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Dance Cards
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Star Thistle  •

  Amy Lester  •   Ashley Freeland  •

Location  •  Lake Havasu - London Arms
Date  •  2019-08-11
Summary  •  The college kids work on their dance cards.

Big Ben's is a popular hangout for the high school crowd, but it can get crowded and loud. The other place under the bridge that they frequent (legally, we're not counting Kokomo) is London Arms. Sure, it looks like a museum and heraldry shop from the outside, but Mr. Chen has a tea and reading room in the back for those who are looking for something a bit more mellow.

Star hates tea, but there's coffee, too, and the cookies - excuse me, biscuits - are authentic and quite good. Also quieter and more mellow than Big Ben's, which makes it a good place to do homework or study that isn't home. She's currently curled up in a large, overstuffed armchair, reading her history text.

Spear is the kind of person who likes tea, and who maybe worries a little that caffeine could excite him too much. Lately he has been a bit more mopey than usual, which is admittedly not saying much - for the average teenager, Spear is annoyingly perky. Romance, however, fells everyone. In his case, it manifests in poetry and being easily annoyed. Right now he has dressed up a bit in a long black Victoriana jacket with a white ruffled shirt and red and black tartan pants - the traditional mashup of goth and punk. He has come in with his schoolbag, stuffed with essays he _really_ should do, if only he could concentrate worth a damn. He must know his sister is here, because he heads on over to her "Star. Star, how many, uh, I mean. What's due this week?"

Amy Lester has entered the place and has been wandering around, looking for something to buy, with no real idea what she actually wants. It's frustrating, really. Dressed in a black t-shirt with the Nine Inch Nails logo on the front, black jeans, black boots, with her faded yellow bag over one shoulder and her hair tied back, she's taken a break from the rigors of 'shopping' to wander into the reading room at the back. Maybe she's got reading of her own to do. (Unlikely!) Maybe she's come to see who's hanging out. Maybe she wants to intimidate someone into buying her things. You just never know with Amy Lester. Either way, a drink and a snack seem to be in order.

Ashley can totally do the English classy thing when she needs to. She's a natural at high society. Already out the back, she is peering through a heraldry looking for the Freeland crest. There has to be one. Sure, her family may be construction workers now but they must have been nobility in the past - just ask Ashley's mother. Dressed in her cool outfit - sensible shoes, knee high white socks, plaid mini-skirt, white blouse, yellow tartan jacket - with her small backpack is on the table next to the book. A cup of tea nearby along with some Kingston Creams. Ashley glances up to offer Spear a faint, polite smile before her attention is drawn to a scowling Amy. Does this mean trouble?

Indeed, Star's bubblegum pink hearse in the parking lot outside the Village makes it clear to anyone who knows her that she's around somewhere, and if not Big Ben's it's probably here. Today she's dressed in a snug black tanktop and plaid skirt along with her customary knee-high pink Doc Martins. She blinks up owlishly at her sibling, as if unsure if she should even answer that. "Done writing angsty poetry for the day and decided to actually do your homework? Maybe if you were paying attention, you'd know." Star is, technically, the youngest of the triplets. The baby. She often seems more like the other two's put-upon older sister. Where they are cheery and outgoing and generally upbeat, she's quiet, focused and clinical.

She glances over at Amy as she enters, but says nothing, looking back to Spear. "You do my share of the dishes for a week," she says. "Or you can risk Silver actually knowing the answer. She's been... weird, lately, so I would advise against it."

Spear spots Ashley, and gives her a sudden warm grin. Not the best response to 'polite', but he has _plans_. Sneaky plans. And Ashley is very important for them. He is about to ask his sister about schooling once more, but then he spots Amy's t-shirt. A serious nod, and he has to smile at that too, the berk. Then again, Head Like a Hole is pretty damn awesome to dance to. He himself has no car - he has a BMX bike. The fact is that supplies for his endless hobbies that he tries out and gets bored with eats up everything he earns. If Jade did not help him out, he would never have any money.

