Log:Commitment in Another Life

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Commitment in Another Life
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Industrial Boulevard
Date  •  2019-08-25
Summary  •  Ashley comes to Amy with a confession and a question. They continue discuss their plan to spy on the Painkillers.

It's so late Friday night that it's actually Saturday morning. Is Amy and her mother asleep? Not for long, as the rumble of Cash's car approaches their domicile. It is a loud car and not usually Ashley's style but it is she that is driving. No sign of her brother. Rumbling to a halt outside the Lester dwelling, there soon follows the slamming of a door as the driver gets out. She is in jeans and t-shirt, very casual, and is carrying a bouquet of flowers that, at this time of morning, she probably got from a gas station on the way. It's the thought that counts. A deep breath and she knocks on the door. The front door.

It takes some time for the house to stir. As it turns out, Amy is awake. Her mother, likely not. But people coming to the door this late at night is something else. Did she wake anyone up? Maybe. But there's the sound of movement behind the walls before too long, and the door opens just slightly. Amy's the one answering it. "The fu--" she cuts off a moment and stares a little out there. "The fuck." She decides is an appropriate exclamation. "... hi." She says, more curious than concerned, though does turn to shout down the house, "It's okay mom, it's just Ashley." Then she's looking back, and stepping aside. "What's going on? You wanna come in?"

"I do want to come in" Ashley nods, "But first I need to say something." Another deep breath. "I love you, Amy Lester. I have loved you for a year and during that time I have treated you terribly in public. I was selfish and concerned with things that pale in importance to my feelings for you. I was stupid and that you haven't dumped me for good already is something that I should be thankful for every day I live. Amy...will you come to the Prom with me? Will you let me tell the world that I love you and never let me be rude and disrespectful to you or your family ever again." She holds out the flowers. "Will you please forgive me for being such a bitch to you."

Amy waits patiently for a moment, perhaps about to say something or another until that deep breath comes and she just waits. Her eyes widen a little. At first, she glances away a second, staring at her feet. The mix of emotion that's going on is something else. She glances up at the end, reaching for the flowers, glancing at them. She's not much of a flower kind of girl, but she appreciates the gesture all the same, holding onto them for a moment. "'bout time ..." she says after a moment, before her lips twitch in a bit of a smile, and she gestures Amy inside. "What's ... what about Jade and Heather and everyone and all your hopes? That's important too, Ash. Isn't it?" She blinks a little. "But if you're sure, of course I will go with you. Nothing would make me happier."

"That's not important anymore" Ashley smiles, relieved that it went quite well. "Not compared to you. I'll let Jade know it's off and I don't think he'll mind. It seems he is dating Spear now. And I'm going to see the school committee on Monday to argue for King and Queen to be any sex and any orientation." She smiles wickedly. "And if you don't think I can still win with you on my arm, you don't know me very well. If your mom is awake, I can let her know now. We are going to be the most beautiful couple there."

"Well I guess you could change it if you want. Ugh, this means I'm going to be in the spotlight now doesn't it." Amy shifts a little, gesturing for Ashley to take a seat in the living room while she goes to sort out those flowers. Put them in water or something. Does she even know what to do. Maybe. She's back in a moment without them, anyway, grinning. "Not that, you know, that matters to me really. I hope that you win. Don't worry about my mom, she's probably asleep again." She smiles again, moving close to Ash to wrap her arms around her. "Hey, um. Thanks. What caused this change all of a sudden?" She wonders quietly.

"You deserve to be in the spotlight. You're the most important thing in my world" Ashley smiles before finding a place to sit while Amy disappears with the flowers. She looks around, trying not to be judgemental. The Lesters have it tough and there's no shame in that. And then Amy is back and Ashley is happy to sink into that embrace, wrapping her own arms around her beloved. "I guess I woke up to myself. Life is too short and you are the best thing in it...and I treated you terribly for too long. I got hung up on all the wrong things. Cash helped me realise what the important things are in life. And how you should never take them for granted."

"And you had to come running over at stupid o'clock in the morning to share this revelation," Amy says with a laugh and a shake of her head, leaning close to press a kiss to Ashley's mouth, letting it linger a moment. "Even though we're going to run off for a weekend." She grins a little at that and shrugs a shoulder with a lopsided motion. "Guess I should thank Cash then, huh." She muses quietly.

Oh how Ashley loves kissing Amy. Returning it eagerly, even a little hungrily. An embarrassed shrug about her timing. "I couldn't wait. I wanted you to know straight away because you deserved it." She screws up her nose. "Was I stupid? It's okay, you don't owe Cash anything. It was me who needed to hear it. You knew it already. You were always the smarter one." A glance out front. "And I have Cash's car for our getaway. Pretty fancy, right?"

More kisses, those little things just pressed to Ash's face as Amy holds her close. There's a laugh there and she shakes her head. "Well. I guess I shouldn't complain, even if I was about to go to bed and everything," she muses further. "You were pretty stupid, but I told you this a few times, huh? But, you know. I got it too. Mostly." Except all those times it really got to her, but lets not worry about that! "Cash's car huh. That's something else, for sure." Despite her mother owning an auto shop, she -- perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not -- doesn't much care about cars. She still runs or skates everywhere herself.

"Don't let me..." Kiss. "...stop..." Kiss. "...you going..." Kiss-kiss. "...to bed." It was a long time being said but Ashley eventually got it out. "You can just take me too" she smiles bashfully." A shrug about the car. "Meh...it's okay." Ashley's learned that indifference from Amy. "How far away is this motel of there's? I assume we have to drive there. I mean, it //is// a motel. Are you packed?"

