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Cuddle Party
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Bon-Vivant  •  The Martyr  •  The Optimist  •  The Rebel  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Briar's Room
Date  •  2019-05-22
Summary  •  People discuss plans for a Dinosaur safari in Briar's room.

Once in awhile, Briar can only take small doses of social time, and so they stay in their room but invite people in. Today, it's Fizz and Dare who get the go-ahead to enter Their Majesty's domain. Today, they're in pajama bottoms and a comfy t-shirt, and their hair is pulled back in a tail. They're sitting cross-legged on their massive bed, reading a book on dinosaurs while they wait to see if people come by. There are little tea sandwiches, cookies, and actual tea.

The Martyr is in the plaid pajama bottoms and the Shreikback Evolutions shirt which is his own comfort outfit. The pajama bottoms are no longer Finn sized, but right for this body. The pattern perfectly matches the ones Danny wore at the lodge. he knocks lightly, "Briar, Love? It's Dare. you want anything from the dispenser?"

The Bon-Vivant is the odd one out, having put non-pajamas on. The sweater is ridiculously soft, though, whatever it is, and the jeans are less so, but they make a nice contrast and like everything else, they fit perfectly. As is often the case, he's barefoot, and as is less often the case, he's carrying a small box, like one might take away from a not-very-fancy bakery or something. "Hey," he greets Dare with a grin, and when he gets a chance, a hug.

The Addict calls, "Come in. It's okay, dear, I got stuff for us to snack on." They put their books aside and get off the bed long enough to hug Fizz, then they give Dare a kiss. Then they climb back onto the bed and sit cross-legged. It's a very comfy bed, made for luxury. One can be addicted to comfort, it turns out. "How are you guys doing today?"

The Martyr eyes the box, "Clever!" He offers a one armed hug to Fizz careful of the box. He kisses Danny, eyelids lowered, smelling of his usual cologne, and climbs in with. He smiles, "Good. I think I'm getting more used to things. I hardly ever get that weird vertigolike sensation over the height change anymore, and I don't start when I look down naked except for first thing in the morning when I'm still a little disoriented."

The Bon-Vivant gives Dare a grin and does indeed come in when invited, setting the box down to give Briar a decidedly strong hug, and a quick kiss on the cheek in the bargain. Hopefully they're welcome to join on the bed as well, since that's where he goes. Comfort and luxury are kind of a big thing in his room as well, so he just looks, well, comfortable with that bed, really. "Do you wake up naked?" he asks the Martyr, as though that weren't in the slightest an odd thing to ask someone; maybe not so much here, but apparently his other 'lives' haven't changed his mind. "I'm... kinda almost used to it," he decides, looking Dare over again as he draws his legs up with him. "And I'm doing pretty okay. I brought churros and some donuts." Not a lot of them, judging by box size, but some! "How're you doing? And what're you reading?"

"I do," Addict says. "I wake up naked under all these blankets, snug as can be. It's a chore to get out of bed every morning when I'm that comfortable." The bed is welcome territory for friends! Briar glances at the books and says, "I'm really into dinosaurs right now. Did you know they were actually like birds? Not lizards? They call them 'non-avian dinosaurs' because birds are living dinosaurs. Back when Danny was into dinosaurs, they didn't even know what killed them all. Turns out it was a giant meteor that hit the Yucatan Peninsula. When it hit the atmosphere, it got so hot it killed off all sorts of life before it ever hit. Then it devastated the planet. The debris has been found all over the world in an iridium layer they call the K-Pg boundary. I mean anything from that meteor is in the K-Pg boundary, but..." They take a deep breath, let it out, and say, "It's just really cool, the way scientists puzzled it out and put it all together.

The Martyr winks at Fizz, "Every morning and at attention. It's very comforting after the last couple of years. That sounds delicious. I... have a sudden intense craving for sopaipillas. Have I ever had sopaipillas? I don't ever remember eating them, but I want them... I really want to try that Dinosaur Hamster Ball Safari thing. I want to see what they really looked like.

"So I'm the only one who wakes up with pants?" Fizz asks, glancing from one of them to the other. "Huh. The silk feels really nice, though, so I guess I'm okay with that." He looks-- 'dubious' would be too strong, but less than totally on board with this bird-dinosaur thing. The one life he spent any time focusing on them, he was a kid, but he's pretty sure it was all lizardy stuff then. "So, like... with feathers?" he asks, head slightly tilted. "Wait, how can birds be living dinosaurs after that? The meteor thing sounds like it'd be a pretty good movie, though. Maybe it'd be rated K-Pg." Joke aside, he does look pretty intrigued by the whole thing, and the books get an interested glance. The box, on the other hand, gets opened and set between them, as he draws out a churro. "I dunno what sopaipillas are but we should try them later. And... same with Dinosaur Hamster Ball Safari thing. Whatever that is. It sounds fun."

