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Brawl at Havasu Harry's
Characters  •   Hector de la Huerta  •  Morrison Lester  •  Amy Lester  •  Sebastian Lester  •
Location  •  Dive Bar
Factions  •   Lester Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-15
Summary  •  Because Lesters can be counted on to get into fights.

Kokomo is where tourists and rich people go. Havasu Harry's is where locals go, and the atmosphere is as you'd expect. The main claim to fame is air conditioning (Harry--short for Harriet--installed it very reluctantly five years ago, to draw some of Desert Martini's crowd away, and it worked!) and less-watered-down booze than the other local dive bars.

Sebastian doesn't go out to the bar often, but both of his kids are off doing almost-graduated-from-high-school kid things. Unlike a lot of kids in the Lester family, they have nest eggs for college, if they so choose, so they might actually leave this summer. But they're still teenagers, which means their friends > their weird looking dad, so, here he is. He doesn't mind Harry's, though; AC makes it worth the lower quality of the drinks, and anyways, most people in this place know to leave a Lester alone.

He's got a boilermaker in front of him and is chatting up the bartender, a mid-twenties college kid taking a summer off to fuck around in Lake Havasu City before he heads back to Berkeley. Jeans, boots, and a plain red t-shirt; he's not one for dressing up. It's a hot night out there, and people are tense and energetic with the tourist season in full swing.

Morrison doesn't come to Harry's all that often, but he doesn't have anyone to meet at Kokomo tonight, and Sebastian was going to be there. He hadn't caught up with Uncle Sebastian in a while, and so he'd had a drink or two with him before excusing himself to hit the head. He's only just on his way back out, making his way in the direction of the bar to perhaps claim another drink. He doesn't interrupt Sebastian's conversation with the bartender though. He just settles back onto his stool and swivels around to look out on the room, leaning back against it.

Hector has opted to try to look less flamboyant. His jeans are still black, but he has flannel over a white tee and a baseball cap pulled down to hide his hair. He is wearing no make up or jewelry or pins. He hs not only a new local fake ID, but his old cali one in his wallet. He is a jock after all, underneath all that Thistle Gothiness, and has a muscular build, so it's not as obvious as it might be. He considers ordering whiskey, but decides on beer at the last minute. He keeps his face in as much shadow as possible with the help of the hat brim and hopes no teachers spot him. As he waits for the bartender to pull his beer he surrupticiously checks out the room and who's here. He's only been in town since January and he;'s still learning faces, but he can at least recognise teachers and relatives likely to turn him in. He spots the interesting looking older man, but is careful not to make eye contact or get caught looking openly. He freezes for three heart beats as Morrison appears, but tries not to let his desmay show on his face.

Sebastian half-turns to Morrison once he's come back, as the barteder's moved off to give Hector his beer. Sebastian squints a little at Hector. Hector might be a big kid for his age, but unfortunately for him, Sebastian knows what a 'big kid' looks like (because Johnny is a goddamned tree).

"Don't look now," he says, having a drink from his mug, "but I think someone's trying to get Harry in trouble with the liquor board." He flicks a glance at Morrison, then to Hector, back to Morrison. "Not sure if I've seen him before, but he seems familiar." Sebastian is either teasing Morrison, or actually doesn't know, and one of the infuriating things about him is those often look, and sound, the same.

Morrison doesn't notice Hector at all, but then, it's not like he's looking for him, or would expect him to show up at Harry's one way or the other. He rests his elbows on the bar behind him, and lets his gaze travel over those drinking, mingling, talking. He's got on his usual jeans and combat boots, and a white tee shirt. He gives a nod to one of the guys he knows from the boxing gym in passing and they exchange a couple of words about Morrison's most recent fight. He won, yet another tournament win to get him one step closer to becoming a professional fighter.

