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Boom! Shake the Room
Characters  •   Hendrix "Squid" Lester  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Morrison Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •
Location  •  Gym
Date  •  2019-08-27
Summary  •  Lucas and Landon get honest about what's happening to Lennon to her twin and their older brother.

Morrison is practicing at the gym, as he is wont to do. He's currently going a few rounds with the speed bag, hanging in front of him like a uvula as his fists move in a rapid rotation, one over the other, keeping it in constant motion, and then changing the pattern to reverse its direction, and then back again. He's in a white tank top and boxing shorts and has worked up a sweat at the heavy bag already.

Squid...is currently not practicing at the gym. Squid is slouched on a bench, arms folded, heckling Morrison. "That the best you can do?!" he shouts. "C'mon! Hit that sucker harder! Beat his head out!" There's a bag next to him, a duffel, that could very well be a gym bag, but he himself is not yet in gym clothes. He's wearing a white shirt with a drawing of a man with a hand over his mouth and the phrase 'CENSORSHIP IS UNAMERICAN' written on it, dirty jeans, and half-tied red Converse.

In a neighborhood where trucks and work vehicles are more common place, the Marchant twins drive up in something fancier and shiny. Normally, they'd have the top down to show off their convertible, but as of late, they keep the interior fully protected from the.. elements. Until nightfalls anyway. Pulling up outside of a very familiar place to them, the gym, the well-dressed-enough pair exit the car with their sunglasses on and make their way into this fine establishment.

On seeing their 'brothers', among the others working out and getting their fight club in, Landon approaches, finally removing his shades to fold and tuck away into the breast pocket of his blazer, "Morrison. Squid." He calls out in greeting. There's this uncertain look that he exchanges with Lucas as the pair continue forward, "Morrison, if you some time..." He leaves this for Lucas to finish.

Lucas is out of his 'uniform that is picked to take on and kick the hsit out of the day. Goodie for him. THey still look pretty beat, and in truth a bit more so than the last time they talked to Morrison. Still, the twins are on their feet; Lucas in a t-shirt with a buttonup over it presently unbuttoned, and slacks and tennis shoes. From behind the sunglasses there's a tone of amusement, "Careful Squid. That bag gives out he'll keep goin." There's a pasuse as Landon starts the sentance he finished "...we really need to talk to you, bro."

Morrison continues to work through the bag, his ability to concentrate uninterrupted despite Squid yelling at him. "It's not about how hard you hit it, it's about control," he says to the kid on the bleachers. He'd been doing heavy work on the heavy bag earlier, but not now. He glances over toward Squid and says, "You want to go a couple of rounds?" The smile he gives his kid brother is wolfish. Then there are the twins, and he takes a step back from the bag, letting it swing to a stop, and he begins to pull off his gloves, which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on what's coming next.

"Yeah, you do," he says to the pair of them and nods toward the back room of the gym, the one that's sometimes used for business, sometimes for a break room. "Go in, sit down." He goes over and grabs a towel and wipes off his face and neck as he begins heading in that direction. He glances over at Squid with a look that says, 'coming?'

"I'll take you any time, old man," Squid tells Morrison with a grin -- before they're interrupted, that is. He snorts at Lucas. "You don't have to tell me twice. Why are you..." He looks between Lucas and Landon, eyes narrowing, and at the look from Morrison, he's trotting along as well. Too damn nosey and curious not to tag along for whatever the hell /this/ is about.

Morrison usually has time for the twins, but there's this look of relief on Landon's sunglass veiled face even still. When directed, both he and Lucas head towards the designated back section of the gym with Landon taking up residence leaning up against a wall, resting on his right shoulder.

When their pair of brothers joins them there, he straightens slightly, having a mind to ponder on what to say next (probably during the drive over and the brief walk to this very spot). "We ran into that woman again," Morrison knows the one! The hobo giving out drugged wine to kids, "This time she had friends. We don't know how she found us on our little joy ride, but..."

Lucas seems to have resigned that this is not going to be about planning a cookout or some other joyous occasion. He looks to Squind and confirms as much. The arch of both eyebrows in a yup conveys as much. He turns, and follows Landon into the back room.

Waiting for hte door to close he plants his feet shoulder width dropping his hands in his pockets. God he never looks uncomfortable but this conversation has him squirming. Where Landon drops off he fills in seamlessly. "...we got trapped and fucking blackmailed man." His jaw clenches tight and he's angry, genuinly for a moment summoning the hounds of hell levels of pissed for a moment but stashes that shit knowing better than to snap at Morrison. There's silence for a moment, he glances to Squid and back to Morrison, "Said if we didn't go along we'd get really fucking hurt. Then it got worse."

