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Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Silver's Room
Date  •  2019-08-19
Summary  •  Spear, Hector, and Jade all come to check on Silver as she spends Monday in bed. They use the 'V' word, since Star isn't around.

Silver has mostly been in her room since she came home with Star. Sleeping on and off and whining after a rare steak. Then whining it tasted like ash. You know, typical horrible patient syndrome. And then she was up all night reading and scribbling in a notebook. Between bouts of passing out.

Monday? Well Monday she didn't even have to call in sick with Noah saying she was dangerously anemic. She was of two minds about it and had begged Spear to pretty please bring home all the vampire movies at Blockbuster he could find. So she was laying on her bed. Amid a huge pile of franken-plushies, of her own making, and pillows. Watching The X-Files while nibbling on a spinach and beet salad with feta. While nearby was a package of black licorice and a cup of slowly melting ice chips.

The room is large enough. There's a big bay window with a reading nook on one wall. For some reason her dresser is currently blocking it however. And a bean bag sits atop it where it would otherwise be on the floor to watch the TV from. There is a desk and computer as well. But most of the walls are filled with shelves that either have books or terrariums. Spiders and snakes filling these in equal measure. The decoration of the room tends towards creepy. There are several taxedermied cats in various states of catly being also sitting on the shelves. A tuxedo seems to sleep on her desk even. Except it's definitely no longer alive. Sleeping on the foot of the bed is one of the Thistle cats that -is- living. A sleek black thing named Ninja.

Spear has a book under his arm - his sketch book, and he is busy asiding to Hector "...even like black leather?" in a worried tone of voice. However, now he is knocking on Silver's door and calling out "It's me, Spear. Hector says I should be checking up on you?" Poor Spear is so often clueless, he may have not realised things were not a hundred percent. Now he is standing outside, a bit cautiously as he starts to open the door "Hey?"

Hector is more tan than he was Friday and still has sand in his hair and in his clothes. He is obviously, visibly worried. He does flash a smile, "Who doesn't like black leather, but to you have a needle strong enough?" He is lurking behind Spear. He murmurs to Jaden, "She had another dose."

Jade is dressed like he can't decide if he's grunge of goth. The Nirvana shirt is black (the one with the smiley face), and there's a black flannel shirt over it, black jeans, black Doc Martens. His hair is swept back and he's wearing his new hat, a black driver's hat with a star on it. He had a package of Oreos, which he offers to Spear as he says, "Double-stuffed." Then he nods to Hector and says, "That's rough, man."

Silver looks away from the tv towards the door with a raised brow. She mutes the show and swallows her mouthful. "Hey, come in." She wiggles her fingers and smiles at him. But that smile hitches as she then sees who he has behind him. Hearing other voices. "Uhhh...did you go to Blockbuster yet?" She asks her triplet hopefully. "I guess you all can come in," She only sounds vaguely annoyed. "Who spilled the beans?" She crosses her arms as she leans back into the pillow pile.

"Yep. I have, uh, a lot of weird vampire movies," says Spear, who peers down at his bag, and he adds "One of them's a Blaxsploitation one, which is super weird." And then he says "Hector said you needed some, er. I mean, Hector said that you wanted some -" Looking after. "Company?" he tries on for size, and then he is half-turning to beam at Jade "Yeah, I really want one of those," he says "See, Silver? He brought Oreos!"

Hector nods to Jade, clearly trying hard not to freak out, to project calm. He's not really succeeding. He studies Silver a little warily, "Cash. The whole live person in a steamer trunk everybody drinking... That thing had him worried he might end up in a steamer trunk himself. Jesus, Sil, are you okay? What happened? Beyond all of you drinking more of it." He takes a breath and makes a better effort at sounding normal. "I have Vamp in my room if you are into Grace Jones and the old Langella one if you are wanting sexy Edwardian vampire.... I'm guessing from your movie choice you think maybe James is right?

Jade smiles at Spear and says, "They're for you. You can have as many as you want." He leaves Spear with the package and goes to offer his fingertips to Ninja to sniff. The not-living cats are eyed, but it's the living one he's interested in. "What's this about a live person in a steamer trunk? Dudes, what are you doing? I mean, better a live person than a dead one, but..."

