking at Fizz's butt as he passes by. Because who wouldn't. "Mmmm, so they are!" She says as she pulls off the apron and hangs it up. Underneath the black shirt has a sloping v-neck, loose enough to cause decorative folds around it. "I really enjoyed last night too. Dozing off like that was wonderful and I didn't want to move," She admits as she goes to sit down between the two of them. "Sadly we are still limited to that here. BUT it is special in other ways. I think so anyway," She says with a flirty wink as she dishes herself out some jasmine rice. "I know we have the dispensor. But there is something nice about cooking your own stuff."

Dare checks Cheer out subtly some more now the apron is off, "Is that skirt new? It's amazing!" He has pretty clearly also noticed what that shirt is doing for her cleavage, but is too much of a gentleman to say. He waggles his eyebrows exaggeratedly at Fizz's posing. he pours the wine to eat with the curry. "Two lives so far and neither good in the kitchen, alas."

The Bon-Vivant is also enough of a gentleman to at least not currently be more specific about it than, after agreeing, "It is pretty great," adding, "Nice shirt, too." The brow-waggling gets another grin and an equally exaggerated wink in in return, before he gets comfy. Specialness he still looks intrigued by, maybe more so now even. "I tried cooking something," he says, "...in the Anywhere Rooms. It didn't work that well. I think I'm okay just letting you handle it, honestly. ...and, yeah. Last night was nice. Most of my favourite people all around to cuddle at once."

"Cheer could mix a drink...and she passed home ec..." Cheer says thoughtfully as she eyes the pose herself. There is the temptation to sneak her hand under his butt if it goes for the stool beside her at the breakfast bar. But she pulls her hand back to serve up some chicken onto her rice. Then curry. "I took a recipe from the dispensor that was okay. Then I played around till it tasted -really- good. I carmelized onions and garlic, added more coriander, cumin, and ginger...ummmm," She mixed it all together on her plate for a minute before the skirt is brought up. "It's great isn't it? I found it in my closet. My old self...I just don't feel pink and cute anymore. So I woke up to new stuff." She runs a hand over the silk embroidered fabric. "You don't need to be good in the kitchen for me to love you," She tells him, leaning over to peck him on the cheek. "You can come bake cookies with me anytime. Either of you! Though I am happy to cook for us," She slants a glance between them as she finally takes a bite, looking pleased. "Mmm, anyone need salt or chutney? I got that...the dispensor gave me the chutney when I asked for curry ingredients."

Dare cats a grateful look at Fizz, "Thank you for not doing that somewheere we'd have to deal with the aftermath of until res-Oh! This is delicious, Cheer! I love the strong flavors and complexity of it. I really do think this outfit suits this you well... What kind of chutney?"

"I don't think I even *could* have done it anywhere out here," Fizz says, "...but yeah, if I had we'd all've wished I hadn't. Trust me." He doesn't seem that upset by the memory, even if he is pretty definite about the quality of the outcome. "I guess I could probably come hand you things some time, though. That's probably not gonna explode." He grins, cheek dimpling under the kiss, and shifts his weight to bump her arm with his. "I can mix drinks, though. I know a stupid number of drinks. I started *out* knowing a stupid number of drinks." That was always on his 'how and why do I know this' list. Right now he's more interested in eating, though. "I dunno if I've ever had chutney, so sure, why not?"

"It's green?" Thrill-Seeker offers with a grin as she gets to her feet and pads to the small fridge. Opening it up and pulling out the jar of green chili chutney and putting it, along with a spoon, on the counter. "I haven't tried it I admit." She says as she sits back down. The arm bump is greeted with a playful one in turn and a toothy grin. "Of course you know a stupid amount of drinks. Honestly? If we knew what we were going into I would have pegged you for Dionysus myself!" Turning to Dare, "Wouldn't you?"

Dare shrugs, "Finn was good with things like box macaroni and ramen, but he ate a lot of take out for a reason." He grins at Fizz, "Can you do tricks while you mix them? I know nothing about fancy drinks, but I wouldn't mind trying something really interesting after we eat. Sure, lets give the chutney a try." He's blushing, "You do NOT want to know where my mind just went."

The Bon-Vivant laughs. "Yeah? I think I only kinda vaguely knew he existed, honestly. Mythology was pretty much a couple really short parts of English classes for Scott, and I didn't start knowing any of that, so..." He considers briefly. "Means I can't say I would've guessed either of yours for you guys, either. Hm. I kinda *do* want to know where your mind just went, though, Dare." He puts bit of the chutney on his food and takes a taste, brows rising. "You guys should try this," he says, but they'll have to wait until after he's put some more on his. "I never tried doing tricks, so... I dunno. Maybe?" Or maybe Cheer's room would get very wet.

