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Breathing Underwater
Characters  •   Ethan Drake  •  Bastian Roen  •  Mallory Miller  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Candice Flick  •  Addison Barrett  •  Terry "Snare" Snarelli  •
Location  •  Lakeside 1987, late Autumn
Date  •  2018-12-29
Summary  •  Mallory makes the call over the walkie that no one wants to make. One of their own is found drown in the lake, and the team assembles for the rescue waiting for EMS.

The radio suddenly squawks to life, alerting the staff members. It's Mallory, which means it's probably important. She gets pissy when people use the radio for silly things. She gets pissy about a lot of things. Right now, she doesn't sound pissy. She sounds horrified, and also like she's... running?

"Get down to the lake! Something's wrong --- someone's just floating there! I'm going in! I'm gonna need a medic out here!"

The radio is dropped, and Mallory's feet pound the ground as she runs down the dock and dives into the lake.

Bastian takes just about anything Mallory says seriously, since she can be relied upon to say serious things. Unlike with Ethan or Lyle there's no concern she might be messing around or playing an elaborate practical joke. And hey, forty years old or not, he sure can run, sprinting the whole way to the lakeside from the maintenance garage. He's hoping like hell it's not another drunkeen boating/swimming situation, because there's been enough of that nonsense to last him a lifetime, and he's only worked here a little over a year.

Ethan is in the middle of trying to repair a railing on one of the paths, so he's not too terribly far when Mallory calls in the floater. "Shit," he mutters, dropping his gear and setting off down the trail at a dead run. The idea of a dead person he might have banged recently floats to the surface of his thoughts and he swallows down bile. He doesn't want to see anyone he did all bloated from drowning. He might never have sex again!

The body in question looked decently indecipherable from, well, anyone. Black t-shirt, olive cargo shorts and limbs below the water. What is noticeable is the walkie on the belt. No doubt shorted out. While the body was caught in the current it wasn't drifting from spot leaving it potentially snagged on something.

Mallory hasn't seen the walkie yet; she swims toward the body with strong, sure strokes. No time to take her hiking boots off before she dove in, either. Upon reaching it, she finally realizes it's Lucas. "Oh, shit," she breathes, grabbing hold of him and trying to hold his head above water as she starts swimming backwards toward the shore. She's tough, but he's still kind of heavy.

Bastian hits the water running, wades in before he starts swimming out to meet Mallory with sure, swift strokes. It's not until he's within a few lengths of the two that he realizes who she's pulling in; he stops a second, taken aback, then resumes closing the distance between them.

Fuck, Ethan really needs to quit smoking. He stops a moment, hacking up a lung on the side of the trail, before resuming the run, feeling his chest clench and burn with the effort. He late to the party due to his bad habit, and skids to a stop at the shoreline when he spots Mallory and Bastian out in the water. He looks left, then right, then shrugs out of his boots and his coveralls, balling up the latter if they need to prop up someone's head or legs. He's in shorts and a "Megadeth" tank beneath it. He hauls out his walkie. "Medical! Get out here NOW! Front Desk, call for help from the mainland, we have a possible drowning!"

Candice was at Front Desk, her happy zen dreamland away from the boys that like to put her world into chaos and disarray. It was the actual sense of urgency and not the "soooo hey can you like uhhh" approach she was use to the general BS chatter being. Thankfully because it was customer facing she was glad Front Desk has its own channel. That's right staff: No swearing on Channel 4! Still when it buzzed to life somewhere inside the tiny Blondie clicked in getting over being alarmed damn fast, "Copy that, medic is inbound. Calling emergency dispatch now. What's your 20, Ethan?" the island was not only big but in the middle of the lake so saying 'in the lake' mean pick a direction. For the sake of brevity she wanted to know which one.

Relief flickers over Mallory's face when she spies Bastian coming toward her and Lucas. She keeps swimming, though it's tiring. She is not a lifeguard. Knowing that there's someone who can take over when she starts slowing down is good. She doesn't waste her breath telling the groundskeeper it's Lucas: that's not important. Especially since he already figured that part out.

Once he's close enough Bastian reaches out to loop an arm around Lyle's chest, relieving Mallory. "Go get back on shore," he says, recognizing her fatigue for what it is. Unfortunately for him the entire situation is far too familiar, and he has to stay entirely focused on the task at hand or he's going to freak out and that really won't help anyone at all. So he concentrates on the swimming, and keeping Lyle's head out of the water, and the distance to the shore. Other things (like bad old memories) get to wait.

"Northeast shore of the lake, by the bridge," Ethan barks over the walkie, "Bastian and Mallory are in the water now bringing them in!" He paces on the shore, waving to direct the rescuers in and wading out to his knees to help when they get to him. As they get closer, he recognizes the form and he lets out a low breath. He raises the walkie. "Candice, it's Lucas, I repeat it's Lucas, get them here YESTERDAY!" Panic crosses his face.