"Yeah," he says to Star "Basically, yep. I do your share of dishes? To find out about homework? Harsh. I'm your triplet! I'll give you a rat, though. I found a great rat the other day." He blinks "Silver has been? She's not dating, is she?"

Amy isn't scowling. She just has resting bitch face, sometimes. She glances at Ash, pausing a moment and then just giving a vague sort of nod and a lazy wave of one hand, "Sup." She says by way of greeting, her attention quickly shifting towards Star and Spear. Thistles! "Dude, Spear, why do you always try to give people weird shit." Her head tilts slightly and she finds herself a spot to sit at nearby. "Silver was bein' weird the other day. Something about some fancy wine or some shit, I don't remember. Except for the bit about someone giving out wine to high school students. Seems safe." She nods, with a roll of her eyes.

Ashley offers another smile to Amy's intense greeting; this one definitely warmer than the one sent Spear's way. But the Lester is moving on so Ashley returns to her research. Is she listening in on the conversation? Totally. Wine? Someone is getting the students drunk? Damn perverts.

Star snorts when Spear asks if Silver is dating. "Fuck, no," she answers. "I don't even think she masturbates. I'm afraid to ask, because if she doesn't I'll have to explain it to her and then we'll never see her again." Star is also the non-virginal of the triplets. It is known. "But yeah, Silver's been a bit... off, for a few weeks now. Not sure what's up. Am I the only one in our family that pays attention to, like, anything?"

A shrug. "Dishes. I don't need a rat, dude. Give that shit to Jade for Prom or something."

Her large, dark eyes drift to Amy when she joins them. "What? Wine? Silver's drinking random hobo wine?" She rubs her face. "You children are gonna kill me, I fuckin' swear. I've told you guys not to get in vans with strangers."

"This isn't weird. It's in perfect shape and I made it look like it was drinking tea," says Spear to Amy "It's in a tiny dress. I made a little top hat out of felt!" He claps his hands "It's adorable." And then he suddenly looks a little worried "Someone didn't give her a drink they shouldn't have, right? Er, like. With a pill or something. That would be awful." He then says "Well, I talk to her a lot! But I haven't really noticed anything?" His ability to miss things - also legendary. Spear makes it through life by the skin of his teeth. Now _hearing_ things is different "Er, I don't wanna think about my sisters like that." And then he sighs "Okay, dishes. You know, I'd do it for free for you." He then says "Nah, Jade _hates_ guys, he's really open about it. He's going with Ashley here. And I'm going with Amy."

In steps Mr. Chen from the front, seeing that Ashley is looking for something. He's a bit tall as older Asian men go, dressed neatly, and speaks in an English accent. "Can I be of assistance, Ms. Freeland?"

"Dude, that's fucking weird," Amy declares of Spear, shaking her head and pointing a finger at him. "Rats don't drink tea, for one." She nods, as though this is obvious, glancing sidelong at Ashley for a moment, and quietening a touch when Mr. Chen makes his presence known to speak to her. She glances at Star proper, giving a snort of laughter at the talk of Silver. "I dunno. Maybe. She was askin' about the bonfire or something that happened a few nights back. Some weird wine being passed around or something. I can't remember what it was. But I mean, we still caught up for tutoring after and she seemed alright that evening. Way too hungry for jolt cola?" A shrug.

How can Ashely eavesdrop when people are trying to be helpful. A little jump at Mr. Chen's words before she turns on the Little Miss Popular smile. "Thank you, Mister Chen, that's very kind of you. I've neen trying to find the heraldry for the Freeland family. If you could help me find it, that would be awesome. Thank you." Wait, did Spear say he was taking Amy to the Prom? Ashley frowns for a moment though it does mean the Lester girl will be there at least. Silver lining. Hopefully, Mr Chen is on his way and Ashley can get back to listening in.

