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Coming In the Front Door
Characters  •   Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Cash Freeland  •  James Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Morrison Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •  Lana Reed  •  Landon Marchant  •  Justin Michaels  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Arthur Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Old Abandoned House
Date  •  2019-10-22
Summary  •  It's the final showdown with Fran, and the group splits up to take both sides of the house. This intrepid group walks in the front door while the others go around back.

ROLL: Thea rolls finesse for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 3 4 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Esme rolls finesse for: [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 8 8 3 -- d8)

ROLL: Silver rolls finesse for: [1]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 7 7 8 -- d8)

ROLL: Silver rolls finesse for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 6 4 5 4 -- d8)

ROLL: Esme rolls finesse for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 6 3 3 -- d8)

ROLL: Landon rolls finesse for: [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 2 4 4 -- d6)

ROLL: Thea rolls finesse for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 1 2 6 -- d6)

ROLL: James rolls finesse for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 3 4 3 -- d8)

The sun is just setting when Chen notifies Mona that he's located them. Mona is left to pass the info along and rally the troops, and Chen will meet them there.

The location? Outside town, but South towards Parker instead of North towards Topock. A mile marker is given, along directions that takes everyone down a dirt road all the way down to the cliffs that overlook the Colorado River, some 80 feet below.

Beside those cliffs is an old, decrepit three-story house not visible from the highway. The yard is an unkempt mess of desert overgrowth, the house long abandoned. The flicker of light from within can be seen as night falls when they arrive, Chen waiting for them.

Hector is wearing jeans, his Doc Martens, and one of cash's old leather jackets despite the heat. He has a machete and a super soaker full of holy water. He has a baggies of salt and seeds in his pockets. He is tight lipped with fury. That's his Sister in there.

Of course she brought the flare guns -- like they'll be any help. Mona is wrapped up in leather again, and it helps just about as much. The look of concern on her face is plain, and she sticks near Zane with a wary glance now and then toward him, as if she expects him to bolt at any moment. The landscape gives her considerable pause as she gets out of the car. She doesn't actually have to look down to know how much of an advantage the ones on the side of this conflict that can fly have over the rest of them.

"This is it," she says, sucking in a quick breath. "Anybody have gear you want in hand, I suggest you get it ready." She watches the caravan of cars start to collect along the side of the dirt road. "Chen may have answers for us that don't involve using it, but be ready."

Someone has to take the proverbial bullet, so she approaches the cabin door, knocking politely. "Mister Chen, we're here."

Cash drove down but how he managed to focus is anyone's guess. He's panicked, flushed and trying to control his breathing. He is armed with a flashlight and some seeds and that's all. His eyes look sorrowful, hopeless.

After a close call of his own, seeing his sister taken, and then finding out that Thea had been snatched up as well, James Thistle is predictably agitated. Having gotten a ride out to the destination from Lana, he's dressed in jeans and a voluminous black hoodie, he's seated near the mile marker atop a dusty chunk of sandstone, with his leg restlessly twitching. "Go figure, by the time we get here the sun's checked out," he grouses, lips twisting into a grimace as his head turns to cast a morose stare out towards that last flicker of light on the horizon.

Jade coordinates with his sister, likewise in leather. He falls into step with her, armed with a pair of flare guns, holstered, a pair of wooden stakes strapped to his back, and a bottle in hand, a mix of vodka and holy water, with a rag stuffed in it. He's got a couple bottles in the pockets of his long dark coat. If one approaches any problem with a Molotov cocktail, voila! A new, more interesting problem.

They took his brother and his sister and Morrison is pissed. He's been more taciturn than usual. He looks pretty ready to wring someone's neck with his bare hands by the time that they arrive. He's got his heavy workboots on, jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. His hands are wrapped, but that's about it. He looks ready to give someone a beating, and who that might be really depends on who gets in his way first.

Spear does not want to be here. He already spent time kidnapped and locked up, and being miserable. He looks miserable _now_. He would NOT be here, but they have his sister. Well, and Jade's. And so here he is, skinny and worried. Spear has a pair of fingerless gloves on, and leather pants and a leather jacket. Spiked collar. Black sneakers. And a backpack of 200 ml glass bottles of gasolene and both matches and a clicky lighter. Apparently he is Jade's spare ammunition carrier.

Chen gets out of and stands beside an old British car, vintage by the looks of it, and wears his duster and fedora over his business suit. A leather antique medical bag is held in one hand.

"I had to call in a very big favor to find this place," he tells them. He eyes the various things they carry. "You'll find much of that unreliable. Age and power give Vampires strength. The younger and weaker one is, they more they are bound to the legends and superstitions. Holy water, crosses, those may work on the young. As they age they shed those weaknesses. With them, only a stake or decapitation is worth it, and Swindon cannot be staked. I'm hoping Francine can be. Don't bother with anythhing but stakes and blades where she and Mr. Payne are concerned."

Black jeans. Black doc martens. Black turtle neck (because it covers her delicious neck?). Black leather jacket. Black eye-liner. Her Dad's red fanny pack full of bits to help her hopefully fight if needed. Lana comes meaning business. She gets out of the driver side of the car as James steps out the passenger side. The look on her face is determined, and pissed. Her sister is in there. They cannot have her sister! Lucas is in there too, and Thea and Silver. She is not going to take this laying down. She walks up to the others, looking to follow Mona's lead in the moment, as she made the call to arms. When she mentions taking out weapons, Lana pulls a stake out of her backpack and a squirt gun with holy water out of the fanny pack. She has more, but not more hands. It will do for now.

Landon and Lucas were separated for only a brief moment of time, but this was enough for Lucas to disappear from his life without Landon being able to do a damn thing about it. Nevermind, that he had his own problems to deal with. Evading capture from some vampire goons. Rather than return home immediately, he searched all over Lucas and Silver after the attack. When there are no signs of them, he can't help but be filled with dread. Trying to contact Esme brought a similar silence. Where was everyone? But he figured he already knew.

When word spread out that several more were taken including Thea and Lennon, of all people, Landon joins up with the others. There's this growing sense of panic within him. There was never a time that he didn't know where his twin was. He's not even sure if Lucas was alive right now! Look, they can't sense whether the other is hurt, alright, like some other fictional twins. Either way, he's come dressed in what he was wearing during his attack, his usual shirt, blazer, tie and slacks combo. Though his attire may be slightly disheveled due to searching high and low for his brother. He's carrying a few stakes in his backpack. He's sticking close to Morrison, but he's not hiding behind his older brother. Not with so much at stake.

So much for keeping his nose clean. Justin actually has shown up, probably motivated to move once he heard Lucas was missing. The basketball player has dug up some old hockey gear from somewhere, it doesn't quite fit him, but the face mask and the hockey stick certainly make him look more ready to get into a tussel than just showing up sans anything. For the moment, he's sticking close to Landon, knowing they have they same goal as far as certain people go, but he's quiet and keeping his thoughts to himself.

Ashley is still grounded after her abduction but she wasn't missing this. Having snuck out of the house thanks to Cash distraction, and with Amy also in the back seat of her brother's car, the Prom Queen is going over the contents of her bag. "So we have the breakable flasks with the Holy Water. At lest, I hope the break when they hit people. We have strings of garlic..." She lifts one out and screws up her nose at it. "I can't believe I am wearing this." Reluctantly, she puts one around her neck before handing others around. Stakes are de rigeur these days.

Ashley is in skirt and t-shirt - doing her best to remain fashionable no matter the mission. "Poor Esme. We're going to have to end this tonight, Amy. We have lives to live and I'm sick of worrying about these badly dressed, filthy losers." She will listen intently to Chen once they reach him, nodding along intently, and ready to get a victory on the board. "So, I don't have to wear the garlic?"

Amy's heard the call, and she's here. Cousins. Friends. Well. People she knows. Look, they went to highschool together. Regardless of how many people she picked on and beat up, they were still part of the group. Besides, fuck these vampires. Naturally, she attempted to get Ashley to stay behind. It went about as well as could be expected. Now she's here. No weapons, no trinkets, no superstitions. Just Amy. She's dressed for a fight, rather than in her jeans. A pair of red shorts, a black singlet. She doesn't even really raise a brow when Chen suggests blades and stakes. There's a sidelong glance to Ashley, and then another at Jade.

