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Dance Magic!
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Martyr  •  The Gambler  •
Location  •  Anything Room
Date  •  2019-10-25
Summary  •  Thrill-Seeker and Martyr decide to go reconnect with their old godly selves. The Gambler comes looking for Martyr and discovers a different side of the other two.

It takes the Martyr awhile to come by for cookes. He has things to explain and Felicity to settle in, but he does come and knok on the frame of Cheer's door. "Any cookies left, Doll?"

The Thrill-Seeker has been busy baking. There are a variety of cookies and while some went to the dinning table, more are in here cooling. It seems she has switched to coconut macaroons though and is currently scooping them out onto trays. At Dare's voice she looks up and smiles brightly. "Dare," The goopy measuring cup is set down and she moves to wrap him in a hug. "How is she?" Is the very next thing out of her mouth. There's little double which 'she' is being referred to here.

Dare comes to steal a kiss of greeting, and hugs her back, nuzzling her hair a little, "She's taking things surprisingly well, really. She hasn'rt stabbed Cash yet, which is good. Mostly, she's taking things in, asking questions. She's very Felicity still. Red was good at calmly assessing weird and coping with it. If Briar isn't out soon, I'll go looking for them."

The Thrill-Seeker leans down and into that kiss. Smiling ever so slightly through it as her hands come up to run through his hair. "Mmm...good, I'm glad to hear that. I'll do my best to help if she asks," She murmers and she nuzzles her nose against his. They're both very touchy people and she seems content to stand there for the moment. "I'm sure they will. Jade was alive and kicking to the end like me. Spear and them exchanged vows. They probably just needed a bit of time," She says with gentle reassurance. "In the meantime, you requested cookies?" And she draws him over to her cookie counter. Snickerdoodles and chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin sit cooling or cooled on racks. "The oatmeal are still warm."

Dare grins, "God, I'm glad you're not my sister anymore. I mean, I loved my sister, but... this? Much better. Red'll need some quiet thinking time, I bet, but she'll be all right. And just full of questions if I know her at all." He snags an oatmeal cookies and munches it, still enjoying looking at her like this: With the Goddess's height fully restored, "Are you more beautiful every time? It feels like it."

The Thrill-Seeker chuckles and nods, "Yeah. I do too. Especially after that. I was...Silver. Silver was lonely, but it was weird. And it's past. And you are -not- my brother." Saying that she leans in to wrap her arms around hima gain. Still letting him enjoy the baked treat. A grin plays across her lips before they press a kiss to his temple. "Flatterer. I think we just prefer to older us. Especially when they wear purple and black," Her eyes drop to his clothing and back up with a mischevious smile. "Soon we're gonna go do that idea you had. Going to the Carnival."

Dare smiles sadly, "hat's two lives alone in a row for you. You deserve better." He kisses her for a bit, the spiced sweetness of the cookie on his lips, "I think you're right. I definately prefer adult us. I hope I'm never that young again. It's too... Nevermind. And I really want that. To me goddess and God with you again."

The Thrill-Seeker shrugs her shoulders and says in reply, a ghost of a smile on her lips, "Yeah...but I'm not alone in between. And that's what counts." As his lips meet hers the smile grows and her eyes drift almost closed. Hands playing with the curls of his hair as she leans into him. Savoring the taste of cinnamon and brown sugar on his tongue. When she pulls back it is with some reluctance, humming softly. "Twice I've been young. And once we've been ageless. I'll choose the later every time." She leans in to kiss him again, letting out a happy little sigh. When she pulls back she reaches for a cookie of her own. "We could go now...if you want. My macaroons can wait."

Dare's hands have slipped down her back to fondle her as they kiss. He hesitates for a moment, then takes her hand and simply goes here, everything abandonded for the moment as he remembers how quickly time moves in there compared to here. "Macaroons can wait. when shall we be, and where?"

The Thrill-Seeker gives a happy little sound in the back of her throat. A pleased grin spreading across her face as her fingers twine in his. Not to say she walks fast, but she does and hesitates with her hand on the door. "Uhmmm..." She considers this a moment before offering, "San Francisco. Golden Gate bridge opening?"

Dare grins wide and bright, "Lead the way, my Goddess! I do love san francisco!"

