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Coming in the Back Door
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Justin Michaels  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Morrison Lester  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Landon Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •
Location  •  From Behind
Date  •  2019-10-23
Summary  •  A team led by Morrison Lester come in quietly through the backdoor in the hopes of getting a drop on the Vamps for the final showdown. There are some casualties along the way.

It's all huge weeds and brush that they practically have to push through to get to the back porch. The door is sightly open, and may not even lock or close anymore. The wood-framed screen door has fallen off its hinges and lays on the deck nearby. It's dark inside, but there's that flicker of light from within.

Morrison pauses on the porch and lets his keen senses take in the sounds of the house from the doorway, listening to see if he can hear anyone moving within nearby. And provided that he doesn't hear anyone in the immediate area of the door, he heads on in and toward that light, motioning for the others to follow behind him. He keeps a firm grip on the blade that Chen gave him as they go.

Hector moves as quietly as he can mannage in those boots, machete in his dominent hand and the water pistol for minions in the other. His face is mask like in expressionless concentration. He keeps glancing up. They can fly after all and he doesn't know if they are all in there.

Moving quietly along, Landon continues to listen for voices, trying to get any sense on if Lucas were in there or not. He wants to just break the door down and go searching, so he's antsy right now with his hands clutched tightly around his wooden stake. His gaze continues to flicker between windows, hoping to see some sign. However, with the back door removed from its hinges, he has to wonder what happened here.

Cash hangs back, eyes up for flying ambushes. His saw-bat is up and ready but his confidence seems low. At least he's quiet.

Felicity is trusting the others to keep an eye on the house and the way forward, instead looking around and up and behind them, trying to keep an eye out for traps or just vampires or servants who had been out for something and are now coming back. She's also looking to see if she can find some good net tie-off points. She's trying to be quiet, but this is not her forte, really.

Justin is sweating, and not only because he's bedecked in hockey pads in the middle of an Arizona summer. At least the night is cooling down. He keeps the spear at a slight angle in front of him as he follows along, trying to look braver than he feels.

The door opens to reveal a washroom and kitchen beyond, both large, with cracked tile floors and peeling walls, the appliances long ago rusted out. Candles have been set out all over, giving a creepy, flickering glow of light. There's a door to what is probably a large pantry, another on the other side of the room that has no door and is mostly empty storage. A darkened hallway leads further into the house on the far side of the room.

Morrison takes a moment to open the pantry to make sure no one or nothing is inside of it, before moving further into the house, following the candlelight. He nods to the others to check the storage briefly, motioning toward it, and then continues forward.

Her grip on the scissors tightens, holding them up like a dagger in her hand as Mona scans their surroundings. She doesn't speak, but something about this doesn't feel right, and she glances over to Zane before proceeding on, keeping pace with him. The candles? Looks like fire isn't a concern.

Creeping forward, Landon turns in Morrison's direction to try and gauge what's beyond the pantry door, before he goes sniffing around near the darkened storage area. He's trying to rely on his sense of hearing as much as possible, but with as many of them as there are, there's bound to be a lot of creaky boards as they move on through.

Light flickers brighter down at the end of the hall, probably the front of the house where Chen and crew are. Halfway down the hall are two doorways, one on on each side, across from each other. Light flickers from within them, too.

Hector keeps glancing up for ceiling ambushes, but obeys as silently as possible checking storage like the good little soldier he isn't with Landon.

Justin pokes his nose and the tip of his stake-spear into the storageroom, giving the room a quick glance before following on with the rest of the group.

Both the pantry and storage are empty - of people, at least. Lots of old junk.

Felicity stays at the back of the group, letting the others crowd into the house while she sets herself up to guard the backdoor. Okay, so 'guard' here probably means 'scream to alert the others before dying horribly if anyone actually does attack from behind', but maybe she'll get lucky.

With the pantry and the storage clear, Morrison continues on into the hall. When they come to the two doors, he remains back, not heading toward the front of the house. That's where Chen and the others are covering. And so he continues to move onward toward those two rooms. Since there is light coming from both, he remains as close to one wall as he can to try and get a look into first one, and then the other, without standing in front of the doorways if possible.

Sensing the others in the distance, Chen's party, some sort of relief washes over Landon for the time being. The others were near and if need be, both groups should be able to catch the attention of the other. For now, he keeps close against one of the walls, trailing behind Morrison as his older brother inspects both doors, taking a peek into the first only once Morrison moves on to the second.

Hector falls back in with the group once he;s sure nothing's lurking in there. He gives Felicity a worried look, but continues forward. Something in his espression suggests this whole thing has a dreamlike quality for him, or possibly it resonates with his nightmares. He keeps waiting for some horrible bloody surprise.