The Addict tells Dare delicately, "I really think that's a bad idea. There's so much that can go wrong, and hamster balls only really work well if there's flat terrain. You'll get stuck in a crevice, and I'm not sure how smart dinosaurs were. They might find a way to get at you while you're trapped." Briar, ruiner of fun.

To Fizz, they say, "Well, the large ones probably didn't have feathers, because at their size, the feathers wouldn't really help them thermoregulate, kind of like how rhinos and elephants don't have fur, but the smaller ones had feathers, sure." They take a cucumber sandwich and nibble on it before adding, "The birds are the only dinosaurs that survived. So when you're eating fried chicken, you're eating a dinosaur." Nibble nibble.

A Stranger is on Briar's bed, cuddling Briar from the opposite side from Fizz. He is about Briar's height, classically handsome with dark eyes, tawny skin, and black, curly hair. His features are strongly masculine, with high, aristocratic cheekbones and a cleft chin. A regal nose shadows full lips. He's wearing a Shreikback Evolution tee shirt and what look like a replica of Danny Novack's old plaid pajama bottoms. He is freshly shaved, with a lingering scent of citrus and fougere aftershave or cologne. He's broad shouldered and muscular, and likely Latino.

Dare laughs, warm and full throated. "Whoever is in charge definitely has a sense of humor, Fizz. They are a different fried pastry thing, sometimes with fruit. I was thinking the hamster ball would need to be too hard to crunch and too big for a T. Rex to swallow. It would clearly need comfy seating and some sort of Gyroscope to keep us stable and upright. We could eat Toklas brownies and laugh our asses off at the feathered things." his accent is Pacific Northwest. He snags a churro to eat. "Okay, so maybe fold out spider legs for if we get caught in a crevasse? Crocodiles too, I thought?"

The Rebel has not been far outside the door apparently, judging by the way she greets them all when she walks in by saying, "The silk *does* feel nice." She glances at Fizz, smirking, and then waggles her fingers at Addict and the stranger. The stranger in particular is looked over, and she tilts her head in a curious manner, though she doesn't yet ask anything. "I wake up fully dressed," she says with a shrug. Fizz has likely seen her 'sleep' clothes, which consist of dark cargo pants, a dark loose turtleneck, a black bandana with white skulls around the edges, black socks-- even dark athletic shoes. She's ready to GO first thing, apparently. She comes in further to give Fizz a kiss on the cheek, and after noting Bon-Vivant's carried box, addresses Addict in particular: I should've brought a snack or something. Sorry. Did you want anything? I don't mind grabbing something." She smiles warmly, and then takes time out to give an extra wave to the stranger, just in case it actually *is* a stranger. By the look on her face though, she's assuming not. "Dinosaurs taste delicious. For the record. But they're also sometimes cute."

The Optimist knocks on the door and heads on in. He is wearing clothes - thank Goodness - and carrying a couple of bottles of what looks like the cider he has recently been drinking "Hello! Ummn, Briar? Dare -" Well, he is _guessing_ that Dare is probably in here. For those that remember Ouroboras, this is the same man, perhaps a little less well muscled. And without that flicker of rainbow scales. Or, indeed, the slightly brainless edge of being so powerful that he does not have to pay attention to normal things. He eyes the Rebel, a bit uncertainly "Hi?"

"Well, it's an Anything Room, right? Just decide you want a dinosaur-proof hamster ball with... I dunno, rockets! For if you got stuck. Okay, or spider legs, that's pretty cool too. Orrrr it could just fly in the first place. Like a big floating glass bubble with seats in it." Fizz has been known to exploit that 'anything' part of the sobriquet for everything he can think to try. A surprising amount of it works! "Make it be amphibious so you can take it in the ocean and see what's swimming around down there too."