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head once decisively and opens the door onto a greenway. It is dusk and the sun is just set over the Pacific Ocean. Not too far away stands the bright and shiny-new red span of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cars drive back and forth across it slowly. Those with vehicles who can are taking the drive and so the bridge is packed with cars. And people. There are people coming and going as well. Flags and celabratory things fill trees, posts, and the ground. Confetti from something, balloons, and the like. But it hours after the party.

Thrill-Seeker steps through and as she does the changes are subtle. The cant and color of her eyes, the heft of her musculature, the way she moves. "Ah," She breathes out softly after the first couple of steps, hand still in Dare's, and turns her cat-gaze on him with a familiar feline smile.

The changes in the Martyr are not subtle. It's Kemen's face, Kemen's body he wears. His suit is well tailored and brand new. he is wearing his gloves and the elabortate face make up that let's him pretend to humanity, at least unless someone pays the wrong sort of attention close up. He breathes in s if the ciy air fills him with delight and when he lets it out, there is his old warmth, his old charm and the scent of pomegranates, lotus, fig vines, and the rich alluvial earth of the delta. His eyes turn to her, marvelling. He croons, "Goddess...." In Kemen's voice.

"My Pharoah," Sekhmet purrs and moves back to cup his cheeks, ever so careful not to smudge, bending to kiss him fervently. "This...this feels good after all that. We should make this a thing. After every time, we come to somewhere and when here," She says in that low rumbling voice when she finally pulls back. "We're right on the edge of that park...Prrra..Prrri...Presidio, and there's a secluded beach nearby." She finds the name and smile toothily, canines and teeth ever so slightly more pointed here. As easily made to smile as tear out someone's throat.

Dare wraps his arms around her and returs that kiss in kind, hiss old love of her feirceness, his endless hunger for her in his lips. He practicaly purrs, "And you'll eat anyone who disturbs us I bet. Yes! A new tradition for us."

"Indeed. And they will taste delicious, but not as fine as you my sweet," Cheer-Sekhmet rumbles, leaning in to kiss him again. This flagrant display of affection is still something to eye in this day and age. Especially the black woman with a white man. As eyes begin to stare she glances up and around, smiling faintly, before beginning to lead them away. Along a dirt trail that leads towards the cliffs and the beginning of the mostly untamed part of Presidio. "Nothing like being a god or goddess to make one feel in control again, hmmm?" She asks with a laugh over her shoulder.

The sun has set but an orange glow still sits on the horizon and rich reds and pinks mix into indigo and then the growing night sky. The smell of the ocean comes in on a cold breeze that steadily grows stronger. As they move along the path it plucks at the hem of her skirt, making it flutter and flap. It's red hue reflecting onto her dark skin in the dying light. When she glances back her eyes flash like a cat and she says softly, "I forgot how handsome this face was too."

Dare lifts his chin with the arogance of a Pharoh and walks with her, not caring who stares. He is African too, if lighter skinned in this guise, and a God. The fashion forracism is modern and presumably transitory, even if 4-500 years is on the longish side for a fad. "I can't wait to take my shoes off... It is sogood to be out of the Dust."

The Thrill-Seeker leads the ways to a steep, but manageable, trail down the cliff face to a very secluded beach. One that will one day be a naked beach but that is, for now, a getaway for adventurous couples seeking privacy and willing to risk the climb or explorers. "Agreed. The sand will feel good. Almost like home," She chuckles. Of course she goes first, her eyes able to see in the dwindling light. Helping him along the trickiest parts of the climb down.

Dare has the same absolute trust in Sekmet he always had, "On the way back, might I ride you? Like in the old days?'

The Thrill-Seeker leads him down to the beach and turns to grin at him. There is mischief in those golden eyes and feline grin. "Yes, definitely!" She breathes excitedly, pulling on that hand to bring him into her embrace. A playful growl on her lips before she kisses him again. Down here the wind is worse in some places and almost absent in others. Here it barely stirs her hair and skirts as she kicks off her own sandals.

Dare holds her for a moment nuzzling her hair and neck, "how can I miss you this much when you wwere always here?" He pulls away with a soft frustrated sound and sits to untie his less practical shoes. He is watching her with slow burning hunger, "Remember out first time back in the Facility? The cliff top? Us chosing each other just before we becaome deities."

