Log:Contemplating the Countdown

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Contemplating the Countdown
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Survivor  •  The Beast  •
Location  •  Parlor
Date  •  2018-08-06
Summary  •  The Beast, Survivor, and Addict contemplate the meaning of the four day countdown.

{Connor} The Beast sits in one of the chairs in the lounge with a book open on one knee, coffee mug in the other hand. He isn't reading the book, though. It seems that, while interested enough in it to have made some progress, the giant flat screen TV with nothing on it but a countdown is distracting him. It's not doing anything particularly interesting. The numbers just keep on counting down, and yet, every so often he looks up and stares at it.

{Amir} The Addict is a quiet one, and he appears in the parlour with zero fanfare, barefoot in black slacks and a baby blue button down. Both of these items are wrinkled and hang loose off his gaunt form. In one hand, a styrofoam cup of steaming black coffee. "What do you think?" he asks the The Beast without even glancing in the man's direction. His attention is mostly on the countdown, though after he asks the question he does lift his cup to drink some more, ignoring the heat against his lips and tongue.

{Elena} It is probably quite obvious who has seen the TV Countdown thus far and who has not. The Survivor is clearly in the has-not category, as when she comes into the parlor and spots this new thing, her trip on through to the dispensary is summarily interrupted. Perhaps she registers that there are others in the room immediately. Perhaps not until after she has watched a handful of seconds tick downward. It leaves a shadow of worry etched across her features, even when she resumes motion, but she's caught in its gravity and so ends up a bit nearer to the sitting area. Quiet, as yet; the Addict has asked what might be the only question that matters.

{Connor} "Something's going to change," is the Beast's response to the Addict, as he looks from the clock over toward first he, and then to the Survivor when she makes her appearance. He looks each of them over for a moment, and then his attention shifts back toward the clock. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark red t-shirt with a pair of white socks on, but no shoes. There's no particular need to wear shoes, and so he doesn't. He closes the book in his lap -- "Passing Strange" by Joe Citro. "Where we are, who we are, life, death, it could be anything. But we were on the Island. Then we were here. Now, something else in four days."

{Amir} "Or nothing else," The Addict suggests, gaze flicking over to The Survivor briefly before returning to the television set. "Just four days of anxiety." He can't, after all, be the only one feeling anxious here. Right? He takes another sip of coffee, which helps with that, then walks over to one of the plush armchairs that decorate the room. Sinking into it causes him to look a bit smaller, should anyone take time away from considering the meaning of the countdown to notice.

{Elena} The Survivor, perhaps appropriately, wears all black. A long-sleeved shirt. BDUs. Boots. Function over form. She gives up the tiniest of nods for the Beast's assessment of this situation. "Nothing else would be something else," she counters. "Why would whomever put us here bother with such a conspicuous notification if it were merely counting down until our termination? At least on the island the four-day window came with some instructions."

{Connor} "Or nothing else," the Beast seems not to have ruled that out as a possibility, "Though it seems somewhat pointless to have allowed us to survive the island, get halfway home, bring us here, and then .. that's it. What would be the purpose in it? It would be like one of those terrible movies that just leave you to interpret it however you want to... like that one where there's the sound of the plane coming through the fog, and you don't know if they're about to be rescued or killed.. rubbish, is what that is. Lazy writing. Couldn't come up with a satisfying ending so just came up with a bullshit cliffhanger and call it leaving it up to audience interpretation." He still has his British accent. He nods in agreement with the Survivor and says, "They seem to like fours, have you noticed that? Four hours of sleep, four days with instructions, four day countdown."

{Amir} The Addict tries to come up with something, some purpose that could be be gleaned from any of this, but ends up shrugging for now. "I don't know, I guess it would depend on who's watching us," he says, drinking a bit more coffee. This time, the liquid scalds him enough to force a wince, so a few drops (maybe four, maybe not) splash onto his shirt and immediately start soaking into the fabric. "Damnit it," he mutters, tugging at the front of the garment to better view at what will likely be a stain by the end of the day.

{Elena} Somewhere the Survivor picked up a British accent as well, though hers is the variety usually acquired by someone who learned proper English somewhere other than Great Britain. "That assumes that someone is watching us, no doubt by the same mechanism that every harm is undone overnight, despite our best interests." There is a tiny nod, after. "An unlikely preponderance of fours. I do wonder if that is significant somehow, or if we merely want it to be."