Silver quirks a brow at the mention of the one movie. "Huh...well, okay. I'll give it a go. Might even be helpful," She says with a shrug, pointing at the shelf the TV sits on. As Hector starts talking she frowns again and looks down at the salad in her lap, stabbing at it idly. "Mmm..." She is incredibly pale and her pupils are still blown to pinpoints, so her room is mostly lit by the terrariums and her desk lamp. But it just makes the fact she is pale more obvious.

"I'll pass on the cookies, Spear. Everything tastes like ashes anyway," Silver says with a sigh, setting the half-eaten salad aside. "I...ok. I dunno where to start here. But you all are gonna want to sit down. Feel free to grab the desk chair, bed, or that bean bag..." She picks up the ice chips and begins munching on them. "So...end of February there was a bonfire. Crazy chick named Francine had a bonfire party. Bunch of kids from school went, got a sip of what we'll call special wine." She shudders a bit and takes another mouthful of chips. Crunching and talking as she does, "A couple of us heard about it and went to learn more the next day. Investigate. Cause drugging friends ain't cool...but she shows up and offers us some. We take it and...well I've never had anything like it and don't think I will again. It was amazing and so many words I can't use to describe..."

"_What_ live person in a steamer trunk?" says Spear, who might for the first time be realizing that something odd is going on. And he says "Look, I mean, as much as I kinda _like_ the idea, there's no such thing as vampires. Though if this is some freaky hazing thing, maybe we should call the police?" He adds "I heard these bikers were roofie-ing people, so I reckon that it has to stop." He nods, firmly. And he bites into an oreo, and then he watches the cats, and he finally says "Cash said. Cash said somethin' too. So. No matter what I feel about it all, I think. This may be above our pay grade."

He eyes Silver as she sits there, and then he says "Francine? So this is that Fran person who is bad? Okay. Well. No, wow, okay, _no_ you can _absolutely_ not drink any of this ever again. Wow, this must be some new drug."

Hector says quietly, "What did cousin Noah say? Did he take your sample?" He settles at the foot of her bed. He squeezes her foot. He gives spear a sad look, "We told Aunt Nancy. Apparently Francine hangs out with the bikers. I think she thinks it's some kind of super strong meth or cocaine type thing. It's been more than two weeks and people wanted it so much they went back and did it again. I don't think she understands the threat. Not really. I do think having Uncle Noah check people out and get samples is a good idea. I know it's above our pay grade, Spear." He sounds so calm and resigned, "I'm going to see if I can mobilize the Lesters. They got a couple of theirs too, and I think Morrison will listen to me at least. Given the history. Maybe especially because of it." He smiles crookedly at Spear, "This is what we were trying to warn you about Spear. It's so strong it's like instant addiction." He studies Jade's face, "This is bad and you know a lot more than I do about certain things."

Jade pets Ninja, and he looks thoughtful for a moment. Finally, he says, "Mixing crack with alcohol can produce some of these side effects," he says. "Loss of appetite, mood swings, paranoia. It can also make your heart fucking explode, so you don't want to mix them. Crack would explain the instant addiction. I don't know what the comedown is like. Even I won't touch that shit." Besides, it's a 'poor person' drug, and he's a Marchant. "But it would produce euphoria and that 'on top of the world' feeling. I can't even begin to guess what's causing the photosensitivity. Maybe it's being cut with a psychoactive. Some depression meds cause that."

Silver looks at Spear and then the others, her face serious and worried. "There was no trace of any drugs in my system. Noah seems to think it is something new. Because nothing should disappear that quickly with those kind of effects," She says with a sigh. "Anyway...we all felt like shift for a few weeks after. It was just starting to get better and...I can't describe it. But a pull. I just -had- to go somewhere Saturday night. I couldn't ignore it. We all felt it...and we all showed up out in Topok..."

Ninja wakes up and yawns, blinking vibrant blue eyes at Jade as he comes over. "Mmmmmrr?" Goes the feline with the slightest flick of his tail. Then yawns and gets up, arching his back and stretching long. Then he his bumping up against Silver's foot before turning to stare at Jade. Then crawling into his lap and kneading with super-needles pokey paws and claws.