"No offense Marchant but you throw like a girl. Careful with those things."

This leather thing is becoming a trend, clearly. Zane's in it too, trousers and jacket and the bandolier thing with the little containers of salt and, now, holy water, because it might work maybe? He's ended up with a flaregun as well, and a... shovel. The top end's been sharpened, which makes it probably no longer ideal for actually trying to dig with, but much better for trying to get stakey with. Theoretically. He's got a wooden cross necklace on that he probably found in a thrift store or something, and looks angry and unhappy, mostly, at the moment. Quieter than usual, as he has been since his twin disappeared, and he's with Mona and Jade, as one might expect.

Hector nods at Chen, taking that in. He turns to the others, "We have a ton of stakes in the car, and machetes and makeshift weapons, if people want to arm up." He looks pointedly at Morrison's empty hands. "We might try holy water and stuff on her back up band, maybe. Mr. chen, do the old vampires burn?"

Yeah, what about fire?" Jade asks Chen. "Fire ruins everyone's day, doesn't it?" He tugs his rosary out from under his shirt so it lays visible on his chest, wearing it like a necklace. "Or will it just, like, make them more dangerous because now they're on fire?" He casts a skittish glance around. He's not a fighter, he's a lover. He's not even that much of a lover, but damn it, he's not cut out for this.

Chen's revelation leaves James retrieving his dinky neon green translucent plastic squirtgun from the pocket of his hoodie and staring down at it skeptically, mood only darkening by the minute with night falling, until Hector's invitation brings him to his feet and forward towards the car where he retrieves some weapons that probably won't break on being dropped. "Guess squirtguns aren't going to cut it, huh?" he supposes to Lana, forcing a fragile smile that still manages to look more like a grimace.

"Some," Chen answers Hector. "But fire has a way of getting out of hand. I'd advise against it." He looks to the house, eyes narrowed, and opens his bag. From within he pulls an old stake and a long, slightly curved blade of about ten inches.

"We should come from different directions. If we all approach from the front, they can simply go out the back." He looks to Morrison, flipping the blade and offering it pommel first. "You lead half around the back."

"Thank you, Mister Chen," Mona replies as he imparts what information he can about their chances with the variety of weapons at their disposal. Her lips purse, and she glances past the flare guns at her hips to the sewing shears. Well, fuck. At least she's sure she knows how to use those. "Ideally we will not need to take on Mister Payne," she notes uneasily, glancing between Jade and Zane for a moment before her attention stretches to the others. The inquiry about fire has her attention for certain; there's some coordination going on there between the molotov cocktails and those flare guns, to be certain. She may not be a fighter or much of a lover, but she is a planner -- and the more options they have, the better. But if she has to throw down with her pattern shears, it's on. As the caution against flames is uttered, there it is: the nasty-looking scissors come out, though she still seems to be itching to take hold of one of the flare guns just in case. And just like that, she swallows a breath, and starts to stalk cautiously, and as quietly as she can manage, toward the rear of the building.

Justin looks at the hockey stick in his hand, braces it on the ground, and stomps on the blade with his foot until there's the distinct snapping of wood, leaving the end jagged and rough. "Well, kinda just a really long stake, right?" He looks between Chen and Morrison and quickly decides to follow after Morrison, shouldering his stake-spear.

"I'm keeping it. If it helps me against younger ones, it helps. I have the stake too," Lana says, her voice made deeper with anger (they have her sister!). At Jade's question, she looks to Chen. She has fire too, in the fanny pack. She takes a breath and nods. "Last resort then." She takes a moment to strap her makeshift knife holster to her thigh. it's made out of duct tape and the knife sheath. Setting it in place, she adds more duct tape to hold it to her leg. Once set, she walks over to James and squeezes his shoulder.

Poor Spear. He stays glued to Jade - and the others. But his usual sunflower nature is subdued. He glances at his bag full of accelerants. Get out of hand? This is definitely out of hand. After a moment he takes out a long, thin mortuary knife. And he holds it, awkwardly. He holds it the way a craftsman would. Someone who does taxidermy and has to flense things. Not the way a fighter would. "I hope that guy I hit is okay," he says.

All that Landon cares about is getting into that house. Dark, intense eyes seem to be studying the place, looking for an easy in. Though more than likely, he's searching to see whether he can locate his brother, Esme or any of their other friends and family. Reaching into his pack, he pulls one of the stakes. The only time that his attention is drawn from the house is when Chen hands Morrison the blade. Of course, he's sticking with Morrison, looking rather impatient to march on over to the place. Shooting a glance at Justin and his hockey stick weapon, Landon's own face is pale, but he nods to the other in some sort of reassurance. "I've got a few extra if that doesn't work. But yours sure has some good reach."

Morrison stares at Chen for a moment or two and it's clear that he wants to snarl something at the "vampire hunter", but he takes the blade instead, and nods, and then starts to head around toward the back, presuming that some of them will follow him, only briefly glancing to nod at those who do. That temper is barely held in check at the moment, but the kids aren't the ones that his ire is directed at. And he seems to be inclined to hurry on up with finding those who are.

"I hope he's dead" Ashley states coldly to Spear. "Just remember what he wanted to do to me...and that he would have killed us both without hesitation." She looks at the building while reaching over to squeeze Amy's hand. "The longer we wait, the more likely we'll lose them. So, two groups. Attack at the same time. Do we need to synchronize our watches? Let's make sure there are Lesters in both groups." A hairflick before nodding at the front door. "I've always preferred the front over back door."

Amy's not so sure about a weapon. She's never really fought with one before. She's all about her fists. Adding a blade or something changes the whole equation. But still, better to have it and not need it and all that. When the offer's made, she'll find herself something. Cash and Hector are apparently just weapon hoarders these days. A machete will do fine. She can always drop it. "I'll go in the front," she suggests to Morrison quietly, knowing what he's feeling and keeping the words quick and quiet. She feels it too. These vampires don't yet realize but they're going to be surrounded by Lesters. "Not really the time for it, Ash." Amy says, tension in her voice.

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

"Yeah, fuck that guy," Jade says to Spear. "He deserved what he got." He falls into step to follow Morrison. "Spear," he says quietly, "If things get bad, you do what you have to do to survive. If that means leaving me behind, don't even look back, babe. You just go. Be safe." He manages to sound rather calm about it all.

Cash isn't talking. He's too busy panting like a nervous animal. He did wander back to his car trunk and returned with a what looks like a sawblade attached to a baseball bat. When Morrison is handed a blade and asked to lead, Cash takes Hector's arm and nods in Morrison's direction. The panting stops. He looks to Ashley with big wide eyes and just hopes she sees where he's going, who he is following.

Hector kisses Cash's cheek, then Felicity's "Whatever happens, I love you." He glances Jade and Spear, "Back door for me." He stops determinedly after Morrison.

"I'm just. I know." Spear says to Ashley. Even with all of that, well, Spear is probably not going to be great at hating people. He tried to hate Cash for ages, and look at him now, padding on after him with Jade and Hector as they follow Morrison. Then he shoots a glance at Jade "My sister's in there," he says to him, quietly apologetic "How could I tell Star I hadn't saved our Silver?" Then he squeezes Jade's hand and mumbles something, all messed up and unclear. Probably 'I wish you'd run away _now_'. Morrison is followed.

Zane is going with Mona, of course, and grabs her free hand with his as they go, squeezing it hard. While stalking. Multitasking! He takes a moment to murmur something in her ear, and then he's silent again.

Mona's fingers twine with Zane's without a pause. Fuck the tactical decision there. The squeeze borders on white-knuckled as she listens, and her teeth catch at her lower lip for a moment. Her eyes shift toward his, the same sentiment echoed in silence. Then, she whispers, "Too much living to do to die tonight, love." For the briefest moment, that Marchant arrogance is enough to allow her eyes a quick gleam and the corners of her mouth to curve toward a jaunty half-smile. She really would make a good pirate queen after all! "So no dying; it's in the rules I've just now made up."