Spear's reaction to 'thinking about his sisters like that' gets a smirk from Star, who lives to make just about anyone and everyone uncomfortable at every possible opportunity. "So I probably shouldn't tell you about the time Amy and I hooked up, huh?"

The bit about Prom makes her blink. "Right. Because Jade totally has a French supermodel girlfriend in Paris, no really, and doesn't give my gaydar siezures. I forgot. And... really? You're going with Amy?" She blinks again, looking at Amy, now, an eyebrow raised. "He's serious? Not that it bothers me - except that it sounds like I'm the only fuckin' person without a date yet - I'm just surprised is all. Is he paying you? Doing your homework? No, he barely remembers his own. And see, Spear? Even Amy knows Silver's been acting a bit odd."

Mr. Chen notes Ashley's surprise and not-so-subtle eavesdropping and smiles. "I'll go look," he replies, heading back out front.

"Mr Chen. Could I please have a pot of rose hip tea?" asks Spear brightly, as he takes a seat, and then he says to Amy "Oh, man, no, there's a whole _history_ of animating little rats and kittens and things. I like the idea of animals getting to have another life. I could do that with them, you know? I like doing it with bugs as well. And bones - little articulated rats and snakes and all kinds of things."

He puts his bag down and takes out a book "It seems kind of weird to risk being caught drinking like that in weird circumstances when brewing alcohol is so damn easy. I've got like a tonne of encyclopedias that look at things like fungus and microbes and you can make alcohol by accident." Still, he frowns worriedly as Amy speaks about bonfires. If nothing else, he _really_ cares about his sisters.

He glances sideways at Ashley as she reacts to the news, and he gives a faint smile, and then he leans forward with his fingers on the table, and he says to Star "No. I don't need to know details. And what if Amy doesn't give you permission, huh?" He nods firmly "Shouldn't spill." Then he says "...yeah. He has a supermodel girlfriend in Paris. He tells me how much he hates dudes all the time. Unless he's...uh. Well, I guess it's possible he's just signalling me hard to never think of him like that." Then he says "No! But I will make her a corsage out of carnivorous plants."

"You keep reliving that moment, huh, Star?" Amy says with a roll of her eyes, and then they widen a little and she looks crestfallen for a moment. "Paying me! Why didn't I think of that! Huh." She gives a bit of a sigh there, shaking her head as if she should've thought of these kinds of things before eyeing Spear. "Actually I just didn't expect it from him. Or anyone, really." She shrugs her shoulders, as if somehow out of options, looking kind of defeated for a moment.

At least until there's a short, sharp laugh. "Yeah, cuz your sister really needs my permission to do anything. Whatever." She waves a hand, kind of dismissively. "Jade also called you a 'cinnamon bun' once, so think about that for a second hey."

"Thank you, Mr. Chen." Ashley was then quietly enjoying a sip of her tea when Star dropped a bombshell that causes her to drop her cup in surprise. It doesn't break - small mercies - but it does splash liquid over her. "Ow!" That tea still had a bit of heat to it. Tissues are grabbed out of her backpack as she dabs at herself. Her thoughts on Jade's Parisian girlfriend goes unspoken as she realises that her skirt is ruined. Dry cleaning is not cheap. Especially when you don't have an income and rely on the kindness of others. A corsage out of carnivorous plants? That makes her snort with amusement before a little frown. Ashley and Amy should be going together...if only she wasn't so stubborn.

"You four should just swap dates and save the trouble," Star suggests, shaking her head. She snorts at Amy's question. "Best thirty seconds of my life."

Mr. Chen pauses in the archway between sections of the shop, gesturing to the electric kettle and tea station. "Help yourself, Mr. Thistle." He misses Ashley's spill.

