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Brawling for Bacon
Characters  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Rogue  •
Location  •  The Facility - Hall of Rooms
Date  •  2018-12-29
Summary  •  BV and Rogue find the world annoyingly resets, but at least Thrill-Seeker brought the bacon

The Thrill-Seeker's door stands open to the hall. From it wafts the wonderful smell of fresh baking. Today it smells like she is trying out bread in there. Tantalizing smells of cornbread and bacon currently waft from inside. The sizzling sound of the later heard. At the stove swaying and humming as she cooks is the blond in question. On her small breakfast bar are three various sized pan. One with steaming cornbread, and then two loaf pans. There is also already a plate of bacon closer by. As she hums she snags a piece and snacks on it.

Was it morning? It might be morning?! Okay it was later. In the hall Rogue came sliding out of his room gliding across the floor of the hall rocking up on one sock, pj's and a tank top, and almost careening into Cookie's door. He was still calling her Cookie.

A windmill flail and catching himself on her door frame later he called out, "Sorry! Hey, something interesting just happened. Gotta figure it out sorry!" Turning he called out through the hall, "Champ! Chaaaaamp where you at?"

The Rogue paused and sloooowly his head came back peering in Cookie's door. sniff... sniff sniff...

"Hold... that thought." More scrambling, though the effort to subdue actual panic was real.

Perhaps not shockingly, the Bon-Vivant's door opens next, and the man in question leans out, looking faintly confused and insufficiently dressed (depending on one's taste). He's wearing dark blue silk pyjama pants, and that appears to be it. Could be worse. And it's not that long past 'everyone wakes up' -- about as long as it takes for Cheer to get through a batch of cornbread, apparently -- so it makes some sense, along with the hair just short of shoulder-length and the short but complete beard. The scent wafting down the hall makes his brow furrow further, though he brightens slightly on catching sight of the Rogue, and emerges the rest of the way, his door falling shut behind him as he pads down the hall toward him and the Thrill-Seeker's open door. "How did--" he starts, tries again with, "Weren't you--" and gets derailed onto, "What's that smell?"

The Thrill-Seeker hears the slightly panicked voice and the scrabbling at her door. Curiosity piqued she removes the remaining bacon from the heat and turns off the stove. Padding towards the door she is dressed in a night shirt that falls to her knees and a short sleeves kimono-style robe over it. And bunny slippers. The shirt shows some cartoon person and the words,'JEM' across it. "Are you all right?" She asks with a puzzled expression, looking at the Rogue. When Champ appears a second later she gives him a cheery smile. "Hi Fizz! It's bacon, want some?" And she starts to turn around to fetch the plate.

The Rogue didn't look alright. Status: pending. His brow furrowed, "I dunno? Maybe?" But there was Champ/Fizz wading down to the far end of the hall of rooms where the 'Bunker + the Bakery' resided. Arms spiraled to a halt grabbing Bon-Vivant's shoulders and did a check: face, shoulder, down, up all got a once over as the ease relaxed his spine. The hand pat pat Champ's face and pulled him into a hug as the grin revlaed with a laugh, "I uh, yeah. Yeah, Cookie I'm okay." Phew! Then the questions that came at him and a half grin lingered, "Yeah. I did. I was and I wound up in the bunker. Because the facility is creepy... and rude... and run by fun wreckers." The last bit bringing a wry, dimpled grin back up. He side nodded back to that end where the smells of smells was wafting wonderful westward. His demeanor shift from tactical assessment to...huh he had a groovy mode. "Morning or... whatever"

The Rogue honestly had no concept of time in this place but bacon always went morning.

The Bon-Vivant appears to have all the appropriate parts in all the appropriate places in all the appropriate condition! If he were in a mindset to have worried about that on his own behalf, he'd probably be relieved. As it is, he blinks once at the grab of his shoulders, but doesn't fight it; he looks the Rogue over in turn, though with a nature that seems to be somewhat less inherently untrusting of the place, there's not that much farther on 'relief' to go than just seeing the guy mobile in the hall handled. Not much, but enough to filter into the enthusiastic return of the hug anyway.

"This place is weird," he says, despite having literally nothing else with which to genuinely compare it. But there's still things he's pretty sure aren't usually supposed to happen. Still-- everything seems okay now, right? He grins at the Rogue, adding, "If they try to wreck our fun, we'll just make more," and turns that on the Thrill-Seeker, "Right, Cheer? And yeah, it smells amazing! You can make food in there?" He peers through the door into the room as he shifts his weight, intentionally giving Caleb's shoulder a light bump with his.