Felicity gets in a kiss from Hector and Cash and then follows them. She's likewise wearing a leather jacket, though the one she was wearing when she first came back, not one of Cash's. She's been largely quiet, clearly thinking. Her backpack has some of the stakes and some cans of hairspray and lighters and some nets with long ropes which could be held or tied off. For the moment, she's got out a large chef's knife as she follows Hector and Cash.

Cash goes off the beaten path to FB.

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When Jade sees just how many people are joining the 'a few around back' exodus, he tugs Spear's sleeve and says, "This is ridiculous, let's go around front." He eases away from the group heading around back and goes back around to the front of the house.

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Lana and James were going to follow Mona, but it seemed most people decided to go that route. Shrugging towards James, Lana says, "I guess we'll stay with Amy and Ashley and whoever else, to try to keep things a bit even." And so, they do.

Zane goes off the beaten path to FB.

Chen strides forward towards the front steps of the abandoned house, stake in hand. He doesn't look back to see if they're following - they wanted to be here. He has bigger things to worry about.

He climbs the steps and stands to one side of the door, pushing it open slowly, stake ready.

George tagged a ride along with someone, but has been uncharacteristically quiet, taking it all in, listening, thinking, and really leaning in to the bubbling anger she's feeling. Torn between following Morrison or Amy, she ends up falling in behind her cousin, after snagging herself a machete in hand and a stake tucked in her waistband. "Let's get this fucker," she intones lowly, keeping her voice quiet.

Hanging back with Lana when it appears everybody seems inclined to follow Mona, James begrudgingly admits to his best friend after a glance his bully's way: "I'm pretty sure Amy could take the front all on her own and it still wouldn't be even."

"Let's get this done and then we are out of this town" Ashley assures Amy with a quick kiss to her cheek. She strides up towards the front door, fingers nervously clenching and unclenching the stake in her hand. "Shouldn't we wait until the others are read..." Too late, Chen is opening the door. At least it doesn't squeak. It looks like Ashley has every intention to lead the way inside.

Jade looks like he's about a hair's breadth away from hucking his Molotov through the window. He'd have to light it first, and perhaps that one deliberate act is what stays his hand. Must focus. Must get sister out, then burn it all down. "I got a suite booked at Circus Circus," he says quietly. "And I'm going to steal some Cristal from my parents." He takes a lighter from his pocket, but he doesn't light things up. Not yet.

"Don't be so sure, Thistle." Amy comments, pausing. "James. Every time I surprise her she gets just a little more prepared. She underestimated me, is all," There's a tension to her, feeling that anger, with the light of the moon. She's pissed off, herself. A glance to Ash, and then she's inclining her head and making up the stairs. Chen's taking point and she's right behind him.

Cristal is the flagship cuvée of Champagne Louis Roederer, created in 1876 for Alexander II, tsar of Russia. Spear just says, startled "Meth?" He touches his spiked collar nervously, and then he puts a hand on Jade's lower back. Follows Chen, Amy, Ashley. He has unusually good hearing, Spear does, and he is straining to use it.

The door swings open to reveal about what one might expect - a dusty, decaying living room with drapes over much of the furniture. Candles are set out all over, giving a creepy, flickering glow of light. A darkened hall and stairway up branch off of here. The hall likely leads further back in Morrison's direction.

Voices can be heard faintly upstairs.

"She probably could," Lana whispers back to James. "Which is good that she's in front, yeah?" She gives a reassuring smile to him, or, she tries for it to be reassuring. "Just, let's stick together above all else, okay?" The door opens and she takes a deep breath, preparing herself to follow the others.

"We got your back, Ames," George says, still keeping her voice as quiet as she can. She can't help but hold her breath as the door swings open, tense and ready to fight in case anything comes flying out at them. But it's just a creepy house with ominous noises from above. Great. "Least fire won't be a problem. Plan B, yeah?" she suggests, as she eyes the candles. So what if it gets out of control, so long as it gets the job done. But she'll try it Chen's way first.

Chen looks up at the stairs with a frown. He's really too old for this shit. He sighs faintly and begins to move slow and careful in that direction.

Reassured somewhat by the voices behind her, gaze narrows just slightly as she takes in what's beyond the door, Amy will step in after Chen. Glancing down the hall and then up the stairs, she pauses a moment as if considering. Her thought was the stairs too, and she's heading in that direction after Chen, but with much more youth about her. Still, she takes her lead from the guy who's alledgedly an experienced vampire handler.

"You got it," James agrees to Lana, showing little intention - thus far - of doing anything but sticking close to Lana and keeping well behind the more formidable Amy and Chen. He watches them head towards the stairs warily, before slowly starting to follow, sweaty fingers tightening on a sharp wooden stake while his primary hand still clutches the goofy plastic squirtgun.

"If the fire gets out of control before we find everyone, then we're going to lose a whole bunch of relatives. Though all these candles everywhere..." Ashley does not think much of the Painkiller's fire safety. Like Amy, she stopes to consider options before heading upstairs. Spear and herself were kept underground though it's possible that the voices upstairs means the ritual has started. Up they go.

"I asked how to kill them," Jade said, "weeks ago, and no one said boo til tonight, so I got what I got." He does tuck the Molotov away, though, and takes out a stake. He follows after Chen, though he doesn't put himself between the Lesters and the possible danger up ahead.

As Chen starts up the stairs they creak underfoot, causing him to pause and wince. To be fair, they probably saw everyone coming up the drive anyway, though, so surprise is dubious at best.

Once inside the house, Spear turns his head to hear the voices. Can he work out what they are saying? He also moves startlingly quietly. He really can be a sneak. His dark eyes are wide, and he holds his flensing knife in a white-knuckled hand. He cannot make anything out yet, but at least his skillset is...well tuned for sneaking.

Amy never really was one for a stealthy approach anyway. Oh sure, she wasn't making any sort of undue noise, but sneaking around just isn't her style. She pauses just a moment when Chen stops due to the creaking of the stairs and just rolls her eyes with frustration. Maybe it's the moon talking, but if he's not moving quickly she's just going to try and slip past him. There's stuff to get done!

"Duh. That's why I said Plan B," George points out crankily, rolling her eyes to herself. She rolls her shoulders and takes a breath, trying to redirect that anger towards those nasty vampires. She makes a shushing sound, even though she was the one talking, and then raises the machete a few more inches before falling into line to creep up the stairs.

Lana is following behind the others, which makes her a bit nervous. She keeps looking over her shoulder and around them, keeping her arm slightly brushing against James', just so she knows he's close.

The door doesn't creak but the steps do. Of course. Ashley frowns at the noise but Amy's right in her actions - they have to move and find the others before it is too late. Freeland stubborness activate! She starts taking the stairs in pairs now, encouraging Amy and George onwards.

One after another, two loud shotgun blasts erupt from down the hall towards the back of the house.

Chen looks down and back. "Vampires don't use guns," he says. "We keep going up." And he does just that.

Gunshots are a whole different story, and that does make Amy pause. She glances back down the stairs, eyes wide. But she follows After Chen after his decisive statement. "Wait, why not? I mean, why wouldn't they." She wonders, quietly.

The sound of the shots has Ashley looking alarmed...and feeling like she brought a stake to a gunfight. "They're shooting at the others" she states unnecessarily, though rather than rushing to help them directly, it only adds to her desire to deal with those above. She's right behind Chen and Amy...even helping push the former up if necessary.

The sound of shotgun blasts causes James to practically jump from his skin before ducking low and huddling in tight with Lana as the pair malinger at the rear of Chen, Amy, and Ashley's group making their way up the stairs. "...if it wasn't them, then who was it?" he asks the obvious question, worrying at his lower lip.

"Human minions might use guns," Jade says. "Fuck. Okay, a stake through the heart will kill a mortal, too. Just gotta, I don't know, duck and weave." He makes a ducking and weaving gesture to demonstrate, and he's actually pretty good on his feet, for all that he's a wimpy wuss.

The shotgun blasts make Lana jump and go still,leaning into James' huddle. Her eyes cast about, shifting up towards Chen, curious. Her brows lift before she looks to James. "If Vampires don't, who does? Did that come from our people?" Then up towards the others, "did the others have guns?"