It is the only time in history Candice has ever sworn much less at anyone. "Ethan rake you'd better not be fucking lying!" Her radio went silent with the emotion in her tone. She was a lot of things, a pain in the ass, a nosy bint, but also someone that just cares about the people around her. After the silence she came back with robotic efficiency. "Okay I have them on the phone and they're asking about hypothermia. I gave them the touchdown point and the medicart is on the way on Channel 3. Ethan, is anyone else injured?"

Mallory relinquishes Lucas to Bastian's care and heads back for the shore. She's no Janet Evans, but she's decent. It's also a lot easier when she's not lugging someone else, and a lot faster.

Slowly and steadily Bastian hauls Lyle to the shore. He makes a mental note to require him to wear a life jacket any time he's within spitting distance of the lake too. Actually, any body of water. That included the creek; it was only three feet deep but Lyle would probably find a way to drown in that too.

Once he's in shallow enough water he hefts Lyle up in his arms, turning his head so any excess water can drain out as he walks the rest of the way. Maybe he'll just always make him wear a life jacket. That might be for the best.

Ethan grits his teeth as he waits for them to get in range. "Just him, Candice. Hurry. Please," he pleads before switching over to channel 3. "Grounds to Medicart. We have one adult male, late teens, we don't know how long he's been in the water. No longer than 90 minutes tops. They're bringing him in now. What do we need to do?" He rushes up to help Bastian guide the prone figure to the ground.

Lucas would love to live to complain about wearing a life jacket in the bar on Bastian's orders. right now he looked grey and more like a dead fish than anything. The medic was driving with one hand and held the walkie with the other. mike was an older fella, like Bastian, and in for the week while Willow was out. He stayed calm and started walking the steps of basic CPR giving notes on what to do about the position of the body to minimize choking, and thankfully avoided any humor like asking if he sloshed when you shook em. This wasn't the time. Later when the dust settled when everyone was alright-- if everyone was alright- he may. "If you have a blanket, anything warm that can help.'

Mallory is wide-eyed when she's ashore and Mike is working. She stares at Lucas, shaking her head. Mallory rarely looks alarmed. Or concerned. Or much of anything, except bitchy. This is new! Maybe there's a heart under all the ice after all. She's wrapped her arms around herself.

It is not, in fact, Candice who meets them on the shore, but Addison, who told her to stay put so there would be someone at the front desk. The spindly fellow, sans suit jacket, is carrying at least five blankets. Behind him is the scrawny, bouncy form of Snare, carrying even more blankets. Wherever the sodden form of Lucas is, that's where they're headed.

Bastian silently thanks his personal insistence on staying CPR certified, even if it was a pain to drive all the way in to and out of town to keep it upi to date. Mike's assistance is invaluable in giving him something to focus on, because if he stops to think about the fact that it's Lyle he's going to have a problem. So he continues with the motions, not missing a beat when blankets are applied, waiting for the medics to come in and take over.

Ethan relays the steps to Bastian, and he uses his discarded coveralls as a makeshift blanket, followed by his tank top. Layers are good right?! After that, he's glassy-eyed with panic, staring at the grey shade of the kid's skin. He "Come on Lyle, don't you dare die on me," he whispers. Then when the blankets arrive, he helps cover the kid up best he can.

Mike finished explaining CPR in enough time to get his ass over there and begin doing it himself. That mini golf cart was retrofit pretty well. "Mallory? You know the shortest stretch back. When we get him up? Drive. Ethan find out where EMS is. Bastian, get the board." He kept on the CPR frowning at not having a pulse. Finally after locking one hand with the other and looking like he might be squashing the poor kid than anything else he kept at his task alternating with mouth to mouth for a very long and determined minute twelve before...

Lyle choked and gurgled, and was rolled to his side to retch up lake water gasping like a damn trout. Air! Step one! Mike left him on his side and said , let's start getting where we can get him picked up. C'mon, kid. Breathe. You're a mammal, not a merman. Theeeere we go, get it out."

Mallory picks up her radio from where she tossed it on the shore and nods to Mike. The radio is fine, because she dropped it before going in. Her Swatch Silver Circle, however, is water resistant at 30 meters but apparently didn't take well to lake water. Mallory dumps the radio in the cart and climbs into the driver's seat, watching the progress with Lucas. When they load him onto the cart, she'll drive. Her hands curl around the steering wheel, and she steels herself.

Bastian gratefully relinquishes that particular task to Mike, goes back to thinking about where all Lyle is going to have to wear a lifejacket. (Literally everywhere. Bar? Dining hall? His own cabin? You bet. He can even get Ethan to help out.) He's coming back with the board as Mike gets Lyle breathing again, and lets out a sigh of relief, runs a hand over his face. Disaster averted. This time.

"Now you get to be wake for lying on this," he says, as he lays it on the ground next to Lyle. "Which if you don't already know is one of the least comfortable things possible." He steps clear, runs his hands over his hair to get some of the water out. "Thanks for the blankets," he says to Addison and Snare. "Guess we need to revise employee policy about life vests and the lake." To, Literally Always, he's thinking.