"This is getting to be a routine. You in my bed." Amy muses with a grin, another kiss. "I could get used to it though." A squeeze at Ash's form again and she leans her head on the other girl's shoulder. "It's a bit away, yeah. Better to drive. Besides, best to have a car if we need to get outta there quick, yeah? Just in case and all that." A beat. "More or less. Got a few last minute things to do but yep, I'm packed otherwise."

"Not that we need to pack much clothes" Ashley blushes. "We could make it a regular thing" she smiles, "The sharing a bed. Especially if we get those scholarship forms filled in and you come with me to a college. I'll go wherever is smart enough to recruit you." She runs her fingers through Amy's hair, leaning her head against her girlfriend's in turn. "Did you tell someone where we're going? Someone who hasn't been affected by the 'drug'?"

There's a snicker from Amy at the lack of clothes comment and she leans close, tilting her head to that touch and enjoying the feeling. "I reckon you shouldn't limit yourself for me though. Fuckin ... you can get into a much better college than I ever would, I'm sure." There's a pause in quiet before she makes a sort of noise. "My mom knows where I'm going, even if she doesn't know why," she says a touch quieter. "I don't really. Know who to tell, who isn't affected."

"You underestimate how good an athlete you are. Any school would be grateful to have you. An Olympian...how could they not? I've snubbed you for 'prestige' enough in my life already, Amy. No more. Now we stick together" Ashley promises sincerly before nodding about Amy's mother being informed. "My parents would freak out" she laughs. "But you're right, who has been infected? Cash was telling me that they attacked him, Jade and Spear in the cemetery. But it sounded like a dream. He said his music teacher was decapitated but she is alive and well."

"Hah," Amy says with a laugh, another kiss given there. "I'd have to actually get somewhere for that to be true. I hope it happens, but we'll see!" But it's true, Amy's got a lot of potential. If she'd just sit down and figure out what particular athletic pursuit to focus on rather than trying them all." She blinks a little though and sits up, staring at Ashley. "What. They were attacked?" And someone was decapitated but is okay. Blink blink. "Uh, what? I'm not ... following."

"Let's fill in the forms and get some scouts out to look at you. It will happen for sure." Ashley has supreme confidence in her lover. As for the rest. "Yeah, it confused me too." With no Amy against her anymore, she tries to relate it correctly. "Cash, Spear and Jade were in the cemetery, and some of the Painkillers showed up. Cash said they throw a motorcycle at him, just missing his head. Then they started flying and one of them had the head of his music teacher. Yet, when he called her lately, she was fine. Another giveaway was that Cash woke up screaming on a Marchant couch afterwards. So, obviously, the head was a dream. But for some reason, he won't admit the flying and motorcycles were a dream. A shared dream but we have no idea whatever it is they've been taking can do."

"Okay..." Amy listens and shakes her head. "This is getting fucked up. I'm tempted to say your brother should maybe seek some fucking professional help." She winces a little at voicing that, though pauses afterwards. "They all dreamed it?" She leans back then, considering. "Man, I have no idea what all this means. Sounds ... just kinda crazy. Why is he so sure it wasn't a dream?"

"He's basing his surety on how they all saw it. I tried to convince him. Why was the severed head a dream but the rest of it wasn't? It doesn't make sense" sighs Ashley, not wanting to think her twin is crazy. "He didn't really give me a good reason for that. But //he// is convinced. Maybe the others are too." She tries to rest her head on Amy's chest, snuggling in for a little protection against the weird world. "Maybe some kind of hypnotism and suggestion with whatever they've taken? I'd believe that more than vampires."

Now it's Amy's turn to lightly run her hand through Ash's hair, sitting on the couch. "I dunno Ash. It doesn't make sense. Nothing has made any fucking sense ever since there was a apparently a murder the cops can't prove and vampires were involved. Or maybe since those fuckers were handing out drugged wine at a beach part. They're up to somethin'. I said something like that whole thing though didn't I? Suggestion or hypnotism or whatever. I don't fucking know." She sighs a little, shaking her head. "I dunno how he can be convinced of one thing in face of the evidence either."

"You've always been the smartest of us" Ashley smiles, "You see through the bullshit. Don't overthink things to meet your own prejudices. We'll find out what is really going on this weekend. Show the evidence to the police. To our friends. Make them see what is real and what is not. Maybe we can grab a sample of the drug? I borrowed my Dad's camera. It's an old one but it works."

"Fuck off, I'm not smart," Amy says with a roll of her eyes. "But maybe I do see through bullshit more than the average ... whoever." She runs her hand through Ashley's hair still, glancing down at her with a careful look. "... that's very maybe. We're gonna watch, see what we can see. Sneaking around through their shit, that's a way to get on the Painkiller's bad side, and they're not great people no matter what other rumours are all going the fuck around."

Ashley giggles at Amy's protestation. "Smart is not just book learning. I mean, you love me, that's pretty smart. The way the Painkillers have threatened my brother, I think I'm already on their bad side by association. They've been around a while, right? Why are they suddenly acting up now? Never mind, we have this weekend to figure it out. Right now I just want to be with you like I always should have been."

Amy just answers that with another kiss, tilting her head down to provide the action and she grins. "I dunno what's going on, I guess that's why you want to find out. It's getting pretty weird though." She shifts a little. "Come on, I'm still pretty tired. Let's go to bed, huh?" She grins, and the glint in her eye suggests sleeping is not actually what's on her mind.

"They say this is the best years of our lives. Not sure what to make of that" Ashley smirks before nodding to Amy's request. "Okay, let's get you to bed and sleep." Though she does catch that glint in the eye, looking a little pleasantly alarmed. "Or bed at least" she giggles. It may be a late start to drive out to the motel.