The Thrill-Seeker turns and blinks at Dare at the blush. But she doesn't seem to understand the correlation or dirty joke. She isn't -that- experienced with certain nomenclature. "Hmmm? What do you mean?" She says around a bite as she waits to get herself a spoonful of the chutney. "I bet you could. And I wouldn't have guessed Sekhmet for me either...and Cheer...she knew Greek gods cause of her parents dragging her to Athens and droning on about culture and such and such?" She takes a bite of her curry and thinks hard before shrugging cheerfully. "We should make a bar in the anywhere room and we can practice bar tricks sometime. That'd be fun." Cause she doesn't want her room wet...well...not with alcohol.

Dare thinks, "I'd heard of Osiris and his immediate fmily drama and not in detail, but not the other Gods in their pantheon. I did know some Greek mythology, but not... the way I do now. They don't teach much about Dionysius in american middle schools for some reason." The snark in that last is obvious. He is very interested in spooning chutney onto his plate, "Pegging Dionysius. Visual image." Ahem. "In my defense I just spent years with an alarmingly large collection of custom made dildoes and vvibrators both antique and modern and a small, but attractive aray of harnesses." he drinks some wine. Okay, most of the glass, "But Kimmy always reminded me of a cat. I described her that way a few times. I'd never heard of Sekmet, but I knew Bast and might have guessed her." he sighs, "She got to go to Athens? That must have been an amazing experience for her!"

"I like that plan," Fizz says, nodding to the idea of testing the fancy stuff in an AR, and Dare's remark about middle schools gets a laugh. "Yeah, exactly," he says,"and none of the good stuff." It takes a moment for him to put the meaning to the phrase; it's newer than his 'latest' life, and it's been a while since he was reading up on things. When he does, though, he laughs again, this time with possibly a hint of a blush. Faint, if so, but all the same. "From what I remember of his memories, it wouldn't be the very first time..." He shakes his head a little and gets back to eating. A little safer. Also delicious!

The Thrill-Seeker snorts and shakes her head. "You would think. But all I remember is boredom and tours and aching feet," She admits with a little laugh. "Oh, though there was a yacht and..." She trails off and smirks. "Standard Kimmy. Anyway..." And she fills her mouth with more curry. "Mmm, the chutney does add to it huh?" She says as she reaches for her own glass of wine. It's during that sip that the 'pegging' finally sinks in and she gives a little cough as she sets the glass down. "Oh...well...I wasn't complaining about the collection or the talent behind it." She shoots him a sideways glance and a playful smile flutters across her face.

When they are almost finished eating Cheer looks at them both. "Thanks for coming tonight. I wanted time with just the two of you. I mean...want to be all kosher and stuff with feelings and relationships," There is a slight hesitation when she brings it up. But she is still smiling and reaches out to put a hand on each man's forearm. Once she's started, though she keeps going. "I would very much like to stay with both of you, if you're amenable?" A worried glance now.

Dare grins, "Scott was such a top, but Dio always hd a bit of a switch vibe." He laughs, "Poor sweet, Kimmy. Is it terriblethat I like this you best, Lovely? The chutney is exactly the right touch." He's mixed his into his rice. He flashes Cheer a wicked grin, "A gentleman brings not only the right tool for the job, but a selection so that whatever a lady wishes might be hers. Our Osiris was a lemonade from lemons sort of God." his eyes go wide, "Why in the world would I object. I love you both nd it's your body and your heart, Cheer. I want you to be happy."

The Bon-Vivant pauses a beat at Dare's assessment of his other-lives. "Accurate." He looks fairly amused at the collection remarks, but stays out of that. He has eating to do! Which is what he does, between incidental conversation, until they're just about done, and Cheer gets to the 'you're probably wondering why I invited you all here tonight' portion of the proceedings. And it, itself, gets a blink, and a small tilt of the head. Then a smile. "'course no objections. I mean..." He glances aside to Dare, beyond her, then back. "We'd kinda be assholes if there were, right? Hypocrites, at least. And also what he said." A momentary pause. "You're okay with us staying with other people too, right?" Just to make sure they're all on the same page.

There is a quick kiss given to Dare when he says he likes her best now. "Not at all. I like me better this way too." She gets up to begin clearing empty plates. But also apparently to start preparing dessert. A button is pressed on the oven while she pulls various things out. "You never know. And I was reading a book and it said open communication is what helps in...oh what was the word...doesn't matter. Of course I'm fine with you being with other people. That'd be being a -real- hypocrite. And, well...good!" Cheer giggles in happy surprise. That was easy! "I want you guys to be happy too and...just last night really made me realize that and that we should all talk and now I'm babbling..." Another soft chuckle, shaking her head as she pulls a covered bowl from atop the fridge. A saucepan that was also covered and has a double boiler is turned on too. The smell of cookies begins to overpower the smell of curry.