He breaks into a brilliant grin at the sound of the Rebel's voice, looking toward the door when she enters. "Hey! C'mere," he says, patting the spot next to him on the other side from Briar -- it's a pretty big bed, handily. "We've already got churros," one of which he brandishes, having only gotten a bite or two into it so far, "and donuts and cookies and tea and little sandwiches. No dinosaur, though." A glance to the Martyr, and then back to Rita. "Dare's got a new look," he says by way of explanation, gesturing in the appropriate direction. And then, an Optimist, who gets a grin too. "Hey, Arcade. This is Rita. Um.. you might remember her as Nina. The phoenix."

"It's just that there are so many things we don't know about dinosaurs," Briar says. Then, to Dare, they say, "Crocodiles, dinosaurs, and birds share a common ancestor, the archosaurs. They branched into a crocodile line and a bird line, which is where dinosaurs appear. So crocodiles aren't dinosaurs, but they're closely related." This is what happens when you give Briar time to read books. They find topics to fixate on.

They smile warmly at Rebel and Optimist. "Hey, come in, pile on. You don't have to get anything. We've got plenty to nibble on and drink. We're just chilling out today. I don't feel like going out into the main room, though."

The Martyr waves at the Rebel, "I woke up different. You may remember me as Kemen. Osiris." He smiles at her, all dimples and perfect teeth. "That's what I asked too. What should I call you?" He looks delighted, "You ate dinosaurs?" Then he looks chastened, "I am experimenting with vegetarianism, but I admit I'm intrigued about taste and food preparation." He smiles at Arcade, "Friend cuddle picnic, if you are interested. I have not forgotten about the Hot Springs." He grins, "Any excuse to fly, but i my not go so well with the Toklas brownies. Hmmmm.... Submarine ball to look at the scientifically accurate sea monsters!" His churro is now down to barely two inches. He eyes it, but doesn't comment, popping it into his mouth instead. He grins at Briar, "I always loved that about Danny too. Remember that time we bored Max to tears talking philosophy after Kimmy died?"

"Sometimes I don't feel like going out into the main room, myself," The Rebel says with a nod to Briar. "Ugh, people." She says that, but grins at the same time, so it must not be *too* awful. She does crawl right in next to Fizz, giving him another quick kiss, this time on the shoulder. "Don't mind if I do." And then she immediately steals his churro, taking a satisfied bite. Far too satisfied, clearly enjoying it more due to it being filched. She smiles sweetly at him, and then brightens considerably at mention of Osiris and the confirmation that indeed, it's no stranger. "Hey, Dare," she says warmly. "I go by Rita here, so far anyway." She grins, and then waves a friendly hand at Optimist. "Hey there! I won't bite, I promise! ...at least not for the next thirty-seven seconds. After that, you're on your own. Like I told Dare, I go by Rita here. How 'bout you?" Her attention returns to Dare and Addict, smiling at the both of them, and clarifies for Dare's sake, "Birds? I've eaten a ton. A metric fuckton, to be precise, if we include time in scenarios and such. And thanks, Briar. It's good to see you. I haven't eaten any crocodiles, but I imagine there's time yet."

"I've been in the anywhere room for ages, so...I thought I should probably, I guess, get out of there?" says Arcade, and he rubs the back of his neck "I mean, I love it, don't get me wrong - that room is fantastic. But I think I can't actually really eat or sleep there. And anyway, I keep waking up in my bedroom anyway." He shakes his head slightly at the idea of a cuddle pile, but he moves closer to sit near the others. This version of the person is much more contained, precise to themselves. Friendly enough, but just, well. A lot less God. He folds his hands in his lap, and then he says "Hello. I go by Arcade here - I'm not sure we met each other in the other place - I was Ouroboras there. Now I'm, ah, not." He sounds sad about that, too.

The Bon-Vivant looks shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, when the Rebel yoinks his churro right out of his hand. He gives her an accusing look, and then when she's taking a bite, darts his head in fast to take a big bite out of the other end, right up to her fingers. It makes for an unreasonably large bite, but not so much he can't get it in his mouth, and he gives her a triumphantly smug look as he chews it. For a while. Too much churro.

"They probably taste like chicken," Fizz says of crocodile meat, once he's finally swallowed. He takes a glance around for the drinks; the tea gets eyed, but not yet reached for. Instead, he makes a little shift of weight to bump Rita's shoulder with his, and turns his head toward her again, this time to return one of the kisses. "It should be fine with the brownies, I think. Just tell it it can't crash or anything," he decides, and gives Arcade a sympathetic look. "We always wake up in our bedrooms." Alone.

