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Cinema Nova
Characters  •   Spear Thistle (as Huey)  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •
Location  •  Cinema Nova
Date  •  2019-08-26
Summary  •  Hector and Cash try to see a movie

Huey works the aisles of the local Cinema Nova, cleaning up coke and popcorn spills and making sure the teenagers don't get to see anything they shouldn't. Not that there are a hell of a lot of R rated films out any way, but if there were, he would be a pain in the ass of everyone. He does the job solely because he gets to see movies for free, as he is very open about. Huey has a short temper and has been known to chase malcontents out into the street with his broom - make too many noises, wreck a seat, catch a broom to the back of your ear. Hudoo as he is known is about 22 - Hudoo is rumoured to know Voodoo Magic, a rumour he is happy to keep alive. The only thing Huey hates more than messy teenagers are bogus adults who get on his case for smoking the green stuff out by the bins, and if weird rumours make them back off? Good.

Right now there is a rerun showing in the place - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Valley girl cheerleader named Buffy who learns that it is her fate to hunt vampires. Huey is trying to unblock a toilet in the Men's room and looks about as thrilled as one would expect.

Hector has purchased snow caps, a really big buttered popcorn and the monster sized soda on the assumption that they'll besharing allof them. "Where do you want to sit, Cashew?" he is surrupticiously studying Huey, trying to decide if the rumors are true or if he's just some stoner.

"Don't stare. He knows voodoo." Cash whispers and nods sagely. "Popcorn gets stuck in my braces." He laments, pouting. "I'm going to eat it. I will be spitting out bits of popcorn for the next few days. Be warned." He drops a few in his mouth with that. "I like to sit closer to the front when I come alone or with the family but with you? The back." He leads the way with enthusiasm.

Hector grins and shakes the box of chocolates, "We also have these. With the popcon? Better or worse, Babe." He follows Cash and settles in next to him, whispering, "Does he really, or is it just rumors."

Huey is looking sideways at Hector in response, with an _amazingly_ bored sort of expression on his face. An unlit cigarette dangles out of the corner of his mouth - no smoking in here, but he is leaning on his broom handle and he still has that halfway out of his mouth. Up the back, a couple of other stoners are chatting to one another, and a voice drifts down "Yo. You guys need to turn those frowns upside down, Hudoo. And I got just the thing for that. We call them Doobie Snax-" "Shut up, scrubs," says Hudoo and the film starts to roll. Now the school kids - as he sees them, being a whole four years older - are approaching him, and he steps back "Okay, losers! Shut up! We're about to roll the god damn film!" Flickerflicker!

"Of course! I heard that some middle schooler had a whole goat stolen. A whole fucking goat, man. I ride by that kid's house and there is a fence but /no goat/. Spooky." Cash's wide eyed retelling is cut off by the film starting. He lowers his voice more. "And you know it's all goats and chickens with the voodoo type. Poor cute livestock." Cash stretches out those long legs to rest on the back of the seats in front of him, ankles crossed. His shoelaces glow in the dark.

Hector eyes the Doobie Snax guys and tries to make it clear he isn't with them. He stets the drink between them to share, puts the popcorn on his lap (no hole), and puts an arm around Cash's shoulders. "People have goats here?" He keeps his voice to a murmur in cash's ear, "Those are cute laces."

Man, glow in the dark shoe laces. Huey stares at them a bit, and the stoners in the middle cheer as th lights dim and the advertisements begin to play. Soon enough the music for the intro is beginning. And then the two guys can hear Huey behind them muttering something. Who cares, though? The movie is playing! It starts churring away. See, Buffy is one of the Cool Kids, a Cheerleader and...

"Ahhhh, shitballs -" comes a voice as the film suddenly cuts off and the whole theatre is left in darkness.

"Thank you." Cash leans on Hector, comfortably. "Kristy Swanson is so fucking fit. Hard pass on Luke Perry." The darkness falls and Cash shrinks a little. His glowing laces disappear towards the floor.

Hector chuckles at the 'shitballs' and pops some popcorn in his mouth. He laughs, "That mullet and those sideburns." He squeeses Cash's shoulders, "We'll be home before real dark, okay?"

The darkness has an intensive quality to it, a velvet thing. But the swearing is entirely human. After a moment of clicking the switches back and forth, finally there is a noise from behind them all "Okay. Okay. Everyone chill out. But we've kind of fuckin' ripped the film. Or someone has, I'm not sure. Okay, this is all worth a fuckin' bollocking -" And the stoners in the middle start to yell. Huey is apparently fast losing control of the situation "Shut up, losers!"

