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Bourbon and Strings
Characters  •   The Beast  •  The Loner  •
Location  •  Loner's Hideaway
Date  •  2019-07-24
Summary  •  Loner and Beast catch up after another return to the facility.

Strangely, Loner's door isn't completely closed at the moment. Usually securely closed, at the moment it sits just a crack open, like someone passed through and didn't quite manage to close it all the way behind him. Even more strangely soft guitar music is coming from the open door. It's not great, sounding more like a student practicing or someone who hasn't played in a long time trying to remember a song.

Then there's Beast, widening that crack of an opening to the door and leaning in the doorway, one shoulder against the frame, just listening to Loner playing and watching him in silence from where he stands. He's back in his usual Facility clothing, the jeans, the pair of socks, a light v-neck sweater in a dark blue over a white t-shirt. For a time, all he does is observe, perhaps not wanting to actually interrupt the practice, perhaps trying to figure out if he recognizes the song.

The Loner sits in the desk chair, feet up on the desk with Andrew's guitar in his lap, wearing just a pair of pajama pants at the moment. He doesn't really seem to be paying attention to wait he's playing except for the occasional grimace when he plays a sour note. His stare is instead fixed on the newest addition to his memory wall, a cybernetic arm that looks to have been carefully mounted there. There's also an open bottle of some liquor and a few glasses sitting on the desk with in reach.

The Beast's gaze follows Loner's over toward the wall where he sees the arm hanging there, and remembers watching it be worked on back in the rec room. He seems to consider for a moment or two, and then he does enter the room, setting the door back to where it was when he came in, before walking over toward the desk and coming over to sit on the corner of it. "Expecting company?" he asks, glancing down at the few glasses sitting on the desk, "Or been busy?"

"You or Mal.. Lucas.. whatever usually come check on me shortly after we wake up. Figured I'd have the glasses ready." Loner shrugs without taking his eyes off the wall. "Feels odd being able to feel my left arm again. Playing is helping." It's all said in a rather bland tone, and back to his more understandable, slightly tinged accent. "I only stepped out long enough to get the drink and make sure the right doors were still there."

The Beast's own accent is back to London again, as it always is when they return. He reaches for the bottle then, and pours a bit more into Loner's glass, and then some into one of the others before lifting it and taking a small sip. Since they were set out for he and Rogue, he may as well make use of it. "Your door is usually the first thing I check when I wake up," he says as he balances the glass on his knee. Except for that one time he'd remained in his room for some time before Rogue had finally come and dragged him out. "You and he got out, right? After.."

The Loner nods. "Don't know if we made it home though." He laughs slightly, maybe a bit bitterly. "Got into stasis pods and woke up back here. We keep going to the future but never get to see future Earth. Kind of a bummer if you ask me. I mean, I can remember things about it, but well, you know. It's not really there." He stops plucking at the guitar and finally looks over to Beast. "I know you do. I check yours as soon as I can, too."

"At least you made it to the pods," Beast says and then smiles faintly. "It's foolish. It's not like the ending afterward is.. anything but postcards anyway but.. Is it wrong that it's a little comforting knowing that despite how badly I fucked that up, some folks at least got off the rock? Even if it was.." He trails off and shakes his head, musing to himself, studying the liquid in the glass balanced on his knee before lifting it and taking another sip. He nods his head, but doesn't look up.

The Loner shrugs. "I find it hard to be angry about stupid decisions made when we're going through those. I've made plenty." He starts plucking away at the guitar again, it's mostly finger exercises remembered from Andrew, stuff he'd play to warm up or distract himself. "Synths can be slippery, I should know. I have experience." He smirks and shakes his head before pausing his playing to grab at his glass for a sip. "Bourbon, thought I'd give it a try here. Jamie liked it."

"It doesn't mean that it doesn't linger a little after the fact.. at least for a little while," Beast shrugs slightly, apparently not dwelling on it overly much. He watches Loner's fingers as they move across the strings, remembering them from Andrew was well. He nods a bit about synth's being slippery. "I suppose you do, true." He then lifts the glass, looking at its contents once more. "So did Connor, and Evan, and Aaron for that matter. I suppose that's consistent, at least."

