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Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Big Ben's
Date  •  2019-08-06
Summary  •  Amy and Ashley have a chance meeting that leads into a heated discussion.

It's early afternoon, school's out, and Amy has hit up Big Ben's. She's got on her black t-shirt, black jeans and those stomping boots she gets around in when she's not out and running. She's claimed herself a table right there, there's a plate with a small pastry on it and a cup of something warm to drink. And ... is Amy Lester actually doing some school work? Well, maybe. She does do just enough to skate on by and does actually want to at least pass, if not be a top student. She's got a notebook out at least, and is writing something, but is frowning in frustration at it.

"Need help?" asks a family voice quietly. Ashley is dressed in her school domination gear - which means the latest styles; sensible shows, knee high socks, short plaid skirt, yellow tarten jacket over a white blouse, miniature backpack, hair in a ponytail. Her posse doesn't seem to be with her which may explain why she braves talking to Amy in public. "Homework?" She sits at the table, swinging her backpack off as she does so. "Math?"

Looking up with a scowl, Amy's expression lightens just a touch as she looks over Ashley. "You can help me anytime, girlfriend," she quips, possibly a bit too loudly for Ashley's preferences. A shrug of her shoulders and she gestures to the thing. "I mean ... yeah. But I should probably ask Silver about it." Silver being the sometimes tutor of Amy Lester. "Right now it's all fucking nonsense. Anyway what do I need to know this for. It's not like I can't count or something." Grumble grumble, she leans back and reaches for her cup, sipping at it.

A little nervous look when the 'g' word is said but Amy obviously means it in a generic friendly kind of way. At least that is what she hopes everyone who may have been listening is thinking. "Well, if you don't want me to help..." she shrugs and maybe even pouts a little before spinning the notebook to look at the problem. "I can do math too, you know. You need this to keep your brain active. To keep learning. Of course you can count but you want to do more than that." As she looks over the problems she adds, "I'll have a chocolate malt milkshake, thanks."

"No no, you can help," Amy says as she stretches a little. Apparently she's been sitting for a while. A hand rubs at her face. "I just need a break for a moment or my brain will fucking kill me." She makes a sort of 'bleeeh' sound before sipping at her drink again and setting it back down, picking up the pastry to nibble at it some. "Which is always active, thank you very much. I think about heaps of cool shit."

"Ah, but do you think about things you don't understand? Or do you just get angry at them?" Ashley holds her hand out for Amy's pen before looking over at her in some confusion. "Chocolate malt milkshake?" Perhaps she didn't hear her. "Of course you think of cool shit." Her voice drops in volume a little. "You think of me for a start. Oooh, that pastry looks nice. I'll have one of those too. It's not too fattening, is it? I have to watch my figure so that others like to watch it too." A sly wink to her girlfriend.

"What, me?" Amy blinks as she stares at Ashley, and then scowls a little as she offers the pen over. "Way to set me up, I'm not one of your fucking followers that rush to do everyting you even hint at." She says with a shake of her head, pushing up to her feet. "I don't think you need to worry about a pastry after a chocolate milkshake." Also, Amy is a bit of a health nut -- though she exercises a lot too -- so it's unlikely the pastry is too terrible. In any case, she stalks over to the counter, displeased, to make the order for Ashley anyway. Once it's put in she's returning and drops back to the table, just staring at the woman.

"Of course you're not one of my followers" Ashley smiles before blushing a little and almost whispering, "You're much more important than that." A quick clearing of her throat before returning to work on the problems while her order is made. Her eyes remain down as she starts writing, though she can feel the stare. The angry eyes boring into her. "Ah, this is the one where you have to figure out the coefficient." She tries to remain bright and cheery in tone but when she looks up at Amy she also offers a quiet "Sorry." For being a bitch? Demanding? All of the above.

"Forget about it," Amy says flatly as she glances down at the work. "You know, you also caught me at a bad time. The stupid thing is I'd happily buy you these things and more if you'd just ..." she trails off and shakes her head, taking in a deep breath, and another, trying to calm down. She helps with this by nibbling at her pastry again, and washing it down with another mouthful of that drink, licking her lips afterwards. "So, right, the coefficient." She nods along at that idea, before simply asking, "What is that, again?"

"It's a constant you use in algebra" Ashley explains, "To multiply a value." She purses her lips. "Silver might be able to explain it better." There are more important things afoot. "If I'd just what?" she asks...though she has a fair idea what the problem may be. And it //is// all her fault. Ashley smiles warmly to the teen over the table. "Hey, how about we forget the homework for a moment and just enjoy each other's company. I...umm...had a great time at the movie."