Morrison snorts at Squid and says, "Uh huh." But then the twins are there, and he's moving to the back room. Once he's there, he sits down on an old WWII era desk that probably weighs as much as a tank, and folds his arms in front of him, staring at the twins steadily. "I heard," he says when Landon begins, explaining that they ran into the woman again. "What happened?" Because he's not going to put all his cards on the table right away. He wants to hear their side of this sordid tale. He nods as Landon begins, and Lucas continues. "I heard there was a biker gang."

"Huh." Squid leans against a chair and squints between the two of them. "Jesus, you two are really fucking rattled, like, for real, aren't you." He looks at Morrison as if trying to confirm what he's seeing, then back at the twins. "I heard about this lady. What is her /deal/, man?"

Rattled is a good way to put it. They also look downright drained, being paler than usual. But then, they are known to be anemic. There's some surprise on Landon's face when their elder brother tells them that he'd heard about the incident, this brings out a slow nod. Though he now has to wonder what was said! To Squid, there's a slight defensive look, "If you were there..." But he changes his tune, "We wish we knew what her deal was, but she gave didn't give us much of a choice." Here is where he's more careful as to what he says, "They brought this woman with them," Here is where his gaze finally shifts back to Lucas.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 3 3 4 4 -- d6)

Lucas is aa bit sans his 'calm'. When he answers Squid it's still trying to keep control on his tone from panicing, or being incredibly pissed that anyone's able to rattle his cage. Isn't he the cage rattler around here? Rattled is one word for it, but when Morrison assures he heard he looks up, tired and trying, or maybe because 'feelings' were a bad thing to have. He's trying not to.

Swallowing he says calmlyand quietly, "It was our cousin's missing assistant, Brenda. They said... if we ran or didn't drink teh shit people were- we were going to get hurt. There was this one kid there but his cousin bartered for his fucking life-" He falls silent and his foice cracks trying to keep it even, "They killed her, man. They...th-they fucking tore her the fuck apart...and we ran." His head tilts down with enough pauses to let landon add details if he wants to, needs to, or even can. "How... how do you fucking unsee that!?"

There's a furrow to Morrison's brow that grows only deeper when Landon mentions that they had a woman with them that they brought. He has a feeling he knows where that is going, and he was sort of hoping that wasn't the case. His jaw is set, and it clenches slightly but he doesn't interrupt the story as it is being told. "Cash," he sys when Lucas mentions the kid whose cousin bartered for his life. "He got away without drinking." Then, the more disturbing issue of Brenda. "So they had Brenda in a trunk, and they killed her, in front of you." He looks between Lucas and Landon, to be very certain that this is clear. "And there's no way that it was a hoax.. or that you were both high as kites and didn't actually see what you thought you did." Because he has to ask. "I was told that there was some fake head made up to make Cash and Hector believe Vivian was dead, but she wasn't." So he's not entirely sure that faking deaths isn't a thing that's going on here.

Squid is usually a bit on the irreverant side; he likes to needle people. But Landon's and Lucas' obvious distress gets a rise out of him, and his face grows even paler than nomal. "What?" He stares at them, bug-eyed, and at Morrison. "Are you for real...?" Then Morrison's explaining it, and Squid just shakes his head. "How the fuck you could fake /dismemberment/, Morrison? Seriously?"

Landon and Lucas never really got into detail when explaining this story to Theodore not long ago, but perhaps it was time and Lucas does just that by bringing up how someone was torn the fuck apart right in front of them. It seems that Morrison's heard some of this story, filling in some of the blanks that the twins had been vague about. "Yeah, Cash. Cash walked and Esme," Who Morrison may or may not know, but Squid probably knows because school, is someone who Landon has been sorta seeing, "... Esme drank for him as well." There's some annoyance on his face about this.

There's a quick nod when Morrison wants them to clarify what they'd seen, "They killed Brenda in front of us, yes." But then he brings up this hoax thing. Though when Vivian, the choir teacher is brought up, well... Landon wasn't there to witness that. "It couldn't have been faked" He starts to say, but now he's not sure. "We all saw..." He then just has to say, "Have they found Brenda yet?"