{Amir} The Addict's accent can quickly be described as American, though there's a hint of something there that suggests another influence. "I guess we'll find out more in four days," he says, reaching to set the cup of coffee on a small table next to the armchair. He then turns to consider the others, looking from The Beast to The Survivor. "I don't think I recognize you from the island," he tells the latter. "Were you..." he trails off, finding it hard to come up with an appropriate question for that experience.

{Elena} Several more of those seconds tick down, carving into a fresh minute, as the Survivor watches them slip on past. After some of them a sliver of a dark smile appears. "Perhaps they have simply devised a new means of tormenting those here. Have they given up trying to dig through the toilet lines yet?" As if either of these men would know. With the Addict's question her gaze slides sideways though, her head turning toward him a beat later. "I was as present as anyone. One week in a tropical hell. Two weeks in quarantine."

{Amir} That answers that then, and so The Addict nods and begins tapping an index finger against one of the curved arm rests on either side of him. "I don't know about the pipes. Don't know about the food dispensers, either, or any of the things people are getting up to here." He sighs and tries for a brief smile that tugs at one side of his face. "Mostly I've just kept to myself." He picks up the coffee again and just holds it both hands.

{Elena} "As have I. My early experiences with some of the others were not especially encouraging. One of them essentially assaulted me, demanding information. I wonder if there is some correlation between the timing of one's arrival here and one's mental status but perhaps it is like the fours. Purely coincidental." The Survivor punctuates this thought with a lithe shrug that borders on dismissive. "In less than four days, something will change. Since we cannot even die properly to escape, it seems all of us shall simply have to wait it out."

{Amir} The Addict cocks his head to one side, brow furrowing when The Survivor mentions beind assaulted. "My god," he says, shaking his head. "I guess I'm lucky to have just felt like throwing up. A lot." He still does, sometimes. Then, the second thing she says sinks in and his head shifts the other way. "What do you mean we can't die properly?" Shifting in his seat some, it looks like he's found something to steal his attention away from the countdown.

{Connor} "She was Elena on the island," the Beast says to the Addict. "She brought me back in the jeep after the boar hunt when I got gored in the side." He lifts his shirt to look at the wound. It'd healed, the stitches out, during the time that they had been in quarantine. He couldn't find it, but he knows where it is. He lets the shirt fall back down and then sits back in the chair. "I know Cameron was trying to get through the walls, to find an exit of some kind." There's a frown when she mentions the reactions that others had to her. "Perhaps. I arrived after falling asleep on the plane on the way home. It was, confusing and disorienting, but not frightening."

{Elena} The Survivor tilts her head in what isn't entirely a nod, acknowledging the Beast's little summary of those events. She does glance over at the lift of his shirt, though does not appear particularly surprised to see the wound wholly gone. But another dark little smile curves its way into existence. "Perhaps dying and waking up here has a unique impact on one's behavior," she suggests. "Perhaps some of us just find our limits faster than others, and all it takes is a complete lack of..." Her head cocks as she searches for the proper phrase. "...whatever it is we are all lacking. Let me guess. Neither of you have any real memory from the time you arrived on the main island, and despite having left everything behind, have discovered one personal item whose presence you cannot begin to explain."

{Amir} Amir leans to peer over at the uplifted shirt, but sees no wound and so settles back into his chair. Still, he looks somewhat shaken by something. "I'm sure it has an impact on a lot," he tells The Survivor, nodding when she guesses the rest of it correctly. "I woke up the same way," he then says to The Beast. "Memory? Yeah, not great, but I feel like I've woken up feeling this same way before. Sometime, somewhere."

{Connor} "I have no memory of who I was before the island," the Beast says to the Survivor. "What I have, things I know, they're hazy at best. I remember the island. I remember what Connor knows, knew, his memories are hazy too before the island but still there. But since Connor is the only name I know, and the only memories I can recall with any clarity.. I am Connor, for now, until I am not." He then looks over to the Survivor and says, "I know why I have the item that I do."

{Elena} Most of that is nodded to. It's the last bit that has the Survivor's brows lifting a little. "Do you? Because I thought everything was turned over to be burnt. I suppose it does not especially matter, in the end. Nor does that." She tilts her head at the screen. "And if you will excuse me, I believe it is approximately time for dinner."

{Amir} The Addict glances back down at the spilled coffee on the front of his shirt as the others speak. When The Survivor announces dinner-time, he straightens and stands, saying quickly, "I should be going, too." He drinks down the rest of his coffee and leaves the empty cup on the table beside him, trusting that it will be cleaned up by their mysterious caretakers, or whatever force does these things. "See you both around. I guess." He shrugs and then makes a move to exit the parlour.