It's only when Sebastian draws his attention in that direction, that Morrison even glances that way. With the shadows as they are, and the unusual state of dress, he doesn't immediately recognize Hector, either, but Sebastian's words make him take a second look, and his expression shifts just slightly. His eyes flick back to Sebastian and he asks, "What do you care? That's Harry's problem." But there's a slight edge of irritation in his tone that lets his uncle know that if it is teasing, he's not appreciating it much.

Hector pays cash and takes his beer with a nod, trying to look casual as he sips, trying nt to look at the Lesters. The hand not holding the beer clenches and unclenches as he setles more comfortably on the stool, watching the room behind him in the mirror.

Amy is in a mood. This is not terribly uncommon, turth be told, but sometimes she's in even more of a mood than other times. Maybe it's the angle, the trick of the light or something, but as she happens to be walking past with her resting bitch face dialed up to 200 percent, she catches a glimpse of someone through the window that sure looks like Hector. Couldn't be, right? Well, only one way to find out.

Amy's not the sort of person who really tries to sneak into bars. As far as her 'bad girl' rep goes, she's really letting the image fall down with her lack of smoking and drinking. Oh sure, she might have a drink or two at a party if it's available, but she's too concerned about her health and fitness at this point in her life. But for some reason Hector just makes her angry. So she's wandering in nonchalantly, as casually as you please, to look at this whole thing further, and maybe ruin someone elses night instead of her own. That's just how the Amy do, but first she needs a closer look. "Hey," she calls towards Hector with a scowl.

Sebastian's mouth twitches in an almost smile at Morrison. It's as much an apology as it is an admission of guilt. "I would prefer the place with the AC not get--" His mismatched eyes snap to Amy. "...shut down." He sighs, rubs at his eyes. The bartender is looking at Amy in a 'there is //no way// you are 21' manner, but is dealing with someone else, so isn't free to tell her to scoot.

"Shit," Sebastian mutters under his breath. "Come on." He slides off his barstool and heads for Hector and Amy with a purpose. Maybe they can stop this disaster before it gets underway.

The low growl that Morrison emits when a) he notices Amy coming into the bar, and b) Sebastian wants him to get involved in whatever might be about to go down, is like a warning. The full moon is coming, and his irritation level is high given all of the recent events conspiring to harsh his calm. He does not follow Sebastian immediately, instead, accepting his drink, and sitting right where he is, taking a swig from the bottle as he watches his uncle converge on Amy and Hector. Besides, does Sebastian really need backup against two teens?

Hector starts at that voice and turns and glares at Amy, "Looking for people to sucker punch?" He takes a long drink of his beer then sets it down, sliding off his stool in case she comes at him again, Oblivious of a second front potentially opening up on his flank as the older Lester closes in.

Amy is coming at him, the foul mood pretty obvious, that tension of Lester anger running through her. She's getting close, right into his personal space. "What the fuck are you doing here, de la Huerta?" Never mind her own presence in a bar. She's loud and angry about something or another. "You gonna keep whining about that, or are you going to actually fuckin' do something about it?" She's baiting him, sure, but she's poised and ready to strike as well, and hasn't noticed any of the other Lester's being present in the bar. She didn't check out the scene enough to think about seeing who all else was around.

"Amy." Sebastian doesn't need to raise his voice to make it cut through the noise of the bar. "Fancy seeing you here." He cuts a look at Hector which suggests he keep his mouth shut.

He's about to suggest he buy Amy a drink, a prelude for escorting her the hell out the back, when a twenty-something drunk off his ass ambles up next to her and slaps a hand on her shoulder. He's a big, beefy guy; looks college football-ish. Probably on break from ASU. "Hey cutie. Care for a shot?" His brown hair's buzzed short, he clears six feet easy and he's over two hundred if he's an ounce. He grins, cheeks dimpling. "God you're pretty. Let me get you something."