Squid and Landon said it enough. The silence from Lucas though might be his loudest testament that is is without a doubt absolutely certain. Thought eh sunglasses are in (and inside really?!) there's a glare to Landon "That kid is a total collateral damage. I honestly don't give a shit what his deal is you don't do that to family."

Looking to Morrison he pulls the shades off and flinches. Holy shit that light is bright, and he flinches from t but he is trying to quietly make his case without flipping the desk that Morrison is leaning against. Correction: He's trying not to give himself a hernia trying to flip the desk in impudent irritation. Such as it is he holds his glasses between thumb and middle finger, index and little digit pointing to Morrison and then the door, "Was studying-" ok there's the lie, but is it important?! "At Sil' Thistle's place when Cash and fucking Hector come crashing into her window like a couple of crazed chimps cause Cash pissed off Fran, the head of that fucking Painkiller gang- same lady who made us...do...things... and got them chasing him into other people trying to mind their own fucking business."

Morrison raises a hand and says, "They faked decapitation," to Squid with a shrug of his shoulders. "And they were high as fuck. I'm asking because if someone was actually dismembered, that's some seriously fucked up shit. And I'm not given to just accepting shit without questioning it." He stares at Squid then, and dares him to argue. "Also, because it means you witnessed a murder, not just a murder of anyone, but ... someone you knew." He might have been about to say something else, but whatever it was, he changes his mind. "They tried to kill Hector and Cash, as well. Or at least beat the shit out of them. I'm guessing they're going to go after anyone they can't hook on whatever drug they've got you all on." He rubs at his face then, and asks, "Does Theo know?" about Brenda. Then he shakes his head at Landon and says "No, she hasn't been found that I'm aware of." He nods to Lucas then and says, "So Brenda is actually dead." He needs a moment to process that. Then he looks at them both and says, "You both need to go into detox. I'm not kidding. We have to get this shit out of your systems. They're going to keep giving you more, and threatening you until you can't get off of it."

"Oh, question away, mon frere," Squid says to Morrison, and he's not even being sarcastic. "On the other hand, I'm inclined to believe things are not only bad, but even worse than we can possibly imagine. But what about this drug, or whatever it is?" He spreads his hands. "Morrison's probably not wrong. Has anyone been...collecting all these pieces? Shit, I need to make a board." With yarn and photos and connections -- Morrison has probably seen Squid make these before, when he's trying to piece together some conspiracy or another.

What Landon does know, however, is something that he brings up, "Why were they hanging out in a cemetery anyway? They were probably drinking or getting high." There's a furrow of his brows now after that is said, "Which is probably what made them freak out..." Nevermind whatever is in /their/ system, but that's a different matter.

It's hard to shake the fact that Brenda is dead, so when Morrison asks this of them, Landon slowly nods, even if he's not completely certain anymore. "Yes, Brenda is dead." As far as he knows! "And yes, we told Theodore." There's this shift of gaze back to Lucas now, adding in, "I think he was gonna try and figure out who this Fran and the Painkillers really are. I mean, there's rumors and stuff, but..." He's not sure what to say to that.

"Esme was gonna ask her mother," The Hippie, "about whether she knew of any herbal shit that could detox us. So far, nothing's really come of that. But Thea was gonna see a doctor about our symptoms," She apparently shares the same symptoms as the twins, "We'll come with if time permits." But there's this look that he gives Morrison when he asks, "So this detoxing thing, it's not just going cold turkey right?" He already feels like he's suffering some sort of withdrawal as it is.

To Squid, however, he ponders, "I don't know what pieces you're thinking of. We can tell you who all was there at the time," Among the student body.

Lucas rubs his forehead and looks to Landon quietly tacking on anout telling Theodore, "...and gave him all the details we had. House arrest except for school stuff." He looks back to Morrison as Landon tells of how Theo is working on getting an investigation going.

Fingers reach up and pinch his eyes. "Yeah, well, she's got cause to worry, Lan. She' carrying Cash's ungrateful half of the damn burden." He falls quiet and seems to be mulling over options. "...We have class...finals... kinda...actually sorta want to go to prom." He sniffs jaw tightening, "we bust our ass the last four years, Lan." He's still worried abou his GPA. The plan! Their prescious plan!

"Uhhhh Cash was, Esma, Silver Thistle, both of us... not Lana. She wasworking that ni- Morrison, like it was fucking weird like moths or somehting. No one told us where to go but it was all teh same night. That's the part I can't figure out."