"Human minions do," murmurs Spear "They pointed them at Ash and me for a week."

The gunshots make her start, since she's already on edge. "What the fuck, man. Did any of us bring a gun?" No, then someone else must be shooting at the kids. She looks torn, and then annoyed as Chen 'bosses' them to just keep going. "I don't trust the old dude," she intones lowly, but she's not going to ditch the others now, so she reluctantly continues following him up, casting a glance back over her shoulder. "Maybe, like, a thrall or whatever?" she suggests with a shrug, nodding at Jade's suggestion. "And don't get shot first," she adds, to his idea of 'ducking and weaving' to kill a human.

Chen continues up the steps, a bit more urgently now. As he and the others come up onto the second floor landing, there are more candles everywhere, along with two figures at the foot of the stairs up to the top floor.

"Sounds like the pets got some of your friends," says Raven, big, tall, and with long, dark hair. Gigi is at his side. These? Are Painkillers. Vampires.

Amy just kind of glares at 'Raven' and Gigi, looking them over and then considering the rest of the top floor as she readies her blade. "You all better hope not," she says, her voice almost like a growl, reminiscent of her cousin Morrison, really. Full of confidence and with her eyes narrowed, she continues, "Looks to me like we get you though," she says, stepping forward like it ain't no thing.

ROLL: Amy rolls spirit + 2 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 7 8 6 1 1 8 -- d8)

Raven and Gigi go still at that threat from Amy. Gigi even backs up, but Raven holds his ground. He cracks his knuckles and snarls, fully vamped-out.

Chen is about to step forward but thinks better of it, seeing Amy do her thing. He stays put, watching from the side atop the stairs.

ROLL: George rolls spirit +1 for: [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 6 3 8 7 5 -- d8)

George hesitates only briefly before stepping up beside Amy, hands clenched at her side. She's pissed, but not so certain about this. She tries to swallow down her self-doubt, squaring her shoulders. "Yeah. What she said." Not quite so impressive as Amy though.

ROLL: Amy rolls brawn+1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x3 (Set) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 4 4 3 4 6 -- d6)

Vampires? Are fast. Amy isn't used to fighting with a big blade, so her first few hacks at Raven are clumsy and off, allowing the Vampire to toss her around a bit. But he gets cocky, and Amy learns fast. She sees a swipe of claws coming early enough to lean away from it and it leaves him exposed.

Amy's not that fast, though she did get some experience in her two scuffles with Fran. She's quick on her feet, sure, for a human, and definitely favours her hands and arms over the blade. Even a knee here or there maybe. A grunt as she takes a hit, twisting to get it on her shoulder rather than in the face, a step back to regain some ground, when she sees that cocky attack coming she's already dodging.

The blade has a sharp edge, and even used like a blunt instrument it's going to do some damage. With a scream of fury and frustration she swings it with as much force as she can muster, stepping forward and into the strike. The blade connects with Raven's neck, and sheers clean on through. She's left breathing heavily afterwards as she steps forward, staring wide eyed straight ahead as she collects herself. The vampire falls to the ground, but she's just kind of shocked at herself.

He doesn't even see it coming until it's too late, and fighting Fran twice gives Amy an edge because she's MUCH faster than Raven is. The blade does its job, and before his severed head can ven hit the floor it and his body explode in blood and gore all over everything and everyone.

Covered in her boyfriends gore, Gigi screams and jumps out the window.

Ashley has always thought of Amy as the best fighter in the world...and sexiest...but that is now at an even higher level of appreciation. She is in awe of her girlfriend, even while dripping vampire blood and gore. Ashley goes for a tight hug and bloody kiss for Amy before grinning unashamedly; white teeth bright in her blood covered face. "Next!" She starts off in the direction of the voices - unless they just removed them.

Spear has only just seen vampires. In the next second or so, the vampire made himself bestial. Then Amy chopped off his head and he exploded, and someone jumped out a window.

"...erp," hiccups Spear, wide-eyed.

Two more shotgun blasts come from downstairs, these in near unison.

Ducked and covering with Lana, James sticks tight to his best friend and well away from the brawl that breaks out on the second floor. Initially turning his gaze away - as though not seeing them might erase the vampires from existence - he eventually draws his attention back just in time to catch Amy, true to form, taking heads... and then catch a faceful of explosive bloodspray.

James blinks, slowly, with blood painting his and Lana's faces and dripping downwards. "Uh," he starts to open his mouth, only to close it and wipe the gore away on his sleeve.

George looks down at her gore-covered clothing, and then raises a sleeve to wipe some of the goop away from her eyes. She glances to the window where Gigi disappeared, getting a strong feeling that had nothing to do with her attempt to intimidate. "Okay, so... that's one problem solved." No sooner are the words out of her mouth than she hears the gunshots and looks back over her shoulder towards the stairs. "We should go."

Jade grimaces as he gets covered in vampire gore. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" he says. "This is leather!" And it's going to start chafing soon with all that ichor. He looks at Spear plaintively for support, here, and somehow his hair still manages to look amazing. Better still when he flicks blood out of it with a toss of his head. Glancing toward the sound of gunshots, he frowns. "Sooner this is over, the better off we'll be." He moves to follow Ashley, stake gripped tightly in his hand.

Chen somehow managed to avoid the mess. "We keep going up," he says, striding for the stairs up the Vampires were guarding.

A softer pop of gunfire rings out downstairs, followed by screams and yelling.

Amy sort of shudders when she's covered in that gore. Mostly it gets her from the side and behind her as the moment of her swing carried her foward, and she feels it on her back. Ashley hugs her and she barely reacts. Amy's a bully, but she's never killed like that before, and even though they're vampires it's a weird experience. "Damnit," she mutters, following along after Ashley, glancing back to see the others behind her, her face somewhat unreadable. Another glance back down stares, a frown at the gun shots, but she sticks to the path ahead.

Spear shoots Jade a frazzled look. He reaches out to grab his hand. He considers the fact that Amy used to beat him up, and THIS WHOLE TIME she was capable of decapitating people. SHE COULD HAVE DECAPITATED HIM IN UNFUN WAYS. Alas, indeed, Thistles are not combat wombats. Spear says to Jade, clearly "Erp." He swallows back sick-up and heads for the stairs.

Ashley's confidence is up with Amy being so kick-ass. Though she seems to be under the mistaken belief that she is channelling the Lester's strength in the way she goes ahead without concern. She gestures for everyone to follow...even Chen...as she heads further up the stairs looking for her friends and family. The gunshots and yells of pain below have to be ignored.

Hector arrives from off the beaten path.

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As the group with Chen start to climb the second staircase up to the third floor, a few from the other group come hurrying up the stairs they're heading away from. Those arrival find a landing lounge, candles burning everywhere, and a TON of blood and gore everywhere. It's like someone exploded. A Vampire, to be exact.

Zane arrives from off the beaten path.

Landon arrives from off the beaten path.

"Ash, let ... let me go first," Amy says quietly as they start on the next staircase, her voice a touch subdued. She doesn't lack for confidence, but actual fight-for-life-and-death is a new experience for her. Either way, she knows Raven was just a small fry compared to Fran, and she doesn't want Ash to in the front of all that.

Theodore arrives from off the beaten path.

Those who are coming catch up, and the group ascends to the third floor, some utterly coated in bloody gore.

It's one big room, an attic, almost entirely bare of furnishings or junk. A circle has been painted in blood, symbols drawn all around it, and at the points of the star the circle encloses are each of the five abducted. Fran is alone with them, and they are bound and gagged where they sit.

As they arrive, Fran has just given Arthur his third drink from the bottle. The others have yet to drink.

"Yeah, let her go first," George is in agreement, still kind of just amazed at her cuz. "Glad you're on our side, Ames," she adds, trying to lighten the mood a slight bit. "Maybe we won't have to burn the place down after all." She's still sparing the occasional glance backwards, gripping the machete more tightly at the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. But it's a sigh of relief when she sees the rest of the crew. "Fucking hell, I thought you were all shot." She gives them a brief once over, but that's all she can spare as they continue upwards.