"All of us showed up. Then Francine and some others dragging this steamer trunk. The moment I saw that bottle all I wanted was to try it again. But James was there too...and you know me. I needed to stay and make sure he was safe. Cash was the only one able to walk away...I needed to know what was going on. So I stayed. And...and..." A pause and her eyes go wide and she stares at the muted tv, but not exactly. That is a look of trauma making her seem fragile in that big bed.

"Ugh, that all sounds really bad for you," says Spear, and then he says to Silver "Well, there's just no drug they can detect, yeah. It might be a brand new thing. Though this does seem all...sort of. Well, so you had more of it. Next time you start feeling that, you have to come and tell _me_. I'm your brother," and willing to lay the guilt trip on "You don't wanna shut me out, do you?" he asks, and then he says "James. James too." And he rubs the back of his neck.

Hector says, "Cash is still fighting it weeks after the first sip." He rubs the back of his neck, he sounds a tad bitter, "I did suggest designer drug, but Aunt Nancy says that doesn't happen here.... Oh Silver!" He scootches up to offer her a hug. "Spear's right, net time tell us, okay?" He nods, "James too." He meets Jade's eyes, "And Landon and Lucas. Some from each of the Five families."

Jade's lips twitch in wry amusement when Hector says Aunt Nancy says designer drugs don't happen here. "Depends on how much money you have," he says. "Or who you are." He nods to Hector and says, "Yeah, my cousins haven't been looking so hot either. I'm beginning to be glad I had a migraine that night. It's why I stayed home." He rubs Ninja under the chin and accepts the clawing as his due. He's owned by a cat. He knows the drill. "I suggest drinking lots of water, just in case it can be flushed that way. Maybe Gatorade to keep your electrolytes up. Obviously stop taking it when it's offered. Avoid this Fran chick."

"Bad things can happen anywhere," decides Spear, and he frowns "I mean, why _not_ test a designer drug out here? Plenty of people to look at it on, and...all of that kind of thing." He eyes Hector, and then he says "Whatever, you know, er 'protocol' Jade here suggests should be what we follow. He's smart." He nods "Right, water then. As much as you can. And uh, you should probably eat some fruit. I bet it's that most things just don't feel 'good enough' now - that's why you feel awful. But you have to teach yourselves to like it again, okay?"

Silver slowly licks her lips and says, "Thea and Esme also." And as she feels arms around her she blinks and turns to look a Hector. Slowly she shakes her head before turning to look at Spear. "I...don't know that I could. But I'll try. The urge was so intense. This isn't normal. This isn't any normal drug or addiction guys..."

Pale green eyes turn to look at Jade for a long couple seconds. Of everyone in the room he is a bit of an unknown. But she glances from him to Spear finally and seems to decide something. Looking down at her hands she says, "Brenda Lang was in the trunk. They let her out and...and..." She sucks in a shaking breath. "They killed her. No..." She frowns and blinks and look at them all with an echo of that horror. "They tore her apart while she screamed for us to help. And all we do feel was hunger and terror. All of us ran and...the rest of the night is just a nightmare blur."

Her hands ball into fists at the suggestion of water and fruit. Silver grits her teeth and shakes her head. Pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around it. "I can still feel her death, Spear. I went back yesterday. I went to the spot and I -felt- it!" She says as she drops her face into her knees, muffling her voice slightly.

ROLL: Dare rolls 5d6 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 5 1 3 4 -- d6)

Hector rolls his eyes, "I know Jade. I mean, California's right there. But try explaining that to cop in a way that doesn't get us looked at too hard." he says with a quiet horror, "Spring break is a perfect time to market it. If you want it to hit big everywhere." Winces, "Right, Thea and Esme. Jade, can you talk to you family? Try to get the younger ones to try to watch out for each other."

He winces at this newest revelation, but he tries to put his arms around his sister, "I don't think you were in any condition to fight off a blood thirsty biker gang, Sil." He looks to Spear, "I think we need to arrange for them never to be alone. We're going to need more help than just us."

"I've talked to them," Jade says. "It's kind of hard to share a house with them and not notice something's up. I think it's a good idea to make it a policy not to go anywhere alone after dark, and if you see this Fran, book it the other way." He takes a deep breath and lets it out shakily. "I don't even know what to think about someone getting killed and... and feeling hungry. That's some straight up PCP fucked up shit right there."

