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Bourbon and a Key
Characters  •   The Beast  •  The Loner  •
Location  •  Loner's Room
Date  •  2019-11-09
Summary  •  Loner and Beast catch up after the events of Lake Havasu.

There's the quiet two-knuckled rap at the door that usually precedes Beast making his way into Loner's room. He isn't carrying anything with him this time. It's just him. Outside in the parlor the tv screen still shows that same "Standby" message with color bands that it has been showing since they arrived. There haven't been any particularly loud or disruptive events, for the most part, but there has been a lot of conversation, and theorizing, after the latest turn through another lifetime -- a lifetime where Theo and Morrison actually got to have a life together after Lake Havasu. Beast closes the door behind him once he slips inside.

Back to looking like his normally young self in over-sized comfortable clothing is definitely a bit oddafter a life as Theo. But he reverted to his facility attitude fairly quickly. It was easy this time. Theo wasn't traumatized, nor did he truly experience the horrors of the last lives, in fact it was probably one of the more enjoyable experiences he's had. Other than shepherding teenagers.

There's a muffled noise that might be "Come in." at the knock. Loner lays on his bed, dressed only in his baggy gray pajama pants, his head on one pillow with the other on top of his face hence the muffled words.

The Beast is back to the way he usually looks, just a couple of years older than Morrison, in his usual jeans and light sweater, a little less muscular than Morrison due to the lack of constant boxing training, but not that far off. But his accent is back, the soft-spoken tone of his voice, less tension. Morrison experienced some of the fighting of the last scenario, but only a bit toward the end. Of what they'd been through, this last transition was far from traumatic for him.

He makes his way over to the bed where Loner lies with the pillow over his face and sits down on the edge of the bed next to him, reaching over to lift the pillow and peer under it with an arched brow. "You know if you self-smother you'll only wake up again."

"I'm nae gonna suffocate." His accent is back, and as if to make up for being American, it might even be a bit stronger than it normally is. His eyes shift around, then fix on the wall with his mementos and he makes a gesture to where the decanter and a pair of glasses that would be very familiar to Morrison now sit on a shelf. "Pour us a drink if yer gonna be making me talk." Though the comment is more teasing and less grumpy. He tries to snatch back his pillow, but only to hug it to his chest rather than try to burrow his face back into it. "I was just thinking."

The Beast leans over the pillow on Loner's chest and folds his arms on top of it so that he is leaning on top of him, and looking down at him. He rests his chin on top of his folded arms and though his eyes slant over toward the shelf for a moment, then slide back then and he asks, "Who says that there was going to be any talking?" It's definitely something Morrison would have said, though said with Connor's accent. The smile though is not nearly so wolfish, more just a little amused. But he does pull up and away and moves to take down the decanter, very familiar indeed, and pours a finger into each glass before bringing them over. "What were you thinking about?"

"How I got off easy.." Loner sits up and reaches out for the glass, happily taking a sip with a sigh afterwards. "I mean.. I didn't suffer, quite the opposite I spent most of my time relaxing or.." He looks over at Beast and licks his lips at the unspoken or. "Nothing really bad happened to me. Well, unless you count Brenda, but she was kind of a bitch." He tilts his head to the side, idly scratching at his temple. "I mean, I even got to act like a privledged, entitled cunt the whole time." He narrows his eyes. "I'm just afraid this means the next one is going to, well, suck bollocks."

"We both got off pretty easy last time. Aside from the fighting at the end, and getting thrown into a mausoleum, I didn't suffer, really. And I'm not complaining at all about how it ended," Beast says with a little tick of a smile as he lifts the glass and takes a sip from it before settling once more on the edge of the bed. "Probably. I'm certain that there will be whole new ways to torture us forthcoming. I'm... I suppose.. just trying to hold on to this one good thing for a little while longer."

"Well, if you havena figured out I'm a pessimist by now, you havnae been paying attention." Loner looks at the glass. "At least I got a magical self-filling bottle of expensive booze out of the deal, too." He chuckles and takes another sip from the glass in his hand, propping his head up in the palm of his other hand. "Maybe we can do the nineties again and I can get a Game Boy or somethin' for a little entertainment." He frowns slightly. "I just wish the memories after leaving Lake Havasu were a little more...complete."

"Yeah, I've figured that out," Beast says with a small wry twist of his lips. "No one ever accused me of being an optimist. I'm just.." He trails off and shrugs his shoulders. "Been talking with some of the others about some of the theories about this place, about us, and apparently some new discoveries, or at least new to me." He taps his fingertips against the glass. He nods though and says, "It's like postcards and photographs.. but it's there. Maybe.. in time, they'll get more complete, too." He lifts the glass a little and says, "I have the key to ou.. to Morrison and Theo's apartment."