"I've got a little kitchen thing and pots and such. I have to get things from the dispenser still, but yeah!" Thrill-Seeker says over her shoulder. Returning to the stove she turns the heat back on and resumes cooking. "What are you rambling on about anyway? Bunkers?" She calls back towards the Rogue. "Come on in. There's little stools on the other side of the counter. And help yourself to the bar if ya want," She points towards it with a smile. "There's orange and pineapple juice and coca cola."

The sizzle quickly resumes and she flips the almost done bacon in her pan over. "Yeah! Not gonna wreck my fun that's for sure. Today I was hoping we could go hang-gliding. Nettie said she'd join us too if she is around." She plucks another piece of bacon and pops it in her mouth. "Mmmm! Try the cornbreads. Three different recipes. One on the far side has jalapenos. The one in the middle has creamed corn. Then there is just plain."

The Rogue grinned nudging Champ's shoulder back with his trying to cast shade on it but failing at the ruse. Things were, by perspective, well enough. The South African slung an arm around the other man's shoulders and started to steer him into the 'Bakery'. "You're damn right we'll make more." Looking up to Thrill-Seeker he clarified, "Everything but me is right where I left it. And my room looks like a very posh hold-ou bunker. I'm just across the hall. Drop in. Bring bacon." He was never going to say no to bacon.

Once inside he looks around and gave a low whistle. "Awwww, very kiff, chickie." With no further issue he dropped into a stool offered. "Hang gliding?" He grinned to Champ "Sooo being thrown out of the sky with training wheels. Sounds a good time. Lets us test the physics more."

The Bon-Vivant is easily steered toward the food, looking at that whole kitchen area -- and then the room as a whole -- as they go. Easier when someone else is basically looking where he's going for him! "He was in my room when sleep happened," he explains to Cheer, "and then when we woke up, he wasn't. I know the place cleans things up overnight, but that's kind of pushing it."

The varieties of cornbread get a thoughtful look, until he decides the obvious solution is just to try all of them. So he does, a piece of each, can brings them over to where he can claim a seat as well. And where other people can steal some of it, if they're so inclined. History suggests they might be. "I like both your rooms," he says, "...I kind of want to investigate all the doors and see what everyone has in there, but I guess that might be rude. ...heh. I wonder if we could make the anywhere rooms make the hall, and just go investigate all the rooms off that? ...I wonder if they could make MORE anywhere rooms? But for today, I like the hang-gliding plan. Maybe we should see if Arthur's busy, too -- he wanted to jump."

The Thrill-Seeker shoots the Rogue a grin and then is placing the plate of bacon within reach of the breakfast bar. The next bits of bacon are then added from the pan to it. "Want eggs? I'm still learning how to cook them. So you may wind up with scrambled..." And she moves to pour off some of the grease into a little tin. From the fridge she pulls a plain white, unmarked, carton of eggs. "I can try to make fried. Or....ummm...oh! If you got get me some shredded cheddar I can make omlettes too!"

As she putters about looking for a bowl to blend the eggs together she pauses. "Oh really? I actually...not surprised. I was in the parlor the other night watching MTV when sleep came. Woke up in my bed," She picks up a few pieces of bacon and begins chopping them up into smaller piecesin. "Arthur? Yes, definitely!" She says with another dimpled grin and bob of her head. "The more the merrier. And hang-gliding is more jumping off a cliff with a set of wings that don't move."

The Rogue folded his arms and shrugged, "Yeah. Ain't had eggs in a while. Not since-" He paused and furrowed his brow and set his jaw, taking the moment and looked back up to the woman withthe produce, "Eggs'd be lovely. Thank you." He looked to BV and nudged the shoulder with his shoulder in a silent conversation. "Yeah bring Arthur. Be good for em. Never actually formally mettum." Looking back to either and both, "We could just ask. Be interesting to meet folks though a lot of people use their room for solace and healing. A lot of us lost a bit so people are healing in their own time." Quiet and thoughtful and while not an overly social creature? He remained protective of people's rights of solitude. "My, um, my first time was short. Never came out. Didn't know what was goin on. Pretty much went into shock from not having a 'before encounter' experience. But yeah, I know of hang-gliding tangently. We did basejumping from space. And later tonight, eh maybe again."