"I'll write it down and ask Silver," Amy says with a nod, and then does exactly that, another pen and another, smaller notebook, nodding. When Ashley prompts for more information though, Amy looks up, meeting her gaze unflinching. "Do you really want to get into this here?" She asks pointedly. Because she will, but she at least hasn't snapped enough to just launch into it right now. There is a glance aside though, and she can't help but give a bit of a smile at the memory. She doesn't say anything, as right about then Ashley's order is delivered. One chocolate malt milkshake and another pastry. "Yeah." She says afterwards, "It was pretty alright." She says in a tone that tries to be casual but really suggests it was far more than just 'alright'.

Amy's right. Probably not the best time of place to get into //that// discussion. Thankfully, there is food and drink to distract them. "Thank you" she smiles politely to the waitress - almost a politician's smile. "Yeah, pretty alright" she confirms once they are alone again. Doing her best to duplicate the nonchalance of Amy...with about the same level of success. Must keep Amy calm. "Are you going to go to Prom?"

Finishing her food off, and then just nursing the drink after another mouthful, Amy leans back and looks at Ashley, tilting her head a little. "I dunno. Maybe. I was gonna ask, you know, but I figure how that answer's gonna go." She looks pointedly at Ashley there, considering and then shrugging. Perhaps not the best topic that might keep Amy calm. "I'm sure I'll convince ... someone." Somehow, she manages to make that sound threatening, the way she uses the word 'convince'.

Ashley may be smart but she sometimes blows it in the empathy stakes. Really stupid topic of conversation! Change it...quick. "How are your family?" She may even include the one that used to beat her up all the time in that polite question. A suck on her milkshake straw and a bite of the pastry. "Yummy" she sighs happily before chewing on her lower lip while looking over at Amy. Ashley feels terrible about how bad she treats her in public...but this is not the time to explain her stupidity. "Would you like to for a walk or something?"

It's always a thing that's uncertain with Amy. Sometimes she's fine with it, and doesn't make a big deal. But sometimes it gets to her and when it does, it really does. She's doesn't especially like making Ashley feel bad though, so she tries to keep it under control. "They're fine. We got things going on, you know. I haven't seen Danni in a bit, she lives so far away now." It's not really that far, but there you go. "We can walk, if you want. Or run. I could burn off some energy."

"I am glad everything is well with them" Ashley smiles, her diction achingly perfect; not like it is when they are alone and she can be herself. "Maybe we could go up and see Danni sometime if you want? I can get a car. Maybe even steal my brothers." A wicked little giggle at that idea. "I mean borrow of course." Though Amy also says a word that has Ashley a little alarmed. "Run? Umm...I'm not really dressed for that." Perfect excuse! Though the wish to burn off energy has Ash blushing a little as her mind wanders to such nice places. "Sorry, drifted a bit there." Another slurp on her milkshake. "Could go down to the beach..."

"Maybe. I should go kick her in the shins for not seeing me for so long," Amy agrees with a nod of her head. Not that she's likely to just show up and kick her sister in the shins, but hey. Surely they've gotten into some scraps before. She climbs up to her feet, snagging her books and shoving them in her bag, slinging the tattered thing over her shoulder. "Well, true, we can just walk. One day I'll get you in some skates and we'll zip around, it's great. Come on." She doesn't really have an idea in mind, but apparently the thought of moving has her itching to do just that.

A quick last bite of her pastry, and a suck on her straw, before Ashley too is rising up to leave. Her tiny backpack soon back in place. "We could go skating, sure" she agrees, maybe even sounding a little enthusiastic at the idea. Freeland's will try anything...especially crazy things. Whether they have the skills or not. She heads on out with Amy into a lovely spring evening. "How many school sport teams are you in these days?"

"Yeah, we'll have to do that some time," Amy agrees with a little more enthusiasm at the idea, glancing up at the sky a moment and just relishing being outside. This is the real reason why she doesn't get a lot of schoolwork done. She's not lazy -- ask any of those coaches of the sports teams she's on. "As many as they'll let me be, and that I have time for. Mosstly track and swim. Volley ball. And I know you know that -- keeping up appearances with school spirit and all, huh? I see it like it is girlfriend, and I know what you're really there to watch." She says wryly, with a bit of a smirk showing. "I might get into professional fighting after school. Morrison might be able to help me."

