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Cold Beverage
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  The Bloomquist House
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-08
Summary  •  Silver comes over to tutor Zane in Chem and History, but he mostly learns about drinks and fruit. (1994-03-09)

It is after school and it is wednesday. Wednesday has not only Choir, but study afterwards. And the two have walked back to the Bloomquist place. Silver sipping quietly on some weird green smoothie from Jamba Juice as they go. She's been unusually quiet the last week or so. Something seeming to keep her attention. Their teacher had to get her attention several times today as her mind and voice wandered.

As they walked she wore her sunglasses, even though it wasn't that bright out now. The sun was heading to setting after all. And as it got later she seemed to perk up more. "Sorry about earlier," She finally says to break the silence once they enter the Bloomquist house. "I just haven't been sleeping well. And I think I just need a Jolt. Or something," She says with an embarassed half smile. "What are we studying today again?" That's a first, her forgetting what their studying.

Zane has not been unusually quiet, really, which includes during that walk, so while he's willing to walk in comfortable silence for a bit before she speaks, there's not a notably long silence to be broken. Hopefully he hasn't been entirely holding up the conversation by himself before that, but at least it probably didn't take too much focus for her part of things. That Green Day album is really great, and did she hear that dude from Nirvana almost ODed yesterday? Also those are cool sunglasses. He doesn't seem to question that she's wearing them this late. He's wearing a hat, and a vest, and he doesn't seem to expect these to be questioned either. 'cause he looks cool! Of course.

Some of the chat happened while he was walking along a short wall or wandering backward in front of her, and he turns to do the latter when she busts out that apology. He'd been headed for the stairs, but offers, "We could hit the kitchen, I dunno if we've got Jolt but we've got, like, Coke and Sprite I think. And coffee." Not all of those are going to help. "Though I'm pretty sure Jolt would keep you up, wouldn't it? But today's chem, except also there's that test in Rasmussen's class," history, "next week and he keeps asking, y'know, why stuff." Zane's actually not too bad when teachers just want names and dates and such. Rasmussen's tests tend to be deeper than that. "How come you're not sleeping good, anyway?"

Silver nodded and made pleasant soft replies that required little thought on the way back. And she can't help but smile as he starts backward walking. "You're going to fall down. Again," She tells him, her voice warm. "And...man...coffee or coke? Either, either?" She says, pronouncing the word two different ways with a shrug. Stepping forward she moves to turn him facing forward again. "I...think it is the lingering effect of some fermented wine I tried a little while back," She busts out with. Pauses. Blink blink. "I don't know why I told you that..." She colors slightly and tries to find something else to look at. "Oh, did your parents plant new perenniels?" She really does suck at social conversation, that will never fail.

ROLL: Zane rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 5 3 2 6 -- d6)

"Fft, I can walk backwards with my eyes closed," Zane says with a bright grin and a dismissive gesture, "...although I do kinda do better with them open. Anyway I only fell down that time because Josh's dog dropped that ball behind my foot when I wasn't looking." It may not have been the only time. He's pretty agile, but the more things you try the more things you can fail at, and he does have a tendency to try.

Still, he doesn't fight being turned, and starts kitchenward again before her actual words have him... promptly turning around to walk backwards so he can look at her again. His brows have lifted. "Fermented wine? Like-- wait, I thought all wine was fermented. Isn't it? How long ago's a while back?" A glance vaguely toward the yard, "...and nah, I think they're called primroses. Like the path." He remembers that one from Hamlet! And luckily for his dignity, he does in fact seem capable of navigating both furniture and walls without looking enough to lead the way into the kitchen and all the way to the cupboard for glasses without adding another pratfall to the list.

Silver follows after towards the kitchen and the promised caffeine. "It is. But...well...it was a wine that had something extra. You know...like absinthe or something. Or maybe it was just roofied, but whoa..." A ruddy hue has highlighted her cheekbones again. She watches him walk with that ease of his. Eyes linger a little longer than normal. He might actually catch her. "Like, um, end of February. That one weekend. Couple weeks ago..." She looks away as they enter the kitchen. "You know what? How about coke -and- a coffee? That I might actually be able to taste."

Does Zane catch her? It's hard to be sure, really, but she does have his attention right now. To be fair, it's not as though he frequently objects to being watched. He's watching her, though, head slightly cocked, as she answers. The confirmation that all wine IS fermented is a faint relief; it's subtle, but she's seen that before many a time during tutoring sessions. The rest, though -- his brow furrows. "How much of it did you drink? It shouldn't still be messing you up after, like, weeks." He has a concern. "Also coke and coffee sounds kinda gross." He considers this briefly, then takes down two mugs. "Let's try it."

