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Day at the Beach
Characters  •   The Advisor  •  The Bravo  •
Location  •  Sand and Surf
Date  •  2018-12-28
Summary  •  The Bravo goes to the beach, and a new face appears to decide it's all a dream.

The facility is a very...strange land. Everything is automated, people all fall asleep at the same time, wake in their beds the next morning, everything fixed and cleaned from the night before. Because of all this sameness, sometimes it's nice to just...escape from it all.

Bravo reads, and fools around with the rooms that seem to know just how to turn into whatever they desire. Two of them, and one is where Bravo has gone for the day, but those doors....anyone can still walk through them.

Anyone that walks through the one that Bravo has found herself in today would find themselves on what looks like a deserted beach, except for the large umbrella, fully stocked tiki bar, and the blonde that is currently laying out on the sand on a towel, with a book in her hands. She's got on a pair of large sunglasses, and a black bathing suit with a coconut filled with some tropical drink wedged into the sand next to her.

Strange is an understatement for some. Likely it is so for the tan-skinned man with a black blazer and trousers who walks in from a stark hallway and onto a sandy beach with tiki bar and a blonde too. The loafers on his feet quickly get gritty with the sand as he continues a few steps into the room and then turns around as if to check if the door is still there. It's a disorienting few moments before he goes from looking all around the 'room' and finally settles his gaze on the dreamlike scene before him.

"Hello?" The Advisor calls in mildly accented voice, one hand uplifted to shade his dark eyes against the sun or whatever it is overhead posing as the sun. He's still a short distance away near the entrance and looks decidedly lost.

"Hello!" Bravo calls in return, lifting her book up to shade her eyes with, even though she's got the sunglasses on still. There is a bit of amusement when she notices what it is that he's wearing, and that expressiong on his face. The book is carefully set down as she pushes herself up off the sand, hands brushing against her backside before she begins to make her way across the sand towards him.

As she gets closer he can spot the fact that despite being on the beach, and visibly alone....in a magic room, she's got on earrings, and a bracelet, both in gold, and her hair is styled in such a way that it's blatantly obvious she hasn't gone swimming in what seems to be the ocean just yet. "You're a bit over dressed for the location, don't you think?" A hand reaches up, pushing her sunglasses up onto the top of her head, "I've not seen you before...you been hiding in your room? I did...my first few days."

"No..." The Advisor says with a confused note to his accented voice. The closer she gets the more he seems to realize she's not a figment and perhaps this isn't a dream. By the time she's pushing those sunglasses up he's licking his lips as if at a loss for words. Despite the lack of vocal participation his hand drops down from shading his eyes and both arms hang by his side somewhat limp. "I just woke up and... Where are we? Who are you?"

The look that passes over Bravo's face is sympathetic, "Oh...man." She pauses, grimacing for a moment before she shakes her head, "I've no idea, really. I mean, who I am...or where we are. In specifics, at least." She lifts a hand, scratching at her forehead as she puzzles through the very best ways to explain the unexplainable.

"So...I'm new, like you. I don't have any memories before here, no identity...nothing. There are a few of us, like this...but there are others here that have..." And this is where it starts to just get weirder. "They've experienced lives, and deaths....and woken up here after. They know a lot more about that kind of stuff, but let me just get a few things out there. We apparently can't die, like, for good...some of us have vanished for good, other turn up repeatedly in these lives but never show up here....this last life they lived was a western with demons, and then there as an alien thing, with a giant ship...and before that an island with a curse."

The Advisor looks blankly at The Bravo and licks his lips again with that same speechless quality. His hand lifts back up to shade his eyes and those dark orbs look past the young blonde woman towards the tiki bar. "Is that real booze?" he asks in a frank and hopeful manner. He even glances at the young woman's face while asking before peering out the distance to the bar.

Before she gets a chance to answer though he takes a shakey step in the direction of the tiki bar, first angling like he might bump into The Bravo but on his second one goes wide. The loafers certainly don't help in the sand of the 'magic' room they're currently in. His hand is still even uplifted to shade his eyes, it gives off a rather traveler following a mirage type look to the confused man.

When he looks like he might run into her she starts to step to the side, looking mildly startled, then sheepish when he swings wide. "Oh, yeah..." She agrees, starting to follow him towards the bar. "I suppose that it is real? Tastes real, at least." Although he's got a head start on her, she is barefoot, and moves a little quicker to try and catch up to him. As soon as she's caught up she pulls her sunglasses off her head, holding them out towards him in offer, "Here..."

Assuming that he takes them, she moves to the bar to start digging around in it for another coconut. No glasses. "You can get anything you want to eat or drink in the dining room...there are these little screens, and you just go select what you want. It's pretty amazing."