"Thank Christ!" Ethan lets out as Lyle spits out the lake water and starts breathing. He gets back on the radio and directs the paramedics from the mainland to come to the pick up coordinates by the infirmary. Then he runs over to clear the back of the cart of anything in it so the board will fit.

Everything underway, through the powers of teamwork combined and traveling at Afterschool Special Speeds the group is able to meet Addison and Snare at the infirmary with, yes, nice thick dry blankets.

Lyle... has looked better. Even his hair looked unhappy which was a vague impossibility up until now. God he was tired. Words were haggard but he got out finding Basitian, "...lost your hammer..." There were bigger regrets to be had. at least everyone made it indoors to wait out the few minutes for EMS to hike their happy ass across rural paths and roads to rush out over here.

"What was he doing out there?" Addison inquires of Bastian, folding his spindly arms. He watches Lucas come back to life impassively, but he doesn't tend to show much on his face as it is. Even Snare is quiet for a bit, his mouth gaping in surprise? Delight? Horror? as he watches Lyle begin to speak again.

"Anyone who wants to follow EMS to the hospital, I can bring the Camaro round," Ethan offers. Because he needs to follow his best bud for sure. He gives Lyle's shoulder a squeeze, before he runs off to get some clothes on and grab Lyle some dry clothing, and retrieve the car.

"New rule, no diving in after dropped hammers," Bastian says. "It's $5, Lyle, definitely not worth the effort." Or your life, but that's not anything Lyle has to hear right now.

He gets a towel from the infirmary supply while they wait for EMS, blots himself half-heartedly as he replies to Addison. "No idea," he says, shaking his head. "Maybe checking on the buoys?" He keeps focused on small, boring tasks, like 'drying off' and 'how many life jackets am I ordering, do we need a dozen?' because as much as Lyle is talking and EMS is almost here and people have blankets, he's still having to work to not freak the hell out.

Lucas got moved in side and to sit upwrapped in blankets, shivering. Mallory went to take care of checking in and getting EMS to the right spot and Ethan went to get the Camarao. Lyle closed his eyed looking and noting snare and Addison and Bastian there. Man he was a wreck and just tightened down his expression. Tears came down his tired expression, "I'm s-sorry." Between shock and the cold he was shaking like a leaf. "I didn't... I didn't." he didn't mean to, he didn't get free, he didn't wanna die? There was a lot of didn'ts to be had.

"There, there," clucks Addison's soft voice, leaning over Lyle. "Just be glad you're alive. No tears for that." He stares into Lucas' face for a moment, like he might just wipe those tears away, but he leans back instead to bark a (quiet) order at Snare: "Go back to the lodge and clean those restrooms, Terrence. /Now/." That's enough to get the janitor scampering away again.

Bastian studies Lyle for several long seconds, rubs at his eyes. To Addison's reassurances, he appends, "The apology's appreciated but not really necessary, Lyle. Let's just get you checked out and warmed up." He starts to say something else, stops, decides to dry off his hair instead.

"I'll go with them to the hospital. Dash can hold down the fort while I'm gone," he says to Addison. As new as he was to the Lodge--only a couple of months now, not long after Bastian himself arrived--Dash was able to handle minor emergencies. Hopefully that was all that would come up.

Lucas watched Addison...what defiant in the face of being judged. Scared? ashamed? Man Addison could make a person scour their soul like the damn Ghost Rider with that impervious expression. he ended with resigned and nodded to the blanket bearer. "Snare... thanks, man." he felt for the guy. He created a problem and the drummer was helping clean up a totally different sort of mess.

Mallory's help was efficient and EMS arrived to do the rest and in came the parade of the stretcher and the IV and all the fancy stuff asking folks to just step back for a moment though they did ask Bastian if he was the kid's father and before he could answer Lyle croaked, "Yeah. Can he stay?" boldfaced lie when he needed one. The EMT said "Yeah we just need to get some information and we're gonna get you admitted for a couple days. Just to keep an eye on you."

The man's partner checked the kid out and to Barrett and Roen explained, "We're going to keep him standard for a 48 hour observation. Complications from teh lake water, possible pneumonia, infection, heart failure? We'd really like to help avoid all of that so we'll get him a standard anti-biotic keep em warm and hydrated. Seems we got lucky. Always grateful for that." Looking to Bastian, "You can ride with." Since Lyle lied and still looked unapologetic about the lie.

Bastian blinks, snaps his mouth shut at Lyle's answer. He struggles to get his own unreadable expression in place, finally manages it after putting extra effort into it. He can't help but give Lyle a Look, though, when he has half a chance. Different last names were easy enough to explain away, but Bastian and Lyle couldn't look less alike if they tried.

Fortunately for Lyle, Bastian was comfortable with this particular lie; it got him in the ambulance and not in Ethan's car, which would make him feel better. Riding after the ambulance always felt bad.

"Thanks," he says, nodding at the EMTs. When their attention is off him, he narrows his eyes at Lyle and shakes his head as if to say Unbelievable.