As Morrison looks carefully around the corner into what looks to be a large dining room, a shotgun blast cracks loudly and only just misses his face by random - or not so random - luck. The sound causes everyone to jump, and Landon to look back over his shoulder, which saves him from getting his own head shot off a split second later when a second shot comes from the room he was about to peek into.


The shotgun blast goes off very, very close to his face and while he was expecting /something/ to happen, the sound of it is still particularly jarring to his sensitive hearing and he stumbles back a bit from the doorways, both because of the blasts, and to try and avoid taking a second, better-aimed shot, to the face. "Anything that'll absorb a shotgun blast in that junk back there?" he asks to those behind him that actually looked in the storage area.

Cash yelps at the first shot and manages to cover his mouth before the second. As if his silence matters now. By reflex, he ducks, dropping to a knee. Beyond that, the kid is scared and doesn't move from his spot, which still at the rear of the group.

Felicity jumps, whipping her head around towards the sound of the shotgun blasts and then a few seconds later immediately looks back towards the brush and stuff, worried it's a signal as much as an attack, scanning for movement or attack or light or anything out there behind the house.

That first blast that echoes through the room is more than enough to startle the group. Everything was quiet, so to hear that thunderous sound makes Landon stop dead in his track, the way that his heart practically stopped beating within his chest for those few mere seconds, before picking up rapid pace immediately following. "Holy shit." He seethes breathlessly through clenched teeth, ducking down for cover once he realizes just how close that call was. Wide eyes stare out at Morrison and whatever brave face he'd put on earlier begins to fade. Catching his breath, he murmurs, "I've only got a few stakes. This backpack isn't gonna stop a shotgun blast."

Hector makes an alarmed squeek and ducks into a squat, looking frantically about to see if anyone is hit. Then he's duck walking back to the kitchen for any old baking trays or skillets he can find.

Justin yelps at the first shotgun blast, and manages only to flinch at the second. "That's just not fair.." He leans back against the wall and peers right at the doorway, wracking his brain on what they can do. "Do we have any of the flare guns? I thought someone mentioned flare guns.."

So, maybe there is a place for the flare gun after all. People still don't enjoy getting shot, and the blast through the doorway reminds Mona precisely why. There's another squeeze to Zane's hand before she reaches for one of the flare guns to accompany her scissors. Not everything's a vampire, after all, and a flare gun can certainly sting one of their lackeys. She's not built for combat, even if she's hiding her nerves reasonably well. It's only the retreat of her fingertips and how they're shaking that would likely let on, or the way her breath starts to come faster as the silence settles in the wake of the blast.

Zane only-mostly stifles a yelp, hopping backward and toward the wall and automatically trying to pull Mona out of what part of his brain apparently thinks is 'the way'. He takes a breath, and returns the squeeze of her hand before reluctantly letting go, and at Justin's comment, checking where he has his flare gun tucked. Yup. Still there. "I've got one," he answers quietly, voice a touch shaky.

Morrison backs up away from the doors while the others go back to see if there's anything in the kitchen that could act as a shield of some sort, and also to see if anyone comes from the front of the house at the sound of the gunshots inside. For the moment, he's not liking the odds with just a blade in his hand. "Note to self -- if I survive this, I'm learning how to fire a gun." He takes a beat to think this situation over.

Hector grbs what he can as quickly as he can as far as skillets, trays, and the like and duck waks back towards Morrison, doing his best not to be an obvious target, but choosing speed over caution.

Cash regains his composure as people begin to move for cover. He keeps low, and head to the kitchen. He doesn't look for anything. He just ducks behind a wall, sits on the floor and pulls himself into a ball. "I should have stayed home." He whimpers. "I can't save anyone. I'm not a hero."

Justin eyes the trays and skillets dubiously. "I guess hold them over the vital parts? Those things..." He mimes a scatter shot, then peers at the doorways. "Shoot in the flareguns and bumrush?" He offers in hushed tones, shrugging his shoulders as that's as much of an idea as he can think of.

It takes a moment for Landon to catch his breath enough to make a low trek back and away from the twin doors. The nearest room would be the kitchen, so that's where he'll duck into along with most of the others. Watching as the others scramble to find pots and pans and things that might possibly protect them against a shotgun blast, Landon watches the hallway, listening for any footsteps that may be headed their way. "The others probably know that something is up by now." Chen's team. "At least this is a warning to them."

Felicity glances over as she hears Cash's whimper. "Cash, come sit by me and keep an eye out towards the hallway, let me know if anyone but our people is coming that way, okay?" A little louder to the others, still watching out the back. "You can usually get the doors off the front of a refrigerator pretty easily. I didn't notice if there was one, but that might help."