And that's when the linebacker claps Amy on the shoulder, and Morrison lifts one hand to his face, rubbing it a bit as he feels the beginnings of a migraine setting in. He's up, then, moving away from the bar and following after Sebastian, because there is no doubt that someone is going to throw a punch pretty soon, and he's not going to be that far back when it happens. He shoulders his way through the crowd so that he can get to them before things get truly out of hand. Since when was he thinking about stopping bar fights instead of getting into them? He /was/ getting old.

Hector rolls his eyes, "I was minding my own business. Why the fuck can you never do that, Amy Lester? I don't run around randomly attacking people like a rabid animal. Maybe you should try it?" He is not in a mood to listen to sage advice from even a very good looking stranger. Then the slab of beef is manhandling Amy. He looks up and up. He mutters, "Wow, you are stupid, Dude." He takes a step back on the assumption Amy is about to clobber the meat head."

ROLL: Amy rolls Brawn + 1 for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 6 3 4 5 -- d6)

"Is that what you fuckin' call getting into a fight that had nothin' to do with you?" Amy practically screams back at Hector, her voice venomous. Then there's that rabid animal comment, and it's just the sort of thing that really makes her twitch. There's almost a moment, almost, where she might actually be reasoned with. The voice of her uncle cutting through the anger. Sebastian is a voice of authority, and she's not completely shutting it out.

But then there's someone right there, trying to hit on her here and now. "Yeah," she says with a leer, shifting away from that arm and glaring at the 20-something. "I'll take a shot," and she does. Her hands come up, and a right hook comes flying at the dude to catch him right on the jaw.

ROLL: Sebastian rolls 5d6 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 1 5 1 5 5 -- d6)

ROLL: Sebastian rolls spirit for: [7]: x1 [8]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 7 8 8 8 -- d8)

Sebastian gives the linebacker kid a tired, long-suffering look. He could intervene...but he doesn't. Besides, who doesn't want to see a drunken jackass get punched in the face?

A lot of people want to, because when Amy swings and sends the guy staggering back, more than a few people whoop and call out. He straightens, and...smiles. There's not a mark on him. "Damn. A firecracker //too//." He leans down a little, offering his chin. "Hit me again, babe, that was something else."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," Sebastian growls, and steps up between Amy and the kid. "I'll give you something else if you don't fuck off back to your drinking buddies, kid. Step off." It's his usual calm, patient tone of voice, but Amy and Morisson know it's just a thin veneer over what's coming.

ROLL: Morrison rolls brawn+1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x3 (Set) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 4 5 4 4 2 -- d6)

While Sebastian inserts himself between Amy and the linebacker, Morrison inserts himself between Amy and Hector, but it's Amy that he's growling at, a low, nearly feral sound as he says near to her ear, "You are not supposed to be in here. We're leaving. Now." And it doesn't sound like he's about to take no for an answer. It's about then that one of the linebacker's friends decides to roll up on Morrison and grab his arm, attempting to drag him away from Amy, slurring and cussing at her for slugging his friend.

That was a mistake. Morrison turns around and slams a fist into the guy's gut, doubling him over and pushing him backward so he stumbles and falls on his ass on the floor, where he bangs into a couple of other people. "Fuck off," he snarls and the bristling in the air around him is almost palpable. Then he turns back to Amy and says, "Right now."

Hector says, "Jade's tiny compared to us and he was my ride. Jesus H. Christ, woman!" And then he's grinning as she swings. His eyebrows go up as he idiot asked for another, but then the older dude is stepping between the slab of beef and the tasmanian devil. Shrugging he starts turning to array himself next to Sebastian as a kind of back up. After all, stepping in the middle of fights is kind of his thing. Amy may be an asshole, but she's the ashole he knows and this guy is clearly in need of a beat down. He does not see his ex coming until he's right there growling at Amy nd beating down assholes. When beef carcas number two hits the dirt, he narrows his eyes and steps between the fallen drunk and the boxer, back to the boxer, trusting the Lester not to hit him from behind. His tone is cold and flat as he glares at the fallen idiot. "Stay down. he'll pound you to hamburger. I'll help him.""