Spear says "...wh..." Still. He pauses, then he says "Hector, we need to be calling the police. I'm not even joking. I mean, I'm as ACAB as the next guy, but in this case, it's a murder - if Silver said she could feel someone's..." He glances at Jade, then back at Hector "You _know_ all Thistles can do that. So someone really did die. Which means that Brenda Lang really did die. Which means we _totally need the police_!" He jumps up nervously "I'll give you guys like...sometime to think up why I can't, because ACAB, but...I gotta go. Work out if there's anything _else_ I can do..."

Silver just curls into a tighter ball as they talk. Not making any sound, but hiding her face in her arms and against her knees. Trembling all over. Only when Spear says he has to go does her head come up. Her expression pained and scared. "Nancy is going to check it out...but there was nothing there. Any evidence...it was gone." Shaking her head she drops it back to her knees. "I don't think she'll fine anything...I don't think she'll believe me."

Hector meets Jade's eyes, relieved that he's not just being paranoid. Then he's saying gently to Spear, "We tried Aunt Nancy. I know Ashley feels like we do about going to the police. I'll talk to Cash okay? My guess is he's the only one close enough to having his shit together to do it and not sound like he's hallucinating. Spear, it's a really bad idea to call from here. They'll trace it, and it should be someone with more than second hand knowledge." he keeps his arm around his sister, "I know, but we've have to keep trying. We just need to find the right adults and frame it in ways they'll take seriously. Silver, I promise you do not have to deal with this alone, okay?"

"Yeah, if someone got killed, this is beyond the kind of fucked up we can deal with." He watches Spear, a little wild-eyed. "Doesn't your Aunt get that 'I see dead people' thing, too? Maybe she won't be able to prove someone died there, but at least she'd know. Fuck, this is too fucked up, guys. No one should be going off alone."

"I...dunno," Silver answers Jade's question with a little shake of her head. " know. It's fucked. It's horrible. I...I need to do something. I can't..." Silver's head comes up again. A suddenly thought is her tear-stained eyes. "She said...she said next time it would be too late." Now she looks at Hector and then Jade.

Hector shrugs, "I only started seeing dead people in January. I thought I was going crazy until the triplets said they did too. It's not exactly a thing i want to discuss with adults. It's a good way to end up on thorazine." He freezes, "Too late? Like how too late?"

Jade keeps petting the cat, and he watches Silver. "Too late for what?" he says gently. For all that he can be a vain prick sometimes (a lot of the time), right now there's a softness in his countenance. The Marchant brat isn't without compassion.

Silver rubs at her face, slowly, and narrows her eyes. Trying to focus through the haze and chewing on her lower lip while she does. "She said...we had a choice. It seemed weird...and she was just messing with us. But drink or find out the truth. We demanded to drink -and- know...she let Cash go. But she said next time it would be too late, about learning the truth. Then they let Brenda out and..." She bites her lip hard and closes her eyes. "Their faces changed. They became monsters as they tore her apart. Their faces were no longer human...and I saw fangs. I know I did. I don't care if you believe me or not. It wasn't a hallucination."

Hector thinks, gently rubbing his sister's arm as he does. He says quietly, "This would be easier if I saw for myself, but seeing sounds like a suicidal idea." He takes a slow breath, "I believed Cash. I believe you, Sil. I don't think Mass hallucination is a real thing scientifically, and Cash said James called them vampires. We need more data points, but... He said it was blood. Cash, I mean. I didn't want to believe it, but Cash pretty much can't lie, especially not...when he's that upset. He believes it. You believe it. Logically, if it's just drugs taking vampire precautions as well as drug precautions doesn't hurt, whereas if it's really vampires, taking drug precautions alone is going to get us killed."

he thinks a bit longer. "I haven't taken anything stronger than a few hits of weed or a bit of whiskey since last spring. I can see the dead." He studies Jade, "If I go and... and try to find and talk to Brenda would that count as proof for you, Jade? Because I know this sounds like crazy talk, but their stories match up in the details."

Jade says, "Yeah, it sounds like crazy talk. You're talking about vampires. Like. Vampires." His tone is calm, but the skepticism is high. "I totally believe you believe it. I don't think you're trying to fuck with me. It's just kind of a leap from weird psycho vampire-wannabe biker cult and actual vampires."