The Thrill-Seeker's hands squeeze him and she murmers, "I don't know why, but I know what you mean." Then she reluctantly lets him go to remove his own shoes. Turning instead to begin dancing and twirling in the gathering evening. Dancing to the sound of the waves crashing on the secluded beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind picks up as she steps into it and plucks and twists at her skirt.

It isn't full night yet, but the sun has set and it is dark. And getting cold on the beach. A full moon will mount the sky and keep it fairly well lit, but currently the last of the sunset fights back. Despite the chill still Cheer-Sekhmet dances, seemingly unphased by the cold. The flickering eyes of the local feral cats can be seen on the cliff, coming to a silent call to pay respects. "We need a fire," She suddenly declares. Which is no surprise coming from the Lady of Sacred Flame.

"Dare?... Cheer? Anyone?" A voice calls from somewhere a little down the beach. Felicity... well.. Red... or whatever we're calling her comes along. She's wearing a wrap dress in a bright... well it looks like a floral pattern until you get closer and realize it's actually a poker-hand print, and sandals and looking around with a little bit of a frown. "I wonder if the music store is there, yet. Not that I want to wal.. Oh! Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt."

Dare watches her dance even as he frees feet the colour of mature fig leaves from shoes and socks. Methodically he takes off gloves, putting themin one suit pocket. Then he removes his tie, rolling it neatly and putting it in his suit coat pocket. Next he's neatly folding the suit coat and waistcoat. He knows full well these clothes aren't real, but he's a man of neat habits. The hands are green as well naturally, as if his skin contains clorophyll. And then he's rising and smiling and holding out a hand to Felicity. The smile is dazzling. He is all matinee idol looks and the sort of charisma that reaches the back seats. His build is not that different really, despite the change of face and ethnicity. There is something more grand and theatrical about his movements, but he moves like a thirty smething Hector who grew up to spend his life on the sage, only graceful, almost inhumanly so. His accent is clearly North African, tough filtered through a few years at Oxford or Cambridge. The human tawny bronze make up designed to make him look human has a faintly greenish tint like tarnish, because his nature is always trying to so through. There s a warmth of feeling that practically radiates from him, "Felicity! We're here! I look and sound different, but I promise I am still myself! What a lovely dress."

The Thrill-Seeker finishes spinning about and her eyes land upon Felicity. They gleam in the dying light like a cats. When she moves it is the prowling, slow walk of a predator. Though it is highly unlikely Felicity is her prey tonight. As she nears those cat-eyes go from reflective to a vibrant gold with just a faint inner glow. "Felicity," She says her name and her voice purrs. When she smiles her teeth flash sharper than any normal humans. Another step and she closes the distance between them, stepping in close. Hovering a scant few inches away for a heartbeat as those golden eyes kind of stare down. "Welcome. I am going to make a fire and then we will dance," Her voice always has a faint rumble. "Join us. Dance with us," It comes out a command rather than a request.

The Gambler blinks at Dare, eyes going wide as she takes in the changes and sort of sways towards him and starts to hold out her hand, but then there's a cat goddess drawing her attention. More blinking and a soft 'oh' breathed out. She nods slowly, looking almost mesmerized. "I...can try?" Her attention turns back to Dare and she takes his hand, twining her fingers in his. She's looking a little overwhelmed... okay, a lot overwhelmed.

Osiris lifts her hand to his lips and gazes at her with that strange classic Hollywood intencity and his lips graze her knuckles, "Don't worry. If she gets hungry, she won't eat you. You are an honorary carny for the night. Management was very strict about that." He doesn't smell human at all, though thereis a hint of citrus and fougere about his clothes. His skin smells of growing things and rich fertile soil. He smiles at the Goddess, "Should I strip to my kilt for this, Lovely? Or stay dressed?" The endearment is a carress with thousands of years of on and off love affair behind it.

The Thrill-Seeker moves away almost as swiftly as she came. Bending to gather up driftwood and fallen wood from the beach as she walks away. For a moment she turns to beam at Dare-Osiris and again her eyes are flashing. "YES!" She cries and there is delighted laughter in it. In little time her arms are full. And what she does? Seems to carelessly toss them into a pile and then turn to look expectantly at dare. "Show her, my Pharoah," She purrs as she prowls back around to the two of them. Hand go to lightly touch the wrap dress, seeking to finger it between two fingers. "I wonder who you might have been...if you'd been here then," She muses, a bit of the ferocity fading in that more Cheer-like comment. It is mostly notable for the accent fades though not the rumble. And in the next moment it is back, "Perhaps...you would have been our Isis?"