The Loner smiles faintly as he shifts a bit on the bed to be closer to Beast. "Theo was a self-absorbed twat that didn't deserve you." Once again, he sounds like he's joking a bit, if only a bit. "Thinking back.. I don't like the way he was except when you or the twins were around. Something there made him actually give a fuck about someone other than himself. I guess he wasn't all bad."

The Beast reaches out and lightly brushes his thumb against Loner's jaw. "He wasn't bad to Morrison. And he was good to the twins. And when he let himself decide to have the life that /he/ wanted, he chose Morrison in the end, not the bank, or appearances, or his father's approval. He wasn't all bad, or Morrison wouldn't have stayed with him for all those years."

"I just figured I was that good in bed." Loner waggles his brows slightly as he drains the rest of his drink and then positions himself so he can lay his head in Beast's lap. "I wonder if Andrew and Conner ended up in as good a place. If they're even real. Who's to say we aren't being fed memories from other people? About as sane an explaination as any other."

"Well, that didn't hurt, either," Beast laughs just a little bit then, a smile breaking out over his lips. He settles comfortably so that Loner can rest his head on his lap, and his fingers drop into his hair, running through it gently. "Maybe they did. Maybe all that matters is that we believe that they did." His fingers pause for a moment and then he says, "Some believe that we're not real at all, any of us ,that we're fabrications of some kind. Since it's physiologically impossible for the transformation that happened to Star here in this place to have happened. The food that just appears when we think it. The resets from death. The shelves of books that have any book that we think of despite its limited size and depth. The rooms that can take us anywhere that we can think of, change our ages, our appearances, bringing us back and forth. That maybe, maybe we came from real people, perhaps grown from the seeds of their lives and memories, but that we ourselves are just.. complex code running in some kind of computer."

"People needed to listen to Jamie more." Loner says with a bit of a smirk. "Clarke's first law. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." He narrows his eyes, "I guess that just lends more creedance to computer simulation then.." He purses his lips in thought for a moment then shakes his head. "Explains things better than purgatory I guess. But then that means experiment or entertainment and I'm not sure I'd be particularly pleased to have either of those be the truth."

"Experiment, entertainment. Dare theorizes that we're actually sent to these times and places to save the world, which.. I suppose given that most of these scenarios have had us trying to save at least a part of a world, or a town, at the very least, that .. could be. Though it seems a very messy way about going about it. My thought is more likely an experiment on the human psyche under stress, or something along those lines, perhaps. Or we're virtual representations of people, and they're making a more and more realistic world. Which would explain the rooms that at first had no life in them, and now do. Like.. it's evolving around us," Beast says as he continues to trail his fingers through Loner's hair, looking down at him as they talk. "Another thing that Caleb pointed out was that Ethan's chalkboard doesn't erase when he writes on it. He said he has something of his own as well that doesn't erase and reset and thinks that we all have something within our rooms that won't reset.. we just have to find it." He shrugs "I don't know if that's true. I haven't found anything in my own room that doesn't reset."

The Loner lifts his hand and points to his typewriter. "Anything I type on that has stuck since.. oh.. Julian. And my stack of blank paper refreshes, but the stuff I type up and store away stays put, unless I crumple it up and toss it." He shrugs slightly as if that's no big deal, and in this place it probably isn't much of a shock. "I mean, I don't even know why I have it. I've never been a writer.. well, Julian changed his major to journalism after the lodge, but the type writer has been here since day one."

The Beast looks over at the typewriter and says, "Oh.. It does? I thought.." He pauses. "Maybe there is something in my room that would stay as well." He glances in that direction with a slight furrow to his brow. "Which makes me wonder.. why." He then looks back at the typewriter and says, "I don't know. There's always more questions than there are answers." He lets his hand drift down to just rest on Loner's chest. "Have you done any more work on that place that you were making, in the anywhere rooms?" The one that he'd mentioned a time or two back, but Beast has not yet seen. Since they were no longer going back to the cottage.

The Loner nods his head. "At first I thought it was put here to drive me insane. Then I thought it might be some hint as to my real identity.. you know.. how we've kept something from each life and it.. I dunno, it feels like my other memory items. It's out of place, but it's familiar." He shifts onto his back to look up at Beast. "OR else I'm driving myself insane trying to figure it out."

"I don't have anything in my room that particularly stands out. It's all so.. like the person it was meant to represent keeps their identity secret, like a spy, or hitman or .. someone who does violent things in secret, and so leaves little trace of them behind. The only things that are personal are the items from the past lives. They are the things that seem somewhat out of place."

"This is why we spend time in my room." Loner says with a flat tone. "Especially after Theo and Morrison spent so much time in random hotel rooms to spend time together." Though he closes his eyes, letting his thoughts drift. "Maybe there's a notepad or something somewhere, or maybe some of us want to lave traces so we do, and others don't so they don't."