That might explain the vampire books and notebook on Silver's bed. Ninja, sensing her distress, leaps out of Jade's lap. Moving back to rub up against her leg. Bumping her arm and getting the petting he was looking for. "Star said she'd, ah, kick me in the taint if I said the 'V' word again," She says with a snort of amusement. "But you're probably okay. You didn't get threatened." Yet.

"I know it sounds crazy. I want to be crazy, Jade. That would totally be better than...remembering that and knowing it's real," Silver says with a shake of her head. "But...I can see and talk to ghosts." The smile is wry on her face when she looks back at the Marchant. "So guess I'm more able to believe weird shit is real."

Hector studies Jade, "Would me or Spear talking to Brenda count as proof?" Hector's lips compress. "We need to organize. We need a list of adults we can maybe try to enlist. We stick to drugs and murder with the adults. Like I said, vampires or drugs, it's still murder and it's still too big."

"I'm just not sure what me believing in vampires is going to solve," Jade says. "I'm on board to prepare for the worst regardless. But the best thing I can think to suggest is not to go anywhere alone at night, and check in often, don't take offered drinks or drugs you can't account for. If you see this Fran chick or any of her gang, go the other way. We shouldn't be trying to confront them either way, whether they're vampires or just really bad people."

He gets to his feet, and he gives Hector a squeeze on the shoulder, and Silver gets a quick squeeze, too. "They killed someone. That already makes them a monster in my book. Look, I gotta go, but keep me in the loop, okay? We gotta have each others' backs."

Silver gives Jade a weak and slightly awkward smile at the squeeze. Nodding her head and says, "Yeah. You're right. Smooth move with the double stuffed, by the way." The smile flickers a little stronger, waving as he head out. Then she turns to look at Hector.

Before she whallops him upside with a pillow. "You proposed?!?" She doesn't shout, but she is loud right there in his face. The look on her face is incredulous and confused. "To -Cash-!" And she goes to hit him again with the pillow.

Hector winces and ducks looking sheepish, "I was going to wait for prom but... He needed... I needed... He was really messed up from the... the thing even though he didn't see all of it, and I thought maybe it would help if I did it... when he most needed something to hold on to and look forward to. To help him keep fighting it." He shows her the class ring on his index finger with the black stone. "He gave me this." He starts to defend himself in case she hits him again, "I know everybody hate him because of Spear just like you all hate me, but I love him and it was hell being apart and it we're all gong to be eaten by Vampires I want him to have one good thing." He looks at her, resigned, waiting for more rejection.

Silver blinks at something he says and drops the pillow. "Hate you? I don't hate you. Mad, yes. Hate?" She is frowning as she shakes her head. "Disappointed, upset, and a little betrayed on Spear's behalf. And I do NOT like Cash. I don't think I ever will. He hurt Spear bad...and he's gonna do it to you. And..." She pauses and looks at him, seeming like she's gonna hit him with the pillow again.

"Those are really bad reasons to ask someone...that's co-dependent behavior and just as bad as a drug. You know that right?" Silver sighs and lowers the pillow. "You're looking for something to grasp on to too. You're still grieving..." The young woman's expression becomes sad and she drops her eyes with a sigh. "We've been pretty shitty though in helping you with that...do you...want to try and call your mom and talk to her?"

Hector says quietly, "He won't hurt me. Cash...It's hard to explain, but he won't leave me. It made us both miserable being apart. I won't do that to him again and he won't do that to me. We make a kind of sense together that we don't make apart. I was going to ask him anyway, you know. I had it planned out for prom, all romantic and perfect. I just... moved up the timeline is all." He takes a breath, "He really, really likes Spear but the whole raised together thing... It's harder for some people than others, I think. he misses the friendship and he knows that's lost now. It's why I haven't been bringing Cash over. It's hard enough for spear without seeing him around the house." he looks away, "I really miss being friends with spear, but I don't deserve him. I keep wanting to beat Amy Lester to a pulp for bullying him, but i know that won't really fix things. Spear deserves to be loved for himself, purely and unreservedly. Cash never could have given him that. I have faith someone will see how amazing spear is. I think the problem is he is way to cool for Arizona and unlike you and star, he doesn't know how to make that work for him. i am trying to help him with his masquerade costume, in hopes..."

