Log:Careless Whispers

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Careless Whispers
Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Yearbook Room
Date  •  2019-09-14
Summary  •  Silver and Lucas talk about a certain brother. There is existential face-palming.

Lucas spoke with Hector. Since he's spent the remainder of the day as infuriatingly efficient and succinct as humanly possible. That is to sayhe's back in the Newspaper/Yearbook room again by the end of the say for newspaper, having had Yearbook earlier in the day. Either way it's how he usually wraps the day; catching up with Silver before she's off on some photo adventureor they're both off on to some madcap snooping.

Today? Today there's diving into work instead of bullshitting with other students.

Silver comes in from tutoring. Slinging her bag off and onto her workspace. She seems to be focused on getting things set out, pulling out a folio from the bag as well as her camera. Something catches her attention. Maybe it's the lack of banter from Mr. Banter himself. She looks up and over at him with a faint frown. That closed off expression is a sign she has learned to read. "I have all the sports pictures develloped so we can start going through them," She says, but her tone holds concern and there's a question in her eyes as she searches his face.

Lucas has gone as far as tactically removing any of the jovial nuisance from his demeanor. There's not even annoyance, or a slouch. Hey, he could be jus treally truly focused, but not so much so her words don't land and lift his attention up. "That's great news. That's ahead of schedule." By like a day but they can get started at the very least. There's a pause as the math pauses, tallies, and he nods looking back to her. "Good job. Oh," Pause and the slight curious inquiry crawls in, "We didn't get any pictures from Fran or the beach did we?" Yeah it's a bit oddly focused even for him. Maybe Landon can pull this off, but the burning time theorizing and small fidgets ar jsut... they aren't there.

Silver slowly tilts her head as she watches Lucas. There's a reason that she is pursuing a criminal justice degree. She has always been very persceptive. And able to read a scene. "Mmmm...yeah I have one, but it's burned. And has this weird shadow that, well, makes sense now." And she turns to pull open her bag again, fishing out a small photo book where she keeps her special pieces. She walks over to his station and leans against the desk as she fishes the photo out, passing it over. Closer now she eyes with with just a little more focus. She's not Landon, but she knows something is off. "So who spit in your Wheaties today?" Blunt has always worked before.

Lucas looks up and takes the photo book with care, respectful of her effort, time, craft, and the inegrity of the contents. Only touching the edges does he open it again. OH who pissed in his Wheaties. There's a pause and he answers with detached casualness, but engaging her in the conversation all teh same to the exclusion of discussing anyhting off-topic with near anyone else. "Saw your brother 4th period. We had some words. Everything's fine. Why?" The page flips and he studies it with the same ravenous, clinical hunger that should be there. Okay he's not been body snatched.

"I've got three of 'em...buuuuut..." Silver is able to eliminate James out of hand. He wouldn't have any reason to confront Lucas. Spear isn't the kind of person to have 'words' and then...she groans. And reaches up to rub at her face. "What did he say?" She asks, not really wanting to know the answer but there she is asking. "Cause I'm pretty sure you just gave me a Lester 'fine' and not a Marchant one," She says with a gentle kind of smile. "You want to walk and grab a drink from the machine with me?" She jerks her head towards the door. The folio is left, but bag and camera are not.

Silver has really started to pick up on teh Twins' habits over the last four years. To her merit she's good at those details, the inferesce, adn knowing her brothers well enough.

Lucas should stay put. He needs to get everything done; perfect. Against the OCD drive though is the need of knowing all his thigns are in place, and they aren't. And his friend? Struggling too and withteh same things her brother can try to grasp at as best as the unafflicted can.

A hand reaches out to rest o teh top of hers. he doens't answer but it's a definiate 'stop'. It takes him a moment to decide what way to take himself and in the end nods, "Yeah." He stands and checks his pocket for three quarters. Finding it the hunt for a Mt. Dew ow commences. What did he say? Great question. "He's worried about you." Which is true.

Silver pauses and looks back as his hand touches her. The smile doesn't falter though as she lays it on him. One brow raised as she waits his decision. And then they're moving and she's walking close to him. Shoulder close enough to brush now and again as they head out.

"Mmmm...yeah. I've noticed," Silver says with a little sigh and shake of her head. "He thought we were a thing, I told him it wasn't like that. But didn't elaborate. I thought he would take the hint. I'm sorry, I'll talk to him. He...cares, but he hardly knows any of us yet. It's only been six months...if that." She talks softly as they walk. Watching Lucas' face more than anything else. The route to caffeine is well known.

Lucas the flicker of a smile, fainly sharp and thawingon the edges enough to carry some intent of his opinion (his many, many opinions) watching the hall for a while, "Tried to convince me that you will die unless you have a boyfriend." Yeha it was that bad. He does slide a look to her one eyebrow raised, "I tried to tell him if he thinks you need someone else to motivate you? He has no idea who the hell you are." For her raw gumption? Oh the Marchant boys have always held infinite respect for her. His shoulder nudges hers in an occasional bump while they walk, though his hands drop into his pockets.