Dare nods strong agreement with Fizz, and returns Cheer's kiss with lowering lashes. "I think we are all the sort of people who want those we love to be happy.... What are you making?" he sounds both confused and fascinated.

The Bon-Vivant nods his *own* strong agreement with Dare, and since she's gotten up, he lets her have his plate, and then steals her seat to lean against Dare instead as he watches her get to cookies. Curiosity there, too, especially when cookie-smell ensues. He may be a terrible cook, but he does know usually you use an oven. Okay, he's pretty sure usually you use an oven. "I think we are too. Now I kind of feel like maybe everyone's people should all talk, except I think we'd end up with the whole place showing up more or less." He still looks like he's mulling over something related, though.

The Thrill-Seeker shoots Dare a playful grin as she pulls the lid off the bowl and sticks a spatula in it. It looks like whipped cream, but it is far too stiff and sticky. It's faintly pink and it looks like little bits of strayberry and all mixed in it too. "It's a surprise!" She tells him with obvious delight. The double boiler apparently holds melting chocolate. "Fizz, would you get me the brandy from the bar please?" She asks him with a glance over her shoulder, stirring the chocolate with another spatula. "But it involves cookies and chocolate and marshmellows. So I'll let you take a couple of guesses." She gives them both a big grin as they snuggle closer. That speculitive look on Fizz's face making her quirk a brow.

Dare slides his arm around Fizz's shoulders and gives him a gentle squeeze in return. "I spoke to Chance and that went really well, and I may have... encouraged Briar to... I'm not worried about Senni after the talk oveer breakfast. I haven't seen Arthur yet, but I think I've only ever seen him twice total and that was in the carnival.... That smells amazing, Lovely." He moves his arm to free his friend. "Is this Smores related?"

"Encouraged Briar to... talk to Chance?" Fizz asks, getting just slightly lost. He considers the names a moment. "So you're talking to Briar's others about stuff then?" It is continuing his thoughts. But not so strongly he isn't able to do as asked; he rises and heads over to the bar, finding the bandy and bringing it back In Triumph. It's presented to Cheer with a fairly silly amount of ceremony, and he peeks into everything there he can see, as though it might solve the mystery. Which it might! Certainly it might at least give more clues.

The Thrill-Seeker lifts a hand and wiggles it back and forth. "A little," She agrees as she continues to stir the melting chocolate. When Fizz gets her the liquor she adds a couple splashes. Stirring the entire time. "Let's say they inspired me." Then she is moving and pulling out two trays from the oven. On one are six large chocolate chip cookies. The other is a tray of thin brownies with what looks like pecans. She has the timing of stuff down mostly ok. As she sets those two trays down to cool she quickly turns back to stir the chocolate. "This involves ice cream though. I was reading a dessert book and if I can get the dispensor to give me the stuff, or if it shows up in the kitchen gadgets cabinet, I can make ice cream," This seems to excite her. Fizz's cheek is giving a kiss this time as he peers over her shoulder. Spatula lifted she swipes a taste off with her finger and presents it to him.

MartyrMcFly shakes his head, "To reaquaint himself with senni this time. We'll see how it goes." He nods, "It's only polite. I really do hope I can catch Arthur this time. I've no idea what he's like as himself beyond Briar's describing.... Oh! That looks amazing, cheer. These clearly are special cookies!"

Ha! The cookies ARE in the oven! Okay, it's a very minor victory for Fizz's knowledge of baking, but you take what you can get. This includes the offered taste, because that looks really good. He probably could have just licked it rather than catching the whole fingertip in his mouth, but that's what he goes with. And indeed it IS tasty! "Definitely special cookies," he agrees then, returning the cheek-kiss. "So are you making ice cream *now*?" He nods to the clarification about what Briar was encouraged to do, but no comment on it this time.

The Thrill-Seeker plucks another spatula up and tells Fizz, "Keep stirring this for me. I just need to pull these off the tray," And she turns to the cookies. Which are carefully manuevered off and onto a cooling rack. "I told you it would be. Special surprise for my two favorite guys." She does make it a bit of a sing-song, obviously in her element and delighted to be putting this together. "By the time I can cut the brownies," Which she plucks up and tucks into the fridge for the moment, "Everything else shooooould be ready. Alas I had to get a tub from the dispensor. But I had it give me haagen daaz french vanilla." And she moves to check the strawberry marshmallow fluff, dipping pinky in and offering it to Dare this time. "Do you think it needs more strawberries?"