He rubs the back of his neck and sighs. "When I first came here, when Spear and i were friends, he took me out into the woods and we made a little shrine for her together. I go there and talk to her sometimes. My Mother." He studies Silver out of the corners of his eyes, "Do you have someone? A girlfriend or boyfriend? I... worry about you."

Silver watches Hector try and explain. But she doesn't look convinced, just sad. And she slowly sighs and looks down at the cat now occupying her lap. Stroking Ninja as he purrs loudly. "I can't tell you how to live your life. And I won't. But I've seen a lot through my lens since I started taking pictures..." She sighs and shakes her head. "Never mind...I won't harp on you more about it."

For a few seconds she is quiet as she pets the cat and chews on ice chips. Listening to him talk about the shrine. But her head comes up at the question and she raises a brow. "No...I've got Spear and Star. Getting attached just...just..." Her jaw sets and she looks towards the door. "Leads to pain. And broken promises. And lies..." She grows quiet and sullen then, focusing on the cat in her lap. "I don't want that. Besides...no one wants me either. That's okay." She looks at him with a sad smile.

Spear has amazing fucking timing, because he is starting to step back in. However, he can be remarkably light footed when he wants to be, sneaking around graveyards as he does. So instead of actually entering, he flattens himself to the wall outside. To listen. Is it even worth mentioning that while he has the brains of a peacock half the time, his hearing is almost supernaturally good?

Hector ask Cash to the prom? Huh, well, Spear already knows about that. He rolls his eyes up and all the details have him glaring at the wall opposite, making an annoyed expression. His lower jaw sticks out pugnaciously. He is going to do this all on his...oh, yeah, Hector's mother. Spear's expression clears to empathy. He stays where he is, well aware that Silver might be able to sense him. Being a triplet is a hell of a thing. He takes a breath.

Hector looks at her with a deep empathy, "It's not always like that, Sil, and you know you're basically a Goddess right? Like your my sister, but trust me, there is no world in which people don't want you." He is entirely oblivious of a returning Spear.

Silver can't help it. She bursts out laughing at the declaration she's a goddess. "That's hilarious! As if," She says with another snort and shake of her head. "You don't have to lay it on so thick to make me feel better, you know," Silver leans back, still holding the pillow she had used to hit Hector with.

Once again she glances back at the door. This time pursing her lips when she does so. Spear can't see the slow smile that plays across her lips, "I wonder when Jade will finally ask Spear out? He obviously has the hots for him."

Spear does nod a little - _he_ thinks that Silver is _amazing_ of course! And he starts to move - but then freezes!

Hector lets her go, but smiles at her, "Not laying it on thick, just telling you the truth. I really do wish I fit here because you are all amazing." Her tone gives her away, "I'm hoping if we dress up Spear in something amazingly sexy, one of them will have the sense to make a move, but I didn't say anything about Jade's interest to you, okay? He's still waffling." He keeps his head turned away from the door, watching Silver's face to see if he can guess how a certain theoretical eavesdropper might be responding.

Silver's lips twitch into a bit of a smirk. "Sexy huh? Hard to imagine Spear like that. Sorry," She makes a face, sticking out her tongue a little bit. "Jade on the other hand...well, he took my hint with the sweet treats." Her face relaxes back into an amused smile and then she just goes into giggles for no reason.

It makes Ninja look up at her in annoyance. She keeps shifting and getting distracted from petting him. With a huff the cat gets up and leaps down to wander over to the open door. Once there he launches about three feet up in the air and then zooms off down the hall upon seeing Spear there. To those in the room? Well, something startled that cat and it just make Silver laugh all the harder.

Hmm, well, that might well be enough information for Spear. If the sweet treats were a suggestion, then Jade took it _up_ which means he has a chance. He tilts his head, and then he moves back, silently - only to see the cat poof up. Spear's eyes widen dramatically, and he pauses, then steps on into the room "...hi," he says, awkwardly "Sorry for ducking out earlier. That was freaky stuff."

Hector shrugs, "Again, siblings, but I have eyes and I didn't grow up with any of you, so maybe I see you all clearer." He sighs, "Jesus Jade is gorgeous. Those cheekbones...." He watches the cat with some amusement and grins and waves over his shoulder, "It's okay, Spear."