"I'm not scared!" Cash replies too quickly. The stoners yelling elicits a grumble. "Why can't we have nice things?" Cash hollers. "Come on!" In the safety of the black, the voodoo can't get him.

Hector seriously considers peling the loud stoners with popcorn, but decides that will only escalate the situation. Better to stay out of it. But tthen Cash is yelling. Because his mind works in trms of song, he leans close and starts softly singing, "Hello Darkness My old firend/I've come to talk with you again..."

The darkness persists, and suddenly Huey says "Okay. Could you two fuckers - I mean kids. Come up? I gotta do a thing, and it needs another thing. I need someone to hold some shit - I mean stairs - still! -"

"Because a vision softly creeping//Left its seeds while I was sleeping..." Cash settles down and sings back. He can't resist a sing-a-long. He pauses suddenly. "Who would have a goat in Arizona? What would it eat? I mean, besides hay or whatever? What about grass? Do goats really eat cans?" Tough questions from Cash here.

Hector kisses Cash's cheek, "Are you sure there was a goat? Because I haven't noticed any local goats... Come on, lets go help that guy with his thing." He sets his popcorn down held in balance between seat and chair back, unwinding his arm, he takes Cash's hand and tries to tug him thataway.

"Alright, I cannot confirm or deny anything about goats," calls out Huey "But I need some help, and those fuckers are really stoned, so I don't want them up on a step ladder. Can you guys come in? Come on. You f...you. Two." A long suffering sigh "The two dudes who want to shag like crazy. Oh God. Why am I even _in_ America." Huey opens the door into the filming room, and a faint pale light crawls out like a worm.

Cash followed, sighing in the way that only a teenager can. He follows that sigh with a atomic eyeroll at Huey's shagging comment. "Why are you here? Go back. Fuck off." Without missing a beat, he rushes the opening door. "What's the problem? I'm a Sasquatch who can fix anything."

Hector is looking amused as he steps in, "At your service Dude. how can we help you prevent a stoner riot?"

"You're a what? Tell me to fuck off again and I'm going to ban you from this place," says Huey. He sticks the spliff back in his mouth, and he eyes them all "You are not the heroes you think you are." As they come out into the service room, Huey signals a sparking wire from above "Okay, I'm gonna need you guys to step up and hold my ladder, while I get up there and fix that."

"You are not going to ban me. I'll get you deported." Cash glares...over Huey's shoulder. Details. "You are going to handle a sparking wire on a metal ladder? -You- are too stoned for this and I am practically an electrician. You need to cut the power to that! That will kill you, dude." Getting dressed down by a kid with purple and red hair and braces can't feel good. "Where is the breaker box? How did that even happen? Dude. What are you doing with your life? Not cool enough to sacrifice goats. If we had any." He looks to Hector. "You know what? It could have been a chicken."

Hector shrugs and moves that way amicably enough. Cash's reaction has him really confused, "Cash? Threatening to deport people is not okay." But the rest has him blinking in surprise. "Ooookay. What do you need me to do, Cash."

"Dude, I do this like five times a week, shut the fuck up," says Huey, and he lights his joint "Oh well, you can do it then," he adds "No skin off my nose, fuck you. I don't know, what's a breaker box? I just use The Stick." And he points to a 2x4 in the corner, which has a rubber glove pulled over the top. THE STICK. "Go ahead, go crazy!"

More /sighing/. "This is fucking terrible idea." Cash says, striding to the 2x4 and picking it up. "I'm not going to have him deported, dude. Who do you think I am? A real asshole?" Cash is a pre-internet trolling edgelord and he doesn't even know it. "Okay. Let's hope my rubber soles will save me. Hector? Ladder me. I'm sober and taller so...better me, right?"

Hector eues that ladder, "Should I have gloves or something?"

"You're under like, sixteen, so you're a real asshole," says Huey, who finally inhales. Ahhh, sweet cannabis. His eyes close for a moment, and then he says "Arright. We just need to hook the wire back up so the circuit's made. I swear, this fuckin' dump. Makes me want to." A long pause "Get some blood up in here, you know? Sacrifice a chicken to the loa. Something's gotta give, and it ain't gonna be me." As Hector speaks, he rolls his eyes "Yeah, pussy. Gloves. Look." Though, weirdly enough? There _are_ rubber gloves. Huey hands them across "I use them when I touch myself."