ROLL: Amy rolls spirit-1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 4 4 -- d8)

Amy suddenly realizes her uncle is here. When the fuck did he get here! That's so weird. But she doesn't need his help, and she scowls at him stepping in between. She might be able to step around him to take the douche up on his offer -- hey, an invitation to assault someone is rare enough, how could she turn it down? When Morrison's in the way too. Is this a fucking family reunion all of a sudden! She scowls at him too, ready to retort when he's laying someone else out on the ground all of a sudden. Surely she's been forgotten about?

Of course not. He's glaring back at her again. But after seeing that just happen and the commanding authority she doesn't reply, she just looks away. "Fuckin' no good fuckin' place anyway besides that guy deserves to get fucked up," she mumbles. It's unclear if she's talking about the one she hit or Hector. But she does glare at Hector anyway.

ROLL: Sebastian rolls spirit for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 7 8 1 -- d8)

ROLL: Sebastian rolls 4d8 for: [4]: x3 (Set) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 6 4 4 4 -- d8)

ROLL: Sebastian rolls 1d2 for: [1]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 1 -- d2)

ROLL: Morrison rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 8 8 1 5 -- d8)

The beefy linebacker is put off by Sebastian's Sebastian-ness. Big white streak in his hair, eyes that don't match, and he just kind of seems scary. For no actual reason, not really. He takes a step back, eyes wide. Hector's brief arrival gets him a confused 'who the fuck are you?' look, then the linebacker is holding up his hands. "Sorry man look I didn't mean to come at your side piece okay? J--hey!" Morrison's gutpunch of the big kid's friend has him staring in shock. It also saves the kid from a punch by Sebastian. "Dude what the hell!" the kid shouts, and rushes over to his friend. "Tim! Tim you okay?" And just like that, three more early-twenties guys materialize. "What the fuck are you doing to our friends?" one demands. Another kneels to help with 'Tim'.

The third, looks from Morrison, to Hector, back to Morrison. He sorts out who did what, and just like that, lunges at Morrison. A shout goes up. It's a fight.

ROLL: Hector rolls Brawn+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 8 2 6 1 -- d8)

The truth of the matter is that Morrison would never hit Hector, not intentionally, anyway. He's in less danger from Morrison than most people save family and a very select few others. So when Hector steps between him and the downed guy when he turns to Amy, there's no chance Morrison's going to hit him when he turns back. Instead, he leans in close to Hector's ear as those three other thugs decide to take them on, and he murmurs something very quietly to him. Then, he's straightening up, and he says to Amy. "Back out, kid," before turning to the three. "Teaching them what it feels like to have unwanted hands put on them."

Hector is immune to Amy glares, taking them as the equivalent of a Lester hello. It looks like the originl idiot is looking after idiot number two. His face does something one at that whisper. His whole body shivers involuntarily, but he his expression is at war with itself, expressions flickering fast across it, even as he hisses "To damned late," at Morrison, all bitter fury. The internal war is solved by the lunge of idiot number three. He tries to body check him away from the boxer. Because he's that kind of idiot himself.

ROLL: Amy rolls brawn+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 2 2 3 6 6 -- d6)

Amy's attention is swiftly drawn to all these people appearing, and she grins a little at the shout. There's an eagerness to the fight that's about to break out, and despite Morrison's advice (which gets a quick, "Nah, fuck off," in reply, mostly drowned out by the shout rising up) she's suddenly moving foward too. Quick and low, to jab Number Three in the stomache even adjusting for Hector's body check of the guy. The two of them make a pretty good team in the moment, who ever saw that coming?