Silver smiles knowingly at Spear and her green eyes dance a bit. "You don't have to apologize. You were probably just vibing off me. I get it," She opens up her arms though, inviting a hug. "It's freaky, but it's real. Swear on Gram's ghost. Which means I need all your spooky know-how. I've got brains in science and math and stuff. Not in the metaphysics." That was always more Star and Spear than her. "But I figure...movies and fiction is a place to start, yeah?"

Spear nods once or twice, and he says "Jade is very good looking. This school has a ridiculous amount of good looking people in it, to be completely frank." And then he moves forward and he hugs Silver tightly, and then he says "Well...we should also ask mom and dad. They see and feel it too. Usually dead people aren't scary at all - sometimes a bit sad, because people miss them, but not scary. So I figure, hmmm." He shakes his head, frowning a little "I figure this must be something else. People move on or they stop. They don't go half way."

Hector smiles, "I'm just a musician, really, but I'll help where I can. I will sit on you next time to keep you from gong if you thing it will help." He cocks his head listening. The Thistle parents have been really nice to him, but he doesn't really know them despite various attempts at bonding activities. "I think whether they are dead people or infected people they aren't like our ghosts at all."

Hector arrives from Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home.

Silver squeezes back as tight as she can. But up close he can see she is pale and her anemia is indeed bad. Worse maybe than it has ever been. "Yeah, maybe. Maybe they know something about vampires? I mean...if they exist and exist around here surely they've gotten weird bodies before. But...-how- do we ask?" She frowns and gets another mouthful of ice chips and chews thoughtfully. "I s'pose I could just ask mom how many weird deaths we get a year..."

"Well, we just look at the records in city hall, right? Or the mortuary ones," says Spear thoughtfully. He watches Silver eating ice chips, and he says "If it's really vampires, Silver, um. You know. Er. Anne Rice stuff. Wellllll. The thing is, in a lot of supernatural stories, monsters make slaves out of people by forcing them to drink things."

Silver bites her lower lip at Spear's words. Nibbling at it as she thinks about it. "Mmmm...yeah. I kind of recall that," She says as she glances at the books she has out. "I'm going to try and resist. But that compulsion..." She pauses and purses her lips, "It's like when you have a ghost who just -won't- stop crying in your ear unless you pay attention to it."

Hector says, “Do you think Aunt Nancy mentioned the drug stuff to your parents?" he's watching silver out of the corners of his eyes, "And in some stories three is the number of times to become enslaved. It could be what too late means. Sil, I think you and the others should never be alone, just in case."”

"You don't need to worry about it, we'll worry about it," says Spear "You try, but most importantly, you call us, okay?" He adds "I mean, we can do things to keep you here. I know what that ghost thing is like though."

Silver shakes her head at Hector. "No. I don't think so. It isn't like there were any drugs in my system anyway." She says as she stifles another yawn. "But you got a point. Could be. I think we'll be ok if it is during the day...the feeling only came on towards night. But..yeah." She yawns again and snuggles into her bed a bit more. "I'm not going anywhere today though. I'm too tired and Noah said I need to rest, take my iron pills, all the usual." She shoots Spear a smile and adds, "Thanks for getting those videos. Though I think my movie show will be a bit. I need another nap."

Hector touches her shoulder, "I'll bring the movies i have by later. I really am sorry this is happening to you, Sil." He studies Spear, "Want to go to your room and work on designs for your outfit?"

"We can head out, Silver," says Spear, who then ruins his ability to 'stay hidden' "I am sure lots of boys - or, er, girls, I've never asked you - would want to date you. You are. Like. You're amazing, Silver." He smiles a bit wryly "Annnnd I think I might need to hang out in your room at night, or swap with Star." A shake of his head, and he says to Hector "What...you're...interested? SURE!"

Hector says, “I think that's a really good idea, Spear, and you really are amazing Silver. He flashes Spear a grin, "Definitely. So what were you think? Raven? Bat?"”

Silver smiles at her triplet and reaches out to squeeze his hand. Then turns to look at Hector. "I suppose being outnumbered isn't too bad," She says before chuckling at Spear's words. Shaking her head. "Only one person I've ever had any flutters for, and he's taken. And anyway...relationships just cause problems." She waves her hand at the two as they get up to head out. "Raven!" She calls out after them.