"Yeah, you know, pet names for people you aren't dating? That's for people you see as cute, but 'cute pet' isn't the same as 'guy I'm attracted to'," says Spear, a bit wryly "I like him a lot, but I don't think..." He pauses. These three girls are not the people he wants to really trust with some of that commentary "I think I won't make that mistake twice. I know I've got a lot of, er. I know I'm not even close to average, let alone perfect. But I think I deserve a level of seriousness." He blinks and gets up, and he says to Ashley "Well, hmm, we need to get the tanins out of that. If you dilute it with water, you've got a better chance, you know? I like fabric, er, I make a lot of things..." And then he glances at Star, and he reddens up, focusing on the time comment "Man, Star, can't you just. Er. You know what. Good for you." He tries, and he springs up and heads to the tea station.

"I dunno anyone else who calls anyone else 'cinnamon bun' as a cute pet name, but if you say so," Amy says dubiously, shaking her head. She does eye Star for a moment though. "Hey don't you go dissin' my skills now girl, or I'll start to feel like I got a point to prove, and then I won't stop hangin' around and get all ... fuckin' really annoyingly clingy or somethin', I dunno." She shrugs, and just gives a short laugh at Spear's reaction to that, peering over at Ashley afterwards with a ... thoughtful kind of look. "What do you do for an encore, Freeland?" She wonders in a casual-as-you-please tone.

A smile of thanks to Spear for his helpful suggestion to deal with her tea tragedy. A less grateful smile for Amy's comment. Ashley will think of a witty comeback. Any moment now. "I have to go to the bathroom." Perhaps not as witty as she had hoped, but she has to take care of the staining. Still dabbing at the tea, Ashley heads off. No looking back. Don't let Amy see the sadness.

Star just stares at Spear's comment about pet names. "DUDE. Guys don't nickname each other shit like 'Cinnamon Bun', okay? Not guys who have actual fuckin' supermodel girlfriends in France. That shit's about as gay as Richard Simmons." To no one in particular, she notes, "I swear. My siblings are so oblivious sometimes. Holy fuck, I think I was adopted."

She smiles at Amy, though. "Nah. It was good. You were, I mean. Just giving you shit. The last thing I want is clingy and needy. I don't date for a reason, and that's it right there. Significant others expect you to hang out and do cute, romantic shit all the time. And share your thoughts and feelings. Fuck that. Sometimes I just need to get off, y'know?"

She peers over at Ashley, thoughtful. "He knows what he's doing," she says of Spear's advice on the stain. "Just-- yeah. That."

Was it something she said?

Spear pours himself a cup of tea quickly, and then he says to Star, puzzled "Wait, is Richard Simmons gay?" His own gaydar malfunctions on a daily basis "Amy, I can imagine you being a lot of things, but not clingy." And then he finally laughs "No, we look alike. And I adore you, Star. I'd fight a Lester for you." He pauses "Why don't you date?" He shrugs "I don't think she's going to really give, er, an entire room of gay or bisexual people a wet t-shirt show, Star."

"See, Star, that's why it's a threat. And believe me, I do know." Amy says with a grin, shrugging her shoulders and laughing as Star gives her brother the low down on how things work. It's a laugh that just gets even louder when Spear's follow up question about Richard Simmons is asked, and she's shaking her head. "Dude, how are you so oblivious? That's just like, something else entirely. And I could be clingy if I wanted to be," she shrugs. She does frown a little at her family name being used in such a way, tilting her head slightly, and watching Ashley wander off with a that thoughtful look returning before she decides to hop up to her feet again and wander over to that tea station. She's just quietly pouring herself a cup too.

Ashley is alone in the bathroom - a miracle. She dabs her skirt as Spear suggested before drying it off. A deep breath as she looks into the mirror and realises how sad she looks. This will not do! A quick wipe of her eyes before she tries her smile again. Better...even better after she reapplies make-up. "It's all good" she whispers to herself. "You're awesome. Every day and in every way, you're getting better, kicking ass, and taking names...that are worthy." Hair flick and then back out to face the mob.

