Log:Cats and Feathers

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Cats and Feathers
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Jade's Room
Date  •  2019-08-05
Summary  •  Spear comes to visit Jade, and they talk while Meezer chases a feather.

Jade's room is big, and everything is done in the finest stained oak 1994 has to offer. Everything matches, and the colors are done in red and black. There's a vanity with a padded bench, a window seat, and a king-sized bed heaped with pillows. There's also a cat tree in the room and a few cat toys here and there. At the foot of the bed is a bench padded in the same pattern as the bed's comforter.

Jade is sprawled on the bed in dock shorts and a t-shirt. Resting on his chest is a lanky, wedge-faced Siamese purring. The cat is peering at Spear, sizing him up. After a once-over, he utters a low-throated, loud rattling meow. "Aw, Meezer's saying hi," Jade says.

"Maybe he's planning my assassination?" says Spear, who did know he was coming to a place with a cat. As a result, he has a bunch of the feathers he picked up in the woods, with all of their different smells. He comes over to sit on the edge of the bed - he is wearing black jeans, black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket with a big sunflower painted on the back. The feathers are offered to Meezer, respectfully. Spear is great with animals. He just has problems with _people_.

"I doubt it," Jade says. "Me-me's a sweetheart." Sure, to Jade he is. Jade is his human. Meezer perks up and leans over to sniff the feathers. That hooks him, and he turns around on Jade's chest to investigate the feathers more closely. He sniffs more, then pins one of the feathers with a paw.

"What've you got there, Meez?" Jade croons. "Did Spear bring you something good?" He sputters a little as the Siamese's tail whips under his nose. "How's it going, man?" he asks Spear. His usual cool regard has softened considerably, for Spear has come bearing gifts for his cat.

The feather is twitched, but only on the coverlet of the bed, because long claws are long claws. Spear grins at the cat, and makes no attempt to touch him, just toying with the longest feather. He says "I like cats. They have very specific personalities. When they like something, they like it. And when they don't, they don't."

He considers, then he says "Er, I got distracted and forgot to hand in that assignment last week. Oops, eh? They've given me more time, but it's a little embarassing." He grins a bit goofily, and then he says "I haven't got a date for the end of year dance yet, but I was going to start asking girls this week. I have it _all planned_, Jade!"

The cat climbs off Jade's chest in pursuit of the feather. He tries to pin it again. He may be a purebred, pampered little prince, but deep down he's still a carnivorous killer, and the feather has to die. Spear has the animal completely engaged, and Jade smiles as he watches his cat getting playful. Siamese like to play. A lot. Meezer's no exception.

"That's great!" Jade says. "You should ask, uh... there's that girl Anna? Wilkins? She seems nice. I don't think anyone's asked her." He stops himself, then says, "But if you got it all planned, then you already got someone to ask, yeah? Who is it?"

The feather is wiggled this way and that, and Spear lets the cat catch it here and there, and then sits back against the bed. Looking all idle. Let the siamese enquire if he wants more! He says "Anna Wilkins! I'll give it a try - wait, no one has? Hmm. She's okay, though, isn't she?" He adds "Nice is good." The main problem Spear has is that he is the most Thistle of Thistles. His reputation is filth, but genuinely weird things do happen near him. The Curse is in full, powerful swing near Spear. Plus, since it got out that Cash dated Hector, there have been meaner things said about brothers "...er. Oh! Amy," he declares.

The Siamese pounces, bats at the feather, then pins it and bites the feather tip. Then he sits back and watches Spear. Make it go again! Jade shrugs and says, "I don't know if anyone has. I don't think so. She's really cute, she's just so quiet." He grins broadly as Spear declares Amy. "There you go. She won't be boring at least. Just carry some brass knuckles if you have to defend yourself."

Spear relaxes. There is the point - now that counts as being asked. So he does it, obediently, teaching the cat very slowly that Meezer can, in fact, teach him. He twitches the feather again, and tickles Meezer under the chin. He says "Why haven't you asked her? Who are you taking?" And then he grins "Aww, I should be fine, she nearly got me icecream the other day!" She said: Aww, go get some icecream and cry into it. But Spear will interpret that how he pleases.