Tears stain Silver's cheeks and she is sobbing against her gag. Shaking her head as she squirms and writhes against her bindings. Anger is in her eyes, but also grief, and when she sees the others her eyes widen. A glimmer of hope shines off her tears.

Arthur swallows the blood that Fran has literally just given him, and his eyes have rolled back in his head as his features begin their inexorable, terrible change: they sharpen, become feral; they pale even beyond his usual ghostly cast, and his canine teeth begin to lengthen. There might be a chance for the others to retain their humanity, but for him, it's too late.

One more shot of a handgun comes from downstairs.

The whole scene unfolds, with Arthur's conversion, but behind Chen, and the others, Spear grips Jade's hand, painfully tight "...crossing open, living crossing over," he says, his eyes fixed in his head, same expression as Silver's. His skin is running chill, the way it did during the seance. Half of his attention is Elsewhere very suddenly, his dark skin sallow and drained of warmth "Hector."

Esme is quick, but the vampires were quicker. She almost slipped their grasp but the threats to family made her hesitate and that's all it took with the pull in combination to make her hesitate by her nightstand before she's taken. But in that moment of hesitation, there's a sharp metal nail file on that surface she panic grabs and slips into her sheep-decorated PJ pants.

At first, she had the idea to free Lucas instead of herself, but they were too far apart and it's hard to be too sneaky. Over time, she's got into the waistband of her pants and flipped the file, she's ground her bindings while seated into fraying on the sly and is technically loose enough to pop them. But her idea kind of stops there and she hasn't shown or capitalized on it yet.

You can catch a Freeland/Reed, but once one is determined to be free...

She does, however, try to turn enough to //show// Lucas what she's doing so he can plan quietly with her as to what to do when it's their turn with one potential shot at freedom. When she jumps, she wants him to know she's going to fucking jump. Of course, she hasn't yet. And the others come in.

When the group reaches the third floor, and he can spot Thea securely bound on the floor with the others, a blood-painted James is quick to forget his promise to stick close to Lana, and starts rushing forward and towards her until the booming sound of another gun firing rings out from below. He comes to an abrupt halt, and stands there looking dumb.

Ashley concedes to Amy's request and drops back behind the Lester. Is there anyone who would have said 'no' to the machete wielding, blood covered valkyrie? But when they are in that room and Ashley sees the bound and the floor design... "We need to get them off that circle! Grab one of them. Fran can't stop us all." She runs for her cousin Esme. At the very least to push her away from the star point. Too focussed to be worried about the gunshot below...though why isn't her brother with the others.

As Amy pushes into the room once in the lead, she glances around just briefly. Most of the group that took the front entrance is covered in blood and gore, because it turns out vampires kind of just POP when they're done. Amy lifts the machete, itself coated in red and points it at Fran. "Nowhere to fly to this time," she says in that calm, threatening voice. She's shaken by what she's done, sure, but she's still angry about this whole thing leading her to this moment. All because of this woman right here. While Ashley has the plan to free people, Amy's going to be the one that keeps Fran occupied, it seems.

You know as much as Lucas loves being the center of attention now is so definiately not that time, and he looks pissed. Likely he made demands. Apparently they were not met. His eyes narrow at Arthur. He shouldn't be surprised really, and isn't, but somehow he's pulling on his anger to focus him. He looks to SIlfer shaking his head and then...curious to Esme. She get a glance to the dooand back. Eyes widening slightly as if to nod in agreement. I'm picking up what your'e putting down. And then? His cousin and he feels, for the briefect of moments, not totally fucked.

Fran laughs with merry glee when Arthur Turns, then spins to face the group that comes up the stairs.

"Hello lovelies! Just in the nick of it! I was just about to--"

The wall erupts. In a blur, Bubba comes flying THROUGH the wall and smashes into Fran, who drops the bottle to the floor. It doesn't break, but blood is draining out of it.

"I told you to fucking stop!" rages Bubba, slamming Fran into the other wall.

Thea's eyes are wide as they meet James', her features pale. She just watched Arthur cross over to the dark side, as it were, and had begun losing hope that she'd be able to avoid the same fate. The gunshot makes her jerk slightly in her bonds, but she's secured pretty damned well to that chair, so the movement is slight at best. Of course, when Bubba pulls a straight-up Kool-Aid Man and obliterates his way through the wall, the Marchant girl nearly tips right over -- chair rocks onto two legs pretty sharply, before finally clunking back down onto all four again.

The urging from Ashley snaps James out of that momentary, gunfire-induced stupor, and while Arthur's visage takes a monstrous turn and Bubba bursts through the wall like the Kool Aid Man and slams Fran, his face takes on a self-chiding expression and he resumes a mad dash towards freeing Thea, this time bothering to duck.

Jade watches Spear, wide-eyed, and he clasps his hand tightly. "Okay," he says, pale-lipped and bloody still, "we make sure it wasn't for nothing. Get Silver, babe." He breaks to make for Thea, along with James. When Bubba explodes into the room, he ducks and weaves (just like he demonstrated earlier!) an says, "Oh, shit!" He gives Bubba and Fran a wide berth. Once he realizes James is already helping her, he goes for Lucas. Or Landon, or whoever, he can't tell them apart.

Justin comes into the room with the group that entered through the back, his spear much more of just a slightly long stake now, but his brows a knitted in concentration as he trakes in the scene in front of him. He looks ready to lunge forward and pull the closest person out of the circle, at least until the wall goes crashing in. "Crap!"

Silver continues to writhe against her bonds. Making angry growls amid her sucking breaths. The tears still stain her cheeks as she glares at Fran. Before Fran is gone in an explosion of wood and building materials. Behind her mask she cries out, curling up instinctively to try and avoid the flying debris.

The charge through the gore is almost impossible to miss, but that all of their compatriots are ahead of her on the stairs is no small consolation to Mona, as she continues to run. "Not all shot," she says quietly, panting, dark strands of hair clinging to her face. She's clutching a pair of sewing shears like she aims to stab the whole world with them.

The spectacle would be enough to make her stop, but there is her sister, still alive. Still breathing.

And Arthur is not. Is not even Arthur any more.

She goes nearly as pale in an instant.

The gunshot makes her flinch, but that flinch startles her to attention, back into motion -- which stalls out again as the wall explodes with Bubba. James is after her sister, but... she looks at Arthur, and she steps back toward the stairs, eyes sharp for Zane.

Spear is more or less stunned by whatever he can sense, but Jade has him moving, at least. He lunges for Silver, himself, and he has a knife - ready to saw apart bonds, for all that his eyes are sunken now.

Landon is one of those covered in blood, but probably not as bad as.. whoever made that mess out on the landing. There's a hint of darkness on his navy blazer, but it's the buttoned down beneath that shows the true splattering of blood. Not his own. The stake in his hand is covered in it too, but by the looks of it, it wasn't used to stake anyone, probably more as a bludgeon. He struggles to swallow, his throat feeling dry. Taking quick steps behind the others who'd gone up before him, he stands cold in his track at what they are presented with. Everyone was here. Thea, Silver, Lennon. Esme... There was a pang of guilt somewhere within him just seeing her like this. Then there was Lucas in the center. Okay... they were all still alive. Lucas was still alive. Just this fact nearly brings him to tears of relief, but it's not over yet.

The sudden sound of a shot firing from somewhere downstairs, has him whirling to keep watch on the stairway. Did they miss someone? Was another shooter on the way up? So many things are racing through his mind, but he knows that they need to take that bitch down if they want any chance to free the others. What were they all waiting for? Maybe they weren't waiting at all and his nervous impatience was getting the best of him. Just at that moment Bubba emerges to tackle the witch. "Hurry, get them out of there. And smash that fucking bottle!" He's already making his way towards the circle, that bee-line towards Lucas. It seems that Jade had the same idea. He's trembling out of fear and adrenaline as he drops down to his knees to assist his cousin with freeing his own twin. Wary eyes scan the room, peering out towards Esme as if telling her that she's next, unknown to him that she had already freed herself.