Star rubs her face at Spear's words. "I don't even know where to start. Fuck it." Her hand drops and she takes a sip of her coffee. "If my brother disappears on Prom night, never to be seen again, I'll never forgive you," she says to Amy. "But I will understand."

After Ashley leaves for the bathroom, she looks to Amy and quirks a 'brow. "Sorry?" she mouths silently. She seems sincere.

"What, if you actually want to know, it's because my head's full a lot, and I'm not as good as Star or Silver at ignoring all the. Stuff," says Spear, awkwardly "I don't. I don't think my clothing really shows what I want, so maybe his doesn't either? You can be happy and perky and like stuff and _not_ be gay. Why can't dudes just like hypercolour, anyway? Man. It's dumb. I like, really like clothes and fabric, but if you wanna do something with that with your life, you're super _weird_." He gives Star an odd grin, and then he says "She's not going to murder me." He pauses, drops his voice "...too many witnesses, on _that_ night. Better to do it on another, entirely." As Ashley returns, Spear waves to her. And then he sits back to sip his tea, pinkie out.

One cup of tea made ... and another. Amy turns about, glancing back at the Thistle siblings, giving Star a shrug of her shoulders and a shake of her head, and a look that says, 'whatever'. She's quiet a moment before staring at Spear a bit further. "Oh. Ignoring all the stuff. Well that certainly clears that right up ... not." She shakes her head again, inclining it a little. "I don't think it's being happy, perky and having the hypercolour that makes him gay, dude. And I don't think you're weird because you like clothes and fabric, I think you're weird because you tried to offer me a fucking skull when asking me out."

There's a slight grin though at the thought of Spear disappearing, and she turns up her hands. "Hey. It's a pretty easy night to get someone alone, Spear. Normally. Except for me, that isn't gonna happen." She picks up both cups of tea, and moves over to set one where Ashley was, and then returns to her own spot with the other. And she just happens to know how Ash likes her tea, too.

Another polite smile for Spear - he's doing well today - as Ashley heads back to her table to find a cup of tea waiting. She glances around but there's no sign of Mr. Chen, so where did it come from? A shrug to herself as she sits down. Blowing over it before tasting, she smiles at how it is just how she likes it. Ashley looks over at Amy and mouths a 'Thanks' in her direction. Hypercolor is pretty cool though. Everyone should love it.

"Man, your head. It's full of something," Star says to her brother with a tiny smirk. "But sure, we'll go with 'all the stuff'. And no, liking clothes and fabric doesn't make you gay, Spear. Society might think so, but people are stupid and shallow. But Richard Simmons? SO gay."

When Ashley returns, Star shifts a little in her seat.

Spear psht to himself, and then he says to Amy "Sorry. Thistles only." He lifts his cup up and he says "Well, we don't really know anything, right? Unless people tell us, we can't really work things like that out. And it's like, not even relevant - he's a guy on TV." He spreads his hands. And then he settles back. His tea is in his hands, and he says to Star "Well, yeah, of course. Splattery pink and grey material. Hmm. Well, I'll defer. I can never tell what anyone else is." He frowns a bit "Honestly, I never really get it." He looks between Ashley and Amy, back and forth. Starts to open his mouth...and sensibly closes it again.

Amy is watching Ashley out of the corner of her eye, fingers wrapped around her own cup, and eyes Spear dubiously once again. "I mean, whatever is in your fucking head even your sister doesn't get, so I dunno about this 'Thistles only' shit." She decides after a moment, nodding once to punctuate the statement. "Sure, he's a guy on TV," she continues, "But Jade isn't. And that's really what we're getting at here. But I'll at least make it clear for you, Spear," she gestures to herself, "Me? Uber dyke." Another nod, and then a sip from her cup. "Maybe you're starting to figure that out, though, but now there's no question hey."