The Addict looks at Dare when he discusses curiosity as to flavor and preparation. "They literally taste like chicken," they say. Then they kiss Dare lightly, because he's very dear. They finish off their cucumber sandwich. "I don't know. If I went back to that time period, I might need a climate controlled kind of vehicle. It was a lot warmer then, and the oxygen content of the air was higher, I think. That's why the insect were so big. The size of arthropods is restricted by the oxygen content in the air." They grin at Dare. "We bored her to tears. I don't care, I like learning stuff. Might as well spend all this time doing something to better one's mind, I think." They offer Arcade a cookie. It's not the same as having godhood, but it's still pretty sweet.

The Martyr looks away at the savage bites to the phallic pastry, wincing now the connection's been made in his head. He takes a sandwich next instead. "Now that you've said Rita, I remember us running into the Hall and... talking about things once last time, but your here name had slipped my mind after two years. Ah! See, I was picturing you on Dinosaur safari, basting the locals over a camp fire. Don't they eat Alligator tails in New Orleans? Or was that frogs legs like in that Muppet Movie?" He gives Arcade a sympathetic look with more than a little worry badly concealed in it. He sighs, "The wake up in our beds alone is proof this isn't paradise." He kisses Dare with cinnamon lips, "Not everything tastes like chicken." He nods, "Okay, climate controlled bubble with us normal oxygen." He nuzzles their hair, "I liked that about you. I like learning things too."

The Rebel gives a sympathetic look to Optimist when he looks bummed about the lack of godhood. "Tell me about it," she nods, and commiserates, "I don't even know the half of what went down, down there, because I was flying all about and being awesome. Best use of the time I could've picked, honestly. Might have to try that sort of thing in an Anywhere Room, come to think of it." She moves to take a bite of the churro, and Bon-Vivant enacts his dastardly plan, surprising a laugh out of her, full mouth and all. She kisses him lightly, and then grins his way before finishing off the bite. "You're a terrible person," she informs him fondly, and squeezes his shoulder. "Belatedly, nice to meet you, Arcade. That's a cool name... how'd you end up picking it? You all have pretty awesome names. I might have to retire 'Rita' at some point just to upgrade." She grins, and then nods wholeheartedly to Addict. "Seriously. We have so much free time here, might as well live, and by 'live' I mean do cool stuff. Which includes learning new shit, naturally." She looks to Kemen, nodding. "It was an age ago, for sure. Picked Rita out of a book. I mean, I cheated cuz the *first* first name I pointed to was Ethel, and that just didn't sit right with me... so I looked at the second name, and the rest was history. Not sure what I'd go for, otherwise." She shrugs, glancing at Fizz with an arched eyebrow. "Wall-Breaker just doesn't have the same ring to it." For those that've seen her door, it's clearly a reference to that. "You all have such *comfy* rooms. I'm envious, to be honest." She looks to Optimist, then. "I've never seen your room-- what's it like?"

"I can't even begin to imagine what crocodile tastes like," admits Arcade to Fizz, and then he watches him "You're still a flirt," he adds, amused a bit. He sits back, with his hands loose and he listens to them, and he says "Yes. I know. But I don't, ah, quite expect the person I was seeing to show up anyway. I think she probably wasn't real. Or she might, erm, have been an aspect of Briar? Sorry, Briar," he adds, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, as he takes the cookie "I mean, I don't even know what I'd say to her here. Or you. I'm a disaster factory." He listens to the Martyr, and he says "Well, we could have a Dinosaur Safari in the anywhere rooms that was perfectly safe, couldn't we? Or, you know, a safari where we were the dinosaurs...oh, my name?" The man says "It's a Creole name where I'm...where I think I'm from. Capo Verde, off Africa. Umn. I actually have no idea." Then he gives a slightly shy smile "It's full of books - hundreds of them. But these days, it's got these big murals of rainbow snakes? It's not the comfortable place this is, but I like it. I guess it does have a _lot_ of stuff for bathing. Oils, salts. Everything you could want."

The Thrill-Seeker said she would come and join the party, but needed a little bit. And so she had taken it. When she does knock she opens the door without waiting, "It's mmmmeeEEE!" Comes the cheerful announcement. In her hands she has a tray with a party platter thing of cheese stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, and pretzel bites with a variety of dipping bits. "I brought snacks too." Because of course she would. "That's my philosophy. Enjoy the time we have here! You should come sky diving with me!" A blink and she turns to look at Arcade. "Crocodile? Ah...heh...kinda like chicken." Because Sekhmet of course had gnoshed a croc or two. Then her head is nodding enthusiasm as she sets the platter down with the other food. "Dare and I are going to make a dinosaur park and hamster balls we can drive around in!"