Zane's eyes widen at all the gore, even after what he's just seen himself; he's already trying not to cry, and then they're up there and it's-- a moment too late, JUST a moment too late, his twin swallowing that blood and beginning to change. "You ASSHOLE!" he exclaims, misery welling up into fury, though it's really not clear whether he means Fran or his brother right now, the shovel stake-direction in his fist. The gunshot draws his attention though, and he goes nearly as pale as his twin, not really helped by the sudden unexpected Bubba-tackle. And he stays still a moment, staring at Arthur. He can't untie him now, right? There's no--? "What if I make him throw up?" he asks, suddenly turning to Chen.

Felicity arrives from off the beaten path.

Amy was all geared up for round three vs Fran. She had her eyes locked on, and is already scowling at that tone coming from her. It's quite a shock when Bubba comes flying through the wall like that. She blinks. All the battle-rage built up and with nowhere to go. People are giving orders and making it all happen with freeing people, and she's keeping out of the way, watching Fran and Bubba and keeping her eye otherwise out to watch for any other ... complications.

Chen pauses, eyes going between the bottle and the fighting Vampires, and decides to let things play out for now. You don't get to be an OLD Vampire hunter by taking too many risks.

Bottle? Bottle! Landon has Lucas in hand so Justin makes a beeline right for the bottle. "I got it!" Just the same call as if he was about to take a shot on the court. He comes in low to try to scoop up the bottle then fling it as hard as he can away from Fran and Bubba.

"Holy shit," George announces, as she takes in the scene before her. Well, Amy's got Fran and then... no, here's Bubba. "What the actual fuck?" she wonders aloud. She joins in the fray heading towards the captives, ready to offer a hand to however needs it, unusually helpful in the face of imminent death. Now that she knows where her brothers are, she's less concerned about the shot from downstairs, but she does still glance around at the group quickly, trying to figure out who's not here.

Morrison comes rushing up the stairs and when he spots Fran, he is ready to charge her with Amy. That blade still dripping blood from his warm-up decapitation attempt is swung upward in an arc. He begins to move forward just in time for Bubba to come smashing through the wall and slam Fran into the opposite wall. That brings him up somewhat short since he doesn't intend to attack Bubba, not while he's got Fran distracted. "Landon, get Lucas and Lennon," he says to his younger brother. Then he continues to advance toward Fran, nodding to Amy. "Stay with me," he tells her. Because she's the one who has actually slugged Fran successfully thus far.

Silver's eyes are closed and she almost flinches when Spear touches her. But her eyes open and she sees him and she cries out behind the gag. Relief and grief on her face as she moves. Presenting bound wrists to him encouragingly. Turning to watch the two vampires fight fearfully. "Gmmg miim ouuu mmii mouu," She tries to direct him to do something around the gag in her mouth.

Mona sees the bottle get caught, and then tracks its motion to see if it shatters. "If that thing's still in one piece? Jade! Pour off one of your bottles in there and light it up!"

She still seems damnably intent on remaining between Zane and Arthur, just in case someone's inclined to punche or bites someone else. Never mind that she's a frail Marchant girl and one of them's an athlete and one's an immortal monster.

Esme looks at Landon after jumping at the sudden loud and splintering arrival of Bubba on Fran. She knows he's going for Lucas, that's not her clutch now and she sees Lana and Ashley and she knows if they fail... what she and the others could end up doing to them... No. No. No. Fuck that.

The brunette teen is rattled, but tactically zen so much that she catches sight of the bottle falling and leaking and it's tempting, but bigger picture, such a bigger picture right now.

Popping suddenly free of her bindings, she stumbles with catch on the chair and leaps to lunge for the bottle next to the fray to grab and smash it at the floor. Maybe they'll all die, but she's killing Fran's plans with a vengeance. With Ashley going for the bottle too, she doesn't need the will help to go through with smashing it, but given her sprawl in glass and blood with Bubba and Fran in melee nearby, she might need an assist.

Arthur is still tied up-- or he was, as he flexes his new strength and the rolls of duct tape snap like nothing, hanging from his limbs in tatters. He rolls to his feet in one fluid motion, and looks over the scene, lips parted, fangs quite visible, eyes wild and red. His gaze fixes on Zane, despite Mona's best efforts, but his expression is hard to read.

Fran grins with all those bright, sharp teeth at Bubba, pinned to the wall. "Join me, Robert. We Turn the Prodigals, eat them and gain their power, then eat Swindon. She'd be no match for us after this."

She flings Bubba back across the room, then straightens her clothes. "Or I can do it without you."

For a second, James freezes on reaching Thea to take in the sight of her - doing a quick check to make sure she's unharmed - before he goes to work on her restraints, tugging at them ineptly while his lips turn down into a grimace. Faintly shaking his head as he struggles to free the Marchant, he eventually turns to ask for aid from the bondage virtuoso.

"Mona," he calls to Mona when the other stalls in place behind him, head instinctively ducking as Bubba goes flying back across the room. "Give me a hand?" he pleads.

Lucas looks and is relieved and terrified to see Justin, Jade, and -Oh thank CHhrist on a Credit Card Ladon wasn't grabbed and killed. He looks up in momentray relief for that alone, eyelashes clumped but focused. He's jsut starting to murmur something through his gag to Jade when OH NoOOOOOO Bubba comes through the wall. "Nrmm Oooohhff! nrmm ummnr mrrr nrff furr!"" yeah. Super helpful. Landon you want to finish that sentance? It can be assumed to mean get us the fuck out of here and or look out. Once the gag is move he hisses, "we need to move. Now."

ROLL: Morrison rolls brawn-1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 6 4 3 -- d6)

Jade flashes Lucas a somewhat crazed smile. He's covered in vampire ichor, but his hair somehow still looks good. "Yeah, we do. We really do." He glances up at Arthur, and he grips his stake again. The bottle has so many people after it he leaves it to its fate. "You and Landon go, I'll cover your escape." Aw, he remebered which one is which! "Go on, I'm right behind you."

Spear uses his knife swiftly to remove Silver's bonds, and he stares at Fran and Bubba. Even if Spear were a normal kid, this would make hardly any sense to him. Right now, the Thistles are having trouble focusing. He can understand...parts? And then he calls out to Arthur, newly feral "She's gonna eat you and Zane! She needs a dickpunch! What good is it livin' forever if it comes with an expiry date, fuck!"

Thea doesn't, at least on a brief visual inspection, look as though she's gone fanger. Her forehead still looks smooth and feminine, not at all deformed and bulging. And her eyes still look quite.. human, if a bit wide and wild with fear. So it's perhaps a bit understandable that she stiffens and makes an indignant "Mmmrrff! Mrrmmuh uhhf!" sound at James when he hesitates. What, would he actually consider just leaving her like this? Dude, wtf.

Silver pulls her arms forward to yank the gag down as Spear yells at the newly turned vampire. "Oh fuck," She says worriedly as she scrambles to try and get up. Trying to keep herself between Arthur and Spear. Face pulled back into a scowl of grief and anger. "We were just tools. You weren't going to get eternity! Didn't you hear her?" She points a finger at the fueding vampires as she speaks to Arthur too.

James' call from where Thea is tied draws Mona's head over toward him with a snap. She is visibly torn; there's real risk here on all fronts. "Hear that, Arthur? She did this all to fatten you up to eat you!" That should, she hopes, distract him from possibly going after Zane. She looks toward James and Thea, and for once she actually has the right tool for the job -- the scissors, which she sends skittering toward the pair across the floor. The sewing shears should make damnably quick work of those bindings.

The leather-clad fashionista reaches for the flare gun again, and fixes her eyes on Arthur. "Please don't make me do this," she whispers, pleading through the tears already starting to form along the rim of her lashes. "Please. Because I will. I will if you make me." Shaking like a leaf, her voice sounds like a sob, and she can't bear to look at Zane. Not right now.

When Bubba is thrown back, Morrison moves forward, but he's not used to fighting with a weapon, other than maybe clumsily swinging a barstool in a brawl, so he's not great with the sword. It's not his weapon of choice. He makes a swing for Fran, but she's not being held down and mobbed like the mere mortal dude downstairs. This is not as easy a shot.

Ashley's attempt to free Esme is foiled by...Esme. At least the bottle is smashed. She tries to disentangle her cousin from her bonds, while also eyeing off the vampire fight and the new vampire danger. Arthur is now eternally going to look like a steampunk reject - poor guy. It's their duty to stake him out of his misery. "You okay, Esme?"