That 'd' word always seemed harsh to Ashley. Not to mention all those 'finger in the dyke' connotations that make her frown; it's as bad as those Benny Hill repeats her father finds so amushing. A little frown as Amy proclaims herself as such. Not because she is, Ashley will never complain about that, but more the word itself. When did they start talking about Richard Simmons? And why? A sip of her tea as she looks for Mr. Chen and the results of his search for Freeland heraldry. Nothing, so back to the eavesdropping. Hopefully Spear will still take Amy to the Prom. Ashley has plans!

"I'm just not picky," Star says with a shrug. "I mean, about gender. I'm very picky about the particular person, though. Contrary to popular belief."

Spear shrugs a bit at 'sister doesn't get'. He clearly believes his sister gets everything. And then he says "Jade's been pretty clear about the fact he doesn't want to think about things like that, Amy, and I honestly really don't wanna. Get myself in that kind of thing again. It's messy, and stupid, and nothing is as boring as other people's relationship drama. It's so boring, even the people _in_ it are bored." And then he says "Nope, that's pretty much what I'd figured. Er, though I don't tend to use those words, I dunno why. Maybe because they're not mine to use or something..." His voice trails away "I still think..." And then he glances at Star, and he says "Yeah. Same."

"Well. If Jade's like that about it then yeah, that's fair. But geeze, he was asking me if my cousin Morrison was single now, the other day though, so." Amy shrugs her shoulders and sips again from the cup, shaking her head. "I dunno what to say about it really. It's Jade's problem, so I don't even care." She nods once more, smirking briefly at Star, and then back at Spear, while still kinda watching and glancing at Ash now and again. "Well, whatever words work."

Star has a quality check? That //is// contrary to popular belief and it certainly causes Ashley to look surprised...though she manages that expression while looking down at the book she is reading. Relationship drama...that makes her sigh. There's an awful lot of that happening at her house lately. And Ash has even been dabbling in it herself. And it's not fun. Of course Jade is straight. He's going to be King of the Prom. And he has a girlfriend in Paris.

"Yeah, I've slept with a few people. It's not like I'm lining up the football team. Again, this is all why I don't actually date, though," Star says as she starts packing up her stuff. "Drama. Emotions. So not worth it. Have your fun, get on with your life." A beat. "But for real, the only French girl Jade's ever kissed is his mother."

"I'm heading home, Spear. Want a ride, or are you biking home?"

Spear screws up the side of his face, briefly, at the idea of Jade pursuing Morrison, and he takes a breath "It isn't a problem, he can do whatever he likes. I'm just not really into chasing people who are constantly looking to upgrade. It's...I dunno. Detrimental to the ego. Like, even if you think I'm weird or stupid, you gotta admit - running after someone who isn't into you..." he spreads his hands "Just going to lead to amazing levels of stupid, you know?" He finishes his tea, and he gets up to collect another one "If I live my life super jealous of whatever everyone else has, I won't get whatever I want. Whenever I work it out." He picks up his bag and he says "A ride. I'll do the dishes. Just give me the sheet with the homework. I don't wanna repeat this year."

"Get some and get gone?" Amy quips, glancing at Star. "I'm familiar with that kind of style." She's got her tea, and she's got her comfy chair and doesn't appear to be going anywhere just yet. "For sure, Spear. I'm not sayin' it's a problem. I'm just saying, is all. You know? See, and sometimes you say things like that. You're alright, sometimes, Spear Thistle. The rest of the time though, you are fucking weird." She grins a little though, before covering her mouth with the cup once again.

Ashley looks up to see the Thistles on the move. Another one of those polite smiles, this time for both of the 'witches'. "Nice to see you both" she adds before sipping her tea again. A little casual packing up of her own gear. Is she leaving...or moving table.

A wave of a small hand is given and Star heads out, backpack slung over her shoulder.

Spear grins at Amy. And then ruins it by giving her the peace sign on his way out. As he goes, he tells Ashley "That skirt is amazeballs. Yellow tartan is definitely the way to make a statement." Oh God. And the truth is, Spear is not actually gay. He abandons his other cup of tea to follow his sister.