"Yeah, that sounds like Amy," Jade says. Meezer tries to chomp the feather, then swats at it. The game is on! He likes to catch the feather, and then the human must make it go again. That's the training in progress here. After he's had a good chew, he sits back and watches the feather with an air of expectation.

Jade ruffles the cat's ears. "I'm taking someone, but it's a mystery. We want people to wonder. Just look for the most popular girl in school who doesn't seem to have a date yet." He considers Spear. "Are you done asking out boys?"

"I figure you have to look on the bright side of life!" chirrups Spear, and then he takes out a very sproingy pipe cleaner. He ties one end to the feather and bends it back to hide any sharp wire and makes the other end a circle. Now he spins it around his finger and tosses it.

"Is it a mystery even from me?" he asks, and then he laughs "The most popular girl...well. I don't know from popular - Star or Silver!" Aww, loyalty. Then Spear says "...I don't know any boys other than Cash or Hector who like boys."

Meezer's head spins a little as he watches the feather and ring. Then, when it's tossed, he pounces after it. Then he beats it around, tossing it in the air to attack it again. Jade chuckles. "Silly cat." He grins at Spear. Loyalty is adorable. "If I were taking one of your sisters, I would tell you." He sits up, bites his lower lip, then says, "You can't tell anyone if I tell you."

"He's a cool cat," says Spear brightly "You know, I have these monster scratches from an alley cat? It had a messed up paw, so I took it home and splinted it and stitched it up. Now it's in the garage. It's soooooo angry at me!" He beams, and he says "'Course, duder!" He holds up two fingers "Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a finger in my eye - murder me slow if I lie!"

"No good deed goes unpunished, man," Jade says, "but that's cool of you to take it in and fix it up. You want to take it to a vet? I'll cover it." Must be nice to be made of money. Meezer continues to flip out over the makeshift toy. It's definitely a hit, and Spear will not be forgotten. Jade watches the cat as he asides to Spear, "I'm taking Ashley. We're going to be prom King and Queen, of course."

Spear is baffled. Vet! He did not think of that. Then again, he has no cash at all "Man, would you? Thanks! All we gotta do is catch it." Er. He adds "It's totally okay, I am vaccinated against rabies." He goes on his belly on the floor to scatter the other feathers over Meezer.

Then Spear looks up and he says "...Ashley. _Wow_. I mean. Yeah. She really is the most popular girl in school." He adds "She's really nice. She didn't give me nasty stuff because of Cash. So that makes her _really_ nice, you know?"

Meezer rolls around and bats at feathers, stretched out on the floor. Then he floor-scoots toward Spear, reaching out paws for his hand. Jade watches with approval. When Meezer likes someone, he generally likes them too. "Yeah, Ashley's great. She's pretty, too. Brains, looks, she's got it all." He purses his lips, then says, "I'm sorry about the way Cash treated you. It wasn't okay."

Spear holds his hand out, but is careful to look away, a little. No direct staring happens. He says "You got a carpet shark, dude, not a cat." He tilts his head "You're right. Are you guys going to date?" And then he says "I know. But. I hear that like, rumours say maybe him and Hector are making up. I should forgive him, so Hector doesn't feel bad."

"Watch out, he's a terror," Jade says with a grin. Meezer floor-swims closer and puts his paws on Spear's hand, not using claws. He sniffs, then rubs his chin on Spear's fingers and starts purring. He lets out a low meow. "Aw, he likes you," Jade says. "He's not usually this friendly with people." He doesn't tell Spear that the only other human Meezer likes who doesn't live here is Cash.

Jade stares at Spear. "They're making up? You've got to be fucking kidding me. After Cash publicly humiliated me by demanding if I was fucking Hector, then describing their relationship in detail to rub it in my face, putting me through the wringer, and they're getting back together? Fuck them both. I hope their dicks fall off."

"I don't know, exactly!" says Spear, quickly. He tries to be honest "I'm not sure, I think it may just be, you know 'not hating each other'." He adds "It's rumours! It may not be true. Wow...Cash said that to you?" he frowns "Jerk."