The Bon-Vivant looks entirely shameless at Arcade's observation, giving him a small smile as he chews behind it, and a similarly little shrug. "I *knew* it'd be like chicken!" he says when Cheer confirms this fact, giving her a grin, "...and I'm just glad everyone's getting on the right page here about Enjoying Stuff. I was kinda getting sick of people seeming determined to have a shit time. ...well, okay, not present company. We were talking about the dinosaur thing. Right now I say big flying dino-proof amphibious see-through bubble. With inherently the right temperature and oxygen inside." A glance to Briar for any other objections that still need covering here.

A thoughtful look to the Rebel. "I like Rita. But you could be Wallis. That's the chick the King of England abdicated to marry 'cause they said he couldn't marry an American divorcee." Kinda weird thing to know, considering. Maybe Dionysus followed that story.

"Less hamster ball, more vehicle," Briar advises. They take a mozzarella stick and munch. "I would go on an expedition with all terrain vehicles that could, admittedly, be bubble-shaped in the middle, climate controlled. Let's see... if it goes into the ocean it'll have to be able to withstand pressure. I don't want to end up dying stupidly because we didn't think of something. Then again, I could let you guys go, and when you die stupidly, I can learn from your mistake and implement that into the next design."

The Martyr says, “Well, Phoenix would be pretty bad ass, except people would always be making dark Phoenix X-Men jokes. Still, better than 'Ethel.'" He sighs, "I really am sorry about Philly. You aren't a disaster factory. You're just going through a pretty profound change with no real guidebook." He smiles at Arcade, "I'd like to see your murals. It sounds lovely. Mine is full of plants and sort of like the people who did haunted mansion decided to make a dorm room. I really think we should do the dinosaur safari....Oh! That looks delicious Cheer! We have decided on retractable spider legs for the Balls, just in case. Okay, all terrain vehicles pressure rated with warning bells and controlled ascent to protect from bends." He sighs, "Fine. Chicken." Then he wrinkles his nose, "That guy was a NAZI. Sure Wallis Simpson took one for the Team as far as the UK and world civilization was concerned, but I feel like you don't go schtupping NAZI sympathizers unless you are really into that."”

The *very* first thing Rebel does when conversation lets up a bit, is fingergun at Addict. "I like the way you think," she says, perhaps referring to the plan to iterate from the others' mistakes. That said, she tilts her head in thought and looks to Bon-Vivant at his suggestion. It's clear that story's a new one on her, and she thinks about it for a moment before deciding, "I'd be more likely to be Edward there, than a Wallis." She grins lopsidedly. Though of course, that's *before* she hears Martyr say the dude was a Nazi sympathizer. She nods at him once that's said, saying, "Or, alternatively, that's an issue." She leans in to kiss Bon-Vivant's nose, and then waves to Thrill-Seeker with a bright smile. "Heya, Cheer! ...it's Cheer, right? That's what I heard, anyway. I go by Rita here, for now." She grins. "As a sidenote, I am all FOR dinosaur shenanigans, whether they be chickens or dinonychus...es." She considers the rest of what's been said a moment, and then nods to Optimist and Martyr. "Your rooms seem cool! Mine, uh, it has a lotta boxes! So maybe I'm winning on the materialistic front, if not the comfort one." She smiles. "Not sure, on Phoenix. I feel like it's in the same class as Rayven, as names go. But maybe I'm wrong! Thoughts?"

The Optimist says to the Martyr "It's okay, hmm, but I'm going to guess that Briar doesn't remember her, exactly? Though we could of course have served one another - wow, that's kind of a weird thing to think, ummn." He lifts a bottle of cider to his mouth and he sips, and then he says "Well, I'm sure it will all be fine - and it isn't like death is permanent anyway. Do you think we could use the Anywhere Rooms to be present at some of history's greatest events? That could be inspiring and cool." He pauses, and he says "So what's _in_ the boxes?"

"FIZZ!" Cheer crows when he pipes up from the pile. Her whole face changes into a huge grin and she moves instantly to not quite pounce him, but it's pretty close. She's mostly carefully of the people around him as she goes to give him a big, enthusiastic kiss. After all she has been asking and looking around for him since they all woke up. However she stops and pulls away almost before she does and grins sheepishly. "Erm...Hi!" She looks around at everyone else in the pile with obvious embarrassment. Dare gets an especially sheepish look before she leans over to give him a kiss. Though she again hesitates, not sure where to place it, before aiming for the safety of that area that is right by the lips, but still cheek.