The Gambler sways forward again at the kiss to her knuckles and then her eyes go wider again as if the possibility that she might actually get eaten hadn't occured to her. "That's... good. At least if we're talking literally eaten." She breathes in deeply, seemingly trying to steady herself and shivers. And then Sekhmet is back and fingering her dress and she blinks. "I..." frown. "Maybe. Were you all Egyptian?"

Osiris gently disentangles his had, but only to unbutton the pale green shirt. The skin revealed is the colour of vines, black curly chest hair looking surprisingly natural once one gets over the shock. He starts to shake his head no, then stops, "I can see her in her fury and her greif traking down y scattered body one by one over the course of a century, calculating tides until she found where the secondto last of me washed up and beating them in a game to win my pillar. I can see her will being strong enough to raise a man from the dead." He carresses Felicity's lips with his thumb, "You would be worth returnng for," he smiles crookedly, "Though she might have her own destiny to persue." He smiles widens, mischevious and seductive, "Oh, metaphorical eating my be on the menu, but literal is only for the rubes." He smiles at Sekmet the same way and kisses her like he might devour her, fingers in her braids. "The Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment and I were." His tone darkens, "As was my brother." He says 'brother' like a curse. "The Phoenix and the World Snake were of us but not only us. The one you knew as cash and his brother were Norse. There were a couple local dieties, fairies and beautiful, beautiful monsters. I made love to a uunicorn one under a huge Prairie Sky... There were a lot of Greeks."

The Thrill-Seeker looks suddenly sad. Her mood changing swift as the breeze blowing off the ocean. "No...many have...had been lost. We were all clinging to the last vestiges of our faith here. Gods and monsters surviving in a world that didn't need to believe in us anymore..." Her voice and eyes are distant until Dare moves again. Then she is here and alert.

A smile flashes across her face as she looks down at Felicity and reaches out to try and wrap an arm around her shoulders. The woman is strong and yet gentle in attempting to give her a hug. "Metaphorical eating is, indeed, still on the table..." She says in a voice that can only be labeled as playful.

"The greeks can throw a party," Sekhmet purrs in her ear. Being close to her, even a few feet, the warmth and heat from her body might be surprising. It's almost like she carries a piece of the sun inside her here. "Some fool rubes thought to take slight over being rightly kicked from the carnival. They followed us and their blood and sweet meats fed us," The way she says it, it's like she's trying to woo Red. Or maybe it's Osiris for her eyes are on him. 

That kiss is intense and she doesn't pull away from Felicity. Though does allow the other retreat if that is her wish. Fingers trying to trail down her arm. "Light the fire, lovely. It's all right to show off a bit. Especially for her..." Those golden eyes look on Felicity with something between hunger and affection.

The Gambler kisses Osiris' thumb as it carresses her lips, shivering as he describes what she'd be like as Isis. She nods, though, thinking. "It's... maybe. I think Lakshmi or Tyche is possibly more likely, but Isis wouldn't be... wrong. For all Chance says, Venus would be. Hecate's too dark..." She's thinking again. Fortunately, then she is hugged and the metaphorial eating comes up and even though she's the one who opened the door for that discussion, she still ends up blushing, even as she leans into the warmth like a cat with a sunbeam. Well, she's not pulling away from the kiss or the affection. She's back to wide eyes, though.

Osiris curls his arm around Felicity from the other side and slowly, delibraely licks Felicity's neck, the vegetal scent of him growing stronger, skin as warm as sun on new wheat. He is vibrating with excitement, caught up in Sekmet's wildness, but underneath there is something big and warm and....vital. He is something big and powerful and civilazed with the fundamental yearning for what's just beyond the last feild that civilization brings. He is the contradiction between wild new growth and ordered feilds embodied. He is death contained in birth and birth containing death all feeding each other in an endless cycle and oh, did he miss this. It takes him a moment to tear himself away. He wants this so very badly and he's high on being himself again." Still he pulls himself away.