"You don't have to hold it. Great balance. Been on roofs my whole life." Cash says but hey, gloves. "Gross, man. The thought that even you will touch you is...ew. Ew is a circle." He keeps spitting fire, yet he is glad to go up this ladder of clear danger for the target of his flames. "Where are you from anyway? And I'm eighteen, by the way. A total adult now."

Hector rolls his eyes, "We're adults." He eyes the gloves and opts to hold the ladder bare handed on the grounds that he now knows where those have been, "Dude! I want to help, but I don't want to touch your jizz!"

"Exmouth," says the guy, and he shrugs "I'm a Londoner. I don't wanna be here with you fucking losers, but the fucking losers out _there_ are considerably worse." And then he eyes Cash, a bit uncertainly. The wiring is bare, up above. Poor maintenance, and a fire hazard waiting to happen. Proof that not everyone's job ends up something they want "The owner's a cheap bitch and won't repair stuff." As Hector speaks, Huey says "Aww, precious babies. Look. Just see if you can wiggle it through so we get connection again and I'll give yas somethin'."

ROLL: Cash rolls finesse+1 for: [3]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 5 7 6 3 -- d8)

ROLL: Cash rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 2 1 6 4 -- d6)

Cash climbs up and stares at the wire, considering his approach. "Oh, fuuuuck London, man. I considered applying to one of the conservatories but the city sounds like trash." He kicks Hector away from the ladder. It's more of a surprisingly elegant nudge than a kick from the gawky kid. He makes the first poke as a test. The second make it all reconnect. "Hell yeah." He jumps down. "Loook...okay, tell your boss I will come here and fix that shit on the condition that I get free movies until I leave for college in August." Beat. "Or for -free- but can you, at the very least, try to get me something out of it?" He pauses. "Sorry for threatening to deport you."

Hector eyes Huey warily, "Is this something you want or something we might want?" He sighs and steps away at the nuge, but tries to peer up without touching anything, "Are they supposed to just hanglooselike that?"

"That city is the cradle of fucking civilisation, and don't you forget it," says the dude, and he inhales his doobie thickly, and then he peers up at the cables, and the fact that they are not sparking "Owner doesn't give a shit, but here," He pauses, hocks a loogie on the ground, and he digs in his pocket and pulls out a baggie of black crystals "Hash. Now take this and don't dob." He rolls his eyes at Hector "God damn, no. This is just a workcover accident waiting to happen. But. Maybe I'll sneak you two into a few movies. Just don't fuck in the back rows, okay?"

"This is America, man. Did we not shove your Union Jack back up your ass? 1776." He shifts his weight. "I still wanna see London. Just don't wanna live there." Cash gags when Huey spits. "Ugh. Gimme this." He snatches the hash. "I'm fixing that because I do not wanna be in here when it catches fire. Expect me." He smiles at Hector and offers him the baggie. "Are we doing this?" There is a certain innocence in his expression that says, 'I have no idea what hash is.'

Hector shakes his head, and says matter of factly "Nope. Lisbon. Lisbon is the cradle of civilization." He rolls his eyes, "We can fuck more comfortably at home. We for real came to watch the movie." He eyes it, "I think you smoke it?"

There is a pause, and Huey Selleck? He shakes his head "Fuck you kids," he says "God damn. Since when is an eighteen year old getting more ass than me? Never mind." He starts ushering them back out "Yes, you smoke it, dickweeds. Come on, out, out. You're doing this. Good _night_. Go and watch 'Buffy', horndogs. Man, i remember when I was like you. Young and full of hope." The lights dim in the Theatre outside again, and Hudoo Huey calls out "Okay, losers! These guys have got it going again! Cheer!" The stoners do - obediently. And then 'Buffy' begins to play once more.

Hector flashes Huey a grin, "To be fair, we are very, very good looking." He shrugs, "Tuck it away for now, Cash. I think it's expensive and you mightgive some to Jade as an apology gift. We can try a bit later, maybe."

"Me? Good looking? You are the pretty one and you know it." Cash is blushing. "Thanks, Huey. See you in Lisbon!" Later, Cash will ask. "I cheated my way through Geography. Lisbon is...Portugal, right?"

Hector grins up at him, "Definately good looking." There will be much cuddling and eating of popcorn. "Yes, it's where my Mother was from. I was born here, of course. It's a beautiful city though. I've seen pictures."