"Yeah, that was my thought. But then my anemia symptoms started up and I figured something went wonky at first. Landon and Lucas have the same thing, but we're all anemic newsies so..." Silver begins to explain with a shrug of one shoulder. She still hasn't taken the shades off though even though they're inside.

A soft giggle rises from her and she shakes her head. "I can always rely on you to make me smile. Even when I feel like I'm living in grayscale," She says as she leans against the counter. "It does sound kinda gross, but it could be good. You ever been to an asian market? The flavors they have for drinks there are truly astounding. And their snack selection would give anyone with any taste and a case of the munchies a true fit of indecision," And there she goes suddenly babbling again. A pause. "That said, I think it could actually be good. Maybe sweeten the coffee a little before adding the coke? I dunno...or brew it with coke instead of water?" What will his parents and siblings think when the next batch is brewed? What if they try THIS one? "Naw, better not. Hot coke is gross. We'll need ice."

It's not impossible that Zane may have briefly confused anemia and amnesia or something along those lines, based on the further concern in his look and the fact that it lightens a touch around 'anemic newsies'. The giggle makes him grin again, though, pleased with that, and he sets the mugs by the coffee maker and starts getting the coffee itself. It's properly caffeinated, lucky for Silver, and the sort of brand that says 'I do actually care about coffee but let's not get obsessive here'. He's got that loaded in and is just about to get the water for it when she mentions using the Coke instead. The idea gets a thoughtful look, so it's really for the best that she thinks those potential issues through and vetoes it again. "We've got ice," he assures her, and gets the coffeemaker going.

Next -- the Coke. It's exactly that and sits on the counter with no fanfare. "How much ice? We could try sticking the coffee in the freezer... and nah. Like what flavours?" A pause, and he circles back to, "I'm pretty sure wine oughta be out of your system by now. Pretty sure I've never seen anyone with a hangover more than, like, a day maybe. Were you guys all at a party or something?" And didn't invite him? Surely not.

Silver reaches for the coke as it is set on the counter. Popping the top and taking several glugs before setting it down again. "Mmm, we could stick it in the freezer. Just to cool it down faster. Won't make a big difference, but by the time we're halfway through study questions should be cool enough," Is her thought on the prospect. As the conversation moves on she pulls her bag up onto the counter and begins pulling out notebooks, flashcards, and both math and chemistry books. "Like...blood orange. And I think...actually Pepsi has a coffee flavored version I think.

Silver adds in after a second thought. "And pretty sure there is a raspberry cream in Africa. I'd love to try that," She sighs whistfully and then looks at the coke in disappoinment. "This taste funny to you? Or like...anything?"

There are kiwis in that refrigerator, and a mango, but apparently things haven't gotten more exotic than that when Zane's been paying attention, since he pauses to look at her again instead of getting any ice. "Blood/orange. That sounds worse than coffee/Coke. Are they making drinks for vampires or what?" He reaches over to take the can from her at the complaint, and has a drink, considering a moment before he shrugs and offers it back. "Tastes like normal Coke to me," he says, just a little apologetic. "Maybe you should, like... see your doctor or something? 'cause this sounds weird for wine a couple weeks ago, and what if it messes with your voice?" That'd be a true horror, and comes with an appropriately dramatic look of distress at the potential.

Silver eyes the can as if it had personally given her some offense. "Hmph. Yeah...but then I have to admit I was drinking wine to my mom when she asks why I need an appointment..." And she wrinkles her nose in distaste."But Zane...I honestly don't think I'd take back taking a drink. It was like...like...I dunno. Like I could actually see all the colors in the spectrum, not just visible light. I could hear things, like spiders slowly crawling along the ceiling." A pause as she stares off, eyes a little dreamy. "It was...amazing." She sighs and reaches for the can to take another sip. "Wait...have you never had a blood orange?" She blinks and suddenly seems to snap to attention, blinking at him rapidly. "Oh my goodness gracious, we should away to the Whole Foods immediately!"

"Like... a drink?" Zane asks, head tilted again. "'cause, I mean, one drink shouldn't even be giving you a hangover for a day." He doesn't really drink much, himself, but some things he's figured out through unpleasant experience (his and others') nonetheless. "Kinda sounds like maybe someone slipped you something else. I dunno what, but. I'm pretty sure that's not a wine thing. Anyway, how can you see light that isn't visible?"

This is a genuine question. It's also not enough to keep him from blinking at her reaction to the news he hasn't had a blood orange. "I dunno? It sounds like the kinda thing I'd remember." He closes the freezer, immediately forgetting about the percolating coffee and the Coke unopened on the counter, and digs in his pocket for keys, instead. "Okay then, c'mon. Let's go see about getting one. Oh hey, maybe they'll have Jolt, too!" No, they won't. But it's not a bad drive, and if he's still going to tank that history test, at least he'll do it knowing what a blood orange tastes like.