Arthur's long hands flex, spiderlike, at the shouting. His gaze flicks from face to face. Does he hear them? Have they reached him? Whose side is he on, exactly, besides his own?

In a few years there will be a movie caed The Matrix in which people dodge bullets in slow motion like it's nothing. Fran does that when Morrison swings at her with Chen's blade. She simply leans back under it and continues forward towards Bubba without missing a beat.

What happens next takes barely three seconds.

Bubba and Fran become a frightening blur as they battle - he's strong and powerful, but she's faster than anyone ever should be,and it ends with himgoing down on all fours, throat torn out. He raidly dissolves into acidic blood that sizzles as it eats away the flooring.

[SPEND] Arthur has spent 1 GP for reason: adrenalin boost

Landon is grateful for Jade's help as they work to quickly untie Lucas. Once the gag is released and his binds are severed, Landon can't help but stare out at his twin, needing to tell himself that Lucas was alright. They were going to be alright. Reaching to place a heavy hand on his brother's shoulder, he breathes in deeply. "Right. We need to get out of here." No, he's not going to cry, even if his eyes shimmer wetly. A quick look is given Jade, an almost skeptical look, but his cousin is covered in gross goo. "You sure?" Rising to stand, that's when he realizes that Esme was already freed from her binds. It's hard leaving Lucas here, even if it's just to take a few steps away from his twin. When Lucas was missing, he felt like he'd lost a part of him. "Go get Lennon." He calls out, having heard Morrison's orders. He then makes his way over to assist Ashley with Esme, his own features still cold and pale. "Esme..." Nevermind the chaos of dueling vampires fighting all around them, but once the victor is known, he's quick to call out, "Shit. We need to act fast. Either get out of here or..." Kill that bitch.

[SPEND] Arthur has spent 1 GP for reason: extra die

ROLL: Arthur rolls finesse +2 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 3 2 3 1 1 5 -- d6)

Spear grabs Silver's wrist as Arthur is (possibly) unmoved by his plea "We gotta go - Jade. We gotta find Cash and Felicity -" His voice is raspy "Everyone needs to -" Fran does _that_ to Bubba. Spear shrills "Come on, come on, go - please, go - everyone needs to go, everyone fuck fuck fuck-"

Arthur suddenly moves forward, faster than any human, and his newly-clawed hand slashes at Fran's neck-- not enough to decapitate her, but enough to leave a nasty gash.

Frantic tugs continue to yank at Thea's wrists where they're bound at her back behind the chair, with James making a poor show of his rescue attempt, for all that he moves with more urgency as the vampire brawl nears its close. The scissors come skittering his way in the nick of time, and he shears at Thea's restraints desperately. "Fuck, fuck, goddamn it," he mutters under his breath, curses - James never curses - punctuated by the sound of Bubba's body hitting the floor, then sizzling.

Zane makes a frustrated noise at not getting any answer, eyes on his twin again, and he's not inclined to have Mona standing closer to not-exactly-Arthur than he is. He takes a step closer to his brother, to try to fix that. "You just heard her, right? She wants to EAT you. Maybe vampires can be rock stars, MAYBE, but lunch can't! Look just. Stick your finger down your throat and throw it up! And we can go home and-- have that meatloaf Dad makes and--"

And Bubba's down, and Fran's not, and that's probably not good either. None of this is good. "Please," he says to Arthur, quieter, "Please just--" He breaks off as Arthur goes for Fran, and can't help brightening just slightly. That's a start, right?

"I got her," George says, already moving towards Lennon as everyone else seems to be getting helped. And then... Bubba is down, and she has to pause for a moment to watch that and make sure she caught things right. "Shit, shit. Okay, yeah. Can we burn this place to the ground yet?" she inquires of the group, an edge to her voice.

[SPEND] Amy has spent 1 GP for reason: +1

Silver is trying to support Spear even as she scrambles to her feet. Needing little urging. As she starts to go for the stairs she yelps and leaps back, avoiding the splash of Bubba's acidic blood. She stares at the sizzling spots before she is pushing feebily at her brother, trying to shove him before her and around the danger. Everywhere they move she tries to shield him, glancing over her shoulder as they go towards Arthur and Fran.

ROLL: Amy rolls brawn+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 5 2 3 1 -- d6)

Esme yanks the muting gag while Ashley gets her completely untangled from the fallen chair and Landon helps her up to stand, pulling the nail file immediately from her PJ pants like it's a neck stabber with her free hand. She's a bit rattled now that she's not calm tactics out of force, and the melee results and power display nearby is something else. Quickly, she nods her head to the question and starts to move with them toward where Lana is no doubt trying to get to her to check her over too, and though she's a little wild eyed from the adrenaline (and horrible temptation and feeling she had when she smashed the blood bottle) she's fine. Other than having bare feet in glass, that kind of sucks.

Torn, she looks immediately ready to bolt with people, especially as Landon says they need to decide and move one way... or another entirely with action, "... they're going in for her... numbers might be what--" Oh ho. Arthur bloods Fran. It sparks her eyes with bolster to start looking around the room in the chaos, thinking visibly.

ROLL: Amy rolls brawn+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 5 2 1 2 5 -- d6)

Jade gives a little shrug to Landon and says, "Sure, don't you guys worry about me." He wouldn't ever be the guy to make the sacrifice play, would he? He's the human version of a purse Pomeranian. "Be safe," he urges his cousins, then darts for Thea and James. He pulls a pocket knife, not nearly as fancy as the one he loaned Spear that went missing in the hedge maze, but it's sharp and will cut her bonds. "Here, we gotta hurry. Thea, sweetheart, we got you."

Thea launches up out of her chair the moment she's free, ripping the gag down and out of her mouth to hang limply at her neck before throwing her arms around James' in a fierce, but lightning-quick hug. They don't have time for extended embraces, just now. Glancing swiftly around at the other chairs to reassure herself that the others were likewise freed, she grabs hold of both James' hand and her brother's, and makes ready to exit, stage left even. Because fuck this place. "Mona! C'mon, let's go!"

[SPEND] Amy has spent 3 GP for reason: End this thing.

Ashley joins in the calls for everyone to get out of here, especially those who have already drunk the blood. Is she leaving herself? Of course not, Amy is in battle and Ashley will support her. As for Arthur turning good vampire...that just means he'll let them stake him afterwards. Right?

Stick near Morrison. That's what he said. Amy's happy enough to follow directions right now. "Get Lennon," she says to George sidelong before she's moving forward to assist Morrison with the Fran situation. Only Fran's not there anymore, and she hasn't seen this sort of crazy shit without participating in it herself. Fran is so fast. It takes her a moment to readjust and relocate Fran. She frowns, realizing the other vampire is gone. "Even if everyone gets away this isn't gonna stop," she mutters to Morrison and the others around her, and she's advancing on Fran with the machete.

Fran's fast, but maybe she's distracted. Maybe with Bubba and Morrison and even Arthur himself vamping out at her she's not quite paying attention to that young Lester who seems to have just had her number last time. This time, Amy's armed with a machete. An unfamiliar weapon for her, but a sharp blade and a heavy swing got her through Raven before. She advances, and gives a swift, hard kick to the back of Fran's leg, trying to put the vampire woman off balance. Then she's swinging that machete, hacking at the woman, growing a feral, almost wolf like sound coming from her. She's swinging for Fran's neck, and if she doesn't make one clean slice, she's going to keep on hacking.

The haste with which James and Jade hack away at Thea's bindings, results in James sticking himself in the palm hard enough to draw blood - probably not the best thing in a house full of vampires - but the relief at seeing Thea loosed erases the sting of pain. "We've got to go," he agrees, ready to bolt after returning her embrace and taking a second to check that Spear's gotten Silver loose, and that Lana hasn't been eaten.