Ashley's blushing at Amy's words proves that she isn't wrong about the reasons that the Freeland girl watches the Lester play a lot of sport. And when she practices. Her posse assume Ash is watching all the boys...like they are. "The Student President has to be there to support the school teams" she shrugs, trying to regain the moral high ground. "Since I'm not really cheerleader material, I have to do what I can." A look of surprise at Amy's career aspirations. "Oh...okay." She thinks on this information being nodding. "Yeah, I could see you doing that. You don't mean that 'Foxy Boxing' stuff, do you? I mean, you'd look awesome, but you'd beat those girls up with one hand behind your back." A pause. "Not that I watch a lot of that."

"Fuck no, that shit isn't even a fight, not really. Just an excuse for horny people to look at women. Which, hey, you know, I can certainly understand, but no, that's not what I mean." She starts to walk along, heading towards the park, an the beach. "Or maybe focus on swim or track? I guess I'll have to cut down to something and get really, really good at it. Like, the best. Good enough for the Olympics even." She does have big dreams. "I could get into boxing or wrestling at the Olympics? Yeah. What are you gonna do after high school?"

"I could definitely see you in the Olympics" Ashley smiles with some pride for Amy's abilities. "And if you were in a swimsuit or a wrestling leotard, I'd be happy" she grins, nudging the other girl with her shoulder. "You already kick it at the school competitions." When she is allowed to show up. "I dunno what I'm gonna do. Something important, obviously. Maybe I'll do law or something?" Her tone much more informal now that are alone. "Got to get into college first but that should be no probs. Mom would //love// her darling daughter ending up a judge or something." Though Ashley doesn't sound too excited about it.

"Yeah, it'd be pretty fuckin' rad." Amy agrees, nudging Ashley back with a small smile there. "Well, I'm not as good at the wrestling, but I've got a good idea of what I'm doing otherwise. I just dunno how it's all gonna shake out after graduation. I guess a lot of it could depend on things," she glances at Ashley, tilting her head a little. "Until I get shit sorted I guess I'll work at my mom's auto shop. And hey! Maybe you should be a judge. And we'll rig it every time someone tries to slap me with a fucking assault charge." She grins.

"Don't put yourself down. I think you're pretty damn good at wrestling" Ashley replies ever so innocently before her smile fades a little about 'things'. "Yeah, I guess we need to see how 'things' go. Hopefully they go good. I want them to." Ashley nods about the auto shop. "That's why you need to learn about coefficients" she teases, "To work on cars." A sudden laugh about her role as judge. "Not sure it really works like that. You might have to use me in my lawyer stage." With the sun setting, Ashley casually strokes her fingers against Amy's, intertwining them after a few moments.

"Maybe, but I'm better at other things. Prefer to throw a punch than a hold." Amy says with a shrug of her shoulders, not perhaps getting the innuendo going on there. She clasps at Ashley's hand when the offer is made there though, just holding onto it and glancing aside. "Does your lawyer stage come in a suit and those little miniskirts and everything? I could surely 'use' you in that stage," she teases suggestively before glancing away again. "But then I guess you'd still be out of my league."

"I'm in a mini-skirt now" Ashely points out with a giggle. "The shool uniform look is in. You should try it." She screws up her nose as she considers her words. "Nah, maybe not, you really kick the singlet and jeans look." A sigh of longing. "Totally. But, yeah, there will be a suit and pencil skirt stage if that gets you going." Though that last comment hurts and she squeezes her lover's hand a little tighter. "You're not out of my league" she sighs sadly. "I'm with you now, right? And I care about you...a lot."

"Hey, you're right," Amy says brightly, using her other hand a moment to shift as though she's going to put her hand up the girl's skirt. With a laugh, she forces a smile a moment shifting there and stopping as she faces the girl. "Maybe." She says dubiously to that reassurance, a bit unfairly. "But you care too much about what other people think, Ash. Fuck 'em, that's what I say about it all. And if anyone gave you shit for 'that Lester girl' then I'm make 'em shut the fuck up anyway. Don't sit here and tell me I'm not out of your league when all this goes on. I put up with a lot, but I'm not going to wait around forever, you know."

Ashley looks to be about to dodge that groping hand but thankfully it's a feint. Unfortunately, it is a feint for something serious. She stops, avoiding Amy's eyes as it begins. "You're not waiting around" Ashley offers, feebly. "We //are// together." Though she knows that is hardly going to appease an angry Amy. She takes both of her lover's hands in her now, caressing them gently. "Amy. I...I'm pretty sure I love you. I love being with you. I love the incredible sex. Oh, gosh, this will be so hard to say right but first you have to know that I have never thought anything but the best about you. I care about you so much and every time that I...snub you...in public it hurts. It hurts so bad." This is not going to come out right. No matter how she tries to say it.