"Oh...HI!" Is said to Rita as she sits back and folds her hands in her lap. That gregarious nature has made her act before thinking again as she looks at her old trouble-mate from the Lodge. "Cheer, yep, me. The one leaving the cookies out on the table..."

"I remember her," Briar tells Arcade, "and I miss her every day. I miss all my girls." They curl up on their side and let their eyes drift closed. "I'm just going to..." Rest, apparently, surrounded by the sounds of their friends eating and talking and enjoying themselves. "Philly was my favorite," they murmur. "She was so sweet. I want to think she's woken up somewhere else and is wondering whatever happened to us." In time, they'll drift off to sleep, comfortable enough with these people in her space.

The Bon-Vivant's eyes widen when he's almost-pounced, though he also promptly supports Arcade's observation by kissing her right back, wrapping her up in a big hug. She can pull way from the kiss if she likes, but she's gettin' that hug! ...well, okay, he does let it be a short one and let go when she draws back. "Hey," he replies, giving her a quick grin again, "I was wondering how long it was going to take to catch you again."

Dare's comments get a "Huh," and a slightly tilted head. So, yeah, what he knew was probably from the 1930s life, then, and now he's probably integrating it with what Scott knew about Nazis, a theory supported when he makes a bit of a face. "She's probably not the only person ever named that, though. She's just the one I know about. And I guess she did help the world out by getting the not-Nazi in charge. Still, though... Rita's good. Phoenix isn't bad, just, I keep thinking of Arizona." He gives the woman in question another light shoulder bump. And a grin for her dinonychus...es, as well. "I've got drawers and cupboards," he says, in response to the mention of boxes, but... she knows that.

"Anyway. I still vote flying-slash-diving bubble. And I really like that idea too, Arcade. Now they do people I don't see why they wouldn't do history for us."

The Martyr considers Rita's Room, "Yes, what's in them, Rita?" He turns into Cheer's kiss, not embarrassed at all, tugging her down to sit by him. "You ate at our fine once when you were Nina and Cheer here was Sekmet. Leona. She used to be Kimmy, but she changed too." He strokes Briar's hair and back until they sleep. Watching Arcade from the corner of his eyes, "I'd still like to do that hot Springs trip."

Nodding, The Rebel says to The Optimist, "I still miss my friend Gretchen, from the first... out there place we went." At 'out there' she gestures vaguely, as though to imply somewhere other than the Facility, perhaps. "She wasn't... she didn't wake up here. I don't know if she was real, but like Briar says, I like to imagine she's somewhere out there, maybe in another world, or in another place like this, making new friends and having adventures. She really did like adventures." She smiles a little sadly. "I was lucky, though, in that Fizz and Dare and so many others were here, after. She looks down, and then takes in a deep breath, brightening. "As for the boxes," she teases, "Wouldn't YOU all like to know." She smirks, and then adds, "All kinds of stuff, actually, though I've not gone through all of it. I mean, hair ties and chopsticks, clothes, a little flute, some doodads I'm not sure what are, paper and crayons and colored pencils, makeup, Army-style rations-- it's a lot of junk just sort of...there for the taking." She smiles warmly when she watches the exchange between Cheer and Fizz, and then when she's addressed, she nods. "I do thank you for the cookies. They tasted awesome, despite being burnt." She smiles at Briar as they start to drift off, nodding her agreement, and then grins over at Fizz. "That's... a really cool idea," a nod at Optimist, "...and Fizz is right that it'd make sense. That'd be pretty awesome." She pauses, and then notes for Cheer's benefit, "I was pretty fucking miserable when Kimmy died. I'm glad I was a space case and never had to see anyone die, last go. It's good to see you again."

The Optimist smiles at Dare, and he says "Well, it would be nice, yes. I mean, if I can be my real self there..." He is more watching the others interact than actually taking part himself, but he seems, for what it is worth? Comfortable and content doing so "I don't actually know much about Nazis, aside from the fact they did something really bad," he finds himself admitting "I know more about African history." He reaches out for one of the nearby cookies, and then he smiles suddenly at Nina, looking down at it "Yes. I understand. That's how I should feel, too." Then he says "You mean there's always something fun and new to discover? That sounds really interesting. That's a fascinating thing, and I bet it means people want to go into your room?" He pauses, and he says "Umn, I saw a few people die. Buttttt that was because I was killing them."