The Bon-Vivant glances sidelong at the Rogue, noting that pause and moment, and when his shoulder gets nudged, he nudges right back without comment, beyond, "I'm glad you came out this time. Is that why no one wanted to knock?" he asks, with a brief glance toward the hallway, "That seemed weird to me."

He takes a bite of the plain cornbread first, chewing it thoughtfully, though there's almost immediate approval on his face. "This is pretty good," he says, "and eggs sound good too, I don't care how. Fried, scrambled, I'm easy." Another bite of the cornbread before he puts it down to try the one with creamed corn in it. "I've been other places when the sleep time came a couple times, but I've never been in someone else's room, or had anyone in mine. I dunno why, but I guess I thought if we were in a room, we'd just... stay there." As if the other places aren't actually rooms -- or as if falling asleep in the bathroom or by the fireplace didn't also end up with him waking in bed. Maybe he just hadn't thought that hard about it yet. It IS fairly early. "So is this what you've been doing mostly?" he asks Cheer, "Cooking things? ...Oh, I read a couple more of those books you had."

"Nettie told me a bit last night. I understand a bit more. I think the fact I came out and just tried to start being friendly has helped me. It gives me a relatable base to some people. Of course the others like me," She glances at Bon-Vivant, "I feel a little more understanding with. It's hard to get what it is like to lose a lover or a brother when you haven't had one...but I want to try and help. So...eggs! And Bacon. And all the rest,"

She sets about making scrambled eggs with bacon bits crumbled into it. BV's question gets a nod of her head and she says, "Yeah. I'm enjoying it. And it makes the others happy. Or happier. Which is nice. Makes me warm and fuzzy." Snagging another piece of bacon she takes a bite, chewing, and nods. "Oh? Which ones?"

The Rogue nodded quietly to Bon-Vivant. There might be a story there, but he wasn't voicing it past what was important which was the guide stone. yes, you are right. Staying with the moment. The words were quiet and he picked through them before admitting to 'Cheer' "You... kinda terrified me at first. Not proud of that. it was a bit...overwhelming, but like, well... we're here. We're givin this a go." He watched and arched an eyebrow at the books. "Honestly I'm glad yous dunno what it feels like and if i can help it? Happy to do what we can to keep it that way." The tone was apologetic, but brazenly honest.

"I figure it's easier for all of us to understand the things we've been through," BV says, nodding, "Have you had people telling you our way's much easier?" Which may or may not have been put in precisely those words, but is apparently how he understood whatever they were. It comes with a tiny touch of what might be annoyance, but if so, it's gone almost as soon as it's there. Doesn't hurt that he takes a bite of the cornbread, and this version clearly meets with approval as well. "Mmm. But, yeah, I'm with you on making people happier. Though I don't have a kitchen in my room, so probably I'm not going to start muscling in on your patch," he says, grinning at her. "I read the one on scuba diving, and the hang-gliding one you handed me, and I took a couple of the others I saw for later."

The Thrill-Seeker wrinkles her nose as Rogue admits she caused discomfort. "I'm sorry...I realize my demeanor is kind of polar opposite what a lot are feeling. Honestly can't help it...and I know it sounds bad, but I'd rather know what everyone is worried about so I can be helpful. Right now I really just feel...well not helpless. But not very useful," She admits.

As she works the eggs around in the pan with bacon and bacon grease it pops and hisses occasionally. So much tasty goodness. She adds a dash of pepper at this point and stirs it further into the eggs. "Like...everyone with a story seems very close. People hugging and being close and all that. That seems nice at least. Closest I got was toppling this guy down on top of me while skating," She points at Bon-Vivant with her spatula, grinning as she does. Then she is fishing out three plates from her cupboards and divying up bacon scrambled eggs.

The Rogue closed one hand around his fist to rest his chin on picking his works before offering to 'Cookie', "How about we work on it? Int's not in my nature to trust people but... I've been getting convinced." There was a sloooooow side glance with a faint smile hiding in the corner of his mouth, "You're doin a good job of it anyways, Champ. Ya don't need a kitchen. You had an airlock." Okay there was the grin with a wink. Sure. cornbread. He tried to snag a piece off BV's because. He did fish up his own and looked with interest between Cookie and Champ. Yes he gave everyone his own names it seemed but for in rarefied occasion. "I dunno close is the word I'd use. Person I was closest to didn't... make it back to the facility again at all so... we're tryin to reconcile that. My business partner is goin through a bit of the same. Sometimes you gamble and win big, go all in, and lose everythin you got. For a moment though? You are the richest person in the world."

