Log:Breakfast in Bed

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Breakfast in Bed
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Jade's Room
Date  •  2019-10-16
Summary  •  Jade brings Spear breakfast in bed.

Jade comes upstairs with a plate of French toast with a side of bacon and a cup of coffee for each of them, all on a tray. He's in black pajamas with a matching robe. His hair is disheveled, but it looks good, because it's him. Meezer is curled up on the bed, getting all the human snuggles he can. He stretches and meows though when Jade comes in. "Hey, Meez," he says. "Spear, baby? You awake?" His voice is gentle so as not to wake Spear if he's actually asleep.

Spear is sitting up on the bed, actually, and he is scritching Meezer's head "I am," he says back to Jade "Sorry, I know I slept for like a week while I was gone, but it wasn't, you know, really _restful_. This _is_." He shakes his head, and then he scritches Meezer under the chin before he says "Feeling better yourself?"

Meezer makes squinty-eyes of feline pleasure as his chin is scritched. Jade grins at the pair of them, then comes to set the tray up on Spear's lap. "You can sleep as long as you need to, babe." He sits on the edge of the bed and pets Meezer, then takes up one of the coffees. "I'm feeling all right. Better with you back."

"Those jerks are still around," mutters Spear, who picks up the bacon for himself. Sorry, Meezer. Spear lifts it to his mouth and takes a bite "No, I'm awake now. My parents think - I don't even know what they think, but they aren't telling me. They're just glad. Hmm. Well. You know? The vampires still have Arthur, but honestly I think he's probably a lost cause by now. And Fran doesn't have leverage for the next full moon. I just. Hmm. If my parents weren't here. I'd say let's _go_."

Jade fetches a container of kitty treats and offers one to Meezer to keep him off Spear's bacon. "We were talking about taking a trip to Vegas," he says, "Just, like, all of us, and getting a suite, and maybe visit Circus Circus, and just have some fun without the pall of fear hanging over us. And we could get a suite with a hot tub, and sneak in some Cristal, and just have some fun."

"Sounds like the best thing _ever_," says Spear. He finishes off his bacon, and then the French toast before starting on the coffee. If he was slender before, he is thin now, and it is not a good look, but being out is definitely increasing his weight correctly "Damn, that was messed up," he mutters "I think I wanna arrange a counselor. I guess I can just say that they told me they were vampires or whatever." He then says "Vegas. Let's do it. Do you reckon the others will be able to hear if we get frisky?"

"We'll get a white noise machine," Jade says, "or let them listen, I don't care. If we get to Vegas and are in our own room? We're getting frisky." He strokes Spear's back lightly, then sneaks Meezer another treat before he moves in on Spear's French toast. He really is a badly behaved beast when it comes to human food. "We'll be back on the full moon. We need to end this thing. But we should have a good time first. I mean, fuck this summer so far."

"Oh! Is a suite different from a room?" asks Spear. The food is gone, gone! Spear says "Agreed, fuck this summer. You and I should have been like, doin' x-rated stuff instead of you being freaked out for a week and me being stuck in a hole in the ground." He sighs, heavily, and then he says to Meezer "Sorry man. You won't like coffee." Spear does, though. He is just sittin' on the bed, in underpants and a t-shirt and socks. So very romantic "Jade, I never really got the chance to say 'thanks for all the cool gifts'."

"A suite is a unit with different rooms," Jade says. "Like, this is a suite. I have the sitting room and a bedroom. The suite we'll get will have different bedrooms and a center area for hanging out, watching TV, that sort of thing." He glances at Meezer, who sniffs the plate and looks forlorn, then settles down in a loaf. No, he does not like coffee. Jade grins. "Anytime, babe. I love you."

"I'll design your clothes, if you want - with you - and sew them. For Broadway?" suggests Spear "I'm not as good as Mona is, but I totally enjoy doing it." He finishes off his coffee too, and he gets up "Come on. Help me get the last of the greasiness out of my hair." He has thick afro-american hair - it faired better under captivity than Ashley's did, but the whole thing still took a toll.

Jade finishes his coffee as well and takes the tray away. "I'll wash your hair," he says. "I've got a conditioner that'll keep your scalp from drying out, too. It's only sold in Paris, but I know a guy." It's nice to be rich. He sets the tray outside his door, then comes back and takes off his robe, hanging it up. "It's criminal, the way they treated you."

"There's...expensive conditioner?" says Spear, puzzled. There is _cheap_ conditioner. But he does not use that one! He then says "Literally criminal." A pause "Like, I think kidnapping is one of the big serious ones." He clears his throat and then steps towards the bathroom, pulling off his clothes and getting into the shower "I mean, Ashley was nearly, uh. Well. God. I hope she's ok."

"Yeah, kidnapping is pretty bad," Jade says, "but on top of it, they didn't even let you engage in proper hair care." He follows after, and Meezer gets up to follow as well, because shower time is opera time. "We should check on Ashley," Jade says. "Just in case. Poor girl."

Spear eyes Meezer and then he shakes his head "We ain't gonna drown. I just need to get my kiss on," he tells the cat, and firmly closes the door in Meezer's face "Yeah. I definitely will," he says to Jade "And why don't, uh, let's get to some cuddling? Because I missed you."