Armor is the sort of thing she would maybe have considered if they weren't so focused on vampires, and at some point, Mona will curse her lack of foresight on that front. She skirts back toward the kitchen, circling around the frame of the door to place herself behind the wall. It's not a great view of the hall, but it's something, and she switches her focus to the flare gun, glancing over it to be sure it's ready to fire.

They can hear reloading going on - they have single-barrel shotguns and have to reload after each shot. An opportunity, perhaps, if they can get them to shoot again without being hit.

Well-- the owners of the guns already know they're there, right? So it probably won't make things any *worse* when Zane raises his voice just enough to try to project to them. "Hey. Would you mind not shooting us, please? I mean, flat out murdering people isn't really what you wanted to do tonight, is it? We just want our friends and family back. And then you could go back to the good times you were having before all this stuff started and you got stuck, like, having to kill each other's siblings and stuff. So maybe just... don't shoot!" He has his weapons as ready as they're going to get but... maybe? He makes it as friendly as he can manage.

Cash nods a little at Felicity's words and starts towards her. The words about the fridge catch his attention. "I can get that off. I'll get that. I will." And that is what Cash focuses on. Anything but this nightmare for a moment.

Justin pulls off his hockey helmet and sticks it on the end of his spear, giving it a little wiggle. "I stick this past the door, and then someone runs in after they shoot it, yeah?" He looks around at the others, brow raised slightly as he waits for agreement or not.

Justin crouches in the hallway before the doors, bracing himself as he slowly inches the helmet on the end of the stick out between the doors. He's already gritting his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut against the shotgun blasts he knows are coming, and for his weapon to be significantly shorter in a moment.

Keeping his back against the wall, head turned so that he has some view, if not the best view, of the hallway and the door, Landon continues to keep vigilant watch. Scooting over to the side, to allow room for those others who want to try and distract the shooter, he murmurs, "Might be easier to just toss something to make them think that one of us is out there. You might need that." He nods over to the hockey helmet. He wont' stop them from pulling off this plan. In fact, he looks ready to take action once the shot is fired, alerting them to the fact that it was time to move, his own stake in hand.

Shots crack out again, blasting the helmet and stick from both directions. Amidst much cursing, they can hear the sounds of scrambling to reload again.

Hector passes Morrison his choice of makeshift kitchen sheilding. He cocks his hind leg in a sprinter's spring loaded position and waits for the signal just like he used to on track team, flashing Morrison a quick, youthful smile. Brothers in arms again, though this is so much more serious than a bar room brawl. He is determined to beat Morrison in this sprint. And then he's off at the sound of the blast, running hard for death or salvation.

Mona waits, clearing away from the doorframe as Justin pitches the plan and prepares. No flares for this; back to the scissors. She looks to Zane, something in her face disheartened by how little the earnest entreaty seems to move the shooters. The smile is brief, but meant to be reassuring. She tries to not look as frightened as she truly is.

When the shots ring out, she flinches visibly -- but gets ready to run for it as the others do.

Cash is really, really into getting the fridge door. He doesn't quite take note of the plan taking place. He is hitting the hinges with a baseball bat, butting the handle. One comes loose as the shots are fired. This startles him into turning to look. "T'fuck?" And then Hector's in a sprint. "No...what is he doing? Hector!" And Cash? He runs right behind him, trying to make him stop.

As they prepare to throw things into the room and rush, Morrison crouches near the door, coiled to move into action as soon as those blasts go off. He takes the baking pan to hold in front of his head/heart region. He gives Hector a nod, meeting his eyes. At least in this brawl, they're in it together and he's not trying to drag Hector out of it. Once they do, he is in motion, rushing into the room and lunging at the nearest shotgun-wielding thug along with whoever else is behind them. He doesn't hesitate to strike. These people were willing to kill them, he feels no compulsion from holding back to doing the same.

Each room has a gun-shooting goon, and by random chance Hector's choice manages to draw his Glock and fire while the one Morrison charges in the opposite room fumbles doing the same.

Both human familiars are then mobbed by attackers and overwhlmed.

Felicity is mostly watching out the backdoor, but then she hears Cash's yell and she whips around. "Cash Freeland de la Huerta, stop! I need you back here with me watching my back."

The blast alerts them that it was time. They either went in or give up that chance and allow their enemies to reload, giving them the advantage. As much as Landon's heart was racing, he has to remind himself that these goons had Lucas somewhere in here. That's enough to launch him forward, hoping that they weren't too late or miscalculated in any way. Following suit with Morrison, once his older brother's would-be shooter messes up his shot, he quickly moves in to take a swing at the guy's hand to knock the weapon right out of it, to start, hopefully, ensuring that everyone else was safe from blastfire.