The Advisor accepts the glasses as The Bravo manages to get ahead of him. He slows down his unsteady gait while looking down at the sunglasses and kind of feels them with his fingertips before putting them on. Assuming they're feminine styled they might be a bit of a tight fit and look off on his face but he doesn't seem to mind nor care. "I don't understand if we don't know who we are then why are we here? Why is there food? What is -this- place, there is a door back there and no wall around it." he asks in a puzzled and mildly accented voice.

Eventually he reaches the tiki bar and leans against it while turning his head to survey the room after just asking about its nature. His lips are parted and a perceptive person could likely hear the quiet panting noise of someone either excited or generally bewildered.

"That, my friend...is the million dollar question." Bravo replies, selecting a few things and just pouring them all together before she sets it down in front of him, folding her arms across the top of the bar. "No one knows why we're here....and food, I imagine, because they want us to not starve? Maybe starvation will kill you for real."

As for THIS place? Well, she glances around, frowning, "That's harder...so, these rooms, they become...anything. You just have to think about it, I guess. I wanted somewhere warm, and I'd read about the beach...and I didn't have the memories of the island like others, so...I came up with this." She tucks her chin on one hand, "It's hard to grasp it all, don't try and figure it all out at once. I think that'll drive you crazy."

"Right." The Advisor decides as the coconut is handed to him and he looks down at it, giving a quiet sniff before lifting it up and just tipping his head back with an audible *glug* sound as his throat works to drink down the concoction in short order. He doesn't stop, doesn't pause, he just goes with some of the liquor dribbling down his chin into the scruffy facial hair there until none is left and he lowers the coconut down to the bar, sliding it to The Bravo, and sighing deeply. Probably a little short on breath.

"Another?" he asks a bit more casually now, a shadow of that panicky confusion still in his voice. "If I don't remember anything... Or I don't know I didn't exist before... Why does this feel so... Off? Why am I confused at all?" he wonders in a sort of talking to himself manner even though those sunglasses are scanning the ocean out beyond the sand.

"No actual idea." Bravo replies, sounding like she's often wondered that herself, "You're probably asking the wrong person about most of this, though." She reaches for the bottle of rum, and instead of pouring him another drink she just sets the bottle well within his reach.

"Maybe you're not confused, maybe it's more like....disoriented?" She ventures, returning her chin to her hand, "Thank about it...you can walk, talk...know what alcohol is. How do you know all that? I don't remember learning any of it, and I bet you don't either. But we know...so we had to like....exist before, right?"

"You said others had memories of different places, lifetimes?" The Advisor asks while looking from the ocean back to the blonde woman and then down at the bottle of rum. He picks it up and tilts it in his hand while considering the amber liquid. "If we existed before, then why don't I remember? If I go to sleep will I just stop existing? As far as I know, I woke up six hours ago and that's it." he begins to go down the rabbit hole but pauses to take a long swig from the rum bottle and sigh once more when he finishes.

The rum bottle gets slide across the tiki bar countertop to The Bravo and when he lets go he begins to shrug off his black blazer to reveal an untucked and disheveled looking off-white button up shirt with long sleeves. Tossing the blazer on the ground without a car he begins to unbutton his cuffs and roll up his sleeves to the elbow.

"No...you'll wake up again." Bravo shakes her head, this much she knows, this is the life she's been living for a while now...as far back as she can remember, even if that isn't that far back. "And...just so you know, because it was really startling the first time it happened. I was reading in the parlor, and fell asleep. I woke up back in my room again the next morning." She assumes that it is a morning, at least. Now windows or clocks makes it is a little harder to pin down what real time it is.

She reaches for the bottle, taking a much smaller sip off it before she sets it back down, "But there are others that remember more, and other lives I guess. There is....Cassandra, she goes by only the one name, then there is C...he's got three, and then Annette, or Kylie or even Madison. She seems to answer to any of them." There is a pause, thinking, "Glenn? And then Connor...and I can't remember what the others name is, and there are a few I've only run into once, and I can't remember their names."

The Advisor picks up the rum bottle when The Bravo puts it back down and takes another swig. His skin may be on the tanner side but there's still the beginnings of a flush from the copious amount of rum he's hitting within minutes of stumbling into the room. It hasn't crept into his voice yet though as he asks, "So what about you, what about me? Do you have a name?" it seems a serious point for him and for the first time in a short while he's not focused on the blonde woman, one hand even coming up to pull the sunglasses off leaving him squinting against the sunlight while watching her.

"Maybe once I did..." Bravo shakes her head, smiling a little sadly at him, "I tried Bunny once, and then I tried Viktoria....neither really feel right after giving them a good day. So, no. I don't have a name." She reaches out a hand, fingers briefly touching his arm, "I can take you to meet the others? They might have better answers for you."