Star heads towards Lake Havasu - English Village <O>.

"Laters," Amy says easily to the two that are leaving, just sitting and enjoying her cup of tea. She's watching Ashley packing up her things quite plainly, not even hiding it until after a moment there's a bit of a breath and tilting her head back to look at the ceiling before she says, "Ash, I ..." a pause and she looks at the other teen proper. "I'm sorry for being so bitchy."

Ashley checks her table to make sure she has packed up everything and not left any mess. Then she casually makes her way over to Amy as the Lester speaks. She smiles to the apology. "You're always bitchy" she teases before leaning in close to whisper, "It's why I love you. Well...one of the reasons." Then she stands again, shrugging off the apology for public consumption. "You hooked up with Star?" Ever so casually asked.

"Oh." Amy shrugs her shoulders at the question, inclining her head. "A while back. Not like, recently. We weren't a thing at the time; well. After one of our bigger fights." She sighs a little. "It's not a big deal, I thought we were definitely done forever that time. I wouldn't do that to you." She pauses before continuing.

"Nobody's watching, Ash," Amy says with a bit of a sigh, glancing around and shrugging her shoulders. "We're alone back here. When I'm thinking clearly and not pissed off I just -- I feel like after high school you're gonna go off to some fancy college and I'm just gonna still be here and we'll almost never see each other again. But you want your fancy prom and everything that goes with it, so I guess I'll just have to deal. Which doesn't mean I won't get pissed off again but I just need you for a second, right now."

Perhaps surprisingly, Ashley seems content with the explanation about Star. A & A do have quite a bit of 'off' time...though Ashley is never happy when it happens. Hence there is lots of 'on' time. Amy's words make Ashley frown and she sits down next to the Lester girl, reaching out to take her hand in hers. "Hey, you're going to be a super athlete, remember? You could get a sports scholarship for sure. Why don't we fill in some applications for just that? I can help you with the forms and you show them what a kick-ass athlete you are. Then we can go wherever we go //together//." It sounds like a perfectly good idea to her. "As for right now, no, you can't have me for a second. I want that full thirty seconds you gave Star" she giggles before leaning over to kiss Amy upon the lips. Letting it linger. Savoring every moment she can get.

"I don't think my high school marks are gonna be good enough," Amy says simply, not really worried about that in particular, "And going to college isn't exactly in my blood, you know. Not that it's never been done for sure, but ... I don't know. I didn't think of it." That's probably not true, Amy's likely thought on it heaps. "I guess we can fill out the forms. Waste of time though." She grips at that hand though, and when the kiss comes, her arms wrap around Ashley suddenly, savoring that kiss in turn and practically crushing the other girl against her. At least, as much as she can at the table in the chairs.

A little surprised squeak from Ashley as Amy gets all passionate but she doesn't pull away. Instead she tries to keep up, even clambering a little over the arm of the chair to continue the intensity. When it finally breaks, Ashley is blushing furiously and trying to catch her breath. "The best thing about our fights" she gasps, "Is the making up afterwards." A slow nod as her brain starts to get back into gear. "Not a waste of time. We can give it a try. I don't fail so being with me can only help." A little wiggle of her eyebrows before she bits on her lower lip. "Wanna go for a walk and make up some more?"

Once that kiss breaks, Amy relaxes her grip on Ash, lifting a hand to cup at the girl's cheek. "It's pretty great, though maybe would be better if we didn't keep having to do this to ourselves." She's self aware, certainly. "We can try, sure. I'm game," she shrugs her shoulders, not especially concerned with forms or scholarships. Right now she's just staring at Ashley, looking so relieved. "Hell yes," she grins brightly at that request, and is clearly very eager. She's out of her chair in a flash, tea forgotten, her bag over her shoulder again. "Come on."