Hector is grinning like a lunatic or possibly Douglas Farbanks Sr. in some swashbuckling role. he is swinging the machete when the bullet takes him. He has just long enough to look surprised and rasp, "Cash?" in a small lost voice, before collapsing liike a marrionette with cut strings, gouts of blood pumping hard out of the massive hole in his chest as his throat rattles in death.

Hector leaves back to The Workshop

Justin stands up and looks at his truncated weapon with a frown, then bends over a picks up his super dinged up helmet. He turns it over in his hand and tosses it aside after a moment. "Didn't fit right any..." Only then does he notice what happened in one of the rooms, winces and decides to cut his joke short and instead take a quick peek ahead.

It happens so fast. Cash doesn't even hear the Glock fire. He sees it and swings at the shooter's head. It's a nasty home run of a hit. The sawblade wedges into the skull and he falls. Cash pulls to get the bat back but, it's stuck real good. He leaves it because there is a loose gun now. He turns to pick it up and then he see it. He see Hector and gushing blood and Cash falls to his side, the Glock is set aside for the moment. He's pulling off his t-shirt and undershirt and shoving them against that massive chest wound. "Hector, baby? My love. My endless sky..." He whimpers as he tries to stem the flow of blood in vain. "Look at me, please? Oh...Vee. Felicity!" Cash screams her name. He sounds like a dying animal.

Morrison sees Hector go down and he turns on the goon that shot him and that blade moves fast, incredibly fast, as he practices his decapitation technique. He doesn't take the guy's head off, but there will be no surviving that gash, and whatever else the others decide to do to him. He looks back at Hector and Cash for just one moment, and then he's off after the others, continuing on to find their true targets.

She doesn't see it. She might stop if she had. Mona doesn't see Hector fall. It's arguable she doesn't see anything other than the goal at the end of that run: the stairs.

The stairs, and the chance to find her sister. "Catch up when you can, I'll keep my eyes open for Arthur!"

"Cash?! What's happened?! I don't want to leave the backdoor in case they have people out there to trap us." Felicity is looking torn, watch the retreat, that was the plan, well, her plan. But she can hear in Cash's voice that something really, really bad has happaned. There's a look to the hallways and then back out the door, scanning he woods.

Zane looks somewhat crestfallen when whoever has the gun is clearly unmoved by the suggestion to just, you know, NOT be a murderer. People are basically good, aren't they? He manages a tiny smile for Mona and readies his shovel just in case before the gunshot says maybe not these ones. He's gotten a decent hit on the one that Morrison went for, but that one's down, and the other-- and Hector-- he stares for a moment before whispering, "Shit," and then, "I'm sorry," but there's still the others and his brother in there somewhere, and basic first aid isn't going to help here. "I'm sorry," he says quietly again, and then hurries after Mona and co to the stairs.

Zane leaves back to The Workshop

Landon wanted answers and if he had to beat it out of this guy despite him bleeding out all over the floor thanks to Morrison. He's not the strongest of people, suffering from anemia and all, but he'll take swing after swing even once the man collapses to the ground in a bloody mess. "Where's Lucas? What did you do to him?" He doesn't even realize that Hector went down. Not until he's able to stop himself, but by then the shooter is already dead. Covered in sweat and breathing fiercely, he looks over to the others, eyes glassy. Was it really already too late to help? For a few seconds, he silently watches this all play out, but the others were right. If the captured were alive, they needed to find them before they ended up like-- "I'm Sorry." He murmurs, before he follows the others up the stairs.

No one is as sorry as Cash is. He's colorless and woozy, swaying slightly as whatever strength he has is focused on keeping pressure on the wound. He can't even answer Felicity. His eyes are on Hector's face. "Listen. Listen, you...we...have a life ahead. We have a whole life. Sand, sun, s-s-surf." But...there is no answer. Nothing. He can't answer Felicity. He starts to sing. Dream A Little Dream Of Me. "Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you//Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you//But in your dreams, whatever they be//Dream a little dream of me..." He lets Hector go and sits back on his heels. He can't answer Felicity.

But one more gunshot rings out. And that's all the answer she will get.

Felicity jumps at the gunshot and runs for the room, calling, "Cash! Hect..." And then she's in the doorway and staring for a while, just... looking. Frozen.

Eventually... minutes later, years later? She takes a shakey breath and looks around for a sheet or something to cover them. Her expression is cold, all her usual sparkle gone. Once they're covered, she takes off her ring and her bracelet and lays those on top, then goes back to watching the backdoor. And if she can't see well through her tears, at least there's no one else here to see it. But she's guarding the retreat, no matter what.