"You're right, I care about what others think, but only because I want to be at the top. And, sometimes, that means you have to care about perceptions and expectations. Especially where my mother is concerned. I...I'm not a heartless person, Amy. I really, really do care about you." Though Ashley was never such a social climber before her mother was. "And mom...mom is always trying to push me. The only way I can even be seen by her is if I'm the best around. I...I guess I want to please her. I don't want her to forget about me, you know?"

"Oh sure, we're totally together, it's just that nobody else gets to know about it and I'm the one who has to feel like she's hidden away. Except your brother, I guess. I am in love with you, Ash. I know I have been for a fucking while now. And everyone is talking about Prom and I --- I hoped." She says in a small voice that sounds very unlike Amy. "But hey," she shifts, turning away and blinking as she stares across the way. "Guess I'm just a fucking idiot Lester who'll never be good enough for you or your mother or whoever else.

She pulls away then, shaking her head and there just so happens to be a trash can nearby, in one of those wooden enclosures for public use. With a shout, Amy is kicking it suddenly, the wood splintering beneath her booted foot in a sudden outburst of pent up emotion that Amy really doesn't know how to process in any other way. She kicks it again, and again, several more times before she's left breathing heavily. It's hardly a work out for her. "Fuck," she says, staring at the damage and then shifting to keep walking again. Gotta put distance between her and the property damage! "I ... I don't want you to be forgotten about either," she says after a moment. "By your mom or whoever."

Despite her Alpha Bitch reputation, Ashley does have a heart under all that surface cool. There really is no defence to Amy's complaints - though she will smile a little at the admission of love. And then things become violent. Not good. Every kick getting a wince from the Freeland...and some amazement at the damage getting done. A nervous look around for witnesses before she is rushing to catch up with the walking Amy.

"I made a deal with Jade for Prom" Ashley blurts out. "Purely business. Making sure that we would be King and Queen but sooo not dating or anything like that." She has no doubt that Amy will take this well. They're both mature adults; one gets angry, one is stubborn. "But I want to dance with you at the Prom. I want you to be there...with me."

Given the look of anger in Amy's eyes, any witenesses that aren't the police are likely to think twice before questioning the angry teen. "Jade fucking Marchant," she seethes, "That little cunt is who you're going with? What's so good about him, because his family is loaded?" She scowls and glances aside, but does slow to little to for Ashley to catch up and keep on walking with her. "This isn't how ... I expected this conversation to go. In my head when we said those words," the 'love' word most likely, "It wasn't like this." She sighs a little, rubbing at her thigh a moment. "I don't even know if I'll go. We'll see."

"It's purely business" Ashley insists, because that makes it all okay. "He's the richest guy in school and will buy all the votes. I am the most popular girl in school, so I'll win Queen. I didn't want to have to deal with a jock King. Jade is someone I can control. And we've already agreed that it means nothing other than ensuring our election." She tries to hold Amy's hand again. "It's not how I wanted it to go either but I don't want any secrets from the woman I love. Jockettes are awesome though. And if you don't go, who will I dance with? It //won't// be Jade."

"Well, maybe you should have thought about that before making all these plans." Amy says with a shrug of her shoulders, withdrawing her hand from Ash's grasp. "But you've got it all figured out and I guess I'll just fall into line. Well, maybe I'm busy anyway. I wouldn't want to be around to ruin your perfect night anyway, O Prom Queen." In truth, Amy doesn't really understand the prom Queen thing. But she's never been one of the popular kids in that sort of sense. "Look Ash, you just do what you gotta do. Forget about me."

Another pout as her hand is rejected. That Freeland stubborness starting to rise. That 'speak before you think' has been proudly on display so far, so why stop now? "Don't you tell me to forget you. How can I forget you? I love you! I know you think Prom is a piece of shit but it's important to me, and I thought someone who loved me would understand that. Guess I wasn't falling into line with what you expected. I'd love to live in a world where I could kiss you in the middle of the mall and no one would bat an eyelid about you being a Lester. That your family would be treated with respect but that is not the world we live in." It certainly doesn't help that the Lesters are more than happy to bully and bash their way through life. "But when we go to college...once we graduate...we can live how we want to live. We will just have a future, not a past. Move to San Francisco or something?"

"How the fuck am I going to move to San Francisco, Ash? That money isn't going to magically just appear because we want it to. But there it fucking is. All because of a fucking name." Amy shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head, stepping away. "Guess we're both just fooling ourselves, huh? I really should've known better than to expect anything. Story of my fucking life." Another shrug of her shoulders. "Eh, fuck this, I'm outta here." And with that sudden shutdown she moves away, and she's about to take off into a run. Unless Ash can keep up, she'll be gone shortly.