After a moments thought, he collcts some dune grass and sea weed and... plants them in the sand, interspresed with driftwood twigs. He grins at the beautiful women, then with a magician's florish and a driftwood twig wand, there is a green flash, and the fire is lit. Oh, it's a stage magician's trick. Heis rusty, ut he remembers. He takes a moment to tend the fire, then walks slowly around the large partial circle of organic bits and bobs, letting sea water drip from his hands. The twigs sprou and start to grow into slender saplings, the grass and seaweed formng a mesh windbreak and privacy screen stretch between them, all open to the sky with the fire to warm rthem in the middle. This is not remote;y a magician's trick, He smiles a little sadly, "It wouldn't have lasted out there more than a few hours out there in what passes for reality; I was too week by then, but still we can see the sea and sky?"

The Thrill-Seeker's eyes brighten and flash, "You would have been welcomed at the fire, no matter your origin. Only one was banned from our fire and he for good reason," And she leaves it at that. Turning her eyes to watch Osiris with a gleeful smile parting her lips. A deep chuckle rolls from her as he makes his flourish. Turning her head slightly, but not taking her eyes off the god, she leans in to nuzzle at The Gambler's ear. That is definitely a sign of affection, but even as she does it her grip around her relaxes. Offering a clear escape to step away if the touch is unwanted. There is still enough of Cheer there to remember boundaries and respect them.

As the other god finishes his crafting she beams toothily at him. Leaving the Gambler's side to slide up to him. Hands going up to cup his cheeks and fan back through his hair. Leaning in to kiss him passionately for a good half a minute. "It's brilliant, beloved," She purrs as she slowly pulls away. Turning to the fire, now lit it will burn hot till they are done. A simple enough trick. Especially in these rooms. The flames reflect in her eyes, making the gold in them glow when she looks back to Red. It is the kind of gaze one usually levels on objects of passion, intense and touched by that gleeful and playful smile. "Now we dance. Feel the earth, become the earth, let it sing in your veins. Just be," She declares before turning away from Osiris. Spinning, dancing, weaving, glowing and changing as she moves. Becoming a being of golden sunlight, edges blurred, as she weaves round and round the fire. And as she dances it dances higher.

The Gambler doesn't pull away, if anything she leans into the touching and the nuzzling. She almost follows as Sekhmet goes to Osiris, leaning that direction and then rocking back a little on her heels. She, after all, is not a god or a goddess or even a demigoddess. And she's still looking a little overwhelmed. Still she laughs in delight at the joy in the flames and the dance, stumbling forward after a few moments to try to join in. She dances, but she's mortal or something like it and she'll try, but sand is hard to dance on when you're not divine.

Osiris's vegetal scent is stronger and more complex after the miracle: mandrake berries, fresh sprouted barley, lettuce, some ancient meditarianian reltive of the cedar tree, some sort of green leafy thing long extinct. His fig leaves are joined by their ripened fruit. a mix of fresh hebs makes him smell both like a garden and dinner being prepared. He opens his arms, and when the Lady of the Magic Lamp comes to him he kisses her, arm wrapped around to fondle her from behind, the other still inviting. Then he's grinning as the Goddess whirls away in dance. he smiles encouragingly at felicity as she comes to join, not seeingmortal clumsiness, but a woman he loves, beautiful and free."

He steps away to change out of 20th century close into something more fitting. he has chosen a simple linen hunting kilt. He has bathed his face in the sea. Green skin, black hair, kilt as white as a shroud. The way he moves when he starts to dance, the uncovered beauty of his face, there is no taking him for mortal. Especially with those pale scars cutting through that vivid green: circling wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and around the base of his neck. No human could have survived those wounds, especially the beheading.

The Thrill-Seeker dances in a stomping, jumping, spinning way. Something more easily down in the sand. But as she changes it is more and more dramatic. From two legged form she suddenly shifts, grows, and falls to four legs. That golden glow continuing till it forms a lioness made of golden light. Which continues to dance in a prowling fashion about the fire. There is no music, just the pounding in their veins. The crackling of flames. The pounding of waves. The ripping breeze.

The golden glow doesn't fade though. And she goes from four legs back to two again before it does. Moving over to spin beside Felicity before moving suddenly. Strong hands reach and grab The Gambler's hips. A grip that is firm suddenly lifts and Sekhmet spins once, holding her near, before tossing her up into the air with a goddess' strength. Grinning with delight and waiting there to catch her again, arm as gentle as they are firm and strong when she falls back into them. "Are you feeling it yet?" She asks with another toothy grin, face close.