Silver's head whips to look at him and those green eyes are wide. She looks bewildered and squawks, "He what?!" And then she looks annoyed, nose wrinkling as she turns to look at their goal ahead. "I...he...that is," And she stops and takes a little breath. "Oof...he doesn't know me. He wants too. I guess...others might need that. I can see Cash needing it. But boy, I'm not Cash." She digs in her pocket for her own quarters. That is when she actually chuckles, briefly, shaking her head. Then she looks up at him with a smile. "I've got lots to live for. Not the least of which is to see justice done. But my friendships are just as important, if not more so, than any romantic attachment. You don't need to be anything but my best friend. Like always." She says, trying to reassure him as she slides quarters into machine.

Lucas stands quiet "Sil?" The floor is hat same sort of ivory with those polished pebble patterns in it that all high schools seen to have like polished stone. it's never been more monotonous or more fixating in recent memory. Looking up his expression breaks through a bit and says five little words that register a bit as a promise, "We're getting out of here." Yeah, it's bothering him. "I'm not.... Your brother has this unattainable idea of... what the world is and I don't know who can live up to all that but ... We're not going to let you die in this place."

Looking around Lucas checks to make sure the coast is clear and tries to get back to where he was but it's still more than a bit like a bulleted list. "I know you're disappointed about Zane but the reality is he's moving to New York in months. You will go to college and meet someone who realizes how terrificly brilliant and fearless you are...and probably run away, but try their ass off to be around you. We're 18. We all have our heads up our ass and don't know our head for a hole in the ground. If we did? We wouldn't have drank hobo wine." Theodore's words coming out of his mouth. It makes him smile just fainly.

"And I might have mentioned I'm a lil pissed about Fran and the boat. I'm... sorry, but that mattered to me." Hand comes out of his pocket, pausing and rolls in a cirle, "As he crawled through your personal life already it felt moot not to. But... I'm a lil upset about that." Now he's looking up. Brain searching for recall; not a lie necessarily, but data being retrieved. "Look, I'm trying to say... I know I can't be all those things he's telling me I need to be anymore than one can tune a piano with a toaster. But you're my best friend, our friend and...yeah I take it personally when people hurt you or take things from you."

Silver selects her cola with a bang of her fist. Bending to fetch it and looking away as he speaks. There is a slow and thoughtful manner to her movements. And when she looks back up at him it is with a faint smile, a little blush, and perhaps a bit of awe in her eyes.

"Would it make you feel better to know I'm not really all that upset at what happened? I'm getting to the amused stage. And I don't feel like anything was taken," She says, her voice warm and there is definite affection there. A beat, two and she bites her lower lip and takes that step towards him that brings her into his personal space. Darting in to give him the quickest little peck on the lips. "Thank you," She says as she leans back slowly.

"You better believe we're getting out of here. I got the last letter...looks like Virginia Commonwealth it is. Full scholership! And I can do loans if I do decide to get a medical degree as well." Silver beams suddenly up at him, green eyes going a brighter shade of jade. "You're the first to know besides Spear and Star."

Lucas watches. The Marchant boys really uck with feelings and shit, but they are pretty great with favors, loyalty, and getting shit done. Take that, Fran! Reasonably at her assurance though he comes clean admitting, "Well, all the catch up and make up work kinda did that. I wasn't worried. I am faily superlative in holding a grudge. Ask Heather how."

The gesture though pulls his hand from his pocket and to her elbow giving her arm a squeeze in support. Then? Then there's a pause and his cool demeanor breaks. "Nooooo kidding? Get out!" The words full and scholarship definiately not lost here. A grin forms and this gets her pulled into a hug with a laugh, "ViIrginia?? That's right near DC Country. We're going to see you on Jag next giving up criminal evidence." This? This isn't so bad. This is not the picture Hector painted. He lets go and drops in his quarters and stoops over to get, well Dr. Pepper wins. "Well we'll have to compare notes while I've got my nose buried in contract law." He says, "I've only told a couple folks but after all this crap with Fran and the technicalities? I think m cousin Theodore was right all alone. Living's in tehfine print. it'll keep our team from getting screwed." Pausing he stops realizing how very off he really is, still deep in detachment but the pause i there to drive in teh point *ahem* differently. In topic, "Seriously, good job on the photos and if you want to go through them we can do that this afternoon. Besides it might help up find some of the folks in her clique. Reoccurring faces. Maybe spies. ooOOoooh."

Silver is grinning at Lucas's enthusiasm, bobbing her head and setting her curls to bouncing. "It is. Most of the good forensic colleges are there. It was between that and PennState," She continues to babble with enthusiasm, turning to fetch two bags of doritos. One for her, one for him. Lucas' tossed before she turns to head back towards the class. "Yeah, that's why I brought them. Afternoon is clear for me and we can knock this off the checklist early. Everything's going to be fine. You'll be awesome, I'll be awesome, and we'll manage to take care of this bloodsucker issue somewhere along the way," She says, ending with a giggle.

As they walk back towards the newsroom she links her arm through his, giving that arm a hug. "So where are you going? There's some great law schools in Virgiiiiiiiniaaaaa," She begins to list off the various programs at the numerous schools she had applied too. There's a lot of universities in the Virginias. Who knew?