ROLL: Sebastian rolls finesse for: [5]: x1 [6]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 8 6 8 5 -- d8)

ROLL: Sebastian rolls brawn for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 3 7 8 1 -- d8)

"Fuck." Sebastian swings around and grabs one of the other three (the one who spoke) before he can try to pile onto Morrison. Unfortunately Hector's body check sends the attacker flying into someone else, which spills their beer, and a few punches are exchanged there. The one Sebastian grabbed swings at him and misses, but Sebastian doesn't manage to land a hit on him either.

And then, lights and sirens outside. "Wonderful," Sebastian mutters, releasing the guy he's struggling with and weaving towards Amy. "Out the back, now."

"God damnit, that's not what I meant.." Morrison growls in response to Hector's hissed retort, and then de la Huerta is body checking the guy that was coming for him. Morrison reaches out and grabs Hector's arm as the sirens are coming and the lights are flashing and drags him bodily with him toward the back, hearing Sebastian doing the same for Amy. "We are getting out of here /now/," he rumbles in a voice that says he will pick Hector up and throw him over his shoulder and carry him out if he has to.

Hector rolls his eyes and runs for the back door, not bothering to shake the boxer off, "I'm not stupid. At least in this." He's a sprinter and not ahamed to show a pair of heals when the lights and sirens turn up.

Amy's loving it. The thrill of the conflict is something she could practically feed off, and she's rather opportunistic about it all, getting her hits in. The lights and sirens do get through to her though, and when Sebastian is making her way to her and issuing that command, this time -- she really does listen. She grins at her uncle though, because she's young and indestructable, whirling about to follow along after Morrison and Hector.

One thing Havasu Harry's can be relied on is to simply call the cops when shit gets out of hand, which is a lot in a town like this. However, because he worked in this very bar when he was going through community college (it was River Roy's back then, but who's counting), Sebastian knows where all the exits are, and that includes the all important staff exit. He even still has a key, because they never bothered to redo the locks.

They weave through the chaos; a couple of bikers have go in against the college kids, who are part of a frat. It's becoming a real mess by the time the cops wade in shouting, and that's right when the staff exit door shuts behind them, leaving them out the side of the building with a couple of people smoking out in a pickup and an unreasonably hot Arizona night.

Sebastian rounds on Amy and Hector. "What the fuck are you two thinking rolling on into this bar like you won't get caught? Neither one of you look anything like twenty-one, fuck's sake. Last thing I need to do is bail you out of the tank, Amy."

Once they are outside, Morrison watches as Sebastian rounds on Hector and Amy, and he takes a moment just to make sure no one is coming out the staff door after them. Doesn't seem like it, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't put himself between them and the staff door just in case. He says nothing to Hector and Amy. They were out of the brawl now, and not where the cops will get them. So instead, he focuses on taking a few deep breaths. He'd managed to keep his temper in check inside, but he's still antsy and restless, and it shows in the way his shoulders roll as he tries to work out the tension. Only when it's clear that no one else is coming out that back door, does he begin to move away from it.

Hector stares at Sebastian, stubborn chin up, "Who the hell are you and why do you care what I do? Unless you fucked my Mom while she was vacationing here too, I don't plan to call you Daddy." He can't help but be aware of the boxer even when he's trying not to be. When Morrison moves away from the door, he takes a coule steps sideways so as to keep an equal distance away from him without ever moving his eyes from the assymetrical face of the older Lester. Amy is half forgotten at this point. Odds are she could get a really good punch in without him noticing in time to dodge.

ROLL: Morrison rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 6 6 2 7 4 -- d8)

Amy is in a much better mood. The fight, the escape, it's all a thrill, and when she's outside, taking a few deep breaths, the yelling actually catches her by surprise and she blinks up at Sebastian. "Wh--" she's caught off guard and frowning a little. "Hey! I wasn't trying to get a drink or anything, I just ... saw Hector and wanted to pick a fight." She finishes a bit more lamely than with the conviction she started with. "Okay, I didn't think it through." Understatement! She does glare at Hector in turn though. "Back off, dude." She insists.