The Thrill-Seeker is relieved to get kissed back and definitely hugs him. It makes her less embarrassed in the end and she gladly curls up with Martyr, though her legs just might be tangled with Fizz's own. "I wanted to wait till I saw you out of your room before pestering you," She tells him with a lopsided smile. "I kept asking if anyone had seen you, but...I'm so glad you're here though!" She she reaches to give his hand a squeeze as she leans against Dare comfortably. "We could just have something else for flying with. I mean...from the air you can't see all the details. That's part of the fun. Plus when you're flying there's turbulence. So drinks wouldn't be so easy. In a sphere there's gyroscopes to level everything out and...how the hell do I know that?" She pauses and blinks in surprise, head titling.

When Nita says her cookies are burnt she gasps, putting a hand to her chest. "I would -never- put a burnt cookie out! The horror! We have enough of that without me offering inferior baked delights...I missed everyone. I was here alone for awhile and that just...sucked" She says defiantly and then with a little sigh at the end. Then her eyes drift to Arcade with a gentler smile. "Hey, you and me both. Fuck...I try not to think about it too much because Sekhmet was, well, she almost wiped out civilization in the beginning. So I remember that. And...remembering too much makes me want to go back. And that's probably not healthy."

The Martyr nods, "I really am sorry about Gretchen too. I miss my people from last time, and poor Nenet. I really do hope there's another facility somewhere and they are all there.... I'm glad you're here, Rita. I really mean it." He thinks over the boxes. "Huh. your ready for a siege, but not... dug in. I hope they gave you a good bed at least." He eyes Fizz, and says fondly, "You have a type, don't you. I wonder if I do?" Then he sighs and reaches for a donut, "Star broke up with me. She wants to go back to being like Siblings in the non-mythological sense now we're here. That's four conversations out of the five I need to have." He smiles crookedly, "Not bad for a eunuch I suppose." He munches the donut, "I think I'd rather be Osiris than Amon-ra. A permanent hard on would not have made for a family friendly stage act.... As far as I can tell of us here only Caleb died. I don't know who he was or how out there. I've no idea how or why though. It wasn't a good time to ask." He says firmly, "No one is judging anyone negatively over the people eating, or at least no one who cares about you." He curls an arm around Cheer's wait once the donut's done.

"Okay, but I was talking about a *flying sphere*," Fizz points out, grinning at Cheer, and squeezes her hand back. He seems quite happy to end up in a position entangled with any or all of the others on the bed, in whatever combination, and in fact shifts position to lie down, settling his head in Rita's lap and threatening Dare and Cheer with his legs, stealing some of Briar's warmth. And looking very pleased with the world, really. "They could be individual ones, smaller, and then they could get down among the details. Plus they'd look like a flotilla of soap bubbles!" He considers for a beat. "They could *be* bubbles if we wanted. Just really strong ones we could control, the room doesn't say we have to know HOW it works. How cool would it be if they could join together into one bigger one and then break apart into small ones again?" If he'd actually lived through going to school, he'd probably have things drawn all through his notebooks.

For a moment, he's quiet, glancing up at the ceiling. "I like thinking Kirk's out there too. It'd be cool to see them all again. And I saw some people die, which was probably mostly my fault even if I didn't actually do it myself. Well. No. Dionysus, not me..." He's usually better at keeping his pronouns in line. "But anyway. Do I?" That comes with a look to Dare. "What's my type?" He doesn't sound like he doesn't believe it, he just sounds very intrigued.

The Rebel tilts her head at Optimist, giving a soft smile. "You shouldn't feel any way you don't already feel, even if it sounds logical. Feelings are anything but. You'll make sense of not seeing Philly here in your own way, and your own time. Gretchen took the longest, for me. So far, I guess. And I think if I'd lost some of the rest of you, it might still be an ongoing process, you know?" She shoots a glance at Fizz, and then looks back to Arcade. "And... yep. I mean, I imagine the boxes aren't endless, unless bits change out each night or something. But I'm not in any hurry to solve that mystery. It's kinda interesting, seeing what turns up." She pauses, and then says in a serious tone of voice, "We were gods. We all likely did terrible things, whether intentional or, like in my case, often simply in what we failed to see or pay attention to. The things we let happen to the people around us. The lives we changed." She blinks, pausing. "That was supposed to end up comforting. My bad. I'll put it another way: we did these things, sure. But it also was an 'us' that's very far from... well, us. I'm sure we'll all have regrets after every one of these things. And people we miss. But we're still here, and we're still together. I think we can help each other deal with the crap we'll face." She pauses again, and then shrugs. "Oh well. I gave it a shot." She grins suddenly at mention of burnt cookies, shaking her head at Cheer. "Nah, last go'round, I couldn't eat anything if it *wasn't* burnt, so I was grateful for your 'inferior baked delights. You had a good chef. Very kind." To Martyr, she asks thoughtfully, "Do you think Nenet and Gretchen might be hanging out as we speak, talking about hoping we're out here somewhere?" She does grin at hearing Fizz has a type, and then snorts with amusement when he asks about it. Martyr is turned back to, and she teases, "Choose your next words very carefully."