The Gambler swoons a little at the stronger scents as she keeps turning to watch Osiris, even while trying to dance around the fire, stumbling occasionally, but catching herself. She's still laughing with delight until the firelight catches Osiris just so and instead she stumbles to a halt studying his scars, her inate curiosity coming to the fore.

And then she's grabbed and tossed in the air and if she screams going up, she's laughing again by the time she's on her way back down and caught, staring into Sekhmet's eyes. A hard swallow. "Maybe? Feeling what?" She's leaning in, though, rather than pulling away, well and truly caught.

When the Gambler stumbles he is somehow aalways there wih nimble step, avilable if wanted for steadying with those strong, green scented arms, but never quite touching if she doesn't reach for him, the Beautiful One, the Foremost of westerners. Then he'll whirl away on nimble feet swift and acrobatic and uncanny is his too human beauty. I used to have many shapes when I was very young, many names, but eventually the humans generally wanted me to be more human, idealized in someways, horribly flawed in others. I got to weak to change long before the christians ate my wife. More than human less than human. Familiar and alien, dead and alive. Murdered and loved so fiercely I rise again." Felicity is flying, screaming, laughing. The First and Last Pharoah is laughing to, high on their delight.

"Alive," Sekhmet purrs out the world, letting every syllable roll of her tongue. The glow that was in her skin remain in her eyes as she holds The Gambler. She is still moving, but it is slower now. Spinning and moving in slow loops around the fire, closer to Osiris.

"Oh. Yes... definitely alive." And Felicity is following wherever the others lead, leaning in, easy to direct, never pulling away. Her eyes are sparkling and her laugh comes easily and she's easy to move wherever she's wanted.

Osiris glides in to join their spin, "Red, My Love,we can be... overwhelmming like this. I would like very much to make love to you together here and now, but I'm not sure any of us are in a condition to think clearly about that right now. Tell me, both of you, if all you want is dancing, because if I am not told no it will be very hard not to touch you both soon."

The Thrill-Seeker begins to purr. A low and deep rumble in her chest. It shouldn't be possible, but then...gods. And a cat goddess at that. It grows louder as Osiris joins them. A laugh rumbles out of her and she moves in swiftly to kiss him with Felicity briefly caught between them. "Or it is exactly what we need. What is more alive that making love?" Asks this goddess of love. "I want you madly...but" And she turns a kind smile on The Gambler. There is a clear effort to reign back to the fire but it doesn't dampen the ethereal alure she holds. Or the fact she is looking at her more lustily than anything else. "I don't want to push you if you're not comfortable...I move fast. Always...well..." A wry smile that is all Cheer quirks her face and is reminicent of a grown Silver. "Almost always."

The Gambler turns in Sekhmet's arms so she's facing Osiris and finally does lean in to kiss him. Deeply, longingly, then pulls back just enough to whisper, "Anything. Anything you want. I trust you." And then she's blinking at Cheer and laughing again, leaning in to kiss her as well, and if it's lighter, well... there's fewer layers, there. "I feel lucky at the moment. It's worth the risk. Even of sand in uncomfortable places."

The Thrill-Seeker smiles a moment before her lips meet Gambler's and then it is gone. There is heat and yet some restraint. It isn't the crushing passionate thing she exchanged with Osiris. No, this one is more inquisitive and gentle. Learning the curves and softness and taste. When she leans back the goddess laughs at the comment of sand. "True, though perhaps our beloved could encourage the plants to weave a bed of sorts? I did not thing of -that- tidbit." And she turns to grin brightly at the Pharoah, gold eyes blazing once more.

Osiris smiles Wickledly at his sometimes Consort, "Ah, Lovely, I know you can move slowly if you want to, but I do love it when you pounce." Then he's kissing Felicity just as deeply, those timeless eyes lovinng her with all his soul. Then he's watching the woman kiss the Goddeess as if he were the worshipper. He wrinkles his nose at sand in uncomfortable places. "I can solve that. Mostly." He pulls seeds from a pouch on his kilt and starts spreading them, and soon a mat of reads and soft, ragrant flowers is growing itself for them." A deep warmth, like plants growing on a sunlight late sprng afternoon rollss off him wth that head loamy green scent. His voice is a soft rumble as he says, "I love you both so much. Let me worship you both with lips and hands in a bower grown just for you both."