"It's usually been whiskey or scotch until Jamie. Except for Julian's weird fascination with gin." Loner just shakes his head looking bewildered. "So you're not mad at me for me pestering you to yell at the director on my behalf?" One corner of his mouth quirks slightly at the question, fingers still moving along the strings. It seems the more distracted he is, the better he plays.

The Beast gives a faint shudder at the reminder about the gin, shaking his head. "I'm considering the gin a fluke. We were young. Foolish. And I think we'd drunk most everything else." The faintest hint of what might have been a smile doesn't quite make it to his expression. Then he says, "You aren't mad at me for not just shooting the two W-Y in the head, to hell with Sam?" in counter to Loner's question.

"No. Even if it's what I would have done." Loner sighs and looks down at the guitar, causing him to instantly drop a note with a grimace. He lets his hands go still, resting on the body of the instrument. "Connor would have though." He smirks slightly then shakes his head. "Did you see the TV?" The subject change is perhaps a bit whiplash.

"Shot them?" Beast asks, and then considers for a moment before he nods. Probably. If it meant protecting Andrew, he absolutely would have. The switch in topic, though, he seems to follow along easily enough. "No," he admits. "I came straight here." He didn't even go out into the lounge or the dispensary. He'd awakened and dressed and walked across and down the hall a bit, and found the door partially open. "Why? What's on the television now? Do I even want to know?" He doesn't look like he's sure that he does.

"90's MTV Spring Break." The detest in Loner's voice when he speaks of MTV is exactly how Andrew would sound about them as well. He stands up and stretches out to return the guitar to its mount on the wall, just below Jamie's arm. "I doubt it'll be a reprise of the Lodge. Well, I hope not. I don't fancy winding up as Julian again." His mouth twists in a bit of a sour grimace as he turns around to lean back against his desk, snatching up his drink.

"So, in the future from the Lodge," Beast says as he considers that, and frowns just a little bit. "I don't even know if I could end up as Marc again, if that's even possible. If we could be people who had died again." That seems to puzzle him a bit and then says, "I know you didn't like being Julian," sympathetically, understanding that Loner wouldn't want to be him again. He lifts the glass and drains the remainder of it, setting it back down on the desk.

"Julian also ended up covered in burn scars on his left side. It wasn't great." Loner wrinkles his nose then takes a sip of his drink. "I didn't like being helpless as Julian. What happened as him though, well, I'd probably put up with it again for more of that." He swirls his glass in his hand as he watches Beast. "I mean, part of it were kind of nice. Until I fucked it up with poor decision making."

"No," Beast says quietly, "I know it wasn't. I'm glad for some of it, though -- the parts that weren't terrible." He continues to study the glass even though there's nothing more in it. "We all make poor decisions in there sometimes. Can't dwell on those for too long, though." He then says, "At least this time around we were sortof.. friends? At least not complete strangers."

"No, not terrible." Loner agrees over the rim of his glass as he sips. "Well, at least we got to talk and drink together. I liked the beard though, you looked good a little more rugged." It almost sounds like he's teasing, but his expression is dead serious. He reaches over for the bottle and tops off his glass, holding it out towards Beast if he wants more. "Too bad any attempt to grow one out here wouldn't stick. Or maybe it would if you wanted, who knows."

The Beast rubs at his jaw just a little bit unconsciously where there's a little bit of stubble, but not much beyond that. He tends to shave, and it comes back, but nothing like the actual beard and moustache he sported in space. "I didn't mind it, actually. This is about all that I get in here. Though.. I don't know.. considering some people have evolved into entirely other faces.. maybe I could? If I wanted to? I.. don't know."

The Loner smirks as he watches Beast rub at his jaw. "Well, there's always the anywhere rooms, too. Well.. if we want." He rubs at the back of his neck, looking over towards his memory wall over his shoulder. "It gets a little easier every time, doesn't it? Waking up I mean? I wanted to bash my own head in after I woke up from being Callum, this time. I dunno, maybe it's because I just went to sleep and woke up?"

The Beast does look up then, finally, and over toward Loner, realizing he'd held out the bottle, and that he hadn't noticed. He picks up the glass and holds it out for that refill and then asks, "I got the impression, last time we talked, that you weren't really.." He pauses, and then continues, "That you weren't really feeling the anywhere rooms." Or maybe just the cottage in particular, but he doesn't voice that. As for waking up, he considers, and then says, "I suppose. I got blasted by a synth this time, but waking, I just felt.. a bit guilty for having gotten others killed..but that was that place lingering for a bit. It was intense, briefly, and then started to fade."