ROLL: Sebastian rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 7 2 4 7 2 -- d8)

Sebastian arches an eyebrow at Hector. "Kid you wish I was remotely interested in you calling me daddy." He chases that was a dubious once over, turns to Amy. Her explanation takes him a little by surprise, though, maybe it shouldn't. He sighs, heavily, runs a hand over his face. "Yeah," he says, hands on his hips. "Sorry, hon. Just, last thing you need's a fucking arrest record." He glances at Morrison. "You okay? Anyone actually manage to dent you in there?"

Morrison doesn't seem to be moving any closer to Hector, or to anyone else, for that matter. He just paces a little bit outside the door. He does, however, notice Hector edging away, and he lets out a rough sigh, muttering something under his breath. He then turns and walks away, heading back down the alley. He says over his shoulder to Sebastian as he goes, "I'm fine." His car is parked on a side street a block over, and that's the direction that he moves in, sliding his hands into his pockets and ignoring the sound of sirens and the flashing lights behind him at the other end of the alley.

Hector does not look at Morrison, as he replies to Sebastian, "No. I'm done with older men." He glares at Amy, "Why the fuck are you always on my as anyway?"

Amy scuffs her boot along the gravel beneath her and glances down at the ground. "I don't really think these things through," she says again with a sigh. "I just get so angry." She doesn't say about what. There's a whole lot of emotions Amy really doesn't know how to deal with, honestly. And in this moment right here, she doesn't have it in her to lash back at Hector. It's not quite a Full Moon just yet. "You're always mouthing off to me about one little thing, Hector, so back off, okay?"

Out front the cops have picked a couple of prime suspects to arrest. It's maybe a testament to Sebastian's proper treatment of the bartender that they weren't ratted out; either way, they're unmolested back here in the back area behind the bar, where the dumpsters sit in a chain-link paddock. Sebastian nods at Morrison, waves a hand to him. "See ya."

He snorts at Hector, shakes his head. "You don't know when to quit, do you? Now's a bad time for that conversation. But you're right--stick to guys your own age."

For a minute and change he studies Amy, and oh, does he ever look tired. "Yeah, I know how it is, Ame. It's okay. You're young, not thinking shit through is kind of you deal right now." He manages a wry smile. "Need a ride home?"

Hector is startled enough by Amy's response that he really looks at her. Quietly he says, "Is this about Ashley? I mean, are you okay?" He rolls his eyes at Sebastian, "That's what I'm doing. It was definately a mistake on several levels."

Eying Hector for a moment, Amy straightens up and shakes her head. "I'm fine," she says in a flippant tone, which is obvious a smokecreen, but it's apparently all that's going to be happening right now. "This has nothing to do with Ashley." She looks up at Sebastian and shrugs her shoulders. "Sure, I guess. Someone stole my roller blades." Did she really just enter into a bar, underage, and try to pick a fight wish someone she doesn't get along well with, because of her roller blades? Probably.

"Christ, seriously?" Sebastian sighs. Rollerblades don't come cheap. "Well, maybe that used sports place has a pair in your size, next time I'm in there I'll see what I can find." He nods in the direction Morrison went. Like his nephew, Sebastian knows better than to park anywhere near the bar. "Come on."

He pauses as he's about to head towards his car, gives Hector a look. "Stay out of trouble," he suggests. And then he's heading for the next block over.

Hector gives her a quizzical look, "I don't know who took your roller blades. Sorry." He eyes Sebastian, "That's the plan." He sighs, having a long walk ahead of him and not even gotten the beer in recompense. Still, waiting around here is a terrible idea so he starts slogging back toward the funeral home.

"I didn't think you did it," Amy explains with a shrug of her shoulders for Hector. That really wasn't the whole point. She watches as he starts to make his way off with a thoughtful look before she turns to follow along after her uncle. "Thanks," she says, just the single word, for ... a whole lot of things tonight, honestly.