The Bon-Vivant gives the Rogue a brilliant grin and whichever bits of cornbread he's inclined to steal. Unless it's the jalapeno one, because he hasn't even tried it yet. That one, he'll keep hold of half of, if he has to. "What, that's not good enough?" he teases Cheer, and offers, "Well, I'll hug you, if you want. I think I've decided I like hugging." It's probably not meant to be an illustration per se that he reaches over to wrap an arm around Caleb's shoulder and give him a light squeeze, there; that may have more to do with the mention of the missing person, really. But it fits both slots. "Who's your business partner?" he asks, that seeming like at least one thing that's probably safe enough to ask right now.

The Thrill-Seeker beams at Champ as he offers her a hug. "Yes! I'd like that," She says with a bob of her head as she grabs a slice of all three different cornbreads. Her eyes skip to The Rogue thoughtfully as she takes a bite, chewing thoughtfully. "Hmmm, I'm sorry about that. I think it would suck pretty hard if I woke up and realized people were missing. Like you. That would bother me."

The Rogue took a pause and fell quiet. It didn't cover it but it's all one had to go on. Apparently he took the total disconnect as a good thing and nodded, "Cheers. I could describe it but why ruin breakfast with such lovely people as yourselves?" But there was the arm and the half hug and the often solitary Rogue found himself leaning into it. "If you think that's pretty kiff I could give you a list of things you are likely missing out on, Champ." There was the bit of good mood coming back to him. He was fighting for it, but the savvy fucker was workin for it. "Really, Cookie, it's a great kindness, the cooking. it is appreciated. So... hang gliding. Haven't done it but, I'm interested to see how it's different than the jump."

The Bon-Vivant looks pleased with having both his theoretical and actual hugs accepted, and gets around to trying the jalepeno cornbread. He has, perhaps, not yet tried jalepeno-anything, because even if it might have been in that mass of bits of unexplained information hiding in his head, 'hot' or 'spicy' is really not the same as tasting and feeling it on one's tongue, and he looks a little startled. And then takes another bite.

He might be just beginning to regret not taking the time to pick something to drink, but then there's that remark from the Rogue, and he pauses, glancing at him sideways again. "A'ight," he says, grinning a little more slowly, "Make me a list. I can look into it after the hang-gliding." He does get up, then, heading toward the bar, but makes a detour to Cheer instead, to give her that hug first.

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head with enthusiasm and finishes her current bite. "Mmmhmmm. WHen we are done eating we can go and give it a try. Though I'll have to run you guys through the basics so you don't crash and break something...or worse," Her nose wrinkles in displeasure at the brief thought. Quickly she is packing away her own food, smacking happily and humming, licking her lips.

Cheer looks puzzled for a moment as BV comes over to her. One brow quirked up and then she realizes what's happening. There is a giggle and she drops her bacon onto her plate and moves to try this hugging thing out. Of course she appears to think it is a squeezing contest...

The Rogue arched an eyebrow and ate his bacon and eggs. There was enough cowboy left in him to crave such things as a comfort food not that he was inclined to share what wasn't asked. He thought about the list when Champ said he'd give it a look over. One eyebrow arched thoughtfully. Rogue was a hard read, he knew that, but it's just how he was built it seems: Read a room, but not to be read. The social smokescreen stood in place watching this play out. "I've already had 'or worse'. Hitting the ground and breaking into meaty pieces? Oddly still a step up and they say you die on impact so there's no suffering. Not that caution isn't advised but maybe, just maybe, we'll bust through the earth and see what's on the other side. Won't that surprise em all." He took more bacon, but had a mercy and put half on Champ's plate. Does he take things? Yes. Still a provider for his people? Eeeh apparently he has lines of ethics on invading people belongings. Sometimes. "Champ," He added with a bemused tone. "You might make me the happiest fucker in this hallway in spite of me being me. And because you asked? My business partner has gone by the name Driscoll when we were smuggling goods from one end of space to the other on the mining ship. More recently he was known as Cillian McTavish. Less direct business but we went back to back finding a way to undercut demons of hell to get what we want and keep our families standin. The facility? can take everything from you including one another. Things can be fabricated but one another? It's the most unique thing we have in this bloody place. You can't replace that. You can only cherish that and protect it and value what you have while you have it...and pray you never forget."