"I like your room," Beast admits with a look around it. "Much better than mine. Mine is just a place where I wake up." He lets his fingers slide back into Loner's hair and says, "This is where I like to come to be, and to sleep." Even if he knows it means he'll wake up somewhere else. It doesn't mean he won't come lay down with Loner here anyway. "Maybe there is. I want to look and see if I can find it. If there's anything there to find."

"They change, too. I mean.. mine did." Loner looks around slightly. "A bit, things got a bit more homey and less impersonal sometime after Prosperity. Maybe your room will change a bit, too. Maybe if you grow uncomfortable with it, it'll change into something else." He shrugs, unsure what else to say on that point. "I mean, these rooms are probably to keep us comfortable and complacent, if they're not doing their job.."

"Maybe," Beast says, glancing over his shoulder toward where his room is. "Or perhaps they just know that I'm comfortable here, and so they don't bother fixing my room." He smiles a bit wryly. "Not that I'd stop coming here if they did."

"If that was the case you'd wake up here.." Loner snorts a short laugh. "This bed can be a bit cold without another body warming it up." He scrunches his brow. "Then again, it is nice to just stretch out in the mornings and not have to worry about kicking someone. Then again... maybe one day you could bring me coffee and breakfast in bed. I've always wanted to have breakfast in bed."

"True, I suppose if they really cared what I wanted they'd let me wake up here," Beast says, "Even if it meant getting kicked when you stretch out in the morning." He then tilts his head a little to one side. "I've brought you breakfast in bed before," though that was Andrew, and that was many lifetimes ago now. "I suppose I could do it again." He smiles. "What do you want for breakfast in bed?"

"And I think I was also bedridden with withdrawl.. It takes some of the romanticism out of it." Loner furrows his brow. "It's so strange thinking back on Andrew now. I still know what that addiction felt like, and it used to feel so real and now it's.. distant." He shakes his head. "Well, coffee, waffles, and some sausage of course. Drenched in maple syrup. Cream in the coffee. Maybe a glass of orange juice for an illusion of something healthy."

"Could be," Beast agrees and then says. "Well, I will just have to do it here, with no withdrawal involved." He shifts then, gently slipping from beneath Loner's head to lay down next to him, stretching out on his back so that their shoulders bump against one another. "I think maybe.. they're all still there a bit, but as we find pieces of the ones we want to integrate into ourselves more.. they blend, and become something else.. and parts fade, and other parts remain." He tucks one arm beneath his head.

The Loner curls up against Beast and rests his head on his chest. "Did I ever mention I found Emory's beard super sexy?" He reaches up and runs a hand along Beast's jaw. "We might have to take a trip back to Icarus so I can corner you in the engine room and do all those naughty things Jamie thought of doing but never tried acting on."

The Beast laughs a little at that and rubs at his own chin, where there is the usual light stubble, definitely not the full beard and moustache that Emory sported. "No, you never mentioned that, but if you ever want to go back to the Icarus, I'd be very curious to know all the naughty things that Jamie thought of doing." He chuckles, "Emory would have let him, too, if he'd tried."

The Loner laughs softly. "Jamie had an.. impressive imagination. When he was sober." He pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. "And despite his attitude, he was too much of a professional to try bunking up with crewmates, and frankly was about to beat the ever living crap out of a couple that kept sleeping around. Then things got life and death, and he had to focus on other things, as well as not wanting to hook up while his brother was going through all that personal shit with his own spouse.. But.." He closes his eyes, adjusting the way his head is laying on BEast-chest-pillow, "I think Jamie might have been the most I've felt like.. me.."

"Emory actually had a little bit of a history with Conor, the med chief.." Beast says, who had been Matthew before when they were at the Lodge. "But.. not on that mission. It was part of their past. He didn't really have much personal time on that mission. He spent pretty much his entire time in meetings or working, save for those few times that we had drinks." He tips his head down and presses his lips to the top of Loner's head. "Should I call you Jamie, then?" he asks with a little tick of his lips.

"You can call me whatever you want. I feel like all the names I've had have some sort of weird claim on me. None of them are right but all of them work." Loner shakes his head ever so slightly as he stretches slightly, the nap demons making their way into his brain as he gets comfortable. "I still feel like there is a right one, I just don't know what it is.."

"I think I understand why some have chosen their own names here, something other than the names from their lives. They want something of their own that's different," Beast says, musingly. "Maybe you should choose one of your own, something that doesn't have any partial claim on you at all, just because you like it." He smiles a little as he can feel that nap coming on. He slides an arm around Loner, turning in toward him just a little bit. "I think I'll call you Jamie, for now, since it's the most you've felt like you.. for now. Until you find that right one. I like Jamie." His voice grows quieter though as he talks, letting it kind of trail off at the end to let Loner fall asleep.