Lucas is freed and really has to fight against clinging to Landon for dearl life becuase there is shit to do. He pats Jade's arm. That's allt eh thanks for now. Esme? Accounted for. Lennon? Geting freed. Justin? The fuck? There. "I seen no sign of your bro. We need to get pieces off the board, now" And with that? He moves over by Justin and asks, "You ditch that thing? Good." And now he tries to get a bead on... where the fuck is Chen? His hand finds Justin's arm to pull him out of the room and make for the stairs. "Lan??? Sil?" He's not leaving this damn house without him. He doesn't want to leave Amy and MOrrison there but they can fight and he's a spell component. Denial of resources is their best bet.

"THANK YOU HOLY BABY JESUS!" Mona yells without so much as the tiniest whit of decorum whatsoever. "I owe you one hell of a frock coat, sir!" she calls out to Arthur before her sister's plea reaches her ears, and she calls out, "Time to blow this popsicle stand, start the head count as we go!"

Fran is NOT expecting Arthur's sudden but inevitable betrayal. It's only because he's just Turned and she's so old that her speed of reflex is quick enough to evade most of his attack. She gets some claw rends along the side of her neck, but nothing more.

"How RUDE!" says Fran to Arthur. "Is that any way to thank me for giving you the gift of eternal life? We need to have a talk ab--"

And then she's silent as Amy taks her head from behind. Body and head hit the floor, head face up, and she screams in horrible fury as both suddenly go up like a Roman Candle, sparks flying.

The house easily catches fire.

Once fighting breaks out wholesale, Justin is only too happy to move with the group trying to break free and make a run for it, especially once Lucas is cleared and on his feet. As the house quite literally starts to go up in flames he's ushering Lucas ahead of him. "Go. Go. Go. I'm not worried about my brother right now."

"You wait until I tell mom!" Arthur yells back, for he's heard her proclaim her scheme. But when she goes up in flames, he instinctively leaps back, sticking halfway up the wall like a very pasty Spiderman. Slowly he creeps upward, limbs twisted backward, body facing the room.

With the machete, George makes quick enough work of Lennon's bindings, so at least the weapon came in handy for that! Arthur's attack on Fran makes her whirl around, just in time to see Amy go in for the kill. "Oh shit! You did it! Suck it, bi-" And then the fireworks show and the fire. See? She knew fire was the answer to this! But now... "Okay, forget the fire idea! Bad idea! Let's go!"

Jade grabs Spear's hand as Spear grabs his, and he heads for the stairs, keeping pace with Thea and James. At the sight of James' blood, he gives James a looke that says 'dude, seriously?' He's not in a heckling mood, though. It's time to get the hell out of here. He does pause to smash one of his Molotovs filled with vodka and holy water on the sparkling mess that was Fran, just to be sure. Okay, NOW it's time to get the hell out of here.

Silver has plans to go into law enforcement. To help save lives. She's taken numerous courses over her life. So she shoves her brother down the stairs, and then others after him. "Go, go, go," She shouts as the flames get hotter and closer. She stays till the bitter end, looking at Arthur and even shouting at him to get out.

Landon knew that they needed to kill Fran or she'd just keep coming for them and their family. But what could he do to help? With that in mind, grabbing ahold of Esme's arm, the way he tends to do, he works to hurry her towards the stairway. Looking back at the others, it looks like Lucas already had the right idea and was working to do the same. Lennon and George? He peers through the chaos to see if he can catch sight of them. That's when he sees the assault on Fran, watching as the vampire queen scream in agony. Then the place just lights up! "Fuck! Okay, everyone downstairs!" Turing to look to Esme, he draws in a deep, bracing breath, before the starts to lead the way all the way down what will become a crowded stairwell to hopefully safety.

Morrison snarls in frustration when his blow doesn't connect with Fran yet again, but then Amy and Arthur are moving in on her and Amy takes off her head before he can rush forward to just punch her in the face. He takes a step back as she begins to go up in flames, and he reaches for Amy's arm then, "Come on, time to go.." All his family members accounted for, he turns to leave, "Before this whole place goes up." And with that, he makes sure that his cousins get out as well, before leaving the house behind.

Amy is breathing heavily again. Another vampire down. She drops the machete when the flames come. She's exhausted. Physical violence really takes a toll on the body, and while she's used to the feeling, there's also something extra b out tonight's efforts. "Fucking hell," she mutters. "I don't want to fucking kill people." Even vampires. She glances around for Ash, for Lennon, for her cousins. She spies Arthur being weird and frowns a little. "Come on people, let's fucking move." She shouts. Just a little bit more effort needed, for the night. She's leaving.

As ever, Amy doesn't need Ashley's help. The latter proud as punch as Fran falls under the Lester's blade. Fire? Fire!! "Amy! We have to go!!" She holds out her hand for Amy...while still eyeing off the vampire on the ceiling. Sure, it was Arthur but the important word is //was//. Once Amy is with her, time to leave.

There's no pause, no hesitation. Once Mona sees that her siblings can make it out, and it doesn't seem like Arthur's going to make Zane his first meal on the new diet plan, she dashes toward Zane, reaching for his hand. "We have to get out of here. Arthur, come on!"

Felicity looks back as she hears the others running down the stairs, there's one last glance out the back, then she calls "We're clear. Get outside!" There's a moment's hesitation as she looks towards the door to that side room and then she's following her own directions and running outside.

Lucas hauls ASS at the all clear and the words 'Fire' and the unanimous cry of move your asses. Thank god he and Lan were on track for six years. He leaps half flights of stiars because he's an 18 year old boy and hitting every step is for grandmas whose houses are not the fuck on fire. A half eyes is keps on Justin, but he is barreling through here like Jade escaping being trapped in a Sears overnight.

Like an almost-vampire bat out of hell, Thea races across the room and to the stairs, halting only long enough to ensure that her loved ones are either ahead of her, or damned close. Seeing Mona pause, she looks to Arthur up on the wall and cries out, "Come on, Art! We'll figure out how to fix you, let's just get the hell out of here for now!" The heat's starting to get uncomfortable, but she sure as hell can't leave without both her siblings, at the very least.

Justin may wisely not be worried about his brother right now. Zane is very worried about his. "Art!" he calls to him, going paler again at the wall-scuttling contortions because ohhhh that is not right, all the Bloomquist boys know exactly how far their siblings' limbs bend before they start crying Uncle and it is very definitely less far than that. "Don't-- what--" Mona has his hand and succeeds in drawing him along while he's trying to figure out what the hell to do about his vampire twin aside from yelling, "Don't get burnt up too!"

At the sight of Arthur creepy-crawling up the wall with his limbs twisting in ways they shouldn't, James turns towards Thea, Jade, and Spear and blinks once, body tense, then bolts for the staircase hand-in-hand with the former. "God-fucking-damn, shit, fuck," the string of uncharacteristic swears ejects as he dashes down the stairs, only to nearly take a spill in the Raven slip-and-slide on the second floor.

While he catches his footing, he looks back towards his sibling and Marchant companions to make sure they're still with him, then resumes his flight down the rest of the stairs and right on out.

Esme was eyeing a candle as Landon had her arm, thinking visibly and looking at Fran in skirmish with the others. That goth dress skirt is an abomination and should flame easily if she can get... oh, look, she's headless and there's fire for them, instead, the teen never has to finish that thought of how to contribute to vampire death thanks to the others and she's right on Landon's tail with Lana checking on James and herding Esme along bossily with concern of her own.

Coughing, she hits the stairwell at speed and yells at the others with question, suddenly afraid they're being chased into more vampire opposition or the Swindon directly, "... did you guys kill all the other ones on the way up?"

Arthur leaps off the wall and joins his brother and Mona, at their and Silver's urging, and follows them out.

Everyone scrambles out in a hurry as the house quicky goes up in flames. When they all gather up outside at a safe distance they can't help but watch the fire. Fran's dead. The kidnapped are safe. Art's a Vampire, but at least he's on their side! They'll learn later that Hector and Cash are dead, but they are transfixed by the threat that had plagued them burning to ash.

"I do apologize," says a familiar voice. Principal Ruth seems to just BE there, like a ninja, as he always does. "Robert was a good son, but Francine..." She tsks. "Well. Not my proudest moment."

She looks to Arthur. "Go be with your family for now. I'll call you when it's time to begin your new life." She starts to turn away, but remembers something. "Do avoid sunlight."

And then Swindon turns to mist and fades away in the night air.