Log:Cryo-Chamber to the Facility

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Cryo-Chamber to the Facility
Characters  •   The Defender  •
Location  •  The Facility - Defender's Room
Date  •  2018-10-02
Summary  •  The Defender awakens a second time.

The last thing the Defender remembered was entering a cryo-chamber pod onboard a spaceship returning to Earth. But when he slowly awakened and his senses began returning to him, the dull thrumming sound and vibration of the engine was non-existent. It also does not feel like the pod but instead a large, comfortable bed. When his eyes cracked open slightly, he was awakening from cryo-sleep but instead... a dream?

As he sits up, the lights to the Defender's room automatically turns on. This is no spaceship... but he has been here before. Suddenly he squeezes his eyes shut and brings a hand to his head, as if pained. Confusion now reigns in his mind, memories, drastically different memories are colliding with each other. He was a Colonial Marshal, having escaped the doomed, alien infested station of the Tenochtitlan Station. But after surviving... the memories are fragmented, as if a dream, an old tale. What he remembered was setting up an interview with ANVIL, courtesy of Rhys Driscoll. Which meant the Defender had to board a starship to return to Earth.

But that was then, now... he's back in a room again. His room? This is the same room that the Defender woke up from when he was... he survived from the undead horror on that island. Where he was Anton. Anton Grant? No, he's Wolfram Kinneson. Or was he? "Who am I?" Comes the murmured question as he slowly reopens his eyes. The room is familiar, not just familiar, the same as it was the first time he awoke here. Spartan in nature, hardwood floors, white walls. All neat and clean. Last time he just meditated, thinking he was in some military facility under observation but... he was meditating, then he was on the Noc. That made no sense and it causes his hand to come up to his head again, as if trying to push away a headache.

Swinging his legs to the side, off of his bed, the Defender pulls the bed sheets away and pads barefooted to the table where a large pitcher of water sits waiting. Pouring himself a tall glass, he drinks. There is too much going on his head right now, he has to focus on something else. This time, the Defender will not sit and wait, he will explore.

First things first, a shower, as if the standard procedures from his previous... encounter, is still with him. He will prepare himself as if going to work, shower, shave, etc. Now to get dressed, he heads to his closet and opens it. On one side sits an assortment of buttoned up white shirts, slacks, and suit jackets. On the other are more durable trousers, short sleeved shirts, urban and jungle combat fatigues. Looking at both, the Defender chooses. What seems to be more fitting for his first role as Anton, the buttoned up shirt tucked into slacks. No suit jacket though, not yet. Black leather belt with a silver buckle, black socks, black oxfords, a silver watch. Unfortunately, no sidearm and holster that he's always felt more comfortable having, even if it was out of sight.

Moving to the mirror, he reviews himself, finding the image to his own approval. A professional look, he is ready to find out what exactly is going on out there for the first time. One more glass of water and to the door that leads out. Reaching out, the Defender turns the knob. What will he find out there...