Landon adds in a few more names to Lucas' list, "Thea, that guy with the band, Art Bloomquist. James Thistle." He also mentions, "Lennon." She's been pretty scarce as of late!

Morrison has indeed seen Squid's boards before, though he's never shown any particular interest in their content, merely noted their presence and moved on with things. He leaves the conspiracy theories to his younger brother. Then he nods to Landon when he confirms that Theodore knows about Brenda. "It depends on what cocktail of shit you're on," he says as far as detoxing goes. "There's different methods for different things, but yeah you're going to sit in a room and take meds and shake and vomit and feel like Hell until all that crap is out of your system. If you're not going to do it voluntarily at home, then you're going to do it in a facility. Either way, you're not staying on this stuff." He nods to Lucas about the whole house arrest thing. "And you're being taken to and from school, I'd assume? Because they could just as easily grab you at the school or between." Then he says to Lucas, "If you don't get off this shit, all those plans aren't going to mean a whole lot. You're going to end up dead." Then, then Landon adds Lennon's name to the list of the affected and he snarls. "Fucking Christ."

Yeah, the mention of Lennon gets her twin brother's attention, too. "Oh for FUCK'S sake." Mumbling to himself, he takes out a little pad from his back pocket, flips it open, retrieves a pen he's got tucked behind an ear, and starts muttering something to himself as he scribbles something down. "We should get ahold of some of that stuff and take it to a lab or something -- get it tested."

When their privileges seem threatened, Landon looks just as upset about this whole thing as Lucas does. Theodore told us to come straight home after school, but we have obligations and responsibilities! We need to practice for track as well get together with the others for both the newspaper /and/ the yearbook."

Just listening to Morrison describe what they may have to go through with this detoxification has Landon looking rather disgusted. "That's... that's more than what I'd want to know. Thanks. I mean, are they just going to give us some meds to purge it all out?"

And he's not going to get in it about Lennon any more than just bringing up her name.

Lucas didn't want to be the oone to say it, or by virtue of them being conjoined at the vocabulary he did because it came out of Landon's mouth. He looks to Squid, their for-all-purposes half-brother and he gets it. He really really does because Landon's in this situation. He sighs and admits, because it's closest fuckign fmaily, "Well Lennon and I have too much hubros. We thought no one died it can't be worse than some stupid... fucking hangover and-" his hand rubs the bop of light brown hair at the nape of his neck, "It is and then... it's... not and it comes and goes and the truth is we don't want it to be...a problem" He looks to Landon and confesses, "I am not ready to lose everything, man." His brother, Lennon, their friends, their college plan, and taking over hte sorld on cunning and wit.

Looking back to Morrison he says "TO tell you teh truth I don't know how effective our 'plan' is and frankly I'm more than a bit freaked out."

"You are not getting ahold of anything," Morrison says to Squid. "You're not going to end up hooked on that shit, too. Or decapitated by some biker gang." He then turns back to Lucas and Landon, "You realize these people murdered someone in front of you. Do you think they give a fuck if you have track or yearbook? Do you think that they won't take you between school and home if they want to? I don't give a shit if you have obligations to the President of the United States. I'm taking you to and back from school, and you'll do track and you'll do yearbook or whatever else you have to do /at the school/ and then you're getting in the car and going home." He says, "And I'm going to find Lennon and if /she/ doesn't do what she's fucking told, the alternative is lock-up in an actual rehab, and there won't be any track or prom there, I can guarantee you that."

"Yeah, try not to end up the headliners in a Greek tragedy, okay?" Squid scowls at Lucas. Does he blame him for this news about Lennon? Maybe he's just shooting the messenger. Always fun to shoot the messenger. That scowls is turned on Morrison next. "C'mon, whaddya think I am, an idiot? You really think I'm gonna try that shit after all this?" Then Morrison is getting all bossy, which doesn't make him scowl any less. "I'm gonna go check on something," he mutters, and storms out.

"They know that we know," Landon starts to say, "About Brenda but rather than go after the witnesses, they went after the deserter." He then pipes up, "But, we're sure that Ms. Hellenbrand is alive?" He's not sure about that part, not being part of choir. It's hard for him to say and even when he does say it, it's hard for him to believe in his own words, "Maybe we were hallucinating what happened to Brenda."

Either way, hearing Lucas' own concerns, Landon slowly nods, "We can set up shop for the Newspaper and Yearbook at our place if we need to group up and work on things after school. And then he comes to realize something, when he asks, "But for how long? How long will we," He'd like to say, 'be under House Arrest', but instead, he murmurs, "Restricted in this way?"