The Optimist reaches out and he pats Cheer lightly on the leg - about as close as he seems to get to physicality right now. He is sympathetic, it seems "Nenet! That's right. Maybe wherever they are, they're missing us too?" He finishes his cookie, and then he says "Four conversations out of the five? So what are the conversations, and what's the fifth? Oh...Eunuch? I thought that meant, er, something a little different. I mean, I didn't think you were missing the piece that you were missing...you know, I don't think this is a good conversation for me to have in front of the ladies." And then he says "A permanent one? Oh God!" And he admits "I find it hard enough to - you know, oh God, definitely not this conversation." He sits, crosslegged, trying to look precise "I guess we could make up whatever we wanted. We could experiment with it. Like, can we make something bigger than the room can contain?" Then he says "I don't know a thing about types."

Arcade reaches out for another cookie "We were Gods," he says "We were Gods. I still feel like I'm supposed to be a God. I can't work out who Arcade is, but - ugh, I'm not going over that again. Maybe they are talking about us. I hope they are."

"Heh. You had more fun than me this time around," Cheer teases Dare as she rests her head on his shoulder. That thick crinkly hair spreading out from her loose ponytail. "But I don't mind one bit. It was...wonderful," She lets out a happy little sigh as she just lays within the puddle. If she could still purr she would. Instead she gives a happy and low rumbling hum as her fingers find a hand, probably Dare's and starts playing with the fingers. Not really seeming to care whose hand it is. She gives Fizz a grin at his comment. "Giant soap bubbles. What will you come up with next?" Then she is quiet and the smile fades a bit. "I miss Adam...Erik...him...I hope he is somewhere else. In another facility..." She lets out a little sigh and as the other shift she gets slightly more comfortable. Happily doing the leg tangle. Though she does go for a donut once she spies Dare with one.

"I only have one person to talk to about seeing where things continue now," She says around a mouthful of powdery goodness, turning to give Fizz a meaningful look and quirked brow. "But that's much easier when he's out of his room," And a playful finger goes to tickle the poor man's ribs.

The Martyr is clearly in a cuddly mood and night minding who exactly is cuddling what, though he is careful not to touch Arcade even accidentally. "If they are too small they could get swallowed by an Allosaur or whatever.... I'm sorry about Kirk... I think if we start blaming ourselves for weirdness that was pretty clearly out of our control like Osiris' opinions on insest or the... peculiar diets it's beating ourselves up to no point." He rethinks, "I was wrong, two types: Very, very prepared, and... apt to throw themselves into joy without really thinking of consequences. These types sometimes overlap." He nods agreement with Rita, "Greif takes time, even if... being here changes some things." He nods, "I hope they are anyway. Faces repeat. "Cheer's Erik was in the Frat back at the lodge. Dini from the lodge was industry. I don't know they are alive somewhere, but I can hope. Or maybe the ones that don't repeat carry on with their lives out there remembering us."

Dare stops petting the sleeping Briar so he can count off on his fingers, "You; Briar, whom I count even though we weren't together that time because we are very together here; Cheer; Star; and... 'Rado. Who've not seen mane or tail of since we got back. His sign and Bastian's are still up, so I keep hoping." he blushes faintly, "Eunuch can mean a lot of things in an ancient world context from everything off, to just the balls, to all or a majority of the shaft. I lost the best five inches off of what Finn had, so I count, or at least I would have in Osiris' time. And you had two, you lucky bastard." Dare strokes Cheer's hair cuddling her, "Fertility God. Even going uphill both ways sexually, I don't think I could have stopped myself. I'm glad I was with you there, but gladder we had a chance to chose each other before we went, Lovely." He eyes Scott, amused, "Again? That's weirdly comforting."