Dare quietly enjoys the view as they bake. Gay or bi, certain elements of his taste stay the same. "Haagan Daz was above my price range when I was Finn, so trust me, that's just fine with me." He leans across and sucks the fluff from her finger, looking her boldly in the eyes. I've never tasted anything like this. It's perfect. Everything is perfect."

"Yes'm!" Fizz says, accepting the spatula and brandishing it before he sticks it into the chocolate sauce and gets to stirring. He's not entirely sure what speed he should be doing it at, but settles into something quick enough to feel like he's doing something but slow enough to be comfortable. And to not make any little bits get thrown out. Sorry about the one that did, but after it's had a moment to cool down, he reaches over to clean it up by the tried and true 'finger and mouth' method. "Dispenser ice cream is still good ice cream," he says, "Even when I don't specifically tell it to be."

The Thrill-Seeker bites her lower lip briefly, much as she did with Fizz when he enjoyed the chocolate, and nods. "Good. Because I have more sliced strawberries if we need them...but we may not. And sliced strawberries are good whenever to me," She says before returning to Fizz's side to take over once more. The heat is turned off and the pot left where it is. "Bowls, bowls, bowls," She goes for said item, pulling out three shallow pasta bowls and handing them to Fizz. He's there in the kitchen and so she has comandeered him for helping now.

"Aaaaaaand ice cream scoooOOOop!" She's making a show of everything too now. All Fizz's fault, but smiles are going around to that is what matters. The ice cream tub is pulled out and then finally the brownies from the fridge. A knife is brought out and she systematically places a cookie over the large brownie tray, and cuts a square around it. Three of these are made before she moves to the marshmallow goodness. It is smeared on the bottom of the cookie in a thick slab, then pressed back in place. Atop this goes a scoop of ice cream, then the ganache. "OH! I almost forgot," And back into the fridge for the canister of whipped cream. Which is liberally applied to the top. "I think I have sprinkles too. And cherries are over at the bar too."

The Martyr grins at her all charm and dimples. "Sliced strawberries are always welcome anywhere." He rethinks that, "Almost anywhere." Catching fizz with his finger in his moth he winks. "I think I may die eating this, but it will be worth it."

"Almost anywhere," Fizz agrees, and may not even have consciously noticed he's been commandeered. He just takes the bowls when given them and sets them out where he thinks they'd probably be convenient to fill. The contagion of making-it-a-show makes him grin again, and he hangs around just behind her when he isn't doing something he was given, watching over her shoulder. Every time she turns to go to the fridge or otherwise, he moves to be out of her way but still there. It's like a dance. "If we die, we'll just wake up and get some unmelted ice cream and see how much more we can get through before it kills us again," he says, sneaking a finger into the strawberry fluff despite the fact that he's in the midst of having some served up for him.

The Thrill-Seeker moves to fetch the strawberries from the fridge, turning to find Fizz 'dancing' with her. A hand goes out impulsively to grab his hand and hip to actualy dance around once, beefore releasing him to open the fridge. They are then placed within reach of everyone. Finally the spoons are produced and handed out. "Let us die a sugary rushing death of pleasure then," She says with a grin, as she dig the spoons down into all the levels. "So, like I said, special cookie dessert!"

The Martyr is very much enjoying the show. Really artistry is to be expected given they were all performers in that other life and Fizz twice. "This is not just special, it's to die for! Into the breech, comrades!"

The Bon-Vivant laughs delightedly when he's grabbed and danced about properly; his hands place themselves automatically to join in, letting go and stepping back when she leaves him for the fridge. Well, no one can deny it's really cool. "If I've gotta die of something, I think 'pleasure' pretty much tops the list," he decides, accepting his spoon and settling in to discover whether or not this is the day he actually gives that a test.

The Thrill-Seeker adds a few more strawberries to hers and then seems to remember the milk Fizz brought. Because with that mouthful of rich and sweet the milk will be good to wash it down. Three cups and they are filled quickly. "I feel like we should toast, even if it's with milk," She says and her eyes, of course, turn to Fizz with a bit of an expectant gleam.

The Martyr flashes Fizz a lascivious smile, "If we don't die of this, we could try that next?" Then he lifts his milk, "To love and continued friendship?" He drinks, then reaches out to touch both their wrists, "I am incredibly glad to have known you both. I wanted... Whatever happens when we're out there, what ever stupid or horrible things we might do unknowing, I just wanted to say, I hope we are always friends in here and that we'll help each other through whatever weirdness is next."