"Being Andrew." Loner states as he pours the refil and sets the bottle back down. "I love the cottage, I like being able to escape this place even if it's fake. But because it's from Andrew's memories I end up being him there." He grimaces slightly. "He's a junky and an alcoholic. It's not a fun experience going back to that." He looks down at his own glass. "I've been goign in there and kind of building my own getaway, one that just comes out of my mind here. Maybe I can show it to you, it's.. kind of silly though."

"I know. We just had said that we'd always go back there.. and now there.. isn't a place that you want to go back to. So I wasn't sure what that meant, for that promise," Beast admits what had been on his mind since they'd had that conversation before finding themselves almost crashing into an asteroid. "I'd like to see it, if you want to share it. Silly or not."

"It wasn't the back there I wanted to go back to. It was a life where we had a relationship I wanted to go back to." Loner looks a bit guilty, but covers it by draining the rest of what is in his glass. "We also promised eachother we'd move to an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence river and pretend other people don't exist." He smiles slightly at that tought.

"I still want that," Beast says, fiddling a bit with the glass in his hand, but not yet lifting it. Then a little bit of a smile does touch his lips as he says, "Hey, I'm still for doing that, as well. I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't the only one who still felt that way, that's all." He does lift the glass then and takes another swallow from it.

"The cottage was just a place where it was easier to get used to the idea. I mean, really thinking about it I spent half my time there trapped in bed throwing up, and alternating between cold shakes and sweating my ass off." Loner wrinkles his noise rather pointedly at the thought. "I just liked it because you kept bringing me soup in bed. I guess the scenery was nice, especially when you just walked around in your underwear." He picks up the bottle of bourbon for yet another pour.

"Yeah," Beast says with just a slight bit of a wince, "I can imagine that was pretty miserable. And going back to the memory of that, not great either." He does chuckle just a little bit, though, and says, "I didn't mind taking care of you, but I'd rather you were feeling alright, and in a place that made you feel good rather than reminded you of that, if we were going to be somewhere together." He takes another swallow from his glass and raises both eyebrows. "I could walk around here in my underwear," he offers with an actual, genuine smile.

The Loner motions down to himself in only his pajama pants. "Hey, this is how I wake up, so I just let it be for now. Does kind of suck being.." He looks down at himself again, thinking on it. "Younger than I'd prefer. That was nice being a little older for once." He runs his hand through his hair and looks over to Beast. "I mean, you can lounge around my room naked if you want. It's not like I get many visitors besides you and Mal."

"I don't know why, but I always get fully dressed before I come out of my room. It's not how I wake up, but it's just the routine I've developed since being here," Beast says, glancing down at his clothes. The only thing he doesn't wear unless going into the anywhere rooms are shoes. But he's never been out of his room, so far as he can recall, in anything other than his usual clothes. Even with the variety that exists in his closet. "You're not that young," he says, "Not too young, anyway." Still younger than him by a bit, though. He chuckles a bit at that and says, "Is that a challenge?"

"Well, I went and grabbed a bottle of booze like this, so you know. No worse than how I saw people wandering around the frat house." Loner pauses for a moment in thought. "Better than how I saw some wandering around the frat house. And really this is no worse than a college dorm. Including the idiot that writes on the walls." He arches a brow as he looks over at Beast. "It's not a challenge, it's an offer."

The Beast groans just a little bit as Loner reminds him about the wall scribblings. "That guy is such an idiot in every incarnation. It's a wonder he hasn't drowned in his own drinking water yet. Please spare us from inspirational doodles and 'rules' this time around." He then shakes his head a little bit, to shake that thought loose. "But yeah, it's not all that unlike a college dorm, I suppose, in a very weird sort of way." His expression shifts a little from that teasing question, to something a little less teasing at that arched brow, and he says, "Well, I'll likely take you up on that offer, then."

"I mean, no offense, but I've seen your room. Mine is much better for lounging around in." Loner reaches out to clap Beast on the back then heads over to his closet where he digs out one of his sweaters. "But before you do that. I'm hungry. The food on Icarus was shit, and I want pancakes." His voice only goes slightly muffled as he pulls the sweater on over his head.