The Advisor looks from The Bravo's face down to her hand on his forearm and then licks his lips once more before shaking his head. "No... Honestly just knowing there are other people here is a bit... Offputting. I think it might have been easier to assume I was crazy, alone, or dead in purgatory." then he lifts those dark eyes to her sympathetic gaze and offers a wane grin. "Knowing other people are here, you are here, well it just makes it unfathomable. Doesn't it?"

"I'm sure all of those are a theory." Bravo replies with a laugh, then she straightens up, "Not really, I find it all insane, people here or not, but I figure that I'm just going to accept it...And." She lifts a hand, holding up a finger, "Since I don't remember anything, I'm making my own memories while I still can."

The Advisor looks from The Bravo to the ocean and back again, "That's why you wanted to come to a beach even though you don't remember what one looks like?" he surmises before taking a slow swig from the rum and sliding the bottle back in her direction. Between the admission that people being around makes things worse for him and the bottle of rum the disheveled looking man seems mollified or at least more subdued while speaking with the blonde woman at the tiki bar in the sunlight.

"Exactly." Bravo answers, because that is potentially exactly why. Even if she might not have actually reasoned it all out before hand. She reaches for the bottle, lifting it up in a sort of salute before she takes another sip from it, then she pauses, "And I'm eventually going to wade out into that water, and swim a little. Just because that sounds like the next best thing to do, and with my luck, it'll be time for us to fall asleep and I'll not get a very full swim."

"What happens if you fall asleep in the water or the beach?" The Advisor wonders with a mild accent and a blooming flush across his tanned features. "Do you even know how to swim?" he adds after a few beats and a curious look with those dark eyes. One hand picks up the sunglasses and offers them back to the young woman whose mid-salute/drink still.

"I have no idea." Bravo replies with a smile, "I assume that I can swim, but maybe I can't....I guess that I'll find out eventually, and then...." She shrugs, waving a hand at the offer of her sunglasses back, "If I fall asleep here, I'll still wake up in my room. I assume...I've not fallen asleep in one of these rooms yet."

The Advisor flicks the glasses onto the bar area away from the counter bit that he's currently leaning on. "But if you fall asleep in the water, you won't drown?" he points out in that tone that people have when they think someone else might be a little crazy. "Or if you go out in the water and realize you can't swim." he adds after a beat.

"Someone stabbed someone here...and they woke up again the next morning, just fine. In one piece, no stabbing." Bravo replies, frowning just a fraction, "I've not tested this theory, and I really don't plan on it. But at least it seems that if it happens, you still..." she spreads her hands, "Magically fine the next day."

"Well it's good to know if I run into someone who stabs me, I -might- survive because of 'reasons'." The Advisor quips with a shake of his head and his body leaning a bit more into the tiki bar, forearms folding atop it, and his disheveled off-white shirt beginning to cling to his back and chest where the relentless sun and warm beach weather has finally made him break a sweat. "I don't know if I'm going to get 'used' to this, but... s'probably better just to believe it's a dream. I mean this room is pretty dreamlike. Even you."

"You know..." Bravo pauses, her brows furrowing just a fraction before she shakes her head, "I guess that you could consider this all a dream...if it makes you feel better. It's about as good an explanation as any other ones that I can think of. But I'm not sure that I'd agree that I'm dreamlike." She pinches herself, "I feel very real."

"Did you meet you by passing through a door into a wide open space and the only person there was lounging with a book and drinking from a coconut like everything made sense?" The Advisor wonders in a suggestive voice and an expectation look at The Bravo. "It seems surreal to me..." then he trails off and looks around one last time before holding out his hand. "Actually, I guess I interrupted your plan to make your own memories, lemme have the bottle and I'll go hide in my room. Seems like a good idea you had when you first woke up."

"I did not, I was reading and then getting coffee. I like coffee." Bravo replies with a laugh, but she pushes the bottle across towards him, "You're welcome to stay. This is all a new memory, and it really doesn't matter I guess...because, it's new. You're new." She reaches up, starting to pull her earrings off, setting them down on the tiki bar, "Tell you what. I want to swim, and you should come with me. So you can think about it, and come join me, or not. Your choice, your memory." She taps a finger against the surface of the bar before she starts to head towards the water.

The Advisor takes the bottle and then turns to look at The Bravo as she walks away from him and the tiki bar and towards the ocean. There is a lingering look, perhaps longing as she strides out to the water intent on a new memory but there is a heft of the rum bottle too and a sip from it. Once he's had a swig he looks towards the door there in what should be a wide open space. Something is said to himself and should the blonde turn around she'll see him ambling with a shaky stride back towards the door rum bottle swinging in hand and his blazer abandoned by the tiki bar. Evidently not everyone is as able to make new memories as others. He does look back one last time to the water and The Bravo, before passing through the door.

There's no look back, because she was there once. In the beginning, she knows. So she leaves him to make his own choice, and instead goes out to see if she might happen to be able to swim, or not.