The Bon-Vivant takes a slight moment to figure out how it works when hugging someone that much shorter than he is, and then gets to go through that expression cycle of pleased to startled again with the hug that ensues. "Nh," is the first hint of actual complaint, if mild, followed by, "Not that hard, all the things inside of me should stay inside of me!" Half-joking, of course, but Cheer's stronger than she might initially appear. It's not enough to stop him hugging her, mind, or at least not sooner than he'd intended.

Once it does break, he continues on to the beverages, and settles on orange juice. "...yeah, I'm not sure I like the idea of breaking into meaty pieces much," he admits as he pours three glasses, "but getting through to the other side would be cool. I wonder what we'd find?"

Bringing them back to hand out, he sets one by each of their plates, and sits back down, giving his food an appreciative look, then shoulder-bumping the Rogue again. Apparently that's what they do, today! "I've met him, then," he says, "...and I get the feeling you're right, about one another." He snags some of his bacon before it can find another way to disappear.

The Thrill-Seeker smiles in approval at Rogue's words from where she hugs Bon-Vivant. Finally releasing him when he makes her back pop. More out of surprise than anything else. "Oh! What was that?" She asks and reaches back to rub at it. "Felt good actually." The rest of her food is finished off as Bon-Vivant grabs his drink. Then she goes and gets herself something too. "You want anything?" She asks of The Rogue as she mixes herself, of all things, a vanilla screwdriver.

If he does she makes it and brings it back. "So once you guys finish we can go snag an anything room. I've been practicing the rigging and ropes and did a few hops from a hill over a plain. So I feel pumped and ready to take on the cliffs and fly over the ocean, no matter how fake it is." And she takes a gulp of her drink. The woman is an odd mix of careful and carefree.

The Rogue wasn't the most emotive but right now? Eh, possibly as casual as he might get around unknown quotients he was feeling out. The words from Champ got a slow double take, "Coffee, Cookie, please...and thanks. Wait what'd Driscoll say about me?" Even if Cillian was more recent he apparently still favored his actual business partner with a curious reverence.

"And yeah, you're supposed to want to keep your insides inside. That's why they're called insides. Word of advice from one person that has been stabbing at boundaries around here? Just know what you're willing to give up for what you gain. That said? Eh fekk it all. It'll show up tomorrow. Even if it is in the wrong bloody room, yeah?"

Hmm, Cheer's getting a different drink? Well, Fizz can probably figure out a fate for that extra glass of orange juice. Probably by drinking it. Though if Caleb's not drinking his either, it might take a little more effort... He starts in on the one he'd actually intended for himself, taking a fair-sized swallow, and pauses at the question. "...nothing I remember," he says, "I more meant, you know, one another in general, sorry." For the confusion. The mention of the wrong room makes him smile again, though, and he adds to it, "And then you can just go back to the right one, if you want, anyway, because who's this place to tell you where to hang out?"

The Thrill-Seeker looks around until she finds the coffee dispensor. It has a K on it and she sitcks a little pod titled 'Coffee' into it. Yay instant coffee right? Right. "I have every plan to keep things inside. And your insides in you too," She says as she takes another sip of her screwdriver+.

"I wonder if Nettie is up now?" The blond sets the cup down and moves towards the door, peering out. "OI! Where is everyone? They can't -all- be hiding in their rooms..." And she talks off in the direction of the Anything Rooms.

The Rogue aaaaah'd and nodded slowly. He considered, "Eh, maybe? It's a low bar. I'll be honest, Champ, you might be one of maybe 3-5 people that know me, in part, or even at all, mate." The rapid turn around from Cookie won the most bewildered expression from him. Being so singularly focused it was a sheer marvel for him to witness. A hand went blindly out to swat swat swat trying to defend his glass that wasn't yet under siege, but hey, it was fun to ramp up a challenge. "Yes, we are recovering from trauma and trying not to carry a war over with one another. It's, heh" Another side glance to Champ. Oh man there might be a headlock and a play for the last of the bacon soon.