Log:Broken Things

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Broken Things
Characters  •   The Penitent  •  The Creepshow  •
Location  •  Creepshow's Room
Date  •  2019-03-07
Summary  •  Penitent visits Creepshow to ask some questions and try to see how she's doing without acting like she cares.

Creepshow hasn't been seen out of her room since she tried to murder The Fool. A couple of people have gone in and made it out alive, but she has not surfaced.

Here comes another person to try their luck at talking to Creepshow, for who knows what reasons. The soft knocking comes, and Penny's voice follows it clearly. "Lupe, are you in there?" She hasn't really been keeping tabs on where Creepy may or may not have gone, but she figures she's most likely to find her in here.

"...Really?" Creepy says to herself from where she's curled up in bed. "I go stories with hardly any visitors ever, but try to murder my friend and everyone suddenly wants to see me?" The door is locked, which means she has to get up and go unlock it, and she really just doesn't want to move right now.

"No habla Ingles!" she calls back at last.

Penny is somewhat used to this, but she's known Creepy for some time. Even if she's perhaps not really 'known' Creepy, but she's also more perceptive than she lets on. She doesn't even try the door however, either assuming it's locked or respecting Creepy's desire to be alone. Sort of. Because she doesn't leave. "Okay. Let me know when you do again," she calls back in that strangely serene tone. "I was wondering if Esme's camera actually worked."

"No," Creepshow calls back. "It's broken and useless, like my dreams of a better me. Or whatever."

"Oh, I guess I need to find a new idea then. Thank you." And that, it seems, might be that, though there's a sense that she's lingering. Penny decides to just continue the conversation through the door. "You know now the Kylie part of me wants to try and fix it."

Siiiiiiiigh. Creepy drags herself up from the bed, brooding like a moody teen - Max was barely twenty-one, after all - and goes looking for the camera. Penny can hear drawers opening, objects rattling around. Finally the door lock clicks and the door opens. Creepy juts the camera out at her.

"There. Ramona gives you one last broken thing to fix."

Oh, movement. That's a good sign. And when the door opens for that camera to make an appearance, Penny practically beams. "Just like old times," she muses, seemingly to completely miss Creepy's mood, despite everything that's gone on. She's not that obvlivious! She does take the camera, turning it this way and that to stare at it. If only Kylie knew anything about a camera from 2018. "Hopefully I can fix it quick before it vanishes back into your room again. Either way I'm probably going to run off and be Madison for a while soon, we might still be able to do that train thing if you still want to, but Conrad wants to try some things and I dunno get some closure I guess. Anyway thanks." She's speaking quickly, and really doesn't know what to say so it all comes out in a bit of a ramble.

"Yeah," says Creepshow. "Sure. Have fun."

And then she's closing the door.

"I'm sorry," Penitent says automatically when the door starts to close. It just kind of happens, and she even frowns afterwards. But it's there, and it's said, and she makes no move to prevent the door from closing. She does seem about to say something, her expression shifting to something a touch more annoyed, but it's all too much. Instead she just sighs, and glances down at the camera again, shifting to wander off rather than keep on trying.

There's a moment of hesitation when Penny looks annoyed and might say something more, but then she's turning to wander off. Creepshow closes the door, the lock popping once more.