Lucas turns to look at Morrison both hands splayed across his own chest, "No! As a point of fact I don't think they give a rat's ass about us, or what we want, or that Brenda wanted to go home, or that we don't want to be there. We care though and that's our...we need that." At the suggestion they can host it at school or home? Sure. That is amicable.

He halts and slowly look to Landon giving him a long, long look. His shoulders fall and he walks over to Landon and tilts his head and his hand comes to his twin's shoulder and stays there. "Does it matter how numerous their sins really They hurt us. Lennon. Esme and Sil and Thea... Now? They're making you doubt yourself. Don't do that. Trust me I deliberately do that shit to people all the time. it's how they're going to try to own you."

"That's what Hector said, that Ms. Hellenbrand was alive, which was what made me wonder why they'd be faking one death and not another," Morrison says, which is what lead him to question the whole thing in the first place -- that and that all the witnesses were high on drug wine. He then looks over toward Lucas and says, "They will care if you don't go back when they want you to, and you're deluded if you think otherwise. And you're not going back." Then he turns back to Landon and says, "Until it's out of your system and you're not craving it anymore." He then takes in a deep breath and lets it out "And yes, you can still go to Prom. Under the same restrictions. But you'll go. I'm not going to keep you from Prom."

Feeling Lucas' hand on his shoulder, Landon stares those dark eyes of his into his twin's concerned and serious gaze. "I know. I know what what we all saw and unless Brenda was in on it, I don't think it was a prank." Because she wouldn't do that to try and get Theodore's attention, right?? "It's like they are monsters. Wild creatures. Probably high on drugs themselves." He will admit about the Painkillers.

When Morrison sets the rules down, there is another question on Landon's mind, "Will that stop them from coming for us?" Once they are rid of the poison in their veins. Then Prom is mentioned and he can only blink and nods, "I guess I better call Esme and tell her that her family might want to do the same. Picking her up and dropping her off. She's got work though, but they can watch her at Big Ben's."

Lucas doesn't move his hand from Landon's shoulder. it's a small thing but the tactile reminder for either of them being in arm's reach is enough to assure andallow Lucas to focus on getting all his thoughts in order. "Well maybe she and Lana can come over make a couple days of it." He pauses and adds, "I mean unless her mom wants to make her eat a salad with essential oils on it and call it a day. I don't fucking know."

There is a pause though looking back to Morrison. THey were going to be seeing a lot mroe of him, and he didn't have to do this in a broader scheme of things but he was. Angry and giving a shit is worlds above angry and dismissive like their parents. "Hey bro Look... I'm sorry we let you down. We thought we could handle it and..." Yeah they really can't. "...really appreciate the help."

"No, it won't, but it will stop /you/ from being unable to resist the urge," Morrison says. "Stopping them is the other side of this, but for that we're going to need the cops. Because like I told Hector, I'm not fucking Batman. I'm a boxer. I can't go out and beat the shit out of an entire biker gang with chains and weapons who are hopped up on whatever drugs they're pushing. As much as I have no love for the cops, I have less love for suicide." He then looks over at Lucas and he walks over to the twins and he lays a hand on each of their shoulders, in a surprisingly gentle way considering how not please he's been through the whole conversation. "You are my brothers," a fact which has remained indisputable to him, regardless of their parentage. "I'm pissed that this shit happened to you. I'm pissed that one bad decision has lead to.. all of this. And I'm pissed at this Fran character and her gang. But I will do whatever I can to try and get you out of it, and to drag your dumb asses around and watch over you until I'm sure that you can graduate and get out of town and take over the world as planned."

Sure there were restrictions, but Lucas was right. Morrison didn't have to do any of this, especially the chauffeuring them around to school and back. "Yeah, thanks Morrison." Landon says, now with two comforting hands on both of his shoulders. "Don't mean to give you or anyone a hard time. I know that you're just trying to help. Just.. I was letting the stresses of our senior year get in the way." And the fact that it's daytime has also soured his mood.

"We'll lay low, just like both you and Theodore said. See if our friends will do work at our place, but really, anyone whos drank that thing, should be laying low as well."

He even scuffs the ground with a sneaker, his hands in his pockets, when he says, "I'll call Esme. Tell her what's what. Though she can't count on Cash to help her--" He then remembers something that Esme had told them, "One day, if it ain't a bother, can you